building a cute little cottage in the sims!

building a cute little cottage in the sims!

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It's been a couple weeks since she did this,  but she won't get off my desk and I'm trying   to record so we're just gonna pretend the cat's  not there and build a house in The Sims, okay? She's been having some moments recently, like,   a couple weeks ago she did this almost  every single day, and today she's back. I feel bad, I don't want to like, put her on the  floor. Plus when I do, she just comes back. It's   only a minor inconvenience, I only like, kinda  can't reach my keyboard so we should be fine. But like I said, today I want  to build a house in The Sims,   and I just opened up my game and  I discovered on the home page,   new stuff alert, rock a new tank top, admire a  flowering cactus, and cook up two new recipes. They finally put a thing about the SDX  drops on the homepage. I saw it like,   a few days ago, but then it  went away and now it's back.

It'd be nice if this was here, like,   as soon as you opened your game after  each SDX drop, but I will take this. This is fine. This morning I was kind of feeling like  I wanted to build something purple,   like, that was my only inspiration. So I Google searched "purple house," and  this was one of the top search results. I really like the shape of  this house and I really,   really, really love the garden and I  kind of want to do something like this. Small little purple cottage with  flowers everywhere is the goal today.

Okay, now she is fully and completely  sitting on my mouse, all right, she's moved. Ohp, the cat's off the desk and  she's going underneath the chair,   we're free, I can use my mouse and keyboard again. Honestly I'm thinking like, this small of a house,  I really don't think it's gonna be very big. I mean, we can have a little bit more on  the back possibly, like, maybe a little   bump out or something, I don't know, but I'm  sort of imagining this house as very, very,   very small on the inside, like, it's  a one-bedroom/one-bath kind of deal.

I think I might do it like that, we can have  a little like, tiny kitchen in this area,   bathroom there, bedroom here, living -- I mean,  it's small, it's really small, but it'll work. Okay, something I discovered recently and  I don't know how I never ever noticed this,   you know this fence from the Toddler Stuff pack? It's yellow, so I kind of just  brush over it. The trapped tots   fence, I'm like, that's weird, we don't need that.

It has a white swatch, look at how cute  this little tiny fence is. That is adorable. It's honestly like, kind of  perfect for this as well. I mean, I suppose the other option is  to use one of the fences that has like,   more stone to it, like, maybe even  something like this could be good? Oh, maybe that's better. Okay,  well my point still stands,   that Toddler Stuff pack fence is really good. I think I want this roof to be kind of tall.

I suppose the other concern is that  maybe this doorway should have been   three wide instead of two -- hang o,n I might  make the whole house a little bit wider. You know what, that might be a good thing  also because the house is really small so   it being a little bit bigger  will probably be a positive. This is good, this is good. Now we have a little bit more space  in the yard for our flowers as well,   and the walkway's a bit wider so that'll be good.

Okay, so that also makes my doorway a bit bigger,   and I don't know if I like that or  not so I need to think about this. Is that gonna be the exact right height  or is it too tall? Oh, it's too tall. Boo! Okay, so the solution to that is  to lower it, but I don't want to. I really like it when the  roofs are all the same angle,   like, I want this one to be the  exact same height as this one. I know that's like, a bit ridiculous  and it totally does not matter,   but that's what I want. That is my dream.

Okay, I'm gonna do the other  roof like, angled this way,   and I also might make it a little bit  curvy. Isn't that kind of cool? Oh,   you know what else, now we can center the lot  perfectly as well, so this is definitely better. It being wider is definitely better.   We don't really have a lot of  space in the back for much yard. I kind of put the whole yard in the front of the  house, but that's okay, we can get something. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,  can't have that, simply cannot have that.

Why would I want the fence on  a foundation? Not for this. You know what, why do I feel like  this needs to be even taller? I want it like, pointy. Oh, here's a small downside, I can't do like,  a one-tile wide chimney like I wanted to. I guess we could have it be forward a little  bit, I just like it better when it's centered.

Although it being over a little bit might actually  work better on the interior of the house because   if we do end up putting an actual fireplace  there, which you know, we probably should,   I guess it being over a little  bit further instead of centered   might work better because then maybe we could  put like, a dining table over here or something. I mean, we'll see once we start  furnishing, but that might be okay. My dream was purple, this purple is not  so much my dream, but it will have to do. Should I make it smaller? No, don't do that, stop. Kayla, stop, the floorplan looks nice,  the shape of the house looks nice,   just quit messing with it, it's fine.

Oh, we could get some nice glowing purple  columns, that would be a lovely touch. Totally fits the vibe. I'm not sure if I want the  windows to have shutters or not. I guess shuttered windows would  probably be pretty, but they're smaller.

You know what, the door -- wait.  This door would be perfect for this,   with the stone and like, we  could get the purple accents. This is what we need, this is the vision.

Now does the vision include  Cottage Living windows,   do you think that we could fit this up  here? Do you think it would be okay to   use the little window with the stained  glass because I would really like that. The little bumblebee one is blue  though, it does not match the door.   It does not match the door at all. I guess all of the ones with white  swatches have like, some blue in them. Why?  

Why are you doing this to me? We do have  some different doors -- we have like  this little one, this door could be cute too, and  we have that door -- what does this one look like? I mean, I guess it comes in blue, which --  can I get like, a more -- oh. Yuck, yuck. I'm just not really feeling like the  color of the stone around the outside,   I think the white door is better, but  then I don't want the door to be white. And I think this one was too  small. Yeah, I don't like that. We could use this one. Oh, wait a minute,  oh my gosh, this one might be good.

If we revisit the purple. Well maybe  the teal looks good with the purple. Or we could revisit the purple completely and  then try and embrace the teal in other ways. Siding, what if we did a brick instead?  We could get like, a sort of painted white   brick. We could do the whole thing stone  -- no. No, we can't do that, never mind.

I think I like the siding better than this.  We could probably do a stone fireplace though. None of them match the fence.   There is legitimately not a single  color that matches the fence. I guess maybe like, a lighter gray.  That's better, it's better than nothing. These windows are so cool! Wait a  minute. Okay, why don't they -- wait. Now, why why why don't they have --  you know how this one with a brown   has like, more plain open window? Why don't we have that exact same thing in  white? Why do they have to have so many swirlies? And then like, on the plain ones, it's  like, no swirlies, all swirlies. Why?

These windows are good, I  really love this one especially,   but maybe not for this particular need. Now I'm kind of trying to decide if I  want to use these little teeny windows.   They're very cute, but I think  the house needs more pizzazz. These ones from University aren't bad.

Do you know what? Ah! No... Why? Why? Why? Why is the door  so beautiful from the outside,   but it looks like that on the inside? Oh my god. Oh my god, Realm of Magic strikes again! Why! Why why why does it have a  brown -- no, you can't be serious. But the blue door was the best part! Should we just try and embrace the wood? Do we like, try and embrace  that wood tone on the inside?   That's just not what I wanted it to look like. Why do I feel like I'm actually being  attacked by The Sims 4 right now? I feel like The Sims 4 has personally  threatened me at the moment.

I don't mean to be dramatic,  but that's how I feel. I hate that stone color, I literally can't. I'm so sad, just use the door, whatever. Ugh, okay, that window is way cuter. That is  a significant improvement, and it looks really   nice from the inside as well, unlike the door  which does not look really nice from the inside. This has completely destroyed all of my vibes.

Every single plan I previously had, ruined. All right, let's see if we can find a wood color  that kind of matches or at the very least -- agh. I hate this color. I literally  have never hated a wood color   more than that like, sort of orange-y wood. Absolute least favorite wood tone. If it were  a different wood tone, I would like it better.

Like, if it were this one, maybe  this one, but no, no, it's that one. Does this fireplace even come with a wood  that's that orange? I don't think so. That's like, the best version. Does Realm of  Magic have other doors? Like, regular doors?

Okay, so this door has the same exterior swatch  as that one, like, the same like, darker trim,   so that might actually work to sort of  tie it together because it brings in   that lighter wood and then brings in  that one, so this might make it fit. We may have solved the problem slightly. Okay, first of all, absolutely using  this giant window in the kitchen. 100%. Why does it have to have that light wood  counter? It would have been so nice,   but it doesn't -- we can't  have that many wood tones. Do you have any lovely teal? No,  you don't, okay, that's fine.

Oh no, somehow this is the exact same  color as that door, it's so ugly. I don't know if I can bring myself to do that. I'm a troll, but I don't know  if I'm that much of a troll. I mean come on, that has to be up there with like,  one of the ugliest color swatches I've ever seen.

It's just, it's the brown counter. If there was like, a creamy counter or something,   'cause like, even that's just  ugly with the brown counter. I like this one, the white with the sort of  creamy counters, I think that's kind of nice. Oh, I deleted the house instead  of the counter, okay, we're good. This one has a darker -- no, that won't  work. You know what, I'm gonna try it.

I'm gonna try it with the lighter countertops,  and I wanna see how it looks when it's all put   together like, with upper cabinets as well because  I do feel like there's a chance that it might kind   of work, but also I guess if it comes down to it,  we could always do colorful appliances instead. We do have some like, really  lovely minty appliances so. I could cry, I just think this looks so nice.  I love this, especially this corner cabinet.

Let's see if we can get some like,  really pretty creamy sort of appliances. Oh, even that like, literally  creamy color could work. Okay. I suppose one small thing that I don't love about  this stove is that I can't put upper cabinets,   I mean, I guess you can, but is it weird  to have the upper cabinets above it? I think it looks okay. Ooh, the sink matches the window  latch. I know that's like,  

a really like, dumb little thing,  but the sink matches the window! Okay, I officially adore this kitchen,  the wood counters are fine I think,   I feel like the whole thing  looks so nice together. All right, let's try and figure out an  actual layout for the rest of the space   because I haven't decided how  we're gonna break this up yet. Usually when I'm trying to do these  sort of layouts, I start with a rug.   Literally just any rug, I mean, I'm probably not  gonna keep this zebra one, believe it or not. I don't know if it fits so well in the space,  but I just sort of put rugs down and then try   and figure out like, okay, is this area big enough  for a couch? Maybe I could do a chair over here,   you know, just to like, kind of visualize  the size and like, scale of the area. I feel like rugs are pretty useful.

I kind of think that this layout  furniture-wise might be nice and then   originally, I was planning -- I might  actually move this over a little bit,   but originally I was planning on putting  a little table underneath the window. Again, haven't decided what table, but I sort  of like, put in filler furniture just to like,   visualize the whole area and think yeah,  okay, this fits, we could probably keep this. And then you know, we delete it and and  put back things that actually look nice. Okay, so one small concern that I was having  is obviously we have sort of a mixture of this   white trim, but also these fancy doors, so we have  like, the white windows and then the brown trim on   the doors, and nothing really matches so I want  to try and figure out something to combine them. I do think that this wallpaper  is bad, I think the really fancy   crown is like, not good when it's  right up against this fancy door. We need like, a simpler crown. See, like  that kind of thing kind of fits in better.

I don't think I want the walls to be white  though, I don't really vibe with that. What about -- hang on, idea. There's no crown in the Paranormal pack. Hm, ugly. We could probably use something -- ah, too bright. We could probably use something like that in one   of the other rooms -- I mean  there's only one other room. "In one of the other rooms," she says.  Yeah, uh, this one. The only one.

See, there's too many colors going  on, like, with that being green,   but like, not the same green. This  wallpaper is from Realm of Magic,   so do any of the wood swatches match --  is that really the matching wood swatch? I need to think this through for a second. I need to just think. For some reason I feel like it's a little bit  busy. Maybe it's because having that brown   trim makes it really obvious that  the floor does not match the doors,   but then if we put something else, you  can kind of like, pretend in your head   that the floor matches the doors better even  though we know deep down that it doesn't. Okay, concept with this rug,  what if we did like, a more brown   on the walls, and then we used the rug  to bring in more of that minty color? Because I wasn't sure about all  of the green on the walls anyway,   but this rug sort of like,  ties those two things together.

Ugh, I want to use one with a tablecloth,   but I don't like any of the swatches on this  I just feel like they're too busy for here. I will literally take any opportunity  to use this chicken painting. I don't know what it is, but  I love that chicken painting.

There's just something about it. Super unsure about the color to use for  the couch, I keep going back and forth. How are we feeling about this?  Do we think it looks okay? I don't think I like it that much,  but I'm just gonna pretend that I do.

I'm just gonna let it grow on me. Oh,   you can't size this TV down because it's got  that light like, floating. That's annoying. Can you size this one down, like, twice? But then to have like, that small of a TV -- maybe  I should just use like, the little teeny tiny one. I mean, that might actually be cute. Look!  We could have the little flowers next to it. That is cute, right? Okay, I'm not really vibing with  this wallpaper, I don't like it.

Yikes. Yikes! Oh, that's kind of cute. I feel like part of the problem with this  room and the shape of this room in particular   is that it's really hard to fit furniture into  because there's doors in a lot of weird places. I think this layout might be okay. Would it be better to have like, a yellow bed? I don't know, it's so weird. I feel  like, extremely unsure of this room. Give me some time, I'll figure it out. I feel like  we need to have something pink, but ah, maybe not. I don't know, oh no, this is so difficult.

It's such a different like, sort of  color scheme to what I usually do. I mean, I guess that's like, the whole point  right? That's the whole point of the build, but. Well, I loved the wallpaper, but maybe  doing a different wallpaper would be better.

See, like, maybe if we could  get something like this,   something simpler, then I could use  this bed and it would match the door. The door color is really throwing  off the whole thing. In fact,   the door color has thrown off the entire build. I don't know who's responsible for  that, I don't know who on The Sims   team made that door, but I just want them  to know that you have almost made me cry.

All the mixed patterns in the Cottage  Living stuff causes me so much stress. There's just -- I can't mix patterns. I'm just  like, physically incapable of pattern mixing,   I can't do it, I can't bring myself to. I think that's all of the interior done though,   so now we can finally achieve  our dreams which is the flowers.

So there's a couple necessities, like, we're  gonna need to have a trash can somewhere,   and I guess I didn't really think  about back gates or anything,   but it probably would be  nice to have a gate as well. Why do they not come in the same color?  Like, why is that a different color? Can we just pretend that it's  not? Is that okay with you? Can we just pretend that it's the same color.  Obviously I know and you know that that gate   is not the same color as the other pillars  on this fence, but what if we just pretended.

I don't know if emotionally I can handle  this right now so I'm just gonna -- you know,   I'm just gonna pretend that it matches. I have a very simple vision for this  backyard and it involves a lot of plants   and a lot of terrain paint. Basically, I want to just like, pretend  there's little walkways and stuff. I think we should be able to  pretty easily sneak in like,   a table and a couple other like,  cute things back here as well. The lighting is kind of bad because it's  behind the house and it's so small, but   hopefully you'll get the picture,  hopefully it'll all make sense.

Oh no, that's too much. Okay. This seems all right. I was kind of envisioning that little teal table. We could probably actually get  a little grill back here too. The one problem with having such a vision is that  when it doesn't work out, I'm gonna be really sad. So we need to get into debug,  that requires two cheats: bb.ShowHiddenObjects, and bb.ShowLiveEditObjects.

That second one is the one that we really  need because that's what gets you the special   landscaping, but you have to  put the first one in first. I know, it's all very complicated,  it's kind of ridiculous. A couple things, I might use some mushrooms,   I don't know, I just -- I feel  like the mushrooms are good vibes. [GASP] Wait! What if there's no gate and it's open? This  tree needs to move. If we're gonna do that,   the tree has to be like, a little  bit further over so it doesn't clip.

Oh my god, that could be beautiful. That's actually a wedding arch, but in  this case, it's an arch into my backyard. Ah, you know what, there's probably a bunch of  little things we could have used in here, now that   I'm like, scrolling through the Cottage Living  stuff, I'm like, what if we got some chickens? No, there's no space for chickens. We could probably use this little  bunny though, maybe this little gnome. Do we want to put like, some little vine  type stuff up the side of the building? That might be really nice, at least on  this side because there's no windows? Maybe even on this side a little  bit too. That is so pretty. Blanket basket? Ooh, we  could sneak that in. Chicken?

I think that's supposed to be for storing eggs. All right, well if we can't have a real  chicken, we may as well add that in. How 'bout this clock? I need to be stopped,  I'm like -- this whole point was to landscape,   and I'm doing everything but landscaping.

We could always get some different  trees too, there's some really nice   trees from Cottage Living debug and  they could be bigger this way as well. Let's just completely fill in  the entire lot with giant trees. All right, let's do this.

Now it's flower time. Mushrooms! No,   okay, maybe I won't use the mushroom  seats and I'll put these little ones. I'm sorry, I'm getting a little bit ahead  of myself and a little bit overexcited.

I um, I assume you can probably tell. Okay, I need to take the house off the foundation.  Oh, I put a stupid different foundation! Okay, well I wanted to take the foundation  off for a second because I wanted to be able   to scoot these flowers like, back into the  corners and stuff, does that clip at all? Nope, not that I can tell, thank you.

Wait, why is that happening? What  is that? Why are you doing that?   Oh, because I didn't put the whole thing. Okay, I see. That makes sense. Sorry everyone, false alarm. Well, maybe while I'm here,  I could get some of these. I wanted to have like, all the little  low-lying flowers placed in too.

To be honest, I don't know really what I  was envisioning this was going to look like,   because um, I don't really want  like, the entire yard to be full. And obviously right now, we're  kind of going down that road,   so I feel like I need to be a  little strategic about this. They even have singular mushrooms? Why have  I never noticed that before? That's so fun. Okay, I'm feeling better about this now.

I think we can probably do the backyard a little  bit. It's so annoying all of the scrolling because   these plants, these bigger ones, are like, way  down at the bottom, so you have to scroll like,   all the way down to the bottom, but then the  rest of the plants are all the way at the top   so it's just like, this constant back and  forth, back and forth to get through them all. Okay, I think that looks  pretty good, do you agree? You can't respond, it's a  YouTube video, but I like that. And then in the front yard I was basically  thinking we could fill in like, the whole   thing -- kind of like the back, we'll  just fill in this whole patio like this   and we'll just like, terrain  paint some more dirt around. We can put the foundation back, I'll  readjust a few of my, you know, rabbits.

I might put this one over  here, I think that's so cute. And then I was thinking, because  we've got a little bit of open space,   I might just stick a few little  planter boxes kind of around. There's obviously not a lot of  backyard space so we kind of   have to make the front yard work for that purpose. I'm getting a bigger tree, I'm sorry, I just  -- I need like, some more pizzazz or something. I don't know. Cottage Living has the best debug,  

everything in it is so nice, I  need to like, actually calm down. All right my friends, I think  that is the finished cottage. Well, maybe -- I don't like the roof. Is  that better? It's 'cause it doesn't match. I want it to be like, more blue.

That matches better. You know what, that's better. Okay, last  minute change, but I think it was positive. Oh, it's only 25,000 simoleons,  oh, that's pretty good! All right, this is not even remotely similar to  the original thing that we were looking at, that   original picture, nothing like this, not at all,  but you know what, I think it turned out okay.

It's definitely interesting and I love the  kitchen, so at least we have that going for us. Well, if you liked this video, I do  so many build videos on my channel,   I can link some of my favorites  here at the end on the end card. And one other small thing: I'm raising money for   St. Jude for the entire month  of May on my Twitch channel.

Tonight we're playing The Sims multiplayer mod  with some other Simmer friends: DrGluon, Vixella,   James Turner, Deligracy, KryticZeuz,   we're all gonna be trying to do a  little Sims multiplayer mod challenge. I think that you'll like it, so if you want  to pop in, I'll have that link down below. And with that, I will leave you  all until tomorrow, bye everybody. The last time all of us used that mod together,  it was the most chaotic stream I have ever done.

It was so much, but it was so much fun. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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