Bu Defineyi Çıkartınca Terler Döktüm !!!

Bu Defineyi Çıkartınca  Terler Döktüm !!!

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The subtitles in this video have been added automatically by YouTube if you wish, you can remove them from the settings Yes Hi guys you see I have a nice nerve here I started here Who is she with me today i can open a video i can shoot a video for you popit don't approach too friendly below now that nerve is here my goal is nice big nice rock here i'll pretend to have bought a factory here now i'm gonna disappear this thing here we have a flat stone here it's like there 's something here i'm gonna leave we'll take a look The signal is here, as I said, it's a very big stone, but we'll deal with it, to whom it comes down, it's burr. You see, there's already a cracked well here, it goes in like this, something will happen there. Guarantee there is something interesting here, let's go out and examine them first, let's see why it's here. then let's get started OK, if you don't show it now, do you see it, Emre will do it, your computer will be done, okay, we told you , write the results as Saffron, I bought it, yes Aha, we didn't enter, this is it . Why it's just that place Agrees Because they say there is some smart Alfa kuser You went right away I'm set on Pasha it's not like that bro look I set out at 8 in the morning I was on the road I mean, that's how I do my research. But I've been doing my research since eight in the morning. If you shoot a video of this until one o'clock in the morning, if I shoot YouTube , who will you watch? You can provide it by giving a like What d Let 's take a walk around the machines, don't walk, let's take a look around here, we said there are no smurfs here, what's the point, but let's do it here, I wonder what's up with my feet. Here

these shoes are good for climbing . you see it's real so it happens again and again, but don't buy from here now, that means it's pretty cheap here now let's get the thing mod let's get the other one it will be extra sekia yes na then now i realized it from here as if there is a tiny lion but i didn't delete it No What does it mean when there is no syrup? I said first, why is there no signal here, but there is no signal, we are looking at this, but it is beautiful, like a father, bye, let's walk. Anyway, let's see how he came to see you all over the place. Shut up, is n't it, my girl, I 'm angry here ? now Before you open it now before that why look like that, what is it like to see here? I don't know if this stone has been leveled and something has been written or something has been tried to be done now, but you love it like this , let's open it and see if there is something on it, do you have something that I want to tell about us, do you have a need, you left me something Ha ha ha ha we'll get it together in the evening ok we'll take it out anyway I need to take it out and see the bottom Yes it's open badly but nothing so somehow there is nothing here there is only a line here It also looks like a natural crack It looks like a natural crack Well ok why are you ordering something they worked on a machined plane . Anyway, I started working here. Let's see. Well, I swear, there is a wound. Look, there is one more piece, there is one more piece here , it consists of two pieces. Actually, it looks like this here too. It's hard okay okay okay okay okay okay lady ? Yes, uncooked me and their inadequacy OK OK, how do you open the keystone, I hope it will come back, at least I'm behind it There is a gap, this will open. Anyway, I need that keystone bath, it doesn't matter, let me see if it works too, but it did n't open . Is it

another fit Girl in this regard ? Yes, it broke, then it broke . it has to be real be real never ever be in my playtime work time this is take a plane shut it under your feet was it born there i have to take a plane now i 'll eat you i'll eat you now talk to 25 i'll eat you of course donkey he he subscribe and outside Nothing from the camera is on your head, where is God , you came to activate this strike ? How long should we go ? Is there a double shot? I called Habip, he can see it. WhatsApp pasha, look, let him read something After all, this is someone else's, let's put it here, there is no other half lost. Now I'll see if I can continue, subscribe this photo 13, it will always stay one. If there was still Sinan, I would almost have done it. Because it is not obvious, it doesn't look like it will come out much , but it bothers you, I will steal a little more, you can open it, you can miss it, if we don't live, we will continue on our way, now I've spread it all out, it 's like something over there . you divorced bro Ok, two blacks don't get divorced because there is a church from everywhere , so the place is broken, subscribe, we play this, line now cashcode, open YouTube, reverse everywhere is exactly the same what's wrong bro it's a little bit more of of of of ya sil scary Smell o Of that I 'm tired my love look for beauty o o subscribe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I smell nice, handsome, can't understand what the animal is doing, it's crazy Of course this is a joke These are all going to the places where they belong Anyway, we went to the friends office together on an adventure now thank you for going on this adventure together at the next stage I say bye bye see you at the next step let's see subscribe

2022-02-05 09:03

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