Bruce Bochy’s Historic 2,000th Win

Bruce Bochy’s Historic 2,000th Win

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Sergeant. Is aramis, garcia. Taking the mound, this evening for the boston red sox is a familiar face. Y'all just just seen. Spent a lot of time with the brewers of the last few years. Coming here throwing about five innings so far with the red sox a little mechanical, change but he's pitching for a job next year and he's done a good job in those five innings for the socks and what you're going to see is a lot of sliders. More sliders, and fastballs, and, he likes facing the giants he's. Six and two of the 194. And 12 career starts against the giants. Moments, ago, it was a very emotional. Ceremonial. First, gentleman. Was introduced. Red sox player, accompanied, by his beloved, grandson, now a major leaguer with the san francisco, giants. Welcome home number eight karli ostremski. And number five. Mike. Yasremski. It's been quite some time, since. Carl just. Been on this. Pitch field. Andy threw a strike. He can't wait. He's thinking where is my car. What a great moment, that is. So special. So here's the first pitch of the ball game. And young yostrimski. Takes outside, for a ball. So we could start it. Just a little late. And your suganski. Everybody. Coming off a long, long ball game last night including the broadcasters. There's no batting practice today. And there's a pitch down low. It's eric cooper calling balls and strikes. Barber, little west. From first to third. Joe west still standing. And a strike. Is. Three and one, guys is gonna watch his. His grandson, from the red sox dugout the only one cheering for yasrimski. In that red sox dugout, is his grandfather. It would be great if he knocked one out of the park to see him clap. He's going to take a walk. And he is and this. Guy is going to take a walk as well. So both us. Taking a walk. He's telling cora tell your guy to challenge him. So here's. Brandon. Belt. 236.. A little bit more about uh today, the. The team bus left from the hotel, at. 4 15.. And. Generally, speaking, there, is. Never a player, on that bus. Because, all players like to get to the park, anywhere, between 12 and two. Health takes, high. Today. The bus was full. So much so they had a second bus just in case, it's right behind it that's right. We suppose he was not on the. Bus. So the 1-1 delivery and belt lines it foul down the right field line. Belt was on the bus. It was a long night for everybody. Those are those nights where. It is totally acceptable. If you win the game, not so good if you lose. Big overshift, as you would expect. That's a lot of at bats too these guys have seen, chasing, throw so much. Well, he's jammed a little bit but pulls it foul. This is belt's 32nd. Time facing them. I can't imagine they're not going to waste too much time if they get something in their zone they're going to. Drop the head on. It. He's not afraid to throw a few curveballs. Pilar, on. Deck. Down low, squirts away. Leon, finds it belt. Last night in the first inning he hit the top of the, green monster. And it. Shot over the wall for a home run. He later hit one that he thought was gone. That jackie, bradley crawled up against the wall and made the. Catch. It's two and two. There's another one on the ground. Foul. Let's take a look at the giants defense. Or sorry the red sox defense, uh starting the outfield from left to right it'll be benetendi, jackie bradley jr and holt again out there in right field, left side of the infield will be devers, and bogart's, right side hernandez. And moreland. And sandy leone will be doing the catching. Well it's a high drive into left center field. Bradley, again on the move he's looking up, and it's off to bricks, and you shrimps he got a great jump, and they're gonna hold him up at third. So second and third with nobody, out. I'll try to get that pitch. Back door. Slider like you said he throws a lot to him gets enough of the plate. Belt smashes, it off the wall. But jackie bradley plays it perfectly, gets on the hop bear hands it throws a strike to second yes like he mentioned reads it, he sees jackie bradley, standing so he starts to make that turn and goes all the way.

Ron Motis with the late call but now he got, a developing, situation, with runners in second and third nobody, out. And pilar, doesn't waste any time. Lara's, only faced justine, a couple of times he's one for two. The pitch. On the ground. To short. This, is going to score, pilar, with an rbi, it's one nothing. Belt stays at second. Great. Not the perfect doubt the perfect doubt, is a ground ball to the right side. But nevertheless, an rbi, for velar he's got 82, on the year. Has been doing a real nice job and. Leading off the ball games being able to get on base and do those things. Scores again. Here's dickerson. Dickerson, had won it back. In the game last night it was a sacrifice, fly it knocked in. The final run and the winning run. Here he takes low. When he hit the one last night i thought that one was gone, 100 mile an hour off the bet, he did too, they went to the track. And just blowing straight in from center field. There's a. Strike. No history between. This right-hander. And. Dickerson. Hold on the ground foul. Interesting, note, from. Last night's game. The giant struck out. 19, times, last night. And the red sox. Were not that far behind. They struck out 14, times so it was a game of. A lot of strikeouts. And a lot of pictures a lot of pitchers, a lot of pitches. That's why i wouldn't be surprised if joe west does not move a whole lot down there at third base tonight. Down low i asked bruce bochy today. If he's getting a kickback, from speedy. He had no idea what i was talking about. I said well. Every time you change pictures, we read the speedy copy. And uh, and he apologized. He goes well i'm. Sorry. There's a foul back it's. Two and two. But he's got one more. For 2 000. And that was, the pitchers he used last night 13.. He's trying to set records and he did it. Might as well get your name. In the books. With the new rules. For next year. Games like last night are not ever going to happen again. Assuming, that the rules stay the same. A payoff pitch coming up to dickerson. And he stays alive. Shaw seems confident, in that slider, 3-2, slider. Throws it early throws it often. Like i said this is a bit of a. Audition, for next year. A guy that can be a swing man. Has plenty of starting experience. Might be back here boston. So, he gets. Dickerson. This game is available to stream on. And the my team's. App for mobile and tablet, stream the giants on the go wherever you are brought to you by your norcal honda deal here's the man of the hour. He, caught all those pitches. In the game last night steven vogt he also went one for seven. Talked to him before the game he said yeah he said i was tired he said. And the thing that it affected, most was my advance. I knew that. I was going to have to get these young guys through. Defensively. And he did. Swings, and follows it out of play. Statcast, ai powered by aws. You see how they play. Steven, vote one guy on the left side of the infield. You see that pretty much 90, of the time against any left-handed hitter being. Up at the plate in the big leagues nowadays. Did you ask vote how his glove was. I did not that would have been a good question, i did find out who signed the ball though. Down the right field line. Into the corner, pesky, pole. And it is, out of here. He hit the post.

Extra Base hit king. I love the post. And it's three nothing. That's, the pesky, pole. Which is just a short poke down the right field line. And that's the reward, for last night, johnny pesky. Smiling. Smiling, up there and having one. I love johnny, oh what a guy good guy. I mean an 02, count to a two run shot. That'll make you feel good. Strike to crawford. That's a good job. You know the legs are tired. We're in the squad for a bunch of pitches yesterday, and. Loosen them up right there circling the pillows nice job steven boat. Crawford, up the middle. Bogart, is he going to do it to him again he does not. Is crawford, beats it out, he did it last night to him but not today. All right let's take a look at votes. Pesky, pole shot. Fastball, up in the zone not quite high enough. Puts barrel to it drops the head right off the pole. Wow. You can see giants fans down the right field line. Pointing, into fair territory. It's the second time i've seen it happen uh. My rookie year george hendrick, a right-handed, hitter did. It. It's another look. This is the best shot of them. All. Got to be up there for one of the fastest home runs head it has to be. He hit that every bit 150. Feet down the line. 2.9. Seconds, that's your hang time. Here's adamus. Adamus, is at third tonight, longoria, gets the night off longoria. Last night went two for four. Looking at the box score. From last night. Page one or page, two. Position, players. People that got into the game. Defensively. Or pinch any. Twelve. Pitchers. 13.. Tell me that's happened before. That's what you're gonna miss. Two balls in one strike. The beauty of september. Baseball. And again if this is. In a national league. Ballpark. Then those numbers are going to go up a lot more because you're going to have more consideration. For. Pitchers. Foul in and out of the glove if we own it's two and two. See the exit velocity, how many ballparks, was that a home run. You're looking at it. 106, off the bat though that's, nothing to sneeze. At. Crawford, goes, swinging, a foul and others got a high fastball. Well maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was a high breaking ball yeah the high slider and. This is not the outing, the start that shaseen, wanted this will be his 33rd, pitch just here in the. Two outs so far in that first inning. But again the luxury, is that you have another 15, guys in the bullpen that can eat up innings if needed. Remember the giants, had a four run lead in the game last night. Early. And it did not hold up. Good ballpark, to hit in. Terrific, offensive. Lineup. Crawford will go. Got him swinging. And that'll end the inning. So a walk, a double, and a home run. And that's bye-bye, baby. For vote. Vote now with double digits, and home runs with 10.. Bottom of the first coming up it's three-nothing, giants. Giants with a. Three nothing, lead let's take a look. At the red sox lineup brought to you by southwest, airlines. Ben and daddy's going to lead things off followed by bogarts, and then. Devers. 83, extra base hits. Jackie bradley is gonna hit. Seventh hernandez, eighth in the catcher sandy. Leone, will hit knight the d h by the way is vasquez. Taking the map for the giants tonight is jeff samarza, coming off of that 31st, start. Been going to the post all year long you look at the numbers there just trying to get back into that groove he had in august where he was really attacking the zone working deeper into a ball game.

And It really comes down to that cutter if he's able to locate, that. And get that, four scene fastball, in play. It's all about his pitch count just trying to keep that down and get quick outs. Benedetti. Lifts the first pitch foul, he was. Old for seven last night. Once in a while you look at these games. And you'll see the guys that had a disaster, and. Then he was really the only one holt went over, five but he. Walked three. Times. Giants have any disasters. No. Those kind of games. From an individual, standpoint, you're looking, to at least just get one. Out of play again. Those at-bats start adding up, they do. And then you hope that this is in game one of a double header. There's. Mr yastramski. As he's got himself. I believe a box, or the red sox have provided him with a box. For his family, let's see. I see mike, junior's. Wife is. Or his mother is up there. That's her with the. White. Sweater. In titan, so it's three and two. He looks good he. Does. Shark is going to have to come into the strike zone here. He does. And it's lined up. And pilar, is going to watch this one hang up, for route number one. Let's take a look at the giants defense, brought to you by geico, starting the outfield, from left to right he'll be dickerson, pilar, and just. Left side of the infield via thomas, and crawford, right side dubai. And belt. And aramis. Garcia. Here's bogarts. Bogart's, two for six with a couple of walks last, night. And the strike in its own one. Red sox are. And this is. Really unusual, they're. Four games under 500, at home. 36, and 40, at home. Popped up to adamus. And adamus, hangs in there with the. Wind. And. Here's. So we have a little bit of a, of a, technical, issue with. Our cameras, so. This is the shot that you're going to get for now it's called. High home. It's we're going back to the 60s. There's a swing and a foul back. This is before. They had the center field camera. So actually back then, all they needed was one cameraman. Turn back the clock. Drink it in here we go. If it. Gets into the left fuel corner. We'll let you know. And that pitch is high. One ball and one strike. Divers two for eight with three strikeouts. Last night. You see the overshift. And samarja, and garcia, trying to come up. With. The right pitch, and it's outside, it's. Two balls in one. Strike. Really in a lot of ways it's a unique shot you get to see the whole defense, you see. The outfield, playing straight. Away. Good fastball there too 93, miles an hour. Oh look on it we're back to modern baseball. Now. Three. Two. Popped up. And it's going to be. 20 rows back of the giants dugout, which is packed. Everything's packed dugouts, are packed. Bullpins, are packed. Don't say this too often with a guy at this caliber, that you're facing here. 310, 29 107. But, christian basket is the hottest hitter they got right now. And the pitch is inside. He's on deck and he's coming up. Yeah that's not a name that you would associate. With. List. Who should, you be careful, with. But, last night. He was one for two, and an rbi. A couple of walks. Stole a base. He did still here that's ready slow third. And. Semarchy, hits the outside, corner, it's all in. One. A cool night my partner's.

Hanging In there oh yeah, locked in. And. Yo, kid you're making me look bad. It's split the plate. Down the middle. He may be seeing are you all right. And that's when you quickly like yeah late life late life on that. Pitch. Tried to get him to chase, it's one and two. Well at, least. At least it's cold but we're. Inside, a booth we're not on top of a roof. Very good point you know. Because you can get. In. Kind of a bad mood if you're just. On top of a roof. On the ground up the middle crawford's, got it he will flip it to dubon. And that'll end the inning. A shutdown, inning for samarja. Three-nothing. Giant. Here's dubon, giants are leading three nothing. And mauricio, dubois, shows button and he takes a. Strike. Duvonne, went one for seven in the game last night. And did he go around. I'd say no. One bald and one, strike. It's good. One. Real good slider there. That's what he's known for being able to start that as a strike by the time you commit to it it's. Well off the. Plate. And he. Got him and let's check in with amy g. All right gentlemen, an amazing, day yesterday for mike yastromski, and if folks at home weren't able to join us we wanted to, look back at it for you and give you some highlights there he is with grandpa hall of famer carl. Walking left field, there he is running out to where his grandpa was playing and he made time for a squeeze with mama. Telling himself you got this you got this, the last time they heard the name. Announced in this park. 1983. Giants, fans, and boston fans loving it i think mike liked it a little bit too to top it off he hit home run number. 20. On the season. It's family, elated. And you know bruce bochy he likes home runs. But he really likes the cool baseball, story and it is one gentlemen, here's garcia, yes, yes indeed. And today, was just as special, watching. That man threw out the first pitch to his grandson. And it's just nice to see him at the ballpark. He doesn't. Come here very often this is popped out of play. Yeah you don't see him at all you know. Doesn't go up to cooper's town. Too often unless the red sox might be going up or doing something or, but he's.

He's A legend and he's fun he's. Great. And a bit outside, it's two and. Two. Seems to have made a correction, between that first inning and second inning now really. Just missing. Throwing right around the. Zone. Well back-to-back. Strikeouts. And here's jastrimski. He's just one year removed from winning 15 games with the brewers, and this is a guy. And the red sox are losing some of the big stars david price they just announced he's going to be out for the, remainder of the season with that left wrist. Saw. Jd martinez, come out of the game last night. Hooky betts is on. Injured right now some of the big names from in this lineup are. Sitting out the rest of the weeks. Just a little low. And. The brewers were counting on, justice. In tight. Two balls with no strikes, this, is. The hitter's. When he hit the home run. Last night number 20 he was on a 3-1, pitch. So this is as close to that as you're gonna get. And he takes a. Strike. Three. One. His. Grandfather. Didn't take as many pitches. His young ustrinsky. Does. On the ground to second. Hernandez, is going to make the play and that's going to end the inning so a nice. Bounce back inning. For jose, it remains. Three nothing. Giants. Well the mlb, ball, park app, what'll it do well it'll complete your next visit to oracle park you can ban it manage game tickets redeem special. Check-in, offers. Download, the mlb, ballpark. App. Today. Here's brock holt. For five. With. Three walks, in the game last night. He also made the last out which was a line, drive. Right at dubon. With runners at first and. Second. Rock hold. Good solid play. Sure has. Been. Over the roof down the right field line. One and. Two. On the ground to belt. We'll take. It. Well fans of my team's app is your source, for live stream giants games today the my team tap, has all the news. Of the giants, epic game last night with mikey. Home run and bruce bocce's, career win. 1999. Plus updates, new content. All your favorite teams giants niners raiders sharks warriors, a's and kings. Highlights, articles, podcasts, and much much more, and it's all on my my team's at. Here's moreland. Marlin last night went one for six. The. Giants won obviously world series 10, 12 14., they did not. Go to postseason. The years following. Their championship. Year. Then we heard all about. World series hangover. I asked a couple of the red sox people today if. This year was world series hangover, for them, and they said. Yeah. In some. Ways. They constructed, some things in spring training they were a little more different. Well you could tell by the records in the ale, state. They really fell behind in april and just tried to play catch-up. Try to step on the gas but we have new york about to, get 100 wins coming up, tampa bay closing in on 90 wins. And boston having a good year in a sense that they're 79, and 71, but you are. 19, games out of first place it's just, it's tough to make up that much ground. Down the right field line, and. Just. Foul. He's gonna slow walk it i think they're gonna check just to make sure that is foul. See alex score on the phone. Now. And the president. Of baseball, operations. Dave dombrowski. Gone. So whatever happened this year it caused him broski. The one-two. Good fastball, but he misses it 94.. Real good pitch. So far real good, fastball, velocity, out of jeff.

Trying To get a little bit quicker on the out so this will be his 29th. Pitch. And it's foul, you could hear. Sean barber. Yell foul up here it. Remains two balls in two. Strikes. So we got the full crew here. And you see the. Red sox radio and tv. To our left. Down there, a couple booths over is. My old teammate dennis eckersley. Foul back. John and dave and darren chan to our, right. There's zach. That's, i don't know, that's starting to get a little gray in the mustache. I can't imagine that he's happy about that jerry remy. Is to the far left dave o'brien, in the middle. He played. 13 years against jerry remy, he's in the minor leagues there's a ground ball. Foul. Remy was in lodi, when i was in reno. Duel in second baseman's. Second baseman's, both of us, although he's going to claim, he does he's got, home run. Rights. He's got a few more than i do. Or so to zach. There's jerry. Center field pilar, got a beat on this one. Now he comes in as the, wind pushes it in a little bit. That was a nine pitch battle he got. Through. Jackie bradley hit a home run. In the game yesterday, he hit the. The bullpen, roof, down the right field line. And the giant spin. And, he takes a call strike joke, is. Who has been here since 1983. Their, head radio announcer. He said he's the best center fielder he's, he's seen. In all the years. He's been here with the red sox it's a lot of baseball. Played with a couple good ones here coco crisp. Real good center fielder. There's joe on the left. Sweet lou maloney. Bradley on the ground to dubai, nice big hop. And that'll end the inning so one two three inning for. Samarjah. And belf is going to leave things on. Well here's our rocket, mortgage, game changer, kyle yostrimski. His career. At fenway, park where he ranks he ranks number one in games. Second behind ted williams. Not not a far second. First in rbis, runs, and, and uh first and doubles. Have you and i were looking. To see, when when did he start how old was he. Because if you play that many years. And uh what did we say, 21. 21, years old. 232. Days in his last game he was 44. 41, days. I read somewhere where. He. Hit a home run. His last year at fenway. And it was wiped out. By. Rain it's, felt. A check swing, foul. That would really tick me off i got to tell you. His mvp, year. Blasting, 44, home runs that year. What, what, did his numbers look like his last year were they respectable. He made the all-star, team. Come on yeah. He did. 10 homers, 56, rbis, 266. Average. Played a lot 119, games. 437. Played appearances. The dh. Allowed him to do that. Almost 14, 000 turns to the plate. Belt, cannot hold up. If you. Showed it. Earlier. Pitch. Just about the same size. By the way justine now with five strikeouts. So when you said he's made an adjustment. I guess we kind of have to agree with you. Three of his last four via the punch. To third. A fair ball. And the throw. And it's not in time pilar, beats it out, his devers, just a little bit of a double clutch. And that was enough. He's got a good arm. And i think when pallar hit it he wasn't even sure exactly where it went. Didn't exactly bust it out of the box but he saw it was going to stay fair. Watch the swing he, realizes, where it's going and just like you mentioned a little bit of a double clutch great. Strike, across the diamond but even better foot speed there by, kevin pollard you'll take an infield knock anytime, here's dickerson. Dickerson. Struck out looking in the first. And here he takes the flex ball for a strike in its.

Own. Do this about justine, he doesn't wait around he gets the ball back he's ready to go. This is defense, get set. This will be pitch number 59. Down. Low. He's rapid fire and dickerson, is not getting out of the batter's box either. And the strike. Two and two that's kind of the way. You like to see. It. Got him again. So the second time dickerson, goes down looking. Here's vogt who, just joined us. There's a. Foul pull down the right field line called the pesky, pole, and he hit it. He hit that. Such an. Unusual. Designed, here at fenway, park. I mean it wasn't a cheaper he had a line drive. This is what it looked like. Off the pesky pole pesky had 17, career homers. 13, of. Them. Here down the line, belar goes he got a good jump, and, it's going to go into center field but he doesn't know it. Bradley was backing up anyway it'll be a stolen, face, you're not saying that. All of the ones he hit here hit that hole, every single one. Every. Single, one. Hit the pole. Oh. That's, but he was good for one a year that's how you got, that's how you get things named after you yeah. The most he had in a season was three in 1948.. He was always good for a couple years. Like many of those guys in that generation. Served in world war ii. Great guy. Here's vote. Vote taps it. Foul. It's. Two balls in one strike. Twelfth, steal for pilar. Stuck on 11 for a while. A hit here gives the giants. Run number, four. And it's high. Unless. You hit it. Sharply the left. The dimensions, here left feelers are. Always, playing a lot more. Shallow. So crawford's, gonna hit. After the walk to vote. That may have been by, design. For that a base hit. Bogart's made a nice play on him. When you give up a home run to a guy. You're always going to be careful the rest of the game. Even if it is going off. Down the pesky pull and it's only a homer in one park it's still a. Homer. Well the median on the mount. Is. Over. Red sox are quickly down to three. Oh something we'll have to keep i'll definitely have to keep an eye on that one. I haven't really known the punishment, yet for that. Jail time maybe. Here's. Crawford. See the, defense. It's really rather odd when you don't see the shift you see when brock holt hits uh he's a left-hander. Infield pretty much. Plays straight up. With every lefty. You're gonna see. This. Crawford stays alive, as he taps him. Foul. Giants with three runs in the. First. So look the second. And it's in the dirt. Block, by. Leon. And trying to add on here in the third. Buffer. Is gonna. Live to see, another pitch. We've just seen, 72nd. Pitch of the. Night. Just two and two thirds. Pitch count is rising. On the ground. And it's pass, moreland. Pilar, scores. Vote, is being held up. And uh he puts on the brakes it's a double for crawford. And the giants, lead four nothing. Anything, you see hit. Down the first base line you just think that moreland's going to get it oh, that that glove's gold that. I'm not sure if he even understands, how that got by him but it did and that's, that's enough. To get core coming out to make the.

Change. So there's cora. When it's time for a change. Thanks speedy oil change and auto service your trusted, oil change tune-up. And repair, experts. We'll let you know who it is when we come back. Four nothing lead. Bobby. Pointer, is the new pitcher. Left-hander, saw him last night again not overpowering, stuff. Third pitcher out of the 14 that they threw yesterday. Fastballs. Upper 80s. Changeup slider combo. Adamus, struck out in the first. And now hitting right-handed, he takes a call strike. With. Mauricio, dubon, on deck. Point is that her vote is at third, and crawford. With his double, is at second. Fall back it's. Nothing in two. We're in the third inning. The one thing that is most common, is. You're probably, gonna play a three-hour. Game. Yeah you can book it here. Mcdonald's, takes down low. So justine, goes. Two and two thirds. He does strike out six. Madoma's, here you gotta kind of just protect away. Fish out of water that change up. Got him. There you go. Giant's at a run. It's for. Nothing. Here at fenway park the giants with a four-nothing, lead. Marco hernandez. The. Red sox second baseman is going to hit first, then san, diego. And then it's the top of the order. Hernandez. Yesterday. Went. Two for, seven. There's a strike. He's the one that, scored the run in the 13th. With bochu who's making all the pitching changes he's the one that ended up coming around to tie the ball game when the giants actually had the lead. That one gets away from samarja. One or. Two. It'll be pitch number 39. And that came back but not enough, it's. Two and, two. No. Overshift. To left. For dickerson. All right let's check in with amy g amy all right gentlemen we have a very fun family connection, from one of our favorite broadcasters. Dave fleming, it turns out, the kuiper, brothers aren't the only broadcasting. Bros, dave's brother will also a broadcaster. He's going live with him right now, will was a long time play-by-play. Guy for the red sox, aaa affiliate, the pawtucket, red sox, and this season he's hosting, red sox pre and post game shows and he will call about 30 games now the two called, the game last night and guess who was bursting with pride. Dad, mike he sent dave this text. Mom and i have had a great life with many wonderful, moments.

Tonight, Is near the top, i love it yes. But here's my take on what you see there. Notice older brother is not allowing younger brother to hold the microphone. It's like, takes a bitch. That's it. I'm gonna be in control, of this he's, totally, in charge. You're gonna speak, when i give you the mic and that's it oh. That's great it. Will. Willa's gonna. Whether it's with the red sox or. Some other organization. He is gonna. Land somewhere where he's gonna do every game, on radio or tv. He needs to land in the space that has, a good sized booth that dude's six seven yes he's tall, tall man. I mean dave's tall and he makes dave look like the little brother. And that's a. Four pitch walk to. Leone. Uh. We all did the game last night with joe castiglione. He will be doing the weekend games on tv. With jerry remy, where the team travels, to tampa. After the game tomorrow. Night. Beneditti. Lined, out to center field in the first inning. Bobby and i are. Both. Starbucks, or pizza crying out loud. Fixing their coffee and our tea here and. Cream, and sweeteners. And. It's cold. At least according to the flags in center field the wind's blowing straight down so, got that going for us unlike last night after the stroke of midnight. It was in our face. Decided to blow right. In. The pitch. Outside. So two balls in a strike giants. With. Three runs in the first and then a run in the third. Samarja, at the, belt. Swing, in a minute two and two. He's had a nice year jeff semarcha. Considering, the giants, didn't know for sure what they were going to get this year hey not sure what you're going to get he's been. Been able to get to the post 30 times, before this start 31st. Now. On the ground to crawford, crawford will shovel it to adamus. On the belt double play. So, if you're keeping score. Then goes six five. Three. Aarp. Presents. Take on today, 22 years ago today at candlestick. This was the brian johnson, takes on the dodgers. Mark guthrie in the bottom of the 12th, with a score, tied. 5-5. The walk-off. Tie the giants with the dodgers, atop the national league west. 52. 188. Watched it, at the stick we will, never. Ever. Forget that day. When it's time for a change thanks speedy oil change in auto service. Your trusted oil change tune-up and repair, expert so on the anniversary. Who's, pitching. Mr brian johnson. Saw him earlier today well just after the stroke of midnight. Pitched two-thirds of an inning. On the ground to third. And, endeavors, will make the play. Well this is the other brian, johnson.

22 Years ago. This is what it looked like. And it was quite the afternoon. And that tied it up. The problem was. Is. Garcia, takes a strike, as the giants. Work so hard to take over the dodgers. Then when they got to the postseason, they were, out. Of. Gas. Empty. And the marlins swept him in three games. Down low. That home run was that the one, where. Didn't shoot her didn't rob back have to come in get out of it got a big jam base is loaded maybe nobody. Nobody out, eddie murray he didn't do a double play. So we're going to follow. Kent. To johnson, to snow, on the double. Miss that guy. Yeah absolutely. He was. Not only really, talented. He was just a really good guy. The one-two. Hi to. Garcia, who struck out in the second. Soft stuff, and garcia's. Gone. Well the giants are doing it again tonight remember i said. Last night they struck out 19, times. I know it was. Extra innings but. They're already at eight in the fourth inning. Here's yoshimski. A walk. And a ground ball to second. And he hits one to right, but holt is there. And he'll make the catch in a nice quick inning. For brian. Johnson. Four nothing giants. Flip over your score card it's. Bogart's, who leads things off. And he takes a strike, right in the outside, corner. Bogarts, popped out to adamus. In the first. Inning. And he shoots this one on the ground to adamus, on one hop. And belt's gonna have to dig it and he does oh my, and adamus, is going. Thank you very much. Because as soon as he let go of it he's thinking. My guy at first has got to save me, and he quickly threw that ball out what a play by belt. Shuffles his feet sets his feet. Sparky, was not ready for that he wasn't thinking that was he's pretty good down there he is. Here's devers. On drive. A, davis. Adamus. To belt. Sharks, game plan. Hit it to adamus. Two down that's a nice play he made sure he got a good follow through on that. How one, you think this was off the bat. It was a rocket 111, off the bat. Probably a good 88, across the diamond as well. Not a good extension, smile about it, sorry about it. I think he was, smiling, at lotus, because. You have to be positioned, perfectly, if you're going to catch that. Vasquez. Spring training. First pitch swinging. Side retired. And, the giants are coming up with belts to lead things. Off. Well back here at fenway, park, it's a four-nothing, lead.

For The giants. Alex cora is out he's. Talking, with the trainer, and uh. His pitcher. Uh brian johnson. And whatever the issue. Johnson, is very animated, as to. What are you guys doing out. Here. Yeah that was that was, odd. It was uh here's. Belt to lead things. Off. And a swing and a miss by belt who's, one for. Two. Belt files it off on deck is, pilar. This might be johnson's last hitter there's a righty up in the bullpen, and. Pilar, is on deck all those two left-handed hitters after that. Hey september, baseball you just never. Quite know, what's going on. Well like you mentioned next year if the rule changes i think there are, going to happen, we're. No more situational. Pitching. Might as well, have an. Open tryout of what you got coming. Back. So belt that like he always does. Gets it to. Three and two, sure does. From o2 to three. Two. With xfinity, x-fi you get the ultimate control. Of your in-home, wi-fi, pause the wi-fi, and any connected devices. See who's on your network and more this is beyond wi-fi. This is x5. Second. Strikeout. For johnson. Velar, one for two. And a. Strike. That sounds like warmth. Dad used to do that. Breakfast table you take some. Coffee. Yeah there's nothing like, late night coffee as well. Well are on the ground to second. It'll be hernandez. Charging, and throwing. Two outs. And here's dickerson, who. Took a city like to put the ball in play he struck out twice. Both times. Looking. So here's johnson, to dickerson. And dickerson, takes a strike. Whatever was wrong with johnson he figured it out he's got ahead of all the hitters. Throwing the off speeds for strikes, fastballs, as. Well. The pitch. Swinging a drive. Right center field. Bradley, on the move and he's going to track it down. Into what is fenway's, park version. Of triples, alley. Halt to lay things off. And for the. Second game in the row willie may's his name, not on the list. It took willie mays. 107. Games. To get to 20 home. Runs. Takes. Low, he. Bounced out to belt in the second inning. Willie went on to add another 640. To that lane. Made up for it. There's a. Strike. This is the guy that we were kind of talking about the defense. Plays, as close as straight up as you're going to see for a. Lefty. It's two balls and two strikes. Real nice pitch 2-1 fastball, under the hands. Whole look in the away. Smart has been. Trying to go out there. Cutters and sliders, away. Went in on the hands see if he doubles up. I mean. Garcia, was calling for that cutter away. Shark was feeling froggy after that last good fastball at 93.. Put a little more on it 94. Didn't get the call. Third, walk issued, by samar. On sunday the 29th, the giants will honor you the fans, with fan appreciation, day come out to the ballpark, and experience, the last game of the 2009. Season and have a chance to win prizes like, various gift cards, playstation, 4. A fat scooter. Plus a, 2019. Toyota, rav4. This special start time is at 12 o'clock 1205., it is also bruce bochy's. Final game as giants manager. You got to be there. Go to And get those tickets. Here's moreland. Marlin it's a high fly ball to right, moving over is just. Near the pesky, pole, and he makes the catch. Moreland, nearly got, one. Scrimsy. Ran a long way but he tracked it down. Never gave up on it found the wall. I knew he had plenty of space, nice job at the fans to get out of the way. Here's jackie bradley. Bruce buchi said in his office. He was talking, to uh. Tony larussa, that stopped by to see him. And uh. Tony asked, coach about. Ustremski. And what he liked about him and. Coach said well let me tell you, he's a ball player. Here's. Tony. One of the advisors, here. For the red sox he said he's a ball player he just does everything, really well. Including, play defense, like you just saw. Bradley on the ground foul. I think getting out of the organization, he's talked about it leaving baltimore. Getting over to the giants hanging out with dave brundy, down in, aaa the. Skipper down there brundy and miner. The hidden coach and just kind of. A little, a little freshness, a little something new and then i saw, that. I think it was peter gammons. Who, did the interview with. Karli mostravsky. And he pointed out, he even said that he thought that. The manager, and the hitting coach. In triple a really really helped. Young mikey stripski, out a lot. And i thought that was great because, you know mainly guys they don't get. Acknowledged, enough and here's a hall of famer that acknowledged, them. Close pitch taken low. It's. Two and two. Oh yeah and they did win the triple a championship. I mean you've been a part of triple a team so about and it it could, really be a better place. Or it can be some of the best places but it. Leans more towards that that better side. It can be. As you said it can be a very unhealthy. Atmosphere. Because, at that level everybody thinks they should be in the big leagues.

There Can be some feelings that are really hurt if. People go to the big leagues and. They don't get to, go. Three and two. With one out we'll see if. Holt. Takes off. We're in the fifth. Inning. Hulk goes. Well. It goes like this. No hits. For the red sox. Put four. Walks. Here's hernandez. Jeff is just coming out of the delivery, just a little bit, he was frustrated, with that walk. He's starting to pull it glove side just a. Touch. Sometimes, it's that landing foot he, starts spinning, on it. And will yank the ball down out of the zone. So that time he leaves it. Away. Bolted, second. Bradley, at first. One out. This is the lineup that's missing some of his big boppers but there's still plenty of guys that can do some damage. One through nine. And he gets the call and. The ball will strike. A long time second baseman here, was here when you were here. Dustin pedroia. Pedroia. To destroy, you. You liked it didn't you oh man. Absolute gamer talk about a gamer. That guy was in full. Uni at 12 30, every day. And he asked him hey why are you dressed. You never know storm might be rolling in and i'm gonna be the only one. Ready. Uh. A little guy. Played big didn't he he did he could hit a high fastball. Oh. Yeah. On the ground, belt. Belt will go to crawford. Crawford's, gonna spin around and go to third. Just in case, holt was gonna round. It. Hernandez. Reaches. On the fielder's, choice. And the hitter, is sandy leone. The only reason that wasn't turned is just samara's, finished, had him finished more towards third base so he's that half step behind. Couldn't quite get there in time for crawford. Because brandon to brandon they can. They've done it many. Times. Leon drew a walk in the. Third. I talked about him just spinning off that front foot a little bit so you see where the finish is and he just. Yeah i'd rather, not take the chance, go ahead and. Face another hitter as opposed to try to get a bang bang play at first base. Fall back there's a healthy swing by, liam. Giants with a four nothing. Lead. Popped up. Crawford, backpedaling. Pilar is going to let him have it he does and that's going to end the inning. After five four nothing giants. Four nothing red sox. As we go to the top of the sixth, and when it's time for a change think speedy oil changing auto service your trusted oil change tune up and repair. Experts, taking the mound. For the red sox. There's a right-hander, travis. Lakins, and he's coming on, for the 14th, time. What you're going to see out of this guy is basically. Fastball, cutters. Low to mid 90s stuff. With an occasional curve off of that. And it'll be vote. To, take on. Lakins. Here in the sixth inning. Vote. A two-run home run in the first, in a walk in the. Third. Has a little bit of an issue on that swing, is. 0. 2.. So much for the occasional. Curveball, three. Straight. Reports were more cutter happy than curveball but. He's got a feel for it. Tonight. The one two. On the ground, right at. And that's endeavours, who throws them out. All right let's check in with amy g amy. All right gentlemen we know chris shaw is very popular, here in boston remember, a thousand, people came to see him last night he grew up in lexington, it's about 12, miles, from fenway, and people from his hometown they wanted to acknowledge. His accomplishment, of becoming, a major leaguer earlier today city officials presented chris with a proclamation. That today september, 18th, is officially, chris shaw day in lexington. Chris is a fifth generation. Lexingtonian. And they are thrilled that he could play at fenway they also gave him a jar, filled with dirt from all the fields he played on growing up in lexington.

You Know what. What do you give a kid that's got everything, give him some dirt. Perfect, here's crawford. Crawford's, two for two he's got a single and a double and he's got an rbi. Fans have what game tomorrow. Three that's. Four on this trip left. So ten games left do you think crawford can get to 250. He's gonna try he's gonna have to know that he's got to get going he's going. Though. This is going to take his lumber. Two outs. I've told the story before. But. My first year. In 1975. My first full year. I came into fenway park hitting. 307. For the last three games of the year. And. Those were the days where they did not have your average up on the scoreboard. So the friday night game i go over, four. And. Starting to grind a little bit right. This here's. Adamus. So after i made it out on the saturday, game, i walked into the dugout, frank robinson, was standing right where bruce bocce is. And he just looked at me and he went. Well what is it now. Called you on it right on the spot, he knew that i was figuring it out running down the line. Ah. I went. Carry the two. I ended up at 292.. I didn't get a hit. But it's great. You know guys that have been around and played a long time they don't miss anything because they did it too oh yeah. Figuring out eras. And figuring out averages. Oh yeah i got to do this to get that. 499. Era, looks way better than the 5.0. It absolutely. Does. And, adamus, with a base hit to center field. So after striking, out. The first two times up, he's at base for. Mauricio, dubai. That finally gives the giants a base runner since the third inning. Duvonne, a strikeout, and a ground. Out. Empty bond takes. Low. Three home runs for, dubon. He's got six runs batted. In. 2-0. On deck is, garcia. So we'll see if devon, gives him a. Shot. You get. A good count to hit in. And he swings, and misses. It's two balls and a. Strike. Fall back, to. One more game tomorrow. And then three in atlanta. You get to finally do games where, you'll, do a game, and then you actually get to sleep in your own bed. Yeah. It shouldn't be too bad mid 80s low mid 80s during the day. 70s, at night. You got to go to atlanta it's a good time to do. It. Fall back they're playing pretty good aren't they. Pretty solid, club. They are. Finding a good rhythm now in the bullpen. Starting pitchers are really stepping up, the addition to kykel has been a great addition for him. They got a couple lefties if they get to that point where they get a chance to face the dodgers, that could be a fun. Fun series to watch. The 2-2, to dubai. Right at moorland as duvon hit it well and that'll end the inning. So we'll head to the. Red sox half of the six that's four nothing giant. They've been to the team shop once or twice here's. Benedi, facing, samarjah. And a pop-up down the left-field. Line. Is going to reach, the seats. And there's no balls at one. Strike. The old one. In tight. Crawford to the right of second base. Four base runners. For the red sox, all have reached by way of the. Walk. One and. Two. Look out. And then he has, to. Skip, out of the way it's two balls in two. Strikes. Fall. Back. On deck is. Bogarts. And another. Pitch right in the hit me. Zone. Too close to take 93. Under the hood for, jeff semarsha. He's been attending just going back to the dugout, frustrated. He's been striking out a lot this year. But that one's just a straight frustration, that is that's one you got to commit to. But jeff will take it strikeout, yeah here's. Bogart how many strikeouts, you think that is.

It's One that's the number of numero, uno. Bogarts, o for two. He's popped out and he's rolled out the third, here he takes a. Strike. We're in the sixth inning that's. 82, pitches. Jeff's kind of been effectively, wild with with these guys moving their. Feet. Very close. To. Maybe. One booth over from john and dave. Wanted. Two. That's a pretty good pitch it's two and two. Now you like it you throw it if you're going to get the call you get it if not you're going to miss on the side that you're aiming on. You're going to go in miss in going away miss away you did exactly. That. Got him. He didn't have any now he's got two. Just another paint pellet by jeff samarza, down and away eater. Just locked him up looking for something else looking for the cutter or something. Perfect, pitch. Now. The guy that's hit the ball the hardest, in this game for the red sox is right. At the plate, in endeavors. And it was adamus, who made a great play. Got a ball hit basically. Right at. Him. The ball was 110, miles an hour for the bat in case you're wondering yeah. Gets one ball in one, strike. 88, across the diamond, full follow through. Chest high strike to brandon belt. I'd like to see a repeat performance, of that. On the ground. Foul. Tom goodwin. And it's. One and two. It's a nice play by that fan. Hold right up the screen leans it, doesn't get out of the seat reaches back. Makes a nice grab. Gets just the golf clap. For his. Efforts. And a pop-up, foul down the left-field line and that'll be out of play. Not as good a play on that side. This pitch count has been. Right around average but that fourth inning the four pitch inning. The sprint training kind of swings that we're taking. Helping him. Down. Two two pitch. And tight. So three and two. Get him here this 18th pitch coming up. Tur right. Hit well. And. Gone. So the first hit of the game for the red sox. Goes into that first row. And, for devers that's a big home run for him he's his 30th. And it's four to one. They just tried to go back door with that slider, the cutter. Just comes across the plate a little bit more devers drops the head on. It. And really puts a good swing on it and continues, just to put up a tremendous, season. But again just a solo, shot. Here's vazquez. Who's, over two. Now jeff with two outs just trying to. Get back in the dugout forget about. It. Two well thrown cutters right there to get ahead in the count 02.. Now go to some chase zones. Some signal with his head let's go back away. See if garcia picked up on it. Out of play. Really got a good feel for that spot glove side fastball, down. Knee high. They're going to get the corner just miss. Off. Great pitch in on the hands. Emergency. Hack. Nice john with vasquez. Just riding in on the hands emergency, hack that ball's got pine tar all over it. Yes it. Does. That's the guy that's been seeing the ball really well. Smart, has done a nice job going in going away going in go away. Just trying to keep him in that rocking chair. One and two. And on the ground to crawford. And crawford will make the play. And the damage. Is one, on the home run. By devers. Seventh inning coming up. Well we got a start for. Jeff semarcha, who's only allowed. One hit and that was a home run, votes got a two-run home run off. The pesky, pole. And the home run. That. Samaritan, gave up was to rafael.

Devers. When it's time for a change thing speedy oil change and auto service. Your trusted oil change tune-up and repair, experts. Mike schwarin, is what we're going with yeah coming in for the 12th time and the strikeout, numbers is what you notice here 24, in the 17, in the third innings. Not a big overpowering, guy but what the, red sox are really trying to develop is a four-seam, velocity, up in the belt, and curveballs, coming off of that so expect a lot of the breaking stuff. And garcia, would like to put the ball in play he's over two with a couple of. Strikeouts. Giants would also like to get that run back. See it takes a strike. As a bod, starts to get loose. The drinking, ball was in tight, and. Garcia, popped it out of. Play. Thank. You. So all in two. Close. The one two. Two two. You ever been in a bullpen that crowded. Only, only. Only here. It's no place to sit. Chicago, was the worst. September's, in chicago. I haven't been to the new park with with the bullpens being underneath that wrigley but, down the line. Yeah it's like you're at the deli counter you take a ticket. You hang out you have your first wave. Just in case the starter gets in some trouble then they kind of clear out you get your next wave of your middle relievers. You have to take a ticket to get a seat yeah. Looks like that they're at the dmv. Yeah just wait that's, true, just wait. Got him. So the hat trick for garcia. And that'll bring up. Yustrimski. You saw there six pitches four breaking balls. A little bit of a funky delivery as you can see as well a little bit of a low three-quarter. Release. So, the breaking ball's got a little more sweep to it. Mikey. A walk. And a run scored in the first, and then a ground ball and a fly ball. Foul, at the plate. With belt, on. Deck. All back you got a pitch to hit. 92. Just. At the. Belt. There's. Mike's wife. Very animated, that young. Lady. Foul, look out into the seats. And the net did not save anybody on that one. Section's clapping i guess everybody's, all. Right. And, he. Got him with a high fastball. So two hitters, two. Strikeouts. That's 11 strikeouts, for giants tonight. But they're swinging. Swinging, they are here's belt. Belt struck out twice. Takes inside, it's. One wall and no. Strikes. Takes a strike. It's one ball and one. Strike. One run on one hit the home run by devers. Popped up. It's. Denver's, at third who makes the catch. And that'll be a one two three inning. Four to one lead for the giants. Is brock holt's gonna leave things off. Holt shoots it on the ground up the middle for a base hit. With a. Hard, wide. Turn. And. Clearly it was hitter to hitter, for samarjah, here. In the seventh. Because here comes bruce bocce. 99, pitches. When it's time for a change things speedy, oil change and auto service. Your trusted, oil change tune-up. And repair, experts. It's a bod and we'll be. Back. So a bod, is going to. Pitch, he's going to be facing, moreland. Then jackie, bradley. And uh unless there's a double play he'll be facing, marco hernandez. Yeah bob coming on for the 17th, time. Numbers are pretty good opponent batting average when you see that especially against these lefties, and he's got some ownage against moreland he's faced him seven time punched him out three times and jackie bradley jr faced him three times punched him out once. Can you just read samara's, lips right there it's a double. Play. Moreland, is, hit, two fly balls to the outfield, he's over two. And here he swings and misses and it's no balls in one strike. So nice outing he only allowed two hits one left the park. Four walks two strikeouts. 99. Pitches. That's what bruce coach was looking for a little more length. He was going a lot of five and five and dives kind of in september, and. Got into the sixth. Like you mentioned better to batter, with three-run, lead. Almost. Got. Moreland. It's. One ball and one. Strike. Marlon, foul clipped him on his foot. Wanted to. Right off the toe you wear the shin guard you do all the protection, that you can. And he'll still find that toe. He's taking his time still out of the box.

Regrouping. We're in the. Home half of the seventh. That's block, garcia. Two and two. Keep that double play in order if you can. The bod's bounced around a little bit but it was just a couple years ago he was here in boston putting on the. Red sox uniform. 2017. He pitched in over 48, games here. It's always familiar with the atmosphere, and the mound and everything so. You don't have to worry about that that you have to worry about with some of the younger guys have never picked. This level. On the ground it'll be. A. Double. Play. Five. Six, three. Two down. And that's what samaritan, was asking for right, and he got it. He's excited a little, little fist pump there. Casual, fist pump from. The marshall but you see it here. Three hopper. Perfect strike and moreland does not run all that well. Take your time make sure you execute the play. Yep goes yep that's me all. Day. Crawford. Is going to have this one skip off his glove, it'll be a base. Hit. Machine. Hernandez. Lined out to. Left and he's. Reached on a fielder's, choice on a ground ball the. Belt. And a. Strike. Let me just. Pointed out that they've given crawford, an error which i can't imagine. That's going to hold up. Which means i'll probably have to erase, twice. Here's the. Pitch to hernandez. We're going to pop up out of play nothing in two. All right so this is what an error looks like. 100 miles an hour off the bat. You're the infielder, i mean i don't know what else you're supposed to do try to square up 100 mile an hour in the chest nope. Doesn't work. Because your chest does not allow you to try to do that. It. Says. So you play it off to the side a little bit. I'm with you on that i mean i know he didn't have to move but. 100 miles an hour doesn't give him much time to think. Outside. One and. Two. Lying drive. Is her hand is smoked, that ball up the middle. And now leon's, gonna hit and he represents, the tying run. Well bod's come in he's throwing strikes, thrown ten pitches seven strikes. These red sox hitters are squaring them. Up. And then. As we used to say as players. We could pick our own friends. Here's leon. To left. Dickerson, back he's gonna play the wall, he plays it perfectly. One run's gonna score that's it. And it's four to. Two. That's the second time in the series, that leone, is hitting, off. The monster. Only, to pick up a single. But he doesn't waste any time, he's up there swinging. He goes right after that first pitch fastball. Up in the zone. See the hands get back power spot. Puts that foot down rotates. Just drills it. Off the wall but like you said dergason, makes a nice play here throws a strike to crawford. But fernando abad not fooling anybody, that one was 94 off the bat the, marco hernandez, basically was 107. Off the. Bat. Benedetti. No. Sweet. Now fenway park starting to wake up a little bit. Crowd trying to start that let's go, sox. Chant. Here's the 1-1. On the ground, dubon. To crawford. The damage, will be one run. Sox getting a little closer. It's the eighth inning coming up 4-2, giants. Here's. What do we got here. It's pilar. A thousand, how to play. Pilar. One for. Three. With. Dickerson, on deck. Breaks his bat on the ground to bogart. Bare-handed, try. And vallar's, got another hit, maybe, not. Easy easy. Make sure you get a pencil. And they're going to say. Well from the producers, of the good place and brooklyn nine-nine, it's a new comedy, starring. Cal pen, and sunny side premiering. Thursday. September, 26th. On nbc. Here's dickerson hit the ball well as last time up only to watch bradley run it down out. In the. Triangle. Takes a strike in its own one. Got caught looking, in the first got caught looking in the. Third. So. Large, stole his, 12th. Bag. In the. Third. No intent on throwing. Just a. Hole. Is. Vote to follow, we're in the, eighth inning here at fenway. Park. Alive with his lead. Nice play by. Sandy, leone to dig that one out it's two balls and two strikes. That's a good one a little gentle shove on dickerson, get him out of the way they're talking about it right now. Just put the glove on. On his backside, just said. Kind of clear out for me it comes right through. No harm no. Foul. Three and two. Well you know what this. Could be. An opportunity, for bruce bocce to send pilar. He goes. Down the right field line. Pesky, pull. It, is. Foul. Oh, dickerson's, looking at it. Aguaseals. Looking at it. Boats can't see it he's, trying to get aguaseal's. Attention, to see well what did you say. That's. Fine. Getting some action tonight. Nice. Catch. Three and two.

Pilar. Somebody's walking down the street they have no idea. That there's an incoming. Is the beauty of this park in its location. So anyway i had a bad day at work, wow. Yeah it didn't get any better. Pilar, goes, swinging, a foul. Dickerson, stays alive. Large in the workout, after a really long workout, last night. This is the time i always hope one. You know that he does get a chance. I know it's a full camp but when if you got it to a spot where it wasn't a full count he's running. And endeavors, gets a little lazy. And pilar just keeps running yeah just keep seeing it i've seen it done before dustin majority, actually i've seen him do that a couple other guys. Just keep. Going. Runner goes. Swinging a line drive base it, and pilar will keep going. So the giants will put runners. At first and third with nobody, out. Nice and bad. He takes some great swings just a simple swing. Level swing drives it right through. Hits it hard. If the giants can just find a way to keep that man healthy, it's. It's a great about that in the lineup, exactly, right. Easy read, just comes. Lotus down the line already telling him the ball's in the infield, takes him. Around to take a peek and. A run for dickerson. Rickard's gonna run. Vote. One for two. And the red sox have. Pulled the infield, in. Call, for whatever reason. Vote a home run in the first inning off the pole in right. Field. Not close, on the ball of no. Strikes. Here's the 1-0. So we're going to fly ball. Center field to bradley. Tagging, his pillar, here's the throw home. It'll be late. And coming into score is. Pilar. We had. Leon. Moving. Dickerson. We had pilar. Moving, devers, because he couldn't see. The center. Fielder. That's how they teach it right the hot corner get in front of them. So. Got that run back, it's 5-2. And here's. Crawford, nice. Big bat. For vote. Crawford, found, back two for three tonight for brandon crawford, votes got three rbis, in this game. There's. Colton. Brewer. Giants get the lead off runner on. Again and he scores, first inning eighth. Inning. And a soft. Top. One ball and one. Strike. Adonis, is on. Deck. Crawford, attacks that high fastball, he files it back one and. Two. Way off the line in right field is hope. They're just giving crawford, right. Field. Rickard thought about it didn't stop, maybe he's coming, he got too good at jumping. Just trying to time him. Up. The delivery wasn't made. He froze. Himself. The 2-2. And a good take by crawford, three balls and two strikes. Crawford, was part of that group last night that played the whole game. He was also on the 415. Bus. I don't think any of them had trouble sleeping. I. Don't believe that was a problem the only problem was maybe getting up. Runner goes. Swing and a miss. The throw. Is. Not in time. Crawford, out. Rickard has stolen base. The dom is coming up. Burger with a pretty good jump. Looking in the hallways, to see what's going on then he just turned puts a head down hustles down. Score bringing some seeds, or. Something. Well we're going to take a break as we get a pitching change. It's 5-2. Giants have a runner in scoring position, and we'll be. Back. Giants, with a run, here in the. Eighth city they lead five to two. And it's colton brewer who's the new pitcher. So there's, brewer. It came on last night came in after, of all the through one inning punched out a couple.

There's A lot of breaking balls again which you're going to see with this guy he's got a natural. His fastball's, got just natural cut to it. But it's usually that in the big hook big sky hook coming off of that. Showed a few of those last night for the. Punch-outs. So here's adamus. Who singled, in the sixth inning. And he takes down low one ball in those strikes. Rickard at second with. Two outs and a run in on the sacrifice, fly by steven. Vogt. There's a. Strike. Part of that team although he wasn't there for the. Aaa, championship. Game in memphis. But he played a big part in that. Team that won everything. At the, aaa level. Rivercats. Big chopper. Hernandez. Is going to kick it. And here comes record. And the giants pick up another run. At least, if you're hernandez. Keep the ball in the infield. I'm not sure what he was trying to do there, looks like he's trying to maybe. Come around that ball rather just get to it. Kind of slipped, a little bit. See it here. Big. Hopper. That left foot kind of goes but rickard on, contact, just going. To be hit right they get those runs back. Although after the crawford, play yeah. Here's dubon. Look out. One ball and no strikes. Duvan's, thinking hey you're throwing at the wrong second. Baseman. Right there. On the inside corner. Belt high. One ball and one. Strike. Got sandy, yes it did. So. I'm looking, and it appears. They've given, the dhammas a. Hit. Clearly, the official, score. Is not. For the hangar like brandon crawford. Or he doesn't like jackie bradley, one or the. Other. Because he took a hit away from bradley. On the ground. Foul. Dubai. Behind in the count. One and two giants, now lead in this one. Six to. Two. Add-on, runs late in the ball game. Red sox were showing some. Signs of life. Giants able to scratch up. Scratch a couple here across in the eighth. Still got a guy at the plate. Looking to do a little bit more damage. He got devon to chase. And that's going to end the inning giants score twice. So we'll head to the. Bottom of the eight

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