Zach Binges Every Dolan Twins Video For 24 Hours

Zach Binges Every Dolan Twins Video For 24 Hours

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With. 225. Videos, and over nine point four million subscribers, Ethan. And Grayson the Doublemint, twins are, among the most popular creators. On YouTube I've, never watched them before today. I am, going to watch every single video, the, Dolan Twins have ever made. This. Is binge watch let's. Get doping. We. Didn't really calculate, they have 225. Videos, they average 10. Minutes each fuck. I'm. Gonna start with their most recent video to get a little taste just to nibble on those Dolan's and then we're, gonna go back in time start, from the beginning, watch every single video in order let's do it this came out a few days ago it's called our mom controls, our YouTube channel this video is 24. Minutes long the, audacity, to, release, videos, over 20 minutes long we. Did a lot, they've. Got some good frames, I've seen them trending and like our mom controls, YouTube channel for a day yeah that's great I'm interested, I'm hooked let's do it I think is it really so much about YouTube video idea. Not. Before just a good thing to do I needed, a pedicure so, they're going to get a pedicure if they're. Gonna be doing multiple things they're burning through concepts. Don't twins get pedicures, great video you should just do that on its own have you guys gotten pedicures, it's. Delightful. Dough, in fact born. December, 16th, 1999. In, luck they're 19 years old oh. My. God they're so they're, so successful. They. 13 years old when they started, let's. Move on shall we hi this is their first video ever the blender, challenge, oh my. God they are babies. This, video we're. Gonna need a table. Okay. They, seem very, Jim. Carrey influenced. Like they just watch Ace Ventura for the first time and I like let's make a YouTube video. The. Video has been playing 15 seconds, and they've corrected their hair about four times their, hair is amazing like, we should acknowledge it, they they're blessed, follicularly. The last this, one is taped. To the wall prank. That. This is mean. Where. Is the mother that I saw in the previous video though, in fact did. You guys know oh thank. You well is that all for me did, you guys know that if Ethan wasn't a YouTube size vine star he wouldn't be a dolphin trainer. Laughing. Challenge rule soap. But we didn't realize that a cord ran out of memory, anything, too much I'm learning this about the dorm twins they take at least a minute and a half to start their videos it's just that I'm kind of saying what's up I don't even care what this big. Back. I'm. Back in line, fold, make, up challenge. Are we dumb for having two cameras cuz, they just punch in on the wife like, I can be over here no, I can be over one, camera long need we're doing a scripted video now ring, ring ring this, is a Content, evolution. Everyone. Buckle up the Dolan Twins have changed their content, on June. 16, 2015. Something. Changed. 2015. This is what scripted, content was, crushing. On YouTube. Rainbow. Milk Jam rainbow, milk challenge you think anyone's gonna vomit yeah oh. There Wow. The. Food coloring was a good idea my kind of girl heart, faces, ooh. During. Evolution and. August 11th of 2015. Wow August, was busy for them the, first introduction. Of the phrase were, back we're, back we're, back, we're. Back we're, back we're, back boy. This, is where it started. This. Video is reheater. Comments, club with Keenan JC. Dolan. Evolution. This is their first. Collaboration. With, a major youtuber. Sorry, my brain sputtered, there. I. Think. This is like a kind of scripted sketch. Scripted. Into. It they're making jokes, there being heightened versions, of themselves love. It next video. Look I'm gonna be real I'm not gonna watch every minute, of every video but I'm gonna watch enough enough to get the point I think at some point I'm gonna start losing my fucking right now my arms challenge mousetrap. Edition, three, two. One, she's a hungry goat Oh God mousetrap, I thought they're gonna be playing the board game mouse trap. No. No. No. No. Oh. I. Just, I'm, reaching, I'm hitting a wall over here I want. To enjoy it but I'm noticing that they're using the same song in every video, it's, them talking, we tell each other that they're stupid they, say you're stupid no you're stupid and then they slap each other, see and then they start yelling it's.

Funny That's. Funny, my. Brain is just being like fuck it just let go to. Help me watch some of these videos please, welcome in his try guys channel debut Sam, come. On in Sam although, you know technically, this isn't my channel debut, because they was well, everyone thinks I'm the delivery guy from Olive Garden. They, was never like properly, mentioned. That like I work for you guys so they're just like who's that guy, Sam. You and I almost look like we could be brothers or maybe twins yeah so this is like our doan moment yeah weird, boy. We're, back can. We do it wait, can we do it wait don't shut up you did it wrong you do that so no - shut up wait. We're. Like January 19th, 2016 this is right around or right after that vine shutdown oh then reg doodle videos they're gonna show vines or they, just gonna play the videos that I've already watched I will be furious. Oh my god oh no it's like super old videos, look, at their eyebrows are the same so there that's like natural, eyebrow, oh that. Makes me really jealous it. Really does, alright bye am i this. Is Kim they're best friends tell them apart, I can Grayson. Ethan Dingle. Jake Paul. Where. Did you come from oh my. God. Dolan. Duh. What. Have I been calling it. No. No Dolan, has. Anyone been paying attention to, anything I've been saying. This. Is the original, wisdom. Teeth video. Dude. Hi being. An idiot this, is so funny what, huh. Great. Mousetrap. Wake, up prank. No. No. Who. Sleeps without blankets. Rus. Weep baby cry sir we've. Been listening to the same song for about 40, videos now and I'm losing my fucking mind. Dudududududududududududududududududududu. Let's. Go they're on tour. They. Went on tour, I'm. Gonna go on tour. That's. How memories are made, whoa, look. At all their fans oh shit, they did a live show. That. Was cool, Cameron. I stand. She gave us you got respect. What's. Up guys we're back and we're the Dolan twins and. You're. Watching. Can't. Even pay attention anymore. Different. Type of parents, a sequel. To. Their seminal, hit different types of teachers, if, you recall. Holy. Shit you guys we. Are at video. 154. Which means we have officially, done, 100. Dolan videos let's do a little stretch break for, you watching at home you can do this with us reach up to the sky little. Cactus arms back, fuck. It's. Good to stretch, we're. Back types. Of students, a a, sequel. To, their seminal, classics, types, of parents, and types of teachers. What. We do miles how do we get the energy back. Alexandria. You want to watch some show. Please. Welcome to. The Dolan, dome, Alexandria. What. Happened his hands you. Know I missed that but it's been broken for a few videos now they haven't acknowledged, it since, them facing their biggest fears, what's your biggest fear butterflies. Okay. Butter black I'm, sorry, that's. Not an answer I anybody was expecting. It's. A true phobia I'm gonna go ahead and say I don't care about this video anymore why butterflies. I said nightmares when I was younger that these, huge butterflies, would come and suction in my face and then I couldn't breathe them that I would wake up not. Being able to breathe and be terrified, I'm just like crying and that, happened over and over and now I'm just really afraid of butterflies. Well, thanks for coming Alexander. Alright, this is called Ethan gets his wisdom teeth removed, classic. This. Is infectious, this is impossible to. Not laugh at. It's. Funny because he's high energetic, but also he has goz in his mouth so he can't really talk. They. Got a warehouse, I don't know warehouse don't, evolution.

This, Is they got a warehouse they're changing the look they're gonna unveil a new set let's see it. Let's. Get a warehouse. Tryouts. This. Is football, challenge, with Odell. Beckham, jr., shut. The fuck up I am a huge Odell feign if they got O'Donnell in the video for real I'm, gonna lose my mind. No. Come. On, what. I have, Odell in a video I don't, even have Hotel on the Giants anymore you got traded this. Is like a totally, new era of dolan videos they've got this little mystery. Warehouse. That they're playing in ooh, hashtag. Ask. Ethan, and Grayson number three I've watched the original because, I've been here since the beginning what have you been doing I don't want to do this anymore part, of the reason we chose them is because they had like the least amount of videos of people we were looking at right this. Can't be a series. We're. Gonna keep it going I'm not giving, up and to, help me keep this train of rolling please welcome miles, boom, Senor. What's, up donation. Welcome, to the Dolan pit miles I'm so happy to be here yeah no miles have you ever watched, a Dolan video I have, watched a, couple Dolan, videos because, I Stan, am a Chamberlain, and so, yeah, so I've seen a couple of those I don't mean to be. Too self congratulatory, but I think that we have the same eyebrows you. And them yeah. Yeah. Yeah I mean you wish man I heard him on to me I look at their forehead, and I see, my I bet it's, gonna. Yeah. Pretty good that's pretty good oh this, is draw my life this is also I love this time I don't have yeah, I love these two we're gonna learn a lot about them we've, been together since the womb and maybe, even before that depending, on a food returner or identical laughs so they've known each other since they were sperm that's pretty cute that's crazy, yeah I'm done with this you're. Done you don't want to learn I want to see the boys in action all right miles buckle, up this is types of youtubers, ASA equal, to their seminal, classic types. Of teachers types, of parents, types of students, types, of. Drivers. Drivers. Even. Watching, what's. Spinning guys I'll bet. This. Is a great, show, chopping. You boys. Off what I'm. Gonna think about that later today, what's up spitting guys on deck is, really. Funny. Alright. Thank you my girl. We find the camera alright bye forever, bright. Tan challenge, let's see that bod there.

It Is wait, 2017. There. 19, years old now that was two dairy-oh. There's still, 17 reacting. To our makeovers. Get, ready because, on. November. 7th. 2017. YouTube. Changed, forever James. Charles. Dolan. Twins the, collab of the century, we need, makeovers. Because my eyebrows, are wow, do you think when they did this they knew the, history that, was being made. Wow. Five million subscribers took. Them how long. Duncan. A whole birthday, prank, is he gonna trap his brother in a hole. Oh. That's. Good, oh it's, time to be honest it's. Hard to make. A comedy, video or a happy video that people are gonna laugh at when, on the inside you feel like just, like breaking down since, I'm admitting, that there are videos that they're not, happy. About and, then, I still feel no to release it which is that's really real we don't we can't afford to have a terrible, day there's real anxiety behind, making videos especially people. That are this young and feel like they have this much pressure to deliver every, single, week March, 27th. 2018. The. Dolan twins announced a break we're, gonna need to go away for a little while. On, May, 1st, 2018, boom. We're in the modern, era of Dolan. Twins and that's, their logo and for the rest of time all of their videos will have the same thumbnails. You. Don't believe me take, a look and it, doesn't, seem to matter now I'm height I hope this house tours like, their old house tour which was like funny let's move on to the future. Okay. Calm down, my. Boys crazy, they, turn their house tour into, a robbery, scripted. Video sketch. Guys. I'm, so, team Dolan right now it's crazy. Dolan, history, January. 19. 2018. The, first full, appearance of. This. Sister, squad at, least on their channel I don't I don't know who did it first I don't care the research I can't, imagine baby someone elses bite marks this. What. An unlikely, quad. They're. Like The Avengers we're like wu-tang, we're. A group that breaks off their. Individuals. That come together. Quince. Which lies for a day I actually, don't my like it I don't mind I don't mind mine either yours is actually really cool I'm jealous they just got tattoos, as an addendum, to their twin switch lives videos, these they just burn in through content. That's. Don't do, let. Me consult for you guys I'll. Leave I don't. Need this I'll. Come to you yeah. I don't need this life it's too much stress. Sister. Squad this is them getting hypnotized. This is a 14, million view video one of their biggest you're. Sitting in a freezing cold chair, it is freezing your bottom I want to do a video. We. Should get hypnotized, are, you got any time I make a new video now are you guys gonna be like you know that others that they did that I know. You know because I watched you watch all their videos home. Stretch guys we're, doing it I feel like we've been on a. Journey. And I want it to end but, I also don't remember what my life was before this and I don't know how I'm gonna go back to it, this is best friends by, each other dream, gifts, featuring. James. And Emma oh my, god I'm so sore. Oh. My. God has it been nice. Brand-new. And. It's customizable. I think the bobbin. I'm. Happy they found each other like. No matter what happens ups and downs, they had this time in their lives together. We. Have only five. Videos. Left it's. All right with you I'm gonna try and save. Her this moment we've. Been on such a journey today, learning. About the Dolan seeing them grow from the, little babies that, they were into, really, full. Form, fully. What. Does let's. Watch these last videos shall we we're. Going. Undercover to see what people really think about the Dolan twins how, do you how do you feel about it so many of their youtubers. Know. Getting. Our futures, read by, psychics, we, do. Automatic. A channeling, medium. Making. My brother think, we got kicked out of the house it's not it's, not working for me. I, don't, know if that's gonna work to be perfectly honest twins, impersonate, each other for a day I'm, kind of happy about this because I got some good, ideas. Right now go through my head feel like they've made this video at me. Alright, the, final video on our journey, you know what. No. I'm. Not gonna watch this video so. There's still a little bit of mystery left in this world what did I learn I learned that. Some. Ideas. Are good on paper, better. Than an execution. I'm. Talking, about this one not the dough into it I'm not I don't think every videos for me but, there is a lot of stuff in there that is really hard to not laugh at I still, think they're best video by far was the wisdom teeth removal if you're gonna start with one that's the one I'm gonna say I think, they're worth the sub they're funny guys if you like comedy vlogging, you're gonna like what they, give you I I'd my brain is really sputtering, here uh-huh.

Doing. History, on. This day, I. Watched. Every, video on the Dolan twins Channel. This. Was fun it was also a nightmare, who do you want to see me binge next please comment below I'm not positive, if I ever want to do this again.

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Watch all of a kpop group's music videos

binge carly and erin! or heath hussar

watch every BTS music video and bangtan bomb (it won’t take as long unless you want to also include all of run bangtan and bon voyage, in which case it’ll take much longer)

do every react video


Please binge some nigahiga!!

My brother is terrified of butterflies. When he was 3, our family went to this butterfly garden and a whole bunch started swarming him. Poor little guy ended up on the ground screaming he couldn't get them off

Did u not laugh at the freaking clown prank video?! What about the try not to laugh with milk and Siri video?!


I also have a terrifying fear of butterflies

it would be fun if you watched every music video from an artist... I was thinking bts. their music and music videos have gone through a crazy evolution

*_wE fiLmEd tHiS a MoNtH aGo_*


do you ever think the try guys are running out of ideas?

Watch David Dobrik!

Damn, for some reason this feels like it was pre-filmed, or maybe took a lot to edit in the clips of those videos. it's almost like this was filmed say... a month ago


Keith drowns himself in food and grease Zach drowns himself in internet content

wow Zach stop lying YOU DIDN"T WATCH THAT ONE

zach’s laugh >>>>>

Evil Iguana...all their spoof trailers and Fuzz series!!! Sooo funny!

*Me sees DOLAN TWINS clicks in 2.5 seconds*



Jake paul


I need a stretch reminded in every video I watch ahaha

hey who let the dolan twins and me all have the same birth date


Dont worry guys, they filmed this a month ago.

You should watch Dan and Phil next sksksks

Zach pleasseee you or Keith binge watch Lufier... want to see your reactions on the story and the wit and humour xD Love as always ❤️

You should totally binge Jenna Marbles!!


Please React to either Rosanna Pansino or Safiya Nygaard, or even both XD. It would be interesting to see your perspective.

Watch David Dobrik



Try David dobrik!!

zack u weirdo hahahahhha

logan paul


Thank you for watching all of these!! ((so that I never have to))

Love how when he says anything nice about James, they let us know it was filmed a month ago

i'd love to see zach and eugene binge all the run bts episodes

If you do this again, I think The Slow Mo Guys would be a great channel to watch all their videos ^_^

I *need* to see a RYAN TRAHAN binge his videos are so entertaining to me !!!

oh my gosh could you imagine every minute of every single video now THAT would be a *hard* challenge and according to his calculation would take 375 hours. jeez

Am so excited to see their tour!!! X3

Girl I already did that

Watching Zach binge watch every video of the Dolan twins is like watching me binge watch every video of the Try Guys

An average day in the life

Okay but I wonder when they filmed this

Binge David Dobrik

As he should

Never heard of the Dolan twins before.....closes video after fast forwarding to the end....

David Dobrik or Jeff Wittek

Please watch Bubbiosity, definitely bingable maybe a like a dozen videos but are outrageously hilarious knowing it's Beauty guru Bubzbeauty's comedy skit channel

The Dolan Twins are the epitome of the new popular YouTubers who I hate. All their videos are cringey challenges and their video titles are so click baity

I never could imagine this would happen but I am totally here for it


I’ve never watched them or know who they are... Kinda scare if this one.



Jenna Marbles!

I've never seen the Dolan twins. but I am completely here for this series, along with all the other series you guys have!

I've never watched one of their videos but I did watch mykie's video where she did their makeup for the transformation/undercover one

"we are at video #154 which means we have officially done 100 Dolan videos"

I already do this all the time

Do TFIL next pls

dude talking about the sister squad editors: *and i oop*

I’ve watched every minute of all 3850 PewDiePie videos.

*wE fiLmEd ThIs A mOnTh AgO*

Watch all of Jenna Marbles!!

please binge watch Tokyo Ghoul, just season 1 lol.

I love it when Zach starts to lose his mind

Like if zack shud binge through GMM

“we filmed this a month ago” for james charles BAHAHA

you should do david dobrik next

“I’m so team Dolan right now it’s crazy.” Me too, me too

I see the Dolan twins and I click


I feel like all Dolan twins' subscribers have done something like this before, cuz I know ive tried

Why is baby Dolan at 6:25 Sid from Toy Story

Zach: "They're hair is amazing. Like we should acknowledge it. They're blessed. *LITERALLY BLESSED."* *THANK YOU!* I'm glad somebody noticed

Try guys: *binge watch dolan twins for a vid* Me: *I do that everyday...*

Jaiden Animaions!!!!!!

1. I've never seen a Dolan Twins video until this video. 2. 10:20 Girl, same.

This concept

Why tho

please binge watch emma chamberlainㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Zach: Nibble on them Dollins. Me: *K I N K Y*

Binge Emma Chamberlain

I love how after any sentence Zach says they put *we filmed this a month ago*

Zach binge watches bts v live videos please

The only reason I watched this video is cause I love the Try Guys...

Collab pleaseeeeee

Who else checked the video time whenever Zach said "cant believe they made a video over 20 minutes" XD

What about Nolan Dolan??

Simply Nailogical!! Do eeett!

Do this with David dobrik videos


Filthy Frank

It doesn't take 24 hours...... I've binge watched there vids at least every week . Including the deleted ones and it didn't take 24 hours? Hahahahaha

You should watch every try guys video in one day... Even the ones from BuzzFeed

Please do macdoesit

You should watch all of the try guys videos from buzzfeed to now or Jenna marbles. ^_^

Is there an uncut version? :3

Binge watch Safiya!

YO TRY GUYS! You guys should do this with 12 episode animes, there are so many popular animes that you can binge in under 3 hours coming out now and for the past 4 or 5 years to watch. Lots of content and would be cool to see you react to some of our fave animes.

Lol this was literally what I did when I first became a fan of the twins. Although I think I got there around the 199th video or somewhere in there, I'm still pretty new to the fam nation XD

binge watch the vlog squad

You should watch these videos drunk. and every every evolution he drinks another beer/whine/shot/whatever. “Drunk Zach Binges Every Dolan Twins Video For 24 Hours ”.

If you're looking for someone to binge watch, I highly suggest Binging with Babish.

CTFxC haha gl!

only intellectuals watch the twins

omg the most iconic youtubers to watch: the twins

ugh this was worth the watch

I have a phobia of butterflies too!!

zach reminds me of timmy turner

I love how they had to mention they filmed this a month ago when James Charles came on

binge watch all of Kian and Jc videos with a few from O2L

Safiya or Gabbie Hanna

binge watch all of david’s vlogs


I watch every try guys video at least five times this year alone

I would lose it if you binged Nigahiga ❤️ One of my fave YouTubers watching one of my other fave

I like this concept but this was just absolutely boring.

I saw my first Dolan Twins vid a week (I think) ago the one with Elle, ACE Family, the daughter. Sorry but I don't really like them, or their vids that much I would binge their vid if I got payed

But this video is also over 20 minuites long

Do this with Ally Hills

Binge watch Good Mythical Morning!

Simply Nailogical!!

binge watch daniel howell's videos! There's only 129 :)

SearsParts Direct! Wayne is great, and you'll learn a ton of stuff about home appliance repair.

You should pick a few videos from every year and do Jenna marbles, Shane Dawson, superwoman, kian and jc, tana, and Charlieissocoollike.


Jenna Marbles or Shane Dawson or Jeffree Star

the twins are younger than me jesus

I love the try guys and THE DOLAN TWINS ❤️❤️

Can you guys please come to Scotland

who else saw Eugene in Brooklyn 99

You should binge Grav3yard Girl. You will be sitting there awhile but worth it.

My GF loves their vids sooooo much

why did you even watch them? blowing them up on this video.....they seem its all the teens / vine era that (granted I am old) got them popular? What was the pull to watch all them Zach?

Garfunkel and Oates would be a fun one and not too long. If you wanted it to take DAYS you could do GMM (don’t do that they’re great but you would die)

Zach losing his mind for 20 minutes straight.

If you do this again you should binge Anna Akana !!


Please binge @glamandgore

tbh i don't care about those guys, i'm only watching because it's try guys content ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"Wow five million subscribers. Took them how long? *laughs*" ZACH SHADES

Why not watch 24 hours of Pewdiepie

Binge watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries next. It's a modern vlog adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

take a shot everytime *we filmed this a month ago* shows up

I love Zach’s reaction at 7:22

Sam is literally the spawn of Zach and Ned.

I'd love to see y'all binge watch literally any animation channel, it's perfect. Animation takes a lot of time and work so there is a lower number of videos, you not only get to see how the creators evolve as a person and video format but in art style as well, and due to the usual story type format the videos are constantly covering something new Dominc - 176 videos Odds1out - 111 videos Jaiden Animations - 85 videos Eroldstory - 58 video

i really hope youve seen david dobrik before but if not itd be nice to watch you binge from the beginning (none of his videos will bore you)

i remeber when they took a break and i wanted to cryyyyyyy

David after dentist was the original viral dentist video

video : *james enters* editors : wE fIlMeD tHiS a MoNtH aGo!

Try and binge watch Critical Role

7:24 every grayson fan when he gets pranked by ethan

I think binge-watching Good Mythical Morning would be fun! They have short videos and our fave Try Guys watching our fave dynamic duo, I would click and watch that video in a heartbeat!

either david dobrik or kian and jc


James already snatched back his career so stop acting like he's taboo to talk about

Zach you gotta binge iiSuperwoman! She's funny and creates really good quality content! Plus since you guys have already met her, I would think that you'd get more fun out of watching her vids!

Wait... did they just film this??

too bad, because I did it first!!!

She was scared of butterflies... someone like me

watch Jenna Marbles!

Omg please do this with Emma chamberlian


Watch Simplynailogical, try some of the nail art

That feeling when you actually watched all of their videos voluntarily :D


I found them when the iPhone X came out and I heard some twins could unlock each other’s, and some couldn’t. I went to YouTube and found their video and only a couple videos later is when they took their break and after their 2nd video back I became a regular viewer.

Jenns Marbles! The evolution is insane!

This was cool UNTIL they constantly brought up that this was filmed a month ago. Like okay? And?

David Dobrik!!

I love e and g

Try David Dobrik

I wonder when they filmed this


7:26 Thats me

We need a “The Try Guys get medicures, while talking about high school relationships.”

Do Jenna Marbles next

Binge my channel!

Listen... A month ago I did exactly this but with David Dobrik. It is doable. It is possible. It took me two days.

Tedious quit watching at 4:33

Binge Jenna Marbles!!!

Safiya wont be too painful

Do emma chamberlain

????? whys it matter that yall filmed it a month ago? jameson charlie was a shitty little bitch for a good long while before this latest of bullshits also who are the dolan twins ive literally never heard of them before this

this is me interacting with any youtube video honestly

*r y a n h i g a*

Please binge watch Emma chamberlain


When Zack says “my sweet baby Grayson” girlll.....


They say the Dolan twins are among the most with 9 million but did anyone forget about Dude perfect that has like 42 million

Binge Fitz(nearly 5 mill subs), RaccoonEggs (your done with that real quick (little over 2 millsubs) or Swaggersouls (little over 3 mill subs)next. Please note these aren’t family friendly content creators at all but they’re really funny (if offensive jokes are sorta up your ally) and they do censor the really f-ed up stuff they say

Omg the constant reminders that they filmed this before the James Charles drama

I just got my wisdom teeth taken out an hour and am currently watching this while I bleed and I can confirm that they are definitely being over dramatic in their wisdom teeth videos

What about their vines


Would love to see one with Safiya Nigaard she was in Buzzfeed too before so it would be nice :)

Zach: I've never watched a Dolan twin video! Me: me neither!

Jenna. FUCKING. Marbles.

Binging with Babish!!!!

Zach: Im so glad they found each other Editors: We filmed this a month ago

Lucas cruikshank

I am glad he finds the dolan twins as boring as I find them.

Love this. You should really do this with Joana Cedie (can't spell for crap lol)


i am just here like: is he okay?

Guys just incase you didn't know... THEY FILMED THIS A MONTH AGO

Jenna Marbles !

I ain’t got patience like that ima Sagittarius and it’s true I like to be outside

I want this as a series


Tati or James (like for Tati, reply for James, do both for people who dont care)

Yee Yee

Lmao I love you guys I'm going to but the merch soon


"*we filmed this a month ago"

You should binge Sadia nygard

So Zach ends on a lie? Shame, shame, shame! You did NOT watch every Dolan twins video!

watch ashley from bestdressed! im in love w her lmao

I've never watched the Dolan Twins either

whenever james charles is mentioned the little *ping* if the ‘we filmed this a month ago’ gets me EVERYTIME. IM CRYING AHAH

Ive never even hears of these people

i DARE YOU to watch all of Tati's videos in a single day LOLZ

Andrea Russet


Watch jaiden animetion

Can you do the try guys prank war

TEAM EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zach: My sweet baby Grayson Me: Omg ME

liza koshy

Try guys, have you met Jeff Nathenson?!? It would mean the world to me to respond!!!


Zach, you should binge watch a show!!!

I think 37 hours on this vid if you watched all of there videos Sorry if im wrong

* I think you spent 37 hours on this vid

*we filmed this a month ago BAHAHH

I wonder when they filmed this?

This is my kind of video

Is real fans so this everyday why is this hard

they kept saying they filmed this a month because of the james charles drama guys!!!!

Binge watch Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul or Emma Chamberlin LMAO !!!


Goodluck watching pewdiepie

Simplynailogical zAAACHH

Binge the Psychic Twins! #ogs


can’t say i haven’t done this before


wait do trin lovell her videos are long bc she does movie/show commentaries but she's hilarious!!!!!

emma chamberlain!!!

Please watch simplynailogical. She’s a funny Canadian you tuber. Don’t be fooled by her YouTube name. She doesn’t do that anymore much but she’s still worth watching

Do simplynailogical please you’ve got to

I thought this was kinda creepy Until i realized I did this when I was young...

This is what I do whenever I find a new YouTuber: watch a couple more current videos then start with the earliest video on the channel and work my way to the present. But over days/weeks. Not in one day. Way to be a trooper Zach.

Zach: Ya I’m glade they found each other *we filmed this a month ago*

Wait is the 4 some not together anymore if so why not

You should totally watch all of Markipliers videos..... actually, he has been on YouTube for over 7 years.... he’d be there for a really long time

You should do a vid with YB

Can you do this with Shane Dawson but like not with all of his videos lmao

The irony in this video LMAO


I wonder how long ago they filmed this........ I would say..... maybe a month ago

The Dolan twins should do this with all of the try guys videos now

i wanna see you do simply nailogical

Do I watch the Dolan twins? no. Do I watch a middle aged man watch every video they have made?yes.


why is no one mentioning the #154 misplacement omg i was so confused

React to 02L!!! (Kian and jc brought back some memories omg)


Do Zach binge watches all of BTS Music videos ☔️


Binge Game Theory

Every shay carl/shaytards video!! There's so many

Sanders Sides! Than you have fun AND learn!

Next time react to Ashley aka bestdressed

*Who else stretched with Zach?*

Please do joe sugg

the best video ever made:

Can i have this job?

I literally cried laughing every time it said *we filmed this a month ago Rip james charles

You should do Roman Atwood!

Who else is back here after James Charles cleared his name lol

*Zach:* I watched all of the Dolan twins' videos in 24 hours *Over 24 hours of Dolan twin content:* am I a joke to you?


Yo could you do a TGFBRO binge?

Do jenna marbles

*James charles appears* WE FILMED THIS A MONTH AGO

The dolen twin watched to much Napoleon dynamite as Kids anybody get that tatter tot reference

i wonder when they filmed this...

What simply nailogical (Zach is a holosexual by the way)

i think danisnotonfire would be great with this, esp bc he isn't active anymore, but had such a huge impact on the platform when he was

I can't believe how much I don't care about the James scandal. Like, who cares?


No one: Me @ 3 am: “I’m gonna binge watch every video the Dolan twins have ever made”

Binge every Shane Dawson video

The real question is, does he ship Ethan and Emma?

the Dolan twins are the literal reason i'm alive. I have watched every video so many times. They make me so happy. I love them so much. If i met them you have no idea how much i would cry of happiness. If they ever noticed me i would scream and cry so much. I can't believe how much they've made me happy. I have no idea what i would do without them. I wish they go on tour, i would save my many for so long just to see them i don't care if its 1,000 dollars i will save up, i don't care how far it is i will travel. Thats how much i love them.

binge kurtis conner!!!!!

i too have never seen a single episode of the dolan twins so this is fun

Next, Zack should binge watch every Emma Chamberlain video.

You should watch all of Stephanie Soo videos


I would willingly do this for David dobrik and watch every minute

“We filmed this a month ago”

THE AUDACITY YOU HAVE!!! *this video is 51 seconds over 20 minutes.*

I’ve never thought this would ever be an actual video

Binge Lindsay Ellis!!

Him roasting their song choice is my mood

PLEASE binge all of david dobrik's videos

Didn’t see any comments saying this but u should watch the Merrell Twins


Do it with Emma!

Do one on Shane Dawson

Please do MacDoesIt!

please binge david dobrik. its way more doable than jenna marbles or anyone else

And they clearly edited this before James came out with this response to Tati and Jeffree for being fake AF, and he didn't actually do anything wrong.

GASP WAIT THE TAPE TO THE DOOR VIDEO Y’all I was sent back YEARS I knew they looked familiar before this I didn’t know they were the door boys


You know you’re deep in a Dolan twins binge when you watch a video of someone else bingeing


I was hoping to have you guys collaborate with the Dolans!!! It will be so cute ! HAHAHHA

Please do this with David dobrik his vlogs aren’t too long so shouldn’t be too hard

Alexandria!! I too hate butterflies. I have never met another person who hates them!

Watch all of Emma Chamberlin's !!

Binge David Dobrik!!

David dobrik?

omg, im terrified of butterflies too! they're too fragile, and have a short life span...

I also would like to share that I did went to a hypnosis class. there were 8 ppl, and I was the only one who was still normal. the coach tried 5 times and didn't succeed. while the rest were doing all kinds of stuff they were told to do. good times... A hypnosis video from you guys would be really cool. :D That's a lot to take in one sitting. I literally took two weeks to catch up with the try guys video, even from buzzfeed archives. Props tho.

do David dobrik!! you’ll be able to finish his vids and want to watch more lmao!!


Watch graveyardgirl's "does this thing really work!?" series, Bunny has been reviewing 'as seen on TV' items for years and its amazing but also cool that you can see if those things in commercials are actually real.

this is my favourite video ever

Do this with David Dobrik

There’s so many channels that I like! Need to plug another: Simgm production. Absolute clever hilarity and comedy. Recommend the Kardashian Sims series the most

I wonder when they filmed this episode?

If you plan to continue this zack, may i suggest like watching a series instead? Like Bon appétit gourmet makes, screen junkies but only honest trailers, or kelsey’s 100 baby challenge? Just something like that instead of the whole channel. My second favorite channel (Try Guys are first of course) right now is Terrell. His Song Association series is fire

No one can convince me that it's actually 24 hrs

a little upsetting that the try guys can make money off of my daily routine like this

when james charles on screen we filmed this a month ago

now you need to do james sis

nobody: editors: IT WAS FILMED A MONTH AGO

oh god

Seems pretty normal for me ngl

Graveyard Girl

pls watch julien solomita or chris ramsay

Do Shane

Just so you know, they did NOT film this a week ago

Do Dax Flame!

i do this anyway wdym

This video is literally a normal tuesday night for me

Jenna marbles! Or Jackie aina

the sad part is i've seen every one of these videos too

Watch Mr.Beast like if you think so

“My sweet baby Grayson” ME

What have you become, from creating masterpieces such as to ☝...quality is falling guys, quality is falling...(disappointed og fan)

Omg do lele pons!!!

”they went on tour? I wanna go on tour” “They got a warehouse? I want a warehouse”

TryGuys: **watches every singles Dolan Twins video** Me: been there. done that

me every day...

Don't worry , Zach , I've never even heard of them before this video lol We're in this together

Shane Dawson!!!! You can skip most of his food ones, though. They're funny but repetitive.

Try guys: getting payed for watching 100 YouTube videos Me: wait you guys are getting paid?

Dodie Clark

Hah, you think that’s a challenge? Try rewatching every Dolan twin video every other month or so, on your own free will

0:40-0:42 zach: "just to get a little taste, just to nibble on those dolans" Me: HAHAHAHAHAHHA


Omg. Two channels I love


Omg I’m trying to watch every single David Dobrik video haha

David Dobrik!!!! & Simply Nailogical

Binge Emma chamberlain next!!!

this is a challenge? oh


It's not like y'alls content is any better

Watch Emma chamberlain

Do pewdiepie next

Zach's just slowly losing his mind.

*the dolans have entered the chat*


Definitely need to watch Matt over on offtheranch


Get hypnotized

watch all of shane's videos (either shane or Shane Dawson Tv)!!!

Damn the sub count shade!

Do Molly Burke!

Watch Joana Cedia

Please watch ryan higa

Kiera Rose please ❤

Wait, how long ago did they film this video?

Sam dancing with Olive Garden bags is a mood.

Try Shane Dawson


0:41 “just to nibble on those dolans” um someone explain if he is a legend for saying that or...?

*we filmed this over a month ago*

Do shane dawson nexttt

I’m scared of butterflies too. Not for the same reason though. The fear is from that one spongebob episode with squirmy and when he changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly and the butterfly is on the screen all up close and stuff. Yeah that. That scene when the butterfly is on the camera. That spooked me. I’m 15 and I just do not want them near me or touching me

7:27 HAHAHAHAHAHA "my sweet baby Grayson" I CAN'T BREATHEEE

honestly I liked them more when they were "goofballs" as everyone called them. they're so mature now and I just have a feeling they're gonna quit soon, I mean, I would if I was about 20 y/o. I found them so much more attractive when they were teens and were just fucking around and not being mature at all (lol that sounds stupid but okurrr you get it)

This is pointless but that’s why I love you guys


Hey I’ve done this challenge before!

That seems like a lot of work. Can you please watch Kenny vs Spenny on the Kenny Hotz channel? Canadian show with two Jewish best friends. They compete each week and humiliate the loser. Less than 100 episodes.

Should have watched David Dobrik's channel. All videos are 4:20 in length. You'd be able to push through easily


Do David Dobrik!!

*we filmed this a month ago* made me cackle

Did you mean: Madison’s every day?

14:33 we filmed this a month ago lol lmao

Miles is cute

Watch every iisuperwomanii

Watch every video of smosh

Watch David Seymour

I also don't know them

dan and phil. i'm so sorry

18:03 literally me

You should watch all of Daniel Howells (formerly danisnotonfire) videos he only has 129 because the hoe never uploads lol

Never heard of them, not inclined to watch either now :)

Can zach binge watching korean drama? Like Goblin maybe? XD

he acts and speaks like jughead jones.

no one: the editor: *we filmed this a month ago*

Honey, I do this everyday.


"To have the audacity to make a video over 20 minute's." This video: 20:51 seconds

alex wassabi

me on a regular night

*See's title* oh my typical Friday night

ThatcherJoe next! (300 vids on his main, sorry)

we all really stayed for 20 minutes watching you watch the Dolan Twins. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Dw love you guys

The collab we all wanted

Listen to jennxpenn videos!

Lol I've done this once XD

If you do this again just watch their 50 most viewed videos

Please binge watch Ladbaby!!

He really ........ I-

The Dolan Twins should do a reaction video to this!

Please binge Ryan Higa videos!

W-why Zac?

Why whats happening? Why do they keep saying we filmed is a month ago??


*We filmed this a month ago

i do this but not for a challenge

Nobody: Not a soul: literally not anyone ever: Silence*: The Try Guys: WE FILMED THIS A MONTH AGO

Do this with david dobrik


i watch every dolan twins video ever on a regular basis. how is this a challenge? *am i just really weird?*

they went on tour?!?!?! *i wanna go on tour* they got a warehouse?!?!?! *i want a warehouse* they got odell in a video?!?!?! *i want odell in a video*

Ethan Dolan a dolphin trainer???

Take a shot every time "*we filmed this a month ago" pops up

Now whatch the Rybka Twins!

This is so pure and hilarious

mannn we are just hurting for video ideas.

I feel like Zach got drunk just from watching the twins.

Binge David dobrik vlogs!!!!!

The Dolan Twins are my favorite YouTuber’s, and I could easily do this

i lover ssssooooooooo them


I wish the whole group would watch the try guys videos from buzz feed and give commentary on them

Am I the only one that stretched exactly like Zach while he was stretching?

I got a godlike twins ads ❓❓

Binge Safiya!

I think you should watch Leon Lush ;)

“The audacity to release a video more than 20 minutes long” This video: 20:51


whats the point

Binge James Charles pleaseeee

‘My sweet baby Grayson!’

16:56 "They're like the avengers" Didn't like...half of them die in the end? Including iron-man That explains alot

Do this with Dan and Phil

Binge “vintage” YouTuber Charlie McDonald Charlieissocoollike, the first British youtuber to reach one million subs!

I died laughing “CAMERON I STAN”

This was me when I discovered there channel

Please do Emma Chamberline nexttt!!!!

Binge simplinailogical

Who the fuck are the Dolan Twins?

This isnt possible 1vid is usuallly 20 mins so 2 vids is 40 mins so in 24 hrs you can only watch 60 vids =2400 which is 24 hrs and they have more than 60 vids so yeah

The audacity for a video 20 minutes long *video is 20 minutes long*

Do James charles

welcome to he fandom , watched every video on their channel

wish i could do this omg i haven’t been catching up with their vids bc their videos have gotten so long and i have like no time


I wonder how long ago they filmed this

Sam looks like Dirty Dom if dirty Dom went to college n never smoked

They started there channel at a very young age so gaining 5M subscribers must be hard.


zach: I love the sister squad I'm glad they found each other and became amazing friends subtitles: we filmed this a month ago..

I hate butterflies too! My dad thinks I’m crazy but I hate anything that flies.

Kian and Jc. No questions asked

Bing David Dobrik nexttttt

I came here only because I saw them in the thumbnail....

I wonder when this video was filmed???

Hmmmm I wonder when this video was made

no one: try guys editors: “wE FiLmEd tHiS a mOnTh aGo”

Imagine being payed to watch all of their videos. A DREAM


I love this I’m in love with them for 5 years

As if I didn’t do this either

THe Office pls

Binge David Dobrik next. His videos are hilarious and really short

Do a David Dobrick binge video it’s only 4 mins

Ran out of ideas huh

We love how ppl have already done this already ❤️❤️*the fans

I agree the background music drives me crazy too!

How did Zach not mention the clown prank Grayson did ?

This is me at 2 am on a Saturday

I do this binge every day as it is existential state

binge watch every pewdiepie video

binge watch every emma chamberlain video

You need to get hypnotized


You should so do simplynailogical next!!!!

the funny thing is, is that I did this by choice

I would love to see Markiplier. PLEASE

SHANE DAWSON!!! he would be PERFECT to binge!!!!!!

They have the same song in all their videos too

you know what i did? *I wrote this comment a month ago.*

"just to nibble on them Dolan's" sksksksksksksk

Well I've watxhed every single of The Try Guys videos


i love everytime he talked about james charles and then suddenly “we filmed this a month ago” akakkzkskkskdkakzkdksakkskskksk

binge watch david dobrik ❤️

React to the Sidemen next pls!!!!!

*they filmed this a month ago

*we filmed this video a month ago

Next you should do David vlogs

ethan and grayson? no grayson and ethan

Wait, when did you film this?

You should binge every single BTS music video

i cried laughing when james charles came on and it said we filmed this a month ago like dying

do the sanders side videos!!! they're actually really fun to binge (and there arent too many). speaking from experience hahaha



10:21 im so glad im not the only person. That spongebob episode scarred me for life


I think u should watch like each category of YouTube ( Ex. Gaming, theorist, Comedy, Big Influencers ) u know stuff like that :3

Cody ok next

Zach *sees someone with glasses Zach: “TWINZIES”!

try binge watching pewdiepie

i probably do this every week

this is just a friday night for me anyone else?

He should watch Kian and Jc next. They've had so many evolutions have made various types of content and are actually funny! Def worth a watch

He should have done newest to oldest. He would have been less bored

Grayson was FLAWLESS in the thumbnail

Do David next

Do David’s Dobriks vlogs


no one: Zach: watches all of the Dolans twins videos wifi: dies

no one: literally nobody: try guys editors: *wE fiLmEd tHiS a mOnTh aGo*

says “Alexandria, wanna come watch some Dolan twins videos” me: I’ve seen them all

please do KNJ

Is it bad that I do this on a daily basis

*My favorite part we filmed this a month ago

7:26 Zach: AHH my sweet baby grayson

3 minutes in and this makes my back hurt

He would act like emma chamberlain's brother

He didn’t watch the Nolan video

Seems like something I would do

Binge watch bobs burgers!!

**we filmed this a month ago*

0:56 *flims a 20 min and 51 seconds video*

I love the : *we filmed this a month ago

Yay another person that’s terrified of butterflies too!

Do David dobrik his vids are only 4 mins and 20 secs long so it would be better than this ig

“*we filmed this a month ago*”

Binge watch Liziqi’s videos!

This has to be a series. Rslash next

The try guys are the only youtubers that I would go on tour for even though they dont really make music

Drinking game: drink every time they say *we filmed this a month ago*

This is just my Saturday routine

Yessss Dolan Twins


wtf i was just doing that yesterday

*Just a Nibble on those Dolans* -_Zach_

You should make series out of this!

Zach: The audacity to film a video over 20 minutes long Me: your video is 20:51so it’s longer than 20 minutes Zack: we do that a lot Me:

sam looks like dom and lucas cruikshank mixed together

Zach shading the Dolan twins for 20 minutes


Omg my dream come true

Zach having to check how old they were in their spray tanning video had me dying

when you’ve already watched all their videos

react to joe sugg!!!!

Get one of the try guys to react to David Dobrik

even though i’ve seen every dolan twins video, zach’s laugh made them 10 times funnier

9:41 that's what my sleep paralysis demon looks like


Watch Sam and Colby

this is a prime example of zach wanting to relate to the young teens

They HAVE TO watch this

we filmed this a month ago we filmed this a month AGO we filmed this a MONTH AGO we filmed this A MONTH AGO we filmed THIS A MONTH AGO we FILMED THIS A MONTH AGO *WE FILMED THIS A MONTH AGO*


David Dobrik


Do Emma Chamberlain, she has few videos so it should be easier


*wE FiLmEd tHis A mOnTh aGo*

do this with emma chamberlainn

acting like this is some sort of achievement?? this is me everyday

Nobody: Comments: NoBoDy: EDiToRs: we filmed this a month ago.!!

Do nigahiga next

I’ve never been so proud of Zach in my life.

i love you

I've watched all there videos .........

So he basically becomes me lol

"We filmed this a month ago"

welcome to my world :)

Do Joanna Cedia, she has way less videos, then you can watch the entirety of every video and not cheat by only getting the just of each of them. M

i hate butterflies too

*wE fiLmED tHIs A moNTH aGo.*

Please watch simplynailogical

You should watch all of david's vlogs for 24 hours! I feel like it would be kinda hard to get bored but we'll see I guess...

branch out and binge shows

Anybody else low key miss the sister squad :(

The begging with the music I thought Fergie was about to sing boy I think about it every night and day I addicted want to jump inside your love

Watch jacksepticeye

Now I wanna binge watch all your videos for a video just to say “ THE GUYS TRY EVLOTILdbdnjxb idk who to spell

Watch him get more high by each video

I’m I the only one that dose this like every week and u have every Dolan twin vid it just me oorrrr nvm

Fear of butterflies! I have had that my entire life. I have nightmares about them, and I most definitely run/walk the other way when it comes near me.

Do this but David dobrik’s vlogs

Binge Jenna Marbles!

Literally me on a weekly basis

yass this is my type of video!! i love them!

I will never understand the Dolan twins hype

Binge Rhett and Link. Then you'll know what a lot of content is

all dolan twins stans have done this before

Are they actually nice people? Bc i might consider watching them if they aren’t just a pretty face

I miss the warehouse videos so much!

You should do DAVID DOBRIK !!!! He has around like 200 or 300 videos but they’re each 4:20 minutes long

Why is this Me on the weekend


binge dollightful!!!

I did this but with David’s vlogs & it took me almost a month

I can’t hear a thing over my fan. Should I turn it off?

no one: absolutely no one: the try guys editors: *we filmed this a month ago*

I wonder when they filmed this video.

I had to like this for zach


You should binge every James Charles video

alexandria is my new favourite person omg i thought i was the only one that was deathly afraid of butterflies!

Every "we filmed this a month ago" had me cracking up

Yo binge watch all of David’s vlogs #420

If you like the Dolan Twins binge watch kianandjc‘s channel, they’re waaaay more funny, I promise

Geesh, my condolences. Those kids are meatheads.

OMG im also afraid of butterflies #wearenotalone

Saw a video with my boys in it of course had to watch;)

Grayson in the thumbnail tho

Acting like binge watching the Dolan twins isn’t a weekly thing for me

“Who sleeps without blankets?” IKR ??!

Zack: Reach up to the sky Me: and see

deffffinitley emma chamberlain

I hate butterflies too

“Omg they are babies”

awesome video

1:00 checks how long sees that it is 20 min and 51 seconds *screms*

Thank god I’m not the only one with an irrational fear of butterflies

7:26 my sweet baby Grayson!

Guys, I dont get it...When was this filmed?

18:35 I almost died

Ok but like watching every David dobrik vlog in order. You would be entertained for HOURS

Do THE ACE Family it would be fun!!!

binge emma chamberlain

*I’m hitting a wall over here* (Ethan actually hits his head on the wall behind him)

Who does this already every single day?

I have never disliked a try guys video before I thought they would never lose there spark and quality. I'm honestly really sad

Watch Liza Koshy's videos. She's funny and she doesn't have as many videos as the Dolans

Jess and Gabriel Conte

Make over reaction ** we filmed this over a year ago** Muck bang ** we filmed this over a year ago** Buy each other dream gifts ** we filmed this over a year ago**

You should probably do Michelle Khare. That way your 24 hours won't be wasted.

What the fuck is this video lmaoooooooookkk cool


Watch David Dobrik!!

Where are all my durtles at

you should binge watch kian and jc's channel

binge all of David Dobriks videos

I can’t wait until he watches the introduction of Nolan!!!! It’s their best vid Edit: he didn’t watch it

Do Mariah Elisabeth

Grayson is always flawless. He's like the hottest Youtuber ever.

Literally saw the Dolan twins and Zach and I immediately clicked

zack-im so team dolan rn me-im so team Dolan always

I've done this like one billion times lol tee tee

you should do this with jenna marbles


im so sorry

Do Kian and Jc they never fail to make me gasp for air with how funny and stupid they are!

Maybe instead of watching every video a creator has uploaded you can try series. For example, when gamers play through a whole game or when beauty gurus do hauls, something along those lines. We don't want you to suffer



Binge PointlessBlog

watch simply nailogical

Where the reaction to the dancing vids and the survival vids

I do this everyday

*wE fiLmeD tHis VidEo A mOntH aGo*

Binge every jacksfilms video

i’m in love with this video

@Kenna Vore what I was gonna say

@Sophia Lotus lololololol youtube should have a feature to when this kind of thing happens you have a notification that says 'now you're married'

@Blackplague I cant like this enough!!

antonio gazah he is famous and have 30 videos

editors: no one: not even a single soul: zach: *sweet baby grayson*

Great! Now watch all of Pewdiepie's videos.

Bring your tour to Australia and I'll be there

I agree with Alexandria, butterflies are scary af.

This made me realize how stupid it is to be so obsessed with them just because they are gorgeous

IN the beginning said don't waste your time

"Who sleeps without blankets?" Proof that he didn't watch the full vids cos it clearly shows Ethan taking the blankets off Grayson sooooo

Dude we're back started on the yoga challenge 1

I’m afraid of butterflies too! I feel less weird now. And my name is Alexandrea. Are we the same person?


It must be tough watching very similar videos for over 200 times. Now here's my request Zach! And I guarantee to you that these videos will not bore you no matter how many times you watch them. PLEASE WATCH ALL OF THE MUSIC VIDEOS OF BTS. From 2013 to 2019 pretty please!

Molly McGlinchey yeah lol I checked but I was too lazy to change it

Georgina Flores does he not have like 500

Consider binge watching old school vids from the early days of I remember loving the "Ask a Ninja" series that debuted 13 years ago. I just re-watched a few episodes and was delighted to find that I still think the ninja is funny. Bonus: the videos are short.

Binge Jenna Marbles or Emma Chamberlain

The fact I do this everyday

I am currently binge watching try guys

I'm afraid of butterflies too !!!!

*mentions the sister squad and how they are ment to be* “we filmed this a month ago!”

I have a Dolan twin marathon like everyday and I never get sick of it

do this with David dobrik

At 9:30 zach laughs like my friend

I dont even watch them but it's funny to see his reaction

Zach should definitely binge Jenna marbles

Doo lizaaa

trust me you will never get tired of these vids... :)

I'm also terrified of butterflies.. I guess it IS a real thing!

When you run out on YouTube ideas.....

Whenever he said something negative I was like NOOOO STOPP but when he said something positive I was like YEAHHHH

10:23 lmao meeeeeeee too

Okay but seriously, you guys reached out to them for collab opportunities right? RIGHT?!?!?!


Binge watch Jenna Marbles!

Finally watched this. The only reason I know who the Dolan twins are is cuz of their collab with Mykie. Did not realize these guys are 19! They look like 25! If you do binge again, you should watch Glam And Gore aka Mykie and Eugene should join in for it.

Do a (we are the dads) Bing watch video

lol binge JoJo Siwa (there is a very large possibility you’ll go insane though)

I'm bingeing on Try Guys. Kinda feel you on this one.

*_we filmed this filmed a month ago_*

Dear Zachary, If you watch YouTube and need more brain cells that indulge in history go to "Overly Sarcastic productions " for mythology and history videos. Sincerely,me

Binge watch Kian and JC!!

Watch all of Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theories

You should binge watch Emma Chamberlain.

Zach Slowly Losing His Mind for (Almost) 21 Minutes

Pls Tom harlock next..

Do David Dobrik he has four minutes and twenty second videos

i think they filmed this a month ago

binge watch david dobrik omg

Binge watch suggestions: • NIGAHIGA/HIGATV (esp i dare you and parkourse!!!) • Yes Theory • Casey Neistat



You should check out MostAmazingTop10's dumbest tweets playlist. Hilarious!

Mr. Beast tho?

*We filmed this a month ago*

You should binge watch imbrandonfarris. His vids are short but golden so you will have a good time

Is nobody going to acknowledge the butterflies at 10:42 ???

Mayyyyyybe you should limit the binging to like. A YouTubers SERIES. Like. All their videos with x person. All their videos doing x thing. Rather than like.... All their videos lol

WAAIT thier bday is Dec 16.........the same as mine.....WHAAAAATHEHECC

I cannot... imagine... doing anything like this

20 mins of Zach’s brain slowly dying


I hate butterflies too and i am so scared of them so badly

Omg i just did this for the past week and THEN this video shows up in my feed?! Yas try guys

binge watch merrell twins!!!

Do Safiya~

Dear Zachary, If you watch YouTube and need more brain cells that indulge in history go to "Overly Sarcastic productions " for mythology and history videos. Sincerely,me Like if you agree

@MarleeMaddie omfg.... YASS

Jeffree star

Joana Ceddia

Binge watch Simply Nailogical


Jeffree Starr or Shane Dawson


Ladbaby or Ben Phillips

Game Grumps :)

David Dobrik they're 4:20 each You'll be fine

jenna marbles or/and david dobrik

All of the vlogs



Every Dan and Phil play the Sims 4 episode

The Soup with Joel Mchale.

Please binge watch joana ceddia's vidssss plsss

Yes theory

emma chamberlain pls

Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai

john cenaaaaa or, I suppose, as more people know her, joana ceddia

Joana cediaaaaa


Alex wassabi


David Dobrick

Please binge watch BTS music videos, run episodes, funny videos, concerts, fancams etc! Just BTS


The ACE Family!!!


Miles chronicles

The Try Guys emma chamberlain


The Try Guys DAN HOWELL OR PHIL LESTER. i would literally dieeeee

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