Why SpaceX's Newest Rocket Will Never Get to Space

Why SpaceX's Newest Rocket Will Never Get to Space

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Hi it's me Tim Dodd the everyday astronaut as you, probably know by now SpaceX, is building, a massive. Massive. Rocket, down in Boca Chica Texas, that's. Never going to go to space no, this isn't some clickbait. Headline, this particular, rocket will never go to space because it's, not designed, to now this is just a hopper, version of their upcoming starship, that some people are calling the star hopper and at, first this thing is only going to fly a couple, meters, at most but. Don't get me wrong I of course am fully. Confident, that SpaceX will eventually, get an actual, starship, flying and get it up to space and into orbit but, for now that's. Not what this is so today we're gonna do a quick little history, rundown on SpaceX, as Hopper's we're, gonna explain why they build them you know why they're building this one what they do with these things and, then we're actually going to build one in Kerbal space program and show what we hopefully will see the, star hopper do in 2019, let's. Get started. Okay. Now right off the bat let me do a friendly reminder that I'm not here to speculate, I'm not here to do any rumors, or any you know who upcoming, things about starship, because it's, constantly, changing at, this point literally like almost every day we, get something new about starship, the super heavy booster the, upcoming, new Raptor engines the stainless, steel actively. Cooled skin and at this point it's. Just constantly changing so much that I'm not here to speculate I'm just going to be teaching you guys what, we actually know about star, hopper so before, we actually start we need to do a really quick brush up on all the names and the name changes because this stuff is confusing we just want to make sure we're all on the same page here so back. Before November. 20th of, 2018. SpaceX's, upcoming, mega rocket was called the bfr or the big Falcon. Rocket, the, upper stage / spaceship, portion was called the BFS, or big Falcon spaceship, and the. Booster, was called the bfb or big falcon, booster but since then Elon announced a name change of the upper stage / spaceship, that's now called starship. And the booster is now called super-heavy. And together, some people are calling it starship, super-heavy, but, it's really hard not to just call the entire rocket still, just the bfr so let's start off with just a quick overview of what's been going down at Boca Chica so, we first saw some glimpses of space X's latest, vision for their big Falcon rocket at the dear moon event in September, of 2018, now at that dear moon event Elon mentioned that they plan to do some sub orbital hops by the end of 2019, well. Fast, forward to December 8th and Eli didn't just casually, mentioned in four, weeks, they, would have cool pics of the, demo starship that will fly suborbital, hops. For. Weeks this. Was surely just elan time right I mean there's no way they would have pictures, of a hopper, ready in four weeks but, before you know it people on NASA space flights forms started, showing pictures of a water, tower company, building a water, tower --is-- thing that just so happened to be exactly. Nine meters wide, of, course people were just going crazy saying there's no way this is any kind of starship, mock-up it's clearly just, a water tower well those people were wrong because on December 22nd, Elon let the cat out of the, that this is indeed, the actual.

Hopper, That will perform those suborbital, hops so this leaves us with a few things we need to explain so first off its, kind of like a flying. Boilerplate. Mock-up, or maybe just a shell of a starship over a small little, suborbital. Hopper and but. Having it look like the starship is a bit functional, so the aerodynamics, and the weight distribution are, representative. Of starship but this is also so, SpaceX can start taking some pretty pictures and give, the public a glimpse, of just how massive. And gorgeous, this thing's going to be but it's not just there to take some pretty pictures with, if. We want to understand what, SpaceX, is doing in the future all we have to do is look back in the past because, SpaceX, has literally, done this exact same thing before they. Built some hoppers, for, their Falcon nine as they prepared, to try and land them propulsively, during. Actual missions, for their Falcon nine so let's rewind a 2011 where. Some journalists, noticed some FAA filings, for some suborbital, hops at SpaceX is macgregor site beginning. In 2012. SpaceX took a single merlin, 1d engine, and a falcon 9 version, 1.0, tanked they attached some fixed landing legs and began, to learn how to fly or more. Importantly, how to land, hello, grasshopper. Grasshopper took, its first flight on December 21st, 2012 and that, lasted, just three seconds. And it went 1.8. Meters, in altitude so, although, this was just literally. Almost nothing, SpaceX, had to learn how to crawl before, they could walk I mean now think about what's actually going on during even, a small hop like this they, have to spin up the turbo pumps they have to throttle, up until the thrust, is just slightly more than the weight of the vehicle and then, they have to throttle down nice. And slow and gently so it descends, slowly and, controlled, so. I mean yeah just starting, with a little, three-second, hop is probably. A pretty, good idea they continued, to use the grasshopper, to take bigger and bigger steps for, a full year and they flew it eight times in total with a maximum, altitude of, 744. Meters, but. Perhaps the. Most important, things that grasshopper, did was perform a landing with a thrust to weight ratio greater, than one and this is called doing a hover slam or suicide. Burn, and this. Was absolutely vital. For the success of Falcon, 9 landing, and that's, because when the Falcon 9 comes, in for its final landing burn it weighs so, much less than it did at takeoff, so, not only has it obviously let go of the upper stage and the, payload it's also burnt through most of its fuel so even with just one, out of the nine engines at its minimum, throttle, setting the. Merlin engine is still producing. More thrust than the entire vehicle weighs so. This means if the Falcon diner were to light his engine too early it would actually zero out its velocity before, it got to the ground and since, its thrust is higher than the weight of the vehicle you wouldn't hover. It can't hover its its, thrust is too high instead. It would actually go start going back up and start ascending and that's. A very bad thing so performing this precise maneuver was vital. In SpaceX, actually being able to successfully recover, Falcon nine boosters which. In my opinion is, still, honestly one, of these single coolest things you could watch I mean I could honestly just sit here and just, watch these every. Single day so, next up SpaceX, build a more realistic, and properly scaled version, of the Falcon 9 to practice landing and this, was called the f9r, and this, thing looked a lot more like a Falcon 9 and they even had retractable, landing legs that, look like the iconic ones we're now familiar with the Falcon 9 and they, would eventually test, out some steerable, grid fins as well as a matter of fact the tank on this unit was actually a full-blown, qualification. Test article from a falcon 9 so. It was the full length meaning, this thing stood about 50 meters tall, the f9r flew five times first 250, meters then, to a thousand, meters and then it tested the actual grid fin so SpaceX, could learn how to steer. And control the booster but then there was one more flight and then, on the, fifth flight on August 22nd, 2014 the Falcon 9 def, one took.

Off For its last time now unfortunately, the booster, had to be remote terminated, when it suddenly veered off-course and that's because there is a blocked sensor that caused the anomaly but. SpaceX still move forward confidently, with the Falcon 9's landing, attempts since, the Falcon 9 has redundant, versions, of those sensors but the good news is these hoppers were very successful in teaching how to do hover slamming ooh how to precisely throttle, through a landing, phase and how, to maneuver, around using, only an engine gimbal now back to star hopper it's not going to be the first time they try to propulsively, land eight actual, spaceship, because, don't forget they tried to do propulsive, landings, and hovering with their Dragon 2 capsule, now unfortunately. They ended up canceling propulsive. Landing for Dragon 2 already, have a video all about that it's, a little bit older so bear with me but, it's, a still a really good explanation of why they actually canceled propulsive, landing here on earth and, of course on other bodies as well and just like with the grasshopper, and the f9r you, always, want to test real-life, hardware, I mean when you have new engines, on a brand, new platform with wildly, different geometry, you, want to test it and you want to test it a lot so that's where we're at today we're, seeing literally, the, new version of grasshopper. But this time it's for starship. And just. Like how grasshopper. Didn't have any aerodynamic control, surfaces such as grid fins this, first version of star hopper won't feature probably, anything more than a trio of Raptor, engines with gimbals and just like grasshopper, this star hopper only needs to kind of look the part you know it's really just about learning how to hop fly. And land with a brand new set of engines and a new much. Much, larger fuselage, the fact that it's covered in roughly bolted, on or riveted stainless steel plates is simply to make it look a little bit the part because Elon, likes everything, even.

Test Things to look pretty and we don't really know what's inside the shell most, people think there's another set of tanks and that's, where the Raptor engines are bolted on to so you'd almost think of it as like a f9r. Inside, the shell of star, hopper, maybe. But. That's kind of getting into speculation, land the engines currently on the hopper are a blend of Raptor development, and operational. Parts but they'll soon be replaced by a quote-unquote. Radically, redesigned, Raptor, and I, can't, wait, to hear more about that and now lastly we know that spacex applied with the FAA and the FCC to do high-altitude flight tests of an experimental, vertical. Takeoff and vertical landing, vehicle, that, can go up to five kilometers and, altitude for, up to six minutes and this of course means we're getting really close to actually seeing this thing fly so, in order to get a better sense for, things to come and, what they're going to be doing the star hopper let's pull up Kerbal space program and, I'm gonna show you what. We can actually expect. And. Welcome. To Kerbal space program and like, I always say this is basically 50%. Rocket. Designer, 50%. Flight, simulator and 9,000. % explosion. Factory now, this is with, all of the realism overhaul, mods installed which, makes it a lot more realistic a lot harder to use uses. A real earth all, these other things I'll. Link in the description how you can try to get the realism overhaul mods it's a long, story it's really hard. To get working on a computer but, that's what I'm using here and. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to take basically just the avionics, I'm gonna stick a three, meter internal. Tank which. Again, is maybe a little bit speculation, but just for for building, this hopper it's good enough just a three meter tank that, I'll have that'll be pressurized, for the fuel we're, gonna stick three engines, on this thing and then, we're going to slip this big beautiful. Stainless, steel Aero shell right, down on top of this and this looks, just. Perfect alright, so first off we. Better just learn how to just. Fly a tiny little bit just little baby. Tiny, hops so, this is all about precise, throttle, control and one of the hard things about realism overhaul is there is a delay between throttle, inputs so like you'll throttle. Up or down and it doesn't, change right away like it normally does in Kerbal space program so, it's. A lot, a lot harder it's very, realistic. So, doing, this stuff it might, look easy but it's it's really, not and so this.

Is Just a quick little hop, up to a little over 50 meters in altitude and. The hard part is that these landing legs here, are, about the same width as the, takeoff. Slash landing, pad so, actually. Performing. A quick little hover is quite. Difficult. And. Again, all throttle, inputs are delayed, so. Right. When you think it's like stopping, all this and you it's. Just really, really hard so here we go trying, to Center it a little bit better on this landing on the takeoff and landing pad, but it looks like we're doing just about fine. Well. Huh, there, you go not, bad so that's probably pretty. Close to what we're going to see for the first couple of flights of the star, hopper just little, hovers, nothing, out of the ordinary, up, and down nice and slow nothing scary and, now you before, you know what we're probably going to see them doing higher, and higher and higher flight, tests like probably up to you, know say, 500 meters or so and not, only going just straight up and straight down but we'll probably start to see them divert and actually go sideways you know they did this same thing with, the grasshopper. And lift the f9r they went up and would scoot, over and come back down or I guess. If they're you, know really. Feeling brave and bold they, can sure aim themselves, directly. At the Vehicle, Assembly Building or that tent down there in polka chica and, they too can, try to land the star hopper right. On top I think. That's a. Pretty. Good idea in my opinion as. You can tell. Yeah. I mean. Come on if I can do this SpaceX, can do this right I dare. You land. It on a building. Actually. To, be perfectly honest they are going to have to have more. Precise landings in this even especially. With the you know with the booster. Portion with this super heavy booster they, plan to land that thing directly. Back, on the launch pad so, they better be practicing, like this I mean yeah I'm sitting here kind of joking about landing on the on the Vehicle Assembly Building but. They're gonna have to be insanely. Precise, like we're talking down, to you, know half a meter of precision of landing in order to kind of get into some guide slots here now you're gonna notice I'm struggling. Personally. Not struggling, I'm succeeding. In. Landing, on the Vehicle Assembly Building but. This is kind. Of relevant actually, dang, it I definitely should have kept scooting over but. Hey that's what the stairs are there for not. Bad not. Bad okay. So next up let's take this thing up quite a bit higher about 700, meters and altitude and. We. Are going to work on. Turning. Off one. Of the three, Raptor, engines and that's because this, is something that they'll probably be practicing, with star hopper is making. Sure the reason it has three, engines to land with is, not because it requires three in order to have enough thrust it's so you have redundancy, you know Elon talked about to, minimize, pucker factor they're. Going to end up with three. Engines. That are fully redundant so that way if one of them goes out is no big deal but that means they are going to the they're gonna have to practice that you know that's you, can model that all day long but, actually getting it to work in real life it's. Probably gonna be a lot harder than the, you know obviously now your thrust is offset, you're. Going to have to you know throttle, to compensate, and gimble in towards, the, center of mass with your center of thrust now super.

Out There it's, actually really hard and. Hmm. As you, may. Be seeing here I wasn't. Exactly very. Good at it I hope. A computer, is better at flying than I am I I, don't know if I I don't, know if I believe in that statement though, but. As you can see two, engines of course it is controllable, ish you, still have a decent line of roll control, but, it is going to have to fly a little bit crooked in, order to actually stay. Maintaining. Its orientation, and and doing, a nice slow touchdown it's going to be difficult but it's something they're, going to have to practice is what if an engine goes out you, know how that's, something that the Falcon nine currently, if the, center engine goes out they're. Pretty well screwed sometimes. They do three and the landing burns but I don't believe they have any contingencies. Yet or they've ever practiced, what, if one, of those three in the, middle of the landing burn goes out I don't know what the Falcon nine can do the, starship. On the other hand has. To be able to do that you know we're eventually talking about this, landing on Mars we're talking about this landing potentially. Point-to-point. Earth transportation. We're, talking about this thing needing. To be airliner, like reliable, and if. You, can't have a you know an engine failure in the middle of your landing burn and survive, and have it really be no big deal then. That's not reliable, so this is something they're going to have to practice and I hope they do a lot better than I did because. Yeah, this I know. It looks pretty easy but it's. A computer, is obviously, going to have to be doing a lot better job than, I am because. Yeah, look. That. It. Took me a couple times and I had to add some, better landing gear but yeah I eventually, got. A soft touch down with just two engines but. Again. I think they'll be doing a lot better job than I will be now, one thing to keep in mind here is that. They're, going to have to go pretty slow on descent at least with the fixed, legs on the. Star hopper because, although, you, know this. Is pretty stable going up when you're coming back down now you basically have wings or fins at the front of your rocket and the. Actual, starship, will have the ability to bring, those legs in not fold them but kind. Of fold them in tehy drily and, that. Will help eliminate. A lot of those aerodynamic, effects but on star hopper, you. Know they're gonna have to be nice and slow. Because they don't really have any other aerodynamic, control services to, control it and compensate, for. The center of lift / center of drag being. Basically. In the front of the vehicle when it's coming back down so, gonna have to go nice and slow take it easy. Which. There's. A lot of stuff that can test out with a starship hopper, and it's. Gonna be really cool I I, really, hope it doesn't end like the f9r. But. There's going to be a lot, of really cool tests they're gonna be doing with this thing so this brings up the fact that clearly SpaceX, will eventually, be building a much, much, more advanced version that has aerodynamic. Features and large, control thrusters so they can start practicing that absolutely. Ridiculous. Belly-flop to tail down maneuver that's going to be the key to starship, success of course I've already done a video all about how starship, will reenter belly, first and then go tail down so if you need more on that definitely check this video out but. We do know that at some point maybe even by the end of 2019 will. Actually, see a stainless, steel starship, complete. With the giant, flap air brake things the, moving forward fins and large powerful, control thrusters and Elon, mentioned, that eventually they're going to be doing supersonic. Reentry, of the starship down at Boca Chica they're, gonna fly out over the Gulf of Mexico turn, around just. Come back super, fast and practice, that landing, sequence that. Will be absolutely amazing and fun reminder last, we know at least the control, thrusters. Won't be cold gas thrusters at. Least according to Elan. Have. That enough. Control, pigeon. Every. Day yeah. We. Must. Be. There. Very. Powerful. So. For today that's all I want to talk about with starship, and star hopper at least until we get some more concrete, information I mean like I said at this point this, info is just kind of shrinking in all randomly, and it'd be literally, a full-time job right now to stay on top of all these little changes in speculations, and rumors there, are really good resources for other groups of people and other organizations. That are doing a really really good job of digging into the stuff and finding out all these fun things like, the ones that I pay attention to the most are NASA space flight comm reddit. / r / spacex, of course the SpaceX group on Facebook, there's. Tesla. Rowdy comm and then of course Scott Manley is doing a phenomenal job as well stay on top of this stuff so I'm actually gonna wait until we hear and learn more about the, actively, cooled stainless steel heat shield and talk.

More About you, know things like the radically, redesigned Raptors that might have like dual expansion, nozzles and all these other rumors. And speculation, I'll, wait until Elon, does a presentation, or really, gives us some hard facts to talk about but. Meanwhile, we. Have a lot, of stuff to look forward to in 2019, so stick, around I've got plenty. Of, videos coming I have a list that's literally like ever-growing, I can't seem to chip away at it fast enough but, of course I wouldn't be able to do this stuff full-time if was it for my patreon, supporters so if you want to help support what I do head on over to patreon comm, slash everyday astronaut, but, also while you're online be sure and check out my brand new web store where I've got really, cool new exclusive, shirts, and some, fun hats and mugs and prints of rocket launches, grid. Fin not a coasters, lots. Of fun stuff check, it out and while you're there you can click on music where you can stream our music anywhere, you listen to music on Spotify and, iTunes and all that stuff or, right here on YouTube I've got a playlist so check that out while you're online let. Me know what you think thanks. Everybody that's gonna do it for me I'm Tim Dodd the everyday astronaut bringing space down to earth for everyday people.

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Please so more KSP additions to your videos. It is very much appreciated and it really does help people understand exactly what you are talking about?

Does this means Elon time is becoming our time

it looks like tinfoil

Ok, so how do you keep up with SpaceX?

+P. A. then why did you cross out the text to imply its clickbait?

+Carlos_A_M I didn't get "clickbaited". I knew what the video was going to be about, and anybody who's seen the pictures of the Starship knows, that it's never going to go to space, and probably not even fly too high, either. I'm not a huge SpaceX fan, but I like to get an update every now and then on what they are up to. Also, I know how the Internet works, so no hard feelings. @Everyday Astronaut Great job. Keep it up.

Is this in response to my comment? If so I guarantee you that I didn't mean it as an insult in any way, shape or form but rather that the title is true and it was clever

Everyday Astronaut understood sir!..

+Everyday Astronaut So it was click bait intended for the uninformed. We need a symbol that the informed can recognize so we don't click. Maybe something like "(!)" Hahahaha

+Connor Tierney some people dont know that. And this is a nice and fun way to learn something new. This is an everyday astronaut, not an "only spacex fan or people with basic rocket knowledge astronaut"

+Everyday Astronaut Indeed, I commented elsewhere that something built from steel would have a number of problems. Then on another comment on yet another vid that nothing made by guys that usually build watertowers will ever go to orbit. And yesterday I got it official what it's for, it seem you have had the same source. Mr Everyday. :)

You do realize that not everyone has even a clue what the hopper is, that there is a hopper, why there’s a hopper, what’s being built is a hopper, just because you’re informed and in touch with the whole situation does not mean you’re in the majority. And by getting people in here, we can now inform them and update them.

+Carlos_A_M I think both him and I know about SpaceX. I clicked it because I assumed he was referring the the actual rocket and was making assumptions based on the star hopper. This is click bait. I clicked it assuming I would hear an opinion of why the new rocket would not make it to space. Coming here assuming the creator is well informed, why would he make a video stating the obvious about the hopper; therefore he must be referring to the actual rocket. Hence, Clickbait.

+P. A. I guess you dont know about spaceX and got """""clickbaited""""

Haha, now there's a title. Super-clickbaity to anyone -who doesn't know about Starhopper- , but at the same time -completely accurate and- not even particularly surprising to anyone who's been -keeping up with SpaceX- on YouTube for more than 10 minutes ever. Not judging, just saying.


We are already able to take multiple people into space. If the total weight is just human and life support we have been able to do this since the 1960's (Saturn V). Nice clickbait, you got me. I guess I was just intrigued to how long it would take you to figure out all we need to do is change the design of the payload area of existing technology. The issue isn't getting there, its surviving there. Maybe your next video? ...I had to skip the game, I played that too many hours already.

Space x videos are nothing but horrible CGI. Does anyone really believe that its real?

thanks for this.. I was so confused by many different pics online without a proper explanation etc.

Where is the roadster now ..?

It will never go to space, because it is not designed to go to space. There, done. A ten second video at the most.

Is it just me, or does his eyes have different colours

Is that a Boring Company's NOT a Flamethrower behind you?

Dual expansion nozzles would be amazing!

WHo wants to bet that SpaceX uses KSP to also test their rockets? :)

"No, this isn't some click bait headline." Yes. Yes it is. This is the definition of click bait.

The studio is lookin good today. The lighting is on point

(at 2/3 engines) It seems like you are trying to fly it upright as much as possible, in stead focus on your horizontal speeds, and worry about ship orientation right before landing.

Awesome vid. Tons of information, great enthusiasm. And it's really smart for Space X to do all these trials and testing. The one thing I'm looking forward to them figuring out is how do you launch a rocket off of Mars in the future and where you get the fuel for said rocket. The best answer I've seen so far is from The Martian, by Andy Weir. In the book they talk about how they land the rocket on Mars ahead of time and use a process to make rocket fuel out of the atmosphere so that when the astronauts get there they can eventually launch off. I'm really curious as to how close to NOW reality that idea is, or if there are better/easier ideas.

Why did he call it "Starship" ?? That's just like a regular improper noun. That'd be like Ford announcing their new "Car". Or Sony announcing their new product "Headphones".

Let's beat Amazon's joke of a Hopper

If you think about it. if you get the Starship high enough in the sky it's going to literally shine back like a gigantic mirror.

Fantastic video... thx

Does kerbil have a mod for rockets built at the beach?

No, it could go to space. Just not to orbit.

its just a hopper test to perfect hover slam and landing

That rocket will not get launch to space *BECAUSE IT WILL LAUNCH IN SPACE*

Change the title

talk all the tech, but don't piss off the demon-mock-rats!.

So how often would they test fly it using the current version? Would they launch it up 1 meter, then a couple of days later launch again and go higher? Thanks

If you lose an outer engine. you turn the other outer engine off and throttle up the middle engine a lot. Since you can still land on the one middle engine. If the middle engine goes out. Then you throttle up slightly.

8:40 Hello TinTin

They can keep few sensors to arrange them self.Whn they will land

Bad thumbnail!!!! WTF Tim?

Hi Elon, I know you watch Everyday Astronaut, and I'd just like to say - I Double Dare You!

Of course it will never go to space.  None of them do.  Ever.  NEVER!!!

Level 1 (Space hopper) Level 100 (Mega Lightspeed rocket) That’s how rocket works

r/spacex *vomits*

Is it possible to use starship just for a short spaceflight like new shepard ?(just up and down for space tourism ) it needs the booster to go into orbit but how high can it get on its own ( with a save landing in mind ) U shouldn’t need too much fuel for the landing since its speed is so low on the way down ... and theoreticly its it has so much more space than shepard (possibly for 50- 150 people at once )

The space x rocket looks like a Flash Gordon mock up. I'm starting to see after watching thunderfoot videos that these people are snake oil salesman aka scam artists using the gulible public to fund their pet projects for the benifit the few.

Um let's See what they have done: Falcon 1 4th Launch, Successful Flight Falcon 9 1st Launch, Successful Flight Falcon 9 20th Launch, Successful Landing at LZ1 Falcon Heavy 1st Launch, Successful Flight Nope, no snake oil salespeople here they do what Elon wants them to do.

Really offensive calling that (Starship) so offensive !


Every Single Day... Yep, sounds about right. me2

statue of stupidity built by many flown by none

15:23 "I hope a computer is better at flying than I am... I don't know if I believe in that statement though." Try the Throttle Controlled Avionics mod. It's specifically designed to balance thrusters positioned in even weird, off-centered places and allow vehicles with sufficient TWR to hover and even maneuver around like a drone. With that mod you could have simply specified with a navpoint that you wanted to land on the VAB and pressed one button. The ship would take off, fly to a specified altitude and hover, reposition itself while vertical, and land gently at the specified position with a small margin for error. Of course it's still Kerbal and there's many more factors at play in real life, but it's a really interesting view into how much better a computer can be at making precisely timed inputs than even a relatively skilled player.

Fox news is reporting that Musk is hiding 5 thousand, liberal, gay, Muslim, hamsters in the fuselage. And it is their unholy flatulence that is powering this satanic craft.

Space cowboy spotted at 4:20 lmao how have i never noticed that before

It’ll never get to space with yo mama in it.

Did nobody notice the cowboy strapped to the Grasshopper @4:20 ?

Not click bait? What a liar.

at 00:26... looks just like a spaceship out of a cheap old sci fi movie or a cartoon!!!!!

Elon likes his rockets extra thicc

sarah at dr hernandes knows how to cut you

Does he have heterochromia? Or is it just the light?


Why was the name changed? I much prefer the BFR

I see that flamethrower in the back

Thunderf00t has new data to laugh on.

How do You call a muscitos upgrade by Elon musk ???? A Muskitos

Normal people for normal time....for Elon musk its Elon time llooll

Elon Musk time is actually 1.88 earth time. 1.88 is Mars time compared to earth. Coincidence I think not.

How come you're not wearing your pajamas bro?

Totally with you about watching F9 landings... amaze-balls!

Палец вверх)) Удачи Илон))

Yet another space fan boy who buys the snake oils without hesitations … Just saying Elon is very very good sales man of ideas taken from others and either renamed or modified little , and gathers investors like honey does flies.. 80% of his ideas are just worthless in any shape or form as they are.. then he goes and makes these promo events with things in so little scale that they are not relevant in any way.. but people dont see true his bullshit. ( hyperrail and underground tunnels to start with ) . Guy has an good idea about ai and how it can be used in future, has great idea with his tesla cars, just his company sucks and does not work ( just like every other thing he does ). Then you start to look deeper and his numbers dont match the facts .. at all. his claims dont match the numbers science gives or even him self gives out. Yet still there are people like you , who do not see true the bullshit. Where is the critical thinking of humanity ? does not anyone check the facts before they go in the cheer boat ? just pathetic.. even the press and reporting is at stage where facts are not checked ever.. science reporters doing reports on magazines and they do not check the fcking facts before hand.. Most of them even have MIT background.. just pathetic.. absolutely pathetic. you know why Elon is building these new things and renaming them ??? His orginal story was that " HE WILL PUT MAN IN SPACE IN 2018 " … he is quite helluva far away and need to start show something after these facts have been pointed out in media and it seems like he's not doing anything at all in R&D towards achieving his goals even late… His not stupid enough to let everyone notice these little things like FACTS and need to make some noise in media to make people forget older stuff.

Just found your channel! You answer EVERY question I ever had about EVERYTHING!!!! Keep up the great work :D

nothing they build go to space

I'm no problem with the stainless steel , that metal is good for some ways of manufacturing crafts ~

By the way, what happened to the big blue origin rockets we talked about, and aren't talking about anymore. Weren't those coming out this year? Are they still in development or been delayed?

The big Problem with BO is they don't talk ... ever. One day they will roll out New Glen and we will go Holy S#*T.

When will the not-a-coaster drink elevator be back in stock?

Wait. I take that back. NOW!!!

Very soon!!!

lie after lie after lie after lie after lie what is wrong with you people ????? all it has to do is LOOK THE  PART ?????????

Many people are idiots, sometime they talks over youtube.

Three "literallys" in less than five minutes. I'm out.

You have achieved quantum clickbait. Both clickbait and not at the same time.

Well you say it's going to be a lot harder. But here's the thing. They've already pioneered this technology and thoroughly tested it. So all they actually have to do is build the vehicle prototype and test it's functionality. Once that is done they can start doing hops. The falcons have tons of engines and redundancy. On the descent only 1 engine is actually needed but they have extra in case it fails.

Aluminium foil WTF? Even the V2 was better than this.

The V2 was designed to do more than this.

Elon phone home

It absolutely is click bait lol because everyone thinks of BFR you clown

Big Fuckin' Rocket

I don't trust anything Elon Musk says after that horrible "tunnel" project that involved 1 car and cost $10mil. Literally reinventing the metro and not even that great. A lot of flair and glamour words but the true test will be if he comes through. A lot of industry specialists in other car companies are highly skeptical. That should say something.

Not everything goes as planned but to use problems in a unrelated industry to be critical of another is foolish at best. What is says is you're really reaching in a bid to be critical. That's the kind of weak link thinking a hater would employ. Be critical but be fair.

This video... uhmm... you know... like... uhmm... boring.

Then dont watch it

Great can I get the software your running so I can do the same??? Thank you Ronald.

Kerbal Space Program on Steam

Yeah. This thing looks like a prop.

Ok ok Tim Dodd The Everyday Astronaut, you got me, I'm subscribing... And not (entirely) because I think you are really Will Wheaton. SUBSCRIBED!! =D Keep up the awesome vids, love all the coverage of humanities latest space race. ^_^

Clickbait level over 9000. We have known for a while that this is just a test vehicle

Sure, a well informed enthusiast will know absolutely everything in every one of my videos. But I can’t help that I got questions every single day wanting to know what this is

Will Wheaton

You can never say no to anything related to Elon and his team, they are just a bunch of crazy nerds that are above and beyond the norm. They have change many paradigms and will continue to do so. They will get some things wrong but this is just part of the process to get them right. They have all my respect and appreciation because they just make things happen. Thank you.

I was just down in South Texas and drove to the launch faciility and I have to say in person it looks primitive AF. I assumed that it was just a stationery mock up. Really not sure if it's actually going to fly at all.

+Lensflare Deviant Honestly it was under-whelming. I'll go back when they're a bit further along and doing real testing...

All that can be said is it's a mock up of some kind. It may or may not fly, it could be nothing but a mock up for the interior compartments or crew area or something else. It's all guesswork at the moment. I wish I lived close enough to check it out myself. I'm jealous. :)

✌️& ❤️ From Canada

Thanx for all your time and effort bringing all this info and entertainment on E.D.A. Cool tunes to Future music titles: Countdown (T-), MECO., Max Q, BackBlast, Telemetry?

2:06 really

You should work for SpaceX. You are smarter than their scientists. You should contact them and advice them how to build that thing.

No insult intended to Tim but unless he's holding some great engineering credentials this notion is nonsense.

Thanks for answering my question.

You of all people do not need clickbait titles to get views. Also, we're not kids.

Good stuff man. Thanks for the news

You sure this is not CG?

Good work!

From a Level 1 Grasshopper to a Level 99 Starship Hopper.

It won't fly. It does not have landing gear. it is a fancy water tower. Nothing more.

The bottom has landing legs.

They have to go to space you melt

Seems like it would be easier to have the three engines concentrically oriented around the center. That way the control dynamics should be the same for each just 120 degrees offset.

*B I G F U C K I N G R O C K E T* is a better name imo

Man cannot leave 800 miles above Earth surface they haven't done so ever not once in history.....

13:20 :|

Clickbait piece of garbage

When clickbait titles ethically over deliver educational content I do not feel bad at all. I do not understand this hostility to a completely factual title

+Everyday Astronaut I understand why you explained your inference but why bother pluralistic ignorant people? But thanks for the heads-up, at least you covered up your reasoning! Best wishes Tim!

+P. A. of course it says the video is not clickbait because the title and thumbnail explain how he is talking about the newest spacex ship, the star hopper.

+Carlos_A_M Because it is. And the fact that the very first thing mentioned in the video was how the headline wasn't a clickbait only proves my point. Consider my first comment a friendly warning (wink). But seriously we're wasting energy on discussing the obvious. I didn't start the thread. Wasn't even going to. @Everyday Astronaut does fantastic job, and that's what we should take from it, right?

I LOVE the title of this video! Why not have some fun with words?? In fact it would've been even better in my opinion if it didn't have the hint. I'm surprised that people didn't like it. Strange (to me at least).

Demonstrate the curve of the Earth. "space rockets" LOL yea right

Can you show 'where' on earth the craft would land if it goes straight up for 30min and land straight down. Waiting for earth's rotation.

I really love your style of commenting! Very substantial in fact but also slightly casual and entertaining - really a kind of art! Greetings: Mike, Radebeul, Germany

Good Channel but Where is super powerful china project ?

Landspace, ispace, OneSpace and others


The landings are what I live for. Starman was cool to watch launch but the regular launches are yawn factories.

Someone just named a marijuana strain Starship Super Heavy

Cool channel

looks like its out of a 50's sci fi

the tip looks flaky ahah all those bumps

Cliiiicccckkkk bait

i think what are big ***ing rocket

Elon Musk is a fraud.. you'll see.. time will tell...

i dream i met elon i swear

This rocket will never make it to space... Puts BFR in thumbnail...

Points to StarHopper

love video but drop the BFR, that joke got old long time ago. While corny, Starship it is.

You may see a human on Mars in your lifetime but you won't see a Mars astronaut return to talk about it.

I'm glad he is honing old tech for our future. Go Muskee Baby!! PEACE!

Looks like the shittiest movie prop that they could find.

Made to travel to places faster

Wow, We have warp engines? A STARSHIP. Can't believe we are living in the Star Trek Universe. WOW. STARSHIP, What a farce!!!

If an outside one goes out, they'll turn the other outside one off, so that it's just the middle and land. If the middle goes out they leave both outsides to stay up. The offset rockets is inefficient :)

I think pretty much everyone who follows SpaceX, or just space happenings in general, knows that these hoppers aren't built to go to space. This video is for people who don't follow this stuff?

Yes this is clickbait. A half truth is still a lie my friend.

+Everyday Astronaut the title is half truth and if your looking at it from the side menu you can't see the whole thing and that is intentional. it's genius but intentional.

Except that it’s literally full truth. 100%. There’s absolutely no half about it.

Elon is just the the normal amerikanskie-trumpi pretender. Like you.

Landing rockets backwards on a sea barge. Makes me cry EVERY TIME.

Trinklin'! @19:51 https://youtu.be/DM6WqjJCKQo?t=1191

Why are the textures on the Rocket not aligned? :(

Hey I live near Boca Chicka Beach

I said it before, but a rocket built by a water tank builder? I dearly hope Elon names it "Red Thunder."

Chill love the photos

SpaceX is the Nazi scientist's wet dream.

For a second there. I thought you were Will Wheaton from his The Big Bang Theory episodes

vary witty and clever tittle

so, how long before we have *actual* starships? 25 years? 50?

Ya well the sea dragon was the biggest rocket ever made and even it made it to space

No it didn’t

You are bright, focused and intellectually honest. You are going places.

The title sounds clickbait-y, but actually the content is accurate and 100% right. I like what you're at Tim so keep up the great work! :)

Hint shmint. Still Click Bait.

Big Falcon Grasshopper.

"BFR, Big FFFF...alcon Rocket..."

SSSH is a member's only female erotica site and the first “Porn for Women” website to be recognized by the mainstream adult industry

So does that mean the BFR starship's test flight will send a Tesla truck?

You don't say.

I dont like the name change, BFR would make future historians laugh.

I love your videos explaining stuff with KSP

It looks like a star ship from the 50s lol

Looks like a 50s cartoon rocket lol

I still think that's model, for exhibition or other The real BFR was built in a secret factory. If this is a real, i think of the Space Cowboys

Lol spot the doll that looks like a cowboy

At 5:47 you talk about how at the lowest throttle setting the spacecraft "could" assend if it were not for, basically, the downward force of the craft overcoming the propensity of the craft to lift, right? How can that be true if we witness the early hopper go up, hover, then come down?

Wait.... how was I not subscribed ? like, seriously, I watched like more than 10 videos from you now over the last few months and was under the impression I was subbed. Subbed to Scott Manley a long time ago (and SpaceX)... so I subbed. Its weird how you can regularly watch videos, even suggested by YT and dont be subbed... Truly, today I liked and subscribed and hit that bell icon :D

LOL I was just saying, "you clickbaity bastard!" lol in the best way.

Can't wait until SpaceX is going to test interplanetary travel by putting people on the moon, including the return flight, ofcourse :P

Grid fins are so huge

Don't you DARE change that title!

In support of your title, it is not super-clickbait-y. Yeah for sure it invites clicks, but it was 100% accurate and not misleading. People berating you are hyper-sensitive to what is admittedly a very genuine problem, but it's something you are not adding to.

Everyday Astronaut, asking and answering all of the good questions.

hey can u call the BFR the big frikin' rocket not the big falcon rocket its confusing

They should ask the engineers who built the LEM how to control a single engine descent & landing successfuly ...

parachutes still a thing?

Falcon 9 Launching in 25 minutes, where is the live stream??

There we go, I was getting worried :)

I still prefer to call it the big f****** hopper

Concrete down, it's just a mock up, rocket-motor test stand, like NASAstennis

Might need to pay attention to twitter better

Rename it to "Silver Bullet".

It looks like a Colin Furze project

Yes it IS clickbait, because why would we assume you’re making a video to state the obvious about a hop test?

Well ya gotta start somewhere


Tim, quick fact for you, Belly side for reentry is made up of themal mirrors to reflect/divert heat during reentry of planetary atmosphere. They are layered in 10 different materials rarely found elsewhere. We call them "thermal mirrors" because they can divert the heat to keep spacecraft cool. Sometimes they are dubbed "Reflective Armor" ISEA has advanced versions that are not normally shared with any company. ISEA stands for Incom Space Exploration Agency. Which are not well known. They don't exist anywhere because it's very private company that operates outside any jurisdiction.. But they are not first company that's aiming for Mars. ISEA has been here since 1990. They have gone over several name changes and overhauls. They have built large scale versions of Starships. Spacex is basically following ISEA's plan with Rockets. They're doing same thing that ISEA did. I have been contacting the Agency through other means. I got their response. They said and i quote, "ISEA will resume operations to Mars in 2020. The problem with our Starship Enterprise is fixed. thank you for your inquiries in contacting the Agency about us."

The first starships will go up in segments

what a nice mustache on elon's twitter avatar you have. Thx for the vids btw. Great as always. Keep up doing a good work, Tim!

Great work, and, man, I just love your music. While I am working or painting it rhe best stuff to listen.

If this ship can land on a dime, make sure it is not in Mr Rocco's pocket!

The duel landing was the most impressive thing I have ever seen in my 50 years on this planet.

granand https://www.whereisroadster.com

"But hey! That's what the stairs are there for.." Awesome.

I'm sure people who visit this channel know more than me. So why are we going to Mars to terra form it, when we can't even fix this planet? If we must go to Mars, why aren't we colonizing the moon for practice?

*You know its not clickbait if its not 10 minutes*

All a lie.

Look at that old fashioned art deco thing... I've figured it out. Elon wants us to live like the Jetsons! Many of his ideas turned out to be ancient. Like sending people around in vacuum tubes. Some shops used to have tubes, sending messages and stuff.

And... I'm not sure if the position of the three return motors is good.

The big fffffalcon rocket :)

The way forward is always thorny! You do not expect everyone to understand that. Some people think things are easy and fast. You are standing today, and tomorrow you are ready to fly. I think things with the BFS development happen right.

Are you sure this isn't just a literal hopper, silo, or water tower made to look like a rocket but never intended to fly at all ever?

Not going to happen, you are delusional. I will admit that Elon is a genius at naming his toys, "Starship" Oh that should get all the Trekkies to wet their pants, Star Wars CosPlay morons to pop a nut, Furries to mate in giant Panda costumes, yeah. It is not going to happen because abrupt climate change is going to extinct humans and that is the kinda unsaid reason why Elon has a boner for Mars because he knows this and is trying to beat extinction on Earth with a Mars colony. Not going to work because he is outta time, so he makes these "hoppers" to get you noobs all wet and excited. Sorry for being debbie Downer guys.

Well if that happens, so be it. If the governments of earth of the 70's, 80's, 90's and Naughties thought about that then we would not be relying on an Elon Musk to save humanity from itself.

The design is laughable, build is embarrassing and reflects no ambition.. balloons are still a better option

I like how he mentions 'airliner like reliability,' yet most airliners are rather difficult to land if an engine goes down lol so much so there's a movie about a famous landing with engine failure

Was wondering why it was shiny stainless exterior. Just to look nice I guess.

Any idea on when the next Starship announcement will be?

That is interesting; you are "fully confident, that SpaceX will fly one to orbit", while Elon himself says they don't know, if it is possible. I guess one of you is wrong.


It was the original design that helped build what they have now?

brown and green eye or is the camera effect???

+Everyday Astronaut Interesting, every day someone learn something new, anyways it looks cool, thanks for answer so fast..., i love you videos :)



Are they going to smooth out the wrinkles? I suppose it really doesn't matter for a test vehicle like this, but that's the crinklyest looking rocket I've ever seen.

Fools.. no you!

Starships visit other starS.

beam me up captain Elon...............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please omit any information to increase equitable access to trans and social justice. soy boy

I agree new rocket design!

I had been wondering, thanks for the info!


Vsauce: Everyone is at least 50th cousins with each other. Me: We're all related to Elon Musk!

I hope 2019 will finally be the year that Elon and the public finally realize that you cannot sustain a permanent colony on a dead planet like mars. No molten metal core = no magnetic shield to deflect ionized particles = no terraforming because any atmosphere you attempt to create is blown away by the solar winds. Was a neat pipe dream, but dead planet = death

He should call it The Big OutLawStar

Solid video, dude.

Never heard of your channel before but yeah clickbait isn't how you get new subs.

Why the hell do people think this is clickbaity? It literally isn't. It tells the truth, and doesn't insinuate a thing. Jesus man, do you need to spell out every little thing for these people to think it's a normal title? edit: A HEART FROM THE MAN HIMSELF

This is a way the chosen will avoid an earthly catastrophe

Who gives two flying figs about this boondoggle. It is all BS from the drawing pad.

BFR = Big F*cking Rocket

why are people against building it in steel?

1:46 that's my Birthday! :D


Looks like a suppository.

I can watch ORBCOMM-2 Full Launch Webcast all day, you should know why :)

did the grashopper had a chuck norris puppet straped to itself? no wonder they succeded...

Oh look. SpaceX laying off 10% of its workforce. Looks like all the hype is falling apart and Emperor Elon has no clothes. I wonder when/If all the deluded Elon fanboys will eventually admit they fell for the bullshit. Next time listen to the adults. We knew he was a spiv from day 1.

this is for Mars. no roads. need to get things around the planet. Musk is the Chief Engineer for ARK-II: MARS. Read Atlas Shrugged if you want to know what is happening on Earth right now.

creating starhopper, might be ez part. sustainable mars colony hard bit. too many health issues - lo gravity (loss of bone / muscle), bring air supply, groceries, recyclable air system, no magnetosphere to protect from solar particles (eg. cancer), dust twisters, maybe have to live below ground for additional protection

That action figure on grasshoper looks like Elon's brother.

I wonder when we can expect to see a fully operating starship?

Stupid question... Is there someone else in the Musk organization who has the same vision as Mr Musk??? Heaven forbid anything happening to him but life is quite fragile!!! I hope he has money and someone available that could continue his work if something were to happen to him... Really enjoy your videos sir :-)

I dont understand why SpaceX. Would have to fold the control surfaces. If in horizontal flight two of them were at 10 and 2 while the third was at 6 they would work perfectly. And since the 6 o'clock fin will never land horizontally it's not a problem.

Sounds like something from Austin Powers movie..

I'm gonna eat my own shoes if that thing they built is ever going to lift off of anything. That thing is a prop - nothing else. And it's just mind-boggling to me that everyone is taking this bait.

Metal dildo.

It's the ugliest design I have ever seen. Why don't they make a spacecraft like the USCSS Prometheus.

It looks like the 1950 Rocketship XM 1..

over 9000%

Elon is smoking so much "hurb" he's flying even without a rocket.

Super job, Tim and I can only imagine what your video list must look like!

Elon time is 1 hour = 1 to 2 days.

what Apps are you using to do that

probably another tesla inside that hopper

We've been shooting rockets into space for 80 years. No big deal.

Falcon 9 Block 6=Falcon Heavy

Elon is in a hurry cause of the fastening magnetic north pole changes.

Your content is awesome and inspiring! You should get a job at spaceX :).

another gr8t video ) nice to see someone who knows what they're talking about! Thank you )

Prob got tech for star ships in space... rockets good for getting materials up there.

Only issue is fuel source. Deuterium might be the best solution for such a small vehicle to take off and land.

I can't believe SpaceX will launch that water's tower, come on!! Well, since is the SpaceX I kind believe Lol!! And why they put a cowboy in that hopper's test, Elon is too crazy some times in my opinion Lol!! Nice rocket in KSP, just miss one detail, turn some degrees the cap nose to align the bright stripes! And you have reason when say Scott Manley have done a amazing job, I'm big fan of him since I start play KSP many years ago!! By the way, I knowed your channel because some Youtube related video since I watch many vids of Scott, or even by his indication, I'm not sure right now hehe! Well, thank you for this great vid as always, you are the man!! Hugs from south hemisphere! :))


Thunderf00t is sitting in mom's basement in he's underwear saying Elon Musk is a loser, and claim SpaceX's new invention wont work by investigate and ofc judging a concept model.

time to subscribe, i'm here on a regular base now anyway

+P. A. nailed it

this duude a man child gets real wet over rockets

Captain obvious

So now the Big Falcon Rocket is no longer called the Big Falcon Rocket (no doubt because so many people took it be a "polite" way of saying Big Fu**ing RocketO and instead it's the Super Heavy. We had the Falcon, then the Falcon Heavy, now the Falcon Super Heavy. Makes sense. But since this new one is destined to head for Mars, making it interplanetary, I'd think aspect of it should somehow be included in the name. I'm thinking maybe Super Heavy Interplanetary Transport. SO it would become Falcon SH... Ooops.

I’m going down the road to watch this when it launches y’all need anything

imagine if one bored a very long tunnel, and launched this vertically using a very long linear accelerator.

U R Such a Dork but its Awsome!

That is not getting off the ground. It's not even a good-looking water tower let alone a rocket. He must have some strong weed.

BFS means big 'falcon' spaceship? Funny. I heard a different name...

Maybe you missed the coughs

That POS isnt going to space.... Looks like a mockup....

17:47 maybe some chute can help keep it up right on landing.

The presenters apparel gave it away from the beginning; fan-boy, all the way.

There is a reason SpaceX makes rockets and you make you tube videos.

Is that suppose to be an insult?

Tim, I live very close to SpaceX's Boca Chica facility in TX. Do you how can I watch the test when it happens? do I have to ask for passes or something or just get as close as possible?

BFR ripped straight out of PlanetSide 1! I'm sure it was somewhere else before that though lol.

Now Elon just needs to change his name to Jefferson, so that we can all take a ride in a Jefferson Starship!!

Hey Tim, do we know if they are going to do the hops at BC, TX or if they are going to transport to McG, TX? Living in Central TX, I don't have much of a chance to catch Cape or Vandenberg Launches, but Hops... I could catch me some hops.

This is crap


Everyhting that you said with respects to the lineage of the prototype of the Starship, relating to the earlier Falcon 9s is wrong. The reason that there is this separation, is due to both mass as this translates to size and weight as it relates to lateral momentum. Elon Musk is looking at this issue that if he test-flies this stainless steel model, a little, and is lucky enough to get it back on the ground without crashing, then he can go for the medium sized proposed Star Ship and that will get him to Mars. For one, its too heavy to use just aft end thrusters, to preform a tail stand upon landing. Because of the size of the second model up in size, more than likely there will have to be reaction control rocket thruster boxes at the top. Another issue that Musk does not understand, is the thermal protection layer or anti-heat prophylaxis. With the weight he's going to be incurring with stainless steel instead of aluminum nickel or other alloy metals, plus a dynamic heat protection exterior, he's going to be incurring penalties that he does not want. One has to look at the Star Ship as a fully packed vehicle, that is going to have cargo plus people. If one gets a lateral motion going to where weight is concerned, then just a moving tail rocket nozzle may not fill the bill. If you ask me' this design is not workable for deep space travel.Lastly, because there is an alien pirate problem in this solar system, according to Patrick Huyghe's book, (The fieldguide to extraterrestials), don't name it Star Ship. Star Ship means that this spacecraft has a quantum stellar drive and bad sorts of aliens will jump the ship because of how expensive these drives are. Name it the Mars explorer or something. Elon Musk here, in my opinion is thinking with stubborn strong and cutting all good influences out of the picture. I want this said now, as in the future everyone will be looking at each other when his ship crashes asking, " Well' what went wrong"?! Thank you for posting this video.

nasa fake 9000%

Its not boca chica ,tx. Its called boca chica beach in BROWNSVILLE,TX.

Lol let me listen to this expert ahhahaha

+Dwight K. Schrute sureee white Knight hahaha

Sure he knows more than you. He's had full blown conversations with Elon, both in person and on Twitter , about SpaceX's present and upcoming hardware.

Only Elon Musk can turn a water tower company into a space ship company. I wonder how that first conversation went.

it's not a starship unless it can do interstelar flights

that same rocket was in the comic books in the 50's or 60s.

ValhalaFiveSix Are you ready to be wrong like all the other Elon-doubters who always end up being wrong?

Why not BFR Big Fu**ing Rocket!

Yes computer algorithms work better at doing this than a human controller common

You need to add a video to your list titled "trinkling" =)

Hmm when will space x do something original.... McDonnel Douglas did this in the early 90s why do we care

Dog why you click bait me

Long story short: Star hopper is a test vehicle, to test take off and landing (hopping) with the new engines.

I saw your advertisement for spinning globes! It was cool.

6:30 You have no life

I live nearby and saw it in person. It's short and fat. Kind of a cartoon egg shape looking thing.

I really hope someone from musks team sees this and suggests they do helipad landing on a building lmfao Elon: Challenge excepted.

I like the BFR name more then Star Ship!!!

Spaceship"spaceship" spaceship"spaceship

When are we going to fly by the moon and get ultra hd pictures? Why haven't we done that yet?

Have you taken the Chris Hadfield master class?

That title *_triggered_* me *(* I'm a big fan of *SpaceX)*

howcome no one except spacex managed to film it?

Film what? The hopper tests or StarHopper?

Grid fins won't work on Mars, at least not enough to include them.

I just don't know enough yet to understand why, "an engine just might go out"...how does that happen with our current grasp on engineering? When do we get to the day where I jump in, turn the key, head on over to the fuel station and then go for a Sunday drive? Flight? Mission??? BTW...I am really enjoying this channel...love the enthusiasm!! (and cool interesting info!!)

wow they're putting ads right in the center of video's now..... no thank you!

Doesn’t matter that it blew up after the 9th or whatever number of launches. That’s way more uses than any rocket in history. Pure genius.

FAKE EX !!!!!!!!!!

**Elon Musk reads video title** "O rly? Hold my beer."

Hey Tim do you think starship could be used as a launch escape system in the event of an emergency?

and you will be able to buy a model 3 for $30K!!!!!!! my god, do they ever learn? LOL

The original quote was $35k, and guess what, not sure if you missed it, but if you live in California you can already buy a Model 3 for $35,950 after tax incentives and that's not even the "short range" model. So yeah, that happened last year.

An actual Starship would have to be capable of going to another star other than our own.. you fake nerd...

So what do you think about Boeing's Starliner? Where's your outrage on that? Or are you just anti Elon Musk, based on your follow up question, it seems you have a grudge against Musk, which is fine. I just don't share you sentiment about having grudges against anyone working to advance any program.

Use '#antigrav' tech. #Dielectric acceleration

The head is less pointy. Pointy is scare.- dictator aladeen

They probably realized their new rocket shaped, helium balloon wasn't fooling enough people.

Voyage to Mars, to increase and offer a good space could increase and make a catamaran or a trimaran with two starships and a round module or another starship but without a big tank, in the center to exercise, Gyn, cafeteria, restaurant laundry, storage and other activities, with the following figure 101 or 111 or another design that at the top could deploy a solar sail, This ship will be assembled in space in Earth's orbit, also this device might have Dragon capsules to use of emergency, like a lifeboat, then When it reaches the orbit of Mars, the two BFRs will separate and land, leaving the module in space for the return.



Why not BFR Big Fu**ing Rocket!

Hence the *cough cough* ;)

I´m sure this man is an experience engineer with a top degree in astrophysics and space. That´s why he shows us why it won´t work using Kerbal Space program. He must be having a lot of calls from Elon to join the team right now.

"falcon" .. right. that's what the "f" stands for.

You think they'll play "Silver Wings" by Merle Haggard during the first launch webcast?

looks like the nazi v2

BFR, oh it's called the big fuc... I mean big falcon rocket!

This guy sounds sarcastic yet he isn't being so.

And there you are, having to use a clickbait title just to get some views. "but the thumbnail clarifies it", you'll say. Of course it does, so he can have an excuse.

Elon Musk is an idiot! All his projects are useless and failing. They are unreal, unpractical and totally crazy! Drilling tunnels for cars, the Tesla cars and this stupid space project with public flights. It's so insane that it is embarrasing! It's like he has an infinite amount of funny money given to him by the Deep State to spend spend spend and keep the current economic bubble going. It will all go POOOF very soon anyway as the Central Banks are being exposed and taken out!

Most clickbait video that I watched in months wow unsubscribe

Is it just me or does Tim look like he has Heterochromia in this video, Hmmmmmm?

They do quite a bit. Even Elon said “good eye” and I was self conscious about which one is the good one

Nobody ever says anything about it.

I can't believe that I never noticed!

I do have heterochromia, in every video

btw, i understand that testing is different, but wouldnt it make sense for SpaceX to build the Superheavy and Starship at cape canaveral's lunch site? (or as close to possible to a site they intend to launch from)

You should mention that even if they could get the engines to throttle lower, they would still want to land with more thrust then weight. It saves fuel.


Could starship put small loads in orbit as a ssto?

Still so excited!

Everyday Astro- BS!

*one of the raptor engine fails* "The very existence of this [rocket] is predicated on our ability to handle incidents like this. It was an eventuality, okay?"

the game play footage is either pre recorded or faked he had both of his hands showing while the rocket was being maneuvered

Yeah I prerecord footage so I can easily talk about it and edit it later. I’m working on cutting up a 3 hour long livestream now and I’m playing around with bouncing back and forth between the two.

But elon said it'll test reentry wich means it will need to go to space to reenter, so technically it will most definitely go to space

+Everyday Astronaut oh ok thanks

Not this one. That’ll be the next test vehicle which he claims will be done “around June”

How did you get the starhopper shell?

whats the point of a rocket when it doesnt go space

But i love the design,retro

More cgi /yawn.

Elon musk for president of the United States 20/20

Matt linked the wrong video

Space is fake. Wake up sheeple.

Excellent explanation on the rocket landing, suicide burn lol nice.

"I swear it's not clickbait, it's true! This will never go to space, because it's a prototype!" I'm sure the video was great but I stopped listening after that.

None will

"liftoff, we have a liftoff" background: falcon heavy

Do you have a discord server?

4:19 whats with the cowboy? :P

you kno i wasnt sure i was gonna watch this whole video but then you said u were gonna do what they are doing....but in a video game and thats cool so im in lol

i live in Brownsville not far from the Boca Chica SpaceX launch site at Boca Chica beach and its amazing being able to drive out there and see the progress in the building of the star hopper.

didn't have to hoverslam, I wonder if the larger mass of the production ship also would preclude this landing strategy

Looks like space ship from Man in Black :)

There is no substitute for building and flying a prototype. What you learn from doing so helps tremendously in making a reliable and safe spacecraft. Things can go wrong that were not thought of or tweaks needed to perfect the design are better done in a prototype than in the final product with a live crew. Just building a prototype gives you experience in how to make the next one better. Even if the prototype crashes or explodes engineers will learn much from what went wrong and how to fix it. The Grasshopper and the Falcon 9R prototypes were instrumental in learning what was needed to bring an orbital class booster from orbit.

I should wrote on the last line "The Grasshopper and the Falcon 9R prototypes were instrumental in learning what was needed to bring an orbital class booster from orbit and landing it"

Man I just gotta say, shut the hell up. You clearly dont have the smarts to understand Elon Musk. Im sure he'll do just fine like he has been. If you think its easy build one do so ☺ oh yeah judging by the way you talk in this video you're not smart enough to build your own rocket as a entrepreneur..

You apparently didn’t watch the video, did you?

You're not an astronaut cz you're never going to space!

Starship took a "nap" today. lol Winds in the area toppled the hopper crumpling one side. I guess it is safe to assume it isn't very aero-dynamic at this stage of development.

When will SpaceX's Demo-1 fly? Thanks.

Hi Everyday Astronaut! Huge fan, fellow Iowan. Had a question about the new article: https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/rockets/a25953663/elon-musk-spacex-bfr-stainless-steel/ Biggest question: how will that work with the HUGE thermal expansion of steel? Don't metals cold weld in the vacuum of space?

Hi, I'm French. I just discovered your youtube channel. it's just awesome. there is some channel youtube space in France but none that speaks as well of space and rocket. Bravo kiss of France

it's crazy, I don't think any of them have been to space... according to a quick search of how far space is in feet.... this came up... In the US, "space" begins at 80.4km (50 miles), or 264,000 feet. General international consensus sets a similar limit for the start of space as 100km (62 miles), or 380,000 feet. "Low Earth Orbit" (LEO), where many satellites live, goes from 160km (100 miles, 525,000 feet) to 2,000km (1,240 miles, 6.5 million feet)


It's not "massive"...

Just tipped over lol

The dam thing fall over

Say, brother, just to clarify something. There is NO Boca Chica Texas. The facility is at Boca Chica beach which is on Boca Chica ROAD in Brownsville Texas.

1:50 gotta keeping it family-friendly (:

oh yeah yeah

Why is your ps so loud.

Elon Musk is a scammer

Look all the way back to Flash Gordon for the look

Space x: *Hopper spaceships* NASA: ....

Because nobody can go through God's solid firmament.

But its not going to fly cuz it fell lol

Why I don’t keep up with this stuff more? Idk. Prob cuz school takes forever... but oh well it will be worth it :p

Man, talk about a chrome dome!

the rocket engine of the STARSHIP HOPPER is to close to the landing gear will heat afect the landing gear structural interity ?

So in short they are learning to walk before run

When they are one with Starhopper Elon should donate the shell to a park or attraction

برو بمیر مردک خیال پرداز

a lot off topic but the things i think about are they are now saying that the universe is expanding correcting old theory that it shrinking but i was thinking is it possible that the universe is tidal

You got. me

Tim, if spacex tried to land a rocket on a building, I don't think there would be a building to land on anymore.

The first space shuttle never went into orbit either, so anyone who complains just needs to be patient. Its standerd practice to test full scale prototypes first with each version designed to go higher and further until you have a fully functional prototype. It's why I hate when people hype up digital animations but show no functioning or even non functioning prototype.

you liked every one of Elon's tweets

Click bait scam.

THE BFR to mars

Elon Musk just invented the T virus. It is to be tested in Africa with minimum damage to the civilized world.

so your saying that all those stupid Ed Wood sci fi movies were correct in their scientific concepts of what a space ship should look like? If Ed Wood was right then I don't want to live anymore.

Space. What a joke

NASA has nothing in space x,well except for that moon landing thing...

Feel bad for this guy, his entire life is built on lies

That was a Grain silo, not a water tower. I especially like the fake pick of the super silver rocket from the 50s then switch to this dented up rocket that looks like its wrapped in tinfoil.

click bait

Create a runway first for landing in Mars in first missions in which astronauts would land in starship then in commercial missions send the starship part like a shuttle to land. It would be much cheaper. We can return same way by building a superheavy rocket from the first starship used.

I was pretty sure we were going to see an explosion when missed the helipad with one of the legs. Kerbal definitely needs to dial up the explosions though. ;-)

So we should call it the S.S.H. (Starship, Super, Heavy)

This video helps confirm that the "Apollo lunar lander" is a joke. I knew it anyway because there was no way they could transmit a video signal all the way from the moon. Anyway, look at all the Space X hoppers rocket plume and how much dust and debris it generates at take off and landing. You want a good laugh??? YouTube lunar lander take off ha ha ha what a joke!

What's the point of tiny platforms? The challenge? With costly crafts, you'd want to maximize safe recovery, surely? I can imagine rings coming inward to the platform to prevent toppling.

Do they test anything at small scale? Seems that would ask a lot from sensors and software as miniature crafts seem to be much more instable?

starhopper fell over ;c

I think we all know what BFR really stands for

If only you were as good at clickbaiting as you are at licking Elons immaculate cornhole

One day you might wake up and realise that all that spaceX does in space is CGI. Nobody ever went to space and never will. There is about as much reality in what space X does than in your video game. It's just more expensive because they still build some rockets that will never go to space. So either you are a troll put there to make people believe in space or you are waisting your time with something that doesn't exist. In both cases I am happy not to be in your position. So have a good sleep or in the other, hope you feel good in your work of deception.

Sorry to say but it IS clickbait

You actually believe this stuff?

more insults and embarrassment

Elon Is God, And He Knows Everything And Co Do Anything


Would it not make the booster much easier to control if they were to install enclosed directional thrusters at the nose and base of the unit ?

I'd like to see their transcontinental flight plans come to fruition. My 14 hour flights from Chicago to Shanghai are less than pleasant.

More excellent content! Thanks!

No its called the super heavy starship


will they build a booster hopper too? or will they use the data of this hopper to build both the space ship and the booster?

You know, that there is no atmosphere on the moon?

You would have to reinforce and add a heat shield to land on a building.

, This isnt the stage two of BFR that elon has chosen to make out of stainless steel instead of carbon fiber?

Soo that moving ball in the back of the room Anybody have any idea what that thing is called?

+Everyday Astronaut Much appreciated!

MOVA globe

Big F!!!in Rocket. BFR

Elon must have been watching too much classic Thunderbirds.

KSP = spaceships for dummies.

So I am trying to keep up with Space X, Just noticed I had not subscribed? Anyhoo very cool of you to keep up with news, and definetly cool of you to shout out the other Space X YouTubers.....

“You will probably see this pretty soon” ten seconds later *lands on vehicle assembly building* Elon yes that was so cool how your team programmed a rocket to land on top of a 536 foot tall building

+Sebastian Nolte please youtube, lunar lander takeoff from the moon... Atmosphere or not, you tell me in 2019 that those are real images of a space craft lifting off.. Come on look it up

Awful clickbaity for you to mention it's not clickbait.. I agree with the guy below

oh fuff that's only because Elon is an idiot. I have a fully functioning rocket ship that can fly anywhere in the galaxy.

He might be a flat Earther.

Best cgi videos around. Good job showing fake videos and green screen objects.

The Starhopper looks very much like the 1950's imagined view of what Space Rockets would look like!! (See, Google 1950's view of rockets, future, old Popular Science illus and old children's book illustrations -of projected space travel... "You Could Go To the Moon One Day")

hey. it went to space


So it is click bait.

1:25 Did I just hear... *skin?*

In 3 Am

I was there. This has literally nothing to do with Crew Dragon and falcon 9. May I suggest watching the video before you comment?

The rocket just fly to the orbit


News flash it went to space

Watch the video... it’s about StarHopper. StarHopper won’t go to space, it’s not meant to go to space. If you’re referring to DM-1, I was there

Ty for your enthusiasm..little bit of an information overload but I'm getting pretty excited about the space program

5:25 nice view of a coming in with a master steam device pointed at it

Its the big fcking rocket

They went into space

Looks like a stainless steel dildo.

I’m new to the channel and subbed immediately I knew as soon as I clicked that this channel would be informative and useful for my love for rockets

Landing like that definitely was the single biggest exciting thing also for me at 66 years old

So... i think it’s “obsloeto” this video... but a nice one! This is the beauty about technology! Cheers mate!

Nothing about this is outdated yet! StarHopper still won’t go to space. Just hop

Oh i thought the BFR stood for Big Freakin’ Rocket

I wonder if that rainwater tank will make it into deap space

4:20 am I seeing a cowboy

Star ship is meant to be built to transport to mars when it is civilized by humans yes it will go to space but in the future and in test flights

They actually call it Starship? But this is not a starship. (Starships are interstellar.) How will they call a real starship? Galaxyship?


SpaceX will officially close State Hwy 4 (which runs right through the launch site) and Boca Chica beach on 20 March from 10 am to 4 pm. Backup dates are 21 or 22 March at the same time. This first test is likely to be a hold down test of the engine or possibly an actual flight to 500 meters (less likely). In either case San Antonio/Austin Tesla owners considering a trip down there would not be able see anything from South Padre Island (the nearest viewing site 5 miles away) so we will not attempt a trip down there until later.

​+Everyday Astronaut Car, airplane, submarine and even starship are vehicle types but there's no such vehicle type as starliner. That's more like a brand name. You know, we don't call anything "time machine" unless that's a time machine. But it's not up to you, just an overthinking by me. Keep up the good work!

What about Starliner? Don’t they all go to “the stars” or even our star?... or how about Dreamliner? Call Boeing and complain that it doesn’t fly to a single dream. It’s just a name

Nah thats Blue orgins rockets

You got me nice and ready to throw rocks on you #TeamDzaddyMusk

What about the Falcon Heavy?

you talk too much.


They might have build a larger landing pad.

Sweet Jesus, thank god he's ditched the orange suite and stopped pretending to be a moron! This is literally the first everyday astronaut video I have been able to sit through. Liked.

+Everyday Astronaut Absolutely. I really enjoyed this episode. Good decision. The slightly more serious format probably appeals to a wider audience.

I’ve done so for almost 9 months or so now

What?! You don't know how to do a suicide burn in KSP?? I'm now considering unsubbing... :P

Why in the launch of a spx-dm mission? 1 The super draco engine nozzles look white, but when he docking on the International Space Station, they are black even though the super Draco engines have not been activated?

Nice story! Is it me or Everyday Astronaut is much cooler these days?

So I got here by watching your vid of the 3/26 first time ignition of the Hopper. Wow. This video is such a great teaching tool of the test program. What really blows me away is how SpaceX has gone back to the design of the V-2 essentially. I was born in 1954, so I was glued to the TV watching the first manned flight of Scott Shepherd, and every spaceflight since then. But now we're back to the sci-fi design of 1950's Hollywood movies. It's great! I don't know if it's more tech or just human design that this couldn't be accomplished earlier, but seeing private enterprise fill the void of manned missions, 75 years after we first crawled into space, is the most exciting development in my lifetime! And it's taken me back to Robert Heinlein.

I thought the title says China lol

Watching the landing of Falcon 9 NEVER gets old. As a 35yr old, that was pure fantasy growing up. Kids growing up now (or my two children) will know no other way than to land rockets. Which is crazy.

I wonder if Elon has artificial gravity ideas swirling around in that mind of his.

They show us rockets...... when they are already in space with full anti gravity drive craft.... and the masses don't even notice... brilliant propaganda....

Do it

Will always be the BFR in our hearts

Why Boca Texas? Will this one day, ten to 50 years later, replace Cape Canaveral in Florida? Will rockets one day launch from Texas, over the Gulf Of Mexico? Is the weather better there, meaning less delays?

I love finding channels like this and AntsCanada which cover stuff i know nothing about but make super interesting and understandable videos. Well Done bois.

Godamnit, thought this was a new video.

Mars mission ll destroy, SpaceX.

Hey there, just a short question. Why isn't there a Text-Version of this video on everydayastronaut.com ? I need to quote some things that you said for a school project, but they only want us to quote from texts, not from videos. As most of your other videos are on the website, I just wanted to know why this one isn't. Thanks a lot!

What would happen if Musk starts doing retro cars and modern starships?

what do you think about arca and its aerospike engine project?

So, where will the real StarHopper be built and tested????

Big Falcon *cough* Rocket!

I use to enjoy your videos but this time out of 22 minutes we learned just nothing. I would avoid the « plenty of videos » and focus on the quality, not quantity. Cheers man.

Wow... I’m honestly surprised to hear this. I’ve been working on a single 50 minute long video for the past three months. I’m focusing on quality wayyyyy over quantity lately and I never add fluff to my videos. This video in particular should’ve had a fair amount of new things for some people new to SpaceX and confused by StarHopper. Sorry if it didn’t have information that was new to you. I always try and find something new for myself in each video, so I’m sorry if I didn’t deliver on this one.

Can you tell us a little more about spacesuit design, your one makes your bum look massive, I'm sure they must have improved them....

@P. A. nailed it

@P. A. of course it says the video is not clickbait because the title and thumbnail explain how he is talking about the newest spacex ship, the star hopper.

@Carlos_A_M Because it is. And the fact that the very first thing mentioned in the video was how the headline wasn't a clickbait only proves my point. Consider my first comment a friendly warning (wink). But seriously we're wasting energy on discussing the obvious. I didn't start the thread. Wasn't even going to. @Everyday Astronaut does fantastic job, and that's what we should take from it, right?

@P. A. then why did you cross out the text to imply its clickbait?

@Carlos_A_M I didn't get "clickbaited". I knew what the video was going to be about, and anybody who's seen the pictures of the Starship knows, that it's never going to go to space, and probably not even fly too high, either. I'm not a huge SpaceX fan, but I like to get an update every now and then on what they are up to. Also, I know how the Internet works, so no hard feelings. @Everyday Astronaut Great job. Keep it up.

@Everyday Astronaut So it was click bait intended for the uninformed. We need a symbol that the informed can recognize so we don't click. Maybe something like "(!)" Hahahaha

@Connor Tierney some people dont know that. And this is a nice and fun way to learn something new. This is an everyday astronaut, not an "only spacex fan or people with basic rocket knowledge astronaut"

@Everyday Astronaut Indeed, I commented elsewhere that something built from steel would have a number of problems. Then on another comment on yet another vid that nothing made by guys that usually build watertowers will ever go to orbit. And yesterday I got it official what it's for, it seem you have had the same source. Mr Everyday. :)

@Carlos_A_M I think both him and I know about SpaceX. I clicked it because I assumed he was referring the the actual rocket and was making assumptions based on the star hopper. This is click bait. I clicked it assuming I would hear an opinion of why the new rocket would not make it to space. Coming here assuming the creator is well informed, why would he make a video stating the obvious about the hopper; therefore he must be referring to the actual rocket. Hence, Clickbait.

@P. A. I guess you dont know about spaceX and got """""clickbaited""""

That "ahem" in 1:51 lmfaoooo

The reason mine makes my bum look massive is because there’s these big gloves in there at all times. But yeah that’d be a fun topic

@Everyday Astronaut Absolutely. I really enjoyed this episode. Good decision. The slightly more serious format probably appeals to a wider audience.

​@Everyday Astronaut Car, airplane, submarine and even starship are vehicle types but there's no such vehicle type as starliner. That's more like a brand name. You know, we don't call anything "time machine" unless that's a time machine. But it's not up to you, just an overthinking by me. Keep up the good work!

@Everyday Astronaut Much appreciated!

@Sebastian Nolte please youtube, lunar lander takeoff from the moon... Atmosphere or not, you tell me in 2019 that those are real images of a space craft lifting off.. Come on look it up

What's his obsession with ksp

@Everyday Astronaut thanks for the reply ..sorry for being rude

It’s a fantastic way to visually reference things and interact with the physics. It’s perfect for examples like this

Elon Musk does quick progress but his desire for a colony on Mars asap seems like a childish obsession with cool toys (I wan it, I wan it, give it to me), as current technology and economy doesn't make it possible. A child should really learn to walk first before running, as otherwise the kid will fall over and there would be trouble. Travel to and Living there whilst being healthy for 5 or 30 people, currently is practically impossible and unaffordable. Just think what it takes to look after a pet dog at home on Earth in the modern age, before just feed them scraps and let them look after themselves, but now he or she is treated like a person with rights, special food, insurance, vet etc. How many trillion $ would it take and when is it realistic to send people to Mars, maybe in 30 years. He should 1st try living in the Sahara Desert and realise just how unpleasant it is, then making several self contained habitats on earth whilst experimenting with setting up a space network and a colony close to Earth. A spinning space station creating artificial gravity would probably be much easier and better than living on Mars. His electric cars and direction towards that technology help Earth's climate, so best to concentrate on that 1st

That falcon heavy liftoff intro gives me goosebumps every time

How to get the Starhopper? In KSP I can't see the mod in description

If BFR actually works will completely revolutionize space travel.

This is all great stuff. I'm interested and invested in Tesla. That's how I came across your channel. I get frustrated, angered actually, by all the entities (Big Oil being the biggest) trying to discredit and crush Tesla. Your channel is a welcome diversion. You know quite a lot about rocketry and present it well.

Yeah, most jets can fly quite well without an engine

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