Why I'm Coming Out As Gay

Why I'm Coming Out As Gay

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I have never been more emotionally. Stressed in my life I just worry about your sanity, and ability, to do it all. When. I told my parents it was shocking everything's, closing confront, you we're running out of time am I ever finally gonna be happy. Hahaha. What. Are you meeting well today today, I'm meeting with the other try guys not only are they considering, funding. This video we have a really strict timeline, on this because I dreamed to get this out in time, for pride we also to keep up with our two video week schedule and, all, the huge projects that are releasing during the summer I've written it I'm directing, choreographing. And I'm starring in it it comes at a time where even if I wasn't releasing, this I would still be pulling, multiple, all-nighters, to get my day job done. So. This budget is a lot, larger. Than you. Initially, talked about, yes. We have a crane I decided. That yeah. Do. We have to have a crane though cane is straight up on a Steadicam. He's making awesome pods right now right now everything. I think is towards, the fact that this is the most important, video I will ever produce in my life for the Internet yeah I want to make sure I honor it with the most powerful. Way that I can make, this statement and Dad that. Involves a crane and son you, can. Have two cranes. How. Does it feel when, you see comments, fans, saying oh no he's by oh he's Pam I need to own up to who. I am a hundred percent as a person it's kind of a weird weight on my shoulders because there's, so much more I can do as a person who, is LGBT, but also specifically, game it's, gonna be like a really big release there. Has been just a lot of concealing, and, withholding. And editing. That I have. Done to protect myself it's not like I'm gonna be a different person the next day it does mean that I don't have to take a red pen through my life mark out or tear out pages I'm excited for everybody, to know what we know which, is that you're all the wonderful things that you are and also you're gay. There. Is. There's. A lot of really personal reasons why I haven't. Explicitly. Come out we hold, things back because, we're very scared that there's going to be repercussions, I'm, not even really comfortable talking about it right, now but I think I'll be able to open up more, about it later but I just know that this is the time I think sometimes you just know, hi I'm Kathleen. I've known Eugene for a very long time almost 10 years ago he was a server and I was a bartender working, at a upscale. Dim sum restaurant, called Bao one day during work I basically. Pitched, him an idea that I wanted him to direct and, he was like Kathleen you know you're being a producer right now right and I was like oh well, I guess I'm a producer now. Because. This project was so meaningful for him and to be able to come back and now yours later where, we have a proper, team and a proper budget and give it the love that it deserves Eugene, what's the meeting about today the meeting today is with my core production, team we're gonna go over the, basic breakdown of the entire video how the crane, that we're renting is going to move about the space it is of utmost. Importance. To make sure that, the way that I shot was this is, one of the two the T perfectly, timed perfectly choreographed every, shot should mean something from. The camera to the, set, to. The producing, we, all have to be in complete agreement about how to deliver the best message in the most efficient way and, the way that he sees things is so specific, to him even, though he has honestly the most detailed, shot list treatment, with crazy references, it's still impossible. To really know what's, going on his head or how he's envisioning it until you're literally on set seeing it every single time like I feel like I know what's going on or like how it's supposed to look and then I get on set on like oh I, get it always, like a hundred times better than what I thought it was this, is actually like getting. Into a, warm, bed it's like I'm returning home I have. Always thrived. Off of design. Cinematography. And dance. And movement and, the emotional, interpretation, of, an idea, this, really is the I guess. Exact, polar opposite of a vlog for me. That is like returning. Home this video is really more. Like how. Yugi knows as a as an, artist and I hope that I can come back home like, this more often what are you most afraid of or nervous about I'm.

Always, Nervous that when I attempt. To do more traditionally. Cinematic, projects like this online, that the audience, might rejected, it'll be. Difficult. To see and. The, reasons I was withholding was because. I was right about my fears about, who might not accept. Anymore I think I actually like doing these types of projects because it's so all-encompassing, for, me that I can only focus on making this the best it can be and then we'll see what happens with my. Own personal, life I'm curious about that and I think I'm gonna ask you a bit more in the next few days yeah yeah, thanks, Jane yeah I. Think that collar is great the whole, day yeah. All. Right so we have Ariana he's doing makeup on the phone. And. Then David hair stylist extraordinaire Karen, is handling all the wardrobe as is apparent, with any type of queer expression the styling, is one of the most important things and I really want to send a lot of strong, messaging, for the way that I look in the way that the other characters look so that is why the, dream team is assembled here the big thing is that we have six, looks to break down for each scene and they're essentially, color coded we can use this time to discuss what is doable and also maybe the timing, that we need for schedule, I'm, dying physically, and mentally. I've. Never been more emotionally. Stressed in my life and I think it's because so much of what is in this is wholly, me when I say that I'm kind of bleeding this video out it's not even a baby for me it's literally just like you know slice me open and just let my gut spill out I'm just been constant, emotional, pain right now even rehearsal I have to be the director I have to be the producer I have to be in charge and I have to have vision and people at the trust that I'm not gonna break down but it's all just like stabbing my soul constantly, I was always so insecure I was never a hundred, percent confident, about myself, as a person so to have. To kind of trick yourself into being the most confident, person as an artist so that people believe in you and they take low rates to come work with you likewise, a to freak out and to grab something feel the weight I want to see in nerwin spaces, I had to sell a vision in a way that felt like it, was worth their time thank, you so much, yeah. Today. When I choreographed, I wasn't even able to choreograph myself, because I have to figure, this out one.

Which, Is why I'm a little freaked out because weirdly. Almost the most important aspect of this is what I do on camera and it is honestly the last thing I'm thinking about because I have to do so much stuff off-camera this, whole week I've went home and I just like I. Don't. Cry, I'm not really someone who cries wait. Don't you cry well, I cried a lot as a little kid all. The time my parents told me that I was, always very sensitive, I could tell if, someone was emotionally, hurting and I think that just always put me in a weird Musa I was a very depressed, kid so what age thirty. Now. To say that I cried a lot that was a very indicative of just being a kid, who also got pushed around by everybody, eventually I did the thing where i hardened, my shell and dad mom, said stop crying and I stopped crying after I was like 12 and I just didn't cry after that tell me more about that age as a young, kid I always thought I was bad I just thought I was bad naturally. Because of what the church I was in was telling me because of the society. I was in as a Southern, person, or as a Korean or when, you grow up thinking that you're bad for some reason I think that really shifts, the way that you look at the world I was never in a position where, I had enough support or education, or. Confidence. In any area that when someone. Ridiculed. Me for, either, being, Asian. When, people thought I could be gay. I was never at a point where I thought they were wrong, I had. A strong belief that I was not only bad but I was wrong there's something wrong with me a lot of my journey was kind of figuring out that I was never inherently, a bad person, oh I, mean you can put this in the video cane I. Am. Afraid, that, some, people I'm very close to. Will. Disown me and not. Talk to me anymore, because of this video knowing. That someone might be homophobic and a, couple people could be and that's hard do you think that's it for everything we're, gonna find out, there's. Also just a reason why gay, is such a toxic word, to some people and I think that other words like queer and LGBT mean nothing to some people I think it's because there's still people I care about and there's still systems. I am, a part, of that prescribe, to that way of thinking it's hard to express those complexities when you're so. Public. When. Eugene first started to become, popular online he really, put up a wall, and like a shield his career has not just, been about representing, the LGBT community it's, also about the Asian community it's also about him, coming from a, divorced, household, I think there's a lot of things he needed to establish he, was a dominant Asian producer, he needed to show he was a huge advocate for the LGBT culture, if you think about all the things Eugene, is trying, to further with. His career all the other careers he's trying to help with his like somehow, it's a lot you're so visible in the Asian and LGBT communities, what's, that pressure like you know it's funny cuz someone tweeted me once I did a video or, a few videos where I was very honest about my background and like self-hating when people just made or, in Lent less fun of me for being Asian I got some tweets or responses from other Asians who said like how dare you you're, supposed to be a role model you can't talk about hating yourself that's not what we're about these, days everything's, positivity and you're someone people look up to and you shouldn't talk about having this I don't know toxic.

Emotional. Complex. Relationship. With your race or identity, I wish I could be in that place I wish I could be someone like that I wish I could fucking just like ride an Asian rainbow into the distance to. Be a gauge, in American, on top of that triples, to the stress I just had to be hyper, aware of doing anything that would. Deepen, someone else's prejudice, towards either party, like what being like weaker. Than others because you know I've cried before but, when they put me in a video to talk about crying I was like I'm not gonna fucking talked about crying you know it's good for either party that I'm representing especially, in early videos I always had to be like the, best at something cuz I didn't, want to be the Asian man on screen who, failed I didn't want to be the asian man on screen when I started doing try guys whoever. Looked. Worse than them I did, not want to be something, that could potentially move, the needle in the direction that was not further boosting. Communities, that need boosting, in truth I am just. As broken and as weird and fucked up if not more in a lot of ways the pressure of not being able to showcase, that Express that through work was crushing. It was crushing, for me so what are we doing today today is our second, full day of rehearsal, I am choreographing. And teaching the yellow scene which has, characters the boy and the girl so the yellow scene I've choreographed to be more, of the contemporary vein I really challenge myself with this because I'm gonna attempt a few lifts and I have a vision in my head it's very interesting because I don't necessarily have the most formal. Training but I did choreograph. Many videos many shows when I was young giving myself the freedom to sort of be flexible, with how they express themselves and how they best move as long as I give them the right character, direction I'm allowing myself to let, the story speak for itself I haven't been weirdly, as stressed as I typically, am I was really stressed last time you saw me I think that was because I, was. Confronted, with a large group of people that I had to choreograph, instantly, and that was the first time I was working with part of the cast I was coming fresh off of working on the try guys tour there was outside of pressures with the immense amount of work after you outside of this video that we're kind of affecting me during that night today because, we start filming tomorrow, I've decided, that I need to start, becoming, more meditative, and reflective because if I'm performing and directing tomorrow I can't be frazzled, I can't be so. Vulnerable that. I can't then become, vulnerable on-screen, does that make sense yeah. So I'm trying to be calm right, Kathleen I'm being calm also. She put some wine on me on Saturday, night so, then I felt pretty good and then I had a Hannah Hart video I went with and made Hannah just sat for about four hours and just talked about you know how proud she is of what I'm doing she just said you got to do exactly what first comes to you and this video was the first thing that came to my head I just hope that I can honor it with the actual production I feel okay I know.

I Know I have. Great people working with me I know, I trust everyone I'm just. They've. Been setting up the amazing. First read scene and the, crane JD, is gonna be taking some official portraits, Farren put me in this wonderful and Rogers, outfit for first, moment, I'm a little nervous because now, it's time to perform so, I got to really focus on that I wanted to portray the, sense of innocence like a sense that we all are born with an innate feeling of play and exploration and curiosity, the opening shot is was the first shot I thought of for this entire project it, was that image of me and my family and then zooming back and then seeing that we're not in a room but we're in a wide-open set, space establishing. A wall that we all live in our little bubbles and it's all about this idea of who, you, feel, like you are within a structured, group I grew up in a culture or multiple, cultures where being. The man and being masculine, and being hard and being violent, that wasn't just you know centered, on the men I knew it was centered on everyone abiding, by this idea that they were sort of central force and everything sort of had to abide, by their rules my, father suffered under this idea that he had to be a certain way that had to be cold that it be hard and when he was able to break free from that everything changed for us this whole opening. In this notion of what, a nuclear family is and, who you play as a female. Or male even as your child because I'm essentially a sort, of unformed. Non-gendered. Child in the opening that's kind of what I'm representing, that is the core of what I feel starts, making people feel, that inner hatred or feel that turmoil, and it's so much more difficult for even me to have come out and the more seamless wave and so that's why I have him as a character where the siblings like watching the mother and watching the father and impersonating, them. You. Can kind of almost be like you're a pageant queen and you're just like. So. It's 1 2 3 4 so you're just like mm ha, and, let that 4 on screen come out. And at, the end when he decides to you, know try acting, like his mom for a second and getting beat down by dad that's suppose to be the sobering moment the big change of you realizing, this child, this human, is being, immediately, told that he can't be a certain way. I. Think. Is shitty that anyone else ever conditioned, themselves that whole orange scene is kind of about that this idea of being individual. Or different or weird is bad, and that you have to change it growing up did you know they're kids that were out only the people who can hide. Being out they, had a terrible. Time I chose. Not to be out because I was afraid of being ostracized. Seeing. How others were, treated because they were different if I could avoid that at all costs. I was already so depressed. All the time that this idea that everyone, would just then come and put a stamp on my biggest, fear that I was for. Sure wrong and bad and less than broke in somehow because. Of who I was because I would have driven me off the edge and I just did, everything I could to avoid it that's why I was never out really until I went to college and left the, community I was in. So. The yellow scene is this, moment where it represents, sort of like first loves this character. Called the girl she sort of represents, the true, ally, of the community many of the people I was closest with when I was first, coming, out and, realizing. Who I was were trusted. Female. Confidants, all my best friends in high school were girls she's the first person you really notice changing, from a gray or outfit to a blacker outfit which is representative, of those supportive, of my journey I really wanted to sort of honor that with this idea of someone who was next to me as I was coming out when, I was young and then the boy of course is representative, of not. Only the first romantic love but the first sexual love that really is the realization. In this scene that I might not be attracted, to who I was told I should be attracted to that's what he represents, so I'm trying to give it this like feeling of a two different duets two different pata does that morph into this three-way, piece and with her kind of giving her blessing at the end to say that it's okay to be Who I am and to go off with the boy and that immediately, then cuts into the pride scene in the green where we're all about community I choreographed. This idea that the expansiveness, of the space would allow for really fast, long traveling and we, had to condense certain, moves to make sure that we all could stay, within frame particularly, the shot of us running, past the windows the original choreography was like twice the length but.

It's Okay that's that's part of what you do you got to think on the fly and then readjust I. Have. This amazing original. Custom, piece by Oscar back there he, rush or her made through, Ferren to pieces for this in the purple look because you got to get custom if you're gonna be dressing, the man body this whole scene is supposed to represent pride and a. Safe place for the community so I'm excited and this is one, of my favorite types of looks to do I bought this week for Mayhem's birthday when she asked me to grab for her yeah I wanted, to be your mom for that night thank. You do you like my slutty, trashcan squatting. Also. Do you see because I forgot my pads and my tights, I'm doing boy bottoms, hairy, legs and full untucked. It's. A choice yeah. That's. Right, we're covering up my bruises cuz I have about fifty bruises from Lucy, he's been really fortunate and, having, some like really really great people in his life that's really been helpful for his personal, growth I. Think. Maybe one of the reasons why he's doing this video is for, him to be able to communicate to, us his friends, and to his audience now although now he's, living in West Hollywood and he has like a beautiful, drag family and, heavily. Like vocal, and supportive, of the LGBTQ, community it. Was a difficult journey for him to get here and to get to this place of self-acceptance, and self-love I see these kids come up to me and it's been happening steadily. More and more over the past five years even, recently I had, two kids and separate occasions come to me and tell me because they watched me in particular however much I've even given it gave them enough confidence, to come out to their parents and. And. I only imagined, how much more helpful I can be for the community if. I could be more, than that if I can give more of myself and I haven't been giving all of myself ever since we've met I think our first conversations. Were always about how, he wanted to help, the communities, that he's a part of if I'm gonna be someone. That's worth a, kid. Coming. Out to their parents for then I. Don't. Think I can be someone who's lying to themselves or to other people and I don't think I can personally take. The. Withholding anymore. A. Huge. Left turn when, we go to the blue scene this is the darkest scene so this isn't scene that sort of represents hate we're running out of time this is very typical for film shoots it happens all the time and I don't want to sacrifice the quality of the different shots I set up cuz I had three shots for the scene so I'm creatively, thinking that we can compile, all them into one single take, for the blue scenes on the fly I have to recore graph the shot with our cinematographer, to make it work and then - this is the most emotionally.

Draining See me I have to be present and real. For, entire. Take that you can't cut away from it's a performance challenge but I think just due to time this might be our best bet okay let me show you where the music starts and ends 1. 2 P 4, is still feeding, mean, and 1, 2, 3 4. Dice first and I. Call crawl crawl. Crawl, crawl. Crawl. Into. My family's, feet the camera raises up. Families. Fighting they're fighting and. Then, they push me back down, and. I know from here just on me and then close-up on my face on the ground that. Works really well I'd. Say even up until last, year I was listening. To that voice that said I deserve to be shit, on because I'm different I'm just really tired of feeling that way all the time being older doesn't mean that it's been completely erased that's why I've always been so, hypersensitive, to how much, of myself I give away to people that I just meet how much have I given myself way to viewers and how much I still don't, give away to people like my family or close friends I do wish sometimes she, would reach out when he needs something when, he's not feeling okay or, when, he's having a bad day or needs, help figuring out personal. Issue to, be honest I can't actually recall in our 8 year friendship if any there are very few conversations like, that it feels like kind of a cop-out and I'm saying, this but I feel like maybe myself, and its other friends, equated, that as being normal because, we see Eugene as super, successful, 2. Million followers like, busy he's totally fine like he's doing super well that's only one aspect of his life so I mean I have to take responsibility as, well for not like reaching out and asking I. Should. Be an example of someone who can live openly, like that and does, live openly like that that, it's okay and you can be safe and in, your own time you can find your, own way to express it coming, out is not always a, solve for, many people it was a tip of the iceberg bit of information and, then a new, journey. And full-on education, about what being gay is this, is not a closed shut case for me after this this video is just expressing, an imprint of my experience, and in a way that's just a little more honest I think that's like the most, I could give right now and I'm hoping that it feels like it's impactful. Enough truly, deeply, all the things I'm skirting, in my personal life I wish I could throw, it out in the open it's. Like he literally gives, every single piece of himself into, his work you, see it to how depleted, he is after he does a project like this over, time those walls have come down and has become more. Vulnerable more, open more comfortable, being himself I'm really, proud of him really excited we're all really excited where. Do you hope to be with all this ten years from now I mean ten years from now I hope that none, of this fear. And shame, that I feel is as present. Or as forward, a thousand, percent owning, everything, about me and that none of that is conditioned, by relationships. Or history. Or community. Or where I grew up it's all just me existing, even, though I joke and I'm older than the typical person. On YouTube I'm still very.

Young In a lot of ways you know what the saddest thing is Kathleen. Don't get sad geez this is really sad I found. This letter you ever write letters when you were in middle school your, teachers would make you write a letter to your future self I found, that like a few years ago and the only thing, I wrote to myself are, you. Finally happy I, don't. Cry a kathleen i know it's and i know. It's really bad and then I open it I'm sure after I got in college and I was like oh that's fucking, sad and then I found, it again like ten years later I read it and I was like. You. Know I don't think I I am, yeah am I ever finally gonna be happy. Maybe. The answer is that no one's ever finally, happy. That's. Dark it. Is but like the video doesn't end happy, the video ends with a very distinct. Moment. Where people around me are completely divided in half and that, I'm getting barrage, by both sides of love and hates the world that I've experienced, is not one where. Everyone. Including, myself is just what a hundred percent embraced. Me with open arms the world that I understand, is always going to have this pool, between two opposing forces that, a sense of conflict is always, gonna combat, within myself are. You happier now than when, you wrote that yes. I am happier now better than that when I wrote that yeah for sure to be even in this position where I'm in front of millions of people going to be saying these things little me would not, even be able to say that to a person he I was whispering to in my class I think my younger self would be. Shocked. Shocked. At how. Generally. Open and how far I came my. Younger self would think that I was happy young me would definitely think current, me is in, a good place and I think that's good to remember. I'd like to thank them for being part of this project it's, a very deeply. Personal and, a. Very. Different type of thing to film for not, only. Viral. Video but in, general it's a very. Large. Concept. To grasp but I hope. That I can. Only tell my, version of, what. I experienced. Growing. Up gay realizing, I was gay and I. Hope that it touches other. LGBT. People other allies, this. Is a very. Hard thing to film. But. I'm so, thankful for all the crew. And the cast for, being such a huge part of making. This something that I imagined. Over and over my head into, a reality I can't, thank you all enough and. Yeah. I need a like, stiff, drink. I'm. Serious. Does anyone have like whiskey or vodka. Okay. Cool I love you all thank you so let's get the crane and everything out of here. You.

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My gods, I can't stop crying! I don't know how much this will help, but whoever you are reading this, know that there's this random youtube commenter who loves you and support you and respect you for you are. You are beautiful, and perfect in your imperfections. I am broken as well, and that's okay. Everything will eventually be okay. :)

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is the green scene a tribute to the orlando shooting?

This is such a deep and meaningful message.

Im so glad I have parents that arent so streotipical. They both worked and took care of me and my sister. And they were never stuck on an idea how men or women should be even though my grandparents were. And were fully accepting when I came out as (something). (Im from the Netherlands)


how can you watch any of these videos and think a single one of them are straight. lmao

at 2:28 can we just talk about how zach is looking hella fine right now!!! Like damn, the way he walked I almost didn't recognized him.

"the try gays"

I’m into production (beginners) but this was so impressive I think I’m advanced now

Eugene, you don't know me at all, but I just want to say that I am hella proud of you and this video. Doing this must've been so stressful, so scary and put a lot of pressure on you. It's amazing that you did this and that you did it in such a meaningful way. I hope this inspires people to love each other no matter who they are

fucking amazing


Two words. SELL OUT

I think this video not just speaks to LGBT people, but also to people who are afraid to be themselves. I am straight, but this video hit me, more understand how gay people feel in our system. He is very talented, keep going Eugene. Be true to yourself, and happiness will appear.

i cried so much

Why? Because you flunked Biology 101

It’s comforting to know that someone else is just as unhappy as I am.. I feel the pressures to be this thing that I’m not. I act happy and say I’m happy but I know deep down that I’m not.. I have every reason to be I’m so blessed to live the life I’ve been given and somehow that makes it harder because I feel so wrong and stupid for feeling unhappy with myself because I shouldn’t right? But to know someone else out there feels the same black hole that I’m feeling helps because I don’t feel so alone.. if a man who has millions of supporters and money and fame and friends and family and love can feel that same darkness, then I can too.. Until then I’ll fake it till I make it, but here’s to the hopes that one day i won’t have to

eugene made me cry when he said that some people who he is close to would disown him for this video.

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What.. I already Knew her was gay... How can people not Know.. Maybe Beacouse im a gay guy myself.. He's kinda hot tho.

My child was born female and came out to us at the age of 10. Now at the age of 13 he has told us he is trans. I made him watch your video. We teared up. We laughed. And then at the end he hugged me and thanked me for showing your video to him. what you need to know is that when you create something so emotionally charged and beautiful - you encourage others to also be brave and honest with themselves. My child was so courageous so early on....I cannot imagine what would've happened if he did not tell us and spent even a single second of pretending to be someone he is not. Bless you Eugene. You are an inspiration. To all ages.

Is he really gay

What are gay guys known for? Pageantry... What word described Eugene? Pageantry... Really cool video but my gaydar was spot on.

This video gave me goosebumps. I just feel all the pain and suffering Eugene went through. But he come out strong and showed us his confidence. I'm very happy for him and I wish I could give him a hug.

5:13 Eugene: *talks about his fear of being rejected by us and the internet* Me: *passes him 20 CCs of confidence* WE WILL NEVER REJECT YOU

Be free my Asian butterfly i love you no matter what❤❤ I'm just glad you could just be you nd be happy

As a trans woman, I lived a total lie for 27 years. I didnt even exist. I wasnt a person. I was an actor in a play. A fictional character. The way you so accurately expressed the power and freedom that comes from being true with yourself, alongside the new journey you embark upon, frought with pain, doubt and fear...I cant believe you could capture that so acutely on film within a few minutes. Im astonished and deeply moved... Thank you...

You know when life's sh*t then you get all depressed and teary-eyed but then you see all these people who care about you, the people who matters tries to understand and then accepts you. you start to see some beauty in life. but man, Eugene you got three bestfriends who understands and it makes me cry a bit on how adorable it is.

The like button that I've hit has a lot of admiration for people like eugene.

*THIS* is my absolute favorite Try Guys video that has been released because it is the most raw and translucent videos released in my opinion. I believe that us fans have waited, supportingly, for a long time for Eugene to allow himself to be truly open with the world. This beautiful, freeing, letting go of the chains made of anxiety and fear, and openness is truly what I have been waiting for from Eugene particularly and I am so proud.

Lets be honest... We all know that Eugene is gay

(So I wasn’t supposed to know he was gay until this video came out?) So beautiful and had me in tears

I've only seen 2 minutes and 25 seconds of this, but Zach, oh so goddamn sweet that I'm getting a cavity. They're all so amazing! Try Guys rock and I wish Zach was there to give Eugene a hug, even though Eugene would probably not want it XD Edit, yes: Aaaaand then Zach comes in and gives Eugene a hug and doesn't get it rejected. Yay!

Girl I’m crying

I thought we all already knew this, I didn't know he hadn't said yet

I know I'm kinda late but fuxk it... I already knew that you but it like never mattered to me because you know I spent alot of my life in lbgtq+ neighborhoods and I'm glad I did. I still love you and the other guys even on my other yt accounts I've watched your videos. Since the beginning on buzzfeed. This doesn't change who you are and who I think you are if anything it should make us love you more because you know you finally let us in. Which means alot.

24:10 I cried when he said are you finally happy

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i am SO proud of eugene, he came out in such a beautiful way and i think he can now be himself and not someone he had been trying to hide for years, i‘m so so so glad and happy. you did great eugene

Eugene you are such an important person in my adolescence, this means a lot to me, thanks for this, i feel like i can relate to you in many aspects and i hope one of these days i can openly tell my sexuality, IM PROUD OF YOU SWEETIE, and again, thank you (sorry for my english, it's not my first language):

Maybe the answer is that nobody is finaly really happy...damn that might be true, we are only seeking.


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i’m so fucking proud and wish him the absolute best because he deserves it

No shit I Knew

Im i the only who thought he was already gay ....any way i love u

He should be the emcee in Cabaret !!

lol took me the whole video to realise that each scene was a different colour of the pride flag lol

Well the other video to lie detector was a bit right then!

No one: Literally no one: Me: on a emotional rollercoaster & spots those chandelier earrings OMG THOSE CHANDELIER EARRINGS!!! (Googles giant chandelier earrings)

always the cute ones, damn.

I can’t be the only one who already knew he was gay...

In an extremely respectful and admirable way, to me, 7 minutes in, this video is less about Eugene's sexual preference and more about how influencual of a leader and how talented of a director and creator Eugene truly is. This guy's fucking amazing in way's he may or may not understand. The quality of a video he's about to produce with the time straint, budget, and talent he has at his disposal truly is a testament to who and what Eugene truly is. This is the type of person that truly shapes the path of mankind. Thanks to Eugene and the rest of the try guy's, we're being better'd every day wether any of us realize it or not. Keep on keeping guys and don't ever stop. The development of human kind depends on it.

"Fear and shame." Two of the most frequently used, productive emotions. Not.

We love you Eugene

I always looked up to Eugene as an asian american who is LGBTQ I as one is all 3 as well, but no one who is not online knows I am LGBTQ. Eugene is the best :) I hope no one I know sees this.

what monster disliked this

Your mind is so deeply beautiful.

So for Pride Month, are the try guys going to celebrate with "Try Guys try anal sex"? Or maybe "Try Guys try giving blows jobs"?

I for some reason thought Eugene already came out as gay?

My only beef is for the people who think bisexuals are like this, that they should end up choosing... not good for that myth at all, but at least he's found himself. I always did think he might swing more toward men than women, but never really thought about it further like this. Hope he can be happier now!

EUGENE I AM SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU. I've been watching all of the Try Guys for ages and I was so happy when all of you decided to go out on your own and just make your own 'brand'. It's SO amazing to see that you're just being you, and that's the best thing ever, because being you is just what you need :D congratulations on everything!

U go Eugene!

Not expected at all

As a straight person, Eugene you have 110% of my support. Go fucking get it man, and don't ever feel ashamed. You're amazing and an inspiration to us all, all of you are, but you're a huge part of that and you got nothing but love and support from your fans.

Wait, i am so confused. I thought we all knew he was gay and it wasn’t a secret

I thought we all knew he was gay, love this video tho

This video made me so emotional. I'm so proud

I thought this was a joke when I saw the title

Who cares

god we LOVE a visionary GENIUS

I have so much to say, but I am not sure if I can articulate them well. Nevertheless, I feel a sense of gratitude and hopeful after watching this video.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ no words.. i just feel love and happiness over this video!

That doesn’t change my love for you. ❤️ stay strong bb.

This is everything


Omg im so happy for you

Thank you

as someone who creates visual narrative content for graphic novels, I really appreciate you posting this behind the scenes. A lot of the time viewers see a very powerful beautiful piece like this production that is a very big piece of Eugene as an artist, viewers don't get to see how much this meant to the artist, or view the artist statement. I hope someday to make a poignant story that touches others. It will never be as beautiful or powerful as Eugene's video... But I hope it is as honest and discusses identity as clearly.

Is Eugene gay?

Filip Adnanes yes

Im sorry but when i first saw him so long ago i just knew he was...i thought everyone else knew to...then i seen all this coming out stuff and im like....confused

But hey man im super down for all that stuff no bad judgement here i support all

I mean..did anyone not think he was/is gay? It's always been a no brainer...

395K: 15K: 359K: why are you *g̶a̶y̶ homophobic?*

in true gay fasion, he sits anywhere but a chair

GUYS?????? These are most beta Soy Boy cucks I have ever seen virtue signalling for views!!!! Enough with the identity politics propaganda as no one cares that you like fucking dudes !!!!!!

Thought everyone knew this from like years ago.

“Are you finally happy?”.......My heart is destroyed



Not to be messed up or anything like I support him but I feel like it's just for publisity

For low wages?? You can do better than that man

i thought he already came out ??

To have coworkers like a family...God 4 of u really lucky.

I’m bisexual, well, there’s the first time I’ve said it.

Why am I crying so much


Ok but peep eugenes leather jacket

Eugene, you have been holding your breath for so long. I love that you did this, yas. You are amazing.

We knew...

I didnt even notice that the colors were rainbow

Me: it is a really long video about that beautiful crew but i don't have time.. i'll only watch half of it Me too: watches the whole thing sobbing

Aw your the MAN THE mAN love yaaaaaaa SIS!!

we all love u dude

I don't care As long as you -guys- Try stuff than it's find with me

I support the LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY

I thought he was gay a long time ago

James : let me introduce my self Eugene : My pleasure

One question, is he top or bottom?

I've always known this, congrats ugene ♥

Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of. 100% I love everyone for who they are. Eugene your still amazing and you give a lot of people confidence by doing this. Never be ashamed of who you are. We love you all the same.

I thought this was a year old video because I’ve never watched this channel and stuff, but turns it was couple of days ago. Congratulations man.

Honestly, I feel like the coming out video should be shown in schools so that the children today know that they're supposed to treat the LGBTQIA community with respect and equally so that we don't have repeats of shootings in clubs because people are scared or don't understand or don't like the community. They need to be taught that this is normal and regardless of what religion says, it's okay to be LGBTQIA and that they don't have to walk on a straight line and be with someone of the opposite gender. Love is Love.

Sometimes speaking no words makes the message more powerful, Eugene did just that. The video was so beautiful and creative, it really showed the fight people in the LGBTQIA community have to fight before coming out. I'm so inspired!

the letter. oh my god the letter.

Eugene your truly amazing and I wish you luck in this journey and to become maybe, happier. I'm still waiting for a day I don't wish I didn't exist, but I have a feeling depression will never leave. We can only manage it.

No one cares

@Free Riverdale Entertainment why? Does it make a difference if he is straight, gay or bi? Literally all he is telling us is who he wants to put his dick in. And I don't care what he does in that regard and you are kinda weird if you do care.

Alice Blue i care.

"Are you finally happy?"

It’s insane how fucking INCREDIBLE this is. How much work goes into these such deeply personal videos. That last 8-9 minutes to us but a life time for people like Eugene and the people he’s helping.

I thought I knew since I saw this channel...?

He’s one of those people that I feel like most people already knew but it’s still nice and heart warming to hear it from them :)

this is so fucking useless

virozツnobody cares

So is your comment.

thank you for being you and for doing what you love. you’re incredible Eugene and deserve so much love from those around you.

Welcome to the cult

Self-indulgent and cringey to hear someone talk about themselves like this. Courageous to 'come out' but awkward to defer any genuine processing of it to a proxy video production experience.

oh ok im crying now ok cool cool cool thats great cool alright cool

I’m honestly living

Eugene is a genius

I'm astonished by this work that Eugene has created, but I really hope he's gotten some sleep after this.

Wait.....you....I... I though you already came out. It was kinda your personality and aura that gave me the idea

Me:starts crying what I’m not crying you are

“Why I’m coming out as Gay” Because if you came out as straight then you’d be lying

Eugene, I am so proud of you. You did an extraordinary job on this project. I identify with many of the concepts you’ve portrayed in this video. Especially, the part of the letter you wrote to your older self. I have waves where I think I am happy and then periods where I feel like I am living a lie and I am not happy. I started coming out at the beginning of this year and the self hatred has lessen some. Other times, I feel it strongly. Inherited self hate is very real and hard to overcome/unlearn. It has been a process, but I’ve slowly started to accept myself. Thank you for you hard work. The end result is phenomenal. I love it!

Did I cry like a bitch? Yes, yes I did

i watched the video many times and the impact is still the same, I'm not gay but I'm considered "weird" so I can relate, though in a different way...I also can't get over that I always think I'm a bad person and keep on indirectly pushing myself for it...I wanted to be happy but I always think that I don't deserve to be happy and it's frustrating to not know why I feel this way

Was it just me or did you know that he was always gay

Eugene we totally support you don't worry about that

*We love you, Eugene.* ❤️

Proud of you eugene !

I think it is amazing that he did this. Not only does he come out he comes out as himself. And for me he is really strong and admire him for making this project. It is a heavy subject for him and it inspired me to make a project of a heavy subject in my life. Although it isn't the same thing you are gonna inspire a lot of people. Not only with coming out but also for people like me. By finally telling the world how you felt in a creative way.

Eugene is fecking talented. I applaud all of this.

Now that's gay af

This so powerful, it reminded me of the plastic surgery video, Eugene's disappointment that he didn't need to get any work done at all. We see you, your talent and we love you just as you are. You can all the cranes you want!

I love you so much yiu are an insperation. But i dont understand why you have to come out because we are all known for ages. I dont know why people have to come out people just be you

I’m happy for him but I’m pissed at the same time cause I wanted to marry him ❤️

Eugene is a beautiful ass person

I thought Eugene was always gay?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Mr. Yang, please see a therapist. Your sorrow is not healthy or normal and shouldn't be tolerated.

*did he come out because he didn't want to get kissed by james charles?*

Eugene, This is about to get really deep and sappy, so buckle up. First off, I am so immensely proud of you and the bravery it took to be your true, authentic self for the world to see. I have been following you and the other try guys since you started at buzzfeed with the women's underwear video. And since then, you've all shown to me that the world does not have to be as terrible as some may make it out to be. I find solace in yall's explorations. I just wanted to let you, in particular, know just how much you have impacted me, as a member of the lgbt community. I identify as bi, but have never felt like it fit in with any particular crowd or group. I was either too gay for the straights or too straight for they gays. But seeing you, and the struggles you have been through, gives me hope. I am not out to my family, but seeing this video, and your coming out video (which was absolutely amazing by the way) gave me a sense of belonging. I am slowly becoming more accepting of myself and who I am. So mostly I just want to say thank you for being you. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have someone like you in the spot light being so candid and open about the hardship you have faced and the time it took you to overcome those hardships. You are truly an inspiration. I am not particularly religious, but I'm sending you all the good juju! Happy Pride! Yours truly, Galveston, TX


As far as I'm concerned, a fag is a tiring or unwelcome task. Do you mean all the work that had to be done in order for the video to come to be?

11:57 I honestly thought Eugene was always just like awesome and super skilled at everything naturally, just one of those people. I never imagined how thoughtful and difficult it was for him

Who cares its 2019 why are you seeking attention as coming out

Is that his real family?

this is fucking gay you faggot

No shit it's gay. Also, i don't think he's a type of food or a bundle of sticks tied together and used as fuel lmao

Thankyou for coming out as Eugene

Keep fighting you all are brave and awesome !

Damn! your work ethic is insane and to create that final product. Speechless.

The video was already incredible and emotionally powerful, but the behind-the-scenes adds even more depth to his story. I am so glad they made this video because after watching his coming out video, I wanted to know more about his journey. Thank you Eugene for sharing your life, heart and soul and to everyone who came together to make this possible.

I’m so proud of him, but did anyone else know he was gay when he was at buzzfeed, or am I just that observant.

I don’t know if he’ll read this or if anyone who produced this will read this, but this as a whole, this production gave me the extra push I needed to come out as a lesbian to my homophobic father and his parents. Thank you for that. I wouldn’t have grown if I couldn’t have gotten past this barrier in my life. Thank you thank you thank you. Eternally. Much love ❤️

Who the fuck disliked this?

This is beautiful your vision was amazing and heart breaking I'm here for you I'm an alley all the way love wins and I will always fight for it!!

Eugene you truly are so brave, it inspires me how driven you are with what you do and how much passion you have inside you. It truly takes courage to make a video so personal like you did, i want to thank you for sharing that with the world because its beautiful and truly helpful. Keep doing you and living your identity to the fullest ❤

Eugene:im gay me:eugene why just why?

A true fan doesnt care if your gay or not we still appretiate you as a person

Damn it hes gay of course Cuz all the hot guys are either taken or gay

Proud Straight Ally over here, feeling all the more passionate about the fight for acceptance. This video is so fucking important as well as the music video proper. So much love.

Bruh, I already knew...

Everyone did such an amazing job. I love both of these videos. I still haven't come out to my family except for one of my older brothers, and to be honest, I'm actually considering it now. AMAZING!!!!!

I've Knew From The Start

Good for you ❤️

The guys I find cute are always gay.

I dont care if any body is gay/lesbain, BI, or even straight I care about their personality if their nice or not.

Why is it only captioned until about 10:26? :( It suddenly just stops for the rest of the video

Somebody give this man an award for all the great pieces he has put out. Omg!

I always tell my friends I don’t care if u r gay my guy u r ur self and that’s it Me : hits him in the head for doubting himself

okay can everyone stop comparing eugene and dan’s videos. like they’re both valid and both equally important and special and they were both very hard and show the struggles it took to make the video and be able to tell their stories. they both were beautiful and if they see this (which they probably won’t) i hope you know that we all love and appreciate you and everything you’ve done and put out to the online community, happy pride!


Eugene i lovve yoouuu soo much for being your self

Thank you so much

Show the world who you really are, Never let the world tell you who to be.

Im so confused i thought you already came out

We're so proud of you, Eugene!

I wasnt surprised as all about this. Lol. Beautiful video. And wish ya the most amount of luck x3

Well i kinda had a crush on him

And in other news...water is wet!!!

Hi Eugene and also everyone. I’d like to talk, and here seems like a good place to do so. I am a university student and came out in my new city about an hour and a half from my hometown. I went to my university towns pride festival and it was really lovely. But it turns out I was on the news. The news station that is shared with my hometown. My uncle saw me on the television and sent a picture of it to my whole family. I was not out to my family, my church, or really anyone in my hometown. My dad saw it and hasn’t spoken to me since. I’m crushed. I hurt so much. I don’t know what to do. I know what you mean, Eugene, about being afraid. I’m sorry we have to be afraid.

So many of the things Eugene said here broke me open. In the best way, Eugene, know that we bleed with you. -Torin

Why are the attractive guys always gay?! XD

I'm so confused bc I never heard of any of these humans in my life before...

유진형, 니가 나를 울게 했어요. 영원한 사랑 ♥

All the endlessly nice things I wish I could tell Eugene! Thank you for fighting so hard to keep going and to not implode! Thank you for creating! Thank you for being you! Happiness is a slippery beast! I get that! I hope you are proud of yourself and gradually grow in self love! You deserve to be happy!

It’s 2019 not 1920 though the fear of coming out is 100% valid these videos only matter to the ones who care and want it to matter, applying it to their lives and the fact you can share your life with us is not only amazing but makes me ecstatic and proud. All I can say is thank you

Eugene, all the work was amazing... I can’t stop crying ❤️

There was perfectly good furniture for him to sit on, but instead he sat on a table. He truly is a God

PYou are such a beautiful person Eugene. None of your fans will ever reject you, I think we already mostly knew. I've always admired how freely you share yourself, especially knowing how hard it is for you. I am not LGBTQ myself but so many of my friends are, I see your struggles, and I see your pain, and I see so many people who are lonely, and it fills me with this intense need to help. Watching you share yourself on screen and introduce LGBTQ support groups and such has really helped me understand more. You are loved so much by your fans, we all want to see you succeed and thrive and find happiness.

I just recently went on holiday with my best friends and I finally came out to them as bi. They all took it so well and were happy about me being my true self, and this video and what Eugene said only makes me happier about having come out and being proud of myself.

I’m glad you found the strength to be yourself

You're amazing.

Good for you Eugene

I hope Eugene will let loose now that this is all over. I think the hyper-competitive giving a fuck what people think must be draining.

I'm so happy he came out, I was so confused since he was such a good ally and you could find literally nothing about his sexuality but he likes dressing in drag

Everyone in this video is a fucking gift to this world

you are a amazing person and very talented

We love you always Eugene! No matter what!

Wow, I can't believe they changed the blue scene on the spot, as this was definitely the most powerful one to me.

It's crazy how with coming out nothing has changed but everything has changed. It must be tough. Great job :)

I'm so proud of you Eugene

Dear Eugene You are an amaizing human,coming out gay won't make us love you less.Keep up the great work you do and live your life the way you want.Lots of hugs from all tryceratops of the internet.:)

Eugines geuis


People who didn't skip anything | | V

Youtube coming out videos are still a thing in 2019? Whatever, Eugene's gonna make a ton of money making a video about something all of us already knew. It's a smart business move that will make them a lot of money, I can respect that.

To clear it up: Eugene, up until now, has never come out as any sort of lgbtq+ OFFICIALLY. That is to say that he’s never made a video of it, or actually directly addressed that he’s gay, and made some sort of thing about it. That being said, he has mentioned it in passing in previous videos that he considers himself queer, that he’s a member of the queer community, and I think mentioned dating both guys and girls. Alright? Do y’all finally get it? Good.

Looks like my chances with him are over. Well, I never had a chance anyway, he’s too much for me. We will always love and support you, Eugene Lee Yang. ❤️

22:40 he’s right

Anyone who is LGBTQ own up to it. Don't be ashamed of being LGBTQ. Since it's June it could be the bust time to come out. If people are saying bad things about LGBTQ people, it's not true. People who are LGBTQ be proud. It's pride month. So when famous people post this stuff they will get questions about it. It's okay. JUST BE PROUD OF BEING LGBTQ!!!!!!

Umm who thought he wasn't gay ?

i fucking love Eugene so much. my love, Eugene, i’ve learned that if people dislike you for something you can not control, it will hurt, but you do not need those people in your life. i support you, i love you, thank you for sharing. ❤️

I wish I could come out to my mom. I wish I could tell her that I'm different. That I'm not the same little girl she only sees me as. But I cant. As a middle child, she expects more out of me since I'm her only daughter. She expects me to be her, to be a strong older sister, with unwavering emotions. But sometime she makes me want to cry. My 3 older brothers and my older half sister, have all disappointed her time and time again. I cant be them, and I cant let her down by being different. My younger siblings look up to me as a proud woman who will always protect them. And I can be and i will always try, but I dont wanna change their views on the world. If I throw them into my life they would be exposed to so much hate and pain that it would ruin them. Like all my older siblings, they would turn out to be disappointments. And I cant help raise them like that. It may take years, maybe even decades for me to come to terms with the fact that I'm childish and selfish and scared. I cant even show a part of myself. I forced myself to love men for the fact that mother wants me to be "happy". To be smart about my future. It's hard. And most of the time really scary. But I was really happy to see the video. It really impacted me deeply. Someday I'll try. I'll try to tell her everything I'm feeling. Maybe when I can understand all of my emotions. She'll be able to understand me.

I love him sm! i thought he already came out! i’ve always thought that he is gay idk why! Don’t worry! no one is going to reject you love

Errr... Eugene... I think we all know that you are gay since long long time ago... But we still love you and your works as we always do, so stop stress your self. We like you because you are who you are, so be who you really want to be!

I cried and cried and cried

I applauded him for his bravery. To reveal such a secret in the Asian or Latino community is so frowned upon, your death would be better received in this instance.

My god I love him bro he’s inspired me

I honestly thought you were gay the first time I saw you but I’m proud of you either way

I'm stupid, i just realised he made the colors of the rainbow

Wasted so much money just to tell people he's going against natural order

Wow, he's like the first gay man I've seen who isn't really feminine, refreshing

I’m so happy that you feel comfortable and safe to come out on your own terms. Watching you grow as a professional artist and your own person is incredible. Let’s hope our society will become a safer place for more people to step out and live their truth.

For views ?

From straight to bi to gay Yeah it's called *_progress_*

I just found out that he was in the closet lol it was so incredibly obvious but ok cool

Thank you, Eugene, for having this idea, and bringing such an amazing work of art out into this crazy, scary world. And everyone who worked on this huge project, Thank You! There’s this oddly shy creature called Confidence, and because of people like you, it’s getting bigger and stronger.

How the hell did anyone think this man is straight omfg....... This pretty, single, Meteosexaul guy.... straight??????? No way.

Sooo he isn't bi

That video is so fking underrated. Why does it only have 10M views it deserves more than those senseless music videos

this made me ugly cry. massive thanks to everyone who made this happen including the creative genius himself. I always loved the creativity and dance as a a form of art- as a form of telling a story by each dramatization of a movement and the emotion each of those movements hold. this was truly amazing and as a pretty young gay myself, eugene's openness and his bravery to be out the r while being heavily aware of intersectionality in terms of being gay and a person of color (like take me for instance: I'm gay, asian, and a woman) . I am beyond proud because we've all loved eugene and now that he's going through the process of embracing self love and self acceptance, I can only say that I am sending every ounce of love from the depths of my big gay heart. I love u all. we will get there.

So... Everybody are different.. Thats what make us the same.. No matter who you are.. You are still the same eugene for me

I have so much respect for Eugene and to those who accept him and supports him. I’m proud of you. ❤️✨

I still can’t believe you’re gay... i’m just really shocked...


You deserve this

i think all the drag races made him gay

Thank you for sharing via this video. I think you are awesome, Eugene! Everyone deserves to be happy and I believe it starts with self love.

*Jesus wants to know your location* *Accept || Decline*

definitely the best coming out vid and definitely one of the best videos ever made boo

I'm feeling so many emotions right now I can't even.

This whole video I have been crying.

You are so fucking awesome... and I love you so much you have made many people so confident within themselves... you rock my world ❤️❤️❤️

before the video i kinda knew because Eugene was hinting about it lmao

The fact that people judge him for mentioning his flaws, that’s so fucked. I’m one to believe flaws makes a person easier to understand, i like seen complex in persons, it’s humane. Hearing what people say how “You have to be perfect because that’s what asian people are” no, just stop it! That’s so messed up!

Great video, Happy for you!!!

I thought he was really gay but I respect you eugene we love you

Such a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your story.

Here I thought the video itself was an emotional masterpiece, and then I see this...

Eugene, I am so SO proud of you. I watched this video and the music video with my almost 7 year old son and it opened up an incredibly profound dialogue with him. Thank you for that, the opportunity to educate my son and for everything you do ❤️

What a wonderful talented man!

The Green Scene made me think of the Orlando nightclub shooting the first time I saw it - I wonder if it's inadvertently a nod to that :(

Eugene, you absolute beauty. this is your journey and please know that you are loved and supported

I just came from the official video I'm proud of him❤️

9:08 I broke into tears that's all I can say

I love how supporting Keith, Ned, and Zach were it shows a lot of their characters

Anybody else cry while watching this??

I knew he was too cool to be straight

money grabbing assholes

Shout out the people who are still in the closet to this day. ( *yes I'm included* )

...I never knew he was gay....I had the biggest crush on him...

Why be gay. If you like anus why not be with a woman. She has anus +plus some. You are going through a phase. You are going to look back at this one day and say damn i was immature


I knew this day was gonna come. Finally

Why be gay?

I never saw the point of coming out. If i marry a woman, my family will figure it out. Why are people so obsessed with their sexuality? Yes people assume you're straight but fuck that.

This video just gave me the strength to come out to the older members of my family who are homophobic. Thank you Eugene you truly are one of the best gay icons!!

This explanation is actually what I read from each scene. I felt it all so deeply and especially the letter from his younger self- wow! I hope everyone, including Eugene, can at some point be finally happy and truly comfortable!! This video is incredible... thank you!

Didn't he already come out.

I'm so proud of you Eugene.

Eugene is brilliant, passionate, bold, and accomplished. I hope he finds satisfaction with all he’s done and all he is.

Am I the only one that had no clue he was gay...

I hate the conception that conservatives are anti-gay , I'm conservative and I fucking love Eugene

In retrospect, I feel so terrible that we (and the other Trys) always assumed Eugene to be flawless. It was always "oh, OF COURSE he's the best at this, too!" Only to find out now it was all from a fear of failure. I'm so proud of not only his coming out, but also for being vulnerable in this video. To drop "perfect Eugene " and "tough guy Eugene" (even though he looks like Jughead in the leather jacket) and be so raw and honest,

Engine honey, the internet loves you you got nothing to be scared of! Also, the cranes

That’s great that your friends are supporting you. You do you, boo.

I don’t think so anyone mentioned but wow your family really did such a good job in this choreography like it’s very difficult but I just want to point out like wow

But can we appreciate how good he looks in the thumbnail

I'm amaze that i don't realise every scene have color theme and all make a rainbow Genius.

honestly I think being asian is the main reason why I'm such a sad and gloomy person


i hate you eugene you are soooo disgusting.Know dude you need some medicines to become normal.

damn I really admire this man for so so so many things

응원해요 유진 저도 용기내볼게요☺

This project is amazing, bravo ! The world sadly needs that kind of art to finally understand that sexuality is just sexuality and that it should only concern you and your partners. I hope that maybe in twenty years we'll be able to see our kids just accept everyone as they are. Understand that we're not defined by who we love or the way we look, but by who we are inside. Thank you for putting yourself in such an uncomfortable position, for exposing yourself as much. I hope you find some sort of happiness that is durable because everyone deserve it, and particularly beautiful and strong people like you.

Hugs. I have only seen the show a couple of times, but I thought they all were gay. Go figure.

THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, I’m crying ); we are SO proud of you Eugene (‘: ❤️

Eugene, I've posted your coming out video on my Facebook, which only has a handful of close friends and my Chinese-descent family. This is my first attempt & hint of who I really am to my distant father—He probably won't get it or will be in denial until I explicitly state the intent, but thanks for your help; you have brought me courage and a visually & emotionally stunning video!

I can't express the amount of security you provide for me and many others who find it impossible to come out and expect acceptance. I love you and thank you for everything you do for the LGBTQ+ community.

Fuckin gay

So proud of you Eugene ! ❤

Super brave of him, and not to take anything away from him but... I thought everybody already knew he was gay. I mean... it's not like it wasn't obvious.

i remember being a freshman in highschool and the best identity i stuck with was "gay asian male" bc it embodies confidence and eugene is exactly that energy i took with me to get through highschool

I always knew he was gay

Can someone explain what the reason men love to do drag is? Are all drag men typically gay? I always stereotyped it to be gay men who wish to be trans but just can’t make the leap but after seeing Eugene’s video and participation in drag it makes me kinda open my eyes, is it basically like cosplay in a way? Just like nerds who dress up as their favorite heroes to get the feeling of being a hero is doing drag a way for gay men to feel beautiful in their own body? Also, I wish Eugene had mad a video of him coming out to his parents for all the other gay Koreans out there whom basically would never get the chance to come out like this cuz our culture is so conservative and made gay taboo af. Seeing Eugene’s korean parents react regardless of it being accepting, shocking or not it would give a lot of gay Koreans encouragement to do it themselves too as Korean gays especially living and born in Korea are probably stuck in the closet feeling true fear of societal danger both from their family and korean citizens. It’s hard enough being a straight korean trying to fit gender roles of our culture so I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a gay korean on top of all of that :/

LGBT : Manipulative World Domination

shut up gay

The finished product is AMAZING!!!!! The HARD WORK PAID OFF!!!

No homo

eugene: i need a STIFF drink everybody: *claps* eugene: i'm serious

I swear he already said he was gay...

I definitely cried in the blue scene

Dont you think this wass maybeeee a bittt... eehhhh... whats the word... overkill?

"Son, you can have two cranes" - dreamdad said.

Honestly not judging you but if you wanted to do something "right" why not having your hormonal injections as a man because you were born as a ban I mean "duh" right" not to be a rebel and deny who you really are I mean honestly you can't have a competitive argument with thisnhecause you need the cash

This music video is so beautiful and elegant ☺️ it gives me the shivers its so beautiful

I didn't see this coming..but does it matter? NO!We all love you as long as you are happy

Vitun homo saatanan runkkari oikeesti

I am in my later 30s and I’ve only come out to like three people and I’ve known I was gay since I was a child. So I totally understand where he’s coming from.

Dang I used to just think he was hot but now I just want to hug him he's been through some shit

I would go freaking gay for this man HES FRIKIN AMAZING

This speaks out loud for our community

I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE HE CHOREOGRAPHED THIS! from one dancer to another, bra-fucking-vo.

when i see the very little end bit of Eugene trying to hold in tears i wanna hug him and say dont cry, but just cry Eugene, let it all out, we love you no matter what.

Why is him being gay make him insanely hotter now?

This is fuckin gay

Is he pansexual or gay?

NO one can always be happy brother. Strive to be content. What's wrong with simply not being depressed?

Now it's the try gays

Eugene: this is the most important video I will ever produce in my life on the internet LGBTQIA+: (nice comments, likes, and donations) "We love you Eugene" Non-LGBTQIA: (dislikes, spiteful comments, and tells people to sub on twitch instead of donating) "wow such a waste of time (also this button helps) Below show less ↓

I am not at all surprised that you are gay. I know it takes a lot of courage to come out especially when people who you love and care about deeply maybe homophobic and may disown you. It’s easy for some to say “screw them if they don’t accept you for who you are”, but really we all know that it’s easier said than done. Thank you for opening yourself up to strangers like us.

im i the only one who had no clue he was gay.....i always thought he was killing pussy left and right.......

I hope you found Happiness, i know how it feels to be scared to tell anyone that i'm not in the way it should be. i hate myself being woman, i actually want to be a boy, but i live in a country that shame people who not in exact "normal" state. i felt stuck and out of the place.

"I had a strong belief that I was not only bad, but I was wrong, there was something wrong with me." Oof, that hits devastatingly close to home.

Eugene WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for using your craft and showcasing it in the most artistic way!

He’s my favourite Try Guy & one of my favourite Internet people & yet I am surprised that he hasn’t come out publicly as gay... I love you Eugene. Wishing you all the love, luck & safety the world has to offer. Never again feel doubted, insecure or hopefully, depressed. YOU. ARE. LOVED. ❤️

I am so happy everyone's supporting him

how dramatic lol. on one hand the lgbt community want their sexuality to be just that and not have it overhyped meanwhile on the other hand u have this

I haven't cried for over 5 years until I did a month ago.

Buck up, fuck the drama queen bullshit. We know you are tough and smart. Go live your life,we are still behind you as butterflies. Metel even.

I support Eugene 120% but I didn't realize he was gay? My gaydar is broken

We loved it

Did all of us already know the Eugene was gay because I did.

guess the sexiest men are the gayest men saying is true

I love how the other try guys are so supportive and understanding. I think it’s great that they pitched in and made him happy

I am so, incredibly happy and moved to tears and oh my god I’m meeting you and the others in only 5 days now and idk what I’m gonna do. Ugh. So proud of you Eugene. I’m sure that means nothing coming from a lil bi chick from Wisconsin but this meant a whole hell of a lot to me. Much endless love.

Amazing!!!!! You are definitely an Empath. Keep following your intuition

See still love u :D lgbtq+ support!

Be yourself ^-^ ❤❤

I'm only a minute and 20s in, but...the crane and EVERYTHING was all worth it! Best video *so far*

crying tears of happiness for Eugene and how deep this project is and how amazing it turned out

Actually when the first time i look the try guys video i fallen in live with eugene but after i know eugene was gay i'm a little bit sad but i hoped you find your happiness :)

It doesn’t matter what your sexuality is and people shouldn’t have to come out, because *everyone is valid*

Who didint realise he is gay

Eugene is unimaginably talented. Eugene, this was....beyond incredible. Like I can't explain that enough. The choreography, I assumed was done by some major Hollywood professional. Like you guys must've hired the top choreographer in Hollywood. And when I saw that it was YOU I was shocked. Not because I didn't think you could do it. I was just unaware as to HOW talented you are.

For those people that say "positivity all the time", that is not human. Thank you Eugene for being honest, since honesty makes it easier for us humans to connect, so we can eventually reach and embrace our spiritual selves.

Well now I know that Eugene’s gay, but I still love you Eugene ❤️

i knew it

U sa fag

This is beautiful. Every aspect of it.

eugene is art!

I thought he was already out?

*m o n e y*

Those exclamation point earrings! WANT THEM!!!!!

Eugene; i truly wish that more people come to you for directing and producing jobs cause hot daaaamn that was a beautiful video !!

We allways knew lol ..

Ha gaaaaaay

Try hard faggot.

Some people really don’t need to come out

I love this ❤️

We needed this video so bad.

Eugene, this choreografy is sooo perfect, so deep, I have a playlist called " playlist for my future children" and your video is there.

This is too much...we all knew he would sucka dick. Nothing too bad.

This better be in this years YouTube rewind These are the type of people we need Like who the hell said ninja

11:04 Would that rainbow be different shades of yellow?

Thank you for being an inspiriation. I feel empowered.

You did great! I'm glad you have good friends who accept you for who you are!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful, talented, vulnerable self!

Thought he was a straight boi

was his closet made of glass? like np hate im les but come on Eugine you were clearly gay from the start

Most of the subscribers and fanbase probably realized a while ago that Eugene was gay. Good for him for coming out though.

One of the most beautiful gay boiz I’ve ever seen

Congratulations on choosing & initiating your journey to AUTHENTICITY so expressively!

this is so genuine and so well made .. i love it .. I cried the whole time

Also Eugene, please consider as well that trying to remain positive all the time, is a falsehood, and is a denial of self. This is what is known as BYPASSING, call it spiritual or EMOTIONAL BYPASSING- it disregards other natural elements of our emotional and mental realities, and instead focuses only on one narrowed angle. You know in your core and heart that this is NOT the full spectrum, nor is it a realistic, accurate, or HEALTHY way to exist- to believe that you are only valid, only wanted, only needed, only good- if you force or push through only seemingly happy or 'positive' realities, emotions, or thoughts. That is a HEAVILY distorted teaching running through the veins of society, that is a detriment to many. It invalidates, and minimizes expansive areas of the self- and also completely twists other powerful emotional realms in on themselves- not all seemingly 'negative' emotions are bad, inappropriate, or WRONG. People are quick to wrong us for feeling anything that makes THEM feel uncomfortable, or for feeling things THEY are not ready to face. WORKING through your shadow elements, core realities, fears, and ALL feelings, is far healthier, and FEELING them vs. supressing them and blocking them and DENYING them, is FAR healthier. TRUST that what you are doing, IS a more real- but YES, more VULNERABLE spectrum of being a conscious being. Remember to challenge the common realities that people abide by, be it socially, gender wise, mentally, emotionally- as many people are living in frozen boxes, constricting themselves, suffering silently. You can break the chains of suffering, be they generational, familial, mental, emotional. Release the concept that feeling is bad, that emotions are bad. That being tender, raw, deep etc... is bad, or wrong.

Eugene, you have always been my favorite "Try Guy"- you are absolutely stunning, and so fascinating to see growing, and exploring, and expanding as you are. Remember that you also CREATE your family, your SOUL family is present, and forming, still. Remember that the dynamics of what we think or feel should be our family, may not be the full truth of what a TRUE family consists of, looks like, and how it functions. Remember to trust that you are SUPPORTED, not just that you may be outcast, or rejected. It is important to remember and hold space for what is here, not just what may not be here.


Thank you for being so open and honest about the queer asian experience and how complicated it is to have a complex relationship with various parts of yourself

I haven't even finished the video yet, but I already just want to throw out there "I Love You!" Your honesty in this video and exposure of your vulnerability really resonates with some of my own experiences growing up gay. Here in the UK until 21st June 2000 (the year I left school) there was Section 28 which stated local authorities "..shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality" or "promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptance of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship". So unless you sought out help or guidance from a school counsellor because you were questioning yourself, there was nothing to inform or support a young person about differing sexualities. Thankfully times have evolved. Youngsters today now have more access to guidance and acceptance from the people they look up to to help them in their informative years. I needed that guidance, as I'm sure you were looking for the same. But more so the acceptance from those around you. I accept you and love you for who you are. Big GAY hugs Martin x

So fucking emotional man. Well done

Damn it , why are all the hot guys gay, still like u tho

"I was a depressed kid" "Till what age" "33" Me: HE'S THAT OLD

A true fan knew Eugene dropped the bomb in the pimp his ride video

'I wish I could just ride an Asian rainbow'

https://youtu.be/QruHsyt8paY?t=622 10:22 - the most hilarious moment of the video. =D

I FUCKING LOVE YOU EUGENE BUT i just noticed that Keith's color blue is the ass of the dinosaur Basically Keith is the ass of the try guys

I knew it

I didn’t realize it was a rainbow that’s really cool and this was such an amazing video and so inspirational congratulations Eugene I’m very happy for you ❤️

Eugene we love you as you are, You are amazing and kind. love is love! the best person you can be is yourself.

Did anyone notice that at the end even though he said he wanted a drink I felt like he wanted to cry dude just cry it's fine. Think it still effects him to this day. So glad you opened up about this so important. Also love planning that went in to this. Love you Eugene ❤️.

he already said he's gay in the plastic surgery video

its really... heartwrenching to hear someone else come out who is also asian, and just voice all the fears and worries you had through your entire life. Thank you.

I’m straight but you do you and never let anyone bring you down bc I have seen kid think about suicide at my school bc of their sexuality hope the rest of ur future is bright

Guys who are bi never stay that way.

he, all the 14 years old girls have a confused heart rn girl: awww this is so great i support you same girl: shit now i cant have him.

Wow I didn’t even realize that each scene represented a color on the lgbtq+ flag....WOW this video is really fucking amazing

Heres a hug eugene *hugs even tho you hate them you need one

Imagine my shock....You didn't have to make this video for attention, we all knew.

It took me 7 years of being called a lesbo to find out im bisexual so... I kinda get how he feels For the eugene lovers Press this button ⬇

Gonna take a wild guess and say it's because he's gay

i wrote the same exact thing made me depressed because nothings changed but aye if you ignore it its not there

I have such a huge respect for anyone involved and truly feel like that the end result made it worth, even though I am sure some things have been cut and stuff, because that's the trouble with time limits and moving pictures. Anyway virtual hats off to anyone, biting pens and smashing keyboards and thinking and doing anything.

IM FANBOYING OML I’m having a mental breakdown because of how much I’ve been fanboying over this

I hope since the release of your beautiful coming out video you’ve found even more happiness and light. Thank you for creating such a honest, amazing piece of art. ❤️

youre amazing.

Ned is the Dad that all queer kids want. "Dad can I borrow some money for a crane?" Ned: "What! Why do you need a crane?" "I need it for my ~iconic~ coming out video" Ned: "You can have 2 cranes!"

this is so meaningful, i’m glad you were finally able to do this for yourself

You give me ideas on how to come out... thank you. ~w~

He looks like he’s straight

Yo Congrats on finishing your project Eugene. I don't know if you will read this or not, but all I can say is well done mate. Truly inspiring.

Eugene you are an amazing person. We love you for who you are. I was so inspired by your video. Felt all the journey you had to live through. I do hope you know that the love you receive from us really outweight the hate comments. I cried while watching your video, I really saw that you pour your soul into this project, and it showed. You are an artist and should do more projects like this. ❤❤❤

"Son. You can have 2 cranes"

i just want to give him a hug

Wait Eugene’s gay I thought he was a really really hot straight guy But I support #pride

He is like Freddy Mercury. (From Queen) .Everyone had an idea then he came out and everyone accepted him

why do i feel like i just watched beyonce: homecoming? the details, the hard work and authenticity. thank u, eugene, for being brave enough to tell yr story in such a beautiful and honest way.

I have actually attempted suicide over the fact that I was scared, I’m still scared, and I honestly feel like there shouldn’t be a reason for us members of the LGBTQ+ community to be scared but there is, and that’s terrible. I really need help but I really don’t know who to ask...

I really don’t know if this is a shocker or rude lol but I kinda knew he was gay....so this wasn’t really shocking for me, but i love you Eugene


People: HAHAAAA YOU’RE ASIAN Me: ...how tf do I control whether I’m Asian or not?

I can relate to Eugene so much... I’m so scared to come out to some of my friends and like 99% of my family

Wow. I have mad respect for Eugene. I'm still closeted, and so many of the things he talked about with his family and friends makes it abundantly clear that we have some insane similarities. Church going, daughter of an immigrant, I hope that I can join the same journey he is on sometime soon. I'm tired of asking that question that little Eugene asked, and not being able to answer that question.


Dang 16k people accidentally clicked the dislike

Hey, I have those shoes too... Also you are awesome


Eugene has been taken by James Charles

I appreciate Eugene so much...holy fuck.

Good for you Eugene!!! Hope you find that happiness brotha!!!!

overwhelmingly amazing


Love that, that video is what made me fall in love with The Try Guys. ❤️

Love all of you

So me and my friend think eugene is the best try guy and she wants to date him I'm like nice. Then she saw that he's guy she came to me and I said, but first I'm not gay this was a joke "welp guess who's my man and shes like the fu*I" then I said I was joking but we are going to the try guys show July 21 *No I am not dating my best friend.

I am envious of your courage and strength. You are a beautiful person! You have so many supporters, always remember that!!

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that you're gay. You dress gay, you wear clothes a straight guy would never wear.

I can't be the only person who already got the memo right

As a lesbian, I have the exact opposite feelings about the word gay and the q word. I could go my entire life without hearing q***r again and be happy.


Always admired your creativity, Eugene. ♥

I'm crying watching this right now I wish I had enough money to go on tour and hug you. You and the try guys have made me happy when I was sad I literally stopped messing with that other channel because I would watch the try guys. Eugene is such a beautiful soul I'll never leave the try guys channel. I'm so emotional like can I just give you a hug? One day I hope nobody left you after coming out as Gay I would be honored if you were in my life I'm just 22 female but when I'm older I hope to have at least half the confidence as Eugene. I just wish this world were better for everyone no matter lgbtq race religion etc. I'm so proud Eugene did this I wish I could hug you Eugene I wish i could

I want to see the final project!


27 min to say I’m gay

I wish I could send this more privately but alas, this is youtube so here goes: Eugene, my heart is so full for you. As a 30 year old, queer (lesbian? bi? pan? I still don't know), fat women raised in the Christian community, your story ECHOES mine in so many ways. I too spend so much of my childhood struggling with my identity and felt so much shame. I hated that I was fat, hated that I wasn't straight and hated that I never felt HAPPY. There is so much more of my story that I would love to share but I'll skip ahead to this. I'm still fucking sad a lot of the time, but like you, I'm happier now than I was. So so much happier. When I think about how far we've come I can't help but be OPTIMISTIC about our futures. We are both learning to be SOFT and OPEN (which fucking SUCKS sometimes doesn't it?) We are letting people IN, letting people see the REAL us, letting them break us down or build us up. I am so FUCKING PROUD of you Eugene! As I sit on the sofa and cry a little to myself, I hope you'll see this and remember that you are worth it. You are a pillar of our community. Without an once of cheesiness I tell you, you, my dear, are an inspiration. Love and light and hope and softness from Portland, OR, Sarah

Being a part of the LGBTQ community should be something we dont have to be afraid of, that video sent hope straight through my heart and I know many others as well, we shouldnt be scared to be who we are and I hope one day the world can see the difference in beauty

Im gonna cry

Do not worry everyone will see the mental illness in you. They will know you are queer with out you saying a word.

No, that's about how everyone can tell how you have a mental retardation



The video is a masterpiece. ❤

I haven't been keeping up with these guys, not because I don't like them, I just internet a lot less than I used too and don't spend as much time on Youtube. I used to watch their stuff fairly regularly. I legitimately didn't know he wasn't already out, like a while ago. I don't want to say "I could tell", but I thought it had been mentioned before and just thought no one was making a big deal out of it. It wasn't "immediately obvious" but I guess I just picked up on stuff as I watched more and more of their videos. I guess I remember wrong and just sort of assumed he was out, though I honestly can't pin down exactly what it was that made me assume that. Good for him. I hope this is a weight off his shoulders and that it all works out for him.

So does Eugene identity as a she or a he?

3:17 the chic in purple looks like cristine

This man is over 30 years old!!!!!!!! I thought he was like 25 or less

You dont need to express your emotions and feelings through words it's not an easy thing to do, it takes practice to open yourself up like that and know what truth means to you. That's why we have art. Eugene was able to Express himself through dance it was so much more emotional and meaningful than any type of words that he would ever be able to expresss. ❤

Legit I thought Eugene was Eugene He loves everyone and dates every gender but he isn’t bisexual he is just eugene

Also, the gay male scene was/is notoriously racist particularly to asian men. Just like Kim Chi highlighted "no fats, no femmes, no Asians". So beinf a gay asian male is like being an outsider amongst outsiders sometimes.

So inspiring! Amazing job

I will kick your ass if I see you in real life

Me personally, I never thought being differnt was bad I just didn't know it could be good

At the end he tries not to cry and it makes me cry!


So incredibly proud of you Eugien! You are truly inspiring!

Good for Eugene

Need that leather jacket pls.

Smh more of them

An fgaggot is bad representation for Asian males, so sad.

@artificial fortnite It's an alternative spelling because Jewtube automatically filters slurs sometimes.

the hell is a fgaggot?

_crawl_ _crawl_ _cr a w l_ _c r a w l_

Eugene came out in the most Eugene way possible...........and i love it

... I thought he was already out?

For content Clearly

Disgusting faggot

Thank you..

I will beat Eugene up and push him down a black hole full of snakes if I see him.

this is one of the most beautiful and touching thing I saw this year... or, maybe, in a very long time... You rock, baby!

Who cares lol

@Troll Master There's something genuinely mentally wrong with your head

I will brutally beat him up if I see him

eugene holding back the tears at the end i'm-

24:18 "i know that's fucking sad" laughing

somebody read eugene's birth chart now.


Im happy for you

he is gay ?? wait, seriously ??

I’m so happy for you Eugene. (:

"Why I'm Coming Out As Gay" ... because you are? xD No, seriously though, this must have been incredibly scary to do. Coming out is never easy, not even to yourself. I am proud of everyone who has the courage to do it. Even when it's "obvious" or "implied", stepping up and saying out loud "I am gay" is something that takes an incredible amount of strength. This should not be underestimated. Because it also involves accepting it for yourself. Which is the most important thing, since, no matter what other people say, you have to be accepting of yourself first. Also, if you, yes, you, are worried about coming out to anyone or "just" yourself: You are not abnormal, you are not strange, it is not a phase, you have every right to experiment and try new things. Nobody should judge you for loving who you want to. No God, not your parents and family, not your friends, no random strangers. You are free and beautiful and strong and it is okay to be scared. But don't let the fear of not being accepted drag you down. Because there are always so, so many people out there who will accept you. Be brave, be courageous, embrace yourself and embrace anyone who also took this step - or needs your support in doing so. Because it also takes courage to step up for others.

I thought he was bi

I’m confused, I thought he was gay years ago. It really doesn’t make any difference whatsoever, Eugene is still amazing whether he is straight, gay, pink, purple or green. Amazing video and such an emotional tribute to both him and the LBGT community

This video is the Beyoncé Homecoming of Pride 2019

i need to tell the whole WORLD my Private Life. and yea im Gay. wow what a fucken superhero.God help us..

another guy thinks its cool to COME OUT that his GAY.. DOES HE LIKE GAY TIMES? IM BORED

I’m to worried to come out as pan I think my dad will be little bugged about it and bring it up to his coworkers and my mom would just call it a phase and be upset I don’t act like pretty princess

When I came out as trans I lost my family, my job, my best friend and my home. It is so scary and there are so many risks to coming out. You've done a brave thing Eugene and the community has your back

Is it me or twards the end he is using the for a horizon 4 theme but still I don’t see you any different we all love you and we’re here for you 1 like = 10 respect points for Eugene lee yang

idk I might come out bi now because you did this :D

Eugene!!!!! I am so proud of you!!! You made a beautiful film and this is a beautiful doc.

I’m so happy for you!! I’m bi and am terrified to tell anyone so you are stronger than me

You've done beautifully, Eugene! You are fantastic and I admire the HUUUGE bravery in doing this! You've inspired me to be more brave in my life and really go all in! You've gotten even more lovable and admirable after this video!

no one gives a fuck eugene

I wish you the best.

I love Eugene. Thank you. Crying.

After seeing the video....I already knew like how didn’t you already know? Or maybe I assumed he was

Still being a good producer in the end " Let's get the crane and everything outta here" :):):).. you are super talented eugene and looks like you have a preety solid network of support around you.

More power to you, Eugene. We are proud of you.

Idc what he is ... he’s perfect

Honestly Eugene gives out Freddie Mercury vibes.

"Why." Because you like guys?

Fantastic video, thank you for sharing.

Zero surprised, and zero cared. Good for him to be able to be comfortable enough to come out though.

I always thought Zack was the gay one

Ironically, the real struggle is not with cultural differences, race, stereotype gender roles, or sexual orientation in this case. Eugene's struggle is that of every known artist/genius who has ever lived, past and present -- autonomy versus interdependence, populist versus iconoclastic, a "balanced" life versus the extremes necessary to "break through" the known world-view, and how to keep the child-like qualities needed to create while not becoming emotionally-stunted childish.... Eugene cares too much about what others think STILL, cares too much for the illusion of happiness (artists are typically most "happy" when miserable which is very motivating), which makes him self-aware, which creates the doubt. That's youth (and social pressure of group-think), that will hopefully fade with experience. In the years of repression, Eugene hasn't developed his psyche, as with people with addiction -- there's a time of lack. He's mentally far superior to the average person and they know it, yet, this video is a "teenage" expression at 33, getting through it to move forward...Fear, doubt, guilt, and shame are the prisons. Greatness comes from within (I believe a form of mental illness, neurotic impulses which supersedes common priorities), not the trying on of personaes that may seem so important in the moment, but the long term are just so much artifice (think Bowie's "stripping down, back-to-basics) like a hall of mirrors which gets some attention but lacks substance because it's value is in shock and shock wears thin. The real trick -- once self-actualizing an artist is always a construct in truth, in just doing the work (first-hand, purely), sustaining productivity, no matter how unnerving to others or exhausting to self -- is to not confuse self-expression as a manipulative tool in anger toward those who don't understand the metaphoric language artists' speak in. Revolt, sure. Not martyrdom. Eugene is carrying a lot of weight but that weight isn't what is indicated here. His gift is looming large and is cumbersome at this point, outgrowing his current circumstances. Who's going to pay for his "vision"? Someday soon he, and everyone around him, will recognize the genius, act accordingly as best they can, and help him own his rightful place in history without the misery of a Van Gogh, the confusion of practical application of a Orson Wells, and so on. This video is but one step in that direction on a long journey. The primary question is beginning to form here: what does genius do with itself? I predicted this a few years ago when I saw a prior video Eugene did. Hollywood, the world, the future, needs Eugene and that's asking a lot from him, a seemingly overwhelming dedication few can take on. Staying away from self-medication for the pain of the isolation (the whole world can love you and you feel alone because you don't feel understood). If I were to speak to Eugene directly: Keep healthy. Keep grounded. Don't be afraid of what is already there, what is already your destiny. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need/want because it's not selfish -- you're taking people's investment to make it possible for you to invest in possibilities which uplift the human spirit. Experiment. Fail. Fall down and have a fit. Cry. Don't cry. Just do the work and it will all make sense. Don't lower yourself (such as being associated with silly alcohol-drinking videos) because it's an insult to you, your talent, to your supporters, to the incredible story you own. You are the conduit of representations of the human condition, a teacher, a story-teller, a visionary. You don't owe anything to the world, piss it all way if you so choose, except there is a responsibility to your work which resonates. What you have isn't a gift handed to you. It's a part of you, MORE part of you than any other superfluous labels you go on about. You earn your creativity. If you do end up channelling, do it wisely, clear of message and intent, and you (like Oprah) will be part of something bigger than you can possibly conceive of now. Time is of the essence and preparation is required. "Coming Out" isn't all that interesting or all that meaningful in the end. Listening, seeing, being, participating, experiencing, reacting, sharing, trying is EVERYTHING. Mmmmm, a Try Guy...I wish I could be more helpful because Eugene is a worthy cause.


Gay or not we all love you & accept you for who you truly are!!!!! I love you Eugene and ty for coming out!!!! Eugene if it helps I'm bisexual and I want to be with women

Think about what you’re saying....you bone MEN....


Im actually crying

Thank you

it amazes me how passionate & dedicated Eugene is ; he is such an amazing & phenomenal person !

I hope Eugene feels the love and support that I know the LGBTQ community and Asian community are giving to him. He's really brings himself down but also has brought such honor and respect to all the places he represents. He represents them well and gracefully.

What nasty, whorey bitch thought it was a good idea to tell Eugene that talking about his view on his own goddamn life made him a bad role model? The world isn't puppies and rainbows, and I think that any person of any race can tell that.

He is gay, his parents don’t like, I don’t think he is ever getting a wife

Eugene deserves happiness ❤️

This video is really inspiring to me. I'm pansexual, and I don't exactly represent as feminine as people expect me to. I have really short hair (like a guys cut kind of) and I'm usually just wearing a t-shirt, basketball shorts, and tennis shoes, with no makeup on ever. People instantly assume I'm lesbian, and I get called a dyke a lot. It doesn't personally bother me, but the fear of coming out to family and anyone older is still terrifying. I don't know how they'll react. A lot of my family is quite religious (which I personally am not, so some are already annoyed because of that), so I don't know what they'll think or say. I haven't told my parents yet, and I'm only out to a handful of people closer to my age. To see this video is just... Amazing. I feel proud of Eugene, and he's made me a lot more confident with my sexuality because of all this. Thank you, if you somehow see this. To anyone who reads this, I hope you're happy and safe, and anyone who tells you you're wrong or invalid because of who you are don't deserve you.

Sorry for the long paragraph

I'm fine with this but my dreams with being with him are dead

You are so courageous

“I’m I ever gonna finally be happy” “Hahahahhhhaaahahaha” Hey! I love this video, and I’m glad that you came out :) Help gays like us uwu

Use this as I am part of the LGBTQ’s comunity button ⬇️


I love the comments more than the video! Ya'll are so dope

I kinda feel like that parent that's like... I know. Now let's throw a coming out party!!

You're coming out? Not a surprise, all your viewers love you so damn much! We already knew. Love ya honey.

You've always had happiness, it's what you're made of. Keep being true to you and no one can deny your beauty. Or anyone else's for that matter.

son, you can have 2 cranes hahaha

Eugene you are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with us ❤️

Use this as an "We hate Eugene" button- like seriously, Please

Was i the only one who kinda knew this already? I can’t be.

This is literally giving me chills

Imagine having Ezra Miller in this project

We knew... period. Was just waiting.

Watched the video yesterday and just finished this one. Being able to understand part of his mind and the whole process of this is amazing. I thought it was cool how he used the six colors as stages; that's creativity there. Also, I related a lot to the whole feeling like I had to live up to certain Asian stereotypes and finding happiness. It's really tough when you don't feel you're good enough. When Eugene talked about being able to feel someone's emotion or about feeling like he was wrong, that really hit me. It's weird how I related to that more than I thought, but when I look back on my middle school, it was rough, and I did have people try to "toughen me up." I didn't realize how much I relate to Eugene. Also, I give him so much praise for a lot of things. I had no clue he did all this directing, producing, cinematography, and choreographing. His video coming out was just a surprise to me, and probably most people. (And) this video just shows how much talent, hard work, perseverance, courage (etc.) he has. I may not be apart of the LGBTQ+ community, but I support and love all my friends no matter what. (And) I will continue to love and support Eugene, too, no matter what. Congratulations, Eugene, for so many things, but mostly your courage, struggle, perseverance, and decision in coming out

I can relate to when Eugene said when he was I child he used to cry and now he puts up a wall thank you for sharing and making me feel That someone else feels this way and that I’m not an alien

8:04 am I the only one who didn't know that Eugene was that old?

I'm iffy on the presentation of Asian parents in this.

Thank you

there are cringy gae people like james Charles but Eugene is a cool gae person (no im not homophobic no i don't think gae people are cringy) im just saying he is cool even when he is gae

We love you Eugene

i thought we knew this already-

I knew for a long time because I saw the signs but it doesn’t mean people need to treat you differently

i mean... i love all the try guys, its just like... this is the least surprising thing ive ever seen...i literally thought the whole "im gay" post was meant to be ironic cause at least around here, we all knew it from the first time we "met" eugene. lol.

we already knew you were a queer so why are you thinking that you accepting it is gonna change anything

My heart is so warm!


Thank you for being you. I do not identify as LGBTIQA+, however I am an ally for all. I absolutely loved your "I'm Gay" video and this video, expressing the difficulties of coming out. The more people that express themselves as they are, the better. Thank you!!

am i the only one who thought he was Bi?

Bruh i thought this nigga was straight

good for you Eugene

I'm not surprised that he came out

you will be happy I now it whit all the people that are around you

Eugene is really a gay??!

Proud of you

Omg I love this it’s so emotional and amazing how the other try guys support him

Let your voice never be quiet. Let your inspiration never die. Let your love never fail. Let your light never dim! You are a prince and you were the crown proudly.

Loving the video AND the comments!!!

Hey Eugene - This was a fantastic project and it literally rocks. In re: "something was wrong with me," I am a 63 year old gay man who couldn't come out until I was 45 (married a woman at 20, had a son immediately, stayed in the marriage for 25 years, etc.... common story) and I just realized last year that all those feelings and desires and crushes I had as a gay teen - on boys - was a totally normal thing. Totally normal! Not shameful, not evil, not bad, not wrong - but instead what all teenagers are doing - thinking about sex! :) These are long journeys we non-normative people are on. So happy you did yours this way. It's beautiful.

When you realize that when eugene said "bees" in the whats to come video that he was talking about this Also im we are so proud of you ❤❤

not gonna lie Eugene pretty thicc

this is truly beautiful

Cute asians make cute gays

Thank you Eugene!!!

26:57 oh that look on his face

When he said “Ariana” I was like omg omg

I have to say, his video is one of the most moving and beautiful videos I've ever seen, and honestly knowing just the sheer amount of work that went into this....I'm proud of you Eugene :)

would buzzfeed stop exploiting ppls sexuality bc it’s kinda annoying

He is not pan bi or anything he is perfect just the way he is. #perplerainbow

This man is so beautiful! You are a hero boo ❤

Even as someone who's always known who they are sexually, genderally, I too asked myself when I was younger, "Will I ever be happy." Thank you for these videos and being a reminder that none of us is completely alone.

We all love and support you so fricking much Eugene! Never forget who you are and always follow your dreams! ❤️

I knew it from before, they must choose one of them trying to make him that way so they can say they have a group contains many colors of the spectrum, I actually don't believe him, as it seems to me as a known ending for a movie. No body knows what is really there in those people life. Fame and money are good resons for some one to pretend or to do things for the sake of them.

RESPECT! I have this emotion for you. People are individuals. People you care for can hurt you; but you can USUALLY get around this. To Hell with everyone else.

He seeeems so stright tho

Coming out to an asian family.... it’s definitely difficult sometimes. Thank you so much for these videos.

He has such a handsome face. Those cheekbones!

i really really need a try guys reaction to the final product...

Happy for you, I love you soooo much

Although you’ve come out of the closest, you’re still my favorite. Kudos to you! So proud of you. :)

When I made a coming out video on youtube, I hade 113 subscribers. I went down to 67 in 2 days, so I deleted the video and went back to posting my old content like nothing happened, but I never have/will get those subs back. That's not really the part that bothers me the most though...the people that always commented the nicest things on my videos were the ones to leave out of hate. :(

I just realized that everyone in TTG has a really good education background... holy! BTW, good luck to you Eugene!

Lowkey always knew

Thank you Eugene. You have not suffered in vain. Your work will inspire and challenge people for years to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"It takes a moment to hate you are, and a lifetime to learn to love yourself again, that is the most important war."

What a beautiful human being

Who the *i l l e g a l* disliked this!?

I hope he reads the comments and know how loved he is!! He deserves all the happiness in the world!


Was there anyone who didn't already know? I don't give a shit either way, been watching you dudes for a long time, and plan on keep watching for a long time. Can't wait till we live in a world where "coming out" is no longer a thing.

Eugene. Man. Props.

“Rejection” is what scares me the most. I know those people who will not be happy. I FELT THAT!! When I’m ready I’ll show me for now I’ll show pride for all the LOVE♥️♥️

Damnnn Ned I see you, you hot Dad!


Eugene is amazing! Love Eugene and he is such a strong person! Love you get to be open with the world! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wow I wasn't sure that the coming out video could get anymore beautiful, but just having a deeper understanding of the meaning, and the reasoning is absolutely wonderful, and powerful.

Whatevs,Eugene is still my fav try guy

His purple outfit gave me so much life

If Eugene is gay so be it there nothing wrong with that One like equals one support for Eugene you don’t have to like though good day

Wait then why has he said he was bi before?

your video had some much you in it, that it was like a gush of emotion, like a punch to the face. The way you made the video I could feel the deep meaning, crying out to me. I might not understand everything in that video, but you opened up your heart to us, and that is a very scary thing to do. Thank you, Eugene, for trusting us with your feelings and for letting go of your fears. That was brave and daring of you to do, I wish you luck!

I will love you no matter what cant wait to start this journey with you

All I can say is THANK YOU

I just realized that some of the videos from Buzzfeed that I love the most are produced by Eugene and I’m so happy.

Why did you choose A Moment Apart by Odesza as your music? Any significance for you? I love the music just wondering why you choose it, if it had meaning to you, or just bc you like it.

Oh so this is what he meant by bees

wow. just wow.

We all love you Eugene!

U helped me to come out to my presents and friends as bi

well done :)) hope it went well ❤

He's such a strong person, having to work on such a personal project and needing to spearhead it all, i felt the emotional stress so hard and was on the verge of tears lol it felt like poking my heart with a hot rod im so impressed he was able to overcome that overwhelming feeling

Guess he's a potato queen then

Eugene is so iconic and I hope he is happy for the rest of his life

I would just like to know why people don't like gays please be polite tho 1. Like yea it goes against god but not everyone has to believe in your god 2. I hear some arguments about hiv and stuff but ya so what like if ol Steve down the street got hiv bc he's gay do u start getting angry at him I am very interested in this topic and would like to hear more arguments

This was so beautiful

Eugene, you are a truly beautiful soul. Thank you for having the strength.

We could all tell this before he said it.

I am a private person. If I ever had to come out, I would feel the same way. I know me. But how to present that to people? I know it would be hard, and I would want to make it meaningful to people more than me if I could make the world better somehow by being out. I have thought about this a lot I guess. Congrats to Eugene for going through this process.

great job

We love you!


Truly beautiful. You are an amazing person Eugene and I hope you find happiness

"Are you finally happy" Welp that made me cry. Anyone else dying to give him a hug?

We just realized

i’m not even a part of the LGBTQ+ community but these videos made me incredibly happy to watch. i’m so glad you’re finally coming to all of us with your true identity. love you no matter what, eugene. keep doin’ you

I can literally feel the emotion pouring out of this and your coming out video.. I can feel how deeply I relate to it. Gives me goosebumps.

I mean look at his hair, you’d have to be retarded to not know he’s gay within 5 seconds of looking at him.

This comment is disgusting

When I got to the Blue breakdown I just started crying in my kitchen..... This whole thing, both this behind the scenes and the video itself, really hit me hard. The feelings and intent behind it are so powerful and now I am a mess. When Eugene said he needed a stiff drink at the end I was like BABE ME TOO I wish him every success in the future, and I hope that he can find some peace through thus experience

I'm getting strong always sunny vibes


Already knew, still don't care. Just get on with your life, doing what you love and be happy being you.

the placement of the ads in this video...fucking shoot the screen!

Eugene is such a beautiful soul and he deserves the world and true happiness. I love him so much

the community shoot made me cry, love u

I started crying :'] I'm Korean and LGBT and I'm still just a kid Thanks for being an inspiration :]

I am watching this video while hearing my sister's phone playing Billie Eillish's "I wish that you where gay" :3

The try guys are real brothers, I love their relationship


We will always support you!

awwwww ily eugene i love how u came out to the world about your identity your gender and wat u call urself u inspire me and ily all the way

Why does this come up when you type BTS in YouTube

We already knew so I don't get why this is a coming out.....

18:57 Did we need that shot of Eugene's package? I wonder if it's only a matter of time before Eugene does a "I'm transitioning" video.

Can I hug you already? Hugsssssssss

This gives me so many emotions,thank you Eugene!

Am I the only one who didn’t know Eugene was a dancer/Choreographer

Eugene.. wanna play smeer the queer?

Nothing new.. What took you so long?

The world is a way better place now that Eugene is gay

so proud of you eugene

Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like the white outfits might represent that they look so pure from the outside but are clearly not supportive and not very nice to him on the inside , and the black outfits might represent that they might not look so perfect and beautiful from the outside but are the most supportive and amazing people in his life. No I’m not saying the color black is bad or shit , all I wear is black lol but I’m just thinking usually the color white is looked at as more pure and blacks the opposite. Just a thought, curious if anyone else noticed that.

Congrats, Eugene. Being accepted by others is over-rated. Have a happy life. Peace & Contentment to you.

This touched me in so many ways, wow

i got goosebumps everywhere lol

My knee-jerk reaction was to write a word wall about how good and important this is. But I realized my words not really work much good for squashing such emotions big. Just... bravo

......didn't we all know this?

Wow he’s so talented Such a beautiful amazing soul and dam he’s so hot too lol , so proud of him being able to speak his truth ! I’m happy for all the people in the lgbtq that of course will welcome him in with open arms !

Am I the only one or is everyone in tears...I think my respect admiration towards him has only increased...we truly love u no matter what Eugene...

But I knew he was gay a long time ago so this is no news

We are all proud of you Eugene

I am glad for him. Not a surprise though


Never seen a coming out video that had so much work put into it. But it definitely paid off

This really touched me. I’m so happy for you Eugene

As someone who struggles with self-hatred and self-loathing for being bi--not straight, but not totally accepted by the LGBTQ community (I swear to christ if I hear one more crack about how Bisexuality is a layover on the way to gay town I will actually riot) --this definitely made me feel a certain kind of way. This is such a deeply personal story and I wont cheapen it by saying it's brave. I am proud that Eugene is comfortable enough to live his truth. And Eugene, from this mom, I will say that you're doing great sweetie.

I feel you

Always thought this guy was a faggot. Now it's confirmed fucken Gay boi.

This was beautiful when I saw the actual music video, but it's even more beautiful now knowing everything behind it. It's seriously impressive and I wish I could give Eugene a hug

Hahah :) I assumed that you may have been gay long back since buzzfeed but it never was the first second or even third thing that I thought of you Eugene! Being fun, fashionable and a brilliant tryguy producer would be the first three ^_^ Im sure a lot of others felt that too.

I always thought that Eugene was Bisexual. I'm very happy he has some out as gay and can feel some sort of relief :)

i always thought he was bi but i guess now that i look back on hes old vids on buzzfeed yeah hes gay...............also love you Eugene

We are all so so so proud of you thank you for being such a light in a lot of people's lives. Keep going strong and I hope that you only get happier from this point.


Eugene: Wrote and did his own choreography, did it all when he was hella busy, did it during pride month, made it relatable to mostly everyone in the lgbt+ community, is in the Asian minority and is now a gay icon. Eugene will now go down in history as one of the bravest icons in the lgbt+ community and he'll go down in Internet history

lol who had that gut feeling he was gay when they first saw him as a child? just me?

We support you Eugene no matter how you feel.

Your Han is very strong. Keep growing. You can move beyond this.

Subscribe you guys! Don’t just watch - actively support! Help Eugene make America a safe, free place where anyone can pursue their true self, and their dreams without conformity.

Eugene is the most talented out of all of them. Just saying (sorry Ned)

this was so touching

Just by the way he talks, I would have never thought he was gay. Congrats bro I support you

You already did

You will find your happiness Eugene. I know it like I know the sky is blue. Three months ago I was ready to throw myself off a 7-story parking garage. Three weeks ago I was ready to walk onto a busy highway. Now? Well, I started taking pictures again and finding myself after years of hardship. I am happy. Not all the time, but most of the time. I pray to all the gods and spirits that when you get there, you realize it and can look back and smile.

Wait Eugene is straight asf is this real I can’t tell

Yes it's real....

Hey, it's ok! ( It was a little obvious because all the cute boys are cute and smart.)

Can I subscribe 2 times

U gutted yourself And spilled rainbow everywhere I AM CRYING I LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

But he didn’t come out of anything

wow thanks for the heads up im feeling very comfortable about myself I think i am now ready to tell my parents #proudtobegay#noturningback

Eugene: why im coming out as gay Also eugene: cuz i am

Hey, Eugene. How you been this week?

We kind of knew but it doesn’t matter if your gay or not

Wait. He's gay?!? I still love him he's so brave.

Omg so I’m late just found this video but I came out to my parents and now I’m trying to become straight now but thanks to you I no longer want to be straight because I never wanted it thanks to u I don’t want to change that thanks to you ur amazing u should know!

Ha gay

If this is your insides spilled out on camera, then I can only admire your beauty, and your bravery. The emotional resonance of your coming out video had me breathless with its impact, and to do this all on top of everything you were already doing, is amazing. I am glad you exist.

Eugene doing a pas de chat is LIFE! :D hes such a beautiful dancer! Go eugene!!!

Also, can I just say, as a dancer: Eugene is an AMAZING choreographer and I'd kill to be able to dance in one of his sets!!!

So proud of you!

Seeing these things make me sad, mainly because going to school and having to be on a bus for going home on the bus with a collective group of annoying boys, they will be “friends”, I guess, and being boys, they will yell at each other about “being gay” as if it’s a bad thing. Me and my friend will just sit there talking and ignoring it, when in reality I’m shouting at them internally that being gay should not be a bad thing. It really isn’t...! It just makes me think, and it’s almost depressing...

Wait is eugene gay

He is the sexiest man I have ever seen wearing a dress

Wow the first time I watched the video I didn't even realize that the last scene had both love and hate. All I saw was the angry and hateful people and not the people loving and taking care of him. And I think that happens with a lot of things, often times we only see the hate in the world and we forget about all of the loving people and communities that there are around us.

Unpopular opinion: What I hate is me, being Christian and having these Christians make us look bad by putting out that gay is a sin. It just makes me chuckle. Judging is a sin, lying is a sin. There’s so many sins and without fixing yours you want to call out someone out for being gay when they’re not even bothering you. It bothers me so much because some LGBT+ people since there’s a lot at my school, when I say I’m Christian some immediately say “so you hate gays” when actually I’m pan. My actual priestess is lesbian too.

Before watching this video I had watched the actual music video, and while I had so many different moments, I felt like the emotions were captured perfectly in a way that’s hard to believe. You truly are an icon for so many groups, and to me it shows even more so when you show just how much you struggled along the way, just like the rest of us have.

I've loved you guys for as long as I can remember. You bring all the positivity and joy into this world with all your might and we're better for it, even the haters. I was a bit put-off by the thumbnail, because i wasn't sure what to expect; I know it's not like y'all to just post things to put on blast, and I'm mad at myself that that was my first thought. i watched the MV first, and "tears" doesn't cut it, there was a flood of emotion because I just came out to my grandmother the week before, and this just gave me a bit of strength to get through processing that talk. You'll always be amazing, just keep being you

It’s crazy how the best looking guy in there is gay, not hating just wow

How supportive the other guys are is just so beautiful YOU NEED A CRANE? I loved the whole video

I thought all the try guys were gay lol

Fuck this gay shit man

Lmao too bad


I already thought he came out

You work at buzzfeed we know your gay!

@50 subs with no subscribers ??????? Yes

Jayla Brewer no


eeehhhhhhhmmmmm..... I always assumed he was gay, as in came out, living as such

I feel like it is really messed up to tell sb just because a lot of people see them as a role model, they arent allowed to express their true feelings anymore when they are negative.

What is 2ND TRY means?

❤️ Eugene

I love you Eugene!

Plz subscribe my chanel.

this was obvious

Lmao he gay

I don't watch try guys videos but I'm subscribing this instant I'll support anything a team this beautiful creates

Wtf dawg this nigga gets all the bitches tho! Only to find out hes a dick in the booty ass nigha damn

It's impossible not to love Eugene. He's just so amazing.

I am little bit less of a fan of the try guys cuz this one is a faget I don't know when I first saw of try Guy video all that I know is it was before the dude son was born

@kyuranger Rider Sorry, I understood nothing of your message where you told me about when you would accept gay men. Could you please try to type that more clearly?

@Jayla Brewer it takes me a long ass time to type so I'm using the voice thing

Dont hate if you cant even spell the slur right.

@Telma Antonia I will make gay men the day that the part where you call women hoes if they have sex with lawmen but not men that have when that comes equality that's when I will be okay with gay man

Maybe you just have to get used to the idea! Take a step back, and try to figure out why exactly you have a problem with gay people :). He's still the same Eugene that you know and love. Absolutely nothing has changed, he can only finally be himself. I feel like you might have been taught to think this way, since you still like the try guys and eugene even though you called him a 'faget'. I don't know why you think you should like them less but that's not true! Be the better person and love them for who they are ❤️

I love it when gay guys come out and everyone is like 'Yeah. Didn't we all know already?'. I thought he was out when I saw these videos before.

I can't believe 16 thousand people dislike the vid. Come on peeps.


I think Eugene and I are similar but we grew up in completely different ways. I always had love and support from my family. While he didn’t, and I feel for him not pity but empathy. And the video is so beautiful I cried. I am just so happy I never grew up with the toxic mentality of some people in society.

This is about celebrating Pride. This is about celebrating Human. Thank you for all of this.

i love how supportive the rest of the guys were of Eugene

who remembers the days at Buzzfeed, when it legitimately seemed like Eugene and Ned hated each other? the've come a long way

Eugene I’m so happy you did this!I still enjoy your content even with knowing it, I probably enjoy it more

Is this the first video where we can see the handsome and perfect Eugene not caring about what his hair looks like? God blessed us! Or devil. IDK & IDC. I just love it/him. But wait? Do people legit write in the comments like: Eugene is so gay in this video? Or: Is he gay or bi then? WTH?

This is news? .....

OMG I did not noticed that the backgrounds are presenting every color of the rainbow pride flag

I cried Soo hard watching the coming out video. I just did my make up for work and am watching this. I am balling again. Expecially after Eugene said no one is every fully happy. I love you for who you are and what you stand for Eugene. Keep being you boo.

always knew you were gay, never really cared tho

im pretty sure everyone fucking knew that this guy was gay from the first time we saw him on a buzzfeed video. his hair was the first sign. also, what is so strong and brave to come out gay in 2019?

People like you. Being disowned by your family. Being beaten in the streets for wearing drag. Getting dirty looks while holding hands with your spouse. People calling you fag/dyke. People just in general hating you for being you. If you can deal with all this and come out, you are incredibly strong.

Anyone notice how the lie detector test they took awhile ago said that Eugene wanted to fuck Zack? Well it was right

I watched the final product and watching this now in tears , I’m a stranger but I feel nothing but love for you xoxo

We love u eugene and we will always accepted u for who u are❤️

Thank you for explaining and letting us all get an even deeper perspective of all this and what it all means.

Fuck that guy who told you that you can’t be vulnerable or honest on camera, what a fucking douche. Plus his logic makes no sense. Honestly the people who only want to be shown constant positivity are the saddest people in the world. Life isn’t all positives. I’d personally say I’ve become a very truly happy person and that was only because I accepted the negatives and appreciated the positives. Happiness isn’t the absence of sadness, it’s making peace with it.


Love, Hope, and everything good in the world. Go Magikarp!

Eugene i can not explain how proud and happy I am for you!! You have so many people who have your back come what may You are strong! You deserve all the happiness YOU IS IMPORTANT BABY! i have so many emotions for you I feel so happy for you!!! Love you -from many more and I

Eugene you are amazing and my opinion and outlook on you will never change! I feel as though some of us may have figured it out before the big announcement but still loved ya all the same and even a bit more!!

*"You're a beautiful flower, and I love to watch you grow"* - Jake the Dog

I always assumed that eugene was guy "all the hot guys are either taken or gay" eugene wasn't taken so I thought he was gay. like 100% man on man gay.

I thought he came out back in 2017

Fuck we lost another one

my eyes finallly

Why is so so CUTE like.....

short answer to the question why I’m coming out as gay: because he’s gay

Oh shit I always thought you were bi dude

I never sign-in. I never comment. Until now -- you are loved. You are enough.

i cry....the church scene... is sooo raw,,and true...i hid behind the pages of the book...

Love you so much Eugene. I'm asian and lgbtq+ and i identify with you so much

big hugz...you are awesome and lovely...i soo wish i could be down there to be in one of your shoots, but alass im in canada..frown...your video hit me hard..i felt you put a spotlight on my life and showed the dark spots that i too hid...so next video??


I’ve always knew Eugene was talented but damnnn. From looking at this video, he’s a genius prodigy. He’s unbelievably talented

18:28 To the man sitting on the couch What r ur intentions looking at that



you too

I just hope Eugune i still that smart-a** self hes always been. ❤ *ilysm* and we all support you. 7:57 LOOK AT BABY EUGUNE OMG IM DYING!!!!

"I wish I could ride an Asian rainbow into the distance" ~Eugene Lee Yang, 2019

I FUCKING LOVE HIM he made my day when i saw this

because you're desperate for attention?


All the gay guys r so hot If you love Eugine like this

Eugene I think I speak for everyone, you are an amazing person who was so confident about coming out. We all love you.

To the people who disliked this... Go. Away. And. Leave. This. Man. Alone. *IN THIS COMMUNITY WE SUPPORT OUR LGBTQ+ KING OF TRY*

Yes Eugene’s gay!

Your video is an absolute masterpiece! You put so much time, energy and soul into it. The amount of care and self expression is evident in how powerful the video is. Congratulations on accomplishing such a stunning beautiful video!! I’m proud of you. Happy Pride, Eugene!

Best video ever produced. This is real. Thank you, Eugene.

I thought he already came out, I thought he told us he was gay. Ok now we know twice

Because all the "cool kids" are gay these days

So is eugene accually gay

This Video is also Trash

no u

there will be a lot of cishet people saying they're proud of you but i want you to know how much it means to those of us whom this resonate with. i've cried every time i've seen the coming out video and i've waited to watch this one because i knew it would make me cry again. i love you and everything you've shared with us and i hope you know this is an invaluable resource for all lgbt people, both now and in future. thank you eugene for being eloquent and vulnerable in public so those of us who don't have the ability to can be vulnerable in private with these two videos.

Huh. I honestly thought you must have come out already. I knew it from the first time I saw you. I'm very happy you can live free now. I hope your Texas parents aren't being assholes, (I'm a Texan too).

Did anybody else pause and read Eugene's whole plan for a more in-depth explanation than their own analyzation?

Tf how is this nigga gay just use some good posture and you’ll be straight

_Kanad your so fucking stupid


Bi guys

Eugene Yang, that's some of the most gangsta things I've seen! I am not homosexual myself but this expression of yourself has been one of the best things I've seen all year. Huge fan of yours. I hope that no one has to feel judged, or ridiculed for being who they are. Never lose yourself! #LGTBQ #bigfan #straightgangstamyG

"Son you can have two cranes"

True this bisexual eraser has to stop. Like even I as a straight white woman realized that "bisexuality" all o a sudden wasn't a thing anymore...in all the guessing games for famous people (with respect and love obviously) but I often read "He/she/they might be gay/lesbian" and I was like "or bisexual " In the beginning I thought it was just Teens legitmatley forgetting about this letter in the lgBtqia+ abbrevation but more and more I read of "bisexual eraser" and was like "Oh there is a term for this, so that is a serious problem."

ha straight!

Gays pride is by far the most useless thing and should be stopped

Eugene me and my sister adore you and want you to know you inspired us to come out to our parents We love you and stay strong

You’re project was unbelievably beautiful and powerful, considering you made that with this much stress, you’re fucking superhuman man.

Freddie from ladylike dated him 0.0

I would love to see a movie by you!

Eugene is a beautiful soul, who is crazy talented with his unique way of portraying how he feels and is an inspiration to so many people out there.

I’m honestly so proud and happy for him. It’s obviously not an easy thing to do. Bowing down for all that hard work ❤️

these guys' emotional maturity gives me hope in humanity everyone is so accepting it is so hopeful

hey, you did it Eugene

At 8:27 you are amazing, and how rude!!

No matter what I know that we will all love you so much ok I want you to know that -Anya Ps you are amazing

No cap i already knew

Eugene you are an amazing person who inspires me normalises me in my eyes because I can relate to you on a fucking spiritual level. I love you and hope all of your dreams come true because you deserve all of it. Happiness is not something that you can always feel and there is never going to be a complete feeling of happiness, but as long as you push through and deal with the shitty and beautiful cards life gives you, I think that the good outweighs all of the pressure of the bad. I don’t know if any of this makes sense to anyone else, but all that is important is that you are a major role model in my life and o strive to be like you. I’m so proud of all of your progress and hope that your success is everlasting. I hope you can continue to grow your happiness and love for yourself. You most certainly have mine ❤️

Does anyone know what the dress style in the first part, the red scene is called?

Looking for hate comments. Join me as I embark on this long and difficult quest. Update: I found one saying that homosexuality is caused by mind control technology created by the Jews. I looked at their uploads and they are completely serious. Mission complete?

11:02 Honestly people can't tell you what to feel. I get that we are supposed to feel proud of who we are and our identities, but when the world is telling you that you're not valid, that something about you or your culture is wrong, sometimes people can't help but internalize everyone's opinions, especially if you are in the public eye. If anything I applaud Eugene for being honest about having issues with his race and identity, being able to admit that they is something wrong ultimately shows that there are bigger forces at play here and how societies perpetuate stereotypes or overgeneralizing identities. Eugene is pushing the boundaries and not just by questioning himself, but also us and our roles in upholding these larger systems. We shouldn't attack Eugene for feeling conflicted about his identity, but rather dare to ask why he and so many others may feel the same.

I’m so proud of you, Eugene.


I love Eugene and the guys having his back T_T

The thing is I feel like for some people including me you can get to a stage where you’ve been out to a lot of people and openly queer but there’s still a part of you that feels like it’s wrong but natural. Like you are going against societal norms, maybe what your family tells you, going against so many beliefs yet it is YOU like how miserable you can become from not being you and editing your life and living a lie is just not worth being perceived as “normal” and plus maybe it isn’t “normal” to be queer in some people’s eyes but since do we strive to be normal??

Ok but.... Eugene for drag race?

What makes me the most happy out of all of this is that the try guys are so supportive. What I mean by this is that, they’ve been so so supportive and stuck by his side no matter what he is and not only are they business partners. They’re his real friends.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." -Siddhartha Gautama

I FELT THAT COMPLEXITY WITH HOW I FEEL ABOUT BEIJG ASIAN. like i wear eyeliner every day to hide my eyes, dyed my hair blonde, and try my best to act white yet i love being asian????

just beautiful

i thought we all already knew he was gay? i didn't think he still needed to come out" as gay. why is it that in 2019 ppl still needa "come out" when it comes to their own sexuality... shame on society.

I love this

"Remember that once you dreamed of being where you are now"

Thanks for being truly honest and being up front with life isn't just rainbows. Its yin & yang in everything. Way to go! I hope this all works out for you with the important people in your life but don't forget to "Shine bring like the diamond you are Eugene". Also its so cool you being a real life Abed from Community. I also see the world in a almost video form so it can be hard to get people to understand without making a movie. Thanks for the Confidence boost.

damn *almost* as much work as the flipbook Frederic made. Just kidding, for real both of yall worked immensely hard. I'm so proud of you and you made such an inspirational and beautiful piece. While all are amazing, your video is the best coming out video I ever saw. Wowza

Eugene is the most precious of all potatoes and must be protected at all costs

I've never been so proud of and genuinely emotional for someone I've never met. Good on you, Eugene.

im kathleen, trying not to cry

Wait wtf he’s gay

I'm bisexual be proud of who u are

Personally what I'd like to see if a Hayley Kiyoko mv done by Eugene What he makes isn't necessarily her usual style I think (although maybe the "Feelings" mv is similar?) but I think it could be cool Honestly I also want to see Hayley Kiyoko dressed as a literal queen with a crown and stuff and I think Eugene might do that? But like a chic/stylish/fabulous queen I'm picturing her draped over a throne or some small, fancy sofa idk maybe it's cliche but I like it

If it counts for anything, I'd like to apologize to LGBT+ individuals who have been hated/not welcomed or made to hate themselves because of the actions of some Christians. I have a complex identity when it comes to being ace and possibly bi and also being religious myself, but even before thinking about being queer I knew not to hate queer people. I don't believe people spreading hate properly represent Christianity Also I know this is controversial, but I'm not looking for a debate, especially because I think this issue is genuinely difficult to debate, and it's rare that anything is gained for anyone by spending time debating stuff on the internet

Whe Eugene talked about not wanting to be "the Asian man on screen who failed" that really connected with me I'm a woman and I'm a computer science major. The last CS class I took there was around 30 people and only around three of us were female. I'm also working over the summer for one of my professors developing an app and in the team I'm on everyone else is male. Thankfully the other team, who are working on a different app, is comprised of three women., and the CS faculty, despite all being men, try to make sure that every CS student knows that the female students are to be welcomed and encouraged, and they are actively looking to hire a female professor. My male coworkers have also actively sought my input before so they're good guys :) But that awareness of being in the minority is still there, and if my professors weren't the way they were I might be in a very different atmosphere. When I took an engineering class in high school my teacher treated everyone, including us female students, very well. He just didn't make a point of welcoming the female students (again, out of roughly students, only three of us were female), which I don't blame him for. But we were very nervous about messing up, and we felt immense pressure to perform. That's a super real experience.


Lol fagit

Holy shit ive known this since the buzzfeed time (thought)

When I first started watching this channel, I was like “Eugene, what for me, I’ll be 18 in 6 years, I love you” But now, forget me, I want you to find the best man in the world you deserve him!!!! We love you no matter what or who you are, your Eugene and we love you for it

We support you

Aweee my heart


But like it was sooo obvious!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

I always thought he was gay!! Is this just me?!

This video is even greater because it humanizes Eugene and sheds a lot of light into the message he was trying to communicate. It paints a very real picture of his journey, which is the same as many many people. His authenticity and braveness is truly inspiring

I love Eugene but him coming out crushes me because he is..... My celebrity crush I just could never see him as gay I still love him but I'm really sad

What does LGBT mean?

You’re young, you don’t want to know about this weird shit. Lol

Video was worth every penny

Duh.. i kno his gay since the 1st day. Lmao

To all people eho disliked the video, You have no sole.

Omg I just realized it was Josh from World of Dance!!!! Ahhhhh!!! Freaking out!!!!

You can see how genuine the other try guys are and how much respect Eugene has for the community. I hope they release their reactions watching the final video.

Good for him

Maybe this is helpful for anyone reading this: So I’m currently reading this book („Highly-Sensitive People in an Insensitive World“ by Ilse Sand) and one thing hit me hard: If you always try to do great or even perfect things so that other people would like you or be proud of you then you‘ll never know if they truly like you the way you are. But the thing is, there are always people who have a similar taste, style & personality and similar values, preferences & priorities and they will like you even if you don’t do anything awesome

*i read the title as Why is coming out gay*

Who else already knew.

an iconic coming out video that serves a purpose and is also relatable to the LGBTQIA+ community

Im so fucking proud of him!

I’m straight! Are you proud of me?

dang I can't believe how hard he works

way to go Eugene

I thought it was always known he was gay.

The video was beautiful and this bts was lovely. I wish you all of the love and joy and relief that you deserve. I came out to my mom as bi this year. She was telling me that my little sister had come out as bi and was thinking about asking a girl to prom and I didn't want my sister to be alone in that. I've been married for a long time, so I don't think most people would suspect it and we don't live in the safest place to have to walk that path.

I'm so proud of him.

Did anybody pause like a million times to read his typed out outline of the video.... truly a poet and visionary artist. Truly brought the whole video together for me!!!

I thought it was never a secret that he is gay? The first time I saw him I figured he was gay? What? I'm confused

I strongly disagree with those people who insisted that Eugene should not talk about negative things like self-hatred, and only talk about positive things. I can see how people can see self-hatred as a weakness. As a 1.5-generation asian immigrant myself, to be perfectly honest, I think of it as a sign of weak-mindedness too. Asians who were born in a foreign country or who were very young when they immigrated, that's a different story. But Asians who were old enough before they immigrated to remember that there's a place in this world where being Asian is "normal", and yet still let the jeers of snot-nosed kids who have only ever lived in one town, and who speaks at most, half as many languages and they do, make them feel less than? I'm sorry if that's offensive or hurtful to anybody, but I'm not a perfect saint and that's what I honestly feel. However, having people around you trying to make you feel that you're "less" somehow, that you're "wrong" somehow, is a very real thing that many, many Asians experience away from their home country. It's a very real thing that I think, most humans experience for various traits that make them "different". I am not totally immune to that kind of peer pressure either. While I had never felt less of myself for being asian, there were other things that others have convinced me was "wrong" about me, that I've only recently come to realize is nothing wrong at all. Those ppl were assholes. I've seen it happen so many times to people around me, seen ppl reject core parts of themselves, seen them reject others who are like themselves, such as their own family, friends, and good people who could have been their friends. It's not like not talking about bad things is going to make them go away. I think it's IMPORTANT to talk about it because it IS the reality that so many of us live with. And I disagree that role models should always appear strong and positive. I think Eugene is doing a LOT more good by sharing the negatives as well as the positives. There are a lot of kids out there who are experiencing those same negatives, and I think it does them a lot more good to see someone who have experienced what they did, yet was able to overcome it and become more than what others say they are. At least, I think a hero who is human and comes with human weaknesses, is more relatable and more inspirational, than some 2-dimensional always-strong image that no one can ever hope to achieve.

feel ya.. im was born gay and now im coming out as straight.

1 like=1 crane for Eugene ⬇️

Eugene i i saw y-your gay video about the dance i realy that you were bleeding...and getting beated up i feel so bad

wait, i thought we already knew he was gay... ???

I'm so happy for you for being able to be YOU and PROUD! I know it wasn't an easy road getting here but I hope the future is so much happier for you now that you can be comfortable and open about who you are. So very much love to you and any others dealing with the struggle of coming out.

great producion and editing. a well made video :)

*We all will be here for Eugene*

I'm not crying my eyes are sweating. Namjun stop cutting the onions!!

Omg yass we love us a good try gay

“Are you happy now”

I thought he already did

For those who have yet to come out to your parents and you aren't sure if they will accept you or not, when you do come out, make sure you have a safe place to stay if things don't go so well

I feel like they are just using his sexuality to make money. I mean maybe I'm reading to far into this, but it just seems like they want to spend as much money as they can so more people will watch it. I'm glad he came out and I hope he feels better, I'm just hoping that this was all his decision and he's not just doing it for the money

Eveewantspjmanpants the music video was all about charity. All the money made by it went to charity

I mean if you didn’t know he was a faggot you’re pretty dumb

Gay ass group, why do people turn gay? Y would u reject pussy?

Kino check 70 y would you reject love

I never thought he was gay he is so dope and a chill dude and I've never experienced that with a gay person I live in Palm Springs and there a lot of flamboyant gays and ive had a few make me feel uncomfortable but anyways good for him

I could relate so much to that music video! I'm bi, and recently came out to my parents. Although they didn't disowned me, they weren't accepting. They are very religious conservative people and they have a very negative view about homosexuality. I feel like there's something wrong with me. I get lots of mixed messages and I don't know what to do. But I hope I can someday not feel any shame about being who I am...


My family are extremely homophobic and overall always angry when someone is different. I was raised really strictly Christian. I hated myself for a really long time. It took a long time to realize that there's nothing wrong with me. Sometimes I still get depressed. I look at myself and cry. But honestly accepting yourself is a deeper invitation for your own healing and that's what matters

I felt all the things watching your masterpiece "I'm Gay" and this video helped explain the reasons behind the scenes. But for tbe most part watching the official video I could tell what was being said. It was powerful. Thank you for sharing your truth.

I wanna hug him

I'm sorry but... the people who said he's anything but gay have a horrible gaydar

Yea he definitely seemed like someone who wasn't into girls.. but I also thought he mightve been asexual.. I wasn't sure about gay... but now we know!

He's great. This video he did is genius.

I hope god slaps you back into hell



Words can't express how proud I am of you, Eugene. You have done and continue to do truly incredible work. The peace and contentment you seek may always feel like it's just over that next mountain, but keep pushing for it. For yourself. And for those innumerable who love you.

Anybody in the comments who feels they need to say " We knew " or " We already been knew " or anything else that is asinine and unnecessary. Please. Just don't. The point of him coming out isn't for you to say " What's new " - it's to say he's finally being honest with himself, and those in his life that DIDN'T know, and to inspire those who are trying to come out but can't find the courage. Stop making this about yourself and just be supportive.

Jordan did you lose your crossing guard job?

Shout out to KANE!!!! Happy to see he's involved in this project, love his work

Eugene, Fail. FAIL. Fail as much, and as often as you need to. Fail.. at anything and everything. Be vulnerable, be you.. Just.. be honest. Fuck people who tell you that you, specifically, must be PERFECTION to represent the community.. REPRESENT the community, by showing that you are a fucking HUMAN with depth . . . and vulnerabilities. We will be honored, and blessed by your presence and grace throughout...

I wish the words of "why do you have to come out" meant more now.. but it doesn't because there is still so much fear in having to tell others. I dream of a day when it wont' matter, till then.. Eugene.. i love you.. and you do you do.

dan eugene phil *a perfect gay trio*

The 16k dislikes are people that don’t care about people’s lives

He gotta make the second video cuz the first didn't make enough to break even against the high production costs.

Where are you him it doesn't matter who you are who you want to be it doesn't matter who you love you don't matter who it is it matter if you love the person and whatever kind of love you want or whatever personality you want to go for it who is stopping you. Are you to get it that's a scary thing coming out nonetheless on YouTube it is a harsh platform with many discriminators but I believe we can do it and I believe your family friends and a bunch of others off of leave at to.

This is amazing. I'm already out to my family but I'm still fighting for acceptance at school

Can someone please tell me what the scenes at 4:41 - 5:11 are or where they can from?

Am I the only one who paused the video to read what the colors represented?

I had no idea Eugene is such a great choreographer and dancer :)))) shook!!! Eugene your video is a piece of art and you are beautiful in every possible way!!! you really put every bit of your soul in it and thank you for that!!! sending so much love to you!!!

When Ned said "You can have 2 cranes" I fucking started crying again. Just got here from the actual video. "I was very sensitive as a child. I was sensitive to other's emotions. I felt that I was bad, just naturally." When you feel alone for years, and then find out you aren't alone.

“I wish could fuckin' just like ride an Asian rainbow into the distance” Eugene -2019

I'm grateful that this project even exists. Thank you for representing our community. Hopefully, we won't have to consider ourselves a mere community anymore. We've always been a part of the world.

Who else knew he was gay since watching them for the first time.

I remember that...as I grew up, I somehow grew up never knowing the differences such as "gay" or "straight" or "lesbian". They were terms that I'd heard and yet didn't understand. Somehow, on accident, I just thought people loved who they loved, it was just more natural for men and women to fall in love because babies. My dad would comment on about how that guy was handsome, or my mom commenting about how beautiful that woman was. And at 11 years old, I was presented with a book, from my Jehovah's Witness family, about how "homosexuality and masturbation are wrong" and I immediately fell out of my faith. At 11. I hate being labeled bi or pan, I'm not, I just love who I love. Men are beautiful, women are handsome, sometimes they are the opposite, sometimes I really love women and hate men, sometimes I really love men and hate women. I just want to be with people I care about and love. I remember when I was finally able to come out, how much it hurt me. My father disowned me, wouldn't talk to me for 6 months, he told all of the rest of my family, even though I'd asked him not to, because I wanted to. Everything was hard. But I'm glad I did it. I still believe that people are allowed to love who they love. Labels don't matter to me anymore. Pursue happiness. And when people try to put you down, just remember that they don't know what happiness is, either.... I love you Eugene. No matter what you decide to do, pursue happiness and goodness in your life. That goes to the rest of you as well!

You are a gorgeous person inside and out Eugene. Thank for you're inspiration and honesty.

16:04 a reminder to me I left church cause I felt obligated to make myself someone who I wasn't

Eugene - you're awesome! Super hot, adventurous, creative, and best of all - owns a schnauzer! Now that's my favorite part of you. :-)

both these videos made me cry. thank you for your beautiful and whole representation, eugene

It's incredible how much work went into his video. Worth it though, it was truly amazing!

Love you forever Eugene

The moment I realized that the background represent rainbow colors of pride flag I cried immediately

Eugene. You're AWESOME!!!

But Eugene we don’t judge you as gay

am i the only person who actually knew this before he came out and was just like FINALLY

We already knew that

Lol, the Asian community needs boosting? Boy bye! This guy has everything going for him(look, friends, intelligence , money) and he is talking about not being happy. This is ridiculous!

Yo shut the fuck up and let him have his moment

Oh, I never knew you were specifically gay! I always assumed you were bi cus you've hinted at it and there are so many girls who were into you. Hey man, proud of you for coming out and making a wonderful video!!

He’s actually gay?

I never thought Eugene Lee was guy. I don't like the gay men community (I only support Lesbian, Bisexual women and Trans people), but I do like Eugene Lee because I genuinely feel he's a good person and I wish him all the happiness in the world. I'm going to re-evaluate my hatred towards the gay men community (I'm a gay men who went back into the closet).


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