Why Does Overclocking Void Your Warranty?

Why Does Overclocking Void Your Warranty?

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Thanks for watching tech quickie click the subscribe button then enable notifications, with the Bell icon so you won't miss any future videos, so it, used to be that overclocking. Your CPU, that is making it run faster than the advertised, speed, was almost exclusively the, domain of super. Hardcore computer. Enthusiasts, nerds and, the. Overclocking. Community, was kind of like this weird secret, society. But. Fast-forward, to the modern age and it's never, been easier to give your processor, and artificial. Boost many. Motherboards. Are marketed, is even being overclocking. Friendly, with some of them offering one-click. Like, dead simple Auto tuning, features and then, on top of that AMD. And Intel. Actively. Promote, the fact that some, of their chips can, be overclocked. As a selling. Point but. Hold on a minute why. Is it then that this, voids, your warranty if. They're, encouraging. You to do it well, one. Term that you might hear thrown, around by overclockers. Is Silicon. Lottery and no, that is not what they call the Powerball in San Francisco, the, term refers to the way that small, physical, differences. Between individual. Processors, can, significantly affect. Their, overclocking. Potential so. While your chip might refuse. To be overclocked, by more, than two. Megahertz your. Bodies, might be happy running at a full gigahertz, above, spec because, of nothing more than dumb, luck. This. Variation. Is a big, part of why chip manufacturers. Only warrant. Their processors, up to a certain speed they. Determine, that the advertised, frequency, is the one that they can guarantee. Stability at, and that, anything. Much higher may. Or may not work due, to the silicon lottery the. Way that individual, users, will tend to tune their processors, differently, is another, big factor so. If one person applies, more, voltage than another that, one is more likely to burn out sooner you, know flying. Close to the Sun and burned wings and all that, so. The CPU companies. Look at this not unlike, how they would look at you using your new, core, or a Rison processor, to slice a block of cheese instead. Of using. It for computing, you, can, absolutely, use. It for that purpose it's. A free country but, it wasn't, designed for that and they don't want to be held liable if, bits of cheddar on the Contacts keep it from working inside, your PC and you, know what there's not much that you the consumer, can do about this legally. Speaking goods. That you buy generally. Come with an implied, warranty, that, guarantees, that they will conform. To industry, norms and that they are fit, for ordinary, purposes, but. Even, if you could debate whether or not overclocking. Is an ordinary, purpose, for an unlocked, chip both, AMD. And Intel. Disclaim. This implied warranty, in their own express. Warranty that's. That piece of paper that you threw away when you opened up the box and they are legally, allowed to do so however. That. Doesn't mean that you are completely. Without recourse, if you try to overclock, your processor. And something, goes wrong at, least, if you have an Intel chip Intel, offers what they call the performance. Tuning Protection Plan a kind, of insurance policy that you buy so, that Intel will send you a new CPU if you fry your old one from overclocking, predictably. Though the more expensive your CPU the, more you'll have to pay for this service AMD. At this time doesn't, offer a comfortable plan, with. All of that said whether your team blue or team red the good news is that modern consumer, CPUs, tend to be exceedingly. Reliable, and very, rarely, fail, at stock speeds and voltage, or even. Slightly, boosted, ones which, means that it isn't likely that you'd ever need to use that warranty anyway, so. We're. Not saying don't, do it we're, just saying that if you decide to overclock, and throw, your warranty in the garbage be, a little conservative, with how far, you push your, settings. Specifically. Voltage. That's, the big killer so, do your research to determine the, widely, accepted safe, voltage, range for your model of processor, before you proceed bottom. Line don't, do anything odd stupid, and you will probably be, fine.

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2017-12-15 05:02

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overclock and undervolt

Can we get a Linus Sex Tips channel in 2018

Video idea. Linus does obvious stupid things with computer parts. Like extreme overclocking by missing a decimal point or something. to show people what can happen. and then show what happens when you take it easier and smarter by progressively ramping it up. and show that it's something not to be afraid of. (coming from the guy who has never overclocked a pc part in his life.)

that title really gave me a shock..

This guy and his script writers are just hilarious

I don't have an issue not covering a processor that was burned out because of overclocking. That makes sense. I have a problem when an overclocked processor fails and it's the go to excuse. You can have all the experience with overclocking in the world, but if your processor fails because of a manufacturing defect while overclocked and Intel/AMD know about it, you're screwed.

I RMAd a 4790K after 2 years 11 months. I never overclocked it and they replaced it. How did they know I never overclocked an overclock friendly CPU?

2:08 How is this related? 2:33 Don't you think you're taking the example a little too far? *sigh*

I know why! Because the insurance dudes don't think it's a good Idea to mix water with electricity!

My Asus board paired with a 6700k was pushing it above 1.4 at stock Guess I "overclocked" by putting my CPU in the socket and starting the PC

`Whats the point in overclocking anyways? What are you going to do?

I just overclocked my mouse… now i have aim assist…

It's a free country , starts playing OH CANADA

It all boils down to proper cooling. The advances in cooling technology in the last 20 years have been massive. That's why overclocking is now more accessible. I think underclocking is very overlooked nowadays. It used to be the tool to keep your day to day machine cooler and more stable.

once upon a time 2 volts was a normal voltage

Hey, you got smart. Now tell them that all your surge strip warranties are void unless they're plugged into a grounded outlet.

Canada free country good joke ;D More like destroyed by libtards

lol, the blue screen of death. Nice try, I was watching on my phone.

I feel like this should be obvious.

Well you can buy two AMD chips to the price of 1 Intel one in most cases so that warranty of Intel ain't worth it...

4:12 oh boy you had me h*cking scared.. Thought my phone BSOD'd on me.

... Some motherboards dang stock oc you cpu with muti core enhancement welcome to auto voided warranty

Lip remarkable faculty mud T-shirt specialist United crash line prayer adjustment claim.

4:11 Overclocking Bluesreen PTSD intensifies.

BSoD ahahahah (joke LOL) ahahahahaa

Canada is a free country?

Would love to see a video on DNSSEC!

My pc (I think) is overclocked a bit

Welp, I'm running a Core2Duo, overclocked from 2 to 3 GHz, on stock voltage. It's been running like that for ages and the chip is 10-11 years old! I wonder how long it will last.

Probably a dumb question, but does under locking a CPU impact the warranty?

I had an FX 8120 OC'd on a cheap board and it died overnight. Asked AMD for an RMA (im from Chile) and they paid for everything (customs and courier), even gave me a better CPU than the one i had, a FX 8350 (this was when competing to the 3770k). Thats the reason i bought a new Ryzen 1700x system, they have such a good customer service.

If overclock voids the warranty, then if we underclock we get extended warranty?

**connects cooling towers to a CPU**

Because the store shouldn't refund the idiots that have no clue what they're doing. It degrades the CPUs life cycle. Try returning a CPU to let you opened installed and overclocked. Is this even a valid question?? The entitlelement of some people tick me off. I would never allow it. The whole premise is BS Linus. No reasonable store owner would allow this.

The whole subscribe button bell icon shit is annoying, we get it, Techquickie.... I think people don't need a tutorial every video on how to make you money. :/

Lol, I had that bsod yesterday

I'm STILL running my i7 5960x @ 4.5 GHZ, 1.180v since I got it in 2015.

But if you overclock it slightly when you just got the cpu/graphic card/ram/etc. but it turns there is some sort of defect even after you revert it back to the stock setting will they still consider the warranty void? Or perhaps some bug in the MOBO and it freaks out and sends 3v and killed the CPU after some minor OC.

Nice try linus but i am watching on an android

42 lol

You have to note, though, that this doesn't apply to all countries. Here in Australia we have consumer protection legislation that protects us from things like this. If a company actively markets and encourages overclocking, then you will probably be protected under the legislation. You are also protected for reasonable life expectancy which is usually around 2 years. if your processor dies before that time, you'll be able to claim that under warranty regardless what the price of paper in the box says.


Something of an oversimplification, you only talked about CPUs. Some manufacturers of other components will cover warranty on overclocked products under certain circumstances. For example, I bought a MSI Gaming X 1060 last year and MSI told me directly that I could overclock within the limits of their afterburner software and still have full warranty. So I basically got to make my graphics card 10% faster for free. Pretty sweet.

Holy shit i was watching in full screen mode and then Blue screen of death

Did this even need to be explained lol. Its the same reason auto manufacturers refuse to cover blown engines on cars that were tuned for the race track.

that bsod got me, fuck u

Notifications only work sometimes.

Apparently using Ram with speeds Beyond 2,667mhz on amd void your warranty apparently AMD considers a overclocking.

not sure where you get it voids your warranty, I have killed a couple intel cpus with overclocking, it has never voided the warranty, also, I'm pretty sure they can't even tell.

not my fault I pressed 9999999999 in after burner

3:08 Feels bad when I do that all the time and end up having an issue............. fml


The high schoolers in my university are always blue screening all the computers they use after theyre done playing vid games...

CPUs don't need a warranty because they're underclocked.

Ugh 4:11. Made my heart skip a beat.

The question still remains, though, that unless you fry your chip, how does the manufacturer know you overclocked?

I have been running my 2500k at 1.4 ghz over stock speed from when i bought it and it is still running the same speed. And i have overvolted quite liberately too

Leaf country ain't free.

Linus do you/your company use freshbooks or is it just an add

Why is there actually a picture of cutting cheese with a cpu?

flying to close to the sun and burned wings, and all that??? no.. flew too close to the sun and wings melted.

You know you've just commited the audiance to wanting a Threadripper cheese cutting benchmark. Vote up now to apply some peer pressure.

Simple: Because Idiots exist

Good video I won the silicon lottery back in 2010 when I bought my i7-930. Stock clock of 2.8 GHz been running 4.2 GHz since the first couple days of use and at only 1.35v which is almost unheard of. Sadly thinking the next generation I will upgrade as I'm just missing to many other board features at this point.

Canada isn't a free country because it doesn't recognize individual rights :)

your eyebrows have two colors... why?

Just overclock it if you want. If you fry your cpu, just rma it, they can't tell if it was overclocked or not, just don't give it away by telling them xD

I hate when I get a bad overclocker. My daughter's pc got the same cpu but a beast of a cpu. went so much further than my own. Anyway the reason amd doesn't need that insurance is cause cpu's are much cheaper.

Has anyone told you that you look like Linus from LinusTechTips

You f... i've been dealing with the blue screen for days and you do that? -.-

Running out of ideas linus?

1 error.. Clock_watchdog_timeout

Thank you. I've been wondering about the answer to this for a long time.

4:12 xd i'm on my Hackintosh partition. Nice try ;)

wait what? Canada is free??? only merica is free!!!!!

My Intel CPU slowed down below normal because I overclocked it too much so I returned it and they said sorry about that and gave me a new one XD And later figured out that the motherboard pins where not touching properly maby because of the heat on the gold pins and I was like the CPU is fine so I got two I9's now XD And I sold it on eBay for the same price. so stoked man

But if i overclock and when it's got destroyed i can clock it down to regular so they won't know i OC'ed earlier. ;)

The cheese cutting thing has to be the most tortured analogy you've ever come up with, linus. 10/10

Hey comment section i need help! I recently bought a 1050ti expedition and got a nice 365mhz overclock on it but it randomly crashes in fortnite and fortnite only any idea why?

Me : How does Linus know exactly what people want to know? Illuminati : Stay right where you are.

"Some of theirs chips" -Linus

they can't find out... same for gpu's

Hey linus. I saw your video on the tick watch used as a advertisement for the tick watch

Ace of Spades better chance of getting noticed

Shado assain and you think you won't get buried here ?

Ace of Spades if I commented on that vedio it would get buried in the comments section.

Shado assain why comment on this video and not on the review tho ?

I don’t really mess with warranties

Aaaa khhh khhh Houston we have a problem..khhhh..go ahead dumbtard...khhhh... instructions unclear processor is dancing

i have one of those winners 5.1ghz 1055t

My processor does that automatically, it seems. If it does that when I power on my brand new computer for the first time (not that it actually matters now, 4 years later), do you think the warranty would still be valid?

Holy shit, that blue screen at 4:12 scared the fuck out of me, since I've been dealing with BSOD issues for the last week and they now seem to be fixed. x)

What about underclocking

good old combustible melons

But hey its a free country

3:43 lol


How do I overclock my fuckmaster pro 5000 blowup latex doll with 6 speed pulsating vagina, elasticized anus with non drip semen collection tray, together with optional built-in realistic orgasm scream ? -Phoenix Kola

The into ;-;

How do they know that a broken cpu was overclocked or not ?

I overclocked my AMD A10-7850K to 4,3 GHz (stock speed is 3,7 GHz) is that good? I know it can do 4,5 GHz as well but then it gets to hot.

4:12 made me jump up for a sec there

San Francisco is not in the Silicon Valley, and the Silicon Valley is not the bay area, and vice versa. Why do people outside the bay area confuse them?

If the cpu is dead how would they know if u overclocked itwhen u RMA?

4:12 >implying I use Windows

Hell, my machine runs great without overclocking, so I see no point in it.

Who even buys this stupid protection plans and extended warranties

its not an "artificial boost" its a real boost

How do they know if we overclocked the CPU?

I was able to push q6600 g0 from 2,4 to 4,5 Ghz on air only... It was hot, but stable

but how will they know you overclocked it?

American Music Canadian Flag *_It's a free country_*

You forgot that if they promote overclocking but void the warranty for overclocking then they don't have to cover their own product AND they get to make more money off that insurance. It's not the Silicon lottery or whatever. It's greed.

Running my 6700k at 4.6ghz at 1.4 volts 24/7. Lets see how long it lasts.

Because you could just get your money back at the end of the warranty by overclocking that shit to 10ghz and busting that ass.

I don't think I've owned a non overclocked rig in quite some time. My first overclock was my parents Packard Bell 75mhz pentium, I swapped a jumper and suddenly it was 100mhz. At the time I didn't really know anything I was just messing about. Years later in college I wanted to game and video edit with some speed. My sweet spot there turned out to be a Celeron 400 running at 600. I had lapped the heat spreader, condensate proofed the package, and loaded a "leufkin" peltier kit onto it, this was a basic peltier cooler strapped to an Alpha heatsink/60mm fan combo. As long as the CPU stayed below 85F it was stable at 600. From there we had the Celery 2 566 @ 950 with the same peltier kit. Then the Athlon thunderbird 700 running at the then legendary 1ghz using the pencil trick and the alpha cooler with no peltier. After that a Duron running overclocked on the pencil trick. Then an athlon 64 3800+ @ some level of overclock before the current rig which is a Phenom II x4 3.2ghz @ 3.6 with a cooler master on it. You can kind of tell where I stopped putting much work into overclocking and just went for whatever was simple and stable. Truth be told I had that celery 566 on a water cooled peltier at one point, but the upkeep on a home brew water cooling rig from the early 2000's was more than I wanted to muck with in the end. Seriously I was a transmission cooler piped to a tupperware container using a fountain pump from home depot, and a water block that didn't quite fit strapped to a slocket adaptor with steel banding. Ah good times.

that bluescreen scard the shit outa me becuase i just overclocked before watching this. fuck u.

Maybe Canada is a free country, but i wouldn't really call the U.S. " a free country".

I got some out-of-topic question here... Recently,when I try to turn on my computer,it beeps 4 times pause and another 2 beeps and suddenly stop..The monitor doesnt seems the problem..I tried to reseat the ram but it doesnt fix anything.. Any idea on how to fix that???

So you guys have been loudly proclaiming that people should overclock everything for, oh, years. Does that make you liable?

Hey, I'm planning to buy a gaming PC, but I'm having problem that which type of computer should I buy, and what kinda CPU things like that, can u help me?

4:12 Ha! Joke's on you, I wasn't watching fullscreen. Nice try, though.

these stock photos are oddly specific THIS IS NOT B ROLL

Intel core i7 with Radeon Rx 460 2GB= 60fps on unreal tournament 4 at 1080p. I'm fine thanks. No overclocking for me today :)

0:17 Er mah Gerd. Enthersiests.

2:53 everytime an explosion like that happens I lose my shit for some reason :D:D:D

Isn't overclocking done at a bios level, and not a chip level? If you don't disclose that you overclocked is there any way for them to know that you did? I only ask because I overclocked my 3770k to 4.4Ghz and it died at just under 3 years. I checked and it was still covered under warranty so I filed an warranty claim and they replaced it.

Enthersist is the word of the day.

Now i need to buy a new PC cause Tossed my laptop when the blue-screen came up cause i had the video in full screen and i thought it was me till i re-watched the video on my phone.

If overclocking and overvolting your processor shortens its life, would deliberately underclocking and/or *slightly* undervolting your processor for power conservation make it last longer, or is that damaging in a different way?

Overclocking is just numbers and there's no issue in ramping it up fam, trust me.. am a stranger on the interwebzz.

HAHAHA im still on win 7 your blue screen didnt work on me.

4:11 LMAO. I’m not on a pc tho so I wasn’t scared.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh jokes on u I didn't get pranked im on Mac LOL

Could you guys do a video about ghost servers?

It would be interesting to know how much money he gets for the advertisement at the end

4:12 jokes on you windows 10 is shit and i am using win 7

BUT how do manufacturer's know what clock speeds and voltages it was given and some previous points in time

How do they possibly know you overclocked it?

Fortunately in Australia you do have a recourse on the K series. As they are advertised as unlocked so you can overclocked you can argue that they must fulfil the warranty as the device is advertised as being overclockable and the selling point of those chips.

I love the new way of editing

They are not legally allowed to do so in my country. Tho, it falls (warranty) to the company/distributor/shop that sold me the CPU to honor the warranty (2 years legal minimum). Personally, no one here cares who will replace/refund the product as long as it gets done. I would say that I Am sorry for Canada or US for not having laws that protect customers more then they protect companies, but then again, you are all rich mofos with your huge salaries and such and you can afford to buy a new CPU since you can afford a new car every few years... ;)

Wait... how would they know if you overclocked it?

maaan.. you talk a lot


Will undervolting void my warranty?

Where did they find a picture of a CPU on a block of cheese?!

Overclock responsibly. ;)

Lol Canada is not a free country

4:12 was not watching in Full screen ( ._.)

04:11 Damn it you got me on that BSOD!

I use my computer to heat up my room. Norway is a cold country too.

Dammit i was watching it on fullscreen and my computer got BSOD. Somone help.

My 4690K been running at 1.5V for 3 years still going strong.

why does removing warranty stickers void warranty BTW i ued grammarly cauz i cant speel

but, surely the warranty is only voided if you blow it up, like if it breaks because of the oc. what if it breaks because of something else???? well, i guess cpu's dont really break often

What about Intel's Turbo Boost? It's a form of overclocking that is supposed to give you all the power it can within the CPU's TDP.

Can they actually tell you've overclocked though? Asuming the reason it failed was not a result of overclocking

fcuk yo warranty

im gayyy

But what if you overclock a CPU in a laptop? Will you void warranty for the entire laptop or just for CPU failures?

I wish the US was a free country

My PC keeps randomly BSODing and I don't know why. It is only an few months old.

ok new topic difference b/w Overclocking and Turbo Boost.

Am i the only one who buys for example an i7-8700K instead of a i7-8700 for the higher out of the box and Autoboost speed and not overclocking it further at all?!

Lol my Android got a bsod

Goddamit that windows screen freaked me out.

Why am I watching this video? I use a Pentium Dual Core!

Three words: incase it breaks

Nice try, Linus. I was watching it on my Android phone :P

I havent had an issue and im sitting .3 Ghz over the generally accepted max speed for my CPU. with some liquid cooling it sits at a healthy 50 C

cpus dont die that easily! mostly mobos die due to overvolting

Ha Ha Ha only 2 volts

That error screen is funny to see on a Linux PC... ;)

Don't worry if you blew your blue chip as long as you have a plan in their blue website that blows your mind with its mind-blowing beauty.

So if I've voided my warranty from overclocking, I might as well delid it too?

Wait, what if you OC your CPU and/or GPU, then put it back to stock speed and you don't tell anyone, do you get to keep your warranty?

I would say that it would be way better for advertising if they guaranteed the chips for a certain degree of overclocking since the last overclocking settings are probably stored somewhere and are observable.


"Don't do something obviously stupid" Ah. Ahaha. AHAHAHAHHAA And you can apply that tip everywhere

00:32 those sound fx are just 1000$

don't buy extra warranty to overclock just spend that money on a better cpu

Who's watching at 102017?

It's so sad they had to remove your nuts man

Holy shite you're canadian

What if it was , auto oc from my republic of gamers mobo ?

4.12, pixel

How would they even know you overclocked it, jsut lie. They deserve it.

I always love it when Linus gives me a quickie.

Manufacturing defects are still covered by customer protection even if they have used the product in a way that it's not intended to be used at least in where I live. For example if you use your RAM sticks for spreading butter and they are killed later by a software defect, the manufacturer still has to replace or refund the product.

A BSoD? Now that's something I haven't seen in a long time. (cuz i switched to Linux, duh)

How does Intel finds out you overclocked your cpu if you kill it

I did not get a voided warranty on my overclocked CPU. In fact, I received an EXTENDED WARRANTY for doing so: 4 YEARS!!!! If you want this too, you need to get a warranty through the over-clocker, the private company that over-clocks your CPU for you. If you elect to do it yourself however, you do void your warranty.

4:27 This would've been fine if there was better thermal contact between the CPU and the cooling towers.

Jaw dropped at 4:12


Or just use it at stock speed, until your warranty expires. Then you are free to burn your house.

If you hit the maximum frequency possible without touching the voltage and keep the cpu cool, you won't have any troubles

Nice try with that fake Blue Screen of Death. I don't watch these in fullscreen mode anyway.

Wtf when you kill it just send it back too your buy site


4:11 I wonder if anyone watched this while on fullscreen.

I have my ryzen 5 1600 running at 3.7ghz, is that safe enough for my chip?

"Why does overclocking void your warranty" my first reaction: it doesn't... I got my CPU at Micro Center and when I bought it they said "Do you to buy a warranty? It covers any damage, including damage from overclocking."

Bradley Walton that's a third party warranty

ahaha im on a Mac I can't fall for that BSOD.

Why are solid color ram sticks more expensive than rgb sticks?

By the time I need to for games, my warranty will have expired anyway

"looks at pre 2000 motherboard with clear jumper/BIOS settings for overclocking FSB". Overclocking actually used to be easier, and wasn't primarily restricted to unlocked CPU.

220 isn't anything out of standard right?

My girlfriend watched this video with me, and she said you should do a "Making a CPU cheese knife" video next. Get on it, Linus. ;)

who was watching in full screen and panicked at 4:10 ?

More Luke Please

Thumbnail is fucked up

Warranty only gets VOID when they know >:) u oc'd

After watching this video, with oc software, I'm still afraid to oc my pc

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How do they know if you overclocked your CPU?

I live in America but darn, CANADA, CANADA, CANADA

Holy crap 4:11 I thought my phone actually got a blue screen lmao

Overclocking is so 1970s

soo active styluses is a really confusing topic, or just styluses in general, how about a video explaining the difference between a microsoft surface stylus and just a regular one, and how they are compatible with different units

İs overclocking my screen void my warranty?

VideoCards Screaming Killll Meee!

I overclicked!

I'm surprised a lot of people don't know this.

What voltage is safe for Ryzen 5 1600 ???

step 1: buy a CPU with the intel overclocking warranty step 2: keep frying chips until you get a good one step 3: sell that chip as a good overclocker for a steep profit step 4: repeat until rich

i hate doing my luck at the silicon lottery because even if i have a more than edaquate cooling solution, it doesn't mean the cpu can be pushed barely inside safe limits

4:12 I freaked out lol, i thought thats a real bsod

I have a 21:9 monitor, the joke was on you, since I still had the black bars on the side.

You talked about this in the WAN show once, but it's more formally done, nice.

Wait... I thought literally everything *including breathing* voids your warranty.

Really Linus? I am watching on XBox 360 and you got me I shouted F#CK and then it resumed you got me

Hey, Hey, Hey: You also need to talk about this for ram as the ram you buy is rated for X but your running them at Y instead (as an ill-informed person)

Hey Linus - could you do an update on ads on browsers, and how to avoid them outside videos and stuff you support? Why, because I have seen an increasing among of ads popping up this last year.

paypal.me/HOGRB help me please

2:51 thst picture's ironic, because one of my relatives had a pumpkin that really did explode on them in their kitchen!

I just realized that there is a team red, a team green and a team blue, what does that mean? RGB!! Just saying

How does the manufacturer know that you overclocked the chip? Also, if you have an unlocked "K" model Intel chip you can overclock without voiding the warranty.

Idk. Why is an PGA chip in the thumbnail.

Another FAKE FACTS video . The ONLY scenario that leads to WARRANTY VOID situation IS .... PHYSICAL DAMAGE TO THE CPU . Which has to be OUTRIGHT VISIBLE with NAKED eye to render the part without warranty. Even if you indeed degrade a CPU beyond repair - IF IT HAS NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE , NO ONE IS GOING TO BOTHER to PAY LAB PRICES for electron microscope investigation . Same applies for GPUs as well.

Or you can just not tell them that you overclocked, they won't know....

I never knew that! Awesome video!

I'm pretty sure that if you overclock your CPU once and then stop doing it and it breaks from something else you can still probably claim under warranty. Sort of like how if you root your Android and then un-root it and it breaks you can usually just say that it never happened. I mean, yeah they could technically sue you, but they don't have any evidence that it happened. Plausible deniability for you.

Bluescreen 4:12 jk lol XD

i actually thought my pc crashed lol

Got 3.9 GHz on my 1600X with everything on auto, can't manage to get higher cuz I suck at overclocking but meh, it's fast enough. (if only I could get my RAM to 3000 MHz though >_

What about manufacture over clocks you buy from the box?

my i7 6850k runs happily at 4.5 Ghz. witzout even increacing voltage. did I won the lottery?

4:12 haha im on win 7!!1

Canada isn't a free country.

I really dont like the INTROOO!!! It wastes my time. So the "quickie" isnt that true at all.

Why Even.This 256 people Who Dislike Are even Exists

You got me in the blue screen


Unfortunately,i5-4590 doesn't support overclocking

Im on a Macbook so that little crash scare didnt work on me


0:55 Anyone else notice the bent pin?

How Does Overclocking Void Your Warranty?

be more noob please . If the CPU is rendered to a NON-boot state , the only way is to electron microscope it . The cost per 1 CHIP investigation is more than what intel charges for their 18-core X series Skylake (maybe even more than its server counterpart).

Volf3r well, they test it first and check the settings...

Sake election federal amid request arrival indication

Got to say, that BSOD gets me good

4:11 i watched this video because i overclocked my intel core i9 to 4.4 ghz and that and it made me almost shit myself

i just got the 8600k. the first time I've ever OC a CPU. I'm getting 5gz at 1.28v. I've read that's pretty good in terms of the voltage I'm at.

4:11, i have windows 7 not windows 10 xD

comment if your team red or team blue

outdated xeon overclocker 4 life! have been running 2 hexicore xeon x5690's @ 4.2ghz for 3 years now.

can i join the old school colt? i overclocked a Dell XPS 600 by 100mhz and it was horribly unstable... but i FUCKING OVERLCLOCKED A DELL!

I ran my 1700x at 1.5volts to get a 4ghz overclock for about one week untill I realised that was risky. Now I run it at stock speeds. Is my 1700x messed up now? Please help me im very nervous about this

I accidently fried my i5 8th gen :/

I did find the Intel CPU protection plan. .the problem is dose not tell me once paid for how long dose the protection plan last.   Something smells strange hear. my $600.00 USA Dollars i7-6800K CPU well the protection is $35.00 While the $400.00 i7-8700K CPU its protection plan is $50.00 however 8700K got a lot less lanes to work with Hmmm https://click.intel.com/tuningplan/purchase-a-plan

4:12 that made my heart skip a beat since I use full screen XD

I forget thepasdword I had trying to clear many times but I failed to clear the password

it is asking for hard drive password

how to reset or clear the hard drive password , it is asking when I trying to connect as a slave or master drive


does underclocking void ur warranty as well?? (i have a core i7-7700k and i had to underclock to have more stable temps (it still runs at 4.5GHz thouhgh))

TIP: use defaults till youre warranty is used, then you can go crazy with it till it friezzzzzzzzzz!

Interesting !

4:12 im on android..

When blue screen of death on mobile. Noooooooooooo


Fuck off, mate.

Good thing that lifespan of a CPU is shorter than its useful life (especially if you're an enthusiast that updates each year).

Before I watch. My guess is money.

Well, what about overclocking your GPU? clearly a difference (somehow)..

Here's a good plan that have worked for me. Take a cpu slightly or greatly more powerfull than you need. After tha warranty is expired, your CPU is probably old and maybe incapable of performing the stuff you need (the plan is mainly for gaming btw). After the warranty is expired, then and only the overclock the cpu... So, what have you accomplished with that? You have more or less made sure you had warranty for your CPU the entire time and after that you extended your CPU lifespam by overclocking it. Ultimately you'll save more than the bucks you initially gave for that "faster than you need" CPU. One more nice solution is overclocking the CPU without tweaking the voltage. Just mess with the multiplier (if unlocked). It won't void the warranty for all I know, and it can go pretty high up! My i7 3770K went up to 4,2GHz on all 4 cores (from 3,5 stock) without any stability issues. It could might go higher, but I didn't try, I thought 4,2 was enough. Running at 4,5GHz atm, cause I have a really stupid mobo with so little voltage options... Anyways, hope someone finds this helpfull :P

Team red

your fake bsod did not get me because i am on windows xp

Was watching on Linux so when I saw the blue screen for a millisecond I got so damn scared xD, great vid Linux.

got a small heart attack at 04:11 especially at fullscreen

That bsod gave me headache for few seconds.

i know this is an old video but how much shorter is the life span of a pc when you over clock it in general ?

so as long as I don't plug my CPU straight into a nuclear power plant via gator clips im good right? OK :0)

I overclocked my cpu and now my room stinks... is this normal?

I oced my pentium to 12ghz with a stock cooler

Linus are you Canadian? Just the first time I've seen a flag in your vids. Thanks, Matt PS - Hope you are one of us! LOL!

Bruh, my voltage is over 9000.

1:14 and that is the reason why intel shuld make it fisicaly impossible to put an unlocked chip in a non overclocking mainboard so if somone wins and dosnt give it at least a try

When I built my first PC back in 2013, My motherboard BIOS had a fail-safe watchdog in place with a message stating somewhere along the lines off "Overclocking will void your warranty" Please don't quote me on that. From 2013 to now, I don't overclock. If my processor is slow, I will shell out money and buy the next step up if my motherboard supports it. My 8700k is running strong and gets my tasks done with stock speeds.

Anything past 1.45v isn't safe and could actually kill your motherboard earlier than you can kill your CPU

Intel: Your CPU is compatible for overclocking! Download our software to get started Me: Downloads Software Software: Sorry, your CPU cannot be overclocked.

4:12 I didn't fall for this at all. 1 I'm not on full screen 2 I'm on a tablet

I've overloaded both my cpu and gpu, resulting blue screen of death... on my laptop

America isn't a free country


Just like Loot boxes...

Overclocking must not be available on hardware level and any processor directly from manufacturer must work on its maximum level delivering maximum performance !!

You run over the factory clocks at the thermal limit and it WILL fry your chip. I don't know why you didn't say that. Keep it cool and overclocking doesn't shorten any lifespans. Why is that not pointed out? Am I just a complete retard or is heat the problem?

When I tried to OC my 1700x, I found that LLC wasn't working. I tried to ask MSI if I was missing something or if the feature was broken. They told me to go fuck myself. Well actually it was along the lines of "We don't offer overclocking suggestions" which I wasn't asking for, so same thing basically

I overcooked my CPU to 4 TeraHz from 4 GigaHz.

As an engineer, I have to agree with overclocking voiding the warranty. Like any other product, if you push it past what it was designed for, do so at your own risk.

Its so when you fuck it up you have to pay more to fix it and they have happy profit.

Im team price

How would they know?

My Ryzen 7 1800x OC to 3.9GHz at 1.375v BUT if I OC to 4.0GHz I need 1.425v

I undervolted my 5820k and overclocked it to 4GHz

i was watching this vid on a windows 7 computer, and when i saw the blue error screen, i was like, "I wish:/"

Canada is not a free country, you don't even have free speech. The Canadian gov tells you that you legally can't miss gender a tranny.

You have to screw up in an extreme manner to have a CPU show signs of being overclocked.

WHAT ABOUT GPUS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

your videos are the best in the domain, so it will be fine if you add the subtitle

I'd be interested to know how the manufacturer can tell if you've overclocked the CPU?

Just 18 core overclocking :3

Well I guess my Ryzen 7 1700X @ 3.9GHz has no warranty then......

Does this mean I can delete system32?

Almost had me either that blue screen cuz I was like "I'm on an android"

"Socialist republic of Canada" "Free country" lol

Does it also void my motherboards warranty?

4:11 i had it at full screen

It called "six sigma" i.e. fact of life aka. production variation in any given quantity. Any manufacturing process require some form of design tolerance, in this case nano-meter level precision, where some silicone wafer disc may have slightly more pure silicone or the etching is a bit cleaner or sharper edges with well define tracks & gaps than other disc. All this will contribute better quality / performance in an imperfect world. The bigger the tolerance, lower the clock speed, but cheaper in price because of quantity, as they don't have to throw away as many chips. e.g. if decide to have a target speed of 3.0 ghz you may get 1 bad chip in every 100, but if decide to set the same design as 3.2ghz they may only get 1 in 10 though put, which isn't very profitable or even justify to pay all these scientist and equipment and so on to produce so much waste. Most often then not, after a wafer disc has been made they will inspect and see which chip can be classed as xeon, i7, i5 or i3 to minimise wastages i.e. re branding excersice. That is why you get more models available as you go up the moors law ladder even though it technically all of which has gone through the same manufacturing process with same socket number. In theory, in the days of 90nm it should gives you huge amount of over-clockability with wide ranging result, whereas nowadays as we are quite high up in the Moors law ladder overclocking should only produce few percentage point before seeing BSOD. However, Intel isn't in the business of marking unstable chips (as some goes to servers), as they tend to have a conservative 10 -20 year + lifespan to set at a lower clock speed e.g. 3.0 ghz instead of setting to 3.2ghz which may reduces to 2 year lifespan.

Plant debt guard likely aware react narrative shuttle mistake opponent.

Do more of those BSOD in other videos just to troll people pls!

My CPU base speed is 1.6GHz and it can be up to 2.5GHz. I do not do this because this will break my CPU.

So you telling me that my 2.22Ghz over clocked to 4.8Ghz is a bad idea?

what overclocking software is send in this video

You should only overclock an AMD processor not an Intel.

do you also void warranty if your ram uses a docp profile? i mean thats a overclock even while its something they manufactored also does getting rid of xfr also destroy your warranty? i absolutely hate that all i see is 1.4-1.45 volts everytime i go into bios like wth i know it updates fast and those volts dont stay but it dont mean i trust it in any way possible

4:12 I knew that was fake because I run mac

Not that different than say... Jeep advertising their "Rubicon" as "Rubicon" Trail Ready... then you take it there, blow a diff and your warranty doesn't cover it; LOL.

Wow I never knew a Windows error message can pop up on IOS

he got me good...

Yeh, overclocking is an unethical practice...which is why Intel sell 'K' versions ;)

Omg I overclocked my 2500k@4.5ghz at 1.35 volts I'm afraid that it will blow up in 2029 instead of 2031

Damn you! I was just heavily overclocking and this freaking BSOD really scared me :D Would not be the first one today...

Man, you are just repeating the good old headlines in multiple english words. Please provide more informative content......

I prefer downclock some of my CPU, just to make damn think work silent

The fake bsod in this video is that same one I have been getting on my laptop! LOL!

Now if the processor is not good THEN you can do something stupid with it so long as it won't kill you or something similar.

4:12 lol I didn't fall for that because I was on mobile.

My amd ad apu overclocks it's self when needed. am i screwed?

Short answer: yes

Dude Im using macOS and you throw a BSOD to me... You "GOT" me XD

I agree but if they are encouraging it and advertise it as such. As well if the over clock is within their testing limits it is reasonable they should cover it.

too much overacting.. i got annoyed mid way

My brother keeps telling me that if I over clock it will make my graphics card survive for only 3 years

What about the automatic Turbo Boost on Macs?

I keep forgetting this guy is in Canada.

Does undervolting void warranty

that moment when you find out your cpu hits 69 degrees celsius for its oc max temps

i think overclocking my laptop by -1 hertz will make it explode with the power of a nuke

if a CPU refuses a 2 MHz overclock, then it is a piece of shit - for EMC compliance, some mother boards apply an intentional jitter to the clock speed to spreed the frequencies. This is normal industry practices and any CPU can do that. So any overclocker first disables that frequency spreading, so that the mainboard does not randomly over- and underclock the CPU causing stability issues.

Loving the Hitchikers references!



#iamteamblue :)

I actually removed the overclock on my i7 7700k that I got over a year ago as I don't need the extra performance. I plan on keeping it for many years to come so I want it to last a while. I may overclock it in the future when it is starting to age.

Ha troll fail, I’m using my iPod.

It's a free country, says the Canadian (it's a meme, chill my dudes)

I would like to not overclock my CPU/GPU/

thought my raspberry pi broke when that error message thing happened

you suck. lmao i just spent a long time fine tuning my 8700k and saw more of those than i care to count and you include one in the very first video i watch after im done benchmarking and think my PC is completely stable man i cringed and i had that undescribable dissapointment feeling. this was just a funny case of perfect timing

Software oc that way no proof of oc

Mine only goes up to 1 hz, what an unlucky lottery

Please take and old CPU and cut a block of cheese and see if it still works.

in my oponion overclocking your CPU is completely unesecary couse you never even use so much power even for unclocked speed so why risking to fry your CPU and void your warranty for no reason... anyway games use most of GPU so wont make your gaming any faster.

4:12 Jokes on you, I'm watching this on a second monitor

"Some of theirs chips" XD

4:13 ITS NOT THE VOLTS THAT KILL ITS THE AMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk

Hardcore "enthursiast" nerds

When my prosessor and everysingle part in the pc expired, i just went crazy and said "heck with that, it already expired" and overclocked my CPU by 2 Gigahertz and 10 volts, i thought it would burn, but it didnt, now it runs at 3.3GHz. (This was 5 years ago)

"He's overclocking the ruby! That's insane!" Tails, Sonic Forces

3:35 and know you know the TRUE price of those 1000% over price chips are

Intel allows you to buy a new cpu after frying it. How revolutionary

You... Live in Canada?

2V is too much? I am running my fx8350 with 2v on box cooler

I will rate this video 7-10IGN

Lol My 60€ mobo has a "gaming mode" wich overclock my CPU from 3,6 to 4,3ghz

welp, im using windows 7 so your scam wont on me linus. lol

I'll go with the green side.

I overclocked my pc but I didn't touch the voltage so will I be fine

This is best watched Fullscreened!

Actively promoting you to damage your CPU or GPU. It doesn't happen often, but it does. It can really destroy files on your HDD/SSD. The gain are overrated these days, sadly.

My cpu would be great at overclocking because the fact that IT OVERCLOCKS ITSELF SOME TIMES

Its good that it didnt void my warranty :)

I'm tired of freshbooks

someone should cut cheese with their cpu, use it in a board then upload to youtube and leave a link here

I overcloked my pc and then declocked it ... I swear .. They still considered it that it has a warranty

Deletes the "Why" in the title because it looks weird sentence

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