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Hey, what's going on everyone crypto, austin here and today, we're gonna talk a little bit about etherium. Mio, and iota. And what the differences, are between those, three technologies, now, I'm, heavily, invested, on all three technologies, I don't, have necessarily a, favourite one so I'm trying, not to be biased as we go through this I found some very interesting articles. Online and we're just gonna go through and look at those articles together and talk a little bit about those different, technologies, there, are some that you're gonna find have some advantages, over the other in, terms of speed scalability. And things of that nature and, I just want to discuss those things as we go in and we started, going. And putting money towards, a blockchain. Or, a technology. Like that that, we. Make the, best decision, possible now, keep in mind I'm, not your financial, adviser so make, your do your own research make, your own decisions, I'm simply just sharing, my journey with you okay so we're gonna go over that when we come back. You. All right so here we are okay so let's dig right in and look, at these three technologies but before we do that I'd, like to go through the market cap and talk a little bit about the numbers first because. Depending. On their market, cap supply. Their. Price the, volume, in the last 24, hours and how they're doing today will. Determine how most. People feel about that currency. Right or that, technology, so let's go through it together here and break it down so the first thing the, first one we're going to talk about is the the top one on the list a theorem, right you'll, see a theorem here it's at 69, billion pushing, 70 billion, market. Cap. Its. Prices at seven hundred twenty two dollars right, and the. Circulating, surprise 96. Million so, that's a pretty decent, circulating, surprise if you ever hear about the. Way I like to hold, or, put. Money into cryptocurrencies, I generally, like to do anything that's below a hundred. Million. Market, cap unless, it's got a phenomenal technology something. Like ripple who has over, a hundred billion, right but, either way, it's. Got pretty, pretty decent amount there now let's scroll down and look at the number, seven, which is iota iota. Here, is currently, and nine, billion, with, three dollars and forty cents per iota and they've. Got a total, circulating. Supply of two billion. 779. Million you see that there and so. You. See that that's a more. Significant, number than, the etherion, number so they. Would need quite, a bit more in the, market cap in order to get, their price closer, to where your theorem is which is seven hundred dollars. There then. We scroll, down we're gonna skip them at some point we will talk a little bit about them we're also gonna skip, even. Though yose is one. That i also. Hold and, find very interesting and we're, gonna go right down to neo right now the reason I'm talking about these three in specific, is because the, theory of neo and iota are, always, on the top of people's minds in terms of technology especially.

Because. Has to do with the tangle, and, the other one has to do with the blockchain right or the other two has to do with blockchain, so you see here neo has three, billion which, is a very solid numbers pushing almost four billion market, cap there it's at $59. Per per Neil and. 65. Million, circulating. Supply right so, we're gonna dig into each one, of these individually. So what. I did also, I went back and looked at each one of the sites and pulled, up a little bit about each one of them to see what the differences, are and one of the things we're gonna bring up is how are these two technologies. Similar, right well here it explains pretty simple neil and a theorem of both blockchain. Projects. Specifically. Designed to host smart contracts, i SEOs, and apps in a decentralized. Manner right so, both Neil and etherium are a decentralized. Blockchain, project, their respective, Watchers of fuel by crypto assets. Gas. Is in, Neil and ether, is in aetherium now those if, you don't quite know, understand. Gas gas, is the amount you're basically, paying almost. Like as a fee, to. Send. Or receive this. The. The, the currency, right and. So if you're sending a little bit of ether. Aetherium, you're gonna pay, with a little bit of ether if you're gonna send some Neil across you're gonna pay with a little bit of gas now, both the projects are open-source taurine. Complete and have ample. Community, backing with great responsive, teams now that, is true if, theorem has a fantastic, team and. Neil. Has an enormous. Following, and we're gonna talk a little bit about that here in just a second now how, Neil. And aetherium different when, you look around the crypto market you'll find many all coins but, seldom, will, you find any theorem competitor, or an alternative, I firmly believe Neil might. Be a competitor, and alternative, to ethereal, in, my, opinion, honestly I think that, even. Though. Whoever. Wrote this article is, explaining. You. Know what they think about it I think, they're about the same in a theorem, actually has a head start over Neil. It's the more popular, blockchain. Out there now, needles, back by the Chinese government this. Has become more important, in the Chinese market. One, things that one, thing that you'll know is that any, block. Chain or cryptocurrencies, that come out of like, China, or Japan. A. Lot. Of those countries, they. They. Will back that coin up or that crip so cryptocurrency. Up right they will back it up to no end I mean they do a really good job pushing, those types of things, Neal's also backed by wings if, you're not familiar with wings look, that up you'll also see online. A little bit about wings Alibaba. And, various. Mic giants. Like Microsoft, right now. If the areum's not backed by any nation's government but, it is supported, by the, enterprise etherium alliance right and it's, pretty big alliance this, picks volumes because, it's put popular, and potential success of the world stage now, as, I'm. Talking about that aetherium has, following. All look, globally right, where neo started. With ant shares and then turned. Into neo in and, then exploded. Up as they rebranded their, brain brand, to neo and the. The following in the support, that it came from especially. Specifically, China was, humongous. Right. If. You go here, the. Consensus, mechanism, which is very important Neal use it as a delegated. Benzotine. Fault-tolerant. Aka, DB. Ft consensus, mechanism, which, is an improved form of proof of stake right in.

Theory 'm uses, a proof-of-work, mechanism. Now there is some. Conversations. That if you're invest some points gonna fork and go. Into proof, of stake, i believe but. Don't, quote me on that yet, because i don't have all that information in front of me. But. I don't, see. Any. Of this is a big, disadvantage neil because we eventually, expect, the theorem to move to an efficient proof of stake mechanism. They're. Both going to be on par right. The. Visibility, and this is pretty important, because as. Trying to saying send. Miniscule, or micro payments it is, key that you, can send the smallest payment, amount, without. Having to pay a whole lot of gas. Right the. Native currency fuel, of Neil's blockchain, is not, divisible, all. Right so keep that in mind it only exists in whole numbers so that means if. You're. Gonna send. The. Neo you, could do one two fifty, one thousand etcetera, right the native crypto fuel of aetherium, is divisible it can be divided by three point four three five, two right or two, eighty three point, three nine nine etc. So, keep that in mind as you're going through, and you're, sending. Or even. Trying to spend. These, things if they accept etherium, and neo in certain places that. That's, gonna play a play a role in their fueling, the blockchain neo produces, a special, crypto asset called Neil gas or gas which is used as a crypto fuel for Neil's blockchain, which we were already discussed, in aetherium. Small units of ether are used as gas to fuel the network which, we've already discussed as well right. The. Different. Languages, that they, offer a neo smart contracts, and apps can be written in compiled, in C plus and Java in the, future the developers will also be able to write smart contracts and Python and go this, will drastically. Reduce, the entry to bear for the developers and around the world and that's a pretty big deal because the. More developers, you have using, it the more support you'll have and the more technology, you'll, have out in the public for, folks to use currently.

If You want to write smart contracts and apps on aetherium then you have to learn a new programming language called, solidity. Very, few people know this language and that. Makes it a little difficult now it's, catching on more people aren't getting into it and more. Developers, are getting into it as you can see there's, different coins coming out almost, on a daily basis. And. A lot of these, different, technologies and coins and icos are, doing. It based, on that theory the blockchain right, the. Direction now neo, focuses, on making a smart economy, by digitizing, traditional. Real world asses via digital. Along with running smart contracts and apps if the areum is going in direction will become the world's only super computer, based on the blockchain by hosting numerous use cases of digital identity, computing. Decentralized. Exchanges, or remittance and KY, C's to. Name a few. Number. Seven international audience, there isn't much information available. About Neal, for the English reading audience due to his Chinese roots which, is a fact but we do know that Neal is also, highly. Supported, by China. Right. To China supports Neal pretty pretty strongly, if TM, is already a global enterprise which fully caters to international. And English reading audience it theorem, Network now at present Neal can handle 10,000, transactions. Per second, so that's a pretty. Significant. Amount right if theorem can handle 15 transactions, per second so you could see the difference is there now. This, is currently Neal's biggest, advantage. On. This article stated this is Neal's, biggest advantage in his, opinion but I think the theorem will solve this soon as they actively, work on scalability, and scalability. Is a big deal in the blockchain world we all know that. Difference. Number nine quantum, computer. Proof Neal is quantum, computer, proof quantum, computers, are believed to have the ability, to break into and hack cryptography. Math on, which block chains of based Neal claims that they have already developed an anti quantum, cryptography, mechanism. Called neo Q S which. Is awesome, and you can read it there on the white paper that they attached a theorem. And every other cryptocurrencies is, not quantum, computer, proof so, you see there's a volatility, there. So. Those those are the main differences the. Person the author of this was authored, by Sudhir. Cop wani I'm not sure if I'm saying that correctly but I really appreciate him going into detail looking at those things this, is an article I found on coin, sutra calm and I. Think, it was a really great article and explained, a little. Bit on the basic side of what's going on between Neal. And aetherium, and it, broke, it down pretty. Evenly there in my, opinion right so, now. Kneel. And aetherium we, understand, that those are blockchains, right now let's go over, and look at yacht. Right, or i, io. Des yacht. I call, it yacht because. Part. Of the technology, is based on the yacht protocol. Iota. Was developed, to enable felis. Microtransactions. For the Internet of Things the original, Bitcoin, talk forum post explains, why. This. Article was also a fantastic one that I found and it broke it down a, little. Bit further for, us in terms of what, iota does, and the. First thing it mentions is micro transactions, that's very, very important so if you want to send a small amount you can without. Having to sacrifice. Big. Fees or, pay any type of gases. And not not being able to send it's, you know a dollar or a cup of coffee or something like that right the, number of connected devices that will permeate our modern. Landscape in the coming decade is estimated, 250 billion now I'm, gonna skip down to here, it says, these connected, eaat devices, must be able to automatically, pay minuscule, amounts, to any. To. One another in a frictionless, manner, without having a compromise. On product, design and introduction, introducing. Additional hardware this. Is big right because.

If You could send those miniscule, amounts. Like we talked about just a second ago you can make those purchases more. Efficient, right and become. A little bit easier, to manage. And. Make. Efficient, lists where there's not many issues there right the, original post is an easy way to understand, what, the core aims of yet devs were and. To a large degree still are. So. Let's, look at it so a. Comparison. Number one centralization. Of control yacht dev comment, as history. Shows small. Miners from big groups to, reduce variation of the roared this leads to concentration, of power what. They're talking, about here is for. Example if you look at the. Mining, chart for Bitcoin. Or aetherium, in. Any, other cryptocurrency, out there you'll, find some. Mining, pools that control, a large percent, of those. Currencies. Right, and when. You're trying to do consensus. Or, make. Changes to the blockchain you, you have to get all of those folks involved and. You. Have to signal a I'm. Not gonna get into all that it's gonna be very technical. But basically. You'll. Have pools. That, control, majority, controlling. That. Specific. Cryptocurrencies we're, with. Yacht it doesn't necessarily, have that and here talks a little bit why but in. In, in the hands of a few pool operators, and give them ability, to apply wide spectrum. Of policies, filtering, and postponing. Or certain transactions, although there are no known, cases where, pull operators, abuse their power there have been several instances where the opportunity, were present. This possibility. In a, monetary, system powering. A multi-billion. Industry. Is completely, unacceptable and, I can. Agree with some of that. Bitcoin. It is argued that Bitcoin has somewhat, centralized, control, and it talks a little bit about the mining pull here you can see the amp pull on, 16.6%. Is actually the largest, mining, pull owner there and then, it goes into BTC, top, at 13 percent Bix, in and 99.3, and so on and so forth and these, are you, know the big heavy, hitters and. That. This is one of the, criticisms. On Bitcoin. Is that they. Believe. That it's somewhat, centralized, due to who, owns the most mining power right and, then if you go down here and it breaks it down for you so this is a really nice article, it's on a new UK. Cryptocurrency calm. The. Combined, total of, who. Owns majority, of the stake of Bitcoin, is seventy, five point six percent and, so. You. Can see that there's a very small amount that's, out there that's not within that control, of. These all eight are in based. In China excluding, beef Fury and slush poll this potential, an issue as a change in regulation, in China or tighter controls over the great wall could, result in a large proportion of bitcoins mining hardware. Being isolated from the rest of the world it should be pointed out that many of these poles are used by independent, miners so. Anyways we're not going to get into that portion of it but you can see what's. Going on there now iota, in comparison, there's no separate mining on iota if you make a transaction, you validate, two transactions, so what that means is whenever you make a transaction, in iota you, send iota somewhere. Or you, purchase something, what. You're gonna also do is confirm. Two transactions. Behind. You and what that does is actually. Limits. It having, to be mined, or confirmed, right as. A result, each user can be viewed as an independent miner it'll be interesting to see how it will enable the centralized protocol, development and that would be interested in yes. Isle, development comment on, the obsolete cryptography, although large scale quantum computers do not exist, yet which, they will I believe, they will future-oriented, companies, have already begun initiating, the steps towards quantum, resistance cryptography. From, a security point of view it makes perfect, sense to assume that, hardware capable of cracking classical. Crypto. Algorithm, may appear in a very near future so. Prepare, a preparation, is the only defense and I, can agree with that and I think this is one of the biggest steps. That neo. And iota, are both share, portion. Of it iota. Iota, uses exclusive quantum, resistance, cryptography, algorithm, which are immune, to this brute-force. Attack, unlike. Current blockchain, projects, that's, big furthermore. The, tangle decreases impact of accountable consensus attacked by 1 million times the, detail this can be explained the white pair is shown below and, you can read that white paper it's a lot of detail. Information, it's like reading radio which instructions, right if you're trying to put a radio together. Comparison. Number 3 inability, conduct, micro, payments now there's a lot of, tokens. Out there crypto currencies and micro. Payments, we've gotten further further away right and I think Satoshi's.

Dream. Was. Ultimately. To be able to use it as a currency, and make sure that those her payments were. Available. And able to make now as Bitcoin. Grows, and matures as, aetherium. Neo they all go through their changes, I'm sure that there's going to be more, possibilities. Out there but. Iota. Will have that in their, program, already all. Right so let's scroll, down here, in. Iota there are no transaction, fees you, can send as little as one iota, as of, today. The. One iota is worth point, zero, zero zero, zero zero six and we'll always be able to be sent with no fees, and that's, a big deal because as you know currently, if. You send Bitcoin, or aetherium, or any other cryptocurrencies out, there there's a huge dollar value to it I sent, some Bitcoin, off, yesterday. And notice. That I paid close to thirty, bucks right, and it wasn't a large. Amount but some, of the fees, that are out there are pretty large so this is significant, not to have any fees at all let's. Scroll down and. Ioaded. F comment, block. Chain, base currencies, are unable to survive, long, sustained. Partitioning. Of the network because they may lead to a reversal of large number of transaction, is also impossible to initiate, and intention. No partitioning. In cases when. It is required, that's. That's pretty, useful at, times I'm guessing. Transactions. Must be related by nodes connected, to the network this is for Bitcoin tours actually cannot take place off chain, without other layers of abstraction lightning. As the, ledger must be updated constantly to ensure double, spin are not possible and that's. Another, great thing I owe the nodes can't operate without being connected to the main tangle, quite. Happily, if. They, later wish to connect to the network when for example an internet connection is not available, they can do so with ease and that's. A pretty big deal and. So, the. Note on that is also that Bitcoin protocol may for due to split camps of Bitcoin. Supporters, whose beliefs are about scaling. And a theorem has already for it here a minute theorem classic, right though, it is true that these force cannot recombine. They're, not the network part tissues with iota, refers. To. Comparison. To, be completed soon, discrimination. Parts as base scalability, limits as, these, thick cryptocurrencies are heterogeneous. Systems. With clear separation. Of roles transaction. Issuers transaction, approvers, such systems are created unavoidable. Discrimination. Of some of their elements which in turn creates conflicts, and makes elements spend resources, on conflict resolution. Scalability. Limits some, cryptocurrencies have hard limits, on the maximum, transaction, rate and this limit cannot be removed in centralized manner a magic. Number of a limit set before the launch cannot, satisfy requirements, of system, unless it is set by a person with, extraordinarily. Predictive. Skill. High. Frequency, for Hardware Bitcoin derived cryptocurrencies, use its original. Script based. Approach, which allows implementation. Of a wyvern to use cases other cryptocurrencies using, approach similar to one used, by banks but, add extra features. Unlimited. Data graph story of all, state, transitions. Lead to the fast growth of the data which does not increase storage balance information, so. This. Article here I did not find who, wrote it so let's have a look here. This. Was in the United Kingdom cryptocurrency. Guidance. UK. Cryptocurrency, and it. Talked, a little bit about the tangle versus, bought chain technology, now the, only reason I was talking about these days is because, because. Of these technologies, and how new they are and. Your and, your you, decide which ones you want to hold maybe you want to hold all three maybe you just want to hold one either. Way. You, make the decision, for yourself and which one you feel strongly, about or, if you feel strongly about all three I think all of them are three, great technologies, that's gonna launch us into the new world, but.

I'll Leave that decision up to you now, if, you're interested in. Getting. Into iota, iota, has a limited, place for. Where you could get, them and, if. You click on iota here and I'll show you how to navigate this, coin. Market cap, you go to markets, you're, gonna see that, BitFenix. And by Nance are two. Of the majors ones okay I'm gonna put a link down below so you could go to buy Nance and open. An account and get. Iota if you decide to. BitFenix. We cannot, because, they're their cutoff, for US population, however. If you're in a different country you could definitely use BitFenix. If. You decide to go and get. Anything. Else like a theorem, or neo. You. Could purchase those in many of the, largest stages. Like bid tricks or. Even. Finance again and. BitFenix. Hit. BTC, so on and so forth if, you. Want. To do aetherium, you could get a theorem, and all the major, exchanges. Out, there even, coinbase, okay. That's. All I have for you guys today hopefully, we. Were, able to, talk a little bit about some. Things today that will. Shine some light on on, these three technologies. Thank. You for being with me today please, thumbs, up subscribe leave. Me a comment down below let, me know what you think okay, thanks, a lot talk to you soon bye bye. You.

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