What Should You Upgrade Next On Your Road Bike? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 24

What Should You Upgrade Next On Your Road Bike? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 24

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Welcome. To the GTN tech show coming up this week we tackle that age-old question, what should your next upgrade be, we take a look at an unreleased, bike currently been raced on the world tour yeah and one that isn't being race to the world tour because it's an e-bike the focus pair alone squared plus, we have three drop Barbara off-road bikes and we also hit. Our new presenter, Chris with. A cheeky little tech quiz first question Chris what do you think of the color Celeste. Right. Before we get on to what is hot in the world of tech this week let's have a quick introduction to one. Of my new presenters this is Chris Opie, a pro. By racer until Primos last week I guess well. Then there's no assurance that, you know your way around a bike so let's establish that quite quickly Chris are you fussy, about bike, setup yeah you know I am, particularly fussy yeah I like my brakes to be wearing, right in on the the reach, adjust and I like the pads not to contact the rib until pretty much the levers hitting the bar really low engagement I like that never gonna rub the rim on the on the brake pads, I also. Like my saddle to be air misses slightly tilted down at the front yeah 750. Millimeters. From Center the bottom bracket to the centre. Of the saddle I love, my bars to be as low as possible, stem well, pretty much as long as possible but proper. Pro by racer that'll change me in a few weeks you know begin, to retire more and more right. Then what about your favourite piece of tech now, I'm torn on this one it's it's quite, tricky actually this, breaks on a road bike because who, doesn't want to stop better faster, more control that's valid point but the one I'm gonna choose is tubeless I've, run two bursts on my bike for the last 18 months and I don't, carry pump or two with me anymore alright and, you, can run though pressures you got more grip you got a smoother ride it's, win-win I can pretty much I can pretty much hear people, writing. In the comment section already that it's definitely gonna kind. Of cause with a control see there right, there what about a. First. Simple one arrow or lightweight arrow, every time true. Sprinter there and then finally she's.

Gonna Get on this one what. Is the. Coolest bike, of all time now, that's tricky I'm gonna have to induct, two to this one because I love. The 2005, quick step time VXR that they would've ridden throughout all the classics that ya know I know the ones black one with the white the red yeah yeah okay that is very cool lovely geometry, or and. For me this is probably the one. Arches the 1998. Bianchi, the Pantone a road to the jira and tall double oh yeah interesting. That is a very cool bike but, what color is it Chris is yellow but, predominantly, Celeste you, choice is there Chris I think a lot of people probably nodding in agreement as, well we, have one more chance to check out Chris's tech relent shells because your to product onto the wall of fame as well which I'm particularly excited about so. Stay tuned for that one a little retro edition from 15 years ago but before that from retro detector future tech there. Were two new, bikes at the khatoun indeed orphan a the traditional, Tour de France Walmart race the trek, Madone. Disc and these specialized bench discs there's also been, a new Ridley that's been spotted, hidden, underneath, this special wrap they're, simultaneously managed, to scream Hey look at me but then I'm, cool that because it looks absolutely amazing. Now. Just like the trek and specialize that this too has an integrated one-piece. Parts to him with all the cabling, seemingly, hidden away in there so the whole thing looks super neat and presumably, prettier oh yeah they've also updated the forks as well yeah also more Aero but, furiously, they've gone for rim brakes I'm not discs yeah that is interesting isn't it now, a lot of people I think are probably gonna be tempted. To say that, actually. All these Aero bias is starting to look just a little bit similar and it's true because, there is definitely like a a really clear Aero, silhouette. Emerging. But I think, it's worth pointing out that bikes. Have always looked quite similar, and perhaps we've been sport over the last 20 years as manufacturers, of covering grappling, with carbon, fibre and we've been true to all these kind of wacky designs and.

Now They're just honing back in on one just, like in the era of round steel tubes and Double Diamond frames I mean the bikes look pretty similar than it well presumably there, can only be one fastest. Design and since everyone's, trying to increase the aerodynamics, of their body maybe, they'll all end up looking exactly the same all a little bit Formula, One guys, cherish isn't it there can only be you two thought one, fastest. Aero bike what. Camera hey. Maybe it could be two like totally different ones, and they're just as fast as each other you bet you've gone through the drop, sea state when I've gone for the. Whatever. They tell when they come there yes specific, Aero bikes for specific weather conditions, that be worse than bottom bracket standards Chris oh I, can't think of a fear for, blacks that look similar then to one that is strikingly. Different and it's better say it kind of polarized, opinion, when it was launched it is the canyon in flight, cyclocross, bike although. Now I think it looks permit amazing in no small part down, to Mathew van de poele riding once so bloomin, fast. The 2019, range has just been released including an, aluminium one. That joins the party yeah. It's from, a that's my boy maybe something, for you that's like one bite you know me too well Chris alright now when catherine was over at the dirty kansas, she got a great look at some hot new tech there you may have seen the video that we released last week but, anyway one of the bikes in particular was, a prototype. Version, of the salsa, warbird, ok so this is now the fourth generation of that venerable gravel. Grinder, now looking more like a man to buy than ever you gotta say but, we will leave it to katherine it to talk you through it we're, here on the south first and with one of their latest prototypes, of the warbird now, it's really gone next level in terms of technology, on the gravel side here we've got a dropper seatpost suspension. Fork and the ability to fit only, three bottles in the frame but also underneath and potentially, on the other Forks as well I. Don't. Know about you side but I love. Nothing more than new kit and equipment sometimes when, I'm at my bike by myself I find myself thinking about little upgrades, or big upgrades that are gonna completely, transform my ability on the bike yeah to Vette I think we're all guilty that I say yeah I once, briefly considered, running a single speed instead of one by yeah, and then Farm Estate I decided that that was bad I did but other things as well like you. Know tread, pattern on your tires or tire width would that transform. The speed up a drive across like a should I buy new sunglasses I, think. Some people in fact most people would say you should probably definitely find, you something yeah. Alright fair enough anyway, it's endless where do you go well, that is true actually and the, cool thing is is that an upgrade, to your bike can, actually, improve your ability, on the bike whether it's making your bike lighter or, making it more comfortable or, making, it look better because obviously we all know that. Has a positive effects on your riding ability as well absolutely, you know what right, now if I could change one thing it'd be my brakes your. Brakes my brakes, I don't know what I've done wrong if it's me if it's the fact that I've not set them up properly yet but they squeal like a large bus on a back what. You did sitting there I'm, probably just gonna change the pads change the compound something softer something, quieter I, I. Said. On record Chris, a few weeks back that, that I didn't, think that you should upgrade brake pads mm-hmm, but I mean what do I know they were talking point that I reckon we should have a test Oh future. Mini idea with testing brake pads to feather if you go down the hole braking route I think, there, is a strong case to say actually upgrading, tires will, be good too if your brakes are performing, better than, having a wider tire gives you more grip you can also therefore run it's softer, as well and you, get more comfort, and potentially, you get more speed over rough roads as well and then you could get mega wide and you can ride your bike off-road that's an upgrade you get an entirely new bike for the price of two tires new, buy new sport maybe, we didn't cross the line somewhere, back there okay yeah maybe that's too much without great sometimes, the best upgrades, are the, simple ones for, instance the feeling of a new saddle one, of the most important contact points on your bike yeah unarguably.

There's Nothing worse they're sliding saddle. Sometimes. As they where they just start to you know dip in between the rails and you find yourself slowly, getting cradled, and they love this poorly, sized sagging, saddle, weight. You say that and I do understand. But. And this sounds like a confession that Chris buck quite, like the feeling of a sagging sale and. That cradling, sensation, as long as it's my bum that, has made it sag in the first place then. I'm happy it's like it's you know sitting in an old saddle it's like pulling on a comfortable pair of jeans I'm, not sure I agree with that yeah I always found myself sliding, further and further and forwards on the saddle the more worn it became for the very reason that it was just horribly. Uncomfortable in the middle well, fair enough each their own really comes to saggy saddles or not how. About bar tape okay. Now we're on the same page, fresh bar tape you, could have softer. Or grippier. Or. Just a different color keep. It fresh keep it clean either way it's gonna change the look and feel of your bike yeah. You'd struggle to say that it improves the performance they, may think well, if you can grip the bars better do you feel more confident in the corners when you're sprinting when you attack it says a man with biceps, three times yeah. Fair enough all right if you've got massive guns then yep potentially new but I say it would be a good one but, I tell, you what they although. You know passage great cuz it's cheap as well that's the important point but but actually sometimes the best upgrades, are the most boring ones as well are they certain new, cables, new, brake cables nothing, beats good shifting yeah, exactly, new gear cables to revolutionize, your shifting you brake cables get a better brakes instantly. And, then you chain as well get a more responsive, bike potentially, if you let it go to find money to refresh the whole drivetrain but that too would also boost, performance even if it doesn't change the look of your bike your point will feel nice - right that's an upgrade for me nothing, beats the feeling, of smooth, peddling.

With A new chain yeah that is very true so, you've. Fixed all the bits that are wrong in your bike where'd. You go from there well. Yeah that's an important point isn't it I reckon you can't start thinking about upgrades, until. You buy actually works properly, so yeah let's say that number one the best upgrades are fixing your bike until, you get to a point and then. For. Me it's probably time and, wheels actually, I think they're, not in significant purchase certainly wheels aren't but, that. Is definitely two things that, can totally change the way your bike feels and also, change the way your bike looks what's, your the better you, could go from silver and aluminium wheels. To black. Carbon wheels and all of a sudden your bike looks like a completely different bike. And, you're gonna be lighter and if saving weights your thing latex. In your tubes that's, true vemma the best value, upgrade, you can make - bike - safe way to 20 grams 20, dollars roughly, yeah I reckon if you can find a cheaper cheap latex inner tube you can definitely do that and yeah it makes it the best way also, here's, another sneaky one lightweight. Brake cables and gear cables or the outers obviously your stove weight on your cables, themselves that would be a disaster but the out is quite. A bit weight saving not very expensive color-coded, or black black. Yeah. Remember. The knock-on ones that ended years ago yeah I'll beat ya now you're pretty cool although, you know what, even. After all of those things we've just listed perhaps, the single, best thing you could do to improve your bike to upgrade your bike we'd just be to keep it clean proper degrease proper. Real, and, away you go it'll feel like new and it will last longer - I'm, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, because I didn't have to say it this time there's. A man he knows this caught keep your bike clean and it'll feel amazing look after your bike and it will look after you that's where we go yeah, thinking, about catch phrases I reckon. There's going people in the comments Chris who quite, rightly are gonna point out that well-worn, phrase don't. Buy upgrades, ride upgrades. Wrong nearly I'd guests attributed, to eddy merckx I can't imagine any works I'm saying that first his bites were picked out and secondly be a weird knowledge of American English when they ride up grades but. Anyway that's, beside the point.

The. Thing about that phrase right is that don't disagree you definitely should ride up grades but. You can't do that all day you, get tired so what do you do when you're not riding up grades, you, think about, upgrades, and that's, why it's okay so, you do both not mutually exclusive ride, upgrades and buy upgrades it's. It's, important it's win-win exactly. Right, now on that slightly bizarre labored point at the end do make sure you let us know in the comment section what you think about this what is the, best upgrade, you can make to, bike and. What it's gonna be your next upgrade, you're gonna make to bike we've super, Institute to read all of those get, involved. Right. Let's get back on to some new tech shall we firstly, you've got to give a little shout outs, to canyon SRAM the coolest, team in pro, cycling, and fair. Play to them they've changed that kit design and they still look flippin cool so wearing a limited edition number, for the Tour, of Britain or the women's tour rather which is taking place in the UK at the moment it is going to be a limited edition kit, and, it's designed to draw attention into the RAF of women's 100 that's, taken place in September but that really is cool kids are it is great knit and sticking, with rapper and cool kit if we can for a second they've recently released. A criterium, clothing which is an iridescent, oil, slick color no, I saw yeah with reflective, dots no less I like that thumbs up from me yeah me, too cool right. Say what I also like is the look of this new, BMC. Just, released it's called the road machine X, and, it. Is an evolution of their Road machine but with added cross, ability. Now, if we are gonna look at our gravel spectrum, I'd, say this one probably falls right, down the middle so it's got clearance for 34, millimeter, wide tires to plenty for going off-road but. Not super. Huge extreme. Gravel, tires slash mountain bike tires and also when you look at the geometry on paper at least you'd, think that that looks quite nice and agile, they. Like a road bike you know what I like about it is that it's got a nice long reach on it but. With a view to fitting a shorter stem yeah to keep it nice and tight and responsive kind, of like how a motorbike, to settle these days okay can, we mention that in here, yeah. We can meta meta bison here it's also got an animated frame just like that Canyon in flight we were to remote earlier on and indeed just like that Canyon in flight aluminium but it too has a Stram apex, 1by drivetrain, on there in all that looks like a pretty good-looking bike to me and you know what else I liked about it is that there, seems we no mention, of gravel, in any of their marketing material for it yeah, not, quite Oh full, paragraphs, in gravel, adventures oh man. Sorry, one mention of gravel us so, cliffs from gravel - another buzzword though now and that is e bikes, we, were taken, last year at Europe right with the focused, project Y series, that was what. Debuted concept, 'add and we weren't the only ones in fact because it actually want a euro bike award I seem to remember at the time but. Anyway now something has made it into production and, it's called we focus, para Lane square, so it uses the German, made fatso a motor and battery system, which. Is particularly. Impressive it can, be completely integrated into the bike look and it's also remarkably, light as well yeah, the battery of the motor themselves, anyway 3 kilos bringing. The total weight to a tiny. 13, kilos for a fully fledged e bike yeah it's about 400, watts at. Your disposal 250. Watts for over an hour off-road. And anything. Up to 25 G's an hour you'll have that assistance which actually. Is you, know let's go into some off-road yeah you're gonna be shifting some gravel, drifts maybe yeah. Well bare mind so the parent Lane I think is the same as the ordinary pallet you can only squeeze in up to 35, millimeter, wide tires on there that's. That's probably perfect, for gravel drifts I guess it's gonna take you you, know to terrain that you couldn't on a normal Road bike yeah absolutely cool yeah yeah fair enough to say well yeah that one looks particularly interesting actually right, now before we leave new, tech before this week we want to give a cheeky little shout-out to, our.

Mates Over at wahoo again if you saw GCN show you'll be familiar with these it's a limited edition element. Bolt colorway. Right so first of all we've got this lovely, little lemon-lime, number, particularly fan of that one poor. To, go it might I'm familiar in the show. Black and red and white yeah, nice cool. Watch. Did you say kids mommy, oh yeah. It's. Time now for the. Wall of fame, last week John, and Tom inducted, the, disk wheel this week it's over to Chris one, side this week I want to put the one piece bias them in there yeah, more specifically, the Cinelli integrator, which was made, in the late 90s early 2000, yeah it wasn't the first one piece buyers tend to be made but in my opinion it was definitely, the most iconic I, think, you might be right to be fair it was perhaps. The most iconic and also perhaps the heaviest as well 570. Grams is apparently 400. Mil long stem and thirty-nine. Point 5 centimeter wide, bars so. No light weight and it it looks quite you, know well. It looks like so you might find in a rally car at best and perhaps on the back of a tractor at worst but nevertheless there's some kind of beauty in the, functionality of that yeah baby isn't it it was a bit over engineered wasn't it for, a bar instead well, yeah and unlike these from Brit Lane bikes they were also available in, silver which is perhaps a little more fitting with the era from which they're from yeah, the year of one-inch steel, tubes and dodgy, internal cable routing yeah, okay, maybe we ignore. Those two design flaws for, the minute yeah she nearly also introduced, a slightly. Crashed, neural stem sticker at some, point for those that really want to liven up their cockpit like, a mario Cipollini I guess yeah just just like that really yeah bars were first. Produced in the late 1990s. And kind, of disappeared quite quietly in the early 2000s, yeah but single, piece bars and stems may they have come a long way since then the gathering popularity. Certainly, a lot lighter you're looking at what like three, hundred and something. Grams for a similar sized poster, pretty, much half the way these days yeah and so. Many different designs, and shapes and sizes there, is something for everyone I used to shy away from one, pieces thinking. That I actually liked. The adjustment, of two piece and, now I think they're great, there. Is it I've one, piece is stiffer it's lighter and I think it actually looks better I think it looks better yeah, on the right kind of like I'm. Like I'm getting a carbon. Bike but yes but on there a bite yeah, all good trends have to start somewhere they did indeed and this one started with those, there we go then Cheerilee integrators. Onto, the, GCM, water phone that was good one make sure you get involved in the comments obviously, we value your input onto, the wall of fame is that we've rather, you suggest them but anyway, given in the comments and tell us what you think needs to go up next week. Right. Then you ready for the, results for, bike of the week this, is that pointless show you better drumroll yeah. I thought it was like an appropriate well, it probably is actually so last week we, asked you to choose which one you.

Prefer The new. Trek. Madonn we think it's a madonnas it hasn't been released yet versus, the new specialized, bench, we think it's avenged it hasn't been released yet now. Drum, rolling you ready mate. The. Winner. 55%. Of the vote is. The, track live there, we go so yeah clearly that mega, downtube, decal, the, red is, what's winning people over so the discs definitely well, yeah but then this breast eyes got discs - wow, that's, a good point yeah so it's the paint job no both of them mega fight personally. I've been off the track a she I think. Arbor - it's just got you know the big tubes the picture you've big stickers that's what everyone wants yeah that's the bling looking boy right there what are we going on this week Chris this week we've got the canyon in-flight versus, the BMC road machine X now, I so - actually. Relatively, reasonably, priced bikes for once up to. Two, vote between both aluminium, frames both surround apex worn by with discs which ones are gonna be pretty versatile vice - yeah absolutely. It's. That time of the week again where we go to the bike fo you've, submitted your pictures and we give them a super nice and a ring of a bell oh nice. It's not a thumbs down base it's really nice but anyway right Garnett who's up first first. Off we've got Remy from Vancouver. Canada, he. Submitted us his. 2015. Felt, AR frd with. Some pretty sweet components, in, his opinion well. I think in my opinion to actually look at laughs you've got SRAM. Is. That eat up no, no minute whoa wait, a minute. Oh hanging over this yeah I've just he's, got a Juris but that's a SRAM Red Team, set parameter ah. Lena. Had some serious Watson Vancouver, that looks like one tasty race bike as well yeah that's sorry, I'm just like this that whole kind of like you, know mix of SRAM and Shimano, which is kind of like it's just make. Me feel a little bit uncomfortable I, mean. I love the colours personally I love the purple decals, on the wheels I think it looks pretty cool deep aggressive wheels as well to go over the area frame I'd I'd like, this I'm still. Struggling plate this is this is red chain set on a Jurassic, quick bite huh. It's. A nice one for me so a nice. Not a super nice well. Yeah, I mean it's, struggling with the mix you, are struggling to and the bars in the background if you cover into the bars there'll be a fantastic photo yeah, I do felt like I do really love the bike jokes aside about mixing. Us a doof it's actually great but you're right it's a it's, a it's it's a nice it's so close to super nice but it is a nice I'd ride it though yeah I by the way he also says consumer. You might pick a couple of fun that water bottle is grossly garish, compared to the rest of the bike but he's saying that it's an, actual team sky water bottle they've kind enough to give him at Abu Dhabi and it gives a little more motivation when, he rises which i think is super cool, but. Not super nice sorry Grammy give. It another go mate give another go alright next up we've got a Swift, Ultravox, tie now this one has a really tragic backstory actually, ever since and by Mohammed prac from South Africa so, we really feel for you Mohammed but. Anyway glossing. Over that this is a Swift with a very, special. Paint job I'm a big, fan of that, and I love the build on this so Schramm ready tap, with. An actually black chain ring on there which they look bling don't they that is beautiful yeah yeah epic we also things it, handlebars. And stem that's. A proper, bling that isn't it you know what I like most apart, from the colors which are a reminder. To him of his wife and his son is the.

No Cables, you just looks so neat having that eat up yeah it does look good the net what were you thinking is that a super, nice or a nice I for. The color scheme alone I think has to go super nice really, it's quite rare to see a custom. Painted bike these days you don't see them all the time and those, colors on the gray background they worked really well for me there. We go ring the bell. It's. A super nice right there next up we got this from Rob. Odie's. This. Is saffron, HSS, steel race bike so that's a custom builder, based in the UK Steel's, real it is indeed and that, is a beauty, hand-painted, by Finnish profit London we're told so, there we go and I'm quite famous, climb in the UK that looks a bit like Box Hill to me I believe it is but a drop you. Can tell, this in the UK is this a famous climb and yeah it almost looks like it's at sea level yeah, but. It's not raining so there we go right. What do you think about this one Chris well I think it's quite you need to sit still bike for a start I mean I know there's a bit of a resurgence still Israel, but, that. Paint job is quite, striking is beautiful, isn't it it's a break from the norm these days of the dark and somewhat. Subtle paint jobs yeah the only stands out and with the white stem as well quite throwback to the early 2000s. I tell you I do love a, stem, is custom painted same to the rest of the bike that's, what we got in there we got zero HDI too we've. Got I just think that's cool ash isn't it parameter as well yeah, saddlebag. No. Well no I'm telling it detracts from it no way, it fits fits with the steel frame for, me I like it it's a super nice ring the bell slide. There. We go super. Like - super nice ease one nice what's coming up next this. Is, Jerry. Siemens, specialized, Roubaix on a cloudy drizzly, ride the. Other morning in Bellingham. Washington I, tell. You what that is Judy isn't it is look. At the way the clouds are hanging over the mountain that's pretty. Spectacular. Yeah first first impressions, this is a beautifully, proportionate, bike and one particularly sight about so that it looks so amazing and we've, got shallow, aluminium. Box-section rims which is great yeah, it just looks really classic, but yet it's it's awfully not because it's a specialized Roubaix so we've got those like deserts elastomers, in there but I think it looks great, well they've been around for a while now they have yeah but it just looks cool yeah and John Kelly's favorite color in the bottle er hi. Yeah oh we're jarring. Slightly, with the bar tape may. I you've you've drawn my attention to now confident, in it yeah, it's cool I like that I like the misty backdrop. Hmm. I think the Armco is, subtracting. A little from your bike I think if you'd had no, arm Kerry in the background you know the guardroom, yeah are. We asking for we saying it's a nice and a resubmission needed, I think, that bike in a different location with, that bottle when John's here it would be a super nice yeah, there. We go I'm really sorry we're not gonna ring the bell right, next we've got a bikes and invite Enrico catch here and he started, his email with I know nobody, at GCN loves the celeste color of Bianchi, but I won't give up and, we're not say we don't love Celeste it's just it's just John that it's, not I'm a massive, fan you, say but anyway here. Is a Bianchi. Especially. Simmer in celeste fluro, matte which, which, maybe john would like actually anyway. Full cap on yellow chorus, group set bore at 150. Tubular, wheels and this. Was taken in switzerland. On the brown egg a two and a half kilometer climb with 12 cent average gradient and, he says that that is why the chain is on the small chain ring which, is otherwise a folk park in these in this neck of the woods fair enough excuse, their I think is it's, a beautiful, bike there I'm not gonna lie Celeste fluro Matt is, quite, a color and those specialty swimmers are Megan. Are they you know what I've not thought about it recently but deep drop handlebars like you've got there they look so cool all of a sudden you see so many compact bars these days for guys that just want to sit in the drops real quick and easy that's, me well, I love compared for us functionally.

They're Brilliant but sing, deep, drop bars like that it just looks so cool you think it's definitely a dream drop part well yeah okay, are you attempts to give it a super high something despite the fact that it's changed on the big ring despite the chain despite, being and I think, you're in like the 30 or the 28 in the back as well I don't. Know it's quite cool I like this one um I'm not a big fan of Celeste you know but when it's that in your face you can't escape it and maybe maybe, be in that bold is actually pretty cool. Ring. The bat chop the bike. Super. Nice right, then last up we, stay in Switzerland actually. We've, got this one from Fabian, from Bern oh I wonder, Fabian Cancellara do you think yeah well I mean he's riding a Morita so it could well be anyway. No marina suck across 6,000, currently with road tires I'll. Take your shifting and. I. Think, it's a Kulak you buy and I particularly, like, the effort you've gone to you with your photo which looks cooler, than that you've either gone wet feet wearing, boots or, you. Can, just swim really really well you're half way through a river here yeah it's, time, I taught my for effort yep, I think that looks proper cool you know and it's. A crazy photo and the bike looks fantastic, in it yeah top, marks Fabian you'll, soon learn a lot from your time spray yeah for sure this is enjoy. Reaches. Across 6000 super, nice right. As always thank, you very much for, the, submissions. That you sent in for bike volt this week we, have enjoyed going through all of them and even if it hasn't made it onto the show please, keep trying if, you want to send us a picture then the email address is on screen now well, that's pretty much it from us here this week do, you want to tell us what's coming up on the show I can, indeed, mate so on Saturday, we have our customary Pro bike this week it's yen Sid van Rensburg Cervelo, then on Sunday we've got a mega, unboxing, which I'm particularly, excited about went I'm very. Excited yeah Monday's maintenance video is gonna be a nice one back to basics, nice and simple is how to fit a tire so maybe not one for most PC on the tech show but still an important. Skill and someone needs to show you how to do it in the first place and then, on Wednesday, it is a ask GC anything nice, there, we go right thank you very much Chris for your first GCN, tech show some. Cracking, entries in. The Wall, of Fame there and also still. Still impressed with your call us by to all time so there we go and I see everyone else will be as well so, yeah big thumbs up and if you want to watch another video right now make sure you check out Katherine's tech, from dirty cancer, as well gravel. Tech there, we said it thumbs. Up and subscribe.

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"Lightweight" QR skewers. Saved 120g off my bike today by swapping the stock QR skewers with some cheap FWD ones.

Inner tube and tires (shaving some weight). Looking forward to it. I have them now I just need to take the time to switch it all !!! Maybe on the next rainy day.

Given that I've only got one bike to both commute and race on, and I've already upgraded to the nicest wheels I'm okay with locking up outside? A faster bike that I can properly pimp for racing. Probably one from the custom Ti builder in my city, assuming I can save up enough. That's the dream right there.

A recumbent. Due to injuries to my neck and hand suffered 2 years ago when struck by a distracted driver, riding my road bikes has become a painful experience. Anyone in the market for one of 2 vintage steel frame, 3 carbon road (1 for travel) or a carbon cross with Di2 and discs?

Cycling computer, maybe Wahoo Element Bolt

I'm upgrading my frame (moving all the parts over.) Oh wait, that's a new bike isn't it?

eTap to replace Ultegra (mechanical). Mucho dinero though...

Would love a power meter, waiting for stages to blowout 5800 g3

Best upgrade is wheels, did that over a year ago. Just did my next upgrade; I just went tubeless. The wheels are tubeless ready but I've been waiting to wear out my clinchers before making the jump to tubeless. GCN videos helped with this set up. It's working great, but unlike Chris I still Cary a tube and pump.

Rotor Q Rings.

Not an upgrade per se, but getting a bike fitting !

GCN Tech - going down the road of a wheel upgrade on my Specialized Roubaix BUT having to navigate the minefield of removing old SCS wheels and derailleur hangers - who wants it easy :-)

New bartape. Should I wrap it from the top to bottom or the other way Chris?

Just bought a pair of Assos T Cento bibs, a good pair of shorts will upgrade any bike.

cleaning kit... degreaser, brush kit, lubes......

Done tubeless. Next is deep section DT Swiss wheels!

I'm riding ultegra compact front, changed to ultegra 11-34 cassette for more flexibility dealing with 20+% climbs in my region.

I do not think any other combination (like latex tubes or tube-less) would result as light as this.

a seatpost that is adjustable. Somehow these two bikes I bought didn't come with adjustable seatposts so they're stuck at an angle that is pointing rather upward.

Nice timing for this question! Despite the fact that they called it a boring upgrade, I’m looking forward to my new Ultegra chain and cassette tomorrow!

To trade in my lazy overweight untrained body for a lighter fit version!

Gcn water botle

I'm actually going for a downgrade based on aesthetics.. Replacing my conti tyres for some with celeste sidewalls.. (Michelin or Continental any other colour than black?)

The new upgrade is going to be the bike

GCN Tech can u give me a pair of wheels for Christmas....

myself thanks for your training and emerged nutrition series

I'm planning on getting a power meter in some months.

Bike fit.

Just did my tires/tubes. Conti GP 4000S II 25s with latex tubes. Feels noticeably better, totally worth the money for anyone considering it. (especially if you buy from ChainReaction). Ultegra brakes was my first upgrade (Tiagra level carbon Trek with generic brakes). Also, AIRHORN if you ride in the city, the $20.00 is worth far more than any other upgrade. No other upgrades planned, will just get a new bike at that point.

I think I will remove all upgrades to original bike, ride a bit and put them all again to feel the difference.

Possibly new wheelset

My first upgrade was clipless pedals. It was mind blowing the difference between toe clips and clipless. Wheels were the next best upgrade. Going from stock wheels/tires to deep section was revolutionary as well. My next upgrade will be to me, going from a 90 kilo rider to a 70 kilo rider. That should help with the climbs.

Tiagra to 105. 25 to 28 tires

GCN Tech Going to go to shimano 150 r 7000 from my tiagra groupset

i just changed my inner tubes for Tubolito. They weigh mere 35 grams.

New bike

I'm planning a power meter then SRAM Red ETAP.

Wahoo elemnt bolt and sensors. Hopefully a contest could help me out with that

still 'tooling-up', my next 'upgrade' is a (decent-ish) torque wrench. most recent upgrade was a pair of SPD shoes (my first set of clipless) unsurprisingly, previous was pedals, shimano dual flat/SPD. [Kitting a low-end hybrid for touring/bike-packing]

best upgrade is me losing 5kg

Last upgrade, new crankset and new bar. Next upgrade new saddle.

GCN Tech losing a few kilos/pounds hopefully!

Sora to 105 groupset.

As Si said, wheels and tyres for sure. My next upgrade is boring, pedals.

disc brakes

My latest upgrades were ceramic jockey wheels and a Sram red cassette. Problem now is that I’ve come to the point where it doesn’t get any better.

I'd love to buy some aero carbon wheels with 50mm sections at the rear and 38mm at the front to replace my mavic aksiums. However, I would go for a pair of chinese wheels (from a reputable brand) because of my little budget =).

GCN Tech! I turned my Cervélo R3 105 (the silver one before the R2 came out) into a project bike: 1. I got myself a power meter, fsa PowerBox or ngeco from p2m. Tick. (Ps I'm not as powerful as I hoped) 2. brand new saddle - selle san marco aspide supercomfort. It does what it says ; ). Tick. 3. New bar tape. Tick. 4. Out front garmin mount. Tick (am i pro now? XP) 5. New chain, cassette and workshop tools on their way. So tick. Next upgrades: 1 - upgrading to sram force 22 (a 300g saving) 2 - new paint job to take care of some chips and tyre rubbing blemishes (going matte black with accents) 3 - carbon hoops (another 500g saving) - check out darkhorse wheels, they have legit wheels available at amaxing wieghts and prices. 4 - aero handlebars... 3t aeronova I guess. Cuurent weight - 8.4 kg. Should be close to 7.4 when done : ) Im gonna do a before and after thing for nice/super nice when im done...

Heat molding my insoles and bont carbon shoes.

I will ride my upgrades to my maximum then buy a better bike with everything aero. Better do that in one piece.

comprarme una Trek Madonna Disc

I was going to upgrade my whole groupset but I decided to buy a new bike instead. After the new bike, I will get some new wheels for my old bike.

Nothing, I've bought a new one

a powermeter

This winter, when availability is better, I'm getting brake levers, discs, brakes, front and rear mech from the new 105. The old levers from the 105 disc is awful big.

A new pair of legs

Carbon wheel set

Planning on going 105 7000 or Ultegra 8000 to replace the Tiagra 4700 on my Roubaix, which is very similar to the one in the bike vault this week!

GCN Tech Deep section wheels, but definitely not an expensive brand.

Lads. I'm thinking about installing flat/riser bars and the new1x12 SRAM NX eagle drivetrain onto my one of my old (currently single speed but has been 2x9 and 1x10 in the past) cyclocross bikes to make it sort of a rigid 29'er. Are there major differences in geometry between a rigid 29'er and a flat bar cx bike? Should I put on a shorter stem when I put risers on, etc. etc?

Going from 36t cassette to a 40t cassette so I can try those 25% hills in the Lake District again without walking

GCN Turning into a cycling baywatch with the two additions..

GCN Tech When do you use hydrodynamic lube?

Carbon 50 or deeper.. tubeless wheels, yes carbon tubeless.

ChromeStrand once you go tubeless you never go back

The best upgrade is to ride, ride and ride some more. As long as you got a working bike that's not complete junk, the only way you are going to get faster is by training.

Getting some DT Swiss Aero wheels for my Canyon :D Oh, then getting 105 R7000 for my commuter/winter road bike. Then getting a cross frame to build up (probably a Crockett, like Si's!). Oh and maybe a deep section wheel for my TT bike. I don't have any problems at all though...

GCN Tech integrated stem and handlebars... Can't wait

Maybe a pair of aluminum tubeless wheelset as a secondary for longer distance adventure with less trouble.

GCN Tech upgrade mechanical groupset to Di2

GCN Tech just bought some new handlebars for my vintage road bike

Tubeless - new bike, first ride, 15 miles from home - puncture, spurting sealant, would not seal - now running with a tube. Grrrrr

Bike of the week: BMC Roadmachine X

New guy nailed it. Great chemistry with Si.

latex tubes 100%

Chris seems like a decent lad - good upgrade to the show, GCN!

#askgcntech Hi GCN tech. First of all thank you for the many insightful videos and discussions. My question concerns that of indexing a rear derailleur. I'm using a Shimano RD-8000 along with a Dura Ace 9000 chain. I've tried indexing the RD using the tips in your most recent GCN tech video along with the Shimano dealer's manual for the RD, but I could not reproduce the smooth shifting performance shown in the video. My cassettes are also Ultegra 8000 and I'm noticing small improvements in shifting smoothness for my smaller sprocket cassettes, e.g. the 12-25 shifts better than my 14-28 sprocket cassette. I suspect some tension settings to be the culprit - so before I start taking my derailleur apart or expending my quicklink: what is most likely the problem: the derailleur or the chain? Or is it most likely something else? Thanks, Tobias

Despite the differences, they're peas in a pod :) (oh, and a compact crankset)

When I went from cheap stock tires to gp 4000’s braking was the biggest improvement they made.

17:40 love that custom Syncros RR1.0!

Massive guns? Only by cyclist standards.

I didn’t like the idea of the new guy replacing the best gcn presenter. However actually he is actually not too bad and at least Matt is on Eurosport!

And he love guys too.

A new saddle is probably the best first upgrade for most cyclists. That said, perhaps the most important upgrade is a power meter. At the end of the day, improving the engine is the cheapest way to buy speed, and we all know thats what catches looks more than anything else.

tubeless for the win !!!!!!!!!!

hi guys would love to go to tubeless but i'm paranoid about getting at some stage a puncture when I'm out in the middle of nowhere, so saw now that I could get around this and put in a Tube as a emergency, could you do a video on how to get the easiest a tube into those wheels and which tools I would need at a minimum

I just ordered new look pedals, cinelli seat post and saddle

Best upgrade to make your bike perform better is adding a lighter and more fit rider :-)

ha! That dude is a beard away from being George Michael haha

the new boy is a little distracting.

My List 1) All new cables (next) 2) Upgraded crankset /Brake calipers (Shimano having a clearout as Ultegra is changing from 6800 to R8000 3) New Wheels/tires (Hunt on road bike Mill City on gravel) -- Need new gravel tires...any suggestions?

13:41 Chris is describing Gary Fisher's G2 geometry. BTW - Is Chris wearing a women's t-shirt? Sleeves look a little shorter and feminine.

My legs, I should upgrade my legs

Best upgrade is losing weight. I can actually do hills now

the best for me was 50-34 cracnk and 11-34 cassette next will tubeless and aero wheels

my best upgrade was a bike fit. That changed my cycling like nothing else

I suspect the Trek won over the Specialized for the simple but not insignificant reason we could see it side-on in the photo.

Next upgrade, 4 bottle carriers, was at my local supermarket and saw my favourite beer for £1 a bottle. Paniers filled but I could have got more with somewhere to put them.

How about the Passoni full titanium integrated bar and *quill stem* with internal cable routing, produced quite some time ago

new wheelset! My rear giant p slr1 is totally washed up after 3000km...

I have to say.. The coolest bike ever is the colnago arabesque, that master anniversary edition, the blue and white with chrome lugs. So amazingly beautiful...

Totally agree, if you look after it, it will look after you. Lesson in life.

The best upgeade is a dropper post.... Oh sorry, wrong channel...

Enjoyed your first, for me, GCN show Chris! Well done mate (can I say that, I'm a Yank)!

FOR THE WALL OF FAME: Would you folks consider that since this is all about bicycles, I suggest; "THE FIRST WHEEL" !!

By the way, Bianchi is pronounced Bianki... just sayin' LOL

Si should place the Schwinn Colllegiate onto the Wall of Fame, and he could school us on its finer points, like look at that chain guard and don't miss that chainwheel. And grins aside, they were nice bikes for use on campus and beyond. And there was a lot to like about those Chicago bikes.

GCN keeps comin' up with great presenter pairs and I am not sure if I am illin' or chillin' about it. And imagine the on-set chemistry between Si and Chris when they don safety goggles and lab coats and drop Mentos into bottles of Diet Coke.

Best upgrade, tough question. Costly?, definitely 1x, Bargain?, tires. Next? changes every time I consider it.

I’m going 1x

Super nice? Super inconsistent you are making it up as you go and it varies according to the weather it seems. First bike shown was super nice and last one just nice by your rules. Tune to smarten up boys.

Sorry but no guns here lads.

I suspect Chris is a fixie skidder, with the mention of integralters...

Wake me up before you go go....

I thought that Wham singer fell out of a Range Rover?

I want that Merida!!!!!

What was that chain at 9:28?! I need one of those!

Only took about one minute to hit his stride, good job Chris!

Welcome Chris. Good start

Removing the 11t sprocket and replacing it with a 32t. We have hills with 15%+ segments.

I like this guy, I love the Time carbon frame...the black and red one!

My best upgrade, deep section carbon mavic wheels, also makes my black Canyon look ace !!

I'm broke... so I'll ride up grades and keep telling myself that when I have the urge to look for carbon rims.

I desperately want to upgrade my down tube shifters! But I'm torn as to whether the upgrade would be really worth it, or if I'd be better off just saving up for a new frame (or complete bike altogether). Would love your advice.

I was sort of against 28’s then I plunged and NEVER REGRETTED it.. State of the roads, more comfortable, even high pressure and roll real nice

Like the newcomer, you guys make a nice team.

There can be only One! The only thing left on my bike is the frame. I've upgraded everything else. I feel empty.

just installed new chainring, chain and casette... feels and looks amazeballs!!! and all because I couldn't find out where the clonking sound was coming from... (turns out it was from the front wheel quick release :-P)

Time for a new KOM between the presenters. NOW who's the fastest??

Chris Opie! Always worried when a presenting lineup chages, but I like him!

I always believed upgrading brakepads isn't worth it unless you got super cheap ones. Then I bought SwissStops and boy was I wrong :D

Wall of Fame: Brooks leather saddles. Before that, saddles were made of wood.

Was watching the hammer series Limburg and noticed lots of riders on discs. Any idea why?

Best upgrade is a new road bike.

Hey Si, are you sure that super nice Saffron has Di2? Or is that a gear cable hanging from the front Mech?... Welcome to GCN Chris.

Best upgrade would probably be a power meter, makes such a huge difference for structured training and for pacing yourself.

Without hesitation the Canyon.

My best upgrade would be New wheels Next upgrade would be bar tape. i personally always use fizik

I'm hoping to see new "Presenter Challenges" with all the new presenters!

just fitted a new saddle, Selle Royale Scientia A>3, and an out-front bar mount for my V650 computer, bike is markedly more comfy, although I am still zeroing in the saddle position, and the drop in time needed to look at my vitals on the computer with a quick glance rather than dipping my head to the stem is such a confidence booster. The next, and (for now) last serious upgrade I am contemplating is a set of better wheels.

I agree with Si - an old saddle is just better. And a nice new set of cables is like having a new bike.

Great job presenting!!! I like this guy!!!

I don't ride as much I would like, kids put a big dent in free time. while I wait between rides I am obsessed with the next thing to buy for my bike.

Chris has fitted straight in. Great addition to the team.

Tires, and I may give those tubolitos a try. And the best upgrade, for me, is a custom frame. The next bike I build will be custom fitted.

I can tell you from experience... Custom built wheels are the best upgrade you can buy.

Best upgrade? 9 speed groupset to 11 speed. Just did handlebars and tape.

3x9 to 1x11

My next upgrade will be new handlebars and new handlebar tape... Thinking about changing saddles too.

I live in an area with nothing but hills. I'm also a bit out of shape, so I was going to upgrade my group set to get a wider range to help. Then I twisted my fork. No idea. So, I guess it's just a new fork and bar tape for me.

that wasn't the AL inflite!!! i'm changing my vote!

Great show! I love the chemistry between Si and Chris. Chris is a natural. He's very genuine and believable. One positive criticism though, just work on the accent/locution a bit. It's an international show so a more neutral accent would be appreciated by many, I would say. But great work mate! And I can't wait to hear more from you Chris!

Remember those old evening shows where everybody was smoking like a stove and talking about philosophical stuff? ;)

'look after your bike and it'll look after you' - this was a sentiment pointed out to me by a friend after i had a nasty incident with a car - i broke no bones, but the bike sacrificed itself, getting crumpled up like a crisp packet. was rather touching, thinking about it.

next upgrade? myself!

Why did George Michael's sleeves keep changing position? He kept pulling them up to show of his guns.

Boo! Armco barrier w/ flacking paint is best background ever & deserves a SuperNice even it the kids tricycle in the pic

So were the rails in the first photo... complemented the bike nicely.

It is too obvious you are sponsored by Trek and Specialized for advocating on disc brakes, since those partially are the only brands that use disc brakes on first level pro level. Come on, you are loosing my confidence every time you mention disc brakes as the holly grail. Begginig to feel disappointed with GCN and missing first year videos full of real common sense advise

Always tires! Potentially greater weight savings than latex tubes, better grip improves handling AND braking, and tires need regular replacement anyway so it's never wasted money.

Chris is really good. He’s got loads of opinions, most I don’t agree with but he backs them up with commonsense and logic. I’m looking forward to him presenting more vids!

Fantastic new presenter! Great job

SRAM etap

George Michael?

Welcome Chris, hoping you enjoy working for GCN.

You could not see much of the Venge and really see it's lines and style, so I think the result was always going to be skewed in the Treks favour

What tires are you using to go tubeless? I've done 4 events on Pro one's, 2 events i've retired due to unsealable punctures

Seriously, I love you guys, but if my Ti Merlin Magia or S-Works Roubaix (both with lovely backdrops) don't feature on Bike Vault soon, I'm gonna explode.

The GNC “T-shirt” seems to fit Chris a little better than Simon.

The Saffron is mechanical not Di2 Si.

New guy seems a very good fit for the channel.

Last week we ask you?

loving it

Best upgrade after tyres & wheels? Carbon bars! They may not be visually obvious but remove a lot of vibration & a little weight. My next upgrade on my Defy will be the newer (& cooler) Ultegra rotors.

I really like this guy . He is a much better than the other (newer) co host

Best upgrade - Chris! Top job fellas. Love the show.

Tubeless for five years now. Seemed like a no-brainer to me from the get-go.

Si, Great question about 'Celeste' HA! I remember when I was looking in local bike shops for a new titanium bike. I walked into a LBS and told the girl what I was looking for and the first question out of her mouth was: "have you ever ridden Celeste?" What?? I asked her: "What, the girl, or the color?" Titanium or Celeste? Like comparing apples to underwear.

Don't usually comment on yt vids, but I love GCN so just wanna give some feedback. Si and Chris are really good together in this show, especially the bike vault, which is much more enjoyable than the Lasty/Jon pairing of the last couple of weeks(sorry). The latter seem like they just wanna get it over and done with, whereas the chemistry here is much better and they seem to be having way more fun picking apart the bikes. That's not to say Jon and Lasty are crap presenters by any means, but they are definitely not as entertaining in this particular segment of the show. I also really enjoy Emma's overly-critical attitude during the bike vault segments. Maybe we'll see an Emma+Chris show soon?? Anyway, keep up the good work guys!

Tubed tires are next Front Deraileur.

My carbon wheel upgrade disagrees with that statement.

Hiring a nutricionist and a chef is almost as expensive, as the maximum dream bike. There is a slight possibility you can sleep with your nutricionist and with your chef , maybe even a threesome! it all depends which specialists you choose, but sleeping with a bike - think twice

I don´t run tubeless on my bike and I don´t carry a pump or a tube on rides either. Sometimes I don´t even take my phone with me so I can´t call anyone when I puncture. The thought of having to walk 50 or more km gives you a nice adrenalin boost, you should try it. (don´t)

Just recently started cycling again. Road bike for the first time. Already planning upgrades. Either ksyrium elite or Cannondale hollowgram wheels plus searching for a saddle that suits me more. Great show guys.

Best upgrade: wheels and tyres Next upgrade: new bike, discs, Campag?

The best upgrade s the rider so I [d have to go with a pwoermeter

Latex tubes are just so sketchy though, everyone I know that has used them has horror stories.

Power meter is best upgrade if you don’t have one

I don't ride stock OEM parts bikes. Every bike is a frame up build so there is usually no upgrade to be made because the bike is unparelleed in it's performance, weight and price balance.

That felt was super nice. Fix your mistakes this instant !

23:43 Si gives it a Super Nice despite it also having a (Quarq-rebranded) SRAM crank despite poo-pooing on the last one which had the same otherwise Shimano setup (except Di2 vs mechanical here)

I think the female viewership just went up a couple of notches with the new presenters... (no offense to the "senior" presenters)

I just upgraded my wheels, will go to the continental 50g inner tubes next. I also upgraded my bell to the Spurcycle bell. Really like the sound of a loud clear bell, great for those blind cycle path corners, easy to hear when passing joggers etc on the bike path. Hate a cheap bell that goes clunk clunk versus the Spurcycles bell that has a bbbbrrrrriiiinnnnnggg symphony.

Hey Simon I like the new guy . I just got a new Matte Metallic and black Emonda ALR 5 . I love it. Thanks for so much information about the tires and tubes . Keep your skinny Wheels on the ground ..........

How can you be a pro bike racer and not know how to pronounce Bianchi? I get that nobody knows how to pronounce celeste, but Bianchi?

Would love if you could upgrade me with the Bolt! I’m a newbie and still don’t have the possibility to log my rides. :)

Just washed my dirty, dirty bike. Feeling pretty good about it. :-)

What is the short snippet of music that accompanies the title segment ? Serious question.

One by road bike

Love the quote, "Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades" Although I still find more joy finding new tech to add to my steed. Love the show.

Cheers Patrick, there's truth in both 'grades' we think!

GCN Tech Hiring robots to program robots will be my best upgrade

I want to upgrade my 700x2c tubular tires with tubbeless 28's. Can I do this?

too much babbling

Next upgrade: new bike

I'm upgrading from a SRAM Rival 46/36 172.5 to a SRAM Force 50/34 177.5 because it suits the terrain here better, looks better, and I'm keen on trying longer crank arms with my 95 cm instep.

tubeless YES YES YES

Coolest to me is Alexi Grewals L.A.84 Olympics - Pinarello ,red/white/blue/yellow-Spumoni color,havent seen anyone do a tribute color to that

built my bike with random parts... noob bike rider, noob mechanic, every part has been considered :)

One of the best upgrades I've made recently is actually not an actual upgrade to the steed itself, but more focused on the "engine". One upgrade that has changed my cycling ventures is a new kit. Yes, a new kit... I recently upgraded from cycling shorts to cycling bibs and WOW can I tell a difference! I am loads more confident and comfortable, in which has made my rides more enjoyable and, unbelievably, these new bibs have helped improve my PB times. In addition to the bibs, a new cycling jersey added to the wardrobe seems to have made a difference in both ride comfort and PB's.

Well. I bought a used bike as my first personal bike -- trek 1.2 from 2008 and i rode it for 3 weeks and crashed it. Now my shiter doesn't work. So that will be my next upgrade, shiters!

New Fizik saddles.

Powe2max power meter FSA carbon K-Force EVO 386 crankset, Enve compact carbon road bar, and Industry Nine i9.35 6-bolt road wheelset

@GCN Tech I'm a professional mechanic by trade, so I already have a bit of an extensive tool assortment but I don't have anything in the line of specialty bike tools.  What would I need to get me by if I were to get into bicycle maintenance?  Keeping in mind I already have wrenches, pliers, hammers and mallets coming out of my ears.

28mm gp 4000s II to replace my 23mm ultra sports

My next upgrades for my Fuji Transonic are already in the post on their way to me. 1.Is definitely Elite Crono CX aero bottles. There is nothing out there like round bottles to screw up the aerodynamics of an otherwise aerodynamically sound, well engineered frame. While pro's do not have to worry about hauling their bottles around with them because they have domestiqes and team cars to hand them bottles, I do not have such a luxury and so I have to haul all my own nutrition around with me. Apparently aero bottles can save you around 35-50 seconds over 40Km. Also the Elite Crono CX's look fast and sexy. If there is anything that has an effect on mental performance, it's the thought of riding a sexy bike. It does wonders for moral and your headspace! 2. Latex tubes! Yes you guys touched on this, in the pursuit for marginal gains I have replaced my butyl's with latex on my aero wheels. I'll take 5 watts per wheel any day. 3. Narrower tires. Narrower you say? How is that an upgrade? Again in the search of aerodynamic protection I discovered that my Conti GP4000 25's actually stretch to over 27mm on my 25mm wide racing wheels. We know from the study of aero that the most efficient tire/rim combo is a rim that is wider or a rim/tire that is the same width. So I have bought some 23mm 4000's and from what I have seen those stretch to around 25mm. 3. Lower stack height. I did not pay a cent. But I got fitter and more flexible on the bike so now I have ALMOST slammed my stem. And my retul fit says I am still in the green. So more aerodynamic, still comfortable = win/win am I right? 4. NEW SHOES!!!! Hell yes new shoes are amazing. Yes your old shoes have been faithful over the years. But there is nothing like new shiny kicks! A shoe where the uppers are starting to collapse and the straps are fraying can't be good for efficiency. Plus the old shoes look old and tatty after years of service. Again a boost to mental performance and moral, sexy shoes are fast shoes. 10/10 recommend the NEW Shimano RP901's!!!! And last but not least No.5 is again the pursuit of marginal gains. Saving myself around 15g of rotational weight per wheel, I am replacing rim tape with Veloplugs!

"Cycling is the new Golf"...i need a new a job for all this sh... ! Keeping up with the joneses !

my next upgrade: a new bike.

I'm trying to upgrade myself...trying to lose weight and get fitter.

I had a super comfortable old saddle with the perfect sag until the sag turned into a crack all the way through the shell. Now I have to pile on the miles on a less comfortable new saddle until my bony ass molds another sag.

Bottom bracket bearings! One of the most noticeable upgrades, especially if you're riding worn bearings currently. Full ceramic bearings? Heaven!

the paint job/ sticker on the Ridley looks better than the production version!

Integrated bars offer something for everyone? Well only if you like wide bars

Without a shadow of a doubt, it's got to be rainbow finish, tapered head titanium allen bolts for the stem, bars and bottle cage mounts ))

I want keg carrier :)) instead of 3 bottle cages :P

Question to Sy: you love 1X so much. Why don’t you use the other shifter for a dropping seat post for cyclo cross?

making sure my bike has at least 10kgs less to carry? :D (12:50 I'm in love! The bike is nice too of course O:) )

Do you have any bike specific upgrade suggestions? I’m riding a 2007 Fuji League the only additions I’ve made are pedals, Cat Eye cc-100, & extra bottle. Of course, I’m just like everyone else, I want more speed!!!!

I'm upgrading my fat belly for a slimmer one.

while it is true, that there can only be 1 most aerodynamic bike, however this bike would be unrideable, this is why we dont see such a bike. otherwise everybody would run disc wheels front and back :)

the reason aero bikes start looking the same is because all big manufacturers are using CFD to optimize their bikes, and therefore the algorythm is basically always producing the same/similiar outcome

Modern treks are ugly

look 595 hands down the coolest bike in history imo.

Very seriously considering Di2. So smooth. Like butter.

Massive guns he said ha ha ha ha

go ahead, put his penis in your mouth.... you two are so cute together

The best bike is the one that fit you!

This was an expensive episode to watch... 15 mins in and I’ve already made 2 trips to wiggle....

Buying a Pinarello dogma f8 with ultegra r8050

Testing brake pads,now that's a great idea for a video....

Okay... So Pantani gets praise for the celeste/yellow combo, but Lotto NL Jumbo is almost unanimously disliked?

I had that Bianchi. Loved it, still best paint but sadly it developed a crack and had to send it back. They sent me something else as I recall.

hello gents! i am in love with yer shows. always something new to learn about and have a question. my next upgrades will be progressing over this coming winter thus: i recently bought two used bikes and i have a 1980's Mele which rides and fits super nice but is beat up and in pieces . One is a Specialized LE ( # 21/260 ) Tarmac with \SRAM Red and Easton EC90 Aero Rims tubular One day, a colleague had a bad day at work and flipped his desk into the air, which put a gash in my rear rim and chipped the paint on the frame, for which he said he would pay the repair. he's a pal so i am looking for a cheapo solution without sacrificing quality. I found a used pair of EC90 SLX tubular wheels at a great price Meanwhile I bought my TREK Speed Concept 7.0 WSD ( I'm a guy, but it fits like a glove ) and want to repaint it this winter if I can afford it, but it came with average to good clinchers. They carry a Shimano Ultegra 10 speed rear cassete which seems to shitft fine with the SRAM shifters.. i would rather have the Eastons EC90 \Aero running the SRAM cassette , even with the small gash in the rear rim, on the TT bike than trainers... so.. i was thinking to put the SLX tubulars on the Specialized for climbing, transfer the Easton EC90 Aero tubulars to the Trek TT bike for the deep dish rims, and the wheels ( Bontrager and Shimano ) to the Miele ( clinchers ) which actually has a pair of Ultegra STI slevers, so all I need is a front and rear Ultegra or 105 derailleur kit. that way everyone is in the same drivetrain family and optimized for races. Am i wrong? Good plan ?

First of Big Welcome Chris! If I could afford it today, I would definitely go for new wheels upgrade. But since I don’t

I think good tools would be an upgrade that way i can fix it perfectly myself and save money, to buy other upgrades

sagging saddle? I have a carbon fibre saddle Ridea S143 but some reason it lowers in middle

Surely the reason why most bikes look the same is because of regulations constraining designs. Just the same as in F1, where regulations force all designs into a narrow parameter space, with only so much teams can do to differentiate themselves.

You know what this video needs?....more cowbell!

The second segment could be inviting famous guests to ride on your GCN stock bike on the 1 mile Lee Valley course (Stratford London).

Also I was thinking that you should start 2 new segments like top gear. 1 - employ the stig or similar to test ride new road bikes on a track. Maybe even around the Lee Valley outdoor track. You could categorise bike as aero, road, gravel (on their BMX track) or road test the latest e-bikes.

Nice work Chris and Si! I was thinking about the bike vault and wondering if you have these bike posted anywhere?


I'm a little teapot

One suggestion from me on a future vlog (maybe it's already there somewhere in GCN?): "Weight Weening Economics" ie: the best most economical upgrades to your road bike --- cost-per-gram-savings comparisons. I've done this analysis myself and the results were very interesting...


The beauty of bikes is that they are pure minimal. Nothing not needed. So everything is equally important. Therefore I can't really say which is best. They all have their own feeling and purpose.

Cable housing and bar tape. . . Best overlooked upgrades ever!

omfg I hate the big decals



I've been looking at the wheels I have that are 'tubeless ready' and a pair of tires I have that are 'tubeless ready'. Hmm...

A new aero bike with disc brake

Im looking at a power meter but have no idea which type is best? Pedals, chainset or crank arms all have their strengths and weaknesses, but finding the perfect one seems impossible

Hello, My next upgrade will simply be to put a cassette on my 12v Campagnolo bike. But the next actual upgrage will be to put the Corsa Control tyres in 25s on. Michelin Power Comps 23s are coming off, so this should give me more comfort over the ever-increasingly poor roads we have. The trade off is that they are 120g heavier. Oh well you cant have it all.

Can you do a review on titanium road bike ?! I was looking at the Planet X. ..Spitfire Ti/Selcoff carbon fibre forks. .And also if I was to buy just the frame or a holdsworth Super professional Carbon frame ..Orange and purple version ) + What is the best bottom Bracket to fit on either of these Frames please ..as I was thinking of self building a new bike ...?!! The difference between the two is the price of the Ti/frame is £1199) The Holdsworth frame is just £600?! Paul Conway Liverpool

When you have the correct bike for your chosen sport then the best upgrade is your performance ,when its wet and cold don't just watch TV sport but kit up and put in the miles ,love this new combo Si & Chris as an ex Pro RR its great to listen to real pros Thank you both,PD

One of the best upgrades done on my old bike was going from 23mm to 25mm Tires..

New groupset

Best upgrade: = a good wheelset/hubs

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