Website Audit for BFC Australia Key SEO Improvements & UI/UX Suggestions

Website Audit for BFC Australia   Key SEO Improvements & UI/UX Suggestions

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Today we're going to audit one of Australia's, largest, camping. Stores ECF which, stands for boating. Camping fishing. We. Will cover things like the UX the UI the, design the call to actions the performance, with SEO how it ranks what. It rents for and. What it could possibly do to make some easy, improvements. And upfront. Suggestions. To. Grab. Some either a higher, conversion rate or improve. Their rankings in SEO if. You, haven't seen one of our audits yet go have a look at our video I'll link 1 in the description our previous one we did came up it's a giant store here in Australia, as. Always, please subscribe like, the video leave, a comment old singlehandedly. Reply. To each and every single video. We'll. Jump right in this. Is their their main site this is their homepage it's. Secure which is a great. Thing being a store it's actually really nice looking, website it's. They. Have had. Probably. 100 stores in Australia one. In every, big. Suburb here so. The. Handle a lot of brick and mortar type, sales and, I'm not sure how much. Of their online is. Part. Of their revenue so. To. Start off the UI is, pretty. Good their whole, navigation. Is. Fairly. Intuitive it, seems, to display, what. You would expect it to display there. Is sort of this lag time though from hovering an item to being, showing, this navigation, and I'm, not sure if that's exactly, what they're going for it does seem, to be. React. Like responsive. In terms of what we're trying to do I'd. Be. More in favor of not having that delay in just showing me what I want to see straightaway. Terms. Of their sales a little hook that's pretty cool their little shopping, cart stuff I wouldn't. Put the shopping cart so far away from here it's, something that people actively, look for if there's anything in their cart and we'll. Put. Something at our cart to see what happens there that, that should really be a bigger. Call-to-action having. A localized, storm it has identified. My area and automatically, apply. The store, to me which is awesome that's fantastic, that's something we noticed we've came up that they didn't do it was. Sort. Of the generic loading, so, it's loaded, up where, I am and it's given me my local store hours, and and so. Forth which is awesome, and their, store page seems to be pretty. Intuitive. They're little icons and stuff is, quite. Nice especially, the being themed, to the color there, does seem to be a mismatch. In color though I'm not sure if you can see it.

This. Color. To. Discolor, nope. This. Color. Is. Not the same color as. This. Color so. This. Is the color from that, bar, and then this is the color to this but these so. There's. Sort of a line here and a line here based, on their grid system, that I can. Easily see a, colored. Difference, which it isn't very nice to look at however it is very very minimal. Scrolling. Down their. Main. Slider seems to be really nice however. Common. Trends say that these don't really get used if they don't auto slide then, if they're not going to get used so I, have. Noticed they use heat mapping they're probably going to be thinking it's, working down because I've used it however. It's not something that's commonly used, scrolling. Down clear. Products. Scrolls. Nicely. Seems. To be nice their sliders are really nice to use they're, responsive, and. Cool. Betters, nice. Call to actions I'm. Not sure how I like the, heart. Effect where there's no transition. Into. The. Items or the hover items it's just a hard transition, I probably, like a smooth, fade animation or, some, sort of animation. However. Pretty. Nice design their foot off their custom icons, are all, themed to their color it's cool little I thought of one of their buildings their, recalls. Or the footer that's fine. Their. Fonts are fired it's easy to see is it a read I did, notice though with their icons, there are individually. Sort of. Been. Added so this. Is one SVG, and it is SVG, that is added, advantage, that they do have however. It. Should. Be really an icon font so if, you're dealing with SVG, s you may as well create, an icon font and there's font. Ello. Tell. A, fantastic. Tool for creating fonts. Out of. SVG, icons, a, really. Cool tool and it, creates one request. Opposed to multiple requests, so every time a request is made there's a latency between the, server and in, your computer you, don't want that to be there so you've got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, 10. 11 12, 13 14. 15. 16. 17 but they're. Obviously using a lot of fonts you may as well have one font. Icon you know they're stars of fonts everything's a font so you may as well make that icons set, and. So. That, really reflects. Back onto their. Performance. Start performance so we'll go into that soon, but in, terms of their loading it's, actually quite slow so. Click. It. Could definitely be better should. Just be snappy very snappy they're. Actually, UI for products, is nice. It's. Using Ajax loaders which is cool that, didn't. For some reason and then. You show highest filters to give you a larger, view, is really nice as well. That's. Pretty cool there, quick search, that's. Awesome, got. Delivery options. Apply. Everything that you would need and expect. It's. Good let's, go into one of their products. Okay. They got wishlist great ad, our big large Add to Cart button all. The products, zoom Louisville images, at a high resolution which, is fantastic all. Their images seem to have alt, tags if you don't use, alt tags and images something definitely, you should look into it and start implementing. That. Does it as it's the high resolution, version however, then standard. Vista. Zoomed version this version has, their alt tag here which is good and. Feature. This description the same three. Unique. Descriptions. So. What. You typically want to do is search. For the description so. You. Need, to make sure off for product and e-commerce stores you are writing unique descriptions, because, you don't want someone to search it and find every. Single other supplier, that or even your suppliers website, that has listed that product because then they've got price comparison, options and so forth I really. Liked this bar at the bottom that follows you down as you scroll as. Soon as the call to action is taken off the screen and then follows you which is really good. And. I'd say that that also applies for mobile. Which is really. Helpful on mobile to. Have a call, to action at the bottom at all times so that's awesome. And. You can add that to the cart now. When. Adding to a car, we're taken to this. Scroll, should be disabled, at this point until, this is disappeared, but that's fine. It's. Giving the upsells, which is awesome. So frequently, purchased with and, view. Car. So. The car seems, to be really nice now. I still haven't seen anything related. To shipping or whether. Shipping, is an added extra it doesn't look like here however. With. Shipping, prices of $7 here in Australia, I doubt, it's. Free so. Whether, they're not being transparent, with factory, shipping or they, don't actually have shipping and it is a.

Sloka. Pickup only. Server. So. Looks. Like they do. So. I'm interested to see what they shipping policy is because I haven't really seen it free shipping on all over done $1 okay that's cool, good. That they showed that they've got their policies, their, state policies. That's cool. Overall. Really nice design. Fantastic. UI I don't know if I'd have too much to say about the UI it is. Very. Nice responsive. Everything. That I'm clicking on seems to be displaying what I'll expect to see their, sales are. All unspecial ID. Current. Really fault the UI other than the the way it's programmed and coded. But, the UI seems to be good so, when you go into their coding it. Looks like this so I'm not sure if this is a CMS problem, or. The. Developers, are just. Unique. But, having. Twenty five thousand lines of HTML code is very. Unusual, so. Condensing. This is the basics, of optimization. So you know that they haven't done the basics and, having. Inline CSS random. JavaScript, throughout the page, it. Just seems like what they've added and every time they make adjustments letters add it where it is it is sort of a Frankenstein, type. Website, where they make an alteration and, let us include it anywhere that, they're working their. Whole meta, data. Is all or wack that's something that they could really look into and. Make. Huge, optimization. Improvements, just off that, but. There, you. Might have a script tag here and a script tag here, you may as well have one script, cuz scripts are executed, one at a time if you, were to remove these, lines of code and combine these two scripts, they still act as two different, functions. But within, the one script tag so. If. Every time you see. Script. 169. Times, you. Could effectively, be combining, these. Into. You. Know the one script, there's, no reason, whatsoever to have that many scripts other than poor programming and. Combining. These look. Literally just removing that lines there could, combine these two and execute, them at, the same time without delay, oh that's. Something that they've really need to look into. Looking. At their performance more. In depth, that's. Horrific, a four and a half Meg, for a website with five hundred and thirty three. Requests. Is little, ludicrous, over, a hundred, is ludicrous, that's that's, crazy, this is testing, in Australia, where their target, demographic is battle. To optimize images that's, basics. Even. Their first contentful, paint of 13 seconds, if you've got contentful paint over to you're doing poor one. Second, is a target, where. You get hours between 400. And 600 milliseconds. 13. Nearly, 14 seconds, just to see visuals, on a website, is. That's. The worst I've ever seen to be completely honest and and. This is their waterfall, of how assets, are being loaded and as you can see it's. A lot of images that really should be deferred, or. Lazy. Loaded so if. They're, off the main screen they shouldn't be loaded so, these. Should, be loaded on page load these. Should. Not be loaded yet these should load when I scroll, and make an intent to view them they, shouldn't be downloaded, onto the computer or downloaded, at all until, I'm ready so. That's, a huge concern there poorly. Coded website, is costing, them heavily in revenue, people. Will not shop when, they'll having to wait that long that, is a significant.

Loss In potential. Revenue and, something. That's so easy, to improve it, is very very very easy to improve load time. Below. Two seconds, which. Would increase their revenue, by. Tenfold. Easy. So. That's something that's well. Worth considering. Especially when they're first bite time is is you. Know poor as well and. Looking. At Google's PageSpeed, insight reflects. The exact same information. Their. Desktop and mobile. Horrendously. Done, the fur off screen, images. Properly. Scaled, and remove. Our new CSS, so these are things that you. Know some, of these couldn't even work properly, these. Are things that should easily be fixed, and make. A huge impact on how the user engages, with the site and how the user feels and trusts our website, so, you. Know, I'm not sure what they're doing there with that it, should definitely be something, they should consider and then obviously using, web. Pay as a. Next-generation, image. Loading service we. Use image, kit but you know just having something. You know, 47%. Improvement. By just implementing, it, looking. At their technologies. They're. Using everything that you'd expect you know they're using CloudFlare which is very surprising considering. That has such a first a bad, first, bite and, they're. Obviously haven't optimized their cloud flare or configured, it correctly because, they should be getting better performance, than that and, optimization. Of HTML, is a feature of CloudFlare so you'd expect them to have optimized, their, HTML. Or. CSS you, know with. These and, they're. Obviously not using the paid service because the paid service has image, optimization as, well so that's. Interesting they, do have a few tools like the website optimizer which, is. Only a visual is not a code obviously, and. A couple other features, and momentum, which is the time service, wonder. Formatting. Time correctly, using javascript font. Awesome for their icon fonts however. They've got a lot of fonts outside of that that. They should really combine using, a tool line from, teller. Looking. At their sort of SEO efforts. It's. Not. Bad it, could definitely be a lot, better having. A look at their indexed. Sites or. Their index pages the. Main categories, that breadcrumbs, could definitely be capitalized, but.

Their Categories, and their brands like that. The. CTR, I would not click on that so I would not click on it I would say other users would not click on it so, they'd have a low CTR, for their. Brand pages. In. Terms of product. So. Their product pages once, again could very much be optimized, I. Don't. Know why they have it so large they could definitely have just BCF it's, a recognizable, brand here in Australia. That. Should definitely be fixed, and they're. Not. Really optimizing. How much space that they could be taking up so, they're. Using breadcrumbs. Or Google's, automated, breadcrumbs but. They're not using breadcrumbs, in a way you expect. It to be used so. I'd. Say, that they're not using. Or. Not using it. Well. Structured. Data so. Yeah. The. Titles the descriptions, the. Category, pages they're, all just very poorly, done I'd. Really. Like to see them. Make. An effort on that. So. They're using. Bread although they're using structured, snippets for their product pages but, they're not using the proper breadcrumbs, they're. Not using their proper breadcrumbs, the titles once you get unoptimized they, should really be including, more data in those. Looks. Like they're, you. Know not taking advantage of all the features of. And. They're. Not taking full advantage of, the organization, schemas either so. Poor. Effort on their on-page their technical, SEO. So. That on-page. And technical SEO, makes, up for 2/3 of SEO, other than, their off page which their, off page seems to be pretty good if you look at the Australian trend. Data you, can see that they've grown, naturally, and organically very. Healthily however. The market has as well so has the market grown quicker than their actual organic. Traffic I don't. Know their. First position. In second position keywords, seem to be up there with the. Best they've got a lot of search volume they've. Done a really great job of optimizing. It, having, HTML, in your URLs, is ugly. And can easily be fixed as. Well in. Their. Traffic trend obviously, you haven't grown they've grown a healthy traffic trend that. Seems. Like they're doing a really great job of adding new products to their store and. Maximizing. The, value. Of those pages and getting first position rankings however. In. Terms of competition out, ranking, them, it's. Very. Easy to outrank. BCF on a lot of these keywords it's, just a matter of giving it some effort you can see a lot of them are BCF, related terms and, if you subtracted, those and then if, filter. Not. Sure if this will update the table or not but, you want to get. Keywords. Against, them and bid against them you'd, be, finding. It pretty easy to compete along most of these with. A low, competition, score and first. Position being vfc with, their pad on page SEO you're. Not competing against much they. Do have a lot of referring, domains so. Their, domain rating is fairly, high which is really good their. Backlink. Portfolio, seems to be pretty good and a, healthy growth of, backlinks, so prior. To 2013. They've grown quite. Significantly. And they've, done a really good job of it so. In. Terms of competition against, BCF. Obviously. They've got their retail chain that's something that's obviously, there, to stay however. Their online presence is poor, you could a break them if you're at a competition of BCF it's. Something that you definitely have in your strategy plan to, tackle. So. If. BCF was smart that definitely need to improve. Their. On-page. And technical SEO. Their. Performance. Once again you, know request, numbers to hire poorly. Written CSS, very. Poorly written CSS, the, use of 7,000. Important, thing you.

Should Really be using, less, than 100, for an entire site. Complex. Selectors, these are things that cause massive, delays in, the. Rendering of a site they're. Not using HTTP, -. They're. Barely using caching. Other. Than the you are I don't have much, you. Know good, feedback, for BCF they don't have. They're. Not doing things correctly in terms of any, other, type of SEO. Or sort, of online presence other than their UI which, is. Faultless. To be fair. I'll. Wrap up this video here. I. Think. Thanks for watching if you did enjoy the video please like the, video please subscribe we'll post in one of these a week we're, posting heaps of informative videos on SEO, web design and things. That are more advanced than what some of the other strategists. Or SEO s are doing and things. That we have compelling, data for we use data fit everything, so we're, definitely worth subscribing for, -. My. Name is Brody I'm a digital marketing, specialist, here at site Center if. You have any questions, leave them in the comments I'll respond to each and every through, a single comment so I'll. Leave it here, thanks. For watching.

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