Webinar - How hydro-power digital-twins support plant operations| Phase One

Webinar - How hydro-power digital-twins support plant operations| Phase One

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Hello and welcome to the today's webinar phase one and we just waiting for I would say another 20 to 30 seconds until all participants have logged in. And then we are right. To start. OK. So I think we you know we start OK, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and welcome everyone to a new webinar from Phase One hour. Today's webinar is made together with two companies, so we have to Co digit Sky here joining me and company generous also are from Italy.

And. Just stop not working. I could just going. Yeah, let me introduce you today's presenters. My name is Carson visa.

I'm part of the phase one sales team since more than yeah, 12 years now. And since quite some time acting as integrator sales manager, I'm based in Cologne in Germany. I have two presenters asset joining me today and we will learn how digital twins of hydropower dams support plant operations.

So from digits Kya welcome Carlo Carlo Kiffa backed by 20 plus years of experience in the aerospace industry. Digit Skies provides customer with chunky integrated services and solutions. The digits kind smart based solution, for example, is one of their products which enables easy adaptation of different sensor types like the face. One area cameras to nearly any type of high wing general aviation airplane. And then from Genesis Genesis, I welcome Stefano properly.

Genesis is a Geo ICT specialist. Changes offers a full range of services or to follow the entire lifecycle of project based and geographical data from acquisition of the Raw data processing and integration through the development of bespoke and software applications. Welcome Carlo and welcome Stephen Stephen.

Oh, thank you Carla. Thank you guys. So before I hand over the presentation first to Carlo, then to Steven, let me give you a short overview of our phase one company and products.

I just wanted to work leading provider of digital medium format imaging solution founded 1993 in Denmark. We provide high resolution cameras and highly productive software solutions. We operate several sales and support Centers for phase one across the globe in Denver, Co. It is for the Americas region in Cologne, in Germany for the EMEA region and in Hong Kong. We operate in office for Asia and South Pacific regions for our company.

Headquarter is based in Copenhagen and Denmark together with our main R&D center. We operate further R&D and production centers in Israel in Japan. And in addition to that, we have more than 50 distribution partners, Mr.

Global network of sales and support centers, which makes us a fully customer centric organization offering 24/7 customer support. Yeah, we really serve the world leading brands with top image quality and productivity in a great number of applications. Let me now give you a short overview about the phase one area products. So phase one has been supplying specialized cameras for right range of aerial photography applications since 2012. Those cameras are always made on the edge of technology by using the most modern sensors available on the market, delivering the best possible image quality over the years, we have continuously developed these products to meet the market requirements from a standalone aerial camera for various applications. It can be integrated in a DD.

All kinds of error platforms ferment aviation aircraft of unmanned drones. A ranging from 50 to 280 megapixels up to the face. One area systems or peer assistance which are turnkey solutions for error survey flights. The PS3 drone payload is the latest addition to operate portfolio and offers easier integration of our phase 1X M cameras to DG or MATHLINK based drones.

You can see the phase one cameras face on camera range today. The XM camera, which is which is 50 or 100 megapixels. The MERS camera with 100 or 150 megapixel into two large format cameras with 190 and 280 megapixels. The cameras off the XM Sirius can be easily integrated and used into a white rarity of aircrafts due to its size and weight. The XM is ideal for unmanned drones or anywhere where size and weight matters.

The cameras of the MERS serious with even higher resolution a part of our faithful error systems, but also are built into a wide variety of every imaging system made by many other integrators around the world like digital sky, for instance, the cameras are also often part of urban. It lighter systems and helicopter based systems for optical inspections. The XM Sirius cameras are often used in drones and inspection application such as inspection of bridges and roads, pipelines, railways, winter Bynes, power lines and agriculture and phenotyping applications and as well in mapping application that requires highest level of accuracy. MERS models are mostly used on a larger areas.

Invent aircrafts also for mapping applications. Applications in agriculture and forestry as well as environmental monitoring. Or City City models or next to airborne LIDAR systems and also for inspections. Yeah, but now it's time to hand over the presentation to Carlo, which is followed then by Stefano afterwards. So I'm already curious to learn from them how digital twins and hydro power dams support plant operations and how they make it and how they organize it.

So Carlo it's now. Your time I will hand you over the presentation. So. Here you go. Yes, thank you. Thank you Kirsten.

I'm trying to I'm trying to. Share my screen. Do you see my screen? Yes, fantastic looking up very well.

Thank you very much. So yes we are going to talk about the the digital training either prob hydropower digits, Caiazza said by custom beyond airborne value added integrated reseller and today we're going to talk about the Sky Mitri operator network because this is a solution which is which belongs to our Skynet reoperation sensors where Genji is represented by Stefano is apart. Let me give you a bit of background of who we are. We are in Italy based company. We are certified company. Our core competence realize into airborne solutions and avionics solutions and so our smart based solution is is a solution which enables any airplane within the general aviation category to be came to came. Permission from Sky Mitri is what we have designed to make sure that through strategic partnerships and today, you're seeing two of our major partners, phase one and energies throughout partnership which are growing.

Anyway, we are creating an end to end digital solution which is named. Dimetri uhm, a bit of background about what we mean by end to end solution by showing into our shareholder ship structure. As you can see within our shareholder ship structure, we have Altec Altec is a major aerospace company working mainly in the International Space Station and that is relevant because when you want to fly, make special missions, you need a dedicated ground segment and Altec supported us to the ground segment. And also you need to have access to satellite data.

And the reason that's reason why we have these strategic, in this case, a shareholder ship. Uhm, partnership? UM satellite data are yes, indeed very relevant. They can fix and see a lot of things. And nevertheless, sometime like like in the case of the dumps, you need what we call the magnifying lens for satellites.

So our solutions, especially this might be one, are concentrating on making these magnifying lens of satellites images true, and how we do it. We do it by. Using I would say is marked from the name, but also new way of boarding sensors, which means that if you want to make sure that your airplane stay in dual mode, which means that they can make a standard traditional activities like sport, leisures or taxi and also special mission then then this type of solution is enabling higher room space. How do we do that? We do that by having a kind of. I would say articulated technologies so we have the the pod which is a carbon fiber pod which is permanently related to the to the to the wing.

Then we can carry different types. Pilots, we have a payload control system which integrates all the IMU and GPS RTK technology and last not least we have a crew operator back which means that we attempt to give guidance to the pilot. When he's running the mission, this is one example of what the queue operator deck can give, which with the tunnel in the sky and also some feedback not only about the single source, but also about the mission that you're running yourself.

We can use within hours marbet we can use a variety of different sensor within the RGB and four bend solution. Phase One is clearly our preferred partner, but Small Bay is already mounting a different of a bunch of different sensors like in the thermal multispectral hyperspectral LIDAR. SAR in different bands and also aerial Gimbels.

I think it's important to notice that we can also have a kind of proprietary solid business stabilization system and this is only one axis stabilization system. This is very interesting because it can provide very accurate stabilization at very low cost. While a flying at our altitude is good enough to have one access, this is one example of different configuration where we can fly the eye exam family. But I think apart from the mechanical mounting, what is interesting is that we can also mount the Phase One IX controller MBCA 5 for data storage. This is very relevant and be aware that clearly boarding the type of component means.

Also dedicated STC and we already have designed LTST season disrespect. We board the different sensors here you can see for instance, on a regal Lidar and there is a an octopus epsilon ISR system. So it's we we attempt to have a variety of sensors that the customer can freely use. Uhm, smart Brady interest of Smart Bay is the concept of a certified retrofitting.

Which means that we can, together with the with the device with the hardware and we can provide. C's for different airplanes. Here you see some of the airplanes we're working with like tecnam tecnam is a major partner of ours because of the interest of their airplanes in the special mission space. But we also have a Cessna 172 Piper and we are making more species on also on multi engine aircraft.

So we have spoken up to now of Smart Bay, which means what we call the Aerial operations section. But schema tree. And that's the reason why schemata exists. Sky Mystery is adding to the aerial operation. Also the ground operations, because when you perform missions you need to plan to make some preprocessing and also post processing. And this is the I think the interesting thing is that in post processing we very.

Heavily cooperate with third parties and as a matter of fact, today Jenna Jeez is one of our first party in his respective. So today we're going to show you an example. A real example where you can see here within Schema Tree which is the solution which provides the air segment to the ground segment and the post processing genetics is integrated in this specific dumb project as a third party. And how do they do that? They do that by having by proposing their Pangea solution. Pangea is a cloud based.

Come so solution which enables self-service from customer and that has been invaluable in the complexity that we faced with with Iran. By the way Stephanie, we will show you some real example of the challenges and what are the challenges. I'm I'm just taking some of them, but first of all I want to tell you that we work in those kind of broad areas with precision very high in the range of 5 centimeter and the Pan Jeffrey D. Providing most 2D and 3D. Models of the gums of the buzzing and also of the interferences, and they apologize. Here there is a miss misspelling in the interferences.

I'm the reason operative scene simulation. There is a second mistake, sorry. Great as apologized for that and the interest in dumps is also a Vista rising data. It's important to see your dumps and your power plant going through different seasons and different years and we will see real example how we can use it and especially measure.

For instance, even the quantity of water which will come into the buzzing. Uhm, the another objective of the Iran, a project in the digital twin is happiness as build and as access contextual situation. In a metro Petro logically validated way enable visual inspection and having also open data you will see that you can.

When you create a digital train then you want also some real time data to be inputted into system that is happening thanks to Punjab. Uhm, I think one. Just one thing that I want to tell you specifically to the dam is the fact that when you move into dumb you also have to get in to millimeter precision. And that's the reason why we're here and we're also cooperating with DG FLY, which is one of our Affiliates chemistry affiliate in the among the UAV segment, and they enabled us to create videos and create also some very close. Images of what we are going to do.

One last point you will not see the demonstration afterwards, but I mean by using smart day you can fly also circular and corridor mapping clearly. So because the agility of the system is such that enable circular flight and when you are flying over region which have a very different shader. There's a lot of difference in altitude that becomes very relevant, so I passed the mouse to Carson and to Stephano to see in detail the dams project. OK. So thank you very much, Carla, for all this explanations. Very very interesting.

So now I will change the presentation to Stefano that he continues showing us the real data afterwards inside his right product. OK good, OK. Thank you. Thank you Catherine.

OK, good morning, good evening everyone. I'm the business developer and project manager of Punjab Cloud and I support enterprise customer. Interested in Punjab cloud solution to configure system requirements and performance today.

I'm so happy to present you the Iran project and but before and I would like to show you. Briefer overview of Genesis GIOK. Do you see the presentation? It's already OK. Yes, sweet sweet. I'm sorry about that I have up. Problems with the. Tried.

OK. You see their presentation. Yes, we can switch OK. OK, Jenna GI is an Italian man, an providing service and solution in the city area.

We have over 100 professionals and the plots of 20 years of experience and service in over 20 countries. And we worked in the field of energy, noted it is environment and agriculture, logistics and transportation. Local and central government and the.

Cultural heritage. Our value proposition. It's composed by data detection and survey data automation and integration, and the system design and development here another view related to our technology and the partnership, and then we have also research and innovation business unit that work in the field of security.

In fact over residency. Integrated maritime information. Very logistic and, uh, just fashion analysis here, and another view of our international main international project an we. Our projects are related to the major international agency like the UNDP or Bank, European European Union and the foul and today we are so glad to show you Punjab, our digital asset management system.

And it's the first web platform able to organize the digital information involved in the chosen making process of your assets. And here there are the main features like custom development, interactive tool, scalable solution, real time processes, and system integration. Uh, I'd like to give you only some number before I started the live station of Iran project in the world, there are actually 4000 big dance with our reservoir over 1,000,000 meter. Kubik Kariba Dam is actually the the world biggest them based in based on water storage capacity with 185 million could be meters of water in Italy.

There are actually 528 big dance. And the 60% are more than 50 years old and for this reason the maintainment is more more important and 13 of them are irans dams are located in the Piedmont region, in the northwest part of Italy. Uh, this is, uh, a little overview related to the Italian legislation on on the answer. The main focus, its control and monitoring, or all infrastructure and environmental survey monthly Albania and annual reports are sent to MIT. It's the Italian Ministry of Instruction to rent transportation to ensure aspect of safety levels, and we're also seeing about important corporate in the complex in interactions with team trucks that were.

But above all, our live in factor for this reason, having a system easy to consult but at the same time takes into account individual particularity's making a difference and we offer with the Pangea to TS. OK, let's go to the lab station. I also want to say meanwhile that we have at the end we have a question and answer session, so if you're doing the web now, have any question? Please use the question chat box and go to webinar tool and later on when Stefano's presentation is is finished we can answer question to phase 1/2, digit, sky and generous as well. So sorry for interrupting Stefano. Yep OK. OK, thank you guys win and OK. This is the first view in Punjab.

Cloud, uh, this is the Iran project. We are inside the the the project map view where it's possible to see the location of the major dancer in the. In the top there are the main tool like Dashboard where it's possible to see the configuration like storage shares, project and the long band or user and enroll. But one of the most important thing.

It's a data inside data tools, so it's possible to see and import and upload all type of data. In this case I show you. Uh, the the the item that is possible to upload in Pangea and harmonize together like CAD.

A vector file a like a shapefile or GIS file documentation. Also in documentation there's a possibility to merge together graphical information system to obtain Geo Doc external link. Also, here it's possible to bring us to merge geographical information to avoid in in the map raster file a.

Or a open data like a web map service treade objectarx are possible to import inside Panorama. 360 degree photo or video. Photo in this case it's possible to upload the traditional photo it by smartphone or also like a phase one and R manage inside the platform. Without any problem and the 3D point cloud comes from lighter application to register as a scanner application or structure for motion application and we have also video and in this case it's possible to. Merger together.

Geocoding it for video after that. I show you we come back in the project map view on the right. Uh, I show you the typical application in Iran to enter inside the project. This is the. Lego DC Rizzoli and through projector or you can see it's possible to select the. The specific project read the project description, uh, if it's a if you need those opportunity to use the basic 2D tools for measurements like point coordinate, measurement line or or area or add the open data.

For example web service come from. Joe Portola radiology portal. National Geo Portal, or Edit A unlocked in the schedule we entered in inside the engines ready. OK. This is all for the starter overview of the first machine, 3D of Treasure Island luxury project I. Set up. The project. With the more technical detail OK like this. And.

I'm going to show you. How thanks to Jack Louder and other medical system here in a in a single system Cam the first centralized all information asset of the digital model. A project in a in a single collaborative environment. Uh, where it's possible to query the different points of interest.

I show you for example. Now I press. This point of interest or related to Web camera? I opened that. OK. Oh, we are lucky this is a live webcam. Now you can see they actually weather conditions. It is not snowing.

The correct? That's yeah. Yeah yeah. Like this is a 360 degree.

Well commented that they actually weather condition in insider inside them and so that you can show you this is another application that you know user here does a video inspection. This is the vision station related to the the wall of the dam of Lagos through and uh, it was a normal survey that involve URBA application to extract quality information or related to the to the wall of the Dharma to merger with quantity information. This case. Yeah, uh, I try to show you OK and here I show you Joe documentation.

This is a a a PDF and word didn't are excited. There are a lot of information related to a list of up of denser and also like there's a you can see the the merge second with open data. In this case we can see. And the library will weather situation in that data come from open weather in this case and and we can see temperature, wind, humidity and the pressure.

And also you have the facility to see the forecast for the next five days. After that. There are also a query for the vector file data because Iran use Punjab. For a quick consult of aircraft in military plant in this case, for example, it's possible to carry a gripping center of the of a single photo. We can read the name of this photo, altitude, longitude, latitude, longitude and height of the data, but not only it's possible to see the raw data of DG, Sky and failed phase when camera like that.

This is a a picture. Uh, in the summer period in 2020 and I show you the maximum detail of this on this photo. Or if you want, it's possible to see the last one monitoring this is a lost in 2021 in March. I think Carlos if it's correct, yeah yeah. And this is a.

This is the situation after that. It's possible to compare the data and in this case see a different condition in the quality condition in the different time, but not on not only because. It's possible, uh, to import the destruction for motion results related to the survey. Now I show you. I uploaded in the system in the 3D scene the last data. OK, in this case, for example, you can see.

The the different cloud in summer condition and. This is the the winter, uh, the winter time. After that, with this type of data and this type of information, because for example in red you can see the glass Terraria in yellow, the landslide area. There are a lot of information that can work together, so to obtain more value. In this case I show you how we how we ran quickly and the contain information related to the potential of water accumulation. How can do? Lester, Are you sure you this is a specific tool? OK. With section I open, I try to.

To create a section. For example, in this area. OK. The 3D rendering in real time of the of the sample that I have added.

I don't know if you can see there are a lot of points. Yeah, it's quite difficult to see from from from far end. Right now. I mean here, please, just going to do. Yeah OK. I tried to show you in 3D.

OK. OK. I'm sorry, but I lost that. You lost the point. I love the point here. Yeah, right. OK, perfect. I find it OK. OK this is the section now.

I tried to create a more light protection. OK. Here it's possible to see the quality and the quantity of data that it's possible to bring with this. With this solution and how you can see.

We can possible to. Evaluate the haters now in this case, for example, you can see it's. Maybe 2 lines, one of winter and the other one is somewhere correct. Yeah, it's correct. If correct, correct? Yeah, after that I show you one of the last application that normally are used in cloud and all related to that reduce simulation of the construction of the new construction side I show you. I prefer R.

A simulation OK, this is the. The parking area. You know they would damn OK in this case. It's possible to. Import when escavator for example Pandora. Which means that you have you had a bloated, previously the cut file of the excavator? Clearly yes. I mean, yeah, this activity.

It's used for by by year, end for technical documentation necessary for a new maintenance plan or tipsy review analysis. Or you can see it's possible to import inside a 3D model like in this case excavator. You can rotate or scale it if it's necessary. But now we are in scale 11 and said that the position after that it's possible to, uh, to configure the. The situation with the, uh, this instrument vision tools like area of words in this case.

I show you. Some tools that are commonly used and also with these tools it's possible to evaluate the excavator working range for the safety activity. Like like that or also bring a UM. You got to get information related to a single point, linear or a. Like this? Or 8 video like this. OK.

All data and the the 3D simulation in real situation because we used to deep in a cloud. Uh could be usefull for technical documentation in Iran application. OK, I I finish I hope to have another opportunity to show you or the other so you think the simulation scenario is really very interesting. Very helpful but I mean to show a real real application would be too complex. He made it very simple. Thank you very much Steven.

I think it was a clear. Yeah yeah really really. Thank you for the explanations and how to see how Pangea Cloud can help. I would say the the dam operators to monitor and manage their assets. So very interesting. Thank you for the insights.

I'm so yeah, we now continue. I think color you want to add some further comments to the come to the sky. Mitri it's correct yes yes yes I would like just too because I mean the the objective is to make sure that this type of solutions can be scaled a global level and symmetry is designed to do that. So I want to show you how we do that.

OK, I diffuse a presentation back. So yes, OK. K right? Yes alright great.

OK, I tried to make it. Is that dumb? You can read it. You could see yeah looks good. Yeah, OK so I I just start from these features.

So in this case these specific very specific case which is based in our country in Italy. In this case digit Sky has been operating with Iran which means that basically cemetery is providing all these service on local scale. Now the point.

Is that we? We can very easily scale up this type of solution by using the so-called affiliation program, which means that basically by keeping the same three main areas of supply of sky Metric air segment, ground segment and post processing, third parties in case of them. So we use genetic spongy are. Clearly that means that if you are an operator, you are flying any machine, no matter whether.

UAV's or also airplanes because I mean we are mainly concentrating on generalization. But as I showed you, it is relevant. Sometimes you have also the UAV. Basically, if you are local area operator you you basically you can became enough heat. Becoming affiliated means uhm.

They're having a training on the solution, and all the sales of the solution, because that is. This is very relevant. The fact of learning, what are the capabilities learning from past experiences and learning what you can propose to your customer if you become an affiliate in an affiliated company, then the you can you get the hardware supply and all the technical training, and once you have all the auto supply and the technical training, you can qualify of course for your customer to your local.

Operator engaging with local end users and we supply to you pre sales support which means that if you want to go and show to your local operators how to do what can be achieved, we support you there and you can directly get a contract hopefully out of the operator. And once you start to making a periodical operation you can rely on our software mission and preprocessing solutions because these available to all our affiliated. Companies end. Finally, you're since in this case we are operating as a in a self self self service mode. Basically your customer is delivered with the platform and data which has been which has been prepared.

So this is really the what it means to be an affiliated company, which means that whenever in the world you think you can do this type of job because you own an airplane or you're interested in this segment or even entering this segment. Then we could work in this way, but I think and we have a bunch of different solutions which are already prepared. Here. We are presenting the dumps, but in reality we are working in the highways in the in the railways we are making some research product on on water spill. We have an interest in also growing into agriculture and forestry.

We have a solution already in accounting the quantity of wood. For fire Prevention's but there are more application to come. Uhm, we can work in different other uh in a different other verticals that you could become skilled off by becoming an affiliated.

But I think there is more something which is even more interesting. It's it's in some cases we skima tree. We are already gaining some global contract, which means if I take for instance in this case we do not use genetics. We use an alternative partner. But I mean.

We in this case this partner is already a pre commissioning contracts in different areas so the same story you could in this case you could became an affiliated and even again while becoming affiliated law granting a local contractor if there are photovoltaic fields in your region and then the same type of the principle. So what? What are the benefit of joining this camera network? I mean there are. Basically two personas of possible partners to us and the the major, one being the aerial operator affiliates, but we also have room for solution.

Partner challenges is one of our solution partner in this specific case and but we have room for others because explains chemistry. It opened for a corporation for the real operation. I think the advantages are the fact that you you start to run a mature airborne technology and your airplane becomes a very. A high productivity asset, UM, you can gain a you can access to our verticals which are growing. And the interesting thing is not only that they are validated in terms of technology, but they're also validated in terms of business model and this is very important because in some of those projects validated the business model is as complex as being capable of running.

Admission, uhm, you can have a more predictable error I because in some cases we will rent the sensors ourselves. It's not for all the cases is not for sure for phase one sensors because we do not have any spare capacity. But for other sensors we have the opportunity for you to work in in optics mode. If you are already in a aerial operator you can shift from a got data gathering role.

Into an end to end solution vendor thanks to the relationship with Altech, we can even provide to you supporting this gathering satellite data. In some cases it is necessary and clearly, as I said earlier, like in the soul in the solar power plant, you can. You can even access some existing contract on the other side if you are a solution partner your solution vendor.

You have a digital solution and you understand you want to make sure that people can fly machines to make sure that those. The data exists, then you can join as a as a solution partner. Uhm, I think it's relevant for you to be aware that we are cooperating with tecnam because TECNAM provides very interesting aircraft, so we try to rely on their network of operators so.

We I would like to say that it would be interesting to join Sky metric and I've I've cursed them. I think that's all from my side. Thank you Carl. Very very much. Thank you. So yeah, we then have. I would say a scene or presentation and we now ask my colleague Tina if we have maybe received some questions to come to the topics we have seen in the webinar.

So Tina, are you there, do we have some questions for us? Yes, I'm here and we have received some questions and just let me start with a question that's directed. Come at Carlo. How long does it take to issue a new STC on a new aircraft? Yep, well the when talking about new aircrafts. UM, our solution is designed in a modular way, which means that there is parts which are to be a airplane specific and parts which are more platform like so normally based on our grants so we can work out in six months and STC for a new aircraft. Having said that.

We are investing in this moment ourselves. Seems some of the major runner like like says Nah some Piper Tecnam so. But normally six months. OK. And the next question coming in is,

UM, to Steven, or UM, because we saw the example of conjure cloud hosting digital twins and related files of damn assets in Italy. And could you give some examples of other assets that can be managed easily with Punjab cloud? Yeah yeah enjoy use on on any asset I can tell you the last application, for example that was our concern was related to landslides that involve viaduct in Italy. But there are a lot of different applications that involve not only the adult but rail, railway or and.

We have a lot of data set and application that that it's possible to to show you. K Thank you and I think the next question is also going to you. You know, and it's about to scalability of the platform if he. If the amount of data is growing and particularly the time. Yeah, OK no no, no, there is no problem with the scalability of the of the plaster or for the storage of the data because fungi is a cloud solution and part of the process of Punjab cloud. It's a Amazon Web service solution that permit us to scale and performing or on the necessary for our customer.

Yeah, I would say I would say also that knowing the being being a partner, I think that also the pricing. It's very interesting because the pricing is a very much tailored to the sides and the complexity of the project that the customer has to handle. So I mean I think that Jesus went has been doing a very good job with in Pangea, in designing a scalable pricing which. Can feet to the small just professional who's just working in his innhold hometown to very large organization such as major infrastructures providers. I can tell you that one of the cases that we know. It's also very relevant for the digital twin is also the.

The motor way, I mean, in general the construction, especially the motorway construction and we generally when you create a new infrastructure you have to measure how what volumes you are moving with your machine. So during the during the work and this is also one application where the digital twin becomes fairly relevant so you can know with a certain period what volumes have been worked in creating the asset. OK, thank you, thanks Carlo and I have another question that is directed at you and as we going Sky military, if you have any specific drill geographic areas you're focusing on. Yes, uhm I would say in this specific point of time because of the agreement that we have on this, specially on the solar power, we have a specific needs in for growing our network in the in the Americas.

More specifically, Latin Latin music is a is an area where we we have a lot of need for growing in terms of affiliation because it's a big, it's a big area and there are a lot of opportunities. Is it? Pacific is also interesting in some area like Thailand for instance, and Australia. Also there is a big demand in Australia so I would say. Generally speaking, United States, of course it's interesting, but as far as United States are concerned, I think the most interesting thing would be to understand whether.

To to have a real partner in in the in the digital models for precision farming, because at the the our technology is very competitive in terms of costs of data gathering, we can board multispectral and hyperspectral sensors and but we do not have yet a real partner for the models into the into the agronomy and it would be interesting in the United States to scale up in this vertical. OK, thank you come. Let me pass some pass it back to to casting 'cause that was the last question that we've received so far. And is there some anyone wants to ask a question now and feel free to do so? And so yeah, otherwise we have. You see on the screen the email addresses. So if there's any question turn up, I would say later stage.

Feel free to drop us directly in email and get in contact with us, so we're happy to answer further questions. As always, the webinar will also be recorded or is recorded so that we will have it online on our website. I would say in two to three days and then you can watch it again or reference it to someone who wants to who should see it.

As well so dumb. So there's a chance to to, uh? Getting in contact later on. So yeah, if there's no further question I I then say very much. Thank you to both of you Carla and Stefano.

Very interesting topic and and to see it the data, how it's used in in the in the community and and for the end customer. So thanks again. So I then would I would say close the webinar for today.

Thank you for all videos joining this webinar series. We are looking forward to see you again at the next webinar. Set the weather is recorded and will be online in a couple of days. Yeah so.

Thanks again for joining to the audience. Thanks again for presenting to Carla and Stefano. And yeah, if yourself or successful and wonderful day thanks a lot. Thank you, thank you Catherine. Thank you phase one. Thank you thank you, thank you Catherine.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, take care. Bye bye.

2021-07-14 10:31

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