Watch live: Tracking Winter Weather Across Georgia

Watch live: Tracking Winter Weather Across Georgia

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We are always updating, 11alive, dot-com, and we have information, continuously. At the bottom of your screen as we get information about, closures. Throughout the day and if we hear anything about tomorrow. We'll certainly let you know one. Thing that we enjoy very much is seeing your pictures, thank you for sharing them using the hashtag storm. 11 Francesca Amaker is keeping an eye on all those pictures and that, is the best way to see what's happening all across our state and Cheryl there is so much going on across, our state it sounds like it's just the calm before well. No storm a lot of people just taking the time to, sit back inside, of their their kitchen their dining room and just enjoy, each other or take a peek outside of the window and send us these great pictures in fact I just got a few new, pictures using the hashtag storm. 11 from Mimzy farm in Coweta County let's, go ahead and take a look here this is Sarah Kinsey, thank you so much for tweeting this to us Sarah, this is just her, her, road as she comes out of her home and you can tell no one has touched the road at all I would imagine this is a small dirt, road somewhere in Coweta County thank. You so much Sarah also Luther. Maloney sending, us this photo right here from Piedmont Avenue in, Midtown. Hashtag. Storm, 11, and you can see there. Is a store right here 10th and 11 so we know where you live Luther, but no tracks again people are just staying home it's taking, it easy I'm gonna see if there is any more new photos, here oh I liked this one from Melissa at, first I did think it was a black bear somewhere, in in her town in Forsyth, County however, it's, just her dog but, her dogs just happened to look like a bear so continue, to keep sending, us those photos, and also send us videos as well there, were a few videos that we received earlier this. Is just one of them and this is what most people's houses look like if you haven't or don't even have the equipment the tools to, shovel, at all you're, just looking at a bunch, of snow on your sidewalk and of course this is something you don't want to slip and slide in so just take it easy don't, go outside take heed our warning Cheryl. Back over to you thanks, so much I saw the superintendent. Of Clayton, County, Schools, sharing. A video saying, we're not going to do any digital content, today don't worry about doing that from home we're, going to have. Your initial content, get out there touch it feel it study. What makes the snow and and we might have some budding meteorologists. So I think that's so much fun that message from Clayton County Public Schools I just retweeted, it if you want to see it keep, sharing those with us storm 11, is the hashtag we're. Going to continue, our special coverage here, on 11 alive for, this 2018. Snow event we are already above our here Lea average, and we, are three. Weeks into the new year we, will have much more when. We come back. Title. Max makes it easy to turn your title, into cash just go to title max comm find, out how much you can get using title max comm I got, $1,400. $3,200. Title, max comm got me $9700. Best, of all most credit types are approved next, time you need cash, try title max for a try title max for the amount you need find out why so many people are saying I got my title back with title max. The. Best two days of this week are Tuesday and Wednesday because it's actually home stores today sale get, an incredible, 25%. Off in-store and online plus. Pay no interest for 24, months or get 72 months no interest on, all you need for get-togethers, like dining room sets and sectionals, a two-day sale like this is rare so say big before, it's too late, January, 16th, and January, 17th, only ashley, home store this is home. Get. New floors during Empire today's gigantic. 75%. Off sale that's, carpet, tile laminate, and even hardwood, 75%. Off Empire. Makes beautiful, new floors easy see, samples in your home get a free estimate during, your appointment and have, your floor's professionally. Installed, update.

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Along Here, on, highway, 120, in the direction, again as we said of, Lawrenceville. There's, a. Band. Of hearty motor vehicles, coming. Up, here to, our left. Getting. Up the, been trying, slowly, to go up the hill all, of them so, far successfully, introduced succeeding. To. Do so at, least as we pass them by, crossing. Sugarloaf, Parkway now we still, see lots of ice and, lots. Of white, snow. Covering, the ice on the, highway. But as we, look closely, at these patches of black we're. Not really seeing the proverbial, dreaded, black ice as much as we are actually seeing a wet, asphalt as, the heat, of the Sun or the at least the radiant energy of the Sun I guess heat of the Sun would be a vast overstatement. But, the radiant energy of the Sun is melting. Some of that surface. Ice. No, van. Some of the water is evaporating, a little bit. John Samuels, the photographer, who is piloting. The Thunder truck sees this Ford, Explorer off to the right. But. They don't appear to be stuck particularly, in fact it just appears that somebody maybe ran out of gas and decided. To hoof. It walking. May be a better option today then, driving, up and down highway. 120, perhaps, the best option of all would be to just stay, home and find something else to do. Anything. Back, back. To you yeah, it's interesting to see your perspective, there because as some of that is evaporating, you just fast, forward a few hours when the Sun goes down again and the evening Drive will be treacherous. Much like those early-morning hours it's good to see that people are are using the precaution, and avoiding, the roads it's very rare that we see on a Wednesday. Around, the lunch hour that, you could count the number of cars there on one hand we. Want to hand it to Liza, Lucas, now police. And State, Patrol been dealing with so. Many accidents. Today despite, a lot of people staying off the roads and and they. Had at one point made a plea just to be patient they were having difficulty. Keeping. Up what's, the status now as you're monitoring their posts, well we want to start with Gwinnett since we just kind of saw the the sites over there with Doug Gwinnett, PD is posting, that they are currently, working and, this is currently this is not total, they are currently, working. 69. Accidents. And they still have pending. Accidents. They are trying to get to at the same time now this, is something that they've told, people we'll, show the next tweet as well they've told people and urged people to stay off the road the first responders, are trying to make their way through the. Next one APD, is, also, working major, accidents, 93, they've had since midnight, right. There on your screen you're actually seeing an overturned car in, Gwinnett the, next tweet APD. 93. Accidents. Since midnight which is incredible. They have been dealing with seven with injuries, one with their own officer. So certainly thinking. About these police officers these, first responders as they're, out on the roads today and then Walton County also posting, a video of an overturned. Car number, 41. That's, their number over there many, police departments posting. These images, these pictures really. Urging, people in social media to, heat their Vice stay. Home stay, cuddly, stay, off the roads and let first responders, and crews do their job they're having tricky times out there I've been watching the feeds all morning, they're really struggling these guys, trying, to get the word out and help spread it on social media sending it back to you just, those few examples, you gave us is over 200, and I know there are so many more than that so it doesn't take much on a day like today to. Get into a fender bender so, just urging people to be careful out there Liza Lucas thank you for the update send. It now to Chesley, Chesley, we've been talking about the fact that the snow is an event in itself and the ice but the temperatures, you know is something that we need to be as aware, of as anything, absolutely. Especially for this afternoon snow is all gone you can see we have plenty of sunshine out there this is our live tower cam from noon in here and look at those winds look at the flags. Flying, around there with. The temperatures down into the teens when you factor in that win it feels like the single digits out there and in some spots it feels like temperatures. Are below zero it's, in conditions like these that you can catch, frostbite. Very very rapidly so you have to watch out for the kids a because they see the sunshine and the snow they want to run out there and also have to watch out for the elderly as well and so, keep an eye on some of your neighbors this afternoon, when the winter weather advisory continues mainly.

Off To the east of us you can see over toward Athens they did drop to Khoa from this down. Through Edenton we're looking at this extended. Now through four o'clock this afternoon wouldn't. Be surprised if they continue to chip away at some, of these advised. Counties, because the snow itself at least is gone. As snow is off, it's where the east of us over towards South Carolina now in fact one. County here dealing with that you can see over towards Waynesboro she's, dealing with a little bit of snow this is what's left over once. That's out of the way we're, done with it at least in the state that's, worry about it at all but, we do have to worry about the wind now our totals have. Been higher at least south of the city of Atlanta we've been getting totals as much as 3 inches in parts of Coweta County two inches down in columbus two, inches in the city of atlanta to the north it has been a around, an inch or less at, least for, this afternoon as you can see here's our total map here again one to two inches, generally, on the 1 inch side around, the metro area there are some spots where we got up to about two inches it's been down to the south and here in. Coweta County, Newman, three point three inches being reported as folks, are now starting to get up and stick those, rulers. In the ground to see how much snow a guy this was a nice little bullseye, here, but. Nautilus even if you got one inch evening, out of two inches doesn't, seem, like a whole lot it's sticking to the roadways out there so that's what's creating, the hazardous, driving for, this afternoon talked, about those temperatures were still in the teens in a lot of spots here we are at the noon hour so that 18 degrees in Atlanta 15, over. In Carrollton 17, and Marietta, now when you factor in the winds and so far they've been up to about 18 miles per hour expecting. Those to get up in the 20 mile an hour range and so it's going to knock these temperatures, down this, is the way it feels on your exposed, skin it, feels like zero right, now in Carrollton, feels, like one in Atlanta we've seen these wind chills down, below zero Dalton. Just last hour was down to seven degrees below zero, so, as these temperatures heat up a little bit we will start to see the wind chills go up and they won't get out of the single digits I think through much of the afternoon so, be advised of that folks your nefeli want to bundle up if you have to go outside and meaning you're going to cover up all, the areas of skin that you possibly can even maybe even a scarf over your face as you're, going, out and about out there this afternoon we have a wind chill advisory that will last at least for another hour from, the according to the National Weather Service will say from Lawrenceville, down.

Through Rockdale County Henry County westward, includes, Rome Atlanta occludes noon, and again, this is where we'll see those winds anywhere between, 15. And 25, miles per hour gusts, could be higher than that at times and those wind chills could be down, around the zero, windchill. Mark also below, zero as well maybe down to five, degrees below zero for the rest of the afternoon we're just gonna have sunshine around don't have to worry about much at all but. It's not gonna be a lot of melting taking place with that Sun because temperatures will only rise to, around 30 degrees for this afternoon the. Sun will help to evaporate, some of that content. That's on the roads out there and the winds actually will help to dry some it off but, with temperatures dropping down to the teens tonight I do think that whatever's, left over could refreeze, so we'll be watching out for that Jarrell back to you. So. Much the. Mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance bottoms just tweeted, out that the, Atlanta public works crews, have, 17, salt spreaders, throughout the city they're going to be treating roads around the clock she's. Talking about the ice that still remains, even though the snow has ended so, just, know that they're trying their best to get out there with salt but, there's only so much they can do and a lot of ground to cover Chesley. Mentioned, three point three inches. South of the city let's head about 40, miles south now of Atlanta to Coweta County where, a Abdullahi. Is keeping. An eye on things that's a that's a pretty significant, snow total for a for, an Atlanta. Suburb here. In January, right. And. We just got here about 15, minutes ago standing, next to something, most Millennials have never used but let's, get a little bit more serious, if we look at the road right now the struggle, is real there are about, three cars parked. In the middle of the road we're at Bulls Burrell Road and then, if we pan all the way down there there are there, is another, car also visible, we pulled up to this gas station the. Metro petrol and the gas station, owner was actually, salting. His own driveway to make sure people who need gas are. Are. Safely, coming, into the gas station, on the, route here, it seemed clear up until we got around, mile marker, 61. And then from then on cars, were driving a little too confidently. Not using, extreme precaution, you, can see this truck right now going at a comfortable, speed but if he needed to all, of a sudden stop, because of black ice he might actually deal with some issues so, it. Just depends, you know what the driving experience of, some drivers are if they've driven in snow in Atlanta, it's what it snows approximately. Twice a year and because, of that people don't know how to drive in the snow many people are staying home listening. To all the precaution, that that. Chesley, has been given them all morning long that we've been giving them all morning long so we're gonna stay in noon and we're gonna stay in Coweta County and, monitor, the, conditions, just south of Atlanta back to you all, right thank you Naima and and that's south of the city but it's so, much the case in many, places 83, counties affected, by snow. And ice and douglasville police just, sent a tweet out in case you're wondering roads are not getting any better here, either more cars are out driving and getting.

Stuck So, Naima what she is seeing with those cars kind of off to, the side and in the ditches that's that's, the same in counties in many, parts, of our state our tower can from, Noonan showing. A lot of white out there it sure looks beautiful, just from the inside, out, hopefully, you're inside, somewhere, warm watching. And you don't have a lot of errands to do hopefully, you can be home with kids who have a snow day and you can safely. Enjoy. That, beautiful view we're gonna have more of our snow coverage, on this special edition of 11alive 17, degrees now in the city we'll be right back. Don't. Miss the hot tub and swim spa blowout Expo this weekend at the Atlanta Expo Center browse a huge display of hot tubs and swim spas from six major brands at up to 50% off that's the hot tub and swim spa blowout Expo this weekend at the Atlanta Expo Center visit spa Expo com that's by Expo comm get, new floors during Empire today's gigantic. 75%. Off sale that's, carpet tile laminate, and even hardwood, 75%. Off Empire. Makes beautiful new floors easy see, samples in your home get a free estimate during, your appointment and have your floors professionally. Installed, update. Your floors put Empire and get 75%. Off carpet, tile laminate, hardwood. Schedule. Now. That. Any. New confident we can wow, all Mike he is asking, me for new pie's get. A 2018, Ford f-150, Excel for 25 952, or get a 2018. Ford Focus SE sedan for 16, 548. For. A great deal on a new floor comes to me my dad at legacy Porter McDonough we. Have great deals a large, selection and the, best prices in town why. Shop anywhere else. At, Moloch and associates we believe in the power of prevention, that's. Why our family, safety programs are so important, to us because, with the right information and, a little extra care injuries. Can be prevented at. Home on the, road in. Our schools and communities and, beyond, our, goal is to help protect you every, step of the way where, Moloch and Associates upping, Georgia families for over 32 years and proud to be an 11 alive company, that cares. Make. Tomorrow, awesome, with Xfinity internet. Call. One eight hundred five, one two. Three. And do. What you love online, with Xfinity internet for, only $19.99. A month for 12 months, Xfinity. Internet delivers, the speed you need to serve stream, and download plus. With constant, guard by Xfinity your family will get unmatched, online, security, and it's included at no additional cost, call. 1-800-562-9830. To. Forty. Two that's one eight hundred five, one six forty, two, - xfinity the future of Awesome, don't miss the hot tub and swim spa blowout Expo this weekend at the Atlanta Expo Center browse over 50 hot tubs and swim spas from six major brands of up to 50% off that's the hot tub at swim spa blowout Expo this weekend at the American Home and Garden Show at the Atlanta Expo Center visit spa Expo com. Planes, on the runway at hartsfield-jackson, there.

Is An FAA ground, delay today which means things are moving more slowly but, they are moving, there, are some delays and cancellations. But, they're no longer having to de-ice aircraft, because there is not snow falling, anymore so some progress there security. Lines have been surprisingly. Good today on a snow, day and 19 minute wait times at its. Peak will continue to monitor everything. At the airport, for you we can tell, you we have gotten our first school. Closure, for tomorrow Coweta. County Schools, have just announced they will be closed tomorrow, as, well, caleda. County got about three, inches of snow overnight, a lot of ice on the roads there naima, Abdullah he's been keeping an eye on those. Conditions, part of me so again Coweta County Schools closed for tomorrow we, have all the closures on the bottom of your screen and we will update those as soon as we get more information you can also keep a close eye on 11alive, calm we have all the closures you need to know there as well and we have a full team working, eleven. all day long as we get more closures, looking, into tomorrow governor. Nathan Deal has already said that they are going to close. State government, offices, for non-essential. Personnel tomorrow as well that is effective across all 83, counties, impacted. By the winter weather we, want to send it now to Christie Etheridge in, DeKalb County Christie, I understand there are a number of road closures at this point in the cab. There. Are and we just got the updated list too beforehand. There were only about seven roads closed, most, of them only open, to emergency, personnel, but, the updated, list bumps. That number up to 13, and I'm standing right in front of one of them we're at Claremont, Road and Desmond, Drive take, a look and I think this is exactly why this one, is open supposed. To be open, only to emergency, personnel, there's, this big.

Hill, With a curve, to, treacherous, things, to navigate, when, you're in a car I tried, to walk down this hill just a minute ago and it, is not that powdery, snow anymore, it's been driven on so much it is compacted. Down. To where it's very slippery, it looks white but it's, it's, more like ice than, snow, so those four cars this is this, is not them just parking on the side those are actually abandoned. You can kind of tell by the, way their wheels are turned and they're not all the way over to the side of the, curb and, we saw a guy. Try and come off of this side street right here and, got. A little too fast and tried to slow down but, he. Spun, out then and tried, to he. Looked like he was having a little bit too much fun doing it though so this is what the, emergency, officials, are trying to tell, people to stay away from roads, like this there aren't any barricades, there's nothing. Blocking the road but it is listed, as one of the roads that is closed only to only open to emergency, personnel, because, it's really just not safe we've seen a couple cars navigate, their way up and they didn't make it up the hill and down the hill respectively. But it's. Just not a great idea to try it so the, couple, of the other streets, I know there's see, if I can pull this list up I just posted. It on my social media so if you want to take a look at. That list of all of the roads in DeKalb County that, are closed about. Ten. Of them say, it's emergency. Vehicles, only and three of them are completely, closed, off so we're going to be heading. Over to some of those other closings. In, just a minute to see what they look like but it's, tough out here I'll tell you because once you get up Claremont that's. A hill then. You get off onto the side streets, and and it's like none of the streets are really treated out here so it's, it's tough going out there Cheryl yeah those side roads are treacherous right, now there is not just ice but thick ice and and nowhere to go and if you get stuck on one of those hills there, is just no option, there Kristy I can understand why they're closing, those thank you so much and again, I saw Christie's tweet with these specific closures. If you're interested, find. Her on Twitter and Facebook a look, at our tower cam at 25 Cobb County near circle, 75. And and you, can see some pavement and, that is progress over, the last couple of hours despite. The fact that our temperatures, are now, at 17, degrees so far below freezing the, sunshine, is certainly working in our favor, evaporating.

Some Of the moisture on the road but, that, means there will be more moisture, in the road as we head towards an evening rush hour so, I know that there are transportation crews, all over our state working very hard right now in anticipation. For the evening Drive. Andy Prada is at the Cobb County Transportation headquarters. I'm sure, the salt trucks they're all are all in a high operation, mode Andy. Sure. They are all, in hi operation, mode as some of the trucks behind me have been coming in and out these folks have been on the road since 6:00 a.m. and taking. A little bit of rest and what have they been doing all day take a look this, is all the stuff that they've been putting on the road this giant hill of, blue. Salt, this, is what they've been coming here for since, 6:00 a.m. about. 13. To 14 trucks, about, 30 different individuals. All this, stuff. Put. On the road. Hopefully. The. Goal is to try. To make it drivable, they realize, that they do not have enough salt to make all the roads drivable, it is simply, too cold and there, is just too, much ice on the road but this is what they've been putting on the road since 6:00 a.m. at 6:00 p.m. they're gonna come back more. Crews are gonna come in they're expecting. Each individual. Crew that is working, this sort, of shift that have about 40 hours of overtime, all this costs a lot, of money too we spoke to the chief transportation. Official in Cobb County and says that each individual, is expected, to accumulate, about 40 hours of overtime. And, just, this winter season alone, they've submitted about. $500,000, on extra. Resources, and staffing, just, to you. Know deal with all this wintry mess and all that's going to cost a lot of money they're gonna have to go back to the County Board asked, them to refund their resources, but, this is what they're gonna be doing we're gonna be following them throughout, the day trying to follow, them to get, the roads drivable. But, again. It's they just simply don't have enough salt. Even if they wanted to to put on all the roads Cheryl, you. Make a very good point because we're just five and a half six weeks from the last major snow, event that, was also a on resources, in terms of money and time and staffing, and here we go again so, that that is something certainly that the the state has to deal with just on top of the logistics, of keeping. The roads clear on, a day like today and II parati thanks so much I do want to mention that G dot has shared that, they've got tankers, leaving, now to brine. I 20, they're. Working that area just kind of east because they say in their words we're working hard now in, the next few hours to. Make sure all is well later so they are looking, ahead to. Sunset. This evening as well Doug Richards is in the Thunder truck keeping, an eye on the roads as well I think that is probably the question everyone's thinking about what happens to all this moisture on the roads now once. We don't have the benefit of the, sunshine, on such a cold day Doug. Well. As, one of your field, moisture, experts, I think the answer is that it eventually, evaporates. After. Adults. We. Are at the. Intersection. Of walter Boulevard, and Lawrenceville, swanee Road which is actually, almost. Inside the city of Lawrence it actually I think is in the city of Lawrenceville, police. Have. Lawrenceville. Swanee Road cordoned. Off as we see, in the forward-facing. Camera, of the 11alive, thunder truck that's. A go ahead County police cruiser, which, is blocking, highway. 317. Which is a, highway. That connects. Lawrenceville. And Suwannee. And. Down, the hill there there, is an, obstruction that. 11. Clubs John Samuels, a news photographer who. You may see on, the right here is, investigating. As we do our. Thunder. Truck narration, here, that's. John Samuels, the gentleman, in the brown coat, and the black hat speaking, with some pedestrians, who. Are walking, past there as the. Traffic seems to be, sliding. Beyond and. Around, the. Obstruction. For the right over here is, Gwinnett. College, which. Is of course closed today. And straight. Out of us is Lawrenceville, swanee Road, John Samuels, the photographer, aforementioned, is now actually in a trout of some sort coming, toward us and perhaps. He. Will join. Us and tell us exactly. Let's. See like I'm fun I'm gonna pan over this is gonna be very exciting, oh wait a minute I can't, pin hey John you're. On TV right now come. Say hi to the people so. What's going on up there. Okay. There's a lot of folks getting stuck up there and I'm getting a rap as soon as we came to you they told us to rep so, let's.

Go Back to you and John and I will explore, what it is it's getting folks stuck up ahead all right this is the moment where I give, the official thanks, to my field moisture, expert as he said it Richard, thank you so much if only, all of it could evaporate it, will refreeze, tonight. And there will be a lot of ice on the roads Joe Hankey is on i-20, and I know that's a that's a stretch they're already working with with some brine and anticipation. For. The evening Drive Joe. I see that there aren't a lot of cars and that's probably the best scenario, for, a day like today. It. Is Cheryl. And it's good to see very, few cars out here on the road um as you mentioned, we're, near i-20, that's just off to my right. To my left here, this is flat Shoals Road the intersection with McDonald, Road behind, me here in Conyers. That. Refreeze, is a true concern out here as you can see on the road not a lot of snow if any snow in a lot of places here but you can see those wet spots on the road the, temperature, isn't gonna get above freezing right now you have the radiant heat of the traffic, and the Sun coming down here very bright Sun today, with few if any clouds, in the sky so you are seeing some melting, but, once. That Sun goes away later in the day here we're gonna see, refreezing. Good to hear through those brine trucks from G dot are close. By us here in the, on, the i-20, area but as you can see few cars out here will monitor this refreezing. For you and keep you updated on 11 alive and later today on 11, alive on air but right now we'll send it back to you all right thanks a lot Joe we want to also just. Reiterate, that Coweta, County Schools, have made the decision to close for, tomorrow, no school in Coweta County as we. Get more information into, the 11alive newsroom we will add that to 11alive, dot-com. Please keep sharing, your pictures, using the hashtag storm. 11, stay, safe and we will continue our coverage for you on eleven, We're. Called the dump because there, are great manufacturers. That needed to get rid of product, and they dumped. It on us look, on their face and the words that we hear from this just wow I can't believe that, this store has what you have to, the down to the dump to the dump don't dump, need. Help getting what you deserve from, Social Security for your disability, claim, contact, Affleck, and Gordon right now for, over 30 years, applicant, Gordon has helped thousands, of clients recover, millions, of dollars of disability, and medical benefits, our team includes former, Social Security staff attorneys, our knowledge. Experience. And integrity will give you an edge with your case athletic. Gordon your, SSDI. Attorney, visit. Our website Affleck, and Gordon calm to see how we can, help you. Make. Tomorrow, awesome, with Xfinity internet. Call. One eight hundred five, hundred. Fifty. Internet for only $19.99. A month for 12 months, Xfinity. Internet delivers, the speed you need to surf stream and download plus.

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