Vighnaharta Ganesh -Ep 1006- Full Episode -A Battle Between Lord Vishnu And Hiranyaksh-15th Oct,2021

Vighnaharta Ganesh -Ep 1006- Full Episode -A Battle Between Lord Vishnu And Hiranyaksh-15th Oct,2021

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This is mere sorcery and nothing more. A boar? I will kill you for certain! And I shall rule the realm of mortals. Hiranyaksh, you cannot harm Bhudevi anymore. I have lingered for long.

No more. I will cleave this world in two! And I will end you! Even this celestial discuss cannot harm me! He dares stop the discuss of the Lord! How can this be! And now tear apart this realm I will use this weapon. Hail Lord Varah! - Hail! Hail Lord Varah! - Hail! What is the matter, Bhudevi? Why are you so troubled? None come closer to one smeared in filth Yet you held me atop your crown and freed me. You protected me! You did not let that tyrant humiliate me! You cared for me in a manner of a man that cares for his wife. My Lord.

Please accept this servant as your wife. So what did the Lord say to Bhudevi? The Lord married Bhudevi and accepted her as his wife. Hail Lord Varah! - Hail Bhudevi! Hail Lord Varah! - Hail! A divine event for the cosmos. After they were married they both lived in a simple hermitage.

and soon they had a child. My Lord is is the most joyous day of my life. I know but I must tell you a bitter truth. Once the purpose of my incarnation has been fulfilled I have to return.

And now is the time to part. Beloved, you must now care for our son. I know, my Lord. I cannot stop the Lord who is our preserver. But before you leave I have something to ask. Please name your son before you leave.

He shall be named Narkasur. Narkasur? My Lord, this is a name of a demon bearing. Is this a reason for me to be worried? Yes, dear. I sensed malice in this child of ours. Under influence of ill company he may turn evil.

Evil nature, beloved? A demon who is mighty and powerful meets a horrid end akin to Hiranyaksh. I will never let such a thing to pass So you must make certain that he is always in good company. You always have my blessing.

My Lord. My Lord, he is our son. I am his mother. I will never let him walk the path of evil. Never.

Yet why did he become evil? Why did he become a demon? I will tell you. Bhudevi tried to keep him away from all evil and began living at the edge of a forest. Years passed and Bhudevi gave him great values. With great knowledge he grew up to be a radiant youth. Yet he never knew anyone.

Mother, why do you keep me here at home? You do not let me leave! I will come with you to gather fruits. No, beasts dwell in that part of woods. I shall come to protect you. I know that you are able and mighty. But I shall be unharmed. But if you do not meditate how will you become enlightened? One that shall make me proud.

Yes, Mother. I will wait here and meditate. But you must bring sweet fruits for me. I will bring you the sweetest of fruits. But you must not step out of the hermitage. Move slowly.

Careful! No one must see us! We must be on guard. We have our leader. We fear nothing. There sweet juicy fruits I will risk my very life for it. 'But you must not step out of the hermitage.' Do not just stand there. Do not be scared. Come.

How will you live if you do not make petty mistakes? That way, you cannot enjoy life. They are like me. They, why did mother said that we are the only ones alike in the universe.

Look carefully. Is there someone? Wait. Let him be in trouble. We will know the gardener is there if the boy is beaten.

We will then flee. I will do as you say, Banasur. Banasur? Come. There are lot of fruits here. Hurry up. Go. Let us pluck the fruits. After sending them in, why is he standing there? Who is it? Who said that? Nab them. They should not flee.

Every time they steal our fruits. We will catch them today. - So many gardeners. What shall I do? I better flee. Wait! Let me help you. Run! You are their leader. I will not spare you!

'Instead of saving him, he went to take the fruits.' Wow! That was so good. I got these spoils by deceiving the gardener.

The fruits will really be more sweet today. What happened, Banasur? Where are you lost? Who was the one who saved me? I never saw him before. - It was me. Who are you? I am seeing you for the first time. Son.. Narkasur.. Son Narkasur..

Son! Even I never saw you all before. Who are you? - Shame.. You do not us. Whoever you are, why are you here? I felt, you are like me. So I came to see you. We three our friends. So, we are together. Let me also be your friend. Do you even know what right you are asking for? He is Banasur, the son of Mahabali.

Even I am Narkasur, the son of Bhudevi. Where can my son Narkasur go? I dread, what the guru had said, should not come true. My mother had said that only she and I are alike in this universe.

Are you not a demon like me? Demon? What is a demon? 'Asur' means joy. It also means freedom from rules. The freedom to do anything. Does that mean, a demon can do anything? Does he not need any permission do something? Demons do not take permission but grant them. Then, I give you the order to make me your friend. Accept me as a demon.

It seems he really wants to be a demon. For that, he has to prove himself. Prove your worth. Only then, you can be my friend.

Are you ready for it? I am ready. You have to conduct a theft in your own house. Demons do not hesitate. They just do what they have to do. All right. Then we shall go right now. I am worried now.

Did he go looking for me? The sun is about to set. Wait. Is that your mother? Let her go. Only then can you steal. Come inside. There is nothing worth stealing. - Yes, there is. Look at this. - Give it to me.

There is more. Mother's jewellery. Give it to me. There are a few gold coins as well. Here it is.

These are mine. Now we should leave. No.. Give me your word before you leave. Will you accept me as a friend? This is mark has been there since my birth.

All right, it does not matter to us. We just want to enjoy life. You can learn that from us. Although, his mother protected him from all the evil in the world he got attracted to the same evil. Just like how a magnet attracts iron we attract people who are similar to us. Good people will attract other good people and bad people will attract other bad people. That is what happened to Narkasur.

Have it. You are a part of our group. We shall meet again tomorrow. Is this your reward for stealing from your own house? This is not what I taught you.

I know what you taught me. There is no one else here like the the two us. I had taught you the truth.

This place is now controlled by demons. But we are not demons, dear. You might not be one. But I am a demon now.

What are you saying, dear? Yes, now I have realised that demons do not have to follow any rules. Being a demon is foolishness. It is treacherous and deceitful.

Whoever is teaching you this is your enemy, not a friend. Your biggest enemy. No, Mother. I really enjoyed their company. Today I realised that there is a world outside this hermitage. To protect you from it I kept you hidden from this world. Yet you are attracted to it.

Trust your mother, dear. This is not joy. It is an illusion. And that is not friendship. That is just bad company. How can my joy be an illusion, Mother? Stealing fruits from the garden threatening others and stealing their belongings and doing as I please gave me so much joy. And I will stay with them now.

All right. If this is what you want then forget about your mother. Because, I cannot watch you become a demon. I can watch you being hungry, dear.

But you eating someone else's food.. I cannot watch that. You must make the decision, dear..

Whether you want your mother who will guide you on the right path or the ones that will take you on the wrong path whom you consider your friends now. 'The character of a person' 'is greatly influenced by his company.'

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