Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at the DHS National Cybersecurity Summit

Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at the DHS National Cybersecurity Summit

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Well, Thank You secretary Neilson thank you for that kind introduction. And. For your leadership at, the Department of Homeland Security, would. You all join me in thanking secretary Kirsten, Nielsen for her leadership and, for bringing together, this, historic, summit, today. To. The secretary, and the secretary Perry. Director. Rea director. Alice to all the public servants that are gathered here to. All the leaders of Industry, and academia. Who. Have come from near and far, it. Is my honor to. Welcome you all at. The close of the events today at the first-ever. National. Cyber, Security. Summit. Thank, you all for being here today and. I, bring greetings and, gratitude. For your participation, in this conference from a great champion, of American, security, president, Donald Trump I'm. Here today on behalf of the president, because. Cyber security, is a major focus, of this. Administration. Over. The last year at, the president's, direction we've. Taken unprecedented. Action to strengthen our digital infrastructure, and defenses, because. We know that cybersecurity has never been more important, to, the American people. America. Depends on the digital world more. With every passing day as all. The industry leaders here know too well. It's. Open to countless new doors of opportunity. Created. Extraordinary. New sources of prosperity, and unleashed a new era of entrepreneurship. And innovation that is infused, nearly every, aspect of, our lives and our. Society. And. While this revolution. Has spurred new opportunities, as, you. All have discussed here today, it. Has also spawned, new threats. Criminal. Terrorists. Foreign. Adversaries. Constantly. Prowling, this digital domain, represent. A threat to this nation in. America's. Digital infrastructure. Is under. Constant cyber, attack. The. Federal government alone experiences. Hundreds, of thousands. Of digital. Assaults, every day and, across. The entire country, the. Number of attacks on our digital infrastructure, is. Impossible. To calculate. Our. Digital, foes are targeting, every facet of our society. They. Threaten our family's privacy, like the. Hackers who breached the credit bureau Equifax. Last year and made. Off with the social security numbers, and other personal, information of nearly a hundred and fifty million. Americans. They. Extort, our hard-earned money as we. Saw in the. North Korean wanna, cry attack that held more than two hundred thousand, devices in 150. Countries hostage. Demanding. A ransom. Foreign. Interests, also, routinely, steal, trade, secrets, from. Some of our most important, industries, as, our. Administration's, recent 301. Trade investigation. Found. For. Many years China. Has directed, bureaucrats, and businesses, to find. And steal our nation's, intellectual property, and advanced, technologies. Especially those. Pertaining. To our national defense. Our. Cyber adversaries, also seek to infiltrate our critical infrastructure, including. Our electrical, grid power stations. So. That in some future conflict, they, might. Have the opportunity to shut down the. Nerve center of American. Energy in our national life. They. Also target, our economy, a, single. Russian, malware, attack last year, cost. A major American shipping, company roughly. 400 million dollars and, in, 2016. Cyberattacks, it, is estimated, cost our economy as much as a hundred and nine billion. Dollars. Cyber. Attackers also, go after government, at every level. Such. As in March when criminal. Hackers hobbled. The city of Atlanta, and crippled. Many basic, services, for. Several days and. As. The American people know all too well our. Adversaries, increasingly, use the digital world to manipulate, to. Divide. To. Chip away at our most chair values in, the. Face of these threats. The. American, people demand and, deserve. The, strongest, possible. Defense. And we. Will give it to them. But. Sadly previous, administrations. Have. Let the American people down when. It came to cyber defense. At. The outset of this administration. It became clear from early on in. A, very real sense we inherited, a cyber crisis. Last. Administration all. But neglected, cybersecurity. Even. Though the digital threats were growing more numerous and more dangerous by the day. In. 2014. A foreign, government. Actually. Hacked into the White House network, itself.

And. Yet in the face of constant attacks, like that the. Last administration too, often, chose. Silence, and paralysis, over strength and action, I'll, make no mistake about it. Those. Days are over. At. President, Trump's direction, our. Administration. Has taken decisive, action to. Fortify America's. Cyber, security, capabilities. We're. Also forging new partnerships. Evidenced. By this conference, today all. Across, our society and also. With state and local governments, and. With great corporations, so. Well represented here we've. Secured, vital new funding for cyber security in our, first year in office we allocated, an additional 1.2, billion dollars for digital defense and next. Year our administration. Has requested, a record 15 billion, dollars to secure America's. Cyber frontiers, and, we'll. Continue to work with Congress to, provide. The resources we need to defend our nation from. The threats we. Face in, the digital domain. But. This critical, issue requires. More. Than new funding. America. Also needs a central, hub for cyber security and, today. We. Call on the United States Senate to follow. The lead of the House of Representatives, and before the end of this year enact. Legislation to, create a new agency, under, the authority, of DHS, the. Time has come for the cyber security and, infrastructure. Security. Agents. To keep to commence. Thank you. This. Agency will bring together the resources of our national, government to focus on, cybersecurity and, it's an idea whose time has come, in. Addition, to funding and reforms, our, administration. Is hardening, federal, networks as never before, we're. Taking renewed action to identify, and eliminate weaknesses. That our adversaries. Could exploit. For. Example, the. Federal government has long allowed, Kaspersky. Lab a, Russian. Antivirus. Software to be installed on federal devices. Even. Though it has a direct relationship, with the Russian government and intelligence, services. This. Threat existed, for many years. But. Our administration. Ended, the. Threat last, year, when, we banned, Kaspersky. Lab software. From, the entire federal, government. We've. Also dramatically, increased information sharing, with innovators, developers. And network defenders. America's. Intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Have. An unparalleled, ability, to discover weaknesses, in digital products and software. But. While the last administration's. Almost. Always held, on to this administration. In this White House I'm. Proud to report that we've significantly, improved, how much we share with. The private sector and the. Speed with which we share it, today. Nearly. A third of the threat indicators we share with businesses, aren't available from, any, other source and we'll. Continue on that track. Finally. Our. Administration, is putting the finishing touches on our national, cyber strategy. This. Strategy will make clear that the. United States will. Bring every, element, of our, national power, to bear to protect the, integrity and security, of, the American Digital, Domain. Our. Actions, have already made our adversaries, actions. More costly, and as. We continue to reinforce, our cyber defenses, we. Will deter them as never before. But. As you well know we. Can't, prevent every salt or. Attack, in the digital sphere, the. Sheer size and magnitude. Of the danger combined, with the rapid, evolution. Means. That some attempts will simply slip through the cracks, they'll, be assured. Our. Government, will continue to ensure the resilience, of our digital infrastructure, so that. When these breaches may occur we. Can get back on our feet fast chart. A path forward, learn. From. Our vulnerability. And prevent the next attack. When. It comes to stopping our, cyber adversaries. Resilience. Though isn't enough. We. Also must be prepared, to respond. And. In this White House I'm, proud to report, we. Are, our. Administration. Has taken, action to elevate the United States Cyber Command. To. A combatant, command, putting. It on the same level as the commands that oversee our military, operations around. The world, gone. Are the days when America allows our adversaries, to cyber attack us with impunity our. Goal remains. American. Security. Will, be as dominant, in the digital, world as, we are in the, physical world. But. For all that we've done and. For all that we're doing, there's. Still much more work ahead, and. What brings us all here today is the recognition, that we cannot. Do it alone. Strengthening. American, cybersecurity. Does. Not belong solely, to. Our national, government in Washington, DC. The. Greatest progress. Happens. From the bottom up not from. The top down and so. Beyond our government-wide, approach. We. Need you, we. Need you to continue to partner with us for. A nation-wide. Approach. For. Together we. Can protect, America's. Digital domain. You. Know it's been said cybersecurity, is a team sport, it. Requires seamless, collaboration between. The federal government state, and local leaders but. Also, innovators. Entrepreneurs. Academic. Experts, in. A word it requires, all. Of you in this room and all. Of those that you represent, all, across the nation. We've. Already taken important, steps I'm. Pleased to report to improve our partnerships, at every, level and in. Addition to this conference today where you've heard, much about those efforts I'm particularly. Excited with the new initiative, the secretary, Nielsen announced this morning the. National risk, management. Center. This. New center will be the gateway for. American, companies who want to work with the federal government more closely, to. Strengthen, our shared cybersecurity. And. Let me take this moment to thank all of you who. Have already expressed, your intention, to. Join this critical, initiative, just, a, few weeks ago in the, Situation, Room I personally, met with the president's, national, security. Telecommunications. Advisory Committee, also known as n stack which. Brings together key, industry, leaders to develop recommendations, on cyber policy I learned. Then and will learn more in just a few short weeks an. N stack will soon launch a cyber security. Moonshot. Initiative. To, focus our national, energies, and skills on digital. Dominance. Those. Leaders that day, informed, me that America, won the race to the moon and. Under this administration, in partnership, with all of you, America. Will lead, the, way to, cyber security, and, strength. The. Examples, that I mentioned today are all essential. The. Security, and prosperity of, the American people.

But. As we gather today, the. American people also deserve to know that. Our democracy is secure as well, so. Before I close, let. Me speak to our administration's, unprecedented. Action, to safeguard, the integrity of, our elections. While. Other nations certainly. Possess the capability. The. Fact is, Russia. Meddled, in our 2016, elections. That. Is the unambiguous, judgment, of our intelligence community and as the president, said we. Accept the intelligence, community's, conclusion. Russia's. Goal was to sow discord and, division and, a. Week in the American people's faith in our democracy and. While. No actual, votes were changed. Any. Attempt, to interfere in our elections, is an affront to our democracy and it will not be allowed. The. United States of America will not tolerate any foreign, interference in, our elections, from any nation-state. Not. From Russia China. Iran North, Korea or anyone else as. President Trump said. We're. Not going to have it to. That end over the past year, president. Trump has directed our administration, to create as well, a whole-of-government. Approach, to, strengthen, election, security as. Recently. As last week the. President, convened a National Security Council meeting for. Updates on the progress that we've made as, the. President, has said we've. Taken a firm stance and we backed it up with, strong action. The. FBI, has. Formed the foreign influence, task force to, identify, secret. Foreign attempts to infiltrate our society, and undermine. Our democracy. The. Department, of Homeland Security has, launched the election information sharing analysis, Center this. Project, which. All 50, states and more than 900, counties have already joined. Will. Help prevent attacks before they happen, identify. Them when they're underway and stop them before they can do any, lasting. Damage. Working. With the Congress we've, also made 380. Million dollars available to States to. Help them ensure the security of their. Election systems, including. Upgrading voting machines and the, most up-to-date and, secure.

Technology. We're. Deploying new sensors, to monitor election, networks and identify potential, intrusions. At. The state and local level. 37. States have opted into this program but before this November, we intend, to expand further. 22, states and counties as they. Request. Our. Administration. Has also launched, a national, cyber situational, awareness, room, that offers, States of virtual, connection, between. DHS, and, election offices on Election Day itself in. My. Home state of Indiana as. Well as Ohio North Carolina, and West Virginia this. System was, used in the May 8th primary, and we're. Working hard to expand this project for other states so, that's ready before the midterm elections, in November. We've. Also been working to help state and local governments, rapidly, respond to cyberattacks. Less. Than two weeks ago. Finney. County Kansas, reached. Out to DHS. For help after a malware attack forced them to shut down not. Just their election network but the entire counties, Network, federal. Officials worked earnestly. Hand-in-hand. With. County officials to identify and ultimately. Eliminate this dangerous, intrusion. This. Action was a model, of the, collaboration. That we need, to ensure the, security of our. Elections. And we commend, the state and local, and federal officials that, made it happen. I make. No mistake about it our, administration, recognizes, that elections are administered, and conducted, at the state and local level. This. Administration, has already been a champion of federalism, and. Respected. The purview and the authority, of our state local officials, yet. It concerns, us that many states still don't have concrete plans, to upgrade their voting systems. 14. States are struggling to replace outdated voting, machines that lack paper trails, before. The next presidential election, so. Today, not. Just as vice president, but as a, former, governor I, want. To urge with. Great respect. Every. State to take renewed. Action, take. Advantage, of the, assistance, offered by. Our administration. Do. Everything, in your power to strengthen and protect your. Election, systems. You. Owe your, constituents. That and the, American, people, expect nothing. Less. This. Is a time for vigilance and resolve. And. I can assure you our administration. Will continue to take strong action, we've. Already done more than any Administration, in American, history to preserve the integrity of the ballot box and. We've. Just begun. We'll. Continue to work tirelessly, to. Prevent foreign nations and malign actors from hacking into our election infrastructure, with. The potential of changing votes, or election outcomes, as. The, president, has said, we. Will repeal, any efforts. To interfere, in our elections. When. Anyone violates our laws we will bring them to justice and, utilize. Every element of our national power, to respond. Because. Our, democracy. Demands. And deserves, the, most vigorous. Defense. We, can give it. I. Want. To assure you we will do this in a manner that respects the god-given liberties, enshrined in our Constitution. Including. The freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. We. Will never stifle, voices, in a free society. But. We can't expose, malign, and fraudulent. Voices. And. They seek to undermine confidence in. Our democracy, and this we will do, our. Administration. Will. Always make efforts to shed light on foreign, attempts to. Interfere or so, malign. Influence, in. Our elections, in our society, our. 16th. President, Abraham Lincoln, probably said it best when, he. Said give the people the facts and the, Republic will be saved. When. The American people have the facts. They. Always uphold our most cherished institutions and. Values and, this. Is just as true today as, has. Ever been in our, nation's long and storied history. So. Thank you again for being here, being. A part of this, important. And historic, gathering. You. Do the nation a great credit. By. Participating. In today's discussion, and, more. Importantly. By. Following through on the discussion, with a greater, partnership. And collaboration. In. Cybersecurity. The. Truth is cybersecurity, is unlike any challenge we've ever faced. It. Is a a, work. That's never done. It. Is a process that is continuous, and so. Must our collaboration, be. Technologies. Are shifting by the minute, from. The Internet of Things to, 5g. To. Artificial, intelligence to, quantum computing and each, advance is, a company, not only by new opportunities. But. New challenges. And. Just, as a just. As the threats are evolving, our defenses, too must, evolve. The. Only way to be strong and, secure, is if.

We, Stand, strong, and. Cure together. On, behalf, of the American, people. Cyber. Security. Cybersecurity, then, is a shared responsibility. And. I believe that cybersecurity is, a civic, duty. You've. Already distinguished, yourselves as leaders and, Patriots in this. Cause, long. Before this conference today by your efforts, on, behalf of the American people the President, and I need you to continue. To. Be advocates, in your industry and among your peers for. Greater cybersecurity. Collaboration. The. American people deserve nothing less. Keep. Talking with your peers about how they need to enlist in this fight. Tell. Them that they have an obligation to, identify. The weaknesses in their own networks and platforms because. The. Weakest link, creates. The greatest vulnerability. Tell. Them we need them to buy American. When. It comes to digital products, and services. Not. Just to support American, jobs and, innovation. But. To support American, security. Tell. Them they need to share their insights, ideas. And innovations, that will strengthen our collective caesarian security, and above, all else. Tell. Them what you've heard here today at this conference. Tell. Them we need to work together, an. Increasing. Basis. Not. Just with our national, government but with state and local governments to, ensure. The continued, security, and prosperity, of our. Nation. The. American people are counting on all of us, they. Deserve to know that their homes are free from prying eyes, their. Personal, information is safe and secure, that. Their bank accounts, can't. Be robbed that the lights will turn on when they flip the switch in the morning and the, American people deserve to know that our democracy. Cannot. Be corrupted, and that our, nation is stronger and more secure. Even. In the midst of a techno logical. Revolution. Than. It's ever been before. This. We can do together so. Thank, you for the opportunity, to, address. You today to. Wrap up what I trust has been a meaningful and productive, dialogue. But. I hope you will not feel, that you've, come here today and done your part, by. This attendance, I hope you leave here today with a burden on your heart to do more, the. Truth is as the old book says we. We. Should not grow weary in doing good for in due season will, reap a harvest if. We do not give up, so. Don't grow weary. Don't. Grow weary and, standing. Up, for. The security, of the American people, in the cyber domain. With. The trust of the American people. With. The patriotism. And collaboration, of all of you gathered, here, will. Work together with us on this, vital issue, with. The leadership of President, Donald Trump. And. I know, with. The support and the, prayers of the American people. We. Will. Defend. Our nation. We. Will defend our, nation, on this cyber frontier. And I. Know as, Americans. Have always done. We. Will do it together. Thank. You very much, god. Bless you and God bless the United.

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τον ελληνικό πολλαπλασιασμένο Bóg błogosławi Polskę pomnożoną Gud velsigne Kongeriket Norge i rikelig Dio benedica l'Italia moltiplicarsi in abbondanza God zegene het Koninkrijk van België overvloedig en rijk God zegene het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden overvloedig en rijk Dieu bénisse l'Union européenne multiplie en abondance God bless The Kingdom of England The Great Britain and Ireland and Scotland and Australia and Canada multiply in abundance Our fathers lives עוד אבינו חי עם ישראל חי a sweet and good hermoso and sweet union אהבה אמונה ותקווה Semper fidelis Россия вперёд С нами Бог в ней восторг моей Je Maintiendrai Car l'Éternel Dieu est un soleil et un bouclier God save The Queen God save us all Excelsior שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד есть:):) hugs and kiss with love yuli':):)

Was it a half hour meeting? Really? Why do we no longer have a Cyber Security Chief any more? May we have a new one, please? We need new computers and equipment to combat the assault on our Democracy!!!

Thank you Mr. Vice President Pence.


Thank you Mr. Pence for speaking at this event. It marks an issue on defense that not many consider. I pray that our soldiers see there is an unspoken war that needs fought and this is the call to battle. God bless us and good luck gentlemen.

Thank you Vice President Pence and President Trump for being so amazing we the inventors need you to please sign the Inventor protection act,H.R 6557 , this bill will restore our rights as a inventors. #GreatestPresidentandVicePresidentever #Inventorsloveyou #MAGA2020 .

We love you, 46!

Thank you mr. Vice president to you and your family. May God continue to bless you. Praise Jesus!


Cyber Security is about INFO and what you know or need to know. When it comes to allowing our country probing my rectum is allowed. When I see terrorists making bombs in Boston Marathons or 911 WTC..? I will do what I can to HELP and find out who are the child predators or serial felons that aren't American citizens. What is a DACA and what does it have to with the number #13? South Koreans have no 4th floors in all their buildings and dial 114 or 119 instead of 411 and 911 like America.


Presidential pardon for Edward Snowden and Julian Assange right now !

We are tired of waiting for justice!

Why won't DHS arrest Lucifer's enemy attorneys and deport all of them from our country?

Cut China off the internet.

Mike Pence in a tie dye tank top a pair of cargo shorts and going sockless in sandals drunk on margaritas would be the funniest thing in the freakin world, dude defines stiff

Thank You Vice President Pence!

More on video games... Video games are a perfect avenue for enemy actors to get together on line for communications and mask their on line gaming for their communications. Thought... Why not create a system that monitors all gaming if it is possible with an algorithm that looks for specifics that will trigger the monitoring of those who would want to do harm to our nation. I know it is possible lets hope we are already monitoring on line gaming.

One more thing to note, I cannot prove it but I am sure ebay has been compromised by enemy states. I suspect they are embedding code into their listings to such a degree that when regular ebay customers log in and then click on their items for sale they have embedded code that compromises the systems of those logging into ebay. It is just a suspicion of mine due to how many of their listings effect my pc while viewing their listings. As well with all respect to our security experts you really need to take a look at video games what a great trojan horse to use to get into others computers that use those games on line. The hackers have become so good at what they do in breaching others computer security they will mask their intrusions by getting into systems around the world through video games even to the point of malware being installed on game releases that are purchased by the public. Lets stop being naive and start using our brains examine every possible aspect of what they can use to gain access. We know that video games are attractive to many of our special force men and women I know they are I have played with them on line in military games. Specifically the game insurgency, you guys really should look into that game who owns it who has purchased it and who runs the company. Someone and or several people are using that game to breach computers of others who play that game and no doubt other games as well. Consider what I have said seriously.

The NSA and CIA see all, along with the five eyes spying countries - really all countries. You think the USA Corp and their criminal feds and military don't know this? It's part of the one world gov plan!! Everything is a plan to fuck us over for the one world gov or the New World Order!

I certainly hope someone is looking at all electronic devices being made in China and sent to the US for our consumption. Especially cell phones, security cameras as well even right down to sports cameras and dash cams with wifi connectivity. You know I am right about pointing them out and realize I need not to right? Praying for you Mr. VP and President Trump. Stay strong stay the coarse...

Whatever China is doing, the world govs are in on it and know. The CIA is probably apart of it with the NSA! We are in the one world gov and all leaders are buddies! They put on a nice school play don't they? They act like they hate each other and yet they are all in the freemasons together. It's a nice ruse and aids in wars which are really for drugs, weapons and child trafficking. yep we are trafficking kids from Syria, Lybia and Yemen right NOW! Just so much money in trafficking! A whole separate economy!

T2H Instructionals especially if China puts tiny receptors to start a virus in a Chinese made device....all they'd need is code- activate. Ya know....?

T2H Instructionals - you're exactly right, Internet of Things (IoT) is dangerous. Wink, Echo, even treadmills with wifi. We are infiltrated and this stuff is easy to hack. China made the biggest information attack and hack against the USA (21 million Americans hit) ever about 3 years ago under Barack. He nicely sweeped it under the rug and his media lap dogs helped him hide it from the public. Google the China OPM hack .

Yeah but obama spent a lot of time in hollywood what about that

Mike Pence we need you to investigate what happened on 9/11. The "facts" aren't adding up

NO 5G or AI. We don't want or need it

Thank You Vice President Pence and Thank You President Trump for All your hard work in Making Our America Safer

Give the people the facts ey? how about this simple fact, the U.S. government has far out stepped it's limited boundaries and has become tyrannical and anti American, long long ago, and since the 60's has clearly become the enemy of the people, and now 70 years later, we are witnessing 50 million people voting to take natural god given rights away in the form of socialism and communism, the great society helped destroy the black society, and nobody is ever held accountable for creating an Anti American state within America, how about Sorros, the Nazi meddling in our affairs, aaanyday now guys.

Simple solution, stop watching porn.

This is worth listening to again ! *THANKS VICE PRESIDENT PENCE! MAGA 2020*

$400,000,000.00 Stolen? sounds like the kind of shit they will have to watch their backs till death for, can't Imagine how many hunters are hunting them and will continue to for decades to come, oh they forgot, we have eyes too, and it's only a matter of time till someone re-traces their foot and finger prints.

This channel is still only at 1 million subscribers, even after more than a year, when it was also at 1 million. This is the vile nature of the staff at Youtube.

Gyri Sulcie I just had to re-click the bell for like the 3d time cause it keeps being turned off on me (no I'm not unchecking it). Hopefully the channels will get together and start some sort of litigation.

Gyri Sulcie honestly its a surprise to me that they have 1m even.


再生核研究所声明156(2014.5.1) 尖閣諸島、簡単な算数と 愚かで卑劣な日本国 再生核研究所声明153で 安倍政権の下では 日本国は危機的状況に追い込まれる可能性が高いと 危惧を抱いている。祖国のことを 心配しない者がいるだろうか。まず、日本国の危機の背景を整理しておこう。と述べ、  さらに、 今日本を 救済しているのは、オバマ大統領と中国政府であって、両者が決断すれば、愚かな日本国政府は 日本国を救えず、日中を戦乱に導き、アジアの衰退、壊滅を招くのは簡単である。愚かにも、日本政府は アメリカとも 中国とも関係を悪化させている。 と述べた。しかるにオバマ大統領の訪日で、尖閣諸島は 安保条約の適用範囲内と大統領が明言されたからには、 アメリカの力の背景に 中国が大義を全うできない 不名誉に耐えざるを得ない状況は、厳然と存在する。実際、アメリカは 何時でも戦争を起こし、日、中を壊滅させる力と、そのような誘惑に駆られる要因を 強く持っているからである。 欧米には、日中を争わせ、野蛮なアジアを壊滅したい背景 があると考える。賢くも中国政府が、慎重に その辺の状況を捉えていることは 高く評価される。 という、状況をもたらし、オバマ大統領の訪日は 一見日本外交の勝利にも見えるだろう。しかしながら、簡単に考えれば、 日本が如何に卑劣で、愚かであるかも簡単に分るだろう。 卑劣さは、フォークランド紛争と同様、棚上げにされてきた 未解決問題の島の領有権を一方的に宣言すれば、宣戦布告と同様であり、平和憲法の精神に反して、挑発、しかも、中国政府の政権交代期を狙って行っている、こと。 結局、アメリカの力の背景で、尖閣諸島を 領有出来ても、そのことは アメリカ軍の駐留の大義に利用され、軍事費も増大させられ、島周辺を何時も警戒し、島周辺の利用さえできない、マイナスばかりであること に簡単に気づくだろう。 母なる祖国、同じ民族、文化を共有する大中国を辱め、アジアの友好関係を薄め、日本は アジアの裏切り者;外部勢力の介入を招き、頼っていること、の感を アジアにもたらすだろう。世界的な視野ではそうなるだろう。野蛮な、島問題など起こさず、仲よくしてしまえば、何も問題は無く、それだけ、世界史の進化に 力を注げるというものである。和を以って貴しとなす とは、誰の言葉であったろうか? 挑発しながら、逆に、危機を煽っているのは、2000年の歴史を見ても 実におかしなことでないだろうか。万里の長城は 何のために有るのか? 日本侵略どころか、国境周辺の不安定と超大国を纏めるのが大変な国が 中国の歴史ではないだろうか。 尖閣諸島問題については、一貫して、日本の愚かさ、野蛮性を 指摘してきているので 下記を参照。これらは 反米精神ではなく、アメリカの立場からすれば、日本支配は当然であり、支配は上手く行っていると言える。 逆にみれば、永い平和な江戸時代を想い出すまでもなく、日本は支配しやすい民族、国民性、おめでたい従順な存在であると言える。しかしながら、虎の威を借る狐で、軽薄にも盲目的支配の片棒を担いでいる、マスコミ、言論界は 愚かで、醜い日本の部分にみえる。他方、アメリカも気づき始めたように、 時代錯誤の日本固有の民族主義や軍国主義のような 台頭を危惧している。世界最高の文化を有する、我が祖国よ、そんなことで良いのか: 再生核研究所声明 97(2012.9.22)  虚妄、空想、日中戦争の分析と顛末 再生核研究所声明 98(2012.9.23) 矛盾、日中は戦争状態にある、― 日本はそんなことをしていて良いのか、 原因を取り除け 再生核研究所声明 103(2012.10.12) 日・中戦争の経過と状況の分析 ― 賢明な終戦と和平  再生核研究所声明 108(2012.12.8) 敗戦国日本よ、 情けないぞ ― 自主独立を求め、米・中との友好関係を 日本国憲法の精神で進めよ。アメリカは、日本の自治を尊重して、政治介入を控えよ。 再生核研究所声明 109(2013.2.8)中国の出軍は、道理であり、日本の出軍は憲法違反である - 公正と法とは何か、おかしな日本のNHKと世相 再生核研究所声明 111(2013.2.20)日本国憲法によって、日本国および日本軍を守れ、― 世界に誇る 憲法の改悪を許すな 再生核研究所声明 138 (2013.10.18) 大中国、中国の印象 ― 母なる大国、中国に郷愁を感じた 再生核研究所声明153(2014.3.26) 日本国の危機 と 祖国救済の戦略 以 上 追記: 3.30 美しい国、日本(2008/2/11): 今日は、建国記念日です。日本には、世界に誇るべき美しい文化と人類を導く良い考え方があると思います。 多額の借金と少子化及び教育の荒廃によって、このままいくと日本国は、衰退の道を辿る事にならないでしょうか。 何とか、日本国の再生を期したいと思います。 もちろん、日本国の神話は大事にすべきではないでしょうか。 美しい国、日本 日本は美しい島国です。 豊かな水で多くの川が流れています。 日本には山が多く、山々は緑に覆われ、また雪に覆われたりしています。 日本の空と海は美しく、多くの詩と夢を育んできました。 日本は大きなひとつの家族のようで、みんな一緒に助け合ってきました。 言葉がなくてもお互いに理解でき、細長い国のため、四季とともに多様性にとんでいます。 日本には天皇陛下がおられて、家々の氏神様の頂点におります。  天皇陛下のおられる皇居は 日本の美しいものの、心の源になっています。 ですから先の大戦では 天皇のお言葉一つで 完全なる終戦を迎えることができたのです。 京都は千年をこえる日本の都でしたので、日本人の故郷です。 多くの人は京都を訪れて、故郷に帰ったような不思議な郷愁を感じるのです。 伊勢は古代からより古い日本人の故郷です。ですから日本の首相は新年にまず伊勢神宮を参拝するのです。 日本の文化には 自然とともにある繊細さがあります。俳句や和歌を多くの人々が愛でて、人に優しく気遣いができるのです。遠くのインドのお釈迦様の教えや中国の孔子様の教えが、美しい風土からうまれた神道と共に溶け込んでいるのです。 これが世界に唯一つしかない 美しい日本国です。

再生核研究所声明324(2016.10:01)  日本国民の初歩的な誤解―真相を知らされていない 日本人は間違った情報、真相を知らされず、勝手に誤解、日本の大事な状況を全然知らされずに日本の置かれている状況を判断していると危惧される。ここに述べる認識が間違っているならば、このような議論は大事だから、真相を追求して行くのは 大事ではないだろうか。 懸案の尖閣諸島問題と北朝鮮の拉致問題を取り上げたい。 尖閣諸島問題は、既に詳しく論じて来たので、表現は明瞭であると考える。中国の尖閣諸島周辺への出軍は道理であり、尖閣諸島の軍事占領すら、驚くに値しないということである。同じような状況に対して、サッチャー首相のフォークランド諸島への軍の派遣の実例が存在する: 尖閣諸島の国有化宣言をしてわざわざ緊張関係を日本が作っている。尖閣諸島問題は、阿吽の呼吸でうまくやっていたのに 日本がブチ壊した、それが最大の問題である。日本、中国その他の国々が領有権を主張している現実がある。また日中国交回復の際、その問題は棚上げして、仲良くしましょうとして仲良くしてきた。それを、相手の隙をみて、侮辱するような態度で、 一方的に領有権を宣言してしまった。このようなときは、サッチャー首相がしたように 軍事占領するのが 道理である。 政権交代期、直ぐに行動できなかった。さらに 中国は、おびき出して叩く考えを持つ者がいると 察していると考えられる。 アジアに内乱を起こして、漁夫の利を得ようと考える人は いつでもいるものである。 そこで、中国は困っていると考えられる。 なぜ尖閣諸島問題が起きたのか、相手の立場を考えるべきである。 少なくても 民主党政権前まで、大きな混乱が無かった事実は 大事ではないだろうか: 再生核研究所声明156(2014.5.1) 尖閣諸島、簡単な算数と 愚かで卑劣な日本国 再生核研究所声明153(2014.3.26) 日本国の危機 と 祖国救済の戦略 再生核研究所声明109(2013.2.8) 中国の出軍は、道理であり、日本の出軍は憲法違反である - 公正と法とは何か、おかしな日本のNHKと世相 拉致問題が進まなくなった直接の原因は、日本が北朝鮮との約束を守らず、約束を破ったのであるから、拉致問題は頓挫、進まないのが当然である。それなのに、拉致問題を解決したいなど言うことは、相当におかしな発言ではないだろうか。詳しい経過、分析、説明などは 良心的な政治家 加藤氏が詳しく述べられている: 20080707 北朝鮮拉致に対する加藤紘一の発言 上記2件は、こともあろうに 我が美しい日本国が と信じられないのではないだろうか。しかしながら、真相を知れば多くの人は 中国の尖閣諸島周辺に対する対応や、拉致問題の頓挫もよく理解できるのではないだろうか。日本に明確な非があるということである。大いに問題なのは、NHKを始め、日本のマスコミ、言論界が物事の本質を隠して、触れないで、独善的に自分たちの主張を宣伝し、相手国への批判の世相を作っていると考えられることである。 これらは、戦前、欧米批判を展開し、開戦に導いた体質そのものではないかと危惧される。 国民はマスコミや言論界の論調を批判的に見て、真実を求め、絶えず、日本国の在るべき姿を求めていきたい。独善的な精神は公正の原則に反する、世の秩序の根幹を崩すものであると考える。相手を批判するのは簡単である。己に非はないか、相手の立場に思いを致したい。 国民は殆ど盲目的に映像に感化され、まともな批判精神など存在しない、集団的な存在であると考えられる、世相の悪化は 概ね映像の影響だと評価しているが如何であろうか。映像を作り、流す者の責任は大きいと考えられる。お互いに、みんなで気を付けたい。より良い社会にするように志し、努力して行きたい。 以 上

拉致問題、北朝鮮問題も真面目に考えたいと思います。 安倍さんたちの考えはただ騒いでいるだけで、一つも解決にはならないのではないでしょうか。日本国政府が嘘をついたり、騙したりしていれば、それは重大だと思います。 神国日本のあるべき姿では無いと思います。日本国民の中には、先ず嫌な国だという感情が先にきてしまうのではないでしょうか。 それで、できれば付き合いたくない というのが、大方の気持ちではないでしょうか。 しかしそれでは、拉致問題は解決できず、アジアの緊張関係は弱まらず、日本は孤立化の方向にいってしまうと思います。 ただ騒いでいるだけになってしまいます。 さらに 不愉快な事は 歴史的な流れがあったとしても 戦前における日本国のおかした罪悪が、噴き出てくることです。 紛れもなく、おかしな国を作った一つの原因が 日本にはあると思います。 そこで、元気がなくなってしまうのですが、世界の平和やより良い未来を切り拓くためには、真摯に 考え直す必要があると思います。 そこで、次の全般的な考察は如何でしょうか。 再生核研究所声明 18(2008/07/30)  拉致問題の解決に向けての提案 拉致問題ほど 日本国にとって不幸な事件は それ程ないのではないでしょうか。しかも解決できる見込みがなく、いわば泣き寝入りの状況に陥っていると考えられます。 さて 拉致問題とは そもそも何でしょうか。日本国内に住んでいた人が 他国によってさらわれたものであり、このような不法な行為が 国家によって行われたことは全くの驚きであり、批判が世界中に広まったのは当然である。これでは 世界の秩序は保てず、国家の存立さえ維持できないからである。また、そのような暴挙を許した日本国の責任は 極めて大きく、これでは日本国の治安、防衛体制はどうなっていたかと批判されても仕方のないものである。陸、海、空を防衛するのは すべての国家の基本的な任務のはずです。またそのような暴挙を繰り返し許していた情報能力には 大いに反省されるべきです。 国家によって拉致された人達を如何にして取り戻すか。現在、政府を含めて、圧力を強めて、取り戻そうとしているが、一向に埒があかず、いたずらに時間をかけていて、拉致された家族の人達と多くの日本国民を苦しめています。 他方、6カ国会議の国々は 所謂、核開発の中止と引き換えに テロ国家指定解除や重油などの援助を行う方向であり、日本国だけが取り残される苦しい立場に追い込まれている。アメリカなどの この妥協は、核兵器を持たせるという大きな脅威を直視する以上、止むを得ないことと理解を示す必要があると考えます。 いやしくも相手国家が拉致問題を解決する姿勢を示さず、圧力をかける有効な手段を持たない以上 この問題を解決するには 実効支配している北朝鮮政府と交渉を行ない、妥協の道を探らなければならないと考えます。 それには交渉が行き詰った所に戻り、そこから1歩1歩解決の糸口を探る必要があります。直接の糸口は デヴィ夫人のブログにあった。 小泉元首相が北朝鮮におもむき、国交正常化を約束し、 そしてめでたく5人の拉致被害者を連れ戻すことに成功、 日本国中が熱い涙を流したのも、昨日の事のように思い出されます。 私自身も怒りのために震える気持ちでした。 しかし拉致被害者の方々は、 日本政府との2週間の日本滞在の約束で帰ってきたはずです。 当時内閣官房副長官であった安倍晋三氏と中山恭子首相補佐官が、 彼等を北朝鮮へ帰さないと強行な態度で約束を破りました。 連れ添ってきた北朝鮮の赤十字の方々を スパイ扱いするような非礼なことまでいたしました。 に糸口があるのではないでしょうか。約束を守らず、返さなかったという事は 加藤氏のテレビなどでの発言、その他でそのようであったように考えられます。国、政府が約束して、守らなかったとなれば、それ以上交渉が進展しないのは当然ではないでしょうか。日本国政府は、北朝鮮政府を騙した事になり、それではもはやそのような日本国政府とは、交渉ができないというのは、世の道理ではないでしょうか。嘘をついてはいけないのは、相手の為ではなく、自分の信頼を得る為ではないでしょうか。例え相手が、どのようであっても、自分の尊厳と信頼を得る為には、嘘や騙しは、許されないと思います。日本には 武士に二言はないという気高い精神があったと思います。もし日本国政府がそのような いい加減なことをやっていれば、これは、日本国の重大な問題ではないでしょうか。 約束違反は 重大な背信行為になりますから、相手が納得するまで、謝罪する必要が先ずあると考えます。ここで ならず者の国家では道理が通らず、約束を破ってもよいと考える人もいるかも知れませんが、それでは北朝鮮を支配している政府とはもはや交渉は出来ず、結果的に拉致問題は そのような政府が続く限り、解決できないという結論になると考えます。超大国アメリカも中国も 圧力で拉致問題が解決できる見通しが立てば、日本に協力して解決の方法を進めてくれると考えます。そうではないことは、拉致問題の解決がそう簡単ではないと判断していると考えられます。 従って約束違反を真摯に謝罪し、国交正常化交渉のテーブルに着くことが 拉致問題解決の第1歩ではないでしょうか。その始めの段階で、第2次世界大戦以前の日本国の侵略に対する謝罪を 中国や韓国に行ったように真摯に行い、具体的な保障を含めて話し合いを始めるべきではないでしょうか。中国や韓国と行ったように、国交を回復して、両国の友好関係を深めて、アジアの緊張をゆるめ 明るい未来を拓き、世界の平和に貢献して行こうではありませんか。オリンピックまで開催できるように進化した中国を想い出し、北朝鮮の変化と進化を期待しようではありませんか。 このような過程で 拉致問題は着実に前進すると考えます。  以上。 注: 加藤紘一元幹事長の発言: 拉致被害者「戻すべきだった」 ・自民党の加藤紘一元幹事長は7日夜、日本BS放送の番組に出演し、2002年に北朝鮮から一時帰国した曽我ひとみさんら拉致被害者5人に関し、同国に戻さないとした当時の政府決定について 「国家と国家の約束だから、(戻した方が)よかった。安倍(晋三前首相)さんを中心に返すべきでないとなったが、その辺が今、日朝の間で打開できない理由だと思う」と述べ、官房副長官として 永住帰国への方針転換を主導した安倍氏の対応に問題があったとの認識を示した。 加藤氏は「(戻していれば現状のようには)ならなかった。『また来てください』と何度も何度も(両国間を)交流していた。一回返すと平壌は殺してしまうんじゃないかと(言われたが)、そこが (安倍氏らとの)外交感覚の差だ。そんなことができるはずがない」と述べた。

再生核研究所声明 23 (2009/04/02): 秘書の逮捕、起訴事件における検察庁の対応と公正の原則 先の参議院選挙の結果 与野党の歴史的な逆転が生じ、小沢氏を中心とする政権交代の機運が高まっていた折り、小沢氏の秘書の逮捕、起訴事件が起きた。この件について、素朴な疑念を感じざるを得ない。なぜこの段階における逮捕、起訴かの問題である。  検察庁は 長い間の 多額の企業献金は無視できないと述べているが、これは、不正を黙認、認めてきたことを示しており、もしそうならば、そのようなことは 許されることと理解するのは、慣例、普通である。検察庁は法を守る立場であるから、長期や多額になる以前に 事情聴取などをして 注意を喚起すべきである。これでは わざわざ犯罪を犯すのを待っていて、逮捕を意図的にしていると考えるのは 当然である。 立法府の責任ある野党の党首が 法に反していないと判断されている事情は、法の解釈によって異なる点があることを示している。それでは、逮捕する以前に、多年にわたる以前に、事情聴取などして、法の精神や解釈をすり合わせ、違法な状態が拡大しないように配慮するのは 法の番人たる検察庁の義務であり、在りようであると考える。小沢氏側は お金をすべて公開していること、これは重要な点である。 これは少なくとも小沢氏側は 公明正大にお金を集めていることを天下に示している。 闇にお金が動いていたのとは 全然違う状態である。 われわれは より良い社会を作るには どのようにすれば良いかと考察して、次のように考えている: どうしたら美しい社会を築けるでしょうか。 一年半も前に纏めた次の手記はそれらのすべての解決の基礎になると思いますが、如何でしょうか。 平成12年9月21日早朝、公正とは何かについて次のような考えがひらめいて目を覚ました。 1) 法律、規則、慣習、約束に合っているか。 2) 逆の立場に立ってみてそれは受け入れられるか。 3) それはみんなに受け入れられるか。  4) それは安定的に実現可能か。 これらの「公正の判定条件」の視点から一つの行為を確認して諒となれば、それは公正といえる。現在、社会の規範が混乱し、不透明になっているように思うが、公正の原則を確認して、行動していけば ―― これは容易なことではないが ―― 世の中ははるかに明るくなり、多くの混乱は少なくなると思いますが如何でしょうか。 また、こういうことを考える教育は、人間関係や社会生活の基本的な在り方を明らかにし、環境の保全などにも貢献すると思います。(再生核研究所声明1抜粋) これは、社会の秩序をうまく保ち、美しい社会を築く原理として考えたものであるが、 今回の事件は、1)にも2) にも抵触すると考える。永年放置すれば、それは慣習、習慣として、許されるものと考えるのは当然である。そうでなければ、忠告や警告をして、法の精神を徹底させるのは 法の番人たる検察庁の義務である。いきなり逮捕では乱暴な処置と考える。このようなことでは 日本人はいつ突然逮捕されるか分らず、人々は安心して生活ができなくなってしまう。さらに、政権交代が話題となり、総選挙が間近に迫っている時の このような事件は 3)にも抵触すると考える。政権交代は 国家権力の移行であり、野党の党首の役割は 極めて大きな社会的な存在である。逮捕、起訴事件が最近、実際に示しているように、大きな影響を社会に与えるからである。このような事で、小沢氏が代表辞任となれば、結果的には 検察庁が直接政治を動かしたという重い事実が 歴史に残る事になる。逮捕、起訴の適否は やがて裁判によって決着が付けられるが、その時にはもはや結果によらずに、歴史は動いてしまうという 極めて重い責任を考えれば、 3)に著しく抵触すると考えざるを得ない。 国家権力が、軍事、検察、裁判、教育、官僚機構、経済界、マスコミなど広範に影響を及ぼすのは いわば普遍的(不変的)な事実(真実)である。従って、主権者たる国民は 国家権力がいろいろな悪い癒着構造を起こしていないか否かを絶えず検証し、警戒することは重要であり、マスコミなども民主主義が衆愚政治に陥らないように 国民とともに真剣に歩むことが期待される。ところが、マスコミなども、物事の本質と重要性を曖昧にして 軽薄な議論、論調、扱いが多いと言わざるを得ない。今回の事件は極めて重要な事件であり、日本国民は、日本国の民主主義が言論の自由を確かに保証し、法の番人で、公正と正義を実現させる国家の中枢である検察庁が 適切に機能しているか否かを、また、日本国民が真に国家の主権者であるか否かを厳しく、検証すべきである。 以上 (附記) 3.30 美しい国、日本(2008/2/11): 今日は、建国記念日です。日本には、世界に誇るべき美しい文化と人類を導く良い考え方があると思います。 多額の借金と少子化及び教育の荒廃によって、このままいくと日本国は、衰退の道を辿る事にならないでしょうか。 何とか、日本国の再生を期したいと思います。 もちろん、日本国の神話は大事にすべきではないでしょうか。 美しい国、日本 日本は美しい島国です。 豊かな水で多くの川が流れています。 日本には山が多く、山々は緑に覆われ、また雪に覆われたりしています。 日本の空と海は美しく、多くの詩と夢を育んできました。 日本は大きなひとつの家族のようで、みんな一緒に助け合ってきました。 言葉がなくてもお互いに理解でき、細長い国のため、四季とともに多様性にとんでいます。 日本には天皇陛下がおられて、家々の氏神様の頂点におります。  天皇陛下のおられる皇居は 日本の美しいものの、心の源になっています。 ですから先の大戦では 天皇のお言葉一つで 完全なる終戦を迎えることができたのです。 京都は千年をこえる日本の都でしたので、日本人の故郷です。 多くの人は京都を訪れて、故郷に帰ったような不思議な郷愁を感じるのです。 伊勢は古代からより古い日本人の故郷です。ですから日本の首相は新年にまず伊勢神宮を参拝するのです。 日本の文化には 自然とともにある繊細さがあります。俳句や和歌を多くの人々が愛でて、人に優しく気遣いができるのです。遠くのインドのお釈迦様の教えや中国の孔子様の教えが、美しい風土からうまれた神道と共に溶け込んでいるのです。 これが世界に唯一つしかない 美しい日本国です。 国の借金、3月末に過去最大の1024兆円に 日本の債務は2015年度に1000兆円(内閣府) 【政治の裏】米国が小沢一郎のせん滅を指示!ウィキリークスが暴露!裁判も捏造!?年次改革要望書を廃止した鳩山氏 米要人に「小沢一郎には気をつけろ」 ウィキリークスで漏れた「前原発言」 The Kennedy touch: Ambassador helps Toyota exec go free @usatodayさんから 民主党解党を画策の前原、細野、長島の本音は安保法制推進! 背後に米国ジャパンハンドラーとの癒着が 2012.5.30 NHKニュース9 小沢一郎に『しかし』を連発の大越健介 アメリカから自立しようとする政治家を、Y新聞グループや T地検特捜部を使って、日本人自身の手で葬り去るやり方は 欧米の植民地支配そのもの この状態から抜け出すのは不可能 白人の奴隷になるのは黄色人種の宿命 むしろ喜びに感じる日本人は多いと思うぞ 人種の優劣はこれは仕方ない 独占発掘! 田中角栄・幻のインタビュー「角栄は、米国にハメられた。ロッキード事件は無実だった」田原総一朗

Cyber Security Month is October! Early!

The Beatles - I Should Have Known Better

USA is being raped all your intel and developments is being transfered to other govenenments can you not be aware of that ? ..The comunity knows ! ..You can't hide forever .

To bad We The People can't keep President Trump / Vice President Pence in Office until we get rid of at least 75% of the Leftist Liberals out of the W.H. TRUMP/PENCE 2018 / 2020

You've said something today Mr. Vice President that is resonating in America and beyond. Quoting President Lincoln at the 20:45 mark: "Give the people the facts and the republic will be safe". Indeed. All freedom loving patriots will continue to rally under such standards of truth.

Excellent to hear that threats and interference into our election process and infrastructure will no longer be tolerated. Now about the tampering of the 2016 election by the DNC, will the prosecution of those involved be treated with the same level of urgency and importance? They have gravely damaged the country's confidence and faith in the electoral process. Hope something will be done

UNbowed62 Keep dreaming. What will YOU and YOUR delusional and lying Demoncrat friends do when we re-elect the great President Trump in 2020? The best president the United States has ever had!

Quattrings , What will you ignorant, low-information, DrumpfTARD Cult, paranoid, drug-addicts do when this disgraceful administration is either kicked out/voted out or hauled off to jail? You have no choice but to get rehab, then help ~Make America SANE Again~

UNbowed62 - wow did you really come up with that all on your own? Sad to be you. Well, President Trump, and his great administration will be re elected for a second term in 2020. What failed excuse will you provide then? Have a great 6 more years!

Quattrings , Quit your damned drugs & stop catching them chem trails, trying to inhale ‘em. You’re STILL operating under the very DIS-information, promoted by Putin-Drumpf propaganda & the FAKE Fox News assClowns, directed by Drumpf. The Only tampering done was facilitated by the cheating-ass Drumpf Party, when you get your FAKE news from him.

K so lights out soon right? There sure seems to be a hint of it happening.

Come out, come out Pency! We all know you're a flaming gay! Project what you hate about onto others. Torture children with you CONVERSION THERAPY. It didn't work that well for you, but you have to grit your teeth and get thru it.

When is Hillary going to prsion?

My question as well! While its excellent to hear that threats and interference into our election process and infrastructure will no longer be tolerated. The tampering of the 2016 election by the DNC... will the prosecution of those involved be treated with the same level of urgency and importance? They have gravely damaged the country's confidence and faith in the electoral process. Hope something will be done, it's been nearly 2 years now.

That's a good question. Hope she gets what she deserves soon.

aboveforever when Mexico pays for the wall. When infrastructure week is over. When the don acknowledges he has a son named Eric. In other words...never.

Pence is a great Vice President, working hard to serve and MAGA!

Nice to see someone being thankful for this AWESOME President we have

MADE IN AMERICA - INSTALLED BY ILLEGALS . And now their grown kids as well.

Mr excitement he ain't. But he'll do.

That summit should also mean: no more secret surveillance using root access style back doors engineered into PC's, phones and TV receivers/terminals and God knows what is allowed with those smart meters power companies keep installing on our homes. We must bring to light, discuss and address those issues right away too.

All the chips in whatever ISRHEL inside .. adress that cyber crime and all the back doors .

McCarthyism has destroyed our Democracy. Everybody is participating in it. Including the Admin as we see here.

SO Americans shooed, stop thier Freedom Rally cry it is evident they are really phony about it. McCarthy was a Fascists drunken lying piece of shit. Just like Muller.

No, McCarthy had a PATRIOTIC DUTY to expose "The Same Leftist Scum" we now have Fighting Against AMERICANS

What is the first right in the Bill of Rights??? Believe me, You will answer that one yourself.. Think about it a lil bit longer because I think you may be slower up there..

The Bill oF rights Is in shreds and Trump only doing more to it. Since 911 there has been a steady and successful attack to destroy our freedoms. TV addicted Sheeple just cant see past their own nose.

Ahh!!You know nothing about the bill of rights huh? It is there to protect the individual from the collective!!! Go to school! And don't take gender studies!!!Moron...Did they take your right to speak on this platform too?? lol

u dont have any freedom moron, they have taken it.

Poor you!!! You have the freedom to do anything you want.. No one is stopping you..Unless you feel like a victim!! You are responsible for your actions.. Tell me who is stopping you!!!How why where??F%%ing victim mentality.. You are wasting my time

NO thats not at all accurate. We are no longer a free nation. really sad.

Actually, the Venona papers show that most DID in fact belong to the Communist Party.

I think what you are suffering is TDS... Because all I see is liberals attacking Trump supporters. Who is exercising McCarthyism? Collectivism? Mostly Leftists and the MSM. Who's blacklisted in facebook, restuarants, youtube? Lets see???

Mc·Car·thy·ism məˈkärTHēˌizəm/Submit noun a vociferous campaign against alleged communists in the US government and other institutions carried out under Senator Joseph McCarthy in the period 1950–54. Many of the accused were blacklisted or lost their jobs, although most did not in fact belong to the Communist Party.

john smith / it's not your fault that you have been DUMBED down in this New LIBERAL/ COMMUNIST / ENTITLED AMERICAN SOCIETY!!

Its a republic Idiot!!! Go to Europe if you want a democracy

:Constructive Criticism: Every day, I see _Livestream Starting Soon_ but theres no Remind Me Alert Button like everyone else has on their livestreams. Each time I see the *LIVE* in Red, I return but the stream is Over. If there's an existing window of 1 hour 1/2 hour or schedule I would appreciate a link from anyone that knows of one. Keep up the great work

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night....

Stay well Mr. Vice President #MichaelRichardPence sir, safe, #God bless, and #GodBlessAmerica. #Godspeed for #TheRepublic. #ForWhichItStands. One nation under #God. Indivisible with #liberty and #justice for all. #TheJointStaff #USAGov #TheWhiteHouse Sincerely And Respectfully, Paul Mason Ranck us

Thanks! White House, for the post,

Cyber security = spying on the people of the USA.

The Extreme Reality Puppet Show umm ok


More like child molester/gay hater Mike Dense

I am dying with cancer I do wish I could be here in 2020

The Extreme Reality Puppet Show it's liver cancer

Sideshow Bob you too

Depending what stage ur at, there are cures man...if you want to live, find one and do it now. Cannabis oil, apricot seeds, try full emersion in an orgone accumulator...

May God bless you, Ramiro! I'll be praying for you also.

Bless be prayer lifted

Ramiro, my family and I will pray for you to heal! God bless you and the US!

Sideshow Bob thanks

Make every day count Ramiro, as I am. MAGA! my man, it whateverwayyouseefit!

God bless :)

You are listening to The 46th President of The United States Of America

3-2 Getfunky , With your LOW information, Cult mentality & your allergic reaction to facts, NOTHING can get thru that vacant brain, whether it’s a Democrat or anyone. You’re fixated on ignorance. You can’t handle truth; you like to be lied to. Here goes: Drumpf cares about you forgotten motherfuckers.

Geert Matthys Funny, but very offensive. The more I listen to Democrats me more I understand they have a limited thinking range. I’m still waiting for a smart Democrat,’ one that will have a real smart argument. For example; Pence can’t run the country because he as a governor of Indiana failed because he did pass a lay blablabla and hert the Citizens. But not you stupid. You are a toking. People get smart please our kids depend on it.

Thank God Trump is keeping his promises.

All I know are liars, including Hillary and do nothing Obama

John Best I love Democrats. Fast to disagree but yet have no argument nor a person that is bringing anything to the table. We are 2 Years away from elections and yet no one to follow nor look up to. Sad

Pray! Pray to God. He can make it happen if its his will.

No way. I love Pence, but LOVE LOVE LOVE our current President Trump

Geert Matthys, You sound like the sort of jackass who would tell us that 4' 11" midgets can't be jockeys.

Lol he's Dan Quale 2, no chance at all. 5ft8 midgets can't be President

Attorneys are enemies of humanity. That's why we banned the slimeballs from working in our government when we wrote the Constitution. WTFU.

If not the 46th the 47th.


Michael Marceau you watch to much CNN , you only listen to fiction.

John Solberg he'd be lucky to get through the first.

47th, 2020 is Trump's

Michael Marceau which is a second term

Only if the 45th gets what's coming to him.

3-2 Getfunky we need a third party system.

3-2 Getfunky He's doing a great job as vice president ,but I don't know if he can go against the globist media as trump.There might need to be another non politician ,but I'm not ruling pence out ,just have to see what happens in the coming years.

In your freakin' wet dreams, pal!

I hope so!

Race Bannon

Quattrings , Copy & paste? You big dam’ dummy, unlike you , I follow what’s going on, NOT what Drumpf says is going on. True, no sense wasting further time ‘cause you’re fucked up in the head. Get drug Rehab & psychological debriefing for Cult-minded ppl. Copy & paste that. See why you’re “Forgotten”.

UNbowed62 Your copy and paste tactic is a big fail. I have better things in my life to do than read your nonsense and waste my time which is valuable to me

Quattrings , THAT’S either if you’re dumb, born yesterday, senile AND high, as you eclectic VARIETY of CULT-following scumbags are. The ONLY way the ILLEGITIMATE “president” wins again is by same means~by COLLUSION/CORRUPTION, via Putin & Putin cohorts. You wouldn’t know truth because crack/meth/opiates/alcohol & LOW self esteem IN your backwoods electorate districts, have done its damage. **Exact EASY prey for a LYING NYC CONman to manipulate** He BONDED with your ignorance. You’ve been played & mindfucked, Gopher. He ONLY likes you because you’re ignorant; he can tell you cretins ANYTHING. Drumpf stated he won because he’d “campaigned in DRUG dens all across America!”







Quattrings , You’re the fuckin’ looser, you hypocrite FAKE “christian”. You can’t stand on your own, have to be told how to think & what to listen to; you believe in an IMMORAL, HATEFUL, DIVISIVE, CURRUPT, RACIST, ADULTUROUS CONman. I do hate ignorance, which your “president” of 34% Dumbasses, is promoting said ignorance, WHILE pissing on Democracy. IF you’re a Veteran as I am, you should be pissed also, FAKE “patriot”. You have ZERO balls to go along with your micro dick. Now, that’s a massive LOSER. *Get Rehab. You are a fucking waste. You’re NOT worthy of any more words, Bitch.

UNbowed62 LOL you follow what's going on.... take your head out or the left wing sand. You're so bitter and filled with vile hate that you keep responding to my message. Feel sorry for you, you're pathetic. Get a life loser

Quattrings , *Again Dumbass Crack Head, you’ve proven that you’re an abomination to the Christian faith or ANY credible faith, you FAKE ass “christian”. TYPICAL of DrumpfTARDS.* You SUPPORT the UN-CHRISTIAN values in your ILLEGITIMATE demonic president, you fucking ignorant Moron. No attacks on Christ. *DEFINITE attacks on HYPOCRITES like you & DrumpfTARDS who use Christ’s name, or any faith in vane, to cover your dirty-ass IMMORAL, man-made Cult.* Your mind & reality are altered. You don’t know which way is up. Have to be led by a fucking demon Drumpf, thinking you’re “saved”. Delusional, paranoid, schizophrenia is a BINDING characteristic with you DrumpfTARD drug-addicts. You’re being used for your ignorance. *Get Rehab, Stumpy.*

UNbowed62 LOL you're so triggered LOL! Funny you attack Christ, and knew I was a Christian when I never stated so. Proves you are the enemy, and worship your father the devil. You're a liar and a fraud just your papa. AND NO... IM not a loser, I'm doing very well, thank you though. Life is great and amazing!!!! it must suck to be so unhappy, hateful and so pathetic that you have to put people down. I suppose that's how you feel better about yourself. So sad. So very sad for YOU.... Thank you for the humor this morning....














for bus fair money

gentlemen the papers have been broken

$30 american



men said never to bless me and thats all WHY!

i want to say this im troy thats all


The main cybersecurity issue outside of money I notice is the name tree records and the last name thing for an electronic confusion applied.

Just Keep 5G from microwaving us Pence how bout that Buddy

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