Tribute video for Tom & Holly Keliher Los Angeles USA

Tribute video for Tom & Holly Keliher Los Angeles USA

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Captain. Blockade the. Cameras. On a yes. Yes. Yes of course today you're discarding. You. Have the period what captain blush a. Man's. Period, a does. That exist a of course it does say because. From time to time a evil as men behave, like. Like. A woman, a. But. Not today not today after birth today you have a happy face because. Yeah. Of course and you were salute hey he's. Anxious, to, see. Did. We get the box or not but hey yes, we, are so happy. And, YouTube, makeup the blush you don't know what they aren't you know his name on YouTube huh yeah. You don't know but I know it, it's. Smart. Yeah. Of course captain blush 8 until. Now captain, plug didn't know that this is actually exported. Yeah. And, he has do. You. Know what, aircraft, did him on that day you know, you. Know, that piece of a delay oh yeah that you dreaming, p90 19 a p90. Your dream plane. Yeah. Haha. Yeah yeah captain blush a, Hispanic. Talk. Talk, that's awesome, this is not important, Todd Captain, Blood we're not gonna say anything about that no no, no. Not nothing, nothing. Case nothing captain blush viewers forget that captain blush said anything, to this. YouTube. Channel the other description. Yeah she has, got some really nice and you say oh my god I have. Seen that engine, before, Robert bought, it I do maybe, three. Or four years ago we. Were watching, the tree though. We. Didn't know that that is Tommy, because, at that time we didn't know each other and we weren't friends but. The friendship, was just waiting I. Also. Got an AAS. AAS. Pfft. 161, I do own the. Decathlon. Oh yeah yeah. Capsule, hogwash and zooming on this box because hey you, know what is. United. States a yes. Well. The first thing is, waiting, for, you to smell the air yes, captain blush you must suck good day I've never smelled an they are from California before, it that this will be a first time mate and. I I can't wait to see you eh and, of course that you will share the experience, of the of the air from California, Woodcock, great day yes I. Like to watch Columbo. And he films in killer if he was filming in California, hey we all love Columbo. And. Captain, blocks don't suck, I suck I will, come here to see your sake gay doctor. This yours doctor's it oh. Wow. I've broken my nose. But. You sucked good day. And. What do you feel, in that smelly, I can. Smell, joy, oh yeah, joy joyful dance, is so great. You're. Peeing. I just, love this love to hear say. Dear. Dear. Command, pilot Robert, and flight engineer blush my wife Holly and I enjoy your two YouTube channels very much I look, forward to your new video as always my. Life. I love the RC airplanes, like you and I'm an engine lover like blush, my.

Wife Was Robert, yech. Pants because, he always, geek. Which. Is her word for maddening. Ha ha she. Said you guys can good farts and sauce yeah thank you thank, you thank you I thought you might Tom and holy holy holy face. It's. The loot wholly captive was quickly ate all. I, dare say I. Thought. You might like. These goodies and we have sandals it's a gift of appreciation, for. All the fun and. What's. With your captain bloodshed, is worth and. He don't understand the word. Review. And I watch. From. You guys now you're, reading like rain, dropping for the roof, a. Oh. This. Is so great that the blood she's talking, to people hey. Columbo. Also had to be delayed, what's, bagel a a it's. A long. Talk with small. Naps like a dork, dork. Barking. Dog, okay. I don't know what's the big lake. Do, you know what the big deal is. He's. The really leg with the big delay hey don't talk dirty hey we, must. I will right after this fear captain blah shape because, Nettie real say many many. What. Dirty, words here on this gentleman that we must watch they that. Is not. Is. This nose yeah, yeah of course a oh. Maybe. It's, deliberated. Yes, I kept blocked by hey hey be serious just for once a where's the best our table but, look at this but, can you imagine a I just don't understand, this captain logic, look they, must really love us a to sell, those things all, the way from the USA, and although the world I just don't believe this a. Bad. This look the pain and the efforts, from Tom a Tom and Holly. You're just great de Lorca. Do you say. Captain. Losses, locket like a little child in the, arcade this happy face you're safe ace always can, use you enjoy, so much with something that came, do, you know how far California, is yeah, of course a thousand, nine hundred kilometers, say. With. The Sunday here we will visit California. I. Wish. The Sunday we will take a tool over the America, and that would be just great day Oh engine. Parts, and some screws oh yeah. Hey. This is just for you and this is package, number four yeah, it's. Just for yeah, I think that I see the number. Four ear a take. It out and show it to do your so. Dramatically. Shield backing, paper did this will be really something cake on. Seven. Drug say oh yeah. This. Is look. The. High-speed. Needle for an engine. This. Is so great Captain blush you know that you you, need something like they say yeah, maybe I do for some engineer because I know that I have a few without need to verify it's. So good to have as much parts, viewers as possible for, the engines, and. Because. It's so frustrating if, you fix your plate and and you don't have a spare part that, you need right there and at that moment a and. Your Arcadia saying. What. Captain, gosh what. Talk. I'm. Getting, goosebumps a yeah. Look. At what says here blush flight, engineer. Wings. Us. AF, AF do, you know what this means, the, machine. What. Does it means I don't understand. Well. You were saying it doesn't mean USA we understand, that letters, oh yeah it is what. It is a shortcut, block I can't. Wait to see hey. Yeah. Yeah you must always be the first one to do okay. What. What quickly. Quick. Empty, back that, this is not lecture. Hey. Hey. Look. At this eh. What's. This hey. It. Must be, from. United. States, Air Force. Engineers. Hey, this is so great day if, you says flight engineer, oh this. Is for you of course captain blushes, not. A flight engineers, where they say yes because I like engines in our way Hey. Look at this, oh I'm going to wear this with Bronte, I will, put you like this look. At this you're say hey. And now you really look like a plane. Engine you've got to block like, this. Exactly. For this say now look how smart captain, blopp, dr. dare say huh. Thank. You very much. Hey. It's so good this stuff this, is just great day. Because. We can't think that there's no way to buy the rapira story about this, no. Oh. Haha, look at this, Robert. Come on pilot but this is just a equity gap was it. Even. Though it's for me hey I will let you to open it a because. We're the government then or. He, saw welfare. Whoa. What. Show me. Uniform. Insignia. Amplified. Signal look at this oh. No. Could they say that. This. Is great, they can take it out give it to me yeah yeah yeah yeah. Behind. Hey. This is like Christmas a in the middle of the captain, large yes we're having Christmas morning, here a the. June a in June captain Ron June and, these. Things came, you, know from, the. Other side of the world day I. Got. So big finger said yeah. Yeah you got big hands gave me life that. Is because of all that hand, tossing, of the plane say yes. Or. Something, like that. But. The op-eds a, young, yes, you're saying. Look. At this. Huh. And. We will have to get some I don't know a some filming, overall say. Obviously. Oh. I. Can't. Wait where, they say. Hey. I would we have viewers this every day eh yeah. Hey, if we had the chance kept the blood shake we would really do this for a living a new film, in Plains and be along the plains every day, there.

Would Be just a dream a water. Came out Oh propeller, say what size. Seven. I have. Never seen this. What. Is it. Look. At the dimensions, eight. Seven. Eight, point, seven five, times. Eight point oh I have never seen that numbers, I. Have. Only seen full number say oh yeah. I know, 8 by 4 8 8, by 9 but 4 was this. Effort. For a blue engine yeah, 8 point, 7 do you know what this is for no damn quickly for, Magnum oh yeah, eight. Point, eight it goes there and hit this is eight point seven five point eight more. Who has fun yeah, for. That worse than that we have yes, oh look. How many. This. Is perfectly, but, this will be just great for that plane is already balanced I see, look ascended, so. As you can see with. That plane a I think that we will break a few. Propellers. In e-learning say, is that the props for that but. This is unbelievable Tommy. Hey. Maybe he was watching that video of the. Yeah. Hey I don't. Know. What. No. It. Was boring Tom thank. You for all they say emissary at least for one say, so. This is it. Yeah. It was it for my saluting, gay. What. No. No. I don't know that I want to see captor blood oh. My. God I know. What this is but you don't know your DNA in here, who wanted, incorrect no I'm going to tell you you've. Got to tell me and before you're gonna open it engine exhaust, exhaust. Yes. And. A very. Very. I. Have. Seen this type of woman exhaust once I hadn't, JBL engine, oh. So, my sleeper he, must have practiced for all day he. Was packing this to her ear a. Gathering. A little goodies. For, for me and you captain blood shake or, look, at this what's. This hey. Look. How sexy this looks a. Look. For. What's this hey for. What's this. It's. For an engine obviously, a what, kind of engine, you. Know what I think know that, engine, that we. Got from. Glenn Kevin from from, Canada super. Tiger without, an exhaust well, yeah I bet this one, today you will, try that immediately. After the filming hey yes if, this fits, this. Is Canada. USA. S Lavinia getting together a. Final. Day. So. They will all brothers say yes, but we always say maybe. We have different mothers say but we can still be brothers it. Doesn't matter how far away from each other with a ray yes. We're, all brothers from, all over the world. Look. At this eh I. Don't. Know. Hey. I just can't believe how many smiles it is put it in even. This would be enough Tommy, even. This but hey what's. This a. Yes. Their. Wife's deserves, something, - oh, yes. Something work for our wives for, these for each other of your wives from falling, oh. I. Must, simply, instead, of our wives. Even. Always, will, become friends and can you imagine this can be okay, because, behind every, successful man, a there must be where. Is a very good, woman eh you know what they say 'no woman. Holds. Three corners. Of the house and here our force and a little of the fourth corner a. Moonlight. Path. Ooh yeah. Oh. Hey. Shower, girl hey. We. Will we. Will have. To help otherwise, say yes water. Facts wash their back say I think that I will wash the back of my wife's the. Back they say you know what. Hey. Yeah. Of course. You. Know something. Can fall down in. The shower and, she must pick it up eh yeah, yeah you will drop a so great oh. This. Is unbelievable a. So. Much the practical believe. With. Yoga and see. Butter with, with, vitamin, E look. At the essay. You, will smell it on your wives, the bath you have to brush it tonight tonight. Yummy. Desi. What. They say. When. Open, hey, how. Can you know if you're not opening, gate they, just be careful any captain blah shape, don't. Get too excited. What. Again. What. Before. I going to open it I've you've seen something in you have seen something. Against. Or something what captain, logic, you'll. See, but. This is so good a to wait and and then and they, all, impatient. To see what. You. See this a prophet, a prophet. A, Testament, only one can block and cylinder oh yeah. Take, too much nice inside because there's a girl some blushes getting, wetter, and wetter everyday, needless. Engine. Doctor hey how much duct tape did you say. But. Hey it's a long way from California. To hear a yeah. I know it's a very very long way you know these postal services they just throw yeah. You can see some videos of postal, services say but this time mate the depth. The. Box came. In a very good condition a, heart there and. What's this I see hey, my hands are shaking, I know.

What This is for a oh, now. You know for what the exhausted, - what hey, I don't believe it eh, you. Have it all, look. At this I just showed. It to the viewers, oh this. Is it a. What. Jab. To 500,000. Ever since a. Quickie. 500. This. Is the demo race engine, carp. Is just a fuel shutoff aha. If, I refreshed. The engine before Stan, uh-oh, he. Has refurbished, the engine before he said to me oh yeah. Are included, ah, so, these are the props for this a. Yeah. Infant, magnum also a yeah of course a cuz that one's got also race Angemon, props. Are include extra, Nelson, I've never seen this glow plugs included. Extra. Backplate this, is for a. Late. For the for the engine yeah. Yeah. Even. This one 8 yes, I think the thesis for this engine a a captain, boss you gotta call a hey you're such a lucky guy, hey extra yes, you're a lucky guy captain blush of excessive, sire or. Imperial. Ah. Different. Threads oh yeah. Yes, because we have metric. And I have Imperial you have cool said I. Just. Want you to go first this will do it a. It. Is so great yes. And now captain blood show, us they say oh I. Know, Co sexy these dogs your say. Your. Caddy si. Mm-hmm. This. Goes full throttle all, the way oh yeah. Let. Me try, to. Always. Got very high compression egg does. It yes, so. That. Me state, this is just great. Captain. Blah hey. You. Know what's interesting though. It. Has sort. Of throttle, it is not throttle I think but he said that this is the. Carp. You just feel shut off I just. Shut. The fuel you see how you have the full throttle or yes, or non, throttle, or game, oh the. The throat cut one yes oh. Do. You know what it is for look this, is this you put on it if, you mount the engine on this on. This mount if, you l mounted, directly to the plane you use this and put. This away. They. Put the, exhaust a put, the exhaust on just, like you guys hold it hey. I must, show just a review of this beauty, but. This is just unbelievable a house X in this block say hey. You will have to find the plane for this captain oh yeah obviously. What he sees this I don't know it doesn't say I have. To ask him, 500. I think this is 8. HCC. Because 52, is is 8 and a half I, think, this is 8.1. Or 8 points to something else because the the. Size of the piston is really big but it looks so great a yes, I. Could. Just imagine this, screaming, on our runway a captain. Blush you have so many engines. To test now a petition, to say it is Jack I've never seen jet engine. Well. We're not maintained it's only. There's. Always, time. For the first time like we only say. You. Could discharge this plug. Look. At this oh yeah. It's just huge a I. Have. Never seen this. Blocks. In my life this. Is so great day. The. Arcadia say I. Must. Grab, it at least once in my hand say. Because. Even I like the, Nitro and to say of course I love that the. Electric. Planes and foam planes but hey hey, when. You get the chance for they say this is just unbelievable, a, Robert. Americans. RC. Years. RC. Years was that. Nothing. To put on my ears a. Belt. Buckle a oh the, belt buckle, look at this eh, Oh, show. Me Hey. Look. At this view or say. Hey. This looks so great and, look at this huh another. Package. Hope. To spark a product say hey. Hey. Do you know that this is from the year look at this. 1976. A, video. Blogger products, yet this is the year that I was born a but. This is just great Tom knock CSA. Yo. Snap. To mechanic, a. Snap-on. What's, that it's very famous tool so you see step on tool yes. Look. Oh. Belt. Buckle snap-on tools look at this a. Mechanic. This. Is just for your captain, bla hey, you. Will have to wear the belt you will have to wear the belts now eh yeah. Obviously. This. Is just great. Blush. Said. You guys both work, to excel t-shirts. I order 3 Excel just in case yeah, good think a good, thing. Hey. What's this I see. Look. Do. You know what this. Wait. Wait a minute 8, and. This is crazy this is really crazy is it so me. But.

Do. You know what I'm. Speechless right now way, we. Treat situation. If but this is unbelievable, a. It. Can you imagine that. Our friends. Made. The t-shirts for, us Captain, Bligh shake but. This is just unbelievable I could go home to. Something, like the it's a oh. You. Got the. Stickers yes. But I think this is there no no this is they. Stock for the plane huh, this. Is for the shirts is, it for the shirts oh no he's going to tell it eh but here it does but do you know that when, we were young our mothers. Make the pictures on our shirts with, that you just put, the iron on that what's. That called the island for various yeah I don't fall for clothes yes a. I'm. Ace note, again this is great and will go exactly with the hair that I have in blue a ah. Now. Buy this, I don't. Think that a imma, show it again to the viewers. Hey. This is the most perfect picture, that you can imagine for us eh hey, it couldn't get much better today and. We will be known around the, world because the de sá huh. Captain blood. This. Is unbelievable, you must put one here eh put. One on the display, because, hey for, the last picture, every must say this a look. At the essay I will, take the picture and I will put it on the beginning, of the video but this is just unbelievable, I. Like. This yes yes yes hey. I can't, believe this a dorm and holiday. Hey, you guys are so great, hey. I'm a I, will I will, picture, this for the beginning coordinator because he'll this, can be our sign, a. This. Can be potentially, a Sinead a we. Will be known all around the world because of the essay yes. This. Will be our, what. They call that recognizable. Sign for this channel a. I. Will bet they say. This. Is just unbelievable a a I'm, speechless a I'm. Really speech to say hey. Look. I can't, I. Can't. Even hold. The camera steady a I must grab it with two hands say. This. Is it captain blush yes, thank, you. And. We will be happy and we are always happy if, our wives are happy can you match that. So. We don't screw it up I. Will. Put it on my car right away if this is for the car a and maybe I will even, even. Even make, some I will I will I will make the stickers like this for the car say, this. Is just great. They. I can't believe the same I can't wait - once more I will show to the viewers all. The, beautiful goodies, that we got from California, but this is just gratefulness, yeah, it is captain, wash would love to say but this a day stormy and holy I, can't. Believe this shirt a oh. The. Next video Hey on the next video of that plane in the back a I will, wear this and from now on a but. This is this, is great, this, is great day, so. This is it got the buzz, pyrometer. Grant o'clock signing off from, Slovenia. With beautiful, is from, California. From, an awesome, awesome subscriber, and his wife then, we. Can hold him our dear. Friend day yes and. We could call him even the Broadway. We've. All brother say we are all brothers here are see brothers say this, is the best community, in the world because hey where, can you find the, better Corbett, and ESA captain block 8 there, isn't better copy it, can't be a because. If you're in this for me I will be quickly I will cut, quickly 8 but, this is like do you remember when you were a child, do, you remember how, easy you, get the friends if you're a child five, six years old a even. Even if you, do to two, kids will. Just see the, toy that, they both like a they become friends immediately just because of that and in, this hobby is is the, same age once. You see the RC plane you can be friend with anybody, because hey hey, this hobby. Is for fun for. Having good friends and good time eh you. Just live once viewers, say so just, enjoy to say as much, as possible, so. This is captain blush enough, I must. Wear that t-shirt right now captain logic, and oh and do the thing and try to camera, off and quickly try the t-shirt. Enough, but, I will just come once more to. The end look at this but this is just unbelievable look, at the care of Erica. Today.

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Če napišejo, da je vrednost manjša od 25$ gre mimo carine. Včasih pa tudi ne. Ta paket je šel na carino pa ni bilo treba plačati nič. Pozdravljen, Robert

Thanks M for such kind words. We are just two simple brothers from small country but we have big hearts. Oh yeah... And we just love planes and to film them to show to the world how much fun this hobby is. And becouse of this hobby we got the best friends all over the world. Its really amazing... Big salute to you from Slovenia and see you soon. Cheers my friend, Robert

Thanks Peter for stopping by and for all your support. This hobby is just amazing. Where can you get so good friends but here. We are really lucky guys... Cheers my friend, Robert

Like you said Lee, they are great friends... Cheers, robert

Like you said Kent. Iam really thinking that we will do something about the shirts and maybe some hats... Thanks for all your support and big salute from Slovenia. Cheers my friend, Robert

We are really two lucky guys to have such good friends from all over the world and all this becouse of this great hobby. Its amazing where this road is taking us... Cheers my friend, Robert

I cant imagine any better ;-)

Thanks Tim. We are such lucky guys to have friends like you... Be well and see you soon, Robert

Thanks J. We are so lucky to have such good friends all over the world... Cheers my friend, Robert

Thanks Slim for all your support... Cheers my friend, Robert

Oh yeah Ronald, he has told us... Cheers my friend, Robert

Like you said Andrew. And thanks for your support too... Cheers my friend, Robert

Amen to that my friend...

Thanks A for such kind words. Every RC lover is welcome to visit us and we will have fun on the runway and have a cold one in our hometown. Oh yeah... Cheers my friend, Robert

It was great Rick... Cheers my friend, Robert

We will really do something about the shirts and maybe hats... Cheers my friend, Robert

And all that becouse of this great hobby and YouTube ofcourse... Cheers my friend, Robert

Like you said Angel. But I still cant understand that we get so many gifts from all over the world. We just want to show how much fun this hobby is and how much we love planes and filming them. We are really two lucky guys... Big salute to you my friend and greetings from Slovenia, Robert

We love it... Cheers, Robert

Its just amazing. Amazing... Cheers my friend, Robert

We are really two lucky guys to have such good friends all over the world... Cheers my friend, Robert

Iam thinking to do something about that soon... Cheers my friend, Robert

Thanks Captain NIcky. Oh yeah...

Thanks Steve...

Nice watch CPT Blatz. and gifts. Loved by many. Steve


We are really two lucky guys... Cheers, Robert

We are really two lucky guys... Cheers my friend, Robert

One of your best videos...nice gifts from wonderful subscribers...oh-yah!

Because you are 2 great rollmodels, 2 awesome brothers. You deserve this and more.

Thanks my friend for such kind words and for all support...

I want one!

Jett engines are a small engine manufacturer in Houston, Texas. He hand makes each engine. His engines are pretty much the top of the heap in pylon racing in the US. They are real screamers. Website:

Hi Robert and Blaz, now I understand why you have the Tee Shirts they are from your good friends Tom and Holly from the USA. You have good friends Like these all over the world, because you are two of the most nice'st men in the great hobby of RC. You bring lots of joy to losts of people and you disserve the gifts that you receive. thanks and A BIG salute From UK

Well deserved gift for two great brothers enjoy. Salute

That Jett engine is a screamer. Make sure you put it in a plane built to go over 100 mph or around 160Km per hour.

+xKmotx I've only recently found this channel and that was one of the best unboxing videos I've seen. Genuine excitement from two genuinely enthusiastic guys.

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