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What we know what what we know what  we know what we know what we know what we know travelling  Australia caravanning camping [Music] okay welcome guys to what we know with tttm  trippin to the macs that's us. This is something   new that we're trying a midweek episode release.  So it's what we know travelling full-time on the   road, what we've learned tips and tricks. What we  like, what we don't like. Product reviews that we   use just a bit of everything, bit of anything.  So it may help you out from what we learnt and  

what you can help us out with that you know.  Yeah, so if you've got anything you want to   know or want us to cover just drop it in the  comments below and we'll we want to make a little   Community out of this so we'll learn from you, you  learn from us and we'll be uh Happy Days. So our   first episode with what we know with trippin to  the macs is our 100 day 100 Days travelling full   time on the road. Can you believe it? It's  going way too quick! It has gone way too   quick. It's been absolutely amazing um 100%  recommend getting out and doing it if you can.   um if you can't leave it through us. go n jump up  and hit that subscribe button, the notification   and if you're liking these give us a thumbs up  um that way you don't miss any we can help you,   you can help us and we can all be happy. So  we're here on location at Mayfield Bay Mayfield  

Bay and 100 days of travel what we know so to get  straight into it we know that we've traveled 8 200   kilometers and we also know that the RAM is a damn  expensive way to travel those to 8 200 kilometers.   So we know if you've watched our previous episodes  that we have a RAM 1500 and we have a Yonder   G-Shock off-road 22ft caravan with all the bells  and whistles. So we're not we're not light but we   didn't expect to be that cheap and we're pretty  stoked actually with how it's all going so.   So traveled kilometers 8 200 or roughly around  there. We have an average fuel consumption off  

our computer at 22.8 liters per 100 at the moment  which is pretty good. And our worst has been   37 ish that's for an extended time I've seen it  up if we put down it goes up to about 80 or 90 but   um I don't do that that often and our best has  been about 13-ish um along with high way which   we haven't hit many of them in Tassie. So and  I'm pretty good at writing down the fuel prices   so our worst fuel price has been actually in  the middle of Melbourne two dollars and four   cents point nine and our best has been a dollar  74.9. yeah so quite the range but yeah um best   we've seen over here a dollar seventy two point  nine but yeah averaging sort of the other dollar   80 in Tasmania. Accommodation. So as you know  we've said before we like to free camp it. Our   Jam is free camping or low-cost camping where we  can fire where we can spread out a little bitr   where we can be in the bush away from people.  So 100 days on the road we have stayed at 40   different sites all up. 40 different sites that's  pretty good I think. Yeah which is 22 free camps  

at 64 nights yeah 15 low-cost national parks  I sort of that's 15 an undermark. Which has   been about 22 nights. Yeah which has been pretty  cool and two Caravan Parks, one was Mildura yeah   which was for Jaxon's birthday and one was  a just an overnight it was like a community   camp area thing but yeah um yeah so two Caravan  parks at four nights and um we have stayed at a   show ground for 10 nights yeah ten nights at 10  nights at the showground which was Hobart over the   Christmas break blah blah blah. So we know that  for our travels we eat way too much food and food  

is our biggest expensive apparently. I thought  it was going to be fuel but it's actually food.   Now we are going to do a full budget breakdown in  possibly in one of the upcoming episodes so we're   not going to go too much into what the expenses  are but we know that food is expensive and we   need to stop eating so much. We do have two boys  that never shout the fridge and cupboard doors so   we'll have to gaffa tape their mouth shut or we'll  buy bigger locks so anyway. But that includes   a lot so we'll like what Daniel said we'll do a  budget breakdown we'll tell you what that includes   so stay tuned for that one but it yeah it includes  a lot with in that. Yeah but if you don't watch  

it food can be ridiculous. yeah especially in  Tassie where a lot of not so Regional towns where   you've only got the IGA and stuff the food prices  can get up so that does add to it as well but   um yeah so. So yeah that's that's  you know so what we've learned   is that what we've learned is that there is a  massive mix of camps. Some good some not so good.   which we knew before we left but  um. yeah top top favorite for you   I'm making Cockle Creek so far, far south  of Tassie um yeah it's it was brilliant   um perfectly water perfect weather. Camp itself  wasn't that brilliant but yeah it's just what we  

got down there beautiful I'm saying I was saying  cockle Creek. I'm gonna say Lime Berry Tassie. Oh   yeah. So that was around the Port Arthur area and  it was amazing the water was amazing the kids had   lots of fun snorkeling and yeah that was that was  a top we spend about 5 nights there. and it was uh  

it was a fun of the local National bar 15 bucks a  night plenty of History around the area yeah Lime   Bay was that was good. That was a real good one  um and West Tassie Trial Harbor absolute stunning   time we had there yeah um basically the edge  of the world edge of Australia edge of Tasmania   um yeah there was a cracker definitely, definitely  a fave on the west side of Tassie anyway. Victoria   we had shallow Inlet was awesome yeah that was a  brilliant place to visit to do Wilson prom from   got some Sand in my eye. um yeah sitting  on the beach is a little bit Breezy but  

uh yeah so Wilson's Prom shallow Inlet that was  awesome. Joanna Beach on The Great Ocean Road was   a stunner for our Adventures across the Great  Ocean Road. um low cost National Park 15 bucks   a night or something along those not excuse me um  yeah so they were probably beautiful Sunset yeah   um lots of wildlife so they'll probably have  five fav at the moment there's been plenty but   they where the five we know. We also  know that there are some not so good ones  

um my least favorite spot so far would be Terran  Caravan Park in Victoria only for the sole reason   it wasn't big enough to accommodate our rig and I  got really stuck no other reason other than that.   um it was Community run by the rotary or lions one  of those clubs so yeah it was nice but yeah and we   didn't film that didn't have didn't have a real  good time there but my least favorite I think was   there was just a roadside stop between Gunning  and Hay uh Beckham it wasn't bad it was a good   overnighter but just yeah not not it was just  a little little car park basically you've had   some facilities there um but yeah it was from what  the other ones we've done not our favorite nothing   wrong with it but yeah not our favorite. And the  other one that the boys picked was the Luina.   Which is in West on the western side of Tasmania.  um it's an old abandon mining town and we base  

ourselves there to do Cradle Mountain. It served  its purpose but it was pretty run down it was   if you've ever watched Walking Dead yeah I swear  it's just like that two or three years done track   and Nature's taken over everything so basically  packed up taken off and nature just taking back   over there. So there are three least favorite for  no apparent reason just so they're not as good as   the rest of them. Other things we've learned is  that things go wrong yeah things go wrong so we've   had one incident with the car and I'll let Daniel  talk about that because yeah basically some of   the wiring that runs a hydraulic pump on our van  from the car come loose feel under the exhaust. It   melted shorted out the fuse everything stopped out  in the middle of the road which is awesome because   it's the main travel route for big trucks and lots  of cars. So if you've watched some of our episodes   we have shown that in it yeah go back to our Hay  one of our first episodes so go check that out.  

um but yeah so that was pretty scary  but turns out it was pretty minor but   um yes that was our most, that was the only real  major thing but oh that we've had minor things   with the van and um they can be easily fixed or  tweaked but just our water pump keeps playing   out we're trying to get us sorted it's just we  don't know if it's pump or something to do with   the battery with the Bluetooth system uh we've  had a looked at they've dumped a lot of water   through it and worked perfect on that day yeah so  but if you jump in the shower you have a shower   and because we're water savings so you turn it on,  you turn it off, soap up turn it back on no water,   yeah so if you've had the same issue let us know  yourself yeah we're trying to I can over I can   override it with a switch but I don't really want  to do that but yeah anyway if you've got any ideas   into but yeah it's just um okay um i guess it  uses more power. and then the other thing we've   got Fresca fans which are very similar to the  siroccos but the last couple of days when we've   been using it because it's been really hot the  blades have been falling off yeah a little spindle   inside isn't grabbing the fan itself so the fan of  the actual fans working perfectly just the blades   are sticking in so if you've had that problem  let us know your solution because at the moment   we are using tape yeah just a little bit tape  on it to jam it on and seems to be working but   we shouldn't have to deal with new fans and one  major incident that has happened is that we the   latches on the top cupboards um come loose Daniel  tightens them up and moves them around and checks   them but one day we were traveling through and all  our cups fell out of the top covered and into the   bench so that's one of our majors the cabinets has  come open itself which is not ideal but anyway. um just little things but yeah anyway so things do  go wrong uh we also know that there are things we   wouldn't be without yeah um for me it's Makita  tools um i though you were going to say me? so first yeah so Makita tools my drill and my the  vacuum cleaner we use the vacuum all the time it   is amazing and it's all good because it's they  all use the same battery one charger less stuff   to carry um so I carry drill, rattle gun, um  vacuum cleaner all this stuff and grinder yeah   um I have used all of it and I will use all of it  going forward but would not be without my tools.   I would not be without the airfryer we have saved  so much money on lunches dinners whatever cooking   in our airfryer it's and yeah and our induction  cooker so those two things for cooking we wouldn't   be without. They are good money Savers. um yeah  we use them all the time we have the we're lucky  

enough we have the battery power and the inverters  and stuff to run it so yeah why not 12 volt system   yeah so yeah it wouldn't be without a 12 volt  there will be an episode run down on the 12   volt but yeah a good 12 volt system in our truck  would not be without because it is saving us so   much money eating dinner costs a lot to set up  but saving it by the time we finish traveling we   would have paid for it a few times again. yes  I don't know about our food budget? where to   spend all that money but anything the airfry  was one of the last things we actually put   in our van yeah we are 100% happy that we did  it so um we'll never be without that um so the   dirty gear bags that we carry on both the  van and the car would not be without them   um we put firewood in and we put our wet hoses  our rubbish our dirty clothes our wet clothes   um stops it all ended up in the van  ended up in the car we have the TJM ones   um I will do a rundown on those in some  point but yeah they uh I would not be   without dirty gear bags um if you could have if  people can have 40 of them I would but we can   only fit two so anyway diesel heater for Tasmania  100% we've used it a fair bit over here. We just   got a Chinese cheapy I installed it myself um  yeah it would not be without diesel yeah it's   mostly the main reason we've used it over here  actually because the West Coast was the weather   was so crappy we use it for drying our clothes  in the van . I don't know if buying the diesel   or using a dryer as a laundromat would have been  more expensive but yeah yeah I don't know anyway   convenience diesel heater 100% and the last thing  I think good drink bottles yeah um drinking water   we've we've got these ones from one of those  kitchen home shops they're the H2 Hydro 2s   um never heard of them just found them are on  sale I think they're in like house or something   like that but yeah they're about 50 bucks but  they got them we got them on at 50. 18 20 bucks  

or something so but yeah the good water bottles  if you think your pump bottles are going to cut   it yeah probably not because we leave these in  the car go do our stuff come back and there is   always cold water we just put a few ice cubes in  in the morning and fill it up and they're cold   all day it is amazing I've yeah without it they're  also perfect for a bit of product placement just   kidding um but yeah so things we've brought that  we don't need that we um we know Daniel that we're   back too much crab no actually we've got two  kids that probably didn't need that no no there   not to bad. Clothes oh yeah probably not too many  clothes not heaps to many but probably too many   we'll get rid of a few. Anyone that's full time on  the road would know that you wear your clothes you   wash them you put them back and you're cupboard  so you're always getting the ones from the front   you never turn anything over you do wear your  clothes dirty you do not change them all the time   because I just don't have space, don't have  washing um yeah so probably have too many   clothes which we'll probably maybe sort out later  and the only other thing we really brought on we   brought maybe packed a few too many knives and  forks which is nothing we can donate them see   how it goes those if we want to about the toys  for the kids yeah stuff for the kids we've got   a hatch at the back that's under their bunks  actually that's got balls and cricket bats and   bow and arrow all that sort of stuff just stuff  yeah that we probably brought too much of that   so again we'll probably Rectify that along  with that pool noodles we thought we'll need   them for their snorkeling and stuff but they  are way better swimmers than we though pool noodles probably will not get used yeah a little  miss over here might be the only one that will use   a pool noodle when we're out snorkleing because  she just feels more comfortable with it but yeah   yeah so we haven't done too bad with all that but  yeah anyway we have that we've got a bit too much   stuff and probably containers and crap like that  that we don't use we use like suction bag things   for Harvey Norman which most of the time saying  I will probably rectify all that at some point   now things we know about full time travel if  you like us or things we found out for us for   full-time travel is we need sun. We have set up  to use we've got a good system for battery and   solar we also like to use it we use airfryers and  induction cookers and we have the air conditioner   the other day and we have toasters and Kettles  and coffee machines we've never run out no we went   for we went for a bit over a week when we first  started with no sun we tried to drain it we still   only got down to about 25 30% so more than happy  with how it is but we do need to follow the sun   the sun the other number one thing is water water  and not salt water we can find plenty of that but   um fresh water especially in Tassie we've  noticed that it's a bit harder to find than   Mainland not impossible not that hard like  we've got good water storage so we managed   to it doesn't it's not a problem for us  but it could be an issue yeah you just   got to be mindful you're always thinking  about solar and water yeah and dump point   the hot tip is carry a second canister we haven't  used ours yet but there's been a couple of times   when we definitely getting closer but yeah we've  100% we will use two at some point apparently as   everybody gets bigger everything that comes out  of them gets bigger and now to um yeah so we know   that we need to be aware of those three things  we also know that traveling fast as we were in   the beginning is damn expensive it is a lot more  expensive fuel-wise yeah mainly just fuel wise   if you're free camping it's all right if you're  traveling fast and Caravan camping with the flux   with differing prices in caravan Parks it could  become astronomical yeah but yeah we're probably   chewing about 20 20 or 30 an hour I reckon while  we're driving yeah so if we do that do lots of kms   every day that works out quite expensive and be  home before next Christmas so yeah so traveling   if you can travel slow yeah um we know when we  get over the back of the Mainland we will slow   right down because we won't have anywhere to  be won't have that time frame yeah but yeah so   um we also know there are lots of people traveling  Australia so if you're worried about getting out   there and not having your friends and what not  with you there are so many people to talk Your   not alone. and it's amazing just the social  aspect of everything everyone's like-minded   everyone's there for the same reason so um get out  there and do it don't wait yes we also know that   you have to be able to change daily yeah hourly  minutely even like um things happen you might   have something set in and you will get to where  you're going and it's just can't be it's not what   you thought it was or you might like somewhere and  want to stay longer yeah so be adaptive to change   um that we don't travel with any sort of plan so  even this morning yeah I woke up and we didn't   know it would be here yeah so we got here and then  we almost couldn't get here and we didn't always   couldn't get in so we're almost gonna have to  change it but yeah so they adapted the change um   and as I only said don't plan too far ahead yeah  we also know everyone needs their own space and   everyone needs their own time so living in a small  little box well you know that a caravan is a very   confined space we need to give everyone their own  space we need to give everyone their own time to because they're so emotional they  don't understand their feelings we   need to be very mindful of them because we're  essentially dragging them on this journey so   um yeah we just need to be mindful of those  around you is what we know yeah and I guess   which comes with that is sometimes you just  need your down days yeah like you need a day   to not go explore not climb a mount not walk  to Waterfall not do nothing just sit there   have a day for kids if you've got kids let them  just chill out doing stuff all day every day is   tiring and it's a lot it's a lot so sometimes  you don't get home tonight you get up early and   everyone just gets tired and cranky okay so  yeah have a down day have down days um don't   plan unless you are on a strict time limit and  you have to otherwise slow down have coffee read   a book drink beer however even if you are on a  time limit still schedule a down day every now yeah and I guess the last thing for me or for us  is that we know it will take you a while to settle   into full-time travel or any sort of travel  living going from a home to a box on Wheels   into that confined Place does take a while but  we have found now that 100 Days on the Road as   I've said the kids and us we're starting before  the Caravan home. it's our safe place it's home   you know and it's starting to reflect in our  communication and yeah so if you are starting   out now we know it will get better so hang in  there yeah um but yeah and we know if you're   thinking of doing it we know you should yes but  anyway so that's our first we know with tttm   um now quick 100 day on the road breakdown  yeah um yeah well we said before we want to   turn this into a little Community type thing  so if you've got any comments questions have   any tips for us drop them in the comments  below tell us what you know as well and yeah all right so we're going to leave  that one here we're going to go   and enjoy this and we'll see you next  time we're out of here see you guys

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