What $20 gets you in LITTLE INDIA (Singapore)

What $20 gets you in LITTLE INDIA  (Singapore)

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Good afternoon guys and welcome back to  another video here in Singapore and in   today's video guys I'm going to be taking you  with to little India as you can see here and   we're going to be heading up there seeing  what we get ourselves into I don't really   know anything about it I just saw it on the metro  map and I said you know what I'm going to see what   little India is all about I miss India because  I was there uh cheese probably like a month ago   already and so I can maybe try a little Indian  food walk around see if they've got some markets   that could be a pretty fun time so let's  head on up there all right guys so I've   just taken the metro to little India and I  am going to see what all I can buy with 20   US dollars so basically I'm gonna first convert  this which I already did I just have the 20 for   show here guys so that equals about 27 Singapore  dollars so that's two tens here and then a   five and a two so that's 20 US dollars right  there guys 27 Singapore dollars I think there's   maybe a couple maybe like 50 cents or something  additional but it's roughly 20 US dollars so   I have that to spend I'm hoping I can  find a couple things at the market   and i can also maybe get something to eat here in  little India as soon as I saw it on the metro map   like I was explaining to you guys i was like i  need to go to little India because I'm missing   it and I had such a fun time out there so let's  go ahead and head on in and see what we're gonna   be able to buy with 27 Singapore dollars or 20 US  dollars all right so the nice part is right when   you get off the metro here you're already directly  into entering into the markets here so we've got a   lot of stuff and I can tell you just that first  looks from some of these price tags over here   we're seeing a better rate than what I've seen  in some of the other parts of Singapore here so   we'll kind of do a stroll through here  and and see what we've got to offer I   don't really have anything specific in mind  to buy besides maybe something to eat but uh   yeah we'll cruise around this way seems like  it's more of an electronics market over here   and maybe the market stretches a bit more the  other way as well so we'll try heading down the   other way and see what we find but uh generally  like so far I'm saying you can get closer you   get electronics bottle shop right there snacks  convenience stores and looks like data plans   right there as well so very nice and it seems  like coming down this way we've got more clothes   some various types of jewelry down there  always could go for another ring here   but I don't want to be too unoriginal  because I always buy some herbal   good smell of oils and things like that and  I think that is pretty much it on this side. All right so looks like we're getting  into some more stuff over here   I figured like there was no way that little  market we just walked through was all of it   but I can smell some good food  here you can see we've got uh   you know I'd say this is similar architecture  to what you'd see in India and oh yeah here's   where we get the food guys so we're gonna have  to find something delicious around here to eat   the markets seem like they're getting much  much larger over here so let's go ahead and   see what we're going to find here I could go for  a little biryani right now to be honest with you   but I'm not sure which options we're going  to find yet we've got quite a few things   cold drinks handmade carrot cake still nothing  that's specifically calling me out with like some   Indian food here but we're gonna keep searching  around until we find something red bean soups   that seems like a lot of the places are actually  closed though it is a saturday so maybe it's a   bit quieter because it is not the weekend or  sorry it is the weekend it's not the weekdays a lot of people over here on this side all right what we got going on over here oh  we've got Indian food right there so that could   be delicious Sri Lankan food down there always  a good time I wonder if they've got the uh the   chicken biryanis over here looks like they've got  some good stuff oh yeah what do we got up oh yeah   we do have biryani that is a good sign guys I  knew I was going to find some and that's exactly   why I came over to little India right now that  is what my taste buds are thinking about at the   and if you moment in here we've  got all different types of uh   chickens various uh types of sauces  in there I recognize a lot of these   so it's good to uh good to be back with what  I know sure the chicken is good yeah oh very   good I might have to try the chicken biryani  you get that with a little beer on in there   that is perfect yeah I was just in India for  a month so I was craving some Indian food.   Hello, how are you can I please have a  chicken biryani please a "bohot acha [Very Good]" one yeah   daniabad [Thank you] oh yeah so we've got some fresh stuff  and it looks like a biryani here is about 650   guys so since we have 27.27 Singapore dollars to  spend that'll get us through the first uh almost  

seven that we'll be spending on the biryani  so oh yeah we're even getting served on the uh   I forgot what types of uh leaves those  are called oh yeah that looks fantastic   very good so that is a fresh looking biryani  and we'll also get a water to wash it down and then uh do you have a bottle of water water. Water no. You buy yourself. Thank you very much. Dhainyabad Bhaisahab [Thank you brother] all right so this is what we've got right here  guys a delicious biryani ready to be chowed on   made here right in Singapore oh yeah that's a  lot of food I don't know if I'm gonna be able   to finish all that but we'll do our best and then  it looks like we're gonna have to get ourselves a   little beverage right over here I'm thinking  will just go for a typical water ah hello hello just one water please oh   yeah thank you grab a fork here thank you very much so guys with the water and the biryani that  brings us down to a remaining looks like 18   singapore dollar suspense we'll get a fresh  good meal in us and then we'll do a little   shopping with the remaining cash we've  got oh actually oh 19 19 we got remaining   so we're going to go ahead and uh try this  out here i need to grab myself a uh a knife   cool so one more look at it guys what we've got on  here we've got the chicken we've got the egg we've   got the rice right there we've got it looks almost  like i forgot the name of it but it looks almost   like coleslaw and then a little bit of dipping  sauce right there so it's going to be delicious   let me tell you that oh all right where did we  even start i'm going to dump a little bit of this   with that rice already honestly  the biryani portions are massive   I could eat this with like  two or three other people all right I should be using my hands but  uh I haven't been able to wash them so uh   we're gonna first of all get a little bit of  that egg broken off in there try out some of that   biryani let's get it going oh oh we already lost  some on the uh on the shirt that didn't take long and oh it's sliding right off oh yeah guys honestly it's like I'm teleported  back to India where I just spent some time in   delicious delicious we've got a nice I'd say um relatively  mild sauce on it you really gotta douse   it up to be quite honest here load it  up in there and get a good proper bite that is good, tasty and I will say like once  I put a little bit more of the sauce on it that   gave it a nice more like enjoyable taste it was  a bit maybe dry with the rice at first without it fantastic guys now we got to go straight  into the chicken here so let's give it a bite that is juicy chicken uh you know it's  made the local way when you can taste all   the flavours you got that spice honestly  I almost forgot how spicy some of the   food is here in India they're not here  in India but in India, Indian type food let me tell you it is hitting the spot I'm literally so glad that I actually  was looking so closely at the metro sign   because I was actually going to be heading  back to my hotel and then I saw a little   India I was like oh I need to stop there  and see what happens see what we can find that is the one thing I forgot to  get napkins guys so my hands are   going to be a little soaked by the end  of this meal but it definitely is tasty you guys remember my biryani valley  back in India's because I was eating so   many of these and let me just tell you that  biryani it's been a while good to be back oh yeah now we're mixing it actually  with a little bit of the um the sauce   from here a bit of the spice from the chicken  that'll be the ultimate spoonful right there and then chase it down with one more  bite of that chicken baby let's go that's exactly what I was looking for  tasty, delicious give my mouth a nice   little fiery, sizzle there gonna need some water  to wash it down now let me tell you that guys oh literally bringing down the internal  body temperature like 50 degrees let me tell you if any of you guys were here and I would  have known I would have invited you to   split this biryani meal with me because I'm  gonna be so full after this I'm gonna need   to walk like another 10 000 steps  and if you saw yesterday's video   I put on about 10 000 sharing with  you my first impressions of Singapore and guys I was able to locate the napkins  that's the one thing that I never forget   when I mean the biryanis holy crap do they get  messy get all over my face and everything so   sorry about talking to the last like  five minutes and I'm just wearing half   of it that's what happens when it's  been a while since you had a biryani I'm gonna finish this off guys and then we're  gonna take you with us to head over to more   places here in little India all right guys we  have finished off the biryani now it's time to   cruise around more of this market see how we're  going to spend our last 19 Singapore dollars   or what is that maybe 15 left it looks like we've  got textiles and dresses up on the next floor so   I'd say we cruise up there maybe we'll take  you guys for a little walk through this area   as well it looks like we've got a lot of fruits  fresh produce vegetable market some delicious   juices over there so can't go wrong it seems like  the prices over here are quite good in terms of   what they've got to offer we've got fresh meats  over on this side of the market there oh yeah oh   yeah oh holy crap you can smell the meats there  it's uh it's a little strong guys one day one day   on YouTube I'm gonna be able to figure out how one  day it's gonna evolve to where you can smell what   I'm smelling and you'll be like oh I know what  he's talking about now no just because they were   the butcher shop so and now we're walking into the  fish market here so that's where you get some of   the stronger smells but holy crap look at some  of these these are like mini sharks right there   this is like a full on massive market so  that seems like that's how they have the   design layout of this whole place we've got  produce we've got meat we've got all types of   butcher shops over here and then up on the  second floor is where where we're going to   locate all of the textiles and I haven't I have  a feeling that's hello how are you my friend okay Keise ho Bhaisahab [How are you, Brother]. Probably "Bohot acha [very good"] very good oh that's I will tell you one thing and then I  loved filming in India because people just love   being on camera and you know some of the other  countries I've been to people uh a fair amount   of countries I have been to people love being on  camera but there's also been some where you know   people are a little shy and it's totally cool but  like you know it's more fun when you get others   on camera you get to meet them talk with them  so uh yeah I'd say actually looking out here   we've got some markets down  there all along this area wow   so I'm thinking we might uh cross the street  here and see what's down this road over here.  I'm seeing some clothing options here, so I think  this video has turned into a little market hunt   with those remaining 19 Singapore dollars  we're going to be spending here guys so   let's check out what we've got  over here and see what there is.

Well some shoes over there some textiles oh yeah we've got some fresh looking black shoes  right here these could be a good move.  I'm not gonna sure those are gonna fit though probably probably  this size right there some "Suprees" never heard of   this brand "Suprees" all right but I do kind of  like these ones as well they've got a good look   to them so we can pay what's the price on those  they're gonna be paying 12 all right that's doable   and I think those are going to fit. Hello, can I uh purchase this? Okay. size yeah 41 yeah who you are I  think I'm 41 yeah you know or 43. 43 maybe yeah 43 I think is the one I'm gonna need well  yeah 42 is good actually yeah that's perfect uh oh they're 18. yeah oh can you do 12? No, sorry. I don't  think I can get it then I'm limited on my budget   so thank you. Guys bad news I read the wrong  wrong side I didn't want to pay 18 because  

then we pretty much have burned through all of  the remaining cash. So hey you know you live and   you learn they're not as negotiable in this  area yeah we've got a lot of these uh really   beautiful flowers here that I saw I mean  I did see them all over India when I was there.   I remember like distinctively and when I was in  Jaipur that's when uh I saw a lot of different   markets like this which was uh a lot of a lot  of like really good smells and sights to be   able to see like such beautifully designed uh uh  flowers there so yeah let's see what's over here   I could go for maybe a new piece of clothing if  we find the right one it's pretty cool though to   be here um and in various parts of the city  you're going to see obviously depending on   what the population mainly is you're going to see  different languages on the signs you know over in   over in some of the other areas we showed  you in the first impressions video guys   signs were only in English and let me tell you  this not the case over here. I think you guys uh if   you've seen my india series we'll recognize some  of the uh some of the uh figures of the letters   but yeah we're gonna head back over kind  of near the mall area seems like this is   more of the pawn shop gold area a cool area to  walk around though the one thing I'll say is   like there's not too many people that are asking  you to buy stuff like not really much pushiness   it's more of just uh you stroll through scroll in  and out and if you find something you like then uh   then you buy it there so what  do we got going on over here   all right well we're walking back through the  place where we first started out i'm going to   figure out if we can get up to the second  floor guys because the second floor is where   I saw a bunch of like other textile shops and  over here oh they've even got a jungle gym   an actual gym over there and so a little  bit of everything and what's going on guys because it is so hot here  in Singapore I lost you there for   a few minutes I didn't realize it but I was just  walking around I didn't actually buy anything yet   but we're gonna go back and try and go  up on the second floor and we'll see  what we can get. All right. Oh! we got some pigeons.

Hello, there Sire. Down boy. Wow it's crazy they're so used to being around humans you can come  that close to them and they don't run away but here we are all right we've  got a lot of clothing up here   seems like this all over here is women's  clothing we'll see if we can find any men's   clothing as we walk through this area let's see  oh we've got some very nice a tire over here. Oh yeah look at this beautiful clothing really  beautiful here we go we might have found some   nice dress over here I do like this gray one I  think it'll fit too sixteen ninety so that'll   use up a fair amount of it and let's see what  are the dress we've got I want to try this one   I think this one's calling my name but we'll  check over here as well oh these are 22. it's  

a bit more expensive obviously prices are going to  be a bit more expensive than when we're in India I can help you until 18 is pure Linen 18  for that all right it's your size I'll   give you a new piece you can try on it this  is pure Linen. Yeah I think that's a good size   oh yes please yeah. Guys I think  we found a good option here to get. Thank you.

Something like this but this one the price quite  higher oh very nice and that's the same price no   this one is around 30. Oh around 30 okay and this  one's uh thank you and just want me to help you.   Oh yes please. Okay. thank you so much  all right so this one is 18? Yeah 18. Okay you can see here okay here we go  I'd say that uh what do you think fits   pretty nice. Very nice yeah you want to see  uh the mirror yeah yeah thank you so much oh yeah that's a nice look it's a pure linen so  you don't worry I giving you very good price   oh very nice all right I think we'll take it then  yeah I can check whether got new place or not in   a minute thank you if you don't have you have to  take this piece out this one's uh this one's fine yeah I have a new piece. A new piece. Okay oh that's that's okay I think  

I'll wear it right now. You're wear this. Yeah wear in. Wear this, you're taking this. This is a new one. Don't worry. Thank you so much. So, it's 18. 18 yeah. Thank you very much. Enjoy your trip! Thank you so much I really appreciate it. Oh yeah that'd be great thank you.

Your hobby is about. YouTuber. YouTuber yeah. It's World Nomac. Thank you so much n.o.m.a.c. Thank you  so much nice to meet you. What's your name? "Elaine" Elaine, Mac nice to meet you. Bye thank  you. All right guys there we go I feel like we're   back in India and uh this is much cooler to  be wearing right now than than the shirt I   was wearing it's a little bit more breezy  we've got some uh room for the air to flow   of course prices are gonna be a little bit more  quite a bit more expensive than uh when you buy   something like this in India but like yeah I paid  18 negotiated down from 22 so I'd say that is what   like 12 US dollars and uh got a nice nice new good  look going here guys so that is uh that's all the   money though that went by quicker than I expected  I thought I was gonna be able to get like one   or two more things but honestly guys I uh like I  told you some some of the video cut out when I was   down there and I looked at a couple other shoes  options and everything was like 15 roughly 15 for   the type that I wanted and so we had to uh we had  to work with what we could rip this one off there   and uh now we are back in business so yeah guys  fun time walking around the little India area   especially with it was like so spontaneous that I  came across this spot got a new shirt got a nice   biryani belly to fill out that shirt and uh yeah  shorter vlog but I knew I wanted to uh make this   video because when I saw a little India I was like  I know all my Indian subscribers will love to see   uh a little dive into what Singapore's  version of little India is like so   lots of fun there guys really hope you've enjoyed  coming with us for a little shopping spree right   there and if you have guys make sure that like  button if you want to see more videos both here   maybe or maybe not here in Singapore  there's a chance in tomorrow's video   I might actually be flying out and if you  guys saw two videos ago I was trying to   figure out my next destination Singapore was  a bit of an accident so uh we shall see if   there'll be another video coming out here in  singapore guys or if it'll be on my way to the   next destination so thank you guys so much for  watching as always and I'll see you tomorrow

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