Welcome to Rajasthan The Land of Kings EP.20 | Pakistani Visiting India

Welcome to Rajasthan  The Land of Kings EP.20 | Pakistani Visiting India

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They have brought Gujarati phaphra and jalebi for us. Some are too historical and beautiful to be real. What about when there's a match..?

When there's a game between Indian and Pakistan... It's a very clean city. It has really impressed me. Even the first impressions have been impressive. Our room overlooks a lake.

Let me give you a view from here. It's a great view of Taj Lake Palace from here. What are these three called? Baati. Your name's Madan. Right? Yes. We are here for breakfast.

Here's Rahul. And... over here we have Hussein and Amaan. They came here so early in the morning to meet us.

They told us that they have been waiting since 4 am. Thanks a lot. We did meet Amaan yesterday but not Hussein. They have brought Gujarati phaphra and jalebi for us. What do you call this? Thepla.

It's made from... It's Gujarati Thepla... made from mint and methi. And coriander. They call it Thepla in Gujarati. I made this. Thank you so much.

Narayan made it for us. We are visiting his city Udaipur today. More about that after we have finished our breakfast.

Are these onions? It's raw papaya, eaten with phaphra. It's used especially for this purpose. I haven't heard most of these names before. I'm sure you must have heard about papaya. Yes. Papaya I have heard of. This one is cooked but the other one is raw.

What do you start with? Phaphra or ...? You can start with whatever you like. I'll just do as you guys do. Start with sweet? Shall I start with sweet? Yes. I thought you tried the sweet at the end.

You can have that at the beginning as well as in the end. Let's start with fruits then. Assalam Alekum. Namaste. Good morning. Sat Sri Akal. From Dodhiya Haveli in Ahmedabad. Today we are going towards Rajasthan. Our first stop is gonna be in Udaipur.

We'll stay there for a couple of days to explore Udaipur. One of the most beautiful cities in this region. We'll try to explore this as best as we can. It's almost 250 km away from here. We'll definitely take a couple of breaks along the way. There are some historical places that we'll explore.

Let's get going. You can see some of our viewers standing behind me and some over this side. Lets ride with us from Ahmedabad to Udaipur. Okay then... Narayan and Makesh. We are going to your city now.

Okay. Thank you. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* We pray to Allah for a safe and memorable day ahead. And I hope that all of you must be having a good day as well. I wish that it stays pleasant.

It's a very lively city. Another thing that I liked is that... During the day, the city is really full of life...

But at night, it gets very peaceful here. People close their shops early in the evening. The food shops stay open though. But businesses are mostly closed. That makes the overall environment rather calm and peaceful. I thing we came to the wrong place.

We had to go through the other side. I have to go to Udaipur. Udaipur? Yes.

Udaipur is my district. Yes. I'm going to your district. Thanks very much. People here are very well mannered.

All the people that I have interacted with so far... Gave us a lot of respect. Even if we make some mistake on the road... They just let it go, considering that we are tourists. Our ride through the narrow streets has just begun. Entering the main commercial market; clothing market.

Cotton of this region is very famous. The biggest cotton industry of India is in this region. It's almost 10:30 am. Business hours have begun. There's a temple coming on our left side.

A very historical city indeed. There's a historical building almost around every corner here. I find it really tough to ride my motorcycle with all the luggage on, in narrow streets like this. There's a big chance of brushing against something or someone. Just like this...

We are definitely gonna get brushed against the guy standing there. The public transport system here is pretty good. There's metro... And also these buses that run between the road lanes.

Overall, Ahmedabad is a very well developed city. We are now gonna cross the Sabarmati river to get to the other side. Our next destination Adalaj Stepwell is along this route. Another 15 minutes from here. Hi Abrar. Hi Sir. How are you?

Pavan. How are you Pavan? So nice to meet you. Thank you so much. Nice meeting you. Welcome man.

Prakash, how are you? How are you? What's your name? Umesh. Umesh. Prakash. And Bhavin. Thank you so much for coming. I hope you remember my name.

The registration number of my motorcycle is 3744. Whenever someone asks me about G on my registration plates, I tell them it's Gujarat. Let's park inside.

We have reached Adalaj Stepwell. Ever since I came to India... and even before that... I did see some videos and pictures of this place.

I'm really fond of exploring historical monuments like this. Let me share some background about these stepwells. The first ever stepwells found are from Mohenjo Daro in Indus valley civilization. For instance, cities like Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. And from there, it began a trend of making such stepwells. These were especially common in water deficient regions of Pakistan and India.

Some are so amazing that it's hard to believe that they were built so long ago. One of them is Adalaj Stepwell. Its construction work started in 1498 by a Hindu Maharaja, Rana Veer Singh. But his rule ended only one year later. It was subsequently completed by Mahmud Begada, the neighboring ruler.

That's why you'll find a number of similarities here. For instance, the architecture and the detailed artwork is a mixture of Hindu and Muslim architecture. The stepwell was constructed to help against the water scarcity of this region. To this date, it is one of the most beautiful monuments of the region. You'll find more stepwells in this region though.

But we are only going to visit this one. Hopefully you are gonna enjoy the visit. In Gujarati language, these are called vavs... But more generally they are called stepwells. I forgot to mention that this structure is 5 levels deep.

And you can see water down at the 5th level. I have been advised many times not to tell anyone in India that I am from Pakistan. That's not needed in Gujarat. That only happens when there's a cricket match. Otherwise, we'd rather eat together.

What happens when there's a cricket match? The India-Pakistan debate gets serious only when there is a cricket match between the two teams. Otherwise, we share our dinner tables. Okay Sanjay. It was very nice talking to you. Thank you. This place is not too far from Gandhi Nagar.

Gandhi Nagar is in fact the capital of Gujarat. There are numerous universities here. And it's a very well planned city. Lets see what the roads from here to Udaipur are like... We are taking a break after riding for about 100 km.

Today we have ordered a Punjabi plate for us. Paparr and some roti. Grams and lentils. This is cheese I guess.

These are rice and that's something else. It's all veg. Here you get a wide range of food options almost everywhere. Looks really nice. And mostly it tastes as good as it looks. Just another 160 km to go.

A full stomach makes you feel drowsy. Lets see... If we get sleepy in next 30 km or so... then we'll take a short break for tea.

Welcome to Rajasthan Bye Bye Gujarat. We are in a new state now. We'll be exploring this state now. I think our stay here will be the longest of this tour. We plan to spend almost 6 to 7 days in Rajasthan.

Udaipur. Jodhpur. Ajmer Shareef. Jaipur. We are definitely going to visit these places. We'll have to miss Jaisalmer though. Hopefully we'll cover it the next time.

The roads here are really nice. And there's not much traffic either. I think this is the least crowded highway in our India tour so far. Our ride has been awesome. We have been covering a fair deal of distance.

So... Welcome to Udaipur. Just check out the environment here... How different it is from any other place that we have visited so far in India. For instance the dresses of women here. Just saw a cow sitting on the road. Quite colorful.

We are almost 5 km from the hotel. Our hotel is very close to the main lake here. It would be a great idea to see the sunset and sunrise there. That's the main tourist area here. And in fact the most beautiful area as well.

That's why we decided to stay there. Overall this area has a very relaxed vibe. I mean the crowded roads, the traffic noise...

That's not the case here at all. It's a completely different world. Looks like I'm in love with Rajasthan at first sight.

Weather... Road... And the calm in the atmosphere here. Let's hope it's not gonna change as we move forward.

However, I have a feeling that Rajasthan is going to be very relaxed. You'll even see people sitting on their jeeps. Especially the transportation for going to small villages is mainly jeeps. The roadsides here are as if a whole world lives here. Almost everything is being sold. Especially the roads that go through the cities are quite lively.

The bigger cities can be bothersome due to crowded roads. It's the relaxed areas like this one that make your ride fun. I thought that there would be only desert in Rajasthan.

I mean that's the picture that comes to mind when you hear this name. But it's really green. The hilly area that we just passed through was also very green. Even the city is also quite green. It's a very clean city. Impressed me a lot.

The first impressions were quite promising. You won't see any garbage or littered areas here. It's very well maintained. A lot of tourists come to this area though. But that's not unique to this city only. They have maintained it rather well.

It feels great to be here. And we haven't seen any tourist or historical sites here yet. A motorcycle gives you the freedom to ride on such narrow roads.

It won't have been possible on a car. I don't understand... That the hotel will be at a location like this.

That's how the roads here are like. I think this road is under construction. But most of the hotels don't have a road.

That's because of the historical neighborhood. The ancient houses have been converted into hotels. So we have to park at some suitable location. That's the lake over there.

Look at that... Such an awesome place it is. We have checked in to our room.

This is our amazing looking bed. It's a lake view room. Let me share the outside view. The lake looks stunning in the backdrop of sunset.

We'll just go and try to capture this view briefly. You can almost see what the person in the washroom is doing. So, this lack of privacy is a little difficult for me to digest.

We paid almost 3700 INR for this room. That's almost 45 USD. So... pretty good. There are some minor issues with the room such as the washroom thing that I just shared.

Anyways, let's go outside and capture this beautiful sunset for you. It's really beautiful. We are at the roof top of our hotel.

Such a great view we have up here. The hotel is called Mustache Palace. Mustache Udaipur Luxuria. Right now we have the manager of the hotel with us.

What's your name, sir? I'm Nitesh. The view of Taj Lake Palace that we have here is awesome. And over here we have City Palace. This we are gonna visit soon.

We can visit it. Right? Yes. Hopefully we'll visit that tomorrow. This is probably the best sunset view point in Udaipur. Right in the horizon, we saw a beautiful sunset. We captured the time lapse for you. We have also been served complementary hi-tea here.

Take a look at our tea, some brownies and biscuits. We are here for our dinner. Since we are in Rajasthan, we should be having Rajasthani food. Just like before, we have a Rajasthani plate now.

Let me show you. The light here is not enough so I'm using my mobile's torch light. As you can see, we have 4 laddu here.

One of the other items is lentil and the other is curry. What do you call these three things? Bati. Your name's Madan. Right? Yes. Madan told us that... just like we make roti bread with wheat...

Here they give it a rather spherical form. And the other one on this side... This is choorma laddu. That's sweet.

We also have some onion and lemon. This is jaggery. Right? Jaggery with onions. Jaggery and onions.

This is Rajasthani Daal Bati. This is thinly chopped onion. These are green chillies. This is garlic chatni. There are a couple of other types of chatnis.

We also have a glass of butter milk, which is called chhachh over here. Thank you so much Madan. For this, we paid 625 INR. That's almost 8 USD.

This restaurant is a little on the posh side. Otherwise, we get a similar meal in 300 INR or so. It's a little more expensive here... owing to the class of this restaurant. I don't know how to eat this. Help me, Madan. You can start by breaking the bati.

Like this? Yes. Take a thin piece like that of the onion. Do it over the plate. Make small pieces like these? Yes. And keep the sweet laddu outside the plate. Over here. In this plate.

Now just break the bati over there. Done. Now pour curry and lentils over it.

Really heavy. The city has a totally different vibe at night. Very peaceful and quiet.

The hotels, restaurants and cafes on the banks of this lake are impressive. The way they are illuminated and their reflection in the lake is awesome. One of the most peaceful cities at this time of night.

No loud noises or annoying sounds. It's really enjoyable to walk here at the moment. You can say that I'm feeling relaxed after a long period of time. Let's walk some more. And keep looking around.

And we'll keep sharing with you whatever we see. I shared that I'm staying at this hotel. I didn't get too many messages from Udaipur so I thought to have a small meetup here. I mentioned in the story that there will be almost 5 people. And exactly 5 people showed up.

Please tell everyone your names. I'm Maneej. Ali Hussein. Muhammad Khizar Baloch. Imran Qureshi... Saif Khan. Thank you so much for coming, guys. Thank you Abrar. We just had an almost private meetup here.

Nice meeting you all. Nice seeing you. Big fan... Very inspiring. We showed you just a little in this vlog. There'll be more to see in the next one; After I have taken tips from these boys.

Okay then. Remember me in your prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz

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