We've Been MISERABLE Lately...Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 447

We've Been MISERABLE Lately...Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 447

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- It just gets unliveable. That's the only way to describe it. (boat creaking) - [Sierra] Mommy. - It's like living inside an amusement park ride, just never stops. Geez. (objects clattering) - I just wasn't ready really for this change. (gentle guitar music) - [Brian] So here we are in our floating house that hasn't stopped rolling for a week in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Objectively, the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia are a dream come true. (screen ticking) Six months ago, we are so excited to arrive here as we made landfall after a 19-day passage from Mexico. I mean, come on. Just look at these happy faces. But this time, when we returned after one of our toughest sales in recent memory, it felt a little different. - Soon as we dropped the hook last night, I just started kind of like crying.

- [Brian] We're so lucky to live the life that we do and to call such incredible places around the world, our backyard. But sometimes, no matter how perfect things can seem on the outside, life gets tough. And for the first time in a while, we were in a funk. - So last week you guys probably saw in the video that I had a mini breakdown after our passage here to the Marquesas. (Kazza sobbing) I was really not in a good place, feeling super exhausted and just like overwhelmed with the whole situation.

And to be honest, it hasn't really gotten a lot better. Unfortunately, the anchorages here are just horrific. (playful rock music) It's been super rolly.

- [Brian] Geez. (playful rock music) (objects clattering) - Really hot, whew, and a lot of bugs. There's so many mosquitoes, ah. To be this rolly when on anchor, it's really tough. (playful rock music) The rolls though. - [Brian] Oh, the whole boat's going crazy.

- Yeah. (objects clattering) (Brian chuckles) - [Brian] It sucks. - Hold on. (upbeat rock music) (objects clattering) It just like gets into your skin. Like, it gets under your skin. I don't know what you call it in English, but it's like it just gets to me so bad. (Brian grunts) (objects clattering) - [Brian] It's not worth it. (objects clattering)

Oh, no. The drawer fell open. - Brian, I think it could be cool if you feel like coming in here and saying something. (TV sensor buzzing) He's in a bad mood. (upbeat techno music) Right now we're trying to make our lives a little bit more comfortable by rigging up two Rocker Stopper.

I call them Flopper Stoppers. - [Brian] There's a bunch of different styles and products on the market, but they all work more or less off the same premise. They're designed to sink easily, but resist upward motion. We've got these cone-shaped ones called Davis Rocker Stoppers that you string together on a line.

And when you hang them off both sides of the boat, they work together to dampen the rolling motion. Their whole job is to take energy out of the system, thus dampening from a death roll to mildly annoying. Our friend Scott and Tammy from Animal Cracker gave us these in Tahiti a few weeks ago. So we're quite new to using them, and they do take a bit of time to set up. Normally, when it's too rolly, we just move.

But here in the Marquesas, there just aren't a lot of good options for anchorages. And we were awaiting the arrival of a very special visitor, so we didn't want to stray too far from the airport, but we'll get to that in a bit. - [Kazza] Do you think it's gonna help? - It can't hurt, it's just awful. Look at the swells are just rolling right into this bay, like, literally open to the ocean and the wind is not consistent. And so when the wind stops, then we go beam onto the swells and it just gets unlivable. That's the only way to describe it.

It's like living inside and an amusement park ride. It just never stops. (upbeat experimental music) I don't wanna be here. - [Kazza] Yeah.

- [Brian] But we were here, and we had months ahead of us here in the Marquesas as this is really the only safe place we can be during the cyclone season, which was now upon us. So it was time to embrace the literal and figurative rollercoaster we were on and just go with it. Luckily, the rocker stoppers did actually help a decent amount, and the next day we had something even better to look forward to that would help us snap right out of it. - I feel good.

I feel a lot better than we have been. And it's perfect timing for, who's coming today, Sierra? - Mormor. - Mormor, and how excited are you? - [Sierra] Excited. (Kazza chuckles) - [Kazza] You guys ready or what? - [Brian] Ready - Ready.

- Sierra's got her beach sunnies on - [Kazza] Wow. - [Brian] Nice. - [Kazza] Whoa. - [Brian] Whoa. Okay, careful. Uh-oh. - It is still rolling, but it's not too bad.

- Whoa. My Sierra coming up. - [Kazza] This is the island of Nuku Hiva, and we're anchored right here. And now we're gonna drive all the way across town over here to the airport. (upbeat western music) (car engine revving) - She's crashed.

Do you wanna have our lunch here? - [Kazza] Yeah. (bright ukulele music) (bell dings) Look it's a very - [Brian] Look at that. - [Kazza] French lunch. - Mm.

- [Kazza] Pretty good though? - [Brian] Mm-hmm. - [Kazza] It's a nice I view. A sleeping child in the car right down there.

Perfect. (chuckling) The temperature up here is so much more pleasant. It's like 27 degrees, a nice, cool breeze. Oh, I wish it could be this temperature right down there. Look who woke up.

- Yeah. - Did you have a good nap? - Yeah. (mumbling) (gentle bright music) - [Brian] We continued along on our idyllic island drive, and we arrived to the airport just in time to see Mormor's plane touchdown. A site that made one of us incredibly excited.

(plane engine wheezing) - I'm so excited. Go, go, go. (Brian laughs) - [Brian] Did you see how fast she ran? Wow - She ran so fast.

Oh, hi, Mormor. - So cute. Oh. (Mormor giggles) - Mommy.

- [Kazza] Mormor. Hey. - [Mormor] Hey. (Mormor speaks in Swedish language) (Kazza speaks in Swedish language) - [Brian] My turn. Hi, Mormor.

Good to see you. Welcome to another random place. (upbeat music) - I'm back. (TV sensor buzzing) (bright ukulele music) (Mormor and Sierra cheering) - [Sierra] Hold my hand. - [Brian] Will you pull me up? - [Sierra] Yeah.

- Ready? 1, 2, 3. Pull. - [Kazza] Get ready. - [Brian] Oh, thank you. - [Kazza] Yay. (Mormor speaks in Swedish language) - Yay, yay, yay. (claps)

- [Sierra] I know. (Mormor speaks in Swedish language) - [Mormor] Oh. - Welcome. Welcome. Do you wanna say welcome? - [Sierra] Welcome.

(Mormor speaks in Swedish language) I put it in here. Over there. - [Mormor] Okay. - [Sierra] Yeah. - [Kazza] Sierra, do you wanna show Mormor where she's gonna sleep? - [Sierra] Oh, yeah.

(footsteps thumping) (Mormor speaks in Swedish language) (Sierra babbling) - Did you hear her comment when I took off my shoes? "Mormor has socks?" (Kazza laughing) That was strange. - [Sierra] Yeah. - Strange person had socks in their shoes. - [Sierra] Boop. - Boop! ( chuckles) (Kazza whispering) - Whoa! (Mormor speaks in Swedish language) - [Kazza] Yeah, you and Sierra are gonna camp up here.

Good luck. (chuckles) Have fun. Okay, this is us for the next couple of weeks. (chuckling) I put Sierra to bed, and I actually think Mom fell asleep fast than Sierra. She was so jet lagged, but they're really cute up there, and I think they're both just fall asleep. (doorknob rattling) (floor creaking) (bright ukulele music) (waves sloshing) We're getting ourselves, oh my God, ready for an adventure today. We're gonna get off this rolling hot boat, and we're gonna take a car and drive around the island.

It's quite miserable in the anchorage today. Yeah. How did you sleep? - Well, it was a bit rolly, but hold on. - But first, for our daily morning routine, we're gonna get ready for today's adventure with some AG1 that is a sponsor of this week's video. - [Brian] AG1 is a daily foundational nutrition supplement that supports whole body health. AG1 is the perfect way to give me energy throughout the day, and knowing that I'm supporting my immune system with essential vitamins, minerals, and the whole food source, antioxidants feels great.

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Here you go Ma, give this a try. - Wow, is this what I've been seeing you drink? - [Kazza] AG1. - AG1. Wow. - Is it good? - It's yummy. Got a natural flavor to it.

Like it. Can I keep it? - [Kazza] Drink it. (Mormor speaks in Swedish language) - It is super easy to get started, so why not take care of yourself? Just head to our link, DrinkAG1.com/svdelos. We can put it below for you. If you do right now, you can get a free one year supply of Ag vitamin D3 plus K2 drops and five free travel packs of AG1 powder with your first purchase. That's it, thanks very much for watching.

And back to the show. (upbeat western music) - It is bumpy here today 'cause big swell coming in. The camera simply does not do the rolls justice.

And every time I try to film proper cups flying off the table roll, of course, it never comes when I'm ready with the camera. Why does it never roll when you want it to roll? And just as I was commenting on this phenomenon, I captured something even better. Every time I film it, it doesn't roll. (Mormor shrieks) (Mormor laughs) What happened? - Rolling. (laughing)

- [Brian] Everybody in dingy. (bright instrumental music) Hiking, beautiful views, local food and animals awaited us. But our first stop of the day was to show Mormor something very special here in French Polynesia.

- [Kazza] What do you know about tikis, Mom? - Oh, they look very interesting, I kinda like 'em. - [Kazza] I will insert tiki facts here. - [Brian] The exact origins of tikis are unclear, but they can be found in many Polynesian islands, like right here in French Polynesia, Hawaii, Fiji, Easter Island, and New Zealand, just to name a few. The Marquesas Islands is home to lots of ancient tikis carved from stone, as well as some pretty incredible modern tiki art. In Polynesian culture, the tiki represents the connection between man, woman, and nature. Between heaven and earth and symbolizes creation and life itself.

It's pretty cool to be able to see these beautiful, culturally significant works of art scattered around in such a beautiful backdrop. With Mormor's first tiki officially checked off the list, we ventured on towards our next mission of the day. - Rocking your horse? (Sierra babbling) - [Kazza] You don't see that on your show. - [Kazza] Wild pig. - [Brian] Wild pig. - [Kazza] There's so many pigs. It was crazy. We've seen more pigs.

(pig snorts) (Brian chuckles) (bright ambient music) - [Brian] We are starting to work up an appetite, and we found a pretty cool spot to stop and give Mormor her first taste of the local flavors. - We're at a little restaurant. - Local restaurant - On the other side of the island. She does some really nice referred.

- Cheers. - Cheers, Sierra. (glasses clanking) (Mormor speaks in Swedish language) - [Sierra] Wait, Mom, Dad. - [Brian] Okay. - That's cold. - [Brian] It's cold.

Oh, look at that. - [Mormor] Wow. - num, num, num. I got the assembly. - [Kazza] Oh. - I've shrimp. I have fried fish, a grilled fish, tapioca, salad. - [Kazza] Are you Googling your food? - I couldn't remember what tapioca was.

I thought it was cassava and it is cassava. - [Mormor] It is like a potato, but it tastes really good. - [Kazza] What did you get, Sierra? Rice. And I have Poisson Cru, which is whole fish in like coconut. - It's like ceviche.

- Yeah, like ceviche. It's really, really nice. - Bon appetit. (relaxing jazz music) (texts clicking) - [Kazza] What can you see, Sierra? - I see that.

- [Kazza] Is it an eel? - Yeah. - These eels down here, some massive eels. - [Brian] Oh wow. They're big.

- [Kazza] Yeah. (water sloshing) (upbeat music) - [Brian] There is a trail nearby that let up to what promised to be a pretty amazing lookout point. So we bid a due to our slithery friend and set off on our way.

- It's good that we had a massive lunch before doing this. My belly goes (imitates vomit) (upbeat music) - [Mormor] Almost there. - [Brian] Only 1200 meters to climb. - [Kazza] Hooray. - [Sierra] I know. - Very smart for a 4-year-old.

- [Sierra] I know. Almost there. - Just kidding, it's 1200 feet (Mormor singing) - Cashew. (babbles) - [Kazza] So cashew grows actually upside down like this on a fruit. - [Sierra] I know.

- [Kazza] And then you have to take the cashew off and then you have to dry it and then you can crack out the cashew. - [Brian] Num, num, num. - And eat it. - [Kazza] Cool. Huh?

- Whoa. Yeah. - I hadn't seen that before we were in India and then I realized why cashews are so expensive, 'cause it's like a lot of work to pick out all the individual fruit, get the cashew off, dry it and then, yeah, it's a lot. (upbeat ambient music) (birds chirping) Did we make it? - [Brian] Made it, - Oh, look at this. (upbeat ambient music) - [Brian] Two Amels down there.

Are they rolling? Yup. (bright ambient music) (car whooshing) Oh, baby, look at that little fella. Horse crossing. (bright ambient music) - It's been a long day for somebody. She's crashed. (upbeat ambient music) (waves sloshing) (texts clicking) Okay, we are leaving this rolly ass anchorage.

Can't take it anymore. We took down the poles, and straight away we just started rolling like crazy. Just picking up the hook, and it's gonna move to a bay that is just like an hour away, a little bit further up and will hopefully be a little bit less rolly. Bye-bye, rolly anchorage. - Yeah, we've had enough. I was just like, "What are we doing here?" The boat, even with the flopper stoppers.

And the flopper stoppers really helped. Like, they made it so that we could live on, manageable. So like, there was a difference between being uncomfortable sometimes and cups flying off the table. - [Kazza] Yeah. - Like, it made that much of a difference.

And then we're gonna head around the corner to a little bay that we checked out when we rented the car yesterday called Humie, which is around the corner. Should have better protection from the swell. (upbeat instrumental music) - [Kazza] Pretty much straight into it, huh? - Straight into it.

(upbeat instrumental music) - [Kazza] Stretching out. Okay, so we have three meter under us, and we're just backing down as we always do to make sure that the hook sets really good and that we're not dragging. (bright instrumental music) (water burbling) (bright instrumental music) It's so special to have Mom here. I think that's one of the things that I struggle the most with with this sailing lifestyle. It's just like being away from family and friends for such extended periods of time.

And Sierra has been looking forward to this for so long, and she's just like loving that they're sleeping together up there in her room and feel like we're back on track. We're getting out of our funk that we had here earlier. Life is overwhelming sometimes, and I feel like Mom has really, really helped us to get out of that. I can definitely feel that we're moving in the right direction. So it's amazing.

(TV sensor buzzing) (upbeat music) I like the baguettes holder. - [Brian] Mm-hmm. - [Kazza] You have a baguettes holder too? How excited is Sierra? - So excited. - [Kazza] How excited is Mormor, you think? - So excited like me.

- [Kazza] How does she go on the plane? (footsteps thumping) - Like that. Hi. (bright instrumental music) - [Sierra] Woo-hoo! (Brian laughing) (bright instrumental music)

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