We Make MISTAKES…THIS Isn’t One Of Them. Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 454

We Make MISTAKES…THIS Isn’t One Of Them.  Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 454

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- I for sure asked myself if we had made a mistake sailing up here. (slow somber music) The anchorages here are just horrific. We've been struggling quite a lot. If you've been watching the videos, you know.

But, right now I'm actually super happy that we're still not down by Fiji, since that storm is headed their way. And... (gentle curious music) How is the weather? - The weather is looking very interesting.

I am really glad that we decided to sail up to the Marquesas There are actually two low pressure systems kind of approaching Tahiti from the west and one of them has been named. - Tropical cyclone Nat. - And so this is exactly what we are worried about with it being an El Nino year. And normally, you know, the French Polynesia is incredibly cyclone safe, it's very rare. And now there's two big lows headed towards French Polynesia, so that- - [Kazza] Oh that looks gnarly. - Yeah.

- So the current conditions, 80 kilometer an hour winds, sustained, and gusts up to 105 kilometers an hour. - Luckily we are all the way up here, and so we are so far north, that the tropical cyclones don't really make it up to the Marquesas And so we're getting a little bit later into the season. The ocean has been heating up, and now all that energy is kind of being released. - [Kazza] How strong do you think the wind's gonna be, like 50 knots or? - It's cat one.

So I think yeah, 50, 60, something like that. I don't think it's like a cat five or anything like that, but still in the Tuamotos, you know, those are very low lying atolls Even if it just generates a big swell, that swell can come right over the, the atoll there's no protection from wind and it can be quite uncomfortable, and dangerous, right? - [Kazza] Yeah. - So I think we made a good call.

We took our knocks early. (soft gentle music) - I was actually thinking about it earlier today, it's funny how life kind of takes turns. And it's sometimes interesting when you think back on stuff like, you know, we sailed up here and it was quite a struggle. (wind whooshing) We've been just so out of it, both of us.

We haven't really eaten much, just trying to survive, basically. Being up here in the Marquesas have not been easy, for me at least. And I know for Brian too, it's been a lot of rolling, we've been quite uncomfortable. If you've been watching the videos, you know.

It just like gets into your skin. - Been rainy- - Because of these systems. - Because of these systems, that are disturbing the atmosphere, it's been incredibly hot. And it's been very rolly, 'cause the swell still comes right into those bays. But, at least we don't have to worry about riding out a cycle on an anchor.

So we're sitting it out. We are doing boat projects and we are editing videos. And we- - Made some moonshine. - [Brian] We made me some moonshine. We are hanging out with our friends and we've had some good parties. ♪ Whoa ♪ ♪ Got a love that keeps me waitin' ♪ But finally it looked as though we'd have an opportunity to get going and head south.

- One thing that is good for us about the south wind being up here, is that it kind of sucks all the wind down south, so it's actually gonna blow from the north here. So that means that we can head east and get going today. - So we've been trying to make it back to Tahuata and Lake Kiva, down there.

And finally it looks like the breeze has lightened up a little bit. It's gone from like a solid 20 to 25, which sucks to beat into it, to like a like 12,10, let's say 10 to 15, which is significant difference. And it's, instead of being like blasting out of the east, it's kind of tended a little bit out of the north, which gives us just that out extra 15 degrees so that we can make it on one tack and not have to be like so hard on it. - Okay.

Bye-Bye. Hiva Oa. No, no Hiva Oa, oh God. I don't even know where I am anymore. Nobraeva.

Are you filming yourself shaving Brian? - Not exactly. Just a modern day sailor here. I don't have a mirror, but I happen to have a smartphone. - [Kazza] You look great. - Thank you. I'm happy to say that today's video is proudly sponsored by Henson Shaving.

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And right now get yourself a hundred free blade refills by entering the code "svdelos" at checkout. And that's it. You'll get an amazing razor, and you'll support our project at the same time. Thanks very much.

Kazz, by the way, it looks like you could use a little Henson in your life. - Really? My beard is getting a little bit long, huh? Okay, it's time to go sailing. - Let's go! - Let's go. (engine sputtering) (bright adventurous music) - It's always bittersweet to leave one place and head to the next, but we're so ready to make a move.

Ready to work our way southeast away from New Kiva where we'd spent the last few months rolling around and towards the southern islands of Hiva Oa and taa, where we'd spent another few weeks waiting and watching the weather, before ultimately sailing back to the calm, crystal clear waters of the two Emotes. Looking back, even though it was a tough time for us, both physically and emotionally, deep down, we knew that we had made the right call. (bright music) (waves crashing) And with the sound of sales failing and the creaking of Delos' hull, we were back in our happy place, just as if order had been restored in our little floating universe. Much like our beloved Rama kanji tune that we hope won't get us into trouble again.

(upbeat island music) ♪ No more time, see ♪ ♪ No more looking through the bullet ♪ ♪ I'm the source ♪ ♪ Come through, come see my lane ♪ (keys clacking) ♪ Come through and see my lane ♪ ♪ No more looking for the bullet or the source ♪ ♪ Come through and see my lane ♪ (waves crashing) - Mommy? - How 'bout this? - If we can hold this, we will arrive somewhere, sometime tomorrow. - Mommy? - That's the best I can give you. - [Kazza] That's awesome. - I'm gonna sit here and listen to my yacht rock and yacht rock the afternoon away. (upbeat rock music) (waves crashing) - The sailing is beautiful today.

(upbeat rock continues) (waves continue crashing) I would rank this as slow, but one of the best sails we've had in quite a while. - Yeah. - [Kazza] I'm not seasick. Sierra's not seasick. And we're moving in the right direction, so I'm very happy about that. Was that a burp? - Life is good.

All is well on board sailing vessel Delos. - Delos. - Sailing vessel Delos.

- Delos. - Delos, Delos, Delos. (bright island music) (reel clanking) - [Kazza] Oh my God, are you okay? Got a huge fish. - The reel went off like crazy, Kazz. I thought it was gonna school the line.

(whimsical music) (reel clanking) This is big. - [Kazza] It's big? - What do you want it to be? - [Kazza] I want it to be like a good tuna. - A good tuna? (reel clattering) - [Kazza] It went deep, huh? - It went deep. I think it swam down. Like I turned the full drag on of this reel and it didn't even slow it down and this carried on for quite some time.

In fact, well into the evening. This is bending the rod so much. - I know. (reel rattling)

- [Brian] But eventually... - [Kazza] I see it now. It's right there. - [Brian] Yeah, it is swimming back and forth.

It's getting really, it's taken and I'm giving and I'm just trying to be real gentle with it. (wind whooshing) (eerie music) (indistinct chatter) Oh no! - [Kazza] Oh. - That would've been a monster fish, Kazz. - Yeah,

I think it was a tuna too. - God. - [Kazza] You win some, you lose some. - We've been losing a lot lately. (upbeat whimsical music) We are having just a beautiful sail. It's so nice. I think this is like when Delos gets in her groove on this point of sail, then she's just like a freight train going through the waves.

It's nice. We're going pretty fast. I think our speed through the water is about eight knots. We have some current against us. So speed over ground is in sevens. We've got 15 knots of wind, but we're not rocking. You know? She's just like locked kind of in this groove and it's actually quite comfortable.

So you can see here where we left Nuka Hiva and we're going down here. This is Hiva Oa and then Tahuata is right there. And the wind is sort of like, normally it's like this, but the reason we're doing the sail is 'cause it's like this a little bit, which is allowing us to make it all in one tack, without it being too uncomfortable. Just cruising.

(waves crashing) (keys clacking) (waves continue crashing) - We're just gonna try to squeeze ourselves in here. - [Brian] We're gonna come over here on your port side. - It's definitely a tight anchorage. (engine sputtering) It's so many boats! - And some of these boats just happened to be very close friends we hadn't seen in quite some time. We've decided to do something a little bit different today. We're gonna rent a big van.

Our friends are gonna come with us and we're just gonna go cruise around the island. Maybe walk around, maybe explore. Hi, good morning. - Good morning! - Good morning friends. - Let's go adventure.

- [Brian] Okay. (bright upbeat music) - [Friend] Yeah, it's actually really, really nice over there. It was really nice last night out there- (waves crashing) - [Brian] Wow, that is cool. Look at that.

(bright music continues) - People like it. - [Brian] It was really nice out there last night, out there thought, not rolly at all, just chill. - [Friend] That's awesome. - [Brian] Right.

(gentle music continues) Look at this view, Sierra. This is the other side of the island. It's just a fantastic drive.

That road with the twists and the turns. It's so windy. - [Kazza] Yeah, that was crazy.

- [Brian] Such a beautiful drive, though. Look at this. Wow! (gentle uplifting music continues) (Sierra squealing) (wind rustling) (Sierra and Kazza giggling) Whoa! (Sierra and Brian laugh) This is a nice playground, huh? - [Kazza] Yeah. (Sierra screeches) - [Brian] All right, now we're gonna go check out that big tiki. (bright upbeat music) Why don't you try one of those, Tom? They're really good.

- [Tom] Like it's not gonna kill me? - No, no. - No, uh-uh. - Here I'll just- - It's actually a chili, it's not- - I'll do it with you. - Yes. - Oh you took a bigger bite than you needed to. I said just a tip. - Go on, do it with me.

You said you would. (group laughs) - I was just saying that to get you to do it first. Oh God, it's worse than the wasabi I had last night. - Oh, no! (Brian groans) - So silly. (upbeat music) - Oh it burns.

- [Kazza] Oh, you did it to yourself. - [Brian] I know, I know. I can't even talk anymore. (group chatting indistinctly) (bright music continues) - [Sierra] There's the big tiki! - [Brian] Okay, let's go check it out. Show me where it is. Let's go! Let's go look at the big tiki.

Come on and run. Wow, it's so big. - Wow. - That's what she said. That is definitely a big tiki. - Hurry up, hurry up. - All right, come in right here.

- A big tiki. Say cheese. - Cheese. - Okay now serious explorers.

That's my line. - Oh. (group laughing) (bright music continues) (bells ringing) (button clicks) (bell dings) (upbeat music continues) - All right, this is the smoothest anchorage in the Marques at the moment. We're only rolling this much. - [Kazza] I know. - But it's still the best we've got.

I've gotta go up and do a few things. I need to replace a block at the masthead that we use to lift the dinghy. Yeah, let's do this. Am I heavier or lighter than the dinghy? - Lighter. - [Brian] Yeah? - Yeah. - Wish I got that going for me.

- Yeah, be lighter than the dingy. It weighs like 200 Kilos. I surely hope you don't weigh 200 Kilos. - All right, made it. And the view is pretty good up here. I always forget how cool Delos looks from right above her.

She's actually got just a really beautiful shape. This is the block that needs to be replaced. You can see it's a double block and there's no reason for that.

It's also not a rotating block, which is really bad because when the spinnaker and stuff spins, the head of the block doesn't rotate. Block's off. You can see that that chip, look at that.

That's a line chewer right there. It's a good thing I replaced this. Okay, sweet. Okay, so you can see how this block spins, right? So now when the load comes from the side, instead of the block staying straight and the line chaffing on the side, the block will actually spin, which is way better for this type of purpose.

But, my work wasn't nearly done for the day. - [Kazza] What's just happened, Bri? - I went to pull the starter and after I pulled it out, it locked up. It's like really jammed in there now.

It like made a weird noise and it didn't suck the line back in. And I think the same exact thing that happened to it in Moray, just happened again. (somber music) - And that exact same thing happened to our friends, Ticket to Ride, on the same engine. - Yep.

- Well that sucks. (birds chirping) - Well that's a fine mess. - [Kazza] Wow. - How the hell did that happen? Look, it cut into the plastic there. - [Kazza] Oh yeah, that is so- - Maybe I can salvage it and we should probably - Order. - order a new one, just to have one.

- [Kazza] How many should we order, like five? - Five? It's a pretty new engine. It's only three, four years old. I love the engine. It runs great. Except the starter is a piece of crap. I took it apart. We rewound the spring.

Pull it. Oh geez! Easy there, Kazz. You're too strong.

- I mean, have you seen this lately? - You ripped it right out of my hands. - Look at that beast, right there. - Ah, jeez. (Kazza laughs) (starter sputtering) (starter chugging) - Okay. I don't know why. - Weird. - We should probably order another one of those. - [Kazza] Yeah. (Sierra playing harmonica) Thank you for the entertainment.

- You're welcome. (bright curious music) (rain pattering) (gentle music) - [Brian] Oh my God. Look at the color of the water. It's like chocolate milk. - More diarrhea. - Ew. - We've just gotten some updates from our friends down south. And Cyclone Nat has now kind of passed or is just passing and the winds actually aren't as strong as predicted, which is amazing.

There's still being quite a few spots that had some big waves and stuff. I found actually a resort that we visited. They posted some stuff on theirs and it looks pretty gnarly. (waves crashing) I for sure asked myself if we had made a mistake sailing up here. Maybe everything happens for a reason, I'm not sure. But if I wouldn't have had my mini meltdown and if it wouldn't have been so uncomfortable here, we also wouldn't have traveled to Australia.

And Brian wouldn't have booked that ticket and been like, "Let's get off this boat." And then we probably wouldn't have realized that we wanna build a boat there. If you haven't watched those videos about the boat build and like all those decisions, you should because they're really good too. I'll put the link right here.

Subscribe if you haven't, because it really, really helps us out a lot. And love you guys and see you next Friday. - Thank you for watching.

- Bye! - [Brian] Up next on Delos, things get a little stressful on board. - This is not a way you wanna start the day. Ah, I hate it. - [Brian] And it's time to get out of dodge.

So we set sail for a nearby island, that feels like a whole new world. (bright music continues) Is that tree sticking it's butt out? - Hello! Hello butthole! (group laughs) - What? - Sierra. - And that's about it, for today. Bye. - High tail it. (bright music) - Woo hoo! (group laughs and claps)

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