WE GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT IN CHINA Traveling To Lijiang, Yunnan

WE GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT IN CHINA  Traveling To Lijiang, Yunnan

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are you okay so we have to wait for a new car now oh no  no no he said get off the car he going to   have to sort out the situation before we  continue yeah it's too dangerous to stay   in the car we're in the middle of the  the road we have never been in a car   accident like this before so this taxi  just cut across us and we ran into him that was scary I didn't see it until the girl  in the front was screaming and then I looked   it already hit so what's happening now uh  we're waiting right now cuz I think they   have to call the the police to sort out the  situation like his car is okay but their car   yeah but he's the one in the wrong no not  our driver the other car is in the wrong   they didn't signal and they just turned  across the lane I saw the whole thing our   guy's pretty pissed off though he has a full  car of a customers going to Lijiang ironically   on his car on the side of the car it says  safe driving he was safe he was safe well   this is an interesting exciting start to our  journey to Lijiang yeah which is about only 2   hours from Shaxi where we were before honestly  I was having such a chill time he was driving   pretty well listening to Jay Chou music  yeah enjoying our ride so that was crazy wow that's so nice of her no  he bought it right oh yeah the   driver bought Gatorade for all of us the  police are here now yeah taking photos what did he say he asked if any of us are  hurt he wants to make sure we're all okay   the driver feels bad it's totally not his fault  at all I'm not 100% sure I think she heard them   mention that they're trying to get footage from  the road to confirm the statements oh the security   camera yeah but we also have witnesses like  you for sure saw it I saw it happen yeah and   the girl in front saw it happen I didn't see  if he signaled or not signaled I just saw they hit no he didn't the green car was on the left lane  we were driving pretty fast on the right lane   and they just tried to turn into this road but  there usually are a lot of security cameras on   the streets like on the roads so I wonder if it  captured it he also has a dash cam camera our car you know what everyone is scared about  what they're not scared about the accident   or about waiting they're very scared that  sitting here the UV ray is too strong they   need to find somewhere to hide you see  how everyone kind of moved to the shade   yeah yeah literally that girl was like  don't sit there come stand in the shade   with me it's too strong the UV is too strong  it is though it is very strong we're okay to drive so there are two  scenarios one is he's going to do a   safety check on the car and if everything is  okay then we just continue with him if it's   not then we have to take another another  car but we're not alone we have six of us   that are together so I'm sure we'll figure  something out better put on my seat belt oh he's not doing the safety check himself  we're at the garage this is an actual safety check place we're back on the road  to Lijiang I'm glad we get to continue our journey so we made it to Lijiang Ancient Town in one  piece we are currently waiting for the hotel   to come and get us because it's a little bit  of a maze in there and the car can't drop us   off directly at the hotel we have to walk in  through the Old Town that was a interesting   experience though and the driver he was saying  that he's so sorry it took much more time than   he was expecting but he wanted to make sure that  everything was safe so the safety check was a for   sure thing that we had to do um and he mentioned  that if he didn't have the proper vehicle with the   proper licensing and insurance and the camera  that was recording everything then he would   have maybe lost that battle that's why he's said  don't go booking random cars underground vehicles   he said try to find cars that are like insured  cars that are made to transport travelers around   in China he said that's important because if we  got hurt then we would be covered and he's also   covered we were unlucky but also lucky at the  same time so we're just going to go back to our   hotel we'll take it easy today and tomorrow we'll  finally get to explore Lijiang yeah oh oh hi yes good morning from our lovely boutique hotel here  in the middle of Lijiang Ancient Town we're going   to be exploring the town later but let me show  you the hotel that we're staying in because it's   beautiful we got a nice king-size bed look at all  the details on this little tea area TV closet and   a nice shower with hot water and good pressure but  the highlight is this secret door to the rooftop and Flora is already here soaking up the sun it's  so nice look at this view oh so nice it's so warm   up here that's insane this is the Ancient Town  yeah this is all the ancient town and that one   is called Lion Hill and at the night time it  it lights up it's so crazy and even all these   roofs underneath you see our roof here has like  a light so at I don't know like 7 cuz it's like   sunset's like 7:30 here once the sun sets then  all the rooms light up it's so crazy yesterday   we were working here we use this as our uh working  desk and just soaking up the sun and enjoying the   sunset it was really hard to work it's just too  beautiful and you can take a peek down there the   town is not really busy yet I think most people  come a bit later so it's a good time for us to   go and explore and get some yummy food for lunch  this town is so lively there's so much going on   you can't read the Chinese but I'm getting really  excited because there are so many different types   of snacks to try I already saw an ice cream shop  a green bean shop beef jerky shop but we have to get   some coffee first but look look at this look at  the walls that's so nice that's why people come   here to take photos I see a lot of photographers  and people taking photos around the city I saw a   sign that said it's actually only $88 I mean 88 Yuan to dress up in the traditional outfit and they'll   do your hair and makeup and a professional  photographer following you I'm not sure if   that's an additional cost or not but it's not  expensive if you wanted to dress up and take   photos in these beautiful places yeah see that's  so cute it's a bit harder to walk though cuz you   have to watch out for people taking photos all  the time but I find that in general it's been   really polite when people take photos like even  when we're filming something and someone wants   to pass they will wait a little bit and they're  completely happy to wait because it's almost like   we take turns I see a lot of people coming in here  to take photos this says Cherry Blossom Restaurant look at behind you how photogenic is this look  at this place I think I've seen this one online   because at night time it's a completely different  vibe a lot of the you see all the lanterns and   the lights on the side they light up so people  come here at night to take photos as well that's   pretty impressive though that's so cute you want  one photo like that no I'm okay I want one photo   like that okay that actually looks really  nice wow look at you strike a pose perfect you have to be careful on these roads yeah look  at how shiny they are they're super they can be   super slippery it's because these roads are  800 years old so people walk on them so much   people horses you know over the year's carriages  going down these roads it's made it super super slippery yeah oh what is this colorful thing is it tofu? I have no idea she speaks a different dialect oh  okay but I think it's sweet and I think it might   have milk in it might be milky oh she said you  should try it it's good that I understood for   some reason I don't think you can eat it I think  there's milk in it okay we we'll we'll find a new   one thank you look at this this is the noodle  I wanted to try it's called cross bridge noodle   literally that noodle is served on a mini bridge  there's a story behind it as well but do you want   to try this yes yeah okay let's go it looks good you have to order online yeah okay this is quite   confusing first he asked me if I have Tik Tok  cuz he said I can scan it with my Tik Tok and   be able to order it at a discounted price but I  I don't use like I don't have Tik Tok like maybe   they want you to follow them on Tik Tok so you  get discount no people use Tik Tok to order food at restaurants for a discount price  it's like you get a coupon code or something   so then he said okay you can use the other  app which I have because we use it for food   delivery and it is significantly cheaper like  it's 30% off and stuff so he said we can buy it   on here and then order it and it's cheaper  than the menu price yeah this one on the menu   is yeah this 42 Yuan but here it's 30 Yuan wow  that's significant so which one do you want we   have to decide the signature one okay look at  how big this is maybe you have to move and it   does look like a bridge a broken one though  the railing is broken on this side wait but   this is not cooked yeah I think we're missing  something I'll explain once it gets here yeah don't touch it it's super hot look at that  yeah it's spilling out too okay you got to put   the meat in first right now yeah yeah oh it smells  so good the broth what else is raw here this one   this is fish you can put the raw things in there  this one is like a piece of ham it's chicken   quail eggs tomato I think this is  the fun part of it because you get   to do it all yourself not sure what this is  squid I that would like is it cooked already   squid and you have to put the noodles  in might as well drop the whole bowl in there oh okay this looks really good  lots of goodies in there beautiful we also got fried tiny shrimps with the chili  smells really good river shrimp I think yeah   and you just eat the whole thing so yummy and  this one is another popular dish here in this   town called Baba right it's um heavier flatbread  from this region from the minority group The Naxi people but usually it can be savory or sweet so  I'm actually not sure if this is savory or sweet   I think it's savory there's no stuffing  inside it's sweet it is it smells sweet it's in between I'm not sure what the stuffing is but it's   really yummy they almost feels like  a jam I want to try this soup first oh chicken broth is it nice nice and clean oh that's lovely that's so good very comforting  and it's so hot and all the meat has cooked inside   yeah why is this the noodle so popular I think  for one it's super beautiful to put together   especially this place that they actually put it  on a bridge to display it but most places you also   have to add your own ingredients into it and the  story behind this noodle is that there was a man   who was working really hard and he didn't get to  eat any hot meals so the wife decided to separate   all of the components of his meal carry it across  the bridge for him so then when he gets to eat   it it's not a soggy bowl of noodles or something  everything is going to be nice and hot and fresh   so that is a love story noodle actually but did  he eat on the bridge or it just she crossed the   bridge she crossed the bridge to bring this lunch  to him but she made sure that it was like a fresh   fresh lunch and that's why everything is separated  and you have to assemble it by yourself talking about the Naxi people you mentioned some thing about  them living here and owning a lot of properties   but they don't they don't really run them this  is what the hotel people were   telling me they're saying that nowadays a lot of  the land I think belong to the Naxi people but   since the boom of tourism happened here their  personalities naturally are not really geared   for hospitality are they not friendly no I think maybe  that just means they're more straightforward or   maybe they speak a stronger dialect or you know  something like that they're just not geared for   for tourism and hospitality so a lot of them have  rented out their homes or buildings or shops to other   people from other cities in China to come and run  them and in return they get to collect rents and   they find themselves a nice house outside of town  in the village to just enjoy their retirement just   like the hotel we're staying at yeah that one  is not run by like local Naxi people as well it's   four or five partners and they're quite young  probably our age or even younger than us and they   bought a property and now run the hotel that's  so cool to be able to do it at that age to own   a business we need a few more friends and then  we can buy something in Thailand together and   we can run it this shop looks like they sell some warm  clothes yeah because we need them I've seen people   wearing this one at a lot of places it looks so  warm yeah it's very soft too looks so nice it's   quite heavy though I don't think I can fit it in  my backpack oh that looks nice though that looks   nice and warm but you know what we really need  though I think we need some gloves cuz we want   to go to the mountain and we want to go hiking  eventually and I think we need gloves yeah cuz   it's going to be cold up there this might do babe  this looks warm touch it oh this one this one   comes with the gloves no this one is only for your  neck this one's so cute yeah you see here you see   these these are little oxygen canisters because  there is a mountain around here called the Jade   Dragon Snow Mountain and when you go up there it  is 4,500 m so the air is thin you need an oxygen   yeah people say you need to buy these and take it  up there just in case we'll come and get them when   we can get the tickets to go out there yeah it's  really hard to get the tickets I was trying to   ask the hotel and she said you have to go online  and starting from 8:00 p.m. the day before they   release the tickets but it's hard to get or you can  join a tour but we don't really want to join a   tour and it's like a couple hundred Yuan I think  that one looks good oh that's so warm it's very cute it's so warm I wish it has  like um the hand thing the hand warmer as   well do you think we need it I'm not sure  we have a toque I was looking for gloves yeah   I would get it if I can get the one with the  gloves in there yeah she says not the season   okay she actually has gloves oh let's see  oh these are nice too yeah how much are they this one bit too small I think this one's bigger  yeah but look they even leave holes for your   thumb and your oh look index so you can use your  phone you can you can yeah play with your phone oh no I changed my mind I don't want it anymore she ignored it she's like too late  I do want this though I do want this you can do it how much is it 8 Yuan for one piece and if I do  it and I don't like it what happens yeah you can remove it if you don't like it  I don't have to shave my head right no no I   think it's braided on it's not I don't  know what the other way to do it is but   you should think about it first I actually think  that looks so cool and I would like to try she said you have a good head  shape right she's a good saleswoman she said that if you do it you're going to look   even better you're going to make better  videos it's going to turn out so good back to our favorite spot in this town this is  the best best part of Lijiang for me yeah wow the   lights are so beautiful at night and look at that  temple on top of the Lion Hill it's all lit up it's cold though so what do you think about the  Ancient Town I have mixed feelings about it on   one side I feel like it's very beautiful it's  big um very photogenic but it also feels more   commercialized compared to some of the ancient  towns that we've been in Shuanglang Ancient Town   and Shaxi Ancient Town both we loved a lot so this  one even though I think it's the most famous one   out of the three it is a lot busier and a bit more  like perfect yeah it's like they build it just so   that you can come here and take photos we found  so many beautiful spots for taking photos but   then you also are like dodging people taking  photos all day so at the end of the day it's   a little bit tiring I'm so glad I came here cuz  I feel like Lijang is a place that people really   hype up and I'm glad that I was able to come and  see it myself and form my own opinion about it   but maybe because it's so over hyped that I am  a little bit disappointed I feel like you were   more excited about the car accident I wouldn't  say excited I think that was I'm not excited   about it but that was the most eventful thing  that happened on this trip you had no idea what   was happening you were like what what what what  are we doing why are we waiting here what's the   police doing are we going and I had to wait  you had to wait for me to translate oh it was an eventful couple days for sure hope  you enjoyed getting a little glimpse of what the   ancient town here in Lijiang looks like um we are  going to another place in the next video we are   quite excited to um show you that adventure  we will be doing a two-day trek to the Tiger   Leaping Gorge as always thanks again for watching  and we'll see you in the next one bye-bye bye-bye

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