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[Music] good morning everyone here from the  island of Okinawa in Japan we arrived here   last night from Tokyo it's about a 3-hour  flight from Tokyo so we're way down south   it's really far and you're going to see that  this island is very different to everything   that we've shown so far here in Japan some of the  beaches that we've seen in pictures kind of look   like you're in the Caribbean so that's why we  came here and right now we're just walking to   the port which is just like a 5 minute walk  from where we're staying cuz we're going to   be going on a boat tour to a group of islands  called the Kama Islands National Park supposed   to get some amazing beaches there so we arrived  late last night so we haven't seen much of the   island yet this part looks very developed I like  that there's already the palm trees off that's a   good sign for what's to come I think this is  the station so that's the ticket office but   it looks like we have to fill in some kind of  paper boarding application form so the ticket   is 4,910 per person that includes the return  so the ferry that we're going on leaves at   9:00 a.m. and then we come back at 5:30 p.m. so  yeah pretty much the entire day a good amount of   time I think it only takes about 30 minutes to  get to the island that we're going to [Music]   all right so bad news as we were leaving  we got like a tsunami warning on our phones   everybody's phones and I think we're turning back  there's supposed to be a tsunami coming at 10:   it's around 9:15 now and one lady started  freaking out and the guy speaking on the   ship is speaking in Japanese so we don't  know what he was saying is a bit worrying   though cuz we're we're still in the water  and we're not going back fast so I don't   know what's going on but the Island Tour  is definitely over man I wish they'd speak English yeah this is not good guys all the the  cars are leaving the port it's like a traffic jam   and uh yeah we haven't actually been able to speak  with anyone English I'll buildings right here and   we're high up some people are running already man  so it's kind of weird like some people are still   just like riding bikes and these guys working  but then there's other people that look like   they're [Applause] escaping what is going on we  got another warning too so I don't know if you   see that bridge in the distance there's all these  trucks and cars they've just stopped there and the   cruise ship back there has moved too it's come  out but yeah I don't know if there's people on   that cruise ship I would hate to be on that thing  right now or if they've had to do Escape I really   don't know so got more news coming in now and it  is actually a really bad one it's the strongest   earthquake in Taiwan in 25 years and that's like  a place that's prone to earthquakes so yeah it's   terrible I mean there's already images of like  buildings collapsing over there that's where the   earthquake happened here is more just a tsunami  [Music] R so it is the next day now and we're back   at the Port once again cuz we're going to attempt  to go to the island and in the end it ended up not   being much of a problem for okin hour no luckily  they lifted a warning few hours uh after the first   warning that we had in the morning uh and nothing  happened the tsunami didn't hit our Island I think   it uh kind of hit some other islands that  were near Taiwan which was the epicenter of   the earthquake but even there it wasn't a big uh  wave or anything so everyone is safe right now   yeah it's good that they were cautious though and  took it so seriously because we actually found out   that's the first warning that's been raised  here in Okinawa since 2011 which was a very   deadly earthquake and tsunami here in Japan so we  thought it was like common here that almost every   year they'd have these kind of warnings but they  don't it's first one since 2011 and unfortunately   some people did die in uh Taiwan I think right  now the casualties are around 9 you'll be watching   this video after so more information would have  come out but I suppose for the magnitude of the   earthquake that hit there we were actually  expecting more casualties but these countries   are very well prepared the buildings are like  shock proof so yeah I think that's the reason why [Music] [Music]   all right so this is beautiful tokashiki  island and right now we just looking for   a bus that goes to the beach that we want to go  to not sure if it's one of these so we're doing   a day trip but a lot of people actually spend  time on the island there's places that you can   stay in the National Park yeah I think this  is the bus bus station to the beach so did he   say that it was 400 yeah Pur first for adults  I think it was 200 for for children [Music]   so the place that we've come to is  called aarin the bus just stopped here   there's like a rental store we just got a mask  and this vest which is mandatory 500 each and yeah   there seems to be like restaurants and things  here and they drop you off right at the beach   welcome to the Caribbean of Japan wow wow W this  is way better than I expected yeah that color of   water is intense do you see my parents I don't  know where they went they're they're over there   this way okay wow look at the sand too this  really is like Caribbean level identical   almost untouch the island yeah and just a  few people here I think the ones that are   here are the ones that came with us it looks  like there's some cool rock formations here   also an island over there I think you can  get like a banana bat from what I saw in the   pictures and this is our setup so it's 3,000  for 2 two beds and an umbrella and obviously   we got two sets of that we're going to  be here for quite a few hours [Music]   how's the water it was not too bit ice cold  it's not like the is it it's warmer than the   AL little bit yeah still pretty damn cold  though I did read that this time of the   year the water is cold though the Pacific  Ocean when when was the last time you came   to like a Paradise Island like this I can't  remember tons last year yeah but I think this   is a level above yeah the PO is amazing yeah  so last year we went on a trip to Thailand   and we went to that area like Maya Bay PE pet  but I think this is a level up from that oh   no way the alien brain fruit yeah that we keep  finding during our travels I think we saw this   in India Mal malis Philippines and now here oh  yeah it's those isn't it yeah exactly the ones   that we saw in go and the Maldives there's  the fruit whatever it is then we also saw   in the Dominican Republic and what a beautiful  beautiful beach this is why we came to Okinawa   [Music]   so we're going to go on a little walk now I just  asked the guys that do the boat tour and they said   there is no boat tour today to the island I think  cuz of the current the guy was saying so we won't   be able to go there but I can fly my drone here  we didn't see anything online saying you can't   and there's no signs or anything so yeah I'll  easily be able to fly over there soon and right   now we're just going to check out the rocks and  there's also a viewpoint on top of that hill so   I think we're going to go there and I think  there's also some other beaches around the corner cool got another little hangout spot  here yeah like a private or Hidden Beach yeah   there is some little Sandy area there water's  really calm water it's really calm everywhere   actually I don't know why they can't do the  boat tour it's like zero waves and it's only   there yeah I bet some of you had no idea that  Japan even has these kind of islands since   normally when people show images of Japan  they don't really show this like tropical   look inside it's actually a subtropical Island  though it's not in the tropics but pretty much   looks tropical yeah pretty sweet view from over  here up the beach that we around for one of the   nicest angles so we found out just yesterday  that this actually isn't the main island to   come to is it we thought it was yeah we thought  it was but apparently in the same uh area here   there's another Island I forgot the name zamami  I think zamami and I think that's the main one   and I think there are some hotels to stay  there more than here I think here you can   find some camping and Backpacker place but in the  other Island I think they're more accommodation [Music] [Music] options we're just going to walk further  around the rocky area before we head up yeah the   views keep getting even better and better of the  coastline this is interesting where two types of   rocks join together oh yeah it is it's like a  combination isn't it yeah merged together got   almost like Coral patterns on this one yeah all  this is coral here broken Coral should be good   to snorkle we'll see you later on so right now  it's getting to around 27° here you watched our   previous videos it's a big change cuz we were  literally in the snow in kusatsu a few days   ago it was snowing but here it gets that  hot and I guess in the summer it must be   like scorching hot here if it's already 27  right now in April yeah I think we'll swim   in this part here can see that it gets deep  yeah cold in water I'm not finding it too   bad though oh check that out looks like a a  doorway see you later Carol going to another realm yeah you get like these arches  everywhere went through another one before [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]   all right yeah some pretty awesome views  indeed so those were the rocks that we were   around incredible and then on this side is the  other beaches completely deserted I don't see   a single person on those looks like the same  level too and for those of you who have been   following us for uh sometime you know that  we were in the US and British Virgin Islands   a few months ago and this place looks very  similar to the Virgin Islands especially St   John which is a us one because of the mountains  and the scenery and the color of the ocean just   as beautiful as that one yeah and St John was  also a National Park so it was quite untouched   like this one I mean it really is like identical  to the Virgin Islands cuz those those places are   just like this like Hills coming straight out  of the water and on the Virgin Islands you can   also see all the other Islands so these  are different ones that I think you can   visit maybe one of these is zami might  be that one over there the popular one [Music] [Music]   he [Music]   so got some really amazing shots of the  island back there cuz see there was like   a sandbar really beautiful and like I mentioned  there's so many islands like this not just this   national park I think even the main island we're  on has some beaches almost this level which we're   hoping to find out in the next video yeah but I'm  thinking of uh if we don't have enough time this   during this trip maybe come back and do some like  island hopping around the okwa island yeah and   then we'll probably stay on these more secluded  Islands not just the main island of ow [Music]   is [Music]   so we're heading into the village going to look  for a bite to eat they don't have any like food   being sold on the beaches or drinks even no  vendors at all yeah you can see though just   how quiet it is around here I think in summer  will be the peak months although I don't know   if it ever gets super busy we got this one here  it's called My pce and I think me and Carol are   going to get the yucky Sila 700 my parents  went for fried minc chicken with basle rice   1,000 and I think they have bubble tea  I might get that rocking sugar Jasmine   900 some interesting dishes how was that  interesting is the wood very spicy yours   too it's the same thing isn't it yeah just me a  lot of rice with a little bit of meat on top Carol   got my mom's egg that's me so on our Yak SOA they  put this like fish skin thing that I've never had [Music] before very fishy they expected [Music] so we're heading to those other beaches  that we could see from the Viewpoint now   originally we were going to go to a completely  different Beach but you'd have to get a taxi to   get there don't know if it's this way little  pathway I think it is this way bit overgrown   isn't it yeah yes so I think we would have to  get a taxi to the other Beach there's no bus   that passes there and we didn't see any taxi  drivers at all like no vehicles whatsoever so   yeah we decided just to stay around this part  and then we'll get the bus back the last bus is   uh 4:30 and the ferry going back is 530 so this  is one of those secluded beaches that we saw from   the Viewpoint which is up there somewhere there  was many of them but I don't know how you get to   the other ones I thought you could walk around  the Coast looks like there's some boat tours   going on yeah maybe if you stay on the other  Islands you can just do like day boat trips   to this island too I just spotted a a statue  here in the corner hidden away wow that's a a   nice statue pretty sure I've seen this statue  already with the flower Carol collecting as usual oh yeah this one that one Speaking  of tattoos you you were just saying that   we've noticed more people here with tattoos yeah  Japanese people uh mostly men but some women too   and we couldn't see that in in Tokyo yeah cuz  we mentioned in the previous videos that some   places here I think they don't like people going  in with uh tattoos I think tattoos here are kind   of related to gangsters like the Yakuza I think  they have a tattoos so I'm not sure if that's   the reason why they're kind of against tattoos  we haven't had any problems though we even went   in onon in KATU where they allow tattoos  so I think it just depends on the place [Music] [Music]   so we walking further along the coast and we  just realized that there's a camping area here   so there's some here yeah I guess you can camp  around here then on the island we did see like   some Backpacker looking dudes around here so  it is a Backpacker friendly destination also   certainly a nice place to Camp right next to  that beach that we just went to look at this   tree the vines or Roots whatever those are  it's like a nice place to ride a bike yeah I   think they we have rentals also cars not only  by uh motorcycles but also cars but we cannot   drive in Japan yeah we haven't mentioned that  so Japan's a place that doesn't accept Brazil's   license yeah even the international license  is not valid here so that's why we can only do   things using transport like normal Transportation  public transportation luckily we're in a country   that has very good public transportation although  OK in hour it's not as frequent from what we've   read I saw this place on the Drone before when  I was flying it seem to have some empty swimming   pools prohibited area for taking corals that's  on the beach obviously W look at this it's like   a a big tank maybe for diving training I don't  know anyone know what this could be like Carol   said before though it certainly be a good  place to just jumped from Island to Island   since it seems like they do have fairies between  them so i' definitely love to do that one day [Music] [Music] one [Music] [Music] [Music] so this is the apartment that we've been  staying in in naha it's a really good   deal just $84 a night a lot cheaper than  everywhere else on the Japan trip so far   so this is where my parents have been staying  you obviously saw the balcony this morning and   through here is where me and Carol have  been sleeping two double beds and you got   the little living room and kitchen really  nice and spacious so we've been able to do   some cooking here and through here is one of  those high-tech Japanese toilets it's that   one with the sink again like we saw in the first  place was St where the water comes out of there   pretty cool and through this way we got the  washing machine and the shower and bath just like   other places in Japan the shower is right here on  the floor water just goes down there so we do plan   on making another video here in Okinawa exploring  more this island that we're staying on and naha so   that's what's coming up next if you like this  one just drop a like as usual to support us   subscribe to see more videos like this follow us  on Instagram and we'll see you in the next as one [Music]

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