We Found Paradise in Bali

We Found Paradise in Bali

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If you're wondering what Paradise looks  like, you can visit Sideman Valley. We're two retirees hooked on travel. Follow  us on our Journeys around the world. This Valley is just gorgeous. Look at this, and up on the hill I believe that's where we're   going. I'm not sure but, yeah okay.  Surya Shanti Villa, there it is. Oh and we're there. That's the front desk. We're at  the Surya Shanti Villa in Sideman and all   of the rooms are on the side of this Hilltop  where you get an incredible view of the valley.  

And the gardens are absolutely immaculate.  This is where you come in and then you go   up those stairs for the check-in. Below  there's a farmer he's farming his fields. Once you arrive at the resort this is the entryway you have the stairs to climb. Well we just arrived and they welcomed us  with a welcome drink and a foot massage. Hello. Thank you so much. wow Gosh it's beautiful. It's got like a thatched  roof and you come in, there's a bathroom,  

there's flowers everywhere and  look what they did they put flowers they made a welcome home with  a heart, this is so so romantic. It's, I have no words. It's just beautiful and I mean  usually get a welcome drink but we had a welcome   foot massage with a welcome drink when we  arrived and the manager the owner himself   welcomed us to this beautiful room, the suite  that we got and it overlooks the Rice Terrace.   Fresh Breeze is coming through and it overlooks  the swimming pool and the valley. I mean   I have no words it's stunning. I really don't  know how you could get anything more beautiful.   I really don't see how you can get  anything more beautiful, it's stunning.  

We're in the heart of the Jungle and off  in the distance you can see the ocean.   And in the morning we're going to check it out we  should be able to see the mountain in the morning.   There's a few tours that we can take from here.   And we're gonna do a hike through the  rice fields in the morning after breakfast.

We'll leave a link below on the name of the  of the hotel. And we're in Sideman which is kind of in the mountain area  still in the central part of   Bali but more on the East Coast side. It's  about an hour and a half from Ubud. We're starting our morning with a  two hour Trek through the rice fields   and we have a local guy that's taking us.  He said this is the hotel Temple right here.   And they've already done their  offerings for the morning.

The gardens are beautiful. Jeez! The gardens are magnificent. Irrigation for the rice fields. Beautiful Rice Terraces and Resorts everywhere. Are these Resorts? Yeah. Look at the man over there working the field.  Like the Trek is taking us right along the  

irrigation's Edge for walking right  on top of this. There's not like a trail.   So you have to watch a footing. It helps to have a walking stick  when you go on these hikes. Grab a   walking stick and it helps a  lot, your balance, everything.

What is this? It's fruit. What kind of fruit?  This is the passion fruit. Oh, the   passion fruit. It's passion fruit.  No, I know. It's kind of sour. Oh   yeah it tastes good like in a smoothie or  something. And there's a man over there he's   rototilling for his Rice  Field to get ready to plant. They are planting these flowers here for offerings, for people,  for welcome flowers, to welcome into their homes,   decorations and they also rotate their  crops because you can't plant year over   year for the the rice. They have to rotate  the crops so they put in vegetables, also.   That looks like chili. Are those chilies? Yeah.  They have chilies growing  

here.So yeah. So they're growing onions  and peanuts here in between their crops. Papayas are growing wild everywhere.  This one, just on the side of the   road and you look up and it's  completely loaded with papayas. This rice right here, it's ready to pick so it's  already completely grown and it's ready to harvest. Okay, so they're taking the rice and   after they pick it then they put it out   in the Sun. A lot of them use the road  to dry it and then they're going to store  

it and then they don't actually have it  cleaned until they're ready to eat it. These little stores amazingly have almost a  little bit of everything. This is the local alcohol   in Bali. Local alcohol in Bali? Yeah this from the palm tree. The is palm wine. Yeah. You want to try it? No no no, it might give  

me a headache. But yeah, these little stores they  have absolutely everything, you just have to dig   around and you'll find it. You are just walking  along the road and you see bananas, everywhere. It's so Lush. You can tell you're in the rain  forest or you can tell you're in the jungle. Irrigation ditches everywhere. The government  is responsible for these irrigation ditches. So this is a village life. There's a barber shop.

They got a gift shop going here. All kinds of stuff. Okay maybe later. We're here several days. Selamat pagi. (good morning). There's home stays and little Resorts everywhere.   And it's kind of interesting,  they have a gift shops right here.

Well we're looking at the mountain  right here, it's really close. There's a farmer right here preparing his fields. It's just so neat to see all the  farmers out working in their fields. A little restaurant right here. A little  restaurant. Yeah flowers, bananas, it's a farmer's Paradise here. They have these Trails right along the rice  fields. If you don't know where you're going, well.  

This is the way back to the hotel, amazingly. Way up on the top of the hill up there, there's  a restaurant and a lookout area but he said   you have to really do a lot of climbing to get  there. This plant right here they use it for   cooking, making pudding, cakes. They also  use the leaves for offerings. They wrap   like rice with coconut and they also use it to  wrap like a chicken dish and then they steam it. They use a lot of different  kinds of plants for their cooking.  

You kind of have to walk these  irrigation dishes to get around. Okay, we're walking through the jungle right  now, back to our Villa, but you're just not   going to believe how beautiful this is and  the irrigation system here is amazing. It's a little steep. But it's great. It's a nice hike. We arranged this  one through our hotel. It's two hours. You need   two hours to do it and it takes you through the  rice fields, through the Jungle, through the little town.

So go to Sideman, get out in nature,  hike Through the Jungle, the ice fields   and then just enjoy being around  the farmers and nature. It's amazing. It feels like you're in National Geographic. Oh he has a banana tree. Is he gonna plant it somewhere or is He's just  gonna use the plant? He's gonna use the plant. Oh. One thing about the jungle, especially after it's  been raining last night, it makes it like a sauna.   So be prepared to bring water and be prepared  to sweat. But it's a good sweat.

Like there is a trail here but without  the guide you're gonna get lost, for sure. It's extremely peaceful here. Coffee shop! They have cappuccinos, lattes. You can rent a scooter, trekking, go to the Sideman Market,  weaving, all kinds of stuff. If you come to Sideman, there's a lot  of choices. So do your research. There's a  

place for everybody. Home stays, four or  five star resorts, neat little cottages. So I don't think you really go wrong because  you're gonna go out and hike and do tours and   enjoy it. Another restaurant overlooking  the Rice Terrace. They have nice menus too! Like on the way back to the our resort,  we're just passing all kinds of restaurants and   bars and beautiful Villas. They're everywhere and everybody  has a nice view of the rice fields.   I had no idea there was this many. Like when  you go online you don't realize and they're kind   of all concentrated in this one area which makes  it really neat. But the views are magnificent.  

Okay this is not a tourist trap, this is the real  deal. They're really making the fabric here. Hi. I have no idea how they can figure out the pattern. wow! They're so colorful. You can tell it's not dyed.  This is weaved into the fabric, these designs. You can use for sarong, you can do a dress or you  can just hang it up. These are done at  

home, she said. These. And these are the ones  that were done downstairs in the factory. I bought this one and I'm going  to use it for a tablecloth. Okay, we're in Sideman Central.  We just left the loom factory and we're   walking the town. It's not real big  but it has a hardware store, it has  

little shops. You can buy rice, vegetables.  Oh they have a lot of rice. Lots of little mom and pop places. Yeah, Village Life. Barbershop, clothing store. You can buy, it looks like they're  selling uniforms, probably kids uniforms. You can  buy a motorcycle too. Here they sell all  of the stuff you need to do your offerings.

In most of these towns they start the market  early because people go back to their homes   and they cook for the whole day and  so they buy everything in the morning. All kinds of vegetables and fruit, bananas, oranges. So we just stopped at this little restaurant  to have a drink and I ordered a lime cucumber   mocktail. Really thirst quenching. It really  gets your thirst. And can you beat this View? So this is the resort we're staying at and  this is the entryway and our room is up there   the second one to the left with their yellow flag.

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