We Boarded THE LARGEST CRUISE SHIP IN THE WORLD (Wonder of the Seas)

We Boarded THE LARGEST CRUISE SHIP IN THE WORLD (Wonder of the Seas)

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- We are about to board the newest, biggest cruise ship in the world, the Wonder of the Seas. - This thing is so big. It has 18 decks. And to get from the top, all the way to the bottom, you can take a slide. (Stephen shouting) - Oh my God Steve, I'm shaking.

(Jess screaming) - They even have a water slides. - This thing is so big. (people shouting indistinctly) (Jess cheering) We walked into a shopping center, Steve. This is a mall, not a cruise ship. So, there are 20 restaurants on this ship and I don't how we're gonna see them all. And yes, this is a dessert.

- [Stephen Hey, we're Stephen, Jess and Hunter, a little family from Australia, who just completed our massive dream of driving around our home country of Australia in a little van. So, after a year of living in our tiny home, we've packed up our life into suitcases and jumped on a one-way ticket to Europe. (people talking indistinctly) With our first stop, Italy. (woman speaking indistinctly) (woman kissing Hunter) (woman speaking indistinctly) (Jess laughing) So, our seven night Mediterranean cruise leaves right here, from Rome, the capital of Italy. But don't let the brochures deceive you.

(Stephen laughs) the port is actually an hour away. So we've got a bit of a trek to do. (upbeat music) First of all, we need to make our way down to the bottom. (upbeat music) I forgot how small the elevators in Europe are. So, to get to the port from Rome, it's about two hours on the train, 50 minutes on a transfer.

(people speaking indistinctly) - Say hip hip hooray. (everyone saying hooray) (everyone laughing) Thank you. This thing is so big.

I see people already in the pool. Do you see 'em? - [Hunter] Mommy. - [Stephen] Aw yeah. - [Jess] Hunter.

- [Stephen] I'm so excited. This is gonna be so good. (Stephen laughs) - Looks like we're gonna walk into a shopping center. (both laughing) We've walked into a shopping center, Steve. This is the mall, not a cruise ship.

- [Stephen] Okay, before we go see our rooms, we're on a cruise, we need to go see everyone's favorite bit. The buffet. - [Jess] This is amazing.

Oh my God. They've got like a whole vegetarian section there, Steve. Look at all this bread. Is it a lot of bread? You want some of that? (Jess speaking indistinctly) - Cupcakes. - [Jess] Take this to our table? - Okay, Mama - [Jess] Okay, let's go.

Walk very slowly. - Okay, Mama. Okay, Mama. The cupcake. Two, two, two cupcakes.

- Let's find a table. - [Hunter] It's my cupcake. - [Jess] It's your cupcake. Of course, Hunter spots the celebratory cupcakes.

Okay Hunter, you can have a little bit. A little cupcake and some fruit. (upbeat music) - [Stephen] Are you so happy? - Seeing as we're still in Italy, may as well have one little bit of pasta.

But the pasta's like a whole pasta station. So, you choose a pasta, you choose a sauce, they cook all the veggies or meat that you like, and they cook it all in front of you, fresh. And there's a salad bar. I just made myself a whole Caesar salad.

- Cupcake. - No more cupcakes Bubba. - Okay, this is the only time on this week that we can say we skipped breakfast because we knew what we were comin' into. (Stephen laughs) - [Jess] This is a very good buffet, Steve. Okay, let's see what our room looks like.

Ready, one, two, three. - [Hunter] Beep. - [Jess] Beep. Go. - [Hunter] Whoa. - [Jess] Wow. - Wow.

- It's the sea. Wow. - Oh my gosh.

This is so nice. You see, we have a whole couch. - [Stephen] We have a whole lounge room. - This is so nice.

We booked a balcony room. Amazing. Oh, should we sit down and relax Hunter? See, you pull these out. There you go. Then you come sit up here, preferably with a coffee or a cocktail. - [Stephen] Ah, nice.

- We all know what's about to happen. Shoes off. Test out the bed, off you go. Here we go.

One, two, three. (both laughing) - [Both] Hide-and-seek. - [Jess] The jumping has turned into hide-and-seek these days. - Under the pillow Come, quickly.

Jump in. Go. - [Jess] Hm, where could hunter be? (Hunter laughing) No.

(everyone laughing) It's the pillow monster. Peek-a-boo - Aw, peek-a-boo. ♪ Does Hunter want to jump on the bed ♪ ♪ Doo dah, doo dah ♪ ♪ Does Hunter want to jump on the bed ♪ ♪ Doo dah, doo dah ♪ (Hunter laughing) - [Both] A dive. (everyone laughing) - [Jess] Let's see what the bathroom looks like.

(Hunter speaking indistinctly) Look at this. Hunter, look we have a shower. Does our ship have a shower? - [Stephen] Hello, Hunter. - Hello there. - It just shocks me that they can build things like this. Like we are on a massive floating hotel.

Like if you looked at me right now you would think that I'm- - [Hunter] Let me inside. - Does this look like a standing around shower? - Mommy. - Bye. (door closing) So, Hunter is currently having her afternoon nap and I'm like, "you know what, I'm just gonna chill on our balcony." The weather at the moment is so beautiful, here in Europe. And it just feels so special to be back.

I've always dreamt about coming to Europe on a family holiday and taking Hunter on a cruise through some countries that even Steven and I haven't properly explored before. So exciting. But just really, really happy. (horn blowing) (soft music) - There's a pool. - [Jess] Do you see the pool? - [Hunter] Yeah. (Hunter laughs) A hot tub.

(upbeat music) ♪ Oh ♪ (Walking on Sunshine playing) ♪ Ohhhh, yeeeh ♪ - Are you gonna count us down? - Yes, one. - Go. (Stephen cheering) ♪ Now baby I'm sure ♪ Hunter, look what's behind us. (both laughing) - There is a merry-go-round. I don't think Hunter's actually been on a merry-go-round before. And there is zip lining.

It looks so scary, Steve. You can zip line so high up. My gosh, there is so much to do here. Look at it.

(Jess speaking indistinctly) (zip line whirring) She was so , (music drowns out Jess) ♪ can't wait till you write me ♪ Huh? Does Hunter wanna do that? - No. (Jess laughs) - Do you know what Daddy's about to do? - Yeah. - Daddy's about to fly. (Hunter speaking indistinctly) Do you wanna watch him? - Okay. Bye Dada. - Bye Dada. Here he comes.

Ready? - Dada, go. (upbeat music) ♪ Gonna ride this wave until ♪ - [Jess] Was it so fun? - It was so good. - Dada. - How have I been on this ship for one hour and I've already zip lined. - Did our bags come? I feel like my favorite part about cruising is that we're in this room for eight days, which means we get to unpack. (soft music) (Jess hanging clothes) (soft music) (Stephen sighing) - [Hunter] Yay, yay.

- Are we in a little cubby house? - [Hunter] Yellow. - And I got green and white and red. - [Hunter] Yellow. - All right, we're about to sail away, and I feel like we cannot sail away without a couple of cocktails. Caribbean mule. And the place was called Lime and Coconut, so I had to get the lime and coconut.

(soft music) Ooh, that's good. It's like a pina colada. Oh, that's good too. Which one do I want? (soft music) Hmm. So, we've got our cocktails, we're sailing away. And first thing that we are doing, is we're gonna watch the show that we've heard all about.

It is an amazing water show. And this one is very excited. Show, start the show.

Show, show, start the show. - This is so cool. This is the only water show at sea, that you can see. I've got high expectations for this one.

And we're in the theater right at the back of the ship. - There is currently a tightrope walker walking right above our head. (dramatic music) Whoa. (dramatic music) (Hunter clapping) (dramatic music) (water splashing) (dramatic music) (water splashing) (dramatic music) (people cheering) Hunter loved that show. It was so much fun.

They were jumping so high, weren't they? That show was unreal. - [Stephen] Yeah, it was- - It was like girl power. Bunch of girls doing the coolest tricks ever, jumping from so high, tightrope walking.

That was a really good show, huh? - That was a really good start. I didn't know what to expect, but wow. - What a unique show to watch on a cruise ship too. Like the stage was water. Very cool. (Stephen laughs)

- Hello Mama. (both laughing) - [Jess] Hello baby. - A baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yay, yeah, yeah. - [Jess] Night-night. How do you sleep in it? (Stephen whistles) (curtain opening) (Hunter shouting) (soft music) (birds squawking) (soft music) So, we've just woken up, bright and early, and have arrived in Naples.

And today, we're going to two places in Italy that I have always wanted to go to. (soft music) How was your sleep your first night on the cruise ship? What's did you dream about? - Eat. - [Jess] You dreamt about eating? - Yep. - [Jess] Welcome to the Amalfi Coast. This is a spot we have always dreamed of coming to.

So, today we decided let's set out on a day trip and check out probably one of the most iconic, most beautiful spots here in Italy. And we found out that they produce a lot of lemons here. Hence why we have some limoncello.

First time trying it. Cheers, Steve. - Let's try it. Smell's so fresh. - [Man] Blah. - Oh,

it's stronger than I thought. (Jess laughing) - Whoo. - Oh, that is good. That would be good as like in a cocktail (Stephen laughs) - But maybe not as a shot.

- You wanna try a little bit? Lemon chocolate. Mm. - [Stephen] It was honestly such a stunning drive out here from Naples, as we slowly drove through the city, to just be presented with these little towns on sheer drop cliffs. It's so cool. - It's made me definitely wanna come back here and stay here, but it's definitely made me realize that we're never driving here. (horns honking) The roads are crazy. (horns honking)

But wow. What an amazing drive - Today definitely shows why you go and see the major cities like Rome, but also the beauty of the country is far away. Especially in this case, along the coastal town. So cool how they've just built these buildings into the side of the mountains. (upbeat music) - Look how big that big that lemon is. It's the size of your head Bubba.

Wow. Thank you. (upbeat music) Look at this. (Hunter speaking indistinctly) Yeah. When in Amalfi. (Hunter speaking indistinctly) You want the blue spoon? Lemon sorbet.

Ready? (upbeat music) Do you like it? - Mm-hm. - Can Mummy try? (Hunter speaking indistinctly) That is so good, Stephen. You blue? Can you hold this one? - Can Daddy have orange? - Yeah. - Oh.

(upbeat music) (Jess laughs) - Is it so good? (Jess laughing) So good? Very good, isn't it Steve? This is like the best sorbet I've ever had. And also, just look at the casual view just behind us. (Jess speaking indistinctly) - Ah. (upbeat music) (Jess laughing) Oh, I know, I feel like I need to get one. Let's see what it looks, (woman laughing) Do you think this size? Oh, let's see. Yeah, yeah.

This is so cute. - [Stephen] All right yes, we'll grab that, thanks. - [Woman] She's so cute. - Okay, we may have come to a Amalfi just to eat, but we ended up being in the bus for, I think, three hours was it, because of the traffic? So, we're all a little bit hungry. And of course we've had dessert first, for some reason. And now we're having mains.

And I found a little local spot that was selling $2 pizza. And you're ready to see what they consider a slice of pizza? Look how big these are. Oh.

Fresh, hot margherita pizza. I love Italy. Want a taste, Hunter? (upbeat music) Good one. - [Stephen] So, we took the bus into the town of Amalfi, in Amalfi Coast. And now to head back, we are catching a boat, which I'm guessing is going to be the most beautiful way to see these coastal towns, is from the sea.

- This is going to be such a beautiful afternoon. So, we've driven the Amalfi Coast and now we're gonna be seeing it by a little boat. ♪ You're as warm as the mornin' ♪ ♪ First day of spring ♪ ♪ There's a little bit of you in everything ♪ ♪ Changing season ♪ ♪ Butterfly's wings ♪ (Hunter speaking indistinctly) ♪ There's a little bit of you in everything ♪ So, this afternoon we're exploring an ancient ruin, that I've always wanted to come to.

Welcome to Pompeii. Back in 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted. And I think you all have heard of what happened here in Pompeii.

- [Stephen] You guys are probably wondering Romans, kind of smart people. Why would they have built a city so close to an active volcano? Well, back then they had no idea it was a volcano because it was green. It was luscious. They just thought it was a mountain. Great to grow crops on. And then, yeah, the eruption happened.

We're currently walking on the original preserved streets from 2000 years ago. You can even see the markings of the chariots that would come through this road. - Imagine that people stepped on this. So, this was the crosswalk. So, they built their street starting at the top of the hill and down to the bottom, so then water would flow down to the bottom. And this here was the crosswalk.

So, if there was water, you don't get wet. - We've just come inside one of the houses and it is so grand. It is two stories.

We can see the 2000 year old paint and incredible columns. I would guess someone was very wealthy that lived here. - And you see like actual paintings.

- Yeah, Bubby. (Hunter speaking softly) - [Stephen] Quick history lesson. What happened is in 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted for three days. And during those three days, ash covered this city and buried the inhabitants within. And then it perfectly preserved it for thousands and thousands of years, until an archeologist came by and started uncovering this city. 80 AD was when the Colosseum happened.

So, a lot happened in history in those couple of years. I don't know about you guys, but when I first heard about Pompeii I thought it was maybe a city built right around the volcano. And you're like, "okay, I can see why that happened." But no, that's Mount Vesuvius just there.

That's a decent way away. So, you can just see how far this ash traveled onto the city. So, we've done like a little bit of Italy, but coming through Pompeii, walking around these streets, this has got to be the closest to actually walking around, feeling like how the ancient Romans lived. I can see just how close quarters the streets were. Walk through the houses, see the perfect marble sculptures intact, we even saw the Ash that covered the city and covered the victims of Mount Vesuvius' eruption.

I highly recommend you guys put this on your Italy bucket list. This place is older than the Colosseum, and is preserved so much better than the Colosseum. (soft music) (horn blaring) (Hunter laughing) Hunter. - [Jess] This is the biggest day ever. (Jess gasps) Hunter, what's on the bed? - [Stephen] Huh? - [Jess] Not in your bed.

What's in Mommy and Daddy's bed. What is it? (Hunter laughs) Is it bunny? (Hunter laughs) - [Stephen] Do you wanna see it? - [Jess] No feet on the bed. She's covered in Pompeii. (everyone laughing) Oh no, his head fell off. (Jess laughs) Is it a little bunny? - No. - [Jess] He's made of towels, Hunter.

We've just had showers and washed off all the sweat, all the dirt. We just had the biggest day ever. I think we were the first people to jump off this ship. And I think we were the last hop on because we just got on 10 minutes ago, had a shower, and they've just started to leave. So, that was such a big day. But we were able to see two of the biggest bucket list spots that I've been wanting to see here in Italy.

And Hunter, oh my goodness. When we got back, she was just covered head to toe in dirt. Playing in the rocks. But we're now gonna be watching the sunset and watch this sail away, ready for our next stop. (water splashing) - [Hunter[ Go.

Whee. (soft music) (Hunter laughs) - [Stephen] Whoa. - We've decided tonight, to come and have a little drink at the Rising Bar. And yes, there is a reason it's called the Rising Bar. We are currently rising.

(Jess laughs) - This is kind of cool. We go from the fifth deck, all the way up to the eighth deck. While having a drink. - Cheers, Steve.

(glass clinking) Cheers Peppa? (glass clinking) - Top. - Are you ready for it to go? - Yeah. - [Jess] Hunter, are we going up, up, up? Hunter, we're moving. Look at the floor. We're going up. - There are some really fun places to get a drink.

You can get a drink from a robot or you can have a drink while you go up three stories. (Stephen laughs) - [Jess] I love it, we started in the shopping area, had a drink and just walked outside. And now we're in Central Park.

(soft music) (both laughing) (soft music) So, tonight for dinner, we're going to be eating at an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant. (dramatic music) - I like your matching outfits. - Thank you. (upbeat music) (Jess speaking indistinctly) Hello. - [Stephen] Hello. (upbeat music) This is so cool.

So, the Mad Hatter is leading us down the rabbit hole to dinner. - [Jess] Yeah. - [Stephen] Yeah, that sounds good. - Sit down. (Hunter laughs) There you go. It's a paintbrush.

What do you think this could be for? So, we've just been given our menus and as you can see, there is nothing on the menu right now. We have to paint our menu, for our food to appear. - [Woman] All right, let's start my first element, from the element of fire, the bird nest. - Wow. - Oh. - [Woman] Ice.

- [Jess] Oh. - [Woman] Cones. - [Jess] Ooh, look at this healthy fruit salad, Hunter.

- [Woman] That's what I said. - Wow. (women laughing) She's already tasting it. - [Woman] The raspberry cotton candy on top. - Okay, what are we gonna do? Hunter, watch this. Whoa. - [Woman] And we're gonna add

it on the top. So, the raspberry candy starts to melt. - Oh, there's the fruit salad - [Woman] With a vanilla ice cream. - Ooh. - [Woman] Sugar plus sugar, plus sugar.

(everyone laughing) Wow. Is that your fruit salad under there? Ta-da. - Ta-da.

- Ta-da. (both laughing) Oh my goodness. So, our entrees have just arrived and of course Hunter's entree, they called it a fruit salad.

It's not a fruit salad. It's a bunch of fairy floss and then you lift it up and then underneath reveals a little tiny fruit salad. And Hunter is very happy. So, each meal is from a different element. So, we've got some from fire and some from ice.

One is called the Bird's Nest. Look at this, eggs in a nest. One is shrimp.

And they said that you need to get the shrimp and then dip it in the spicy sauce. Oh, look at that. Should I go for it? Mm. Mm.

(Jess laughing) I think they said this was filled with crab meat. Cheers, Steve. (cone crunching) It's like fresh avocado puree with crab meat. And then like a crispy wonton. - Jess said to bite from the bottom.

(cone crunching) It's like pure wasabi. - Will you taste it? What do you think? - Mm-mm. - Do you like it? When your little one is eating a bird's nest for dinner? All right, the next thing we got was a reconstructed Caprese salad. And what I think was quite interesting is she said these little balls here, they look like olives, but they're actually liquid. So she said, you need to put one and see if they taste like olive.

(Stephen speaking indistinctly) Oh. That is so weird. It's like, yeah, it tastes like olives.

- [Stephen] Wow. - Wow, look at this. Mm. Mm. It's like sweet. It's really interesting.

Try one of the olives. - My little wobbly water olive. (Stephen laughing) - Even the kids food is interesting. Like this is Hunter's macaroni and cheese. And so what we do is we get it and we squeeze the paint. Squeeze the paint.

- What? - [Jess] What, is daddy eating the paint? Try it. - Mm-mm. (both laughing) There it is inside. Mm.

That's good. - [Man] Aw, but then the Cheshire cat saved my life and now I'm stuck here in this loophole, drinking tea all the time. Me, my bunny, (dramatic music) who's late, late, late for important date. (people laughing)

- [Jess] She's just like. (laughing drowns out speaking) (people laughing and talking indistinctly) - No, it's okay, it's okay. - This has got to be the most unique dish that we've been served so far. It's like iced Ouzo or something with caviar.

So, we have to eat this bit first. Mm. That is so good. It's like frozen lime. And then underneath is raw tuna served inside a lime.

And they she said to put it on the cracker and then eat it. This is my favorite so far. - [Stephen] Is it? - Delicious. You just wait, Steve. You'll love it.

- That's so refreshing. If that was in a drink. That is so yum. - [Jess] I know.

- Mm. And that just concludes our starters. - So for our mains, we both went for fish, but two different types of dishes. Look at this.

This is so interesting. So, it's like a bed of rice, with fish. And then on top is this crispy piece of bread.

This looks so interesting. Look. you might like this, Hunter. Rice and fishy. (people talking indistinctly) That is delicious.

Wow. - [Stephen] So then my dish. My fish came in a plastic bag. For a reason. The flavors had been cooked in there for about six hours.

So, she says the fish should be pretty tender. And I got some potatoes in there. (Stephen slurping) Wow, that's so flavorsome.

Mm. - Hunter's goal for the rest of dinner has just been hiding from the Mad Hatter. That's why she's been having to sit on Mummy.

And now she's hiding under the table. Hunter, do you like the Mad Hatter? - No. - No. Mm. Loads of potato, so I'm like attacking your meal. Hunter, look at Mummy's drink.

Whoa. - [Man] What is this? - Oh. - [Stephen] Oh. - Thank you. (Jess laughing) - I have a smoking whiskey.

Wow. - It's called the Smoking Rings. Mine's called the Cheshire Cat Cosmo.

Cheers, Steve. (glasses clinking) (Jess laughing) We're getting all the desserts, aren't we? - [Woman] It's a mystical mushroom. - [Jess] Wow.

Well, you to wait for it. What do you think? (Jess gasps) What's happening? It's melting. What do you think's inside? Oh, yum. - Whoa, whoa.

- Wow. Okay, I think the best part about this restaurant has to be the desserts. Firstly, how cool do they look? And secondly, how cool are the plates? Steven's gone for the Forbidden Apple. Let's see what's inside.

- [Stephen] It looks like the apple from Snow Wite. - I think that might have been what they were going for. It's appley, like berry kind of mousse. Ice cream's always my favorite.

And I think Hunter is enjoying her little mushroom. (upbeat music) (Jess laughing) (soft music)

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