Warsaw - Dubai Episode 3 - Armenia 4K

Warsaw - Dubai  Episode 3 - Armenia   4K

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welcome to Armenia next country there was some small something big me uh they asked me on the border to go to the customs office except the regular let's say check [Music] yeah they they asked me to go to the Customs to declare the motorcycle in the transit so so they checked everything passport uh motorcycle passport and and even there was a small issue because my bike is still under the leasing and they they couldn't find my name in the passport dock motorcycle documents so fortunately I showed them the special authorization which I have some from Leasing and and everything was fine so that's lady from the Customs she said that that's that is very important to keep one of this uh pages to show when I will be leaving the country so then I really need to keep this this document with me already about the SIM card which was about a 12 euros for 10 gigabytes so pretty cheap um yeah and then then I'm heading to the the biggest lake in Armenia uh because I read into some travel advisors with advisors advisors that it really was to to say that like so we'll see and that's the Mania I already spoke with a taxi driver on the border and I said well how is life in Armenia he said it's it's really bad it's really really bad especially in the countryside maybe in the big cities it's better so yeah at that moment I don't really see and let's say promising view in case of economic of course let's see the most important for me this is just geography and just to see the the country and On the Border they ask me have I been in Azerbaijan I said yes yes I was in Azerbaijan uh so immediately somehow he put more attention I said yeah but it was 12 years ago yeah why because you know that I was traveling uh to China ah Transit okay trans is fine so I have a still issue between Armenia and Azerbaijan so it looks like they don't like each other so that was something like a few seconds a little bit uh more stress I'm riding just next to the Azerbaijan border so those Hills are Azerbaijan [Music] it's the Armenian Village much poorer than in Georgia [Music] thank you yeah that's the biggest lake in Armenia thank you yeah the situation is here pretty much the same like it was in Bulgaria on the coast this is totally uh no season everything is closed I wanted to find some restaurant oh maybe here to have some lunch everything is closed [Music] I should say something before but I was too hungry and too cold so there was a fish his name is Pharrell from that from that Lake yeah there was a fish by the way very very good salad and something to warm me up and hopefully I will be able to write next stage to Yerevan but it's seven degrees of [Music] all right that's enough this like it's um really freezing so it was a good lunch uh pretty overpriced because on such place definitely they have a prizes for tourists I bet more than 40 euros fish tea espresso oh yes and small glass of Armenian cognac but it's it's really freezing so uh I'm heading to Yerevan which is about 70 kilometers hopefully it will be warmer it's nine degrees bloody nine degrees Now understand why it's so cold I check in my GPS it shows me this is almost 2 000 meters above the sea level so that's that's why it's so cold hopefully everyone will be lower foreign 's capital city it's really capital city no I see here a lot of Russian cars Russian plates most probably there is a lot of business Russian business here in in Armenia I think they're pretty much close to each other everybody speaks Russian all of the signs are in fact in two languages in Armenia and uh Russian no red light I've never seen it foreign oh it's really say looked nicer hi guys today I'm in Yerevan capital city of Armenia doing some nice sizing I have a really nice guy who will show me everything in the city hopefully and then what we see here that's a city center and Ararat Mountain which is behind it and unfortunately mountain is a turkey site so all Armenians are a bit let's say not uh happy with that because in the past as I know it belonged to be belong to Armenia so today's great view by the way it's still a little bit chilly we can't get used to that in the last couple of days so I will be doing some sightseeing today and hopefully I will see more about Yerevan foreign [Applause] [Music] filling because in these countries are a lot of cars important most probably from from Japan and then I will be sitting on the left hand side instead of right hand side I am not a driver so it means like that so we are still walking through Yerevan cities European streets so that's the city center and the and they they call it Cascada it means that's the Stars stairs I'm sorry and we are going to go up and take a look at the Panorama from from the top pretty much cloudy and uh like I said that in the summer it's up to 40 degrees here so it could be really hot [Music] I almost almost afraid that I need to go by stairs but when you enter inside this is something like a shortcut but the life could be easy that's funny so we go by this automatic Stars instead of regular one which I was really afraid because it's pretty hot at that moment so [Music] chosen lazy solution [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] you know [Music] [Music] that's the local vodka homemade [Music] as they told me it's about from 40 to 60 percent of spirit inside [Music] thank you [Music] there was Ararat Brandy Factory Museum Unfortunately they didn't allowed to make any video so that's the only a couple shots [Music] well I have to say that's that is the one of the reasons why to travel to see the nice places to see beautiful scenery this is its Mount Ararat and a small one and a big one um this is on Turkey side and I'm still in Armenia and uh yeah that's that was one of my highlights to see being here in uh in Armenia so it's beautiful weather today so I'm very lucky still a little bit chilly because it's still about 8-10 degrees but uh but anyway all the emotions all the scenery is really amazing so it was to to travel so okay then then I will heading south heading to Iran so we'll see what will happen so I had insults from Yerevan as I say a bit uh scenery is changing slightly less green as it was a lot of green uh in Georgia um so looks like I don't know it is already changing or maybe this is only at that moment we'll see but uh I'm from here man I'm constantly having Souls but most probably everything will be changed we'll see the road condition is not perfect traffic is less but I'm still enjoying a trip ah there's a car down no oh oh [Music] wow thank you I'm just sitting in a small Winery here in Romania in the mountains scenery is beautiful Everything Is Beautiful okay I decided just to have one glass of red wine just at least to try how it's how it tastes um pretty close to Iranian border just got the message from the polish Embassy from Tehran from Iran and I strongly do not recommend me um to come to Iran um so but I think as you know I don't have another choice I mean that kind of place that even if I would like to change the plan so that it should be something totally well I need to come back to Georgia come back to Turkey and then and then from Turkey enter to yeah Iraq in fact Kurdistan part of Iraq so it's too complicated I'm still in touch with some Iranian girl who managed me all the insurances C visas everything and I also checked some some overlanders traveling in this country so still looks like the official information is one and something like an official is something second so definitely it's necessary to say to keep to be on the safe side to avoid any demonstrations which are right now happening in here in the in Iran so we'll see I will go to Iran so hopefully everything will be okay so we'll see and so far and then just drink a glass of red wine Armenian red wine and uh I'll go further hmm oh cool foreign oh oh wow foreign foreign this is the road to some Monastery I just read on the sign incredible View wow [Music] thank you I'm climbing uh two thousand two hundred fifty meters still growing haha we're growing Armenian Silk Roads I already did fish growth on my way to China has different place oh wow oh wow [Music] foreign there should be some water for here and I ask how far is it so no no no this is just here so uh I don't think it's this one no [Music] foreign really [Music] that's the waterfall which was recommended by the the travel agency to see pretty nice it's amazing I'm going to tatif monastery that's crazy Road really crazy and even tracks on the other this road by the way Iranian trucks I'm not sure is this is it really the direction to the Border to main roads to see first I need to go down there there and then I need to go up there uphill thank you [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] before the border with Iran it's about 120 kilometers non-stop twisty Road Non-Stop and a lot of mainly Iranian trucks and some Road constructions [Music] [Music] foreign is pretty high it's about two and a half thousands meters above the sea level so uh and still go up and of course again starting to be cold nine degrees [Music] outside yeah that's the borderline

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