Victoria Falls The Most Spectacular Natural Wonder of the WorldS7 EP.57 | Pakistan to Africa

Victoria Falls The Most Spectacular Natural Wonder of the WorldS7 EP.57 | Pakistan to Africa

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Check it out. What a sight! I have praised this place so many times in today's vlog. But the place we visit every time... Assalam Alekum Everyone and welcome back to the channel from Livingstone, Zambia. I am very excited today because we are going to see such a beautiful place.

I think a lot of people want to see this place. I came here in 2017 and I found this place very beautiful. When I was planning my Africa tour, I decided not to go to South Africa without visiting Victoria Falls. That's why we are here in Livingstone today. I am planning to visit Victoria Falls first because it is on the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. My plan is to visit the Zambian side first.

I will give you the details of different viewpoints here. After that we will cross the border and go to Zimbabwe. The city is called Victoria Falls on that side while Livingstone on this side.

We will try to explore this area and show it to you. We will stay in Victoria Falls for the night. We will leave if we have time. But first, we will have a nice breakfast and then leave.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Prayer for the journey May Allah bless us with a good day today. It will take us 10 to 12 minutes to reach the Zambian side and the viewpoint of Victoria Falls. It's a good thing that we will pass through the city. I can show you the city as well.

It's almost 8.30 in the morning. The city has begun to open up. As a matter of fact, it starts around 7 am. There are many cafes, bars and restaurants here. You will find almost every facility for tourists here. Because this is the most famous tourist spot in Zambia.

That's why you will find all these facilities here. Looks like we are there. I think it's along the right side. The border is just next to it. We will go to the Zambian side first to see the waterfalls. Let's hope they let us take the motorcycle in.

No entry from here. We can go from here. We will get a ticket from here. Hello Can I get one ticket please? 520 Kwacha..?

Let's see how many Kwacha I have. $20 for non-resident adults. How much for the rest of the people? 12 Kwacha, 10 Kwacha, almost free. That's not even $1. Thank you.

We have to pay $20 to see the waterfalls on the Zambian side. Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When the Zambezi River flows from the back, it becomes very wide at this point. Almost 1708 meters wide. There is a canyon-type area here.

The entire river falls down at a drop of 108 meters. You can see a lot of waterfalls here. Some are on the Zambian side and the rest are on the Zimbabwean side. Victoria Falls is called Victoria Falls because David Livingstone came here in 1855.

There is a small island called Livingstone Island. He came here and saw these waterfalls for the first time. The locals already knew about it and named it Mossy Otunia.

But the Europeans did not know about it. It was named Victoria Falls after Queen Victoria. On the Zambian side, it is also called Mossy Otunia.

It means thundering smoke. The waterfalls are so large that you can see smoke in the sky. Let me show you some of the drone shots that I took.

What an amazing place! I am so happy. The water spray at some point is too strong to stand there. Even video making is too difficult here. I'm just trying to show you this beauty in the same manner I'm seeing it. Right now there is a lot of water here due to the rainy season.

You can hear the sound of the waterfall from the area below. This area is filled with rainbows. It is said that you can see rainbows everywhere before 12 pm. Because of the angle of the sun. It is really fun right now. You can see all the water flowing towards the Victoria Falls Bridge.

I think the water from Zimbabwe is also coming this way. So, I can see the most rainbows and thunders here. Let's walk a little more. The Zambian side has only 30% waterfalls.

The rest of the area is covered by Zimbabwe. Even though I was wearing a poncho, I am completely wet. I have spent 2 hours here. I have seen all the viewpoints.

Honestly speaking, I have really enjoyed it. That's why we came here. Whenever you come to such places, you should enjoy the beauty of the place before you leave. Unfortunately, I had a pocket 3, which I use to make my walking vlogs. I made a video with it and there was a lot of water.

It has given up. Hopefully, in the coming days, I'm gonna place it in sunlight to see if it starts working again. There is another place here called Devil's Pool.

The waterfalls pass right next to it. It was my dream to go there and enjoy. I have seen many people's pictures and videos. But that too is closed due to high water levels. Anyway, we have enjoyed the Zambian side a lot.

Let's leave now. We have our Rangeeli (motorcycle) with us. Otherwise, we would have taken a taxi from here. Let's see how our border crossing turns out to be. We are very close to the border now.

We will reach in 2 minutes. We have to get our Carnet done as well as the immigration stamp. This is Immigration and this is Customs. We have done our customs and immigration work here.

We haven't paid the Immigration or Customs guys anything. Just got a stamp on the Carnet. They put a wrong stamp last time when we entered. So had to convince these guys that it's not my fault.

To Cape Town. Customs stamp? That's on my carnet. This motorcycle is on carnet. Do you want to see that? Customs stamp is here. Hello This is for you or for me? Chassis number? I think that's on this side.

Here it is. Let them check. No one has ever checked before. I think only once in Tanzania. But it's ok. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim So bye bye Zambia.

It's asking me to wait here. The bridge is not that wide. So only one person can cross it at a time.

Our turn to go. There's a railway line on the other side. The train also passes through here.

Between Victoria Falls and Zambia. What a beautiful view of the waterfalls. That's why I was saying that this is the most beautiful border in the world. I haven't seen a border more beautiful than this one. We have entered Zimbabwe.

People either walk from one border to another. Or there are taxis here. Mostly people are going to Victoria Bridge.

They will take pictures from there and come back. So people don't cross the border. It was built in 1905. It was built in UK. And it was installed here within 14 months. It's about 200 meters long.

And it's about 120 to 130 meters high. Let's see where we are now. Border Post Immigration.

All persons entering Zimbabwe must complete immigration... Alright Let's park the motorcycle here. We have to go through here to get our bike checked. I will tell you the rest of the story. Hello. How are you? We can leave sooner if they are a little quicker.

Sorry? This is our insurance. This is the number of motorcycle. Year of manufacturing. Make Engine Chassis Everything is here. Thank you.

Welcome back to Zimbabwe. The process here is a bit more complicated than Zambia. It's not difficult but it's a bit strict.

Here they tell me that... I got a double entry visa from the back. If I had a single entry visa, I would have to take a $50 visa again. There I had a $30 single entry visa and a $45 double entry visa. So they charge different fees at every border.

I paid $10 for the carbon tax and $1 for the road tax. I saw a cafe behind me. Let's just sit here. They have also taken Carnet here. But they had to issue me an insurance for Comesa. Normally I take it at the border.

But here I was told that they charge a lot. They may charge $100 to $150 here. Now we are going back to the cafe. I had taken my bike's insurance from Zambia for less than $10. It's for almost 7 days.

I have to cross the border anyway. So it's a good thing that I can save some money by getting some prior information. Sorry, I was riding on the wrong side. Is there any other cafe nearby or in the city? In the city.

Okay, thank you. They don't have any coffee or anything. We will go to the city. It's nearby.

It's not too far. We will sit there. I already had a sim card from Zimbabwe.

So one thing less to worry. The internet is very expensive here. Let's keep an eye on the cafes nearby. Finally we get a chance to have a nice lunch in a nice cafe. So I have ordered for myself.

Seafood pasta ... which looks delicious. There is a smoothie too. It has orange and other things. It's delicious.

Since there are a lot of tourists in these areas, you will get to see good cafes and good food. From my experience in Livingstones, the food there is almost as good as the one I had there. Let's have the pasta.

I think it's $15. It's $4. So it will be $20. Prices-wise, you can say that Victoria Falls is double compared to Livingstones. In the same cafe, I would have to pay $6-$7 for food. It would be $2-$3.

But here, the prices are double. Anyway, let's go to a tourist spot. I hope the pasta is good. I am already hungry.

We are going to set up our round 2 waterfall. On the Zimbabwean side. Hi, how are you? I am good. Thank you. And you? Good.

You see my name tag? Yes. I will keep it for you. You want to enter the falls? Yes.

I will just keep it for you. Okay. Thank you. I will be back in 1 to 2 hours. 1 to 2 hours. We have entered the Zimbabwe side.

We have paid $50 here. Entry fee to the National Park to see the waterfalls. It was $20 in Zambia.

Almost $30 more expensive than that. Let's see if the extra money we are paying here is worth it. It is said that 70% of the waterfalls are in Zimbabwe. And 30% are in Zambia. Let's see. Let's go to a different point of view.

Check out this view. No matter how much I praise it, I have praised it a lot in today's vlog. But we have to praise the place we visit every time. Because this place is so beautiful.

Now we have reached the final view point of Zambia. It's right next to the border of Zambia. On the other side is the Zambian side where you can see the rainbow. One thing I have noticed here is that there is a lot of mist.

Because of this, you don't see a large part of waterfalls in these days. Because there is a lot of water in the rivers. So if you are coming here in dry season, you might want to visit the Zimbabwe side.

Because there might be no water on the other side as it was written on the internet. Personally, it should take at least 2 days. One day on the Zimbabwe side and one day on the Zambian side.

And one should enjoy it. Because these places are amazing. We have seen almost the entire area. I will sit here for a while and then we will leave for the main gate. Finally, I'm back and Rangeeli is ready for her next destination. Today I have tried to show you the waterfalls from both sides of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Because it's a dream of many people to come here. So I have tried to show you as much as I can virtually. This is a place that you don't leave disappointed.

Because it's so beautiful. Whether you visit Zimbabwe or both the sides... It's worth visiting. Do visit whenever you get a chance.

I will take your leave now. I hope you would have liked this vlog. Remember me in your prayers and don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Especially Comment and Like so that the reach of the video increases. See you in the next vlog. Allah Hafiz.

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