USA Tour Day 12: George Washington House, Farmers Market, Italian Lunch, Great Cupcakes, Georgetown

USA Tour Day 12: George Washington House, Farmers Market, Italian Lunch, Great Cupcakes, Georgetown

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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ What do you want? A glass of Arak, a pinch of sumac, and if you want, you can add garlic. Thank you. $8 per kilo.

Wow, Adan told me that Lebanon is expensive. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ Good morning, good morning! I told you that Washington is one of the most beautiful cities for me. Maybe the second most beautiful area in America. If I was like them, maybe San Diego and then here. It's very beautiful, very organized, very clean. Super clean.

As much green as you want. Calm, there is no crowd. And I love it. This is the third time in Washington, and I still enjoy it every time I come back. Saturday morning in America, and maybe anywhere in Europe, is the Farmer's Market. Arlington Farmer's Market, that's how the day starts.

A short trip to Washington. But it's very important because its meetings are important, and its discoveries are also important. Again, a new day starts now. ♪♪♪ Hi, I'm Dinya Shabat, and I'm selling garlic all over the DMV area. ♪♪♪ American pie.

American-style pies. I think I'll manage. Thank you. Looks nice. Super heavy.

Wow, that's a good job. Oh, good. American heritage food. As seen in the movies. Real pie.

Sugar on top, brown sugar. And inside, very nicely fruity. It really is so good. Oh, thank you. Great job.

Yummy. I'm Kate. I'm with Family of Nuts, and we sell nuts. We get them imported from all over America, overseas. And then they're brought back to our warehouse in Chantilly, and they're roasted two to five days.

And then they're packaged and sealed, and then we sell them at all the farmer's markets that we go to. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ It's like fire, you won't taste it. Ta-da! The smell in the stand is appetizing. The smell... The smell of the sandwich is appetizing.

The idea is great, the mix is nice. Nice. English muffin. Eggs, meat, tomato. And it is delicious.

Mmm. Spices, sweetness of the tomato. Oh, it's so good. Nicely egg muffin. It's a bit hard on the outside and spongy on the inside.

It doesn't have a burger bun. Nice tender meat. Thin like McDonald's, like Big Mac. The egg is not dry.

Oh, this is good. This is good. Recommended. Recommended. For the customers. Oh, really good.

Which one is the best to have? Apple strudel with pecan nuts. My favorite is the apple with mixed berries, but the one with pecan nuts is also really good. Let's have one with mixed berries and one with pecan. So we don't get upset. It's nice.

It's nice, from Austria. They understood their job. They brought the taste of Austria directly here. I think this one is with pecan nuts.

The smell of cinnamon and apple is great. So good. So good. Another one with mixed berries. Of course, it's more acidic and sweeter. Did you see how thin and spongy the dough is? You can feel the crunchiness of the apple, it's a bit cooked.

Very nice. Sugar on the outside, cinnamon on the inside. You have to love apples, because apples all the way.

A Sahara box. And I love it. We'll finish and continue our tour. A bit of tourism. Come on Washington, I'm coming. This is a bonus.

Lemonade, the real deal. And super fresh orange juice. Big size America. This is the way, some energy vitamins. Also a bonus.

Some sugar. Mini donuts. They're helping me. They said it's chocolate, but it's not. I wish they had chocolate in the market. They're perfect, not oily.

They're soaked, but they're crunchy on the outside. Nice. I'm going back to the car. You You You Benvenuti canale. So my name is Alessandro.

We are a family-owned restaurant here at Canale. It's my family business We specialize in the Neapolitan style pizza and the southern Italian cuisine. We're originally from Sicily Immigrant family moved here in the 70s. I got into the restaurant business over time wanted to make the greatest pizza in the world, so we've learned the Neapolitan style and Now we're here You You This is what's left We're back and I finished the first piece of pizza And the second piece of pizza is on the way. Very thin crust Nicely spongy on the sides, light crunch Loaded, and I ordered spaghetti pomodoro And penne.

They put garlic everywhere, which I understand. So I ordered a special order for me, and we're enjoying it family-owned Italian good food American style The closest to Italy and we're having an enjoyable lunch with our friends Great gathering, enjoyable gathering. We're going to spend the day together. Enjoy your meal No, good job, really good job. I have to say bravo because he made me a tomato sauce that's different from the one they make with garlic He made me a tomato sauce, he used the tomato sauce for the pizza He added a little salt, a little olive oil, and it turned out very good The pasta is al dente, it's not sticky, it's not sticky at all, it's properly cooked No, really, I can't say anything else. Good job, good Italian To enjoy a good pasta plate, bravo, good job The pasta is al dente, it's not sticky at all, it's properly cooked Let's start with the carrot cake.

What did we agree on? First of all, this is the first time I see a conical cupcake. I will give it life. We roll it like this. It looks like this. Did you see the line behind me? Let's see if it's worth it. First of all, it's very moist.

Very heavy. And very good. Wow.

Man, where's the weight? Where's the line? Carrot cake, super flavorful. You feel the sugar but you don't feel the crunchiness of the sugar. And that's the beauty.

Very nice cream. Oh, I love it. Spot on. But there's still more.

Lemon blueberry. Look how moist the dough is. Oh.

Oh my goodness, even better. What is this? Lemon and blueberry. Beautiful. And there's more. It's chocolate time.

Whistling. Oh my goodness. I'm in heaven. Unbelievable. What a great chocolate flavor.

Good find. What is it called? Baked and wired. Recommended, in Georgetown. When you come to Georgetown, you take cookies at Levain, and cupcakes at Baked and wired. This is unbelievable.

Sugar rush. Come, come. Amazing. Italian lunch done. Great cupcakes. Done.

Now I want to take them and feed them ice cream. Ice cream. Oops. It's OK. It's OK.

It's OK. I'm OK. It's OK. It's OK.

It's OK. It's OK. It's… fruit, mojito, real sorbet, real flavors, very low sweetness, and then I ordered here cardamom, unbelievable, real taste, the problem is that it's a bit bitter, but it doesn't stop, delicious, coffee, did you notice how creamy, look how it melted as much as it should be, but it doesn't drip, you feel the espresso, it goes into your mouth as if you're drinking a boilee, real flavors, real, authentic elasticity.

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