USA Day 10 San Francisco:American Breakfast, Ferry Building Market, Pier 39, Street Food, Epic Lunch

USA Day 10 San Francisco:American Breakfast, Ferry Building Market, Pier 39, Street Food, Epic Lunch

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San Francisco, San Francisco is beautiful. Colors, houses, and today is a new day we will start with George. George doesn't want to have breakfast, he wants to start because you know I didn't eat much yesterday, so I have a stomach ache.

Pancrase. Pancrase diner, it needs pancakes, open 24 hours, nice maple syrup, and then, to start thinking right. San Francisco, day 2, let's do it. 3200 and a bit reviews on Google Maps, a crowd of people, I am excited.

It is 9 a.m. on a Saturday, we will wait. Ok, the people are still closing the door. Stay out, wait for your turn. Done. The first stop is called Pancrase, a crowd of 3100 reviews on Google, people are waiting in line, we waited for an hour, we are excited, but if you want a first impression, the crowd is annoying, the tables are stuck, the plates are messy, the waiters are not smiling, the sound of the forks and knives is coming from here and there, sometimes you ask why the crowd is here, I don't understand.

The first thing I ordered is the pancakes, maple syrup, I wanted to eat it since the morning. I mean, it is normal, it is a bit chewy, not the most important thing I ate. I wanted to eat an egg sandwich, it comes in 3 types, cheese, ham, 2 breads.

They are as good as the eggs. The bread is good, the eggs are good, 3 types of cheese are good, the ham is great, but I don't want this much, this is my question. I remember this experience, I don't know, I don't know. I don't start my day like this, but I don't want this much.

These famous places are nice, it is a long time ago, and now I wrote a paper that the owner is changing, it is ending. It is nice to try them, but I don't want this much. George told me, Anthony, what do you want? Let me take you to a famous place, well organized, well known. From these signature experiences, I told him, no, Google. Cheese omelette. The eggs are very good.

In the sandwich, the first egg is good, good, good. Really, honestly. An American spoon. We mixed it a bit, we stuck it a bit.

An American spoon. Before we stop. The eggs are delicious. George, we are with you, we eat all day, eat 3 plates. The idea is to see which is the best donut in the whole trip till now. What is left in my mind and is very important is what we tasted in LA.

This pops donut, which has 3,000 something reviews on Google, will be also this delicious? There is a queue, people are waiting in the line. We will try. Let's taste them. Let's start with their look, not nice.

Not at all. Not at all, not at all. They are soaked in oil. Oh my God.

They are soaked in sugar. Very fluffy. Again, they don't look nice. Soaked in oil, I confirm, on all sides.

Their sugar is delicious, but it is not delicious. Look, look, look, the oil is everywhere. This is the cronut.

Croissant donut, invented by Dominique Ansel in New York. Very chewy, very oily. Oh, big no. Look here, look here, the shine. Apple fritter is the must have in San Francisco.

Everywhere people are eating from it, everywhere people are advising me. Please look at the shine, look at the oil, it is soaked everywhere. What a deception. People are waiting in the line, I give them their right. Don't hit the glass, let them wait in the line. We don't want to bother you, but take away.

They don't laugh. Tell me, don't go to places that are crowded, these are for tourists. I am not convinced. So we will stop going to places that are crowded for tourists, because they don't deserve to waste time.

Let's try this. No, no, look, look, look how the sugar and oil are soaked. No.

No. Pass. Not good.

No, no. What are we going to do? We go to toast? Do you have breakfast with your friends? What do you want? I want a bagel. Is it good? No. It is not good, I am afraid of it. I will go directly to the market.

But before, I want to make a surprise for our friend. Don't try these donuts. No flour, sugar, what are these? There is no proper proofing, the oils are not proper, the sugar is not proper. I mean, we are not going now. We are going to our friend Fadi.

Fadi has a place that sells newspapers. I said that I will come. It is impossible not to come. I came to San Francisco twice and I didn't visit it.

One of the few places that is still open in the whole area of San Francisco that sells newspapers. There are no computers, no technology. The smell of paper, look at the smell of paper. How long haven't you smelled? The smell of newspaper and magazine.

We told you that we will make a surprise. Good morning. The first time it didn't work, the second time it was closed.

How many magazines do you have here? About 2000 different titles. 2000 titles. Not quantities. We were talking yesterday that he has magazines and newspapers from all around the world.

Germany, France, you name it, he has it. How long have you been selling newspapers? I have been doing this for 28 years. We started with 200 titles. Now it is up to 2000 different titles. That is what the clientele wants.

I always try to get whatever they ask for. If I don't have it, I research it. I try to find it. I put it on the shelf. This way they are satisfied and they come back.

I have to import some magazines from Europe and Japan. Because distribution is getting to be very flimsy. I import my own titles. DHL brings them in two days. A weekend magazine that came out in Germany on Saturday, I will have it here on Tuesday. Same thing with Italian magazines and French magazines.

This is a magazine from New York. Yara Akkari, Lebanese. I promised to Lebanon. Hello.

We got upset with her. As I told you, the last newsstand in the area. Maybe in San Francisco altogether. And it has from France, from Germany, point de vue, Le Point, and magazines that you can't imagine are present. Germany, Austria, you name it, he has it.

Vogue and others. So for this newsstand, I will be happy to be here. I will be happy to be here. I will be happy to be here. I will be happy to be here.

I will be happy to be here. So this newsstand should be put as a historic because the only one that is still in use. It doesn't close. You should come and visit it. We are in tears now.

The people that came here, European tourists came until now and took a magazine. God bless them, they are still here. People still need a magazine. The magazine is beautiful in the plane, in the bed before sleeping, the magazine is beautiful. As digital as it is, the magazine and the book are different. Conde Nast Traveler.

If I didn't have editing, and I would have uploaded a video every day, I would have been here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here.

I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I wish I can't eat more. I am going to be here. I am going to be here.

I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here.

I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here.

I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here.

I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here.

I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here.

I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I am going to be here.

I am going to be here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ If you ask everyone, they know that in the Ferry Building, there is a place that sells Manakish. It's called Reem. It's a very nice place, it's neat, the color is nice. It's called Reem's California.

Traditional Arab street food is written here and there. You can make a Manoucheh for 12$, cheese with Sajouk for 16$. The Manoucheh is thin, the oven is nice, it has a lot of vegetables, it's coated with Labneh. It's not bad. It's not bad at all. It's thin, it's made with olive oil, you drink the dough, it's left outside.

The vegetables are very nice, the Labneh is nice, the thyme is nice. In the end, you pay a lot of money, so it's at least 12$. But it's nice. The thyme and Labneh, top. Top top. It's one of the nice things.

The cheese. Cheese with tomatoes and arugula. Also, super soft. Akkawi. Wow.

Wow wow wow. Bravo bravo bravo. No one is working, the oven is industrial, they are being heated and made ahead of time.

People are crowded, of course they are not working in detail. And yet, a delicious Manoucheh. Bravo.

I liked it. I left the other one around me and I can't stop. The cheese is very delicious. Beautiful quality.

And the thyme as well. Good job. Thank you.

The best ice cream in the world. They put that they are one of the top 5 ice creams in America, according to the food network. And yes, chocolate is amazing. Gourmet, flavors.

What an invention. It's not the ice cream we are used to, maybe the lavender, maybe the super chocolate, I don't know what it is called. Very rich, enjoyable, non-creamy. You don't feel the milk, it's not hard, not sticky, not gooey, not at all.

It doesn't have the crunch of snow inside. Amazing. Yes, but one doesn't deserve it. Because the flavors are amazing.

They look nice, they are generous, and their food is nice. It's like you are walking in nature, in the forest. The taste of lavender.

Ok, I will sit and keep you excited for tomorrow. Definitely one of the best. San Francisco looks very smart, like Melbourne, Australia, with the ice cream. The ice cream I am eating is delicious.

Competition is high. Oh, look at the coffee. I am going to go on the line. Ok, let's continue.

Before I start, I will get the floor. Amazing, super recommended. It's called Humphrey Slowcome Ice Cream. Look at it. She is talking. I didn't hear her talking yet.

Let's go. I am going to get the floor. I am going to get the floor. I am going to get the floor.

I am going to get the floor. You want to sit? Ok, let's go. Let's go. Come here.

Let's go. Let's go. Do you want to sit? Yes. Let's go. Let's go.

This is really good. Let's go. Let's go. I am remembering what I did here, I am walking in all the streets I did when I was here. Google reminded me, you were here 5 years ago, 4 years ago. And Pier 39, I don't remember it.

I don't remember there being a village this big. A city on water. We are on water in the middle of the water. Wow, impressive. It's Saturday and it's crowded.

Mother's Day tomorrow. Everyone is celebrating. Beautiful vibes. Wow, look at these. Do you remember? 366 0:30:20,320 --> 0:30:02,000 I never thought I'd walk on something this big.

All of us when we were young at least we tried them once. They had their own thing. Marouas and not Marouas. Eish.

Marouas. Marouas. Marouas. Marouas. Marouas.

Marouas. Marouas. Marouas. Marouas. Marouas.

Marouas. Welcome to Davos, let's go. What's behind me? What's behind me? You know, in Australia I said I'm done with Ben and Jerry's. I'm stopping. This time in San Francisco, the same.

The ice cream that melts. Look, look, water. Oh my God. I don't know if I'm going to get poisoned if I eat it.

First of all, it's very expensive. This one is for $13. It's very sweet. It's like a sugar cane. It's melting. It's all chocolate.

The place is very dirty. The reception is bad. I don't feel like I can eat this. Look, look. Oh my God. Ben and Jerry's.

Goodbye brand. Done. For life. In Australia, I thought they were open again and they don't know.

In San Francisco, I told them I'm done. It's for $21. Quick recap. First, we did the ferry building.

Then we did Pier 39. Then we did Fisherman's Wharf. Hello. Then we did the cable car. We are walking in San Francisco in the beautiful weather. The sun is beautiful, the colors are beautiful.

I hope you're enjoying this video. We're walking around. We're trying to find something tasty and enjoyable. Next step is this chocolate shop. It's very famous.

Everyone comes here to eat from it. It's called Gerardelle. If it has good ice cream, we'll eat. Me and his chocolate.

He's a fan. It's very good. Me and American chocolate.

Chocolate for his friends. It's crowded. It's like we called them. It's the most famous chocolate fudge. You can buy chocolate. It has Gold Rush, World Famous Hot Fudge Sunday, Ocean Beach, and so on.

Sugar and milk chocolate. As I said, I'm not a big fan. Thank you. Enjoy. We'll skip it. We'll go eat a burger.

We haven't eaten a burger in San Francisco. George, I have a question. Yes. Look, look, look, go down.

How much do you spend on brakes in this city? The most is brakes. All my business is about brakes and cars. 40 years. Brakes? You're going up and down. Business has moved. I am going to eat a burger here.

They have delicious fries and double cheese American burger. The bread is dry, they put aioli sauce which is garlic. I told him without the sauce, he said ok, he sent me mayonnaise. We don't have mayonnaise.

They gave me sauce, I said no, I didn't give you sauce. I said no, I don't want sauce. I said no, I don't want sauce.

I said no, I don't want sauce. I said no, I don't want sauce. I said no, I don't want sauce. They gave me sauce, I said no, I didn't give you sauce. I didn't understand how to pass from here. I said what do you want, we will get it for you.

But we only have ketchup. Before we eat ketchup, let's taste what's up. Oh my goodness. It is really amazing. I haven't eaten this much salt for a long time. Wow, it's so salty.

It has pieces of fat that get stuck under the teeth. Did you know what kind? I'll add some ketchup. It's a strange color. Some mustard that comes like the side dish of the Saydaliyeh. We'll taste another bite. It got stuck in a bottle of water just to remove the salt from my body.

It's not good at all. Not at all. It's salty. The bread is dry. Not at all.

Eww. It looks like it's talking about itself. Oh my God. It's not good. I think he should learn to cook something else.

I'm leaving, you stay here. Don't cross the street. Before we leave, I should tell you that when we arrived, we waited for 15 minutes. He said, sorry, we have a reservation. I said, no, there is no table inside. There is no one in the place.

It's empty. The reception is bad. Don't film. I have a lot of saltiness.

Let's go. I'm afraid to say, it's a wrap. Good food, epic steak. Good food, fresh food, nice presentation. The reception is nice, the service is nice, the plates are nice. The fish is very tasty, the smell on the table is nice.

The bread is very tasty, the olive oil is of its kind, the butter is of its kind. Every single detail counts. The plate is amazing. We say goodbye to San Francisco in style. Excellent. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Even if it was the fries, the carrots, the puree, the meat, its quality, its tenderness. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Everything is done with love, affection, feeling, fun, and calm. The restaurant deserved it. Let's agree on the subject, but it's a busy place.

The goodwill in San Francisco is not enough to prove that there is good food in San Francisco. We didn't come very lucky, we toured a lot of places. But at the end, there are important things.

The meat. I will eat it this way because I will use both hands. Like butter, amazing quality. Amazing juiciness. It's really out of this world.

The fish restaurant and the meat restaurant are both for the same owner. The experience is amazing. The Wagyu is top. The way the meat is done, red on the inside, it's busy.

All the accompaniments are great. The potato puree is top, Bocuse style. The carrots are great, the sweetness of the honey on them. The service is great, the music is nice, light, the vibes are nice. The view on the bridge is great, recommended.

Great, great, and great. From here, we leave, we take the airport, the plane, and we go back to San Diego. I should thank George who left his family. His wife passed away yesterday.

He stayed with us since yesterday morning until now. You are welcome. Thank you so much.

San Francisco, I say bye, we meet again. You are welcome. How many days? A few months.

You are welcome. Pinkberry at the airport. The famous pomegranate which I always eat. There is something new today called spring peach, white peach.

It's smooth, very smooth. I love pinkberry. Wherever I travel in the world, where there is a mall, frozen yogurt is the most important thing. They have 8 flavors in the airport. There is a place that sells sandwiches and burgers but not in the mood.

The airport is kind of empty, calm, 6-7 places, good choices of food, and pinkberry. Great way to end the day. It is a service to have dinner. It was right to call it dinner at the end but it is unbelievable.

It is not light yet. Pomegranate is my favorite ever. Thank you.

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