Boysenberry Games, Food, and Fun at Knott's Berry Farm!

Boysenberry Games, Food, and Fun at Knott's Berry Farm!

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- It's that time of year. It's time for our favorite theme park Festival. It's the Knott's Boysenberry Festival. And they have a lot of fun specialty activities going on. So first and foremost, they have specialty boysenberry games, and I'm hoping we can win some boysenberry themed prizes today. Second, they have boysenberry food, and I'm talking like they put Boysenberry on everything.

And then lastly, they have a really cool boysenberry themed merchandise. And the number one thing I'm looking for today is some boysenberry licorice, so I'm hoping we can find that as well. So let's go enjoy some food, and games, and fun, and everything in between at Knott's Berry Farm (coin chimes) - [Spencer] Back over by the Ghost Rider roller coaster, we have Boysenberry Lane. It's a specialty area that's only open for their special events, right now, obviously for the Boysenberry Festival. This is where you're gonna find your few specialty games. Here we have the Miners Mad Dash and the Harvest Mania, as well as you can actually buy boysenberry plants to plant at home.

- [Katie] Whoa. - [Spencer] Got a huge food booth over here as well, Where you can get a Boysenberry tasting card that works at a lot of those stand locations throughout the park. But we always love when they set up these specialty games here. I actually think there's a games card as well that can get used on bonus plays and a bonus plush, maybe. - Okay, we have the stamp card for this Boysenberry Festival. It's different than before.

So at the end of the first four games, we get a free $5 game. The second row of four games, we get a $10 game. And then on the last row, then we get to collect a cow. And so there's a strawberry cow, a blueberry cow, and a Boysenberry cow. And I'm gonna be honest with you, we've only hit like two games so far, and they're running low on the Boysenberry Cow.

And I am stressed. And I know we're here a little late in the season for the games, but I need the boysenberry cow. So if everyone could just keep their fingers crossed until the end of the video, that'd be great.

Okay, spencer is gonna play the Miners Mad Dash. And we have a little bit of a change in pricing from last year, but I think this is really positive. So it's $15 for the Solo Boysenberry Play, which is what Spencer is doing. Or for $12 per Player, it's family play. So the winner wins the super size, which is the Boysenberry Squishmallow, and the other player wins a Fun Size, which is a smaller Squishmallow.

So if you have two people in your party, that'd be $24, and you both get to win. So I think that's like a 10, I love that. - [Spencer] That's a great deal. - [Katie] This is truly a winner every time game in that sense. - But you guys remember this game, you basically just pump your TNT boxes to get your character, either Whittles or Brutus, all the way across. And then the Boysenberry gem at the end is who declares the winner? - [Katie] And who are you picking? - I'm gonna play as Whittles.

- [Katie] That makes sense, the beard. - [Spencer] I love Whittles. - [Katie] The beard is good. - I think we're ready. - [Game Operator] Are you ready? - I am.

- [Game Operator] On your marks. Get set. Go, go, go. - [Katie] Okay, this is just silly, because he's not going against anyone. - I got this.

(pump clanks rapidly) - [Katie] So funny. It's so loud. (Katie laughs) - [Game Operator] Yeah, there you go. - [Spencer] Yes, I did it. - [Katie] Yay!

- [Katie] Okay, so these are the boysenberry Squishmallows. This is the super size. And I'm gonna show you guys, we got a lot of options here in the fun size. And so since Spencer played on his own, he can pick anything he likes. What are you gonna pick? - [Spencer] I'm gonna take the Boysenberry. - [Katie] Okay, - [Game Operator] Of course, let me get that for you.

- [Katie] A great choice. And then, guys, I have to show you the cow while I'm here. - [Spencer] Those are the cows. - [Katie] This is the elusive cow, okay. There's Strawberry, Boysenberry and Blueberry.

But we already have a Boysenberry. - Hey boysenberry. - [Katie] Oh my gosh, it's the exact same color as your shirt. - I knew, see, I'm matching it.

And yeah, it has the check-in series for Knott's Berry Farm. I love this. Next up we have Harvest Mania, which is is super cute.

You guys recognize this game. We've played this several times in several different forms. Okay, you have a basket here of beanbags. - [Katie] That's a lot. - [Spencer] That is a lot of bean bags. And you have 30 seconds to get as many into these baskets as possible.

Once the game starts, they will be spinning. But we do have three level of prizes at this game. And you basically pay for your level of prize, $10, $15, or $20.

- [Katie] This is $10. - [Spencer] Here's your $10, which is these really cute foods, small size. - [Katie] Same ones. - [Spencer] Same ones, but larger for $15.

- [Katie] Wait, I have to show the donut, 'cause it's really cute. - [Spencer] Oh, the donut is very cute. - [Katie] That's the best one.

- [Spencer] And then $20 are these boysenberry treats. And it looks like you have a cookie ice cream sandwich. Oh, that has a smiley face. A boba that says Knott's Boysenberry Festival on the back. Not just Knott's Berry Farm, Knott's Boysenberry Festival, and the elusive boysenberry pie. - [Katie] We've never won this.

- [Spencer] We've looked for it for years and we've always been too late in the season. But Katie, are you ready? - [Katie] I'm so ready. - [Spencer] All right, you got 30 seconds on the clock. As soon as she starts it, what're you gonna go for, that one? - [Katie] Yeah, I guess I'll go for this one. - [Spencer] Okay.

- [Game Operator] 3, 2, 1. - [Spencer] 3, 2, 1. Go, go, go.

Oh, you got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. This is fantastic, 8. 9. - [Katie] Oh, I missed one. - [Spencer] First miss, oh no.

- [Katie] Oh no, second. - [Spencer] Oh no, 10, 11, 12, same level. 13, 14. - [Katie] Look, the level works, okay. - [Spencer] 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. You did it, you got 20 in 30 seconds.

- I started throwing multiple. - [Spencer] Yeah, I know. - [Game Operator] It's okay. - [Spencer] You did it, okay.

- [Game Operator] So you said you wanted the pie? - Yes, please. - [Spencer] She wants the pie. - [Katie] Oh my gosh. - [Spencer] Ooh, how exciting. - [Katie] I can't believe we're finally getting the pie. - [Spencer] I know, it's been years that we've been missing pie.

- I didn't even try to think that they would have it. Like I told myself like this wasn't gonna be the year, 'cause it's been like three years. - [Spencer] I know, I know.

- I didn't get myself hyped up, thank you. Oh my gosh. - [Spencer] Thank you so much. - Okay, so this is definitely a keep prize. This is going on our prize shelf.

And I have, did you show the tag before? - [Spencer] Wait, it's a blue ribbon winner. - [Katie] Oh my gosh, this is perfect. The only thing that would make this better is if it was scented. And you know I hate scented plushies, but this, if it smelled like Boysenberry pie would be amazing.

- [Spencer] All over the park, they have these amazing displays of boysenberries. Giant ones, small ones, and little hints, and not hints, but like little nods and little, what's the word? - [Katie] Fun trivia. - [Spencer] Fun trivia, yes. Not hints.

Hints on how to win the things. No, no, trivia about boysenberries and Knott's. Really cute stuff. Okay, so we're looking for licorice here. - [Katie] Oh my gosh, look at these.

- [Spencer] What have you found? - [Katie] Slippers, they're pie. - [Spencer] Oh my gosh, they're pie slippers. That is so cute. Literally they have like Boysenberry themed everything. Look at these beanies. They're like knit beanies that look like a boysenberry.

Okay, we found some food items here. Jelly beans. - [Katie] Gummy bears, taffy. - [Spencer] Taffy.

- [Katie] No licorice. - [Spencer] Huh, okay. There's a lot of stories here that have stuff. - [Katie] This tea is really good, you guys. - [Spencer] Boysenberry tea, oh my gosh. Yeah, we got some of that a couple years ago and it took a long time for us to go through.

But it's delicious. - [Katie] Gonna get more of that. - We just love walking through Ghost Town any time of day, but especially during the Boysenberry Festival.

There's something so like nostalgic about the whole area. - [Katie] Yes, because like when I grew up. - [Spencer] Yes, this is, yes. It reminds me of my childhood in the Wild West. Yep, that's it. Okay, we got the Ghost Town candy store.

If anywhere has candy that we're looking for. - [Katie] No, they never have it here. - [Spencer] Got bulk candy. - [Katie] Snoopy.

- [Spencer] Okay, we got some Boysenberry - [Katie] Cotton candy. - [Spencer] No way. - [Katie] They do have it. - [Spencer] No way, oh my gosh, they have it.

The Knott's Boysenberry twist. This is only really carried in the store this time of year. Super difficult to find. - [Katie] It's a pound. - [Spencer] It is a pound of licorice.

- [Katie] And does it have a price? I don't know how much we usually pay for it. I usually like to tell you guys, but I don't know. - [Spencer] It's so good to see accelerator running again. It's been a while since we've been here and it's been running. - [Katie] Yeah.

- [Spencer] There's a pretty hefty crowd here at the Boardwalk games today, Katie. - [Katie] Nah, they went straight to the coasters. - [Spencer] Of course everybody went straight to the coasters as soon as the park opened, but that leaves more room for us. - [Katie] It's boardwalk hoops time. But this is gonna look a little different.

Get it, little. - [Spencer] Little. - [Katie] Okay, so this used to be our long shot basketball. And I heard for a minute that it was like a milk can, but we've got a short shot basketball. I don't think I have any complaints about this. I liked the long shot, so I'm sad to lose it, but I love a short shot.

- [Spencer] Yeah, I really like that long shot that was here. It was kind of crazy, but. - [Spencer] It's the way Spencer has to duck under these animals for me. Okay, so it's three balls for what do we pay, $10? - [Spencer] $10, yep. - [Katie] Okay, and if you get one in, not the cows, the cows are for the stamp game, but you get one of the HugMees or like this little blueberry pie, and then two in for the big plushies. - [Spencer] That's good.

- [Katie] And if you get all three, you get both. - [Spencer] You get both, that's crazy. - [Katie] I've never heard of that, like an intentional two prize win. - I know, right? - [Katie] I'm kind of obsessed with that. - That's pretty cool. The balls are nicely inflated too.

They're not like hard as rocks. I love that. All right. - [Katie] So they always run a fair game operation here.

- [Spencer] I might go underhand 'cause it's so close. - [Katie] Do whatever you want. - [Spencer] All right. - [Katie] You've had good luck with overhand, but it's up to you.

- [Spencer] That's true. All right, I'm gonna at least one shot underhand. Nah, it's still off to the left, all right. Oh my gosh. - [Katie] Oh yeah, and it doesn't count if it goes in one of the other ones. - [Spencer] Yeah, no cross throwing.

It doesn't count if it bounces. - [Katie] That's my only boo for this, 'cause I think it's fun when that happens. - [Spencer] It's always fun.

I know, right? It takes ultimate skill to get into another one. - [Katie] Yeah, like if it's not intentional, no cross throws should be allowed, but. Ooh, close, close, close. - [Game Operator] Yeah, last one right here. - [Spencer] Oh, man, already my last shot. - [Katie] You got this.

- [Spencer] Ooh, come on. Oh. - [Katie] Ooh. That was really close. - That was close. - [Katie] Okay, so not a win for us, but I'm not mad at it.

- I did better at the long shot than I did at this. - [Katie] Somehow you did. Okay, no replay deals, but that's not keeping us away. We're gonna play again. So we did another $10 for three balls.

- Yes, which was our fourth game. - [Katie] Oh, so the next one is a free $5 game. - Yes. - [Katie] Oh, I love that. - Okay guys. - [Katie] I like having a free game.

- [Spencer] Gotta hone in, hone in here. It's a little early for me, so. - [Katie] Oh, what is that? A wolf.

It hit the wolf. - That almost helped it, honestly. - [Katie] Yeah. I like that he's dribbling it on the counter. Oh.

- Man, little. - [Katie] This is tricky. - I got one more.

I know, it's like how close it is is honestly tricky. - [Katie] Yeah, yeah. - Come on. Oh my gosh. Aww, man, this one got the best of me today.

- [Katie] It did, it did. But that's okay, 'cause there's other games. There's another new game at least, right? - Oh yeah? - [Katie] Yeah.

- [Spencer] They're throwing these massive plushies up everywhere now and it's so funny. But we're at Boing Boing, another game that's eluded us here. It's $3 for five balls, $5 for 15 balls, $10 for 40 balls. We're using our free play for the $5 for 15 balls, which is a little bucket here. - This is the perfect height though.

- [Spencer] Oh yeah, right, now I have to duck under to get under here. So Katie's gonna take these ping pong balls, try to throw them into the little dishes and not drop them. And then she gets a clear, it's the small, right? - [Katie] These look like almost like new clear dishes. - [Spencer] Yeah, the clear dishes look nice. Nice and clean.

Blue is anything on the wall, and the red are the giant octopi that we have to duck under. - [Katie] Well, I gotta hit a dish. - [Spencer] Yes, yes, we need to hear that satisfying sound. - [Katie] That was kind of satisfying. - [Spencer] The splash? (both laugh) - [Katie] No. - [Spencer] I mean, I'm glad we're doing a free game, right? Oh, there we go.

- [Katie] That was good. - [Spencer] That's the closest I think we've ever gotten. - [Katie] No, you had some really close ones. - [Spencer] Do you want to move? - [Game Operator] You can bounce them off the counter or even the back wall too. - [Spencer] Oh, so you can bounce 'em off the counter or the back wall.

- [Katie] I would have a hard time bouncing it off the counter, because it's a tiny little. - [Spencer] Yeah, you can try to bounce it off the little lip there, and they say off the back wall too, which is, we've definitely seen that in play. I think it was in like Circus Reno. Did you see that? Like, I mean that that kind of did something. - [Katie] Wait, that was so fun. (both laugh) - [Spencer] It's hard to see it against the white backdrop.

Oh my gosh. - [Katie] I'm just chucking them. - [Spencer] She's just chucking them at the iceberg. - [Katie] Oh, this is so much more fun. - [Spencer] Whoa, almost came all the way back out.

- [Katie] Okay, three remain. - [Spencer] Three remain, okay, all right. - [Katie] What should I do now? - [Spencer] You know, whatever man. - [Katie] This is fun. - [Spencer] Oh, you're just gonna get one stuck.

Yep, oh no. - [Game Operator] Last one. - [Spencer] Last one, Katie. Well you had a few Boing Boings there, but. - [Katie] This game has to just live on an infamy.

It'll just be the one that got away forever. - Well, it's lunchtime here in Knott's Berry Farm during the Boysenberry Festival. So what better way to celebrate the Boysenberry Festival than with a boysenberry corn dog and boysenberry mustard. - [Katie] Whoa. - I'm super excited for this.

I literally waited. I was the first person in line outside of, what is it called? Strictly on a Stick for the corn dogs to be ready. I'm really nervous with it. It might be really hot. Oh my gosh. - [Katie] Whoa, it's steaming.

It looks like almost like a blueberry pancake wrapped around it or something. - It's really good. The Boysenberry is really light, but it's a really tasty corn dog.

And you can definitely get that little bit of Berry flavor. - [Katie] Okay, fueled up from that boysenberry corn dog. We are at buckets of fun, Spencer's favorite game here. And he is actually, he usually plays on this one, but he is played over here because the Boysenberry Cow is on this one for good luck. - That's what it is, exactly. - [Katie] Yeah.

- All right, you guys know how this goes. You got three balls, it's $7 a play. No more replay deal anymore, we are really sad about that. But you make two outta three in, you get one of these small Pokemon.

You make three outta three in, you get one of these very large Pokemon. Some new Pokemon from the last time we were here as well. - [Katie] Yeah, there are some new ones. I don't think I ever remember seeing Gengar.

We saw Popplio here one time. - We did see Popplio one time. Okay, so you guys know this one. These are really, really angled down. They're almost like flat. So there's gonna be a super light,

like a side spin is what I do, right on the front of that bucket, okay? - [Katie] Yeah, it's totally different than a lot of the other ones. - Totally different, totally different. Just can't cross this yellow line. That's gonna be a little bit too strong. - [Katie] Yeah that one had a little too much power, but it wasn't bad. I liked the approach.

- Oh man. - [Katie] That was really close. - No winner on the first one, that's all right. That's gonna be big, too. Oh, that was close.

Okay, it's okay, I'm warming up. - [Katie] I think they were all a little too much power. I don't know. - I think you're right.

Yeah, I think you're right. - [Katie] Yeah, which is crazy, that's usually me. Okay, so it's time for round two. We went ahead and prepaid for two, just to get our two stamps on the stamp card. - Of course.

- [Katie] Make it easier. - Nah, see that was too light. - [Katie] Maybe you shouldn't listen to me.

(Spencer laughs) Oh that was great. - Okay, that's one. So we gotta make this one to get a small Pokemon.

- [Katie] That was wild though. - And that's it, okay. Yep, that was it. So we got a small Pokemon. - [Katie] Yay. - Oh man, so close to getting a big one.

- [Katie] Okay, you have a lot of options here. - [Spencer] We do have a lot of options, yeah. Show them around - [Katie] Whee. - [Spencer] All the starters, right? And then Gengar, and Snorlax, and Psyduck. - [Katie] There's a Jigglypuff over here. - [Spencer] Oh, there's a little Jigglypuff over there as well.

- [Katie] Yeah. - [Spencer] What do you want, Katie? - [Katie] Oh, I don't know, you can pick. My top ones would be Psyduck, Snorlax, and Jigglypuff, I think. - [Spencer] Let's do Jigglypuff, why not? - [Katie] Okay. I don't think we've won jiggly puff in like a minute. - I know, and I dunno if we've ever won one this small.

Hey, thank you so much. That's such a different pink, it's so weird. - [Katie] She's just a baby.

- [Spencer] She's just pale, she's just pale. - [Katie] She hasn't grown into her color yet. He's decided to play again. We were gonna walk away and go see the games on the other side, but he was doing well enough that I agreed. I agree, I agree.

- Thank you, Katie. - [Katie] Sometimes it's easier once you're in the groove. - Oh, but I'm nervous now.

- [Katie] Yeah, no nervous here. That looked really good. Okay. - That's one.

- [Katie] Yeah, that was really good. - Oh, I knew that was gonna, I wasn't enough to the side. - [Katie] Caught the back, yeah - Man, that wasn't it either. - [Katie] Caught the back too, that one caught the back too.

- Gotta not catch the back. Gotta not catch the back. A little bit more side spin, maybe. - [Katie] Yeah, that first one was absolutely perfect. - Thank you. See they need little ring toss rings here too, just to hold the balls.

So something to hold the balls in a little better. - [Katie] Ooh, that looked good, that looked good. - [Spencer] That's one.

- [Katie] Stay safe, stay safe. - Okay, that's a Pokemon. (alarm rings) - [Katie] That's a Pokemon, no pressure.

- Alright, we did it on number four. Play number four. Okay, now we have the really big question of the really big prize. - Okay, so we've got Popplio, Charmander, Jigglypuff, Charizard, Gengar, and Squirtle.

- [Spencer] Yes. - [Katie] That all of them, did I catch 'em all? - [Spencer] Yeah, I think you said all of 'em. - [Katie] Did you hear me? I said did I catch 'em all? Gotta catch 'em all.

- [Spencer] Oh, gotta catch 'em all. - [Katie] I'm honestly gonna vote Gengar. - You're gonna vote Gengar, okay. Let's do the Gengar. - [Katie] I think it'd be fun to carry around for the Boysenberry Fest.

- Oh, thank goodness they have one here, too. Sometimes they have to all the way back and I feel so bad, but it's always lovely when they have one. - [Katie] See, we got kind of a theme going on with the prizes. - That's true, oh yeah, all purple - [Katie] Jigglypuff is purple adjacent. - Yeah, purple adjacent.

- [Katie] She's light purple. - Thank you so much. Yes, yeah. - [Katie] Yay! - You saw that it really took that side spin to get it to go left and right as opposed to straight to the back of the bucket there. - [Katie] It also matches your outfit. (Katie laughs) Very, very cute decorations up here on the three point challenge.

And look, we even have some themed decorations over here on the water gun game. It looks like they put like some little boysenberries on top. And Hi Striker, love hate relationship, right? It's very challenging, but like they have their own Sonny the Seagulls with a little itsy bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Very cute.

We're gonna pass on Hi Striker, 'cause there's more around the corner. We're gonna sneak through here really quick. It looks like they're doing some maintenance, so I don't wanna bother them. But we've got Surfside Hoops, Munchie's Mealtime, and Airtime. And Airtime has changed now to be a basketball game. It's a winner every time for kids.

That's what it says. That's not what I'm judging with. I think it's for everybody.

And then of course they still have this really, really hard basketball. And then the tiki game here is just a winner every time as well where you choose your size. So eight, 15 or 20, we're actually on the hunt. We have a $10 free game. We're trying to look for a game that's $10 that's the best value here.

Oh, okay, I don't know. This is $7 for three balls, so we're not gonna play this for our $10 game, but look at the little boysenberry catcher. It's so cute.

- [Spencer] That's so funny. Thanks. - [Katie] Okay, we circled back.

We've been walking around a lot. I don't know. If it's getting confusing where we are, it's confusing for us too.

- Right. - [Katie] So we decided this was the best value for our $10 freeplay, 'cause you get the three balls, and Spencer wants a redemption arc. - That's true.

I always love a redemption arc. All right. - [Katie] I like don't know, I feel like I have like crouch.

- I know. - [Katie] If anyone's walking by, they're like, why does she look really awkward? - I'm in the brush. That's one, look at that. (alarm rings) - [Katie] Goodness, that's the redemption we wanted. Heck yes, Spencer, good job. - Thank you, Katie.

- [Katie] He just needed a corn dog. That's two. (alarm rings) - [Katie] He just needed a corn dog, that's all he needed. - That's all I needed was the corn dog.

- [Game Operator] Yeah, eating does do that. - Oh, that was so close. - Honey, you can get the bear or you can get two balls.

- I can get the bear or I can get two balls. - [Katie] What about those Squishmallows? - I don't know. - [Katie] Or do you want a big bear? - I don't think I want a bear. What about those, the Squishmallow things? Are those prize options. - [Katie] She's checking. This is the best choice.

You picked the best. - Yeah, I know, me too. I like the bee too. This was a fantastic, I love that I was able to get two prizes here.

Instead of getting one of these larger ones. I was able to get our Knott's Boysenberry Festival ball, which we've gotten before and we love. And then we got the Squishmallow Hugmee, and it's a bee, how adorable is that? - I'm gonna count it as matching our theme, 'cause I'm sure there's bees flying around the Boysenberry plants. You count, you're part of our theme today. It is PrimeTime Cornhole time.

And I totally lied to you guys earlier. I was like, this is a new game. I forgot I played this. - We have played this. - [Katie] I played this too. - You played this, yeah.

- [Katie] I don't know where I live sometimes, but it's not here on this planet. Okay, so this is a great value, because it's $5 for three bean bags. So this is the one of the more affordable games here today. - Especially if you're trying to fill out the 12 games on that card.

- [Katie] Yeah, yeah. Okay, so that's gonna be the fun size, that little octopus, and then I believe Mega is anything on the back wall there. And those are the same prizes from basketball, I think. - Oh, that's true. And so you got to stand behind this yellow line.

I'm not sure if kids can stand in front of the white one. Maybe that's the case. - [Katie] I'm hoping so. - [Spencer] Three bean bags, these are real corn hole heavy. - [Katie] Okay.

- I remember last time they didn't really slide well and we thought they would slide better. - [Katie] Yeah, I do remember that. - [Spencer] All right.

Yeah, see that. - [Game Operator] All right, two more tries. - Oh. - [Katie] That was really promising.

- [Spencer] Ah, nah, it's gonna go up high. Oh, man. - [Katie] So I think that you have to kind of go like low and try to slide it up, basically is the goal. - [Spencer] I think that's the case. But they actually have a replay deal at this game only still, so let's check that out.

- [Katie] Okay, so we did have a replay deal here. So this one gets you one extra beanbag. But there's a second level of the replay that gets you two extra bean bags. I don't know, we'll see how this goes. - We'll see.

- [Katie] This is definitely one of the best values in the park. - Out to the left. Oh. - [Katie] So close. Now if you get one in front of that, that could help you, it'd make like a wall. - [Spencer] That's true.

See, I went a little bit too far to the right. I'm going back from the middle now. - [Katie] Okay, okay, okay. And over, oh. - [Spencer] Oh, oh my gosh. - [Katie] I gotta show how close this was.

- [Spencer] Yeah, you gotta go show it. - [Katie] Oh, look at this, look at this. (Spencer laughs) That was almost in there. Okay, okay. Now maybe you could like knock it in. - Oh yeah, that's right, I have a fourth one here.

So maybe at least I can get in the fun. Let's see. - [Katie] Okay. I was too excited.

- Oh. - [Katie] Oh my goodness. - Oh, that one hurt. That one hurt. - [Katie] Okay, are we in for the second replay deal? - We're in for the second replay deal. - [Katie] Spencer, you have five beanbags now.

- It's really heavy, I'm not gonna lie about it. - [Katie] You have to do it. - The fifth one is a blue one. We're gonna save it for five.

- [Katie] Okay, save that one for a last. - All right, same thing. Same thing, just in a hole this time.

- [Katie] I'm having way more fun with this one than I did last year. - Hey. (alarm rings) - [Katie] Oh my goodness. - Okay, so we got a prize this time. We get one prize per game though, so we're gonna keep going for that mega.

- [Katie] Okay, okay, I love that. Oh my goodness. - Straight in the fun. - [Katie] Stop, what is happening? - Oh, okay, all right, two more. Come on. Straight into fun again.

- [Katie] Oh my goodness. - I gotta go a little bit further. - [Katie] You're wild. - That's the last one.

Oh! - [Katie] Oh my goodness. - [Spencer] Oh man, okay, so we got three into the funs this time. - [Katie] Look at that.

- [Spencer] One almost in the mega. - [Katie] Oh my gosh, but three in the fun. That's crazy, how did you do that. - I don't know. So we get one of these little guys.

- [Katie] Okay. - Huh, huh, this is kind of the most purple one there is. - [Katie] Okay. - All right, we'll take that one. - [Katie] Oh my goodness, good job. - Thank you.

Okay, Katie's on now here at Buckets of Fun. She's gonna go for it. - Yeah, this should be maybe our last game of the day. - [Spencer] Oh, probably is our last game of the day. But there's more boysenberry fun to be had.

- Okay. - [Spencer] Oh, that's in. That's one in. - What? I was like, I'm not gonna get any. So now I'm feeling good. - [Spencer] You just gotta believe in yourself.

- Little short, little short. - [Spencer] Oh, that was close, it's close, it's okay. That looks good to me, too.

Yeah, two outta three. You get a Pokemon. - I'm literally shocked. - [Spencer] Oh my gosh. And we actually already did pay for two games as well. - Okay, so, should we play the second one and then we'll do prizes? Is that easier? - [Spencer] Yeah, why don't we do that? Okay, play the second one out, then we'll choose, just in case.

- That's crazy, no, there's no just in case. - [Spencer] Come on, no, hey. (Katie laughs) Oh, that bounced like straight up. That was so wild. That's what I'm talking about. That's another one.

- What's happening to me today? I'm doing well. - [Spencer] What do you mean what's happening? You're doing well. - This was so hard. - [Spencer] Come on, come on. - That's okay, that's okay.

- [Spencer] That was so good. - Is this my first time winning this one? - [Spencer] No, you said that the last time we were here. - I won a two prize before.

- [Spencer] I believe you have, yes. - Okay, okay. - [Spencer] Oh, now, okay, another big choice. - [Katie] Well, I think we should do the baby Gengar to match the big one.

- [Spencer] I agree, we've got such a purple theme going on over here. - [Katie] Yeah. - [Spencer] I think you need the baby Gengar.

- Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. I'm so excited. - [Spencer] I'm so excited for you. Way to finish this out on a win, Katie. - I know, and we paid for two games just in case, so I wasn't like nervous. - [Spencer] There you go.

- [Game Operator] All right, here you guys go. - Thank you so much. - [Spencer] Thank you. - And guys, I have something else exciting to show you. We finished our game card. - [Spencer] We did it.

- And I got my little baby cow. - [Spencer] Little Boysenberry Cow. - I love this cow more than anything in the world. - [Spencer] This is all she wanted to do.

- This is the whole reason we flew all the way out here. - [Spencer] Just for this one Boysenberry Cow. Okay, I have another boysenberry treat here, check this out.

This is a cup of boysenberry syrup. This is a cheeseburger on French toast. - [Katie] What? - It is literally a breakfast, a double cheeseburger apparently. A breakfast burger with. - [Katie] That's some thin French toast, though.

Whoa. - That's crazy. Okay, that's crazy. Breakfast and a burger, so good. - Okay, our day is coming to an end. So we've gone in for some dessert.

So Spencer has gotten this Boysenberry Fruit Tart and it is absolutely spilling over with Boysenberry, so that looks amazing. And there is a vegan chia seed Boysenberry pudding. I'm pretty excited to try this. I don't know if I can get down all the way to the Boysenberry at the bottom. - [Spencer] I think that chia seed might have some Boysenberry in it based on the color.

- Mm, good, it's really sweet. That was quite possibly the best visit to the Boysenberry Festival we've ever had. And honestly, one of my top three visits to Knott's ever. Huge highlights were this pie, I'm just so excited about it. It's so cute. And my little cow.

And yes, of course I am drinking a boysenberry icy. We have the drink plan and the meal plan, so that's included here, and it's the best flavor of icy in the whole wide world, but a great time. We love that they added the special games to the festivals. We love that they added the special food and everything.

The Knott's Berry farm is always worth a visit. But if you have time to come during the Boysenberry Festival, that would be a hundred percent my recommendation. (chirpy music begins)

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