Travelling to the Coldest Capital City in the World (ULAANBAATAR MONGOLIA )

Travelling to the Coldest Capital City in the World (ULAANBAATAR MONGOLIA )

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It is very cold, my hand is freezing. Camera can stop working anytime. Hey guys welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu.

I have to tell you a lot of things what happened in the last video and what is about to happen now. Till now, you were watching West African series. I was in Ghana in West Africa. I think there are five more videos of West African series. After completing West African trip, I had come back to India and I was not able to upload videos regularly. Now, I am going to my next country.

Many of you lost interest in my videos because I was showing West Africa from the past 6 months. I was in Africa from the past 6 months So, I thought of moving to the next country and start a new series. So, that you will find the change in the videos.

I will upload the remaining five videos of West Africa meanwhile, so that you will find some changes. Currently, I am in Indira Gandhi International Airport. Currently, the time is 9:00 p.m. and I have the flight next day.

I have flight at 1:30 a.m. To Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Mongolia was in my Wishlist from past 3 years, but I did not get chance to go there. Usually people go to Mongolia in summer, but I am going in winter. Because, I wanted to experience something new. Currently the temperature in New Delhi is 15 degrees.

The temperature in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is -35 degree. After the flight I will experience more than 50 degrees change. Many things will change here, in this trip.

Mongolia is providing Visa on arrival for Indians. But I had come to Delhi on some work, so I have taken Mongolia visa from Delhi. I have 5 months validity and one month stay permit in Mongolia. Mongolia visa is free of cost for Indians, you just have to apply it. The documents required was, the return flight ticket, hotel booking bank statement and the cover letter. These are the documents which were required.

And we have to provide the photo. They took processing fee of 350 INR. I have Cathay Pacific Airlines which is a Hong Kong airline. This is not my direct flight, first I am going to Hong Kong and I have 4 hours of layover in Hong Kong.

After the 4 hours of layover, then I will go to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The flight from Hong Kong to Mongolia is Mongolian airline, but they have a common code sharing. There is no need to take Transit Visa. My trip will be completed in single ticket and pin. This is one of the most expensive ticket which I have paid so far! I have paid 40,000 INR because, I planned this trip in within very short time.

I have told you about the Visa and also the flight. I have one more country planned after Mongolia which I am more excited. Because, that is going to be my extreme adventure. Mongolia is located in East Asia.

This country is situated between Russia and China. There is Russia on top of Mongolia and China below Mongolia. Mongolia is located in between the two countries. I have changed my bag again. This is my laptop bag, I had carried a different bag to Africa. This is my another backpack which I have purchased it today at 2:00 p.m. and I have flight today at 1:30 a.m.

The backpack which I had taken to Africa, was 40 liter but this is 60 liter. 40 liter backpack was not enough for me. The temperature now is going to be very extreme.

I might experience - 30, - 40 and - 50 also. I don't know how I will survive in the temperature. I wanted to go to Mongolia in the hot clothes but I did not find any clothes. I did not get any clothes to travel in the extreme weather. I did not get clothes to travel in the extreme cold weather. Currently, I have wore 4 layers of clothes.

This is freeze thermal. This is Merino wool thermal. There is one more thermal clothes and this is sweatshirt. So, I have 4 layers of clothes. The rating of this jacket is -20 degree. This jacket will work only till -20 degree.

If this jacket works in -30 and -40 it's good. Otherwise I have to buy a new jacket from local market. I am feeling extremely hot because these clothes are not to be worn in India. There was no space to put this clothes in the bag, so I had to wear these clothes. I am Sweating from the inside, if I close this jacket I will sweat more.

Currently the time is 9:30 p.m. and my flight is at 1:30 a.m. I have received some notification from Cathay Pacific. Flight is going to be delayed by 1 hour.

The check-in process is going to start within few minutes. I will meet you after taking the boarding pass, and the security process. I don't know what are all the questions, which is going to be asked in immigration. I don't have any return ticket.

This is my jacket which I am wearing. I think I am the only one who is wearing such heavy clothes in the whole airport. Everybody are watching me. The airport was very crowded, when I came here.

Currently the airport is not so crowded. But still I can see many people. Let's go from here. This is a new 60 liter backpack, which I brought today afternoon. G20 Logo has been put in New Delhi airport India is hosting G20 summit in 2023. This trip is going to be very random and very spontaneous.

I have not planned anything. Everything should be planned on the spot. I have to see the itinerary in Mongolia after reaching there. Mongolia is a very different country, people say it throughout the world. I will show you after reaching Mongolia.

Look here this place is very crowded. The check in Counter is full! People are standing in the queue. This check-in is open, let's stand in the line. Currently the time is 11:30 p.m. I still have more than 2 hours.

I still have 2 hours of time to board the aircraft. I have received both the boarding pass. India to Hong Kong and the second boarding pass is from Hong Kong to Mongolia. For the first time, they did not ask me any question. I received my boarding pass within a minute.

My main backpack is checked through, and I will receive it in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After that, I also went through immigration, they did not ask me any question. In my previous video you saw one of the most hottest place in the world which is Mauritania.

The temperature in Mauritania will reach till 50 degree. And in this trip you are going to see, One of the coldest place in the world. It is there in Mongolia and I am also going to other country which has the extreme low temperature. I just experienced the world's hottest country and now going to the worlds coldest country. It is going to be one of my very adventurous, exciting, challenging and difficult trip. Which you are going to see in the coming videos.

I am very excited for this trip, but also nervous. Because I am travelling in the winter the temperature is -30 or -40. I guess you are also going to see -50C temperature. I have come near the boarding Gate. I was feeling very hot, so I had to remove my jacket. The first flight which is five and half hours from India to Hong Kong.

And the second flight is going to be 5 hours. After travelling from India, we are going to the Southern tip of China. In the second flight we are going to cross the entire China from the South Point to north point after that, we will reach Mongolia. Mongolia is on the top.

This is my 4 layers of clothing. Finally, the boarding has started. This is very big and luxurious aircraft.

Finally, I have come inside the aircraft. I have got the window seat, as you can see. And all the 3 seats are empty here This aircraft is 60% full and 40% empty. I welcome you all to Hong Kong. We had taken a flight for 4 hours to travel 4000 km. We have reached Hong Kong from New Delhi. This is a very big airport. I am coming to Hong Kong for the first time.

It might be as a Traveler or the transit. Free unlimited Wi-Fi and free water everywhere. This is a very big airport. I have 4 hours of layover. The flight was delayed by 1 hour.

I have a total of 3 hours of layover here. The next flight is Mongolian Airlines which is 5 hours of journey. We are going to cover 3000 km in the next journey.

There is no direct flight from India to Mongolia. There are very less countries which has a direct flight to Mongolia. Very less people visit Mongolia in winter. Majority of the tourists go to Mongolia in summer. You might be wondering why I have chosen Mongolia.

My Mongolia trip and also the next trip which is going to be very extreme. It was in my Wishlist from the past 4 years. I was not able to go. I had to come here in the winter. I was in Iran in the last winters. I don't know where I was before that. If I had not planned the trip to Mongolia in this winter, and also to the next destination from Mongolia, the experience which I want to take and the Adventure which I want to do, it is possible only in winters.

Finally the boarding has started for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We have come inside the flight, this is very small aircraft compared to the previous one. I guess, I am the only Indian on this flight. More than 95% of people or Mongolians. These are the type of seats and nothing is given for the entertainment.

This is a very simple aircraft. There are a lot of differences from Cathay Pacific and this airline. So guys, finally welcome to Mongolia. World's biggest landlocked country after Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the world's biggest landlocked country.

Mongolia is the world's second largest landlocked country. Currently I am in Ulaanbaatar international airport. This is Ulaanbaatar. It is the capital of Mongolia and you have just seen it. Runway was covered with snow but they had cleared very less only for the takeoff and landing. It is very difficult to breathe here.

This is the airport and I think this is a newly built airport. There are 4 ATM machines here. Let's withdraw some currency here. I am going outside the airport and I will tell you everything after coming out.

It is very cold, my hand is freezing. My camera can stop working anytime. Smoke is coming from the vehicle exhaust. Surfaces are covered with snow. I will tell you everything, this is a very different experience. As you can see, the smoke is coming from the vehicle exhaust. This is Ulaanbaatar International Airport.

There are many vehicles here, this is actually the parking. Finally, I have entered in Mongolia. Immigration was very smooth, they did not ask me any question. The took my passport, greeted me and then put stamp on it. They did not ask anything, it was very easy.

I was talking with you guys, but I arrived at the counter very soon. I had reached the border control and this is a very small airport. I also received my bag from the transit, Hong Kong. I also showed you the ATM, I also withdraw some currency here. The currency name of Mongolia is Tugrik.

This is Mongolian currency, Tugrik. 1 INR is equal to 40 Tugrik. I have withdrawn 10 lakh Tugrik which is equal to 25,000 INR. I have not checked it yet.

I have also taken the SIM card from the airport. The biggest network provider is MobiCom. I Paid 38,000 Tugrik which is 900 INR. I have got 30 gb data for one month. The airport is 50 km from the city center. Airport is very far from the city center. Taxi and bus works here. I was standing and I met a person and he started to talk.

He told that he works in the airport. He is in the higher level of occupation. He told that he will drop me to the city center. He is the custom officer. He works in Ulaanbaatar International Airport, his short name is MC.

Currently the temperature is -25 degree. There are three more members in the car, they are getting down now. If we even open the door for 5 seconds, the car will freeze. I have not got out in Mongolia, I came out of the airport and sat inside the car with in a minute.

After getting down, I will get to know the reality of temperature and weather. If you come to City Centre by taxi it will cost you 80,000 Tugrik which is 2,000 INR. If you come by public transport which will take more than 3 hours, it will cost you 40,000 Tugrik which is 1,000 INR. You might have got an idea that how to reach the City Centre from the airport.

I have reached Ulaanbaatar City Centre. We can see many big supermarkets. I will tell you the remaining things after getting down from the car.

This is my first time in East Asia. Mongolia comes in East Asia. I have gone to Russian forest but that comes in other region. East Asia is completely different.

Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea comes in East Asia. This is my first time coming to East Asia. I have gone to Taiwan, but I am not sure whether it comes in East Asia or South east Asia. Now the time is 8 pm, I left the airport at 6:30 p.m. It took one and of hours to reach the City Centre from airport.

Mongolia is 2.5 hours ahead of Indian time. Currently, the time in India is 5:30 p.m. Welcome to the coldest capital city in the world.

Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital in the world. This is the coldest country capital compared to all the capital cities. The temperature is -30 degree.

The temperature at night time is - 40. It is very common here and people are also telling that. The temperature will reach -40 in the night times very sooner. You can imagine how cold the place is! There are two reasons. The first reason is, this city is located at a very High level compared to sea level. There is Siberia on the northern part of Mongolia.

The cold air comes from Siberia, so this is the coldest capital in the country. Currently I have come to an restaurant to eat something. Currently the time is 8:00 p.m. Let's eat something and then go to the place where I am staying. We have ordered these items, I will tell you what are the things that we have ordered.

This is salad and Mongolian cheese. This is omelet which is prepared in Japanese style. The cheese is very tasty, it also has some berries. It also has some fruits, this is very tasty. This soup is made from a animal bone.

It is very cold. Temperature dropped as soon as I came out. The temperature inside the restaurant was around 25 and here its -30 degree. There is 50 degrees difference inside and outside the restaurant. It is 55 degree difference in Temperature. I am staying in the guest house. I don't know the exact location of that. I will get to know after reaching there . and it is somewhere near to this building.

This is a very big building. MC brother is going to drop me now. I don't know how the city looks in the morning, I will get to know after I explore. This city is very beautiful. This is a very big developed and vibrant city. I had not expected this!

There is a snow everywhere in the City, only the roads are empty. Everything is covered with snow excluding the roads. We went to the restaurant and when I gave money for the bill, he was not accepting it.

He told that 'I am his guest and he will not allow me to pay the bill'. His mother visits India very frequently from past few years. He is custom officer in Ulaanbaatar airport. I will go inside the guest house. We cannot stay outside the house because it is very cold. This is my room, where I am going to stay.

This is a private room and I have taken this room. This is bed and it also has a room heater. I can feel the warm air coming out of this.

There are many hostels in Ulaanbaatar. You will get Bunker beds for 500 INR. The price of hostels are very less here.

This is the washroom and shower area. There is a very big geyser which is put here. You are going to see some amazing magnolia videos. I have to be very careful in Mongolia.

The temperature is -30 and I did not take it very seriously today. I had went out on some work, I had not worn gloves or hat. I got frostbite on my ears.

I have to take it very seriously from tomorrow. The weather is going to be more extreme from tomorrow. In extreme frostbite, our body part might die. I have booked this Guesthouse for 1200 INR per night. This also includes breakfast which is provided in the morning. In the next video, you will see Ulaanbaatar.

I am going to explore the capital of Mongolia which is Ulaanbaatar in my next video. Which is the world's coldest capital. I will end this video and I will meet you in a new video. If you have not subscribed to my channel, please do subscribe to my channel. If you liked my video, please share it with your friends.

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