Travelling First Time to Morocco

Travelling First Time to Morocco

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I have come out from here, I have got such a good first impression. Very different vibe, look at the trees etc. here, look at the roads etc., the cleanliness is so good, I have

taken the SIM card from them. what is your name, I from Morocco, Morocco from Casablanca Thank you so much, I had to sit inside for half an hour and there was no AC inside the train, these small windows are open, right the wind was coming from here only and the wind came only when it was moving, hence there was no air here, it was a little bit of Spain's vibe same road, same weather and same fragrance and Spain is also nearby, not very far, so look it is evening time here, so see all Here a tea ceremony is going on, which is a Moroccan style masque, you guys will get to see something like this, there is a small building and a big tower like structure Hello everyone, welcome back to the channel, so I welcome you all again in a new video, currently I am present in Bahrain. If you guys have watched the previous videos then you guys would definitely know that we are going from Mumbai to Morocco and on the way we have a layover in Bahrain for 18 hours. There was a

layover but the flight got delayed a bit, due to this there was a layover of 22 hours, now it is almost over, now it is 2:45 in the night and our flight from Bahrain is going to Casablanca, Morocco is after 2 hours, so let's go we will not get public transport from here at night, it is almost 3:00 in the night, so we will have to take a taxi from here to the airporti. I am feeling very excited to visit Morocco. Morocco is my very favorite and very a dream country, you can call it that. I liked it very much. I am feeling

very excited since a long time The flight is going to be very long, it will take us about eight hours to reach Morocco. We will fly completely over Saudi Arabia, then over the Red Sea, then through Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Algeria. After flying all this, we will reach Casa Blanca, Morocco. And talking about Casa Blanca, this city is located in the Atlantic Ocean, there is a lot of excitement going on, it will be a lot of fun, so let's go as soon as possible, I will book uber from here also and let's go here. They have Uber and Careem App this was my hotel. If you guys have watched the previous video then you guys would know that we were forced to take a hotel because the transit time had increased a lot, so now let's book the cab and Let's leave from here for the airport and I have booked a taxi from Kareem app which cost me 3.3 Bahraini Dinar which is

approximately 700 - 750 in Indian currency. you can see it is night time, it is 2:45 am. So in that sense it is fine and we have only one small bag because our big bag will be given directly to us in Casablanca there was a transit flight, hence we do not have any luggage here, let's go let's give the keys down and leave So I have reached the airport in just 12 minutes, my hotel was about 13 km away from the airport and I have reached 13 km in 12 minutes, this is the airport you guys. The airport that I had shown in the previous video was the arrival area. This departure area looks very nice, but you will not get to see any people. It is completely empty,

only a little airport staff is visible and the entire airport is empty. And the taxi driver who brought you to the airport is saying, you should check when there is a flight because there is no one, so who knows what is the whole scene going on, you will know after going inside. No people are visible outside and the most important thing is that we do not have to get anything checked, we do not have to get anything done, we have boarding pass already, we have to go to direct immigration, we have to get stamped and go towards the flight brother. Where to enter, there are gates but no one is visible.

This is a brother from Bahrain. There are some tourism boards etc. welcome to Bahrain. Not welcome, we are exiting from Bahrain. Let's go inside the airport for a bit.

I will show it to you guys, then after that after immigration, I will show you everything further. The smell that comes as you enter inside, it feels very good at an Arab airport. And look at the ceiling above, it looks so right, there is even more inside. There are no people, the airport is empty, there is only a little staff, oh look at what Sallu Bhai is doing at the airport of Bahrain, Being Strong is like a shop of fitness equipment of Salman Bhai I have come after getting the security check and immigration done, I have just come and sat near the plane on the inner side and the whole airport was completely empty, there were not many people at the immigration, I was the only person and there was no one there, so within 5-10 minutes I came inside, it did not take any time, if I had known that it was going to be so empty then I would have left a little more late but is it okay or just in half an hour boarding will start here, let's board and very It is going to be a good journey I am very excited, it is going to be an hour long journey, so you will get a little tired but I will adjust, so I will sit here for a while, after that boarding starts, so we go inside, so see brother. Our boarding has started, Morocco Casablanca after 22 hours of layover, see slowly people are leaving, I go last, so let's wait a bit, it will take 10-15 minutes for them to know. Let me go inside brother,

I will sit here for a little while, then after that we will leave in some time, so see finally we are boarding the plane and let me tell you one thing, this is going to be my longest flight till date three or four in Europe. I have been there many times but I don't take very long flights, three or four hours, last time I took a flight of six hours, but this flight is eight hours long, it is going to be the longest flight till date and it is full of people. Literally the entire flight is full, so I feel that it will go for 15-20 more minutes, I came forcefully and there will hardly be one or two more passengers after me. Even after coming so last, I have to wait here, so slowly. As people go, let's go and I won't show much from inside the flight, if I see something good and exciting then then I will definitely show you people and see it's almost morning so I welcome you guys from Morocco Casablanca, it was an eight hour long flight, after that it took me about two hours to get the luggage so the condition has become very bad in the flight, I did not get much sleep etc., I have just left after getting the

immigration done etc. And this is the airport like this it is not much special, it is a small airport, so first of all I have to get a SIM card from here, take the SIM card, then go to the hostel from here, see the program, the hostel is 40 km away from here brother. this airport is a little outside the city and see here, there is such arrangement for food and drinks, so see here brother, all the SIM card shops are open, so if you buy a SIM card from here, then brother here. But there were three companies for SIM cards, so I was not able to understand which one is which one, so I found it a bit cheap, despite saying cheap, I am getting it for around 20Euro, which is ₹1600.

I'll get 40GB per month for ₹1600 and international calls and all those things are free. I have taken 40GB which is 20 Euro SIM card. I have taken it from them. What's your name, my name is Zainab. Yes, I from Morocco. You are from Moscow, from Casablanca thank you so much, I have also taken my SIM card and gave my youtube, now we give them money and leave from here, thank you so much, so I have left with the SIM card etc. and from inside I also got the currency exchange done brother. I got $150 exchanged

because I needed cash and the rate was quite good as shown online and I got the SIM card as told to you, I got it for 20 Euros. That brother is 1600 - 1650 but it is okay there were three companies, one was Orange and one was a company with two different names, so all the people were giving almost the same rate, so I have taken one SIM card because if you have SIM card, you can go anywhere, it would be a lot of problem, where can I find a hostel even without a SIM card, because, look at this airport, this is an airport and the name of this airport is Airport Mohammed the 5th, which is from the city. It is a little outside and our hostel is about 35-40 km from here, so how do we go 35-40 km without a SIM card, so now I have gone out of the airport and I asked him from where I was taking the SIM card, how should I go? I showed him the address if I want to go here then how to go then he said, as soon as you come out of the airport, there is a train station on this side, from there you will get a train to Casa Port, which is a main area, go to Casablanca, then from there brother, you You can take a small taxi, brother, after getting sim card, I checked how far is my hostel from Casa Port, it is just 900 meters away, so we will take a train from here to Kasa Port, then from there we will walk on foot. it will take 12 to 13 minutes, so let's go, look, it is on this side, let's see the train station, how are the trains here, the local train and the view, it is something like this and if we talk about the temperature, then the temperature is quite fine brother. It is not too cold, the

temperature is proper, it is already afternoon, it is quite fine, so come on this is my idea, this is the train station, so see this this is the train station here, it is written as train station and here. I am seeing one thing it is written in Arabic, it is written in English and it is also written in French, what's the matter let's go let's take the train from here to Kasa Port, the time table is given here, so see brother. Entered inside the train station and got this ticket, I have got a ticket worth 50 dirhams, its name is Dirham. 50 dirhams are in Indian currency, I have got a ticket of approximately 400 INR, but from here I am looking for Uber and Kareem. That was taking 3000 rupees from here. According to that, it is quite good, there is a lot of difference between 3000 and 400, so let me show you guys, how is the station here, all this is about food and drinks. The

area is quite fine, there is a platform here, so let me show you guys, how is the train station here, it is good, it means nothing is highly developed, but it looks clean and neat to me, that is the platform number of my train. This platform number will come from one, this is platform number four, this is three, it will be in the corner, so friend, after waiting for just 5 minutes, our train has arrived and look this is platform number one and here it is written in French also, here is our train, let me show you guys, how is the local train like here and the platforms etc., it looks very clean and very good, so there are a lot of people, I thought there would not be so many people, but there are a lot of people. We are going to travel by train and the train is very long in height, it looks old but it is very long in height, oh ho ho, it looks like a very old train, seat number etc. I don't know what it is, let's sit somewhere. We have also sat in the train and there are some trains like this, it's fine, there is nothing special, there is no AC, open a window here, the wind is coming from here, there is no AC here look at this train. We have come from here and we reached

our location, our hostel is just 1 km away from here and let me tell you one thing, it took me one and a half hour to sit in the train because when I sat, the train left after half an hour. When it went for half an hour, I had to sit inside and there was no air conditioner inside the train, these small windows were open, right the wind was coming from here only and the wind came only when it was moving, hence the wind etc. was not coming inside for half of the time. It's been an hour so now brother let's go from

here to the hostel, and I am in a very bad condition. Literally I haven't eaten anything much and I am very tired too. It took two days for us to reach Casablanca from Mumbai to Morocco. But it was a very good journey, there is something like this railway station which looks quite nice look here, some modern parts have been built here, this type of train runs, see I am seeing such a train for the first time here. I am tired, now let's go to the hostel and I am very tired, I will sleep and rest, so see, we left the train station. I had thought, I will not record much, first we will go to the hostel, but we have come out of here, such a good first impression. It is a very different vibe I am telling it literally, I mean, I am unable to explain, see something like this, the view here is open, it seems like a little building, you people will get to see, this is Morocco. It's a flag and a very

good atmosphere, if I keep it complete, then I am going to tour you guys very well, we will go to many different cities, I am going to tour you in great detail, so let's go now first see the hostel it will take 14 minutes. We will walk, after walking, it is 950 meters, we have to go in this direction and this was their train station which is very good and see here there are some hotels etc. here red colored taxis run, okay friend and see this. The flag of Morocco is completely red and in the middle there is only a green colored moon, so this is the first time that I am seeing a red colored taxi in any country.

Here you people will see such red-red taxis everywhere. You will get it here this is a local taxi and the first view is very nice, look at the trees etc. here, look at the roads etc., the cleanliness here is so good, so I am getting very excited and very It feels good to see this, we have to go to that side, our hostel is on that side and the beach is also on that side, so I am going to show you all those things clearly and look at the vibe here, it looks very good. So I am telling you right, a little bit of Spain is coming here, brother, same road, same weather and same fragrance and Spain is also nearby, it isn't is very far, see now this is cut from the main road and we are here. We have to go like this from our hostel,

almost 500 meters are left, let's go this is also some tourism office. Oh, what's the matter, see we have come here from the main road and here it seems like we entered a lane but here So, there is a good seating area and small shops, there is a market, see, there are cafes etc. You will enjoy it, I am very excited, I swear, you can see my excitement, I am very excited, look at the old gate. There are old old roads and buildings etc. See how it usually happens,

I do not make a journey video for you guys, I have reached directly, then I make a first impression video and like where am I going from, nothing like that. Let me tell you, but in this series, I have thought that the whole series will start from Mumbai and end in Mumbai, so it is a bit difficult to make videos in the journey, but I am also having fun. Come, finally I have come to my hostel, which you all know. I was showing you the area, after those two streets, it was my hostel and this hostel is located in the old Casablanca, this is the old city, the whole thing is very beautiful, I have just given you a little glimpse.

How was the Street etc. and is there a more traditional street than that, I will show you guys right now, see it is something like this, this is my hostel which is quite decent but it is very expensive, there are such rooms here, see, I you guys. Let me show you, this is my room, there are two beds here, I have taken that bed, I have thrown the bag, I have got this towel and there is a room like this and here the second guest is not going to come, he He said, there are not many guests, three or four rooms are lying vacant, then he said, you stay alone in this room, it is very well done and talking about the hostel, brother, I have got this hostel for ₹1750 for one night. It is very expensive, so the hostel is so expensive, I would hardly have stayed as expensive as this hostel. If we look at the hostel, then it is extremely expensive, but what can you do, there is not much option in Casablanca. Casablanca seemed a bit expensive to me brother and I have not been to other cities of Morocco but I have heard that it is cheap so let's see brother what kind of experience there is and see here there is also a roof top. Let me show you guys

how the terrace is here, it is giving completely different vibes, the clothes are all hanging and see, hostels have been built here in the middle of the houses of some local people, there is no other hotel etc. here. Are you seeing the whole thing, this is the house of the local people and in the middle of it there is this hostel. It seems like we have come to some city in India. Here too, all the seating areas have been made, which is quite big. It looks fine, brother, what you are seeing is the most famous mosque of Casablanca. I will show it to you in the next video. It is near the sea

and look at what has happened and from below here. Look, the children are playing some football too, but, this terrace is a bit risky because there is no covering here, there is nothing to save the wall, it is directly below here, see everything, Market, Road, the streets are narrow, it will be fun, let's go to explore, I haven't eaten anything since morning, let's make arrangements to eat and drink, and I am very sleepy, so today I will sleep early, so I got down. Look at this from the hostel this one is my hostel it is situated right in the middle of the houses, I am telling you the truth, I have not seen such a place outside India, look at this some narrow streets like this, very traditional Moroccan houses for you guys. You will see such small shops also where sandwiches etc. are available and look at the houses, most of them are of white colour.

See, here you can get something too, maybe you have got sandwiches there too, but man, I am very hungry. I will have to eat proper food, I will have to eat proper food, so you will get to see completely traditional Morocco, this is a different vibe, this is a completely different vibe, it is good that I am staying in a hostel, here you will get to see the local life, all the shops etc. The streets here are narrow, see what is happening in the houses of the local people, you will find such small food shops everywhere, you'll get sandwiches, so see, it is evening time here, so see all the tea ceremony is going on here, you will see such open restaurants where people are drinking tea, so we will also try, let's have food first and see, all the clothes etc. are available here. And this is a different market, this is not a famous market, here it is normal, everywhere you people will see such markets etc. And here I have noticed one thing only since I came here that you people will get a lot of bakery products. See brother, here also some cakes etc. are available, here also

that French bread is available because brother see here also there are many tea shops, fruits, so man, it is a very cool atmosphere, look at the colors of the house. All of them are white and the color of the doors are all the same. Come on let's look for food first and then I think, let's go here, we will get food here, there are some clothes shops. I haven't mentioned the time difference, it's 6:00 here, it will be around 10:30 in India, so Morocco is behind India, it must be night there, see here.

It is completely sunny, so there is a different atmosphere here in the houses of some local people, but the cleanliness is quite good, the houses are built in such a conjusted condition, but the cleanliness is very good and all the colors in the house, are white, so I am looking for a food shop, there is a restaurant here, but I do not want to eat those sandwiches etc., I want to eat proper rice and something like that, bread etc., so after coming a little further, the scene completely changes. it has become a little bit, brother, you will get to see the wide road. We have come from this street and come here with us and see, the view has completely changed, and see, there are small shops here, from here we go to the main road. Where we came from and look you people will also get to see the old French buildings because the French people were here for some time, so that is why you people will get to see the French buildings etc. but what a peaceful

atmosphere, man, see what is the matter. And see, the cleaning people always roam here hence you people will not get to see much garbage even after so many people living there. And look at this house how well it is built, the whole thing is white, on top of that there is greenery. Flowers are well laid out, flowers are arranged, man, it looks so perfect, it is a very cool atmosphere, let's roam around in the street a bit, then after that let's see what program is being made, see from here we will go on the direct road, that is on the main road. I will show you all the things in the next video, see there are streets etc. Look brother,

old streets, old old roads, it seems as if we have come to some city in India, there are small markets and markets. What's the matter it seems to me that there is no scrap shop, oh voice, you will see many such type of vehicles here, look at this, this is the mosque here, there is different type of mosque in every place. Brother, if you go to Istanbul, you will get to see a Turkish style mosque and an Egyptian style mosque. You will get to see Moroccon style mosque something like this. There is a small

building and it is like a big minar. The biggest mosque here, Hassan Too, I will show it to you guys in the next video. It is the biggest mosque in Africa, but the this looks quite good, Mosque Wald Al-Hamr, see this is the name of the mosque and It is a very good environment, so I will roam around a little further and then we will return because I am very tired, brother, look, everyone has such small vehicles here, this is the place where we stayed, the whole old city. While walking, I have gone out while exploring and look, there is the sea in front of me, that is the port here, the port of Casablanca, I am not going to go further now, look from there, the main road has started, that is the port for you guys. I am going to show it in the next video, so let's go back from here. Almost I have

shown you a little bit of what this old city was, in the next video too, I will give a little glimpse of it, so now let's go let's eat something and drink something. I was not able to understand many restaurants, so I said, now let's eat whatever is available, later tomorrow or at night, we eat in some other good restaurant. So I came to a restaurant and got a sandwich here. I have ordered chicken sandwich and, if we talk about Morocco is a very diverse country, here people speak very different languages, you will get very different types of food, here you will get Arabic food, here you will get Mediterranean food. You will get food, you

will get European food, you will get Indonesian food, you will get many different things, but man, I don't have time right now and I am very tired, so I mean I adjust it, I am going to show it to you guys in future videos. after that we will go out for a bit and roam around, then after that we will go to the hostel and you all saw it, I ordered a sandwich in that restaurant, ate a little and then. Left from there and did not show much to you people because for one or two days I have not been able to sleep for three days so I have become a little tired and in Morocco we are going to stay for a long time so we will explore it I will show you a lot of things, right now I did not tell you anything in this video, neither did I tell you anything about Casablanca nor did I tell you about Morocco, brother nor did I tell you its location nor did I tell you anything about it, you guys will get to see it in the next video. Today I was very exhausted and the flight was also very long. After that brother, till the time I came here, my condition got worse. On the way back, I went to get some food and stuff. I have taken this, I have taken a sandwich, I have taken some

French fries, I said, I don't have enough strength to go out at night to eat, so I have kept this with me, I will eat this after some time and go to sleep soon let's see tomorrow, from tomorrow we will start exploring we will explore the whole of Morocco, I will stay here for a day or two, Casablanca, and then after that we will go to some other city, here my plan is that four or five cities which are famous for it will be shown to you all. There is a whole scene to show, like I have told you earlier also, what I usually do is, I leave from Mumbai, I go to any country till I reach this country, I don't make any video of reaching there. Then I rest for a day and then start from then on. The first video, you all must have seen the first impression of every country, first impression of Morocco, first impression of Iran, so I make some videos like this, I usually do not make videos of travelling, many of you comment that I should make that I have decided to make such a video also, thank you brother. Thank you so much I had ordered tea from here because I wanted to drink tea. I was feeling

very much like, this is very famous tea here, this is mint brother thank you so much thank you, I have ordered tea also, now I will sit and drink tea too, so I was telling you guys that brother I don't make such videos about travelling, but I will tell you everything in full detail, even if the video is not very long, make it a short one so that you can know what kind of experience is there in travelling, are all the things, all the things, you Lets keep this video till here in this video you all saw my journey from Bahrain to Morocco, hope you all like this video if you liked it then please like, share and subscribe, see you with very good video

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