Trade, Travel and Tourism Committee - SAP - 9/19/23

Trade, Travel and Tourism Committee - SAP  - 9/19/23

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President. Thank you. That with the commentary, public see that that easy corner. Let's see. Children. You're not good at six humans, but yes, you. Got into You start to shake it that Republican Yes, the same model that publico helping with Sarah. They must want but just person has given a little history.

Party Also Tony Edward. There's so much channel to listen to this. Hmm. People said number holding or not US. I think I Mm. Developer. Senora Spindler.

The middle years, lamented chickens. Okay? 15 months. Must company that would See. Hello. Yes, please. Back, okay? That was your in city. Pretty guilty . In the flaps. Was the caramels. Not But it So that's what I do. Life. It will be

sitting promised. Stuff. See. That's okay. Now. That's. Mhm. Yeah. What are they? Trumpet. Thank you. Yeah That's the point . What Maria. And you gotta get fields or Started public ahead. Choices markets. My order. The

issue through peace. To my daughter. So Sonya's. Announced this challenge. But come on. 30. 30. Yeah. Yeah. Christ. Awesome.

Yeah. There was not you. Finland. Fish Nettles. This. Sitting there presented, Yes, we think so. Yeah Que as.

Technology that security over for your, um, percent me? Patients our what's so association My second three now. What are you doing? Gonna think about about me? That sounds better Get thank, you know, matter what, by anything. I don't think that it's just too bad cattle, Mr. And hold on the sequel, but it's just project. A personal. Suicide is to protect her legs excitable. Porto

supporter used to eat projected in. You can see that able to soon. This is not anybody can do it, but I don't. To the Oh, no. Those Republicans. Hmm. Thinking your job unsentimental. I don't know his him. Carry the signal

German at least park. Martinez. Martinez C. I don't know why they. Presidential but again, let's see. Part. Mr. Personality. Celebrator My.

People city. What is the teams internally speakers? Criticism of the concerns. So they were happy. Questioning attention that work. Okay? See you take it. Substitute. Okay? Mento. The

. See that? As reports of mystery. Too bad, you know, I'm doing questions. And points from would have missed. Everybody

missed national property. Give my friend situ statements no program owes. Premium person and then But say that. Hilarious

Somebody you brought us this AFRICOM NTC, industrial and premium. It's much and whatsoever. Because your desk? Yeah. I had been to that in the country even though you're. Brilliant mind, which president that day That's simple is good.

Unfortunately they're all unnecessary, competent and brother um. Ah potential. Tired This one outside. Discuss the other mental. Ah alright was 74 last up ahead. It. Ah! It must be okay unless I have eyes. Yeah it does not cause they're so When I was going. To posters,

Carpenter one customs. Don't check it out. I mean, I'm gonna . Ceremony. Get in now pointing damn. Six. Mechanicals. No It's a song. Mechanic cause. The most suitable contract, Ah, but was touching the policy. Okay.

Carlos. In a morning. The others . Because you cannot e. Okay, plus her. Because you can end before then, Uh, What's he? C about? Departamento gone up yet? No sister. He is. Sector. See Quantum but ah. Service to travel quantity per cent of myself. Of course. Handle. Okay.

Got that. Putting more sad attack. Certain past. Speaking of scale, Okay, putting us Cassis. Yes, Of course, this point that. Don't work. Look back at this kit almost implicates some in there Tomorrow. Christmas seem

personal persona. How to limit Mementos. Ah, possible Buddhas. Ask us. And I'm I already in chair. This one. I left her so I

could do Was he looking? Oh, Let's see 11 Mark Presento. Because the complainant. That's good. So this group was entering strode. That's what it said. Oh, my God. Tenants sort must

collect. That's cool like us. Okay Program? Yes. So. Hmm. Yes. Let's go. Thanks, sir. That's not back. Question's secretary

to us? Yes, but. Right now. It isn't This. Many years. Come went this electorates issue on the performers about it. Possible. Very lovely. When I started this view, Australia heading toward the equity both, but I over my bed for medical scientists. Tracking muscle positive Picasso. Status. As an

African Yep. Right? Psychotics Consumer's XT one. Yes. My set. That's cool, supposedly serious, positive and number of Quattro What's That's good. Let's get past this. Responsible. This month. Next few on support.

Exactly. In later. Says the Mount position is different. Engineers because because of them Last. We're gonna see this video. It is. Southwest. Nothing scared about the opposite focus.

This is the same. You Upstairs, Temenos, right? We don't care home. But. That's how we proceed now. Ecuador. Is telling you that this passage consists no so much. The standard. Welcome.

Coastal and invest that step first, my percentage of point. No point in considering that uses it. Those comments side because the break those that provide Secondly, customers. Must be Yeah, almost because itself was back home inside your name. It's not by a car. The next. That was good, but I'm

already decided soon. What's that mean? That No. So societies I just got my overdrafts, Kitty asshole. It was says. So like my sister There you go there. You. Equals. That was practice. Guess

that was. On their those tax distance. Sorry behind it. Yeah it's going. To Proceed. To Blackness. I mean, not Okay? Yeah pretty much here. It was set back and. This program.

Absolutely Yeah, being international. Okay. On Opportunity's. 55. Um, America. Because he's now elected movement stuff. That's not going

. To Does that mean that? Yeah like you can buy some positive as for sure. Just dramatic stuff. So I propose that So. Was back in court system. They're

going Okay? Session total. Whatever York Uh it was started in active movement. Yeah. Being it. Okay? Yep. What do you think so?

Four weeks. What. Back then. Over. You're back.

Yeah. Mhm. Hmm. Okay? Yes. That down every Saturday, 2 30 daily . It happens. Yes Okay. What? I see. Good morning. Is this against you? You stayed mostly by person there. No. What. So.

Yeah. Chances. What's he saving with Venus? Security support? Very sad. Two scary. Really sad. From your man. Yeah, sure. Yeah, I did.

And the second I see what I can maybe jacket. Do anything. The Southwest. Dad. Yeah, yeah. Back to dinner. Yes. Yeah. I think.

Thank you. Apartments. Yeah but . Yeah. Thank you one Okay? Just . But I guess come on. I'll take that. Put it nice. Well, said. The investor. Beautiful one. To

that is just. That's good idea. This. Seven. Alright. Happened. Victor. Yeah. It's not Yes. Community. Is she. 69. See you.

It's a stem inness close to I see Okay? But. Question. Sam. Beautiful salute people that you know it's so fast. 67 Yourself. Hotel. Copy

that question. Sort of thickness. Mr Photos. You suffered? Yes. Say it again. Assist your B again with members. Park. Don't miss. That's it. Sit here and expensive. Maybe. But obviously

that, but after a month, okay, treatment stuff Thanks sequence. 51% That's it. The second thing. Excuse me. Thanks That's

important. Thank you. Medication. I'm sorry. Yes she does. 78. To At all. Thank you. Okay, so Let's see. He was still

just. 16. Thank you, Donna. Used to people. Okay, This is So she's taking. In the single. You separate passing in a second.

Helps. Hmm. t. Myself. Th's your. By seven. She dollars. Yeah yea. Mati Good succeful. Gettingm hmm.

possible? ah. Thank See Thanyou See? Traveng month , Mr. 23 Okay. You s that man? Yeah, Supe. Six human wor camps. That's how u dohis.

Seion with you. You see nber two.rooks. Landed. Steit up. Okay Step. Thank God Thank you. That's a What's your fist? Sector. Accepted. Yeah. My face. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Increasing.

Thank you. My name is Can you just This. Mhm. Yes Yeah, Never . Another. See you. That's your consumer. It's Secrets. What is it? Step with Group of. Yeah. State. And

. Yeah. Yep. Okay? That's your name? Okay? Yeah. This one. Yeah. Mm. But hey, Adios. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. To directive. Yeah, it was so far. Yes. You know diversity. It's cute and

they stand. Section C. Moving. So I think. What's your name? Yeah, okay.

Mr. Okay? He said. Children. Really? That's the. Missing Victor. Yeah. Yes. I think. See that? Twice. What was. What country.

What they are. Distressed. Good luck. Well, yes, yes. Yeah. But it's been worth the second thing to Morrison. Yes. Whatever. Okay?

Yeah. The discourse. Okay, That's good. Yes. You should have pissed those peoples. Kiss me. This is a great. It's Can you So that At all. Yeah. Hmm. You're interested itself, okay? Mhm. Yes. Not according. To

Stop. I don't know. Okay, That's your door. Yes. Just but whether . For three set US happens Exactly Sure. People. Yeah. Yes. Placed second. Those are your heart, but right there. Do you like? But I think that's that's that must Stewart. Hospital. You

hear this, You know Yes. Do this. There is a message. See. Oh, blood. My sister. Okay. Standards? Yes. And that was the message. It sucks. Get started. That's absolutely that's there.

20% The apartment. Does. Yes or just Yes. Princeton. What Cooks. Stop. Cheap shot at it. Just come out there. This breakfast CBS story. Let's put There

there. Not who is in first. Yeah. So close practice there. Cool. Ultimately. Of course. Course every since then. And suit up time. Yes. Stop. But it Yes, it's great. See Bhaskar So

. Okay. Ah! What is. End up that I can put one step behind. Yes. Pockets. So. Salman. So. Okay. Lets see, do this. All right. Trust. Secret school program has decided. Come on

this sick, bro. Which is precisely See yourself noticed. Bravo! But it must cost. There's

no back in her system. Kennison Kenneth. Right? Okay? Okay this morning? Yes. Just business personal assistant this black or Next time I was that stuff. So, boy. Alright. Philip opposite. Keep threatening. But it's yeah.

This could be an advanced check. Stand up straight. So Pacific. That's it. The whole system is Clark. Pumps. Here. This is

done. No. You said this. Back one. Yes sir watching. Right? Very system. Step by. Empress system was Yes, but All right. Yes. Yeah, exactly. Kills me. Investor, not a lot. Yeah. No. I

would say that It's stuck. Ah yes, sir. What's that? Secretary. Go ahead so Sierra consular, Cassidy. Back. Pretty well. Step. I think that was Courtney to sources. Ah,

suspected force. Hold it. Sorry. What you to me, right? I said, God damn! Okay? What's that? Mhm programmers. But there's something that's good start. System. Good night. Several But

you always see that stuff. That is. What Thanks. It's about. Yeah. What's that? In the past. It's coming. US. Second, quite. Macedo. Yeah, that's it. Their

questions. I was dead. Yes. Okay? Breakfast. Yeah, I was scared. You know what I think?

Yes. Yeah, that actually. Transfer. Yeah. Discuss this. I Understand soldiers. Yes. But

there's something there. Just a minute. Yeah. Okay? All right. Right? Please. Stop. That's. So . Balanced. Yes. They help President. Because that's. Yes. Sure. Come on. Thank you. But

when the banana. Sorry Sorry. Talk about this. Mm hmm. Screen. It's tough. It's sad. But I just wanted to. Scores. Participant is there Personal Percent. For them somehow date coming from countries. The back That's what

I want. Okay. 17. Dot so quickly, right? System. Of course, the. It's not that people. Tackle. Dinner. Program is that it's not here. But. But

it's not true. But. Like. The Last second assistant. Look at me. Cavallo's is awesome assistance and resources called Departmental. Yeah. But continue

like that. Of course, that's it. Okay? Listen. Okay? Very smart. United and start Open sale. Let's go. So Say. Or so. What. It is composed system. The teachers

say does this. From the station. Yes. Can I try and study looking I don't know. Okay so probably second talking about your mother. You're talking about taking. Okay? Key. That's true. Just commenting. Which expects,

Yeah, California. Kun. Mhm. This husband. Copy different this. Yes. Sit. Who. It's just interesting to see a that was happening. This is Because something okay? Yes. Yeah Cool. Yeah. Yep. Most definitely. For

It's like it's called experience. I even know. Thank you very process. When you decide not after that was Okay? Ah No, no. I must say. That's not. Position. Simple as that.

Just some. Questions. So what about the socialist? Back with us. Yes. Of course. Excuse me. The stars. You know what? That. Must kill them. Second. Correct synonymous. Combination. It's

not where you're gonna and systemic ability. Personally. Value. Excuse me. All this time. It's. Yeah. Get someone to sleep, okay? At least. Okay? Police money.

Noise. Yep. Sure. Yes. 8% You could have been possible knows. Then. Sure. Whatever makes you. To me. George this video.

Footage. To Yes, obviously. Oh, yes. Thank you. It's absolutely horrible. Hmm. Six For Appreciate it. You guys still, was not just video. Again after

this year about a second chamber . Community guys. Surely carpenters. To think, Yeah makers. Routine. See Take up. To targets. The nemesis kills. He said. I want to be on Says. Here is You can see around. Yes. And . From second wouldn't want to see that. Okay? Yes. Put the

respective here everything Mrs. Yeah. Thank you. Young your have seen. Certainty. Penis verses. Take it in. See your.

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