Trade, Travel, and Tourism Committee - 8/15/23

Trade, Travel, and Tourism Committee - 8/15/23

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Yes. Good afternoon, everyone. We are going to go ahead and get started. Welcome to our regularly scheduled meeting of the trade Travel and Tourism Committee. Councilwoman Tracy board chair of our committee. Before we call the role. I want

to share some brief thoughts and my excitement. About our committees expanded portfolio as we unfold economic development. Into our everyday work here in trade, travel and tourism. In

January. I shared this staining our economi recovery while uplifting workers and businesses that drive train traveling tourism. Would be a top priority for me. With this committee's broader scope. You can double down on that work even further. For Angelenos

across all sectors of our local economy. That means uplifting workforce development. Expanding contractor opportunities so that minority and women owned small businesses can have a seat at the table. Creating economic development opportunities. For

Minorities and business communities all over the city of Los Angeles. And ensuring that Angelenos can earn dignified wages that results in household stability and security. I also want to thank our city partners for their support Their knowledge and assistance is we've now been given this transition. Our chief legislative analyst, Our city administrative officer. The Economic and Workforce Development Department, City Tourism Department report of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World airports, the city attorney and our city clerk. It takes a team to keep this committee moving.

And with all of the support and the help that we have, even with our expanded portfolio, we could not ask for them. So I look forward to the many productive conversations ahead because we have a lot on our horizon in the students, So with that we will get into today's agenda. Mr Park if you wouldn't call me Council member Park. Council member

McCosker Air Council members soda Martinez here three members of the corn, Madam chair. Thank you, Mr Clark. So that brings us to public comments. Members of the public wishing to give public comments can sign up at the kiosk in the back. You will be given one minute for general public comments and up to two minutes from multiple items. So with that we will go ahead and start public comments. First

Name in the cute Donald Harlan. Come on up, please. Mr Hollande could let us know when I speak. I'd like to speak on agenda items. Uh, 14 15. Ah 17 and the general comedy You have three minutes. Go ahead. Hi I'm Donald Harlan. Uh I'm concerned about

the travel, a travel and tourism committee because it seems that a lot of planning commission or f here. I don't know why. There would be so much connection between tourism Committee and then illegal. Los Angeles Corporation Development Fund. Uh, but, uh. You guys don't need to be, uh, developing the tourism industry here, and there's a lot of crime and Homelessness and corruption, and the government is not really a safe city anymore. And I don't really want to cook Encourage tourism. Justo you guys can

build hotels. Um and as far as number 14. I would Recommend that you guys not Cell text oats for Foreign investments. Ah! That's how you guys get in debt.

You find out the money is not real and All said, and you have to pay everything. Number 15. Seet doe't own anyf those properties. I don't know why somebody gave you guys a notion that Some coastal commission that's in charge of monitoring the clean air is going to give you the rights to develop real estate. It's just not gonna work. I'm along the Coast view. Ah number 17. Yeah. The

railroads have a priority over the illegal Developments next to my tracks. Somebody's complaining over there about the noise. Why not? Which house it is and check ithey own the property. Just as simple as that. You guys know how to do that, right? Ah I was concerned a little bit about the vetting for some of the contracts and some of the people you're hiring. They're from a foreign

development fund like London or something. They don't need $6 trillion in real estate. Thank you, Mr Harlan. Yes? Oh you have

one more minute, actually, for general. Okay? Q. That's very nice. Yeah as as continue to explain you guys that, uh, There's ah certain couries lot of countries in the world. Don't believe in corporal punishment for financial crimes. And that you've lest you left us real vulnerable here in Los Angeles with your dealings your Not even hiding at your just bringing it out in the open. Um

there's nobody in London was $6 Trillion that could ever pay anything like that. Uh just so you know that Rothschild's have collected $6.4 trillion for me since 2003. That's 20 years. Ah so you know they're trying anything to get from paying, saving the money? Something else is not. You know, nobody from London has that kind of money. They shouldn't be over here developing real estate you can never sell or develop enough real estate to pay for any of that ship. You think you're

gonna pay too much? It's not. It's not to drop Mhm is Mr Ferman. If you're present. Hermit. Which items would you like to be her own? All items and on agenda public comic. Mommy, please. Three minutes. Go ahead. So in discussion for the

report on the planning of the figure of corridor. I he to say this on the record. But it's horrible knowing that current price the merely had to wise he's gonna serve some time behind bars. And we still I have no representation for us black people like myself. If you look

at me, I'm dark as you, mommy. I'm talking about Item one. Mommy. The figure of corridor Don't you want a corridor is please Yes, I am. I'm on item

jue shoe Choo Choo. Trains. Run feasibly. But not through a study because you heard Mr Harlem say. You are doing dirty business. And it's not healthy

in our neighborhoods. For Miss. Huge. Oh, To be in the market program because she needs to go on a diet. You know, fat people

need to go on a diet. When we're talking about the topic, Moy, I'm talki aboutealthy neighborhood market program to Dick Hit Consul District 15 that of a Waske and that jackass price that's number 16. I am on topic. I'm not sucking around a speaking my mind and mommy if you can't take the ship. Just

sit there and watch me. Yeah. And then we got Kevin Dolan on 238 and nine and C D 14. I demand his white ass. Be heard on the commissions and committees return Kev de Lyon back to the committees and the commission and that fucking plum . So that dumb Uncle Tom fucking Sambo's understand that? Yeah, that was too and 38 and nine mommy for the record now, my general public comments In regards to case number C V 12-0 . Michael Hunt versus the city of Los Angeles under D S F slash s. H X Herman versus l A. For the record. Fuck you, Steve.

Sober off, you fucki Nazi. The violations of my complete deal with the First Amendment of and the 14th Amendment Goddamn attorney, This is not agenda. Public comment. I'm talking about feasibility and our our argument today because I got the floor and I'm talking about the report. And when the reports

deal with feasibility output, the goddamn icon Because they on topic speaker impact of my statement. Dumbass Jackass Moron ! Is that the attorney for the record ship imply that I am speaking of non agenda. Public comments 40 topic with what the committee you Mr Herman Doctors for the record under the name Greenspan. Come on. One about. I didn't see you there. But if you

could let me know which speaking to please Mike Greenspan all items and then I'll take general public comment. Let's go. The items first. Okay, Well, first of all, I want to go jump to 17 because about the railroad. I

grew up in a town where the railroad always traffic. And one of the state legislators said. It's just a $25. Fine I e. The cost of doing business finally did something they've been talking about doing for over a decade, they built a grade separation of great separations . Wonderful Yes, it cost the taxpayers money, but the traffic moves. It goes over the trains.

It doesn't matter how long the trains are. It does not impede traffic. I had to get that one off my chest because I've grown up and put up with a lot of traffic jams. Now let's look at other things, healthy neighborhood. Um 16, with all

the people being as bad as they are. Are we kidding ourselves? Let's let's let's look at realy wh all the fatty foods we have shown me the healthy neighborhood show me one of them. Okay Now, let's talk about these, uh, corridors. Um, one of them. I had a I dog eared. That was the downtown center number eight. You ever see what's going on that businesses are leaving? Ah for release. That's what the

biggest sign in L. A in the downtown, especially for lease. They're moving. They're going to Texas and ArizonaNevada. Georgia Florida It's anywhere but California so Pass all these laws that make it cumbersome.

And guess what? Don't vote with their feet just like they do in communist country, so I don't want to stick around there. So you're really just You know, Whistling Dixie because there's nothing To be Doing in these districts where there are no cannons at the store now, my public comment. Karen Bass Airport mayo question Mark Let me say from the start. She has no Maynard Jackson Jr. Who built the Atlanta airport. If they

name a price gouge concession area after Mayor Bass. She should take it and run the airport continues to build through Merrill administrations . However it is in the middle of Nimby Ville, not in my backyard. That will be the response of the community and Tracy Park Places district 11. They will reject the faster flights of the future circt. 2035 in the form of the supersonic transport the S S T. That's fine. The flights for

land and Phoenix, Dallas and Atlanta. L A X. We'll go down and stature it will become the slow. Yeah. Airport. After all, I know your neighbors are not going to want faster flights, They'll say, Oh, it makes too much noise Name Bayville. Thank you very much. Um, Wayne G puppet. You're up next. Alright

Mr Puppet. Which items would you like to speak on today? Going up? Which ones all the fucking items in general Public comment three minutes? Yes. Don't interrupt me their city attorney , Fake ass. So now we get to the my favorite item. Number 16 as I always sing my theme, frh fruitsa hearty email. Yes I'm always promoting good nutrition. Now

you look at district 15 and you look at Timmy who we call Pat McCosker. And look at him drinking that crap that he's drinking. They're unhealthy should be drinking a bottle of water. Like Hugo is doing in his bottle there right now, and a recyclable bottle by the way.

And of course, what are we fighting? We're fighting morbid obesity. Especially in CD one while we have Kim Jong Il Hernandez sitting there and doing Yum Yum 24 hours a day, Yum yum! It's time to pad all of the refrigerators, so I want to make a friendly amendment. Dad all refrigerators from midnight to six AM for anybody who might be morbidly obese. Can I have a second on that friendly amendment? Thank you, sir. Yes. And then we have a real rug.

Quit are you sucking kidding me? The train is supposed to make noise. That means that you have to get out of the way when you're parked on there, and that on the traffic and the railroad tracks , you know when the people in the community because these trains only go through the poor communities as they go, and they smoke their cracked and park on the railroad follow asleep. We need noisier trains. To keep these holess cocksuckers away from the train, So they stopped breaking in there and stealing all of our goodies for Christmas , and now we get to the travel trade general Public combat. Now, as you know. Poor Tracy. You stood in the way and you allowed the violators downstairs to take away might four minutes of public comments while speaking on the telephone. And

here we haven't taken person only. How come the city attorney criminal or here does no have a hybrid meeting for this committee and other committees. How come sir? Well because it's an artifice of fraud to defraud people of their First Amendment rights. That's right. Another

words, you're doing the same thing that Donald J. Trump And those 33 stupid fucking fat asshole. Republicans dead. You're conspiring the violate civil rights like the nice, pretty black lady and Atlanta said she's right about what she sa The problem is done and died. Trump now Paul Martin Kerkorian. He's the bad one. Right right here. So much speak anymore. Anyone else present in

the room that would like to be heard? Okay so that concludes public comments. Unless there is any objection from my colleagues. I would like to move Items. One Two. 345. 10 11, 14,

and 16. I'm consent. Objections. Not by me. Okay Mr. Clerk. If you would please call the roll park. Yes Oscar Martinez, three eyes and those items have been approved. Great Thank you so much. That brings

us to item number 12. Mr. Kirk, if you would please read the item. Item number. 12 City Administrative officer report relative to authorizing the eparation and submission of the grant application for the promoting resilient operations for transformative, efficient and cost saving transportation.

Protect program Grant. Mr Clark , I believe we have Jennifer from the CIA always office here to share a technical amendment on this item. Thank you so much for coming forward. I could read

that amendment for us. Sure, no problem. Good afternoon. Jennifer now with the sales office regarding the council report, file number 23 Deaths technical amendment for the recommendation number one right now. I'm going to read the Telecyl Amendment. Authorized the general manager of the Los Angeles World Airports, LAWA, or that's a need to prepare and submit a grant application for the proposal outlined in the attachment and That's the amendment. Thank you. Thank you . I would move that we approve item 12 as amended. Mr Clark, If

you would please follow. Park. Yes Oscar Martinez?es three eyes and the item has been approved as amended. Thanks very much. That brings us to item number three, Mr Pork. Sorry,

number 13. Mr. Cork Please read that item for item. 13 City Administrative Officer report relative to authorizing the preparation and submission of the grant application for the regional technology and Innovation Hubs Grant program. Great I think we have another technical amend events and must be Susie. That's correct that for us Thank you, Councilwoman Susie Rios, Belmont with the US office and this is very simil to t previous recomndation amendment so it is to amend recommendation number one to read. Authorized the general

manager of the Economic and Workforce Development Department and or their designees to prepare the grant application for the proposal outlined below and apply for the grant program. Recommendation to remains the same. Thank you. I'd like to move that we approve 13 as amended. Talking. You would please call the roll. Park Oscar

Martinez. Yes threeuys, and the item has been approved as amended. That's Castaic. We've been right along. The springs US

to item 17 our final item on the agenda today, Mr Court. If you would please read the item item 17 Motion McCosker Park relative to a railroad crossing related quiet zone feasibility study throughout the entirety of council district 15. Right Thank you, Mr Clark. I believe the council member McCosker has a few words You'd like to say Yes.

Thank you very much. So this item Uh, is actually relates to something th is in our budget and within the current fiscal year budget, we have the opportunity to fund a study. Along the McFarland Lane line for a quiet zones. And what quiet zones do as it creates the opportunity for us to Bring a number of protective measures that many of us are familiar with where you know gates come down and there are ways to prevent pedestrians and vehicles to cross train tracks and where thos are in place than the federal rules do not require the trains to blast the lock three Longhorns in neighborhoods and so what we have, particularly along that line and Wilmington's Is because we do not have quiet zones in Wellington and we have trains coming and going as they must from the court. We have a number of long blasts. In

residential neighborhoods 24 hours a day whenever the trains operate. And so what we have is funding to do the study and what we're asking in this motion is that we also prior to rise those intersections that could be that could have the implementation of quiet Zone, You know, technology improvements, infrastructure. Um Ah. And I'm hoping and expecting that we're going to see and folks in my Wellington neighborhood will know that black men. Delores is an important intersection that needs to be looked at, Um, abroad and bond and Avalon and bond or what I think, are the likeliest candidates to get the implementation of these quiet zones first. What's really good

about this study is that this is also something that we can hopefully use citywide. To make sure that we have a model for implementing these quiet zone. Uh um, infrastructure pieces because I do realize that across the city There are trains that go through a specially through residential neighborhoods and close to sensitive things like schools, So I would ask your I vote. I thank you very much for

giving me a chance to talk about a little bit. This is really just the first step that we will have the study and then we'll have a priority of zones of priority of intersections that would be covered. Shoul we go rst, and we're also asking in this motion for staff to identify funding sources. Which exists out there. Maybe even in this audience. For paying for

the quiet zones in and around the harbor and throughout the Wellington neighborhood. Thank you. Thank you. Council member Mike Oscar. I would just like to add that as the representative of L, A X and the immediately impacted adjacent neighborhoods. I understand how difficult it can be to balance trade and commerce with the needs of our local sidents. But it may be a

difficult needle to thread at times, But I do think that with community engagement and committed Effort to Mitigate measures where we can. This is important. I think that you are setting an example for the rest of the city. I would forward to supporting you on this. Thank

you very much, well said, unless there are any comments from council member soda, Martinez and I would move that we approve item 17 just very briefly. I'm glad to hear you're doing this. Uh you know, I grew up three blocks from the train. And I can

still hear the train three blocksway. Alright and going to school crossing the one and third and right next to Alameda. You know, Jordan Bulldog, so I'm very happy You're doing this for the community, and I hope they appreciate the work and leadership you're taking on this. Thank you very much. So

what? I would move that we approve item 17. Mr Clark, if you would please call the roll Park Oscar Martinez, Three eyes on the motion has been approved . Courtn

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