Touring Mall of America’s 1st Floor East Wing | NEW STORE! Toys R Us!

Touring Mall of America’s 1st Floor East Wing | NEW STORE! Toys R Us!

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Oh hey, you found me. Today I'm at the Mall of America and we're going to be doing a floor tour of the East wing on the first floor. But stay tuned till the end of the video. Toys R Us just opened up today and I'll give you a sneak peek. All right. We're starting here on level one East.

And if you pivot to the left there, you will see the transit station. That's where you will come in if you are on a bus or the train or using the train from the airport and you move more to the left and there's the information desk. There is a convenience store. It says Street Corner.

And this is fun. Sea Life is right there. That is where you get your tickets. The aquarium is a lot of fun. I'm thinking about getting an annual pass there. I'm going to show you something really fun.

You can see the rays down there. I love sea life. All right. Another store that I really like is Barnes and Noble. I love reading books.

All right. Here we are going to go across and I’ll get the stores that are on the right side. This is Uni Uni. It's a place to get drinks, socks and bottles.

I think we know what's there. Christmas decorations. That's where I was hiding. All right, That's inspiration. Company.

There's a kiosk, and they have 3-D crystals. I know those. How those are made. It’s really cool. Squishable.

Squishables are like squishmallows. Sorry if I said Squishmallows wrong. And then there's the wellness center. I'm not really sure what that is exactly. I'll have to look it up. All right.

There's Foot Locker for all your shoe needs. All right. Now we're getting to the Dream Riders. I'm going to try to avoid getting kids here, but I'm going to go look at the little animals. Aren't these cute? So I had asked.

You can write these for 10 minutes for $10. They look like a lot of fun. All kinds of different options. All right.

Then this is Famous Footwear, and we will turn back around and there's Cinnabon. Black Friday is coming up, so that'll be a yummy treat to get on a Black Friday shopping day. Warm, sweet. Get It was a coffee. All right. There's Claire's.

I know that's been pretty popular. I think people like the nineties retro stuff, which is funny because I grew up in the nineties and then there's lids. There's those really cool crystals.

All right, here's a favorite, Build-A-Bear Workshop. I have personally bought my Little Pony, ponies from there. All right, we're coming up on the M&M Store. They have some cute jammies in the window that I have to show you guys. They also have it where you can meet the M&Ms. There’s some kids there I don't want to get.

All right. Here's those jammies. Cute jammies for the family. All right. if you move to the left, you'll see Nickelodeon Universe.

That's one entrance anyway. And if you need a pick me up on Black Friday, there's another coffee shop. All right. And then we're going to hit up Swatch here.

Oh, and I forgot. Here's the rotunda. This is where a lot of events happen.

Last night, they had the Minnesota Vikings’ cheerleaders. I had a friend who really liked Swatch watches. And of course, because we live in Minnesota, we have to have a hockey store. let me know in the comments if you play hockey. Here, is a place where they repair phones and they repair iPhones and Android.

Here's another Minnesota store to emphasize the ah, Here’s a beautiful little jewelry kiosk. Tradehome Shoes. Lots of shoe stores on this swing. Here's the neighborhood. All right, this is really cool. It's Ridemakerz.

It's where you can build your own car. It'd be fun to do someday. Here is a kiosk that has some Christmas ornaments and stockings. And there's Canvas Corner. Another shoe store. I will say, I have had Clarks shoes before, and they're really comfortable. Here is a stand where you can get your shoes shined.

Kind of neat. No, thank you. All right.

Another awesome store Travel Style. I love travel, so I’ll have to do a store tour of that sometime. All right. So, toys for Tots, if you want to bring in toys, you can bring them in until December 18th.

Look at these cute little mailboxes. If you want to send letters to Santa, this is where you send them! All right. Some more awesome decorations. Nutcrackers are really cool.

All right, and then if you need to get to L.L.Bean, there's the entrance way down there. All right. And there's Forever 21, and then we'll start going the other way.

And I'm going to have a little signs pop up that show stores that are new within the last year. So this next store after. . . after Forever 21 is new, and it just opened on Friday. Friday the 17th of November. All right. There it is.

Toys R Us! No, thank you. Very exciting to have Toys R Us back. Stay till the end and I'll give you a sneak peek.

All right. Here is more of the Christmas ornaments. Old Navy. I used to shop there a lot, at Old Navy.

When I got the Barbie Ice cream, this is the Cold Stone that we went to. It was good. I was worried because it was cotton candy ice cream, but it worked out pretty well as a mild cotton candy. There’s that cell phone kiosk.

And I mentioned the Vikings’ cheerleaders were here last night. Well, there is the Vikings store. All right, we're getting to the end.

This is Nectar. It's a bath bomb store. Fun fact, you can have birthday parties there.

All right. Now I’m going to move over. Rocky Mountain chocolate.

Have you ever had that chocolate? It's pretty good. The first time I had it, I was in Arizona. Here's a good one. Haagen-Dazs. Yum. All right. And then DeLeo, Brothers Pizza.

And that's it. We're back at the beginning. All right, Stay tuned and I'll show you some sneak peeks of Toys R Us. All right, here we are, Toys R Us.

I'm going to give you that sneak peek and you saw where it was on the floor. There's Geoffrey! Hi, Geoffrey! In the window there. All right, let's go see what they got. This won't be a detailed store tour. Just want to kind of show you what's here.

This is my first time being in here, so. Super cute! Oh, mushrooms, they're so popular right now. Super cute.

Oh, yeah. That must be a new Squishable? All right, we'll do this left side of the store first. Can't have a toy store without some candy. Right? Oh, they have bind box stuff. Funko Pops.

Heck, yeah! Oh, Care Bears. Oh, they look so different. Are LOL Dolls still popular? I know those used to be popular a few years ago. Look at all this fun stuff. Well, there's some Barbie. I think Barbie movie is coming out or has come out on HBO Max now.

if you're enjoying this, give me a thumbs up. If that floor tour helped you, give me a thumbs up. Oh, these are pretty.

all right. This is a pretty big store. We got some board games over here.

What's your guys' favorite board game? Oh, jigsaw puzzles. My mom will have to come here. Just look at all these jigsaw puzzles. That's awesome. I don't know if I have a favorite board game.

Ooh, I guess I like Castle Panic. Yeah, it's a cooperative game. That's a lot of fun. All right. Looks like they have some calendars? Ah! That's cool.

Oh, Star Trek. My husband and I have been watching Sower Decks. Oh, there's a whole other space up there. But yeah, we've been watching Lower Decks, and that's a great show. It's really funny.

And the characters are so likable. Oh, basketball. I never had a basketball hoop because our. . . our driveway was not cement.

Well, this is really cool instruments. Oh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I heard people didn't care for the style of the new movie. I don't know. I haven't seen it yet. I mean, I've seen the style, but I'm open to new interpretations of things.

If you enjoy seeing Mall of America content, think about subscribing, because that's what I do. I come to the mall and show you all the cool stuff. As much as I can, anyway.

Oh, got to get the funko pops, right? I don't know if they're as popular as they used to be. Ah! All right. Let’s see. Oh, Playmobil. Oh, here we go. Lego, Minecraft.

Minecraft is a good game. My husband was one of the first people to play it when it came out. All those years ago. We don't play it as much anymore, but it's still fun. When I'm on my computer, I always accidentally click on it because it's on my taskbar and it takes so long to load up. And I'm like, no! And of course if you have Lego, you got to have Duplo, right? Rawr! Hmm? Yeah, a lot of cool stuff in here.

All right. Well, thanks for joining me and don't forget to hit that subscribe button here.

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