Touring an ALL Concrete MALIBU MANSION with a Waterfall Entry

Touring an ALL Concrete MALIBU MANSION with a Waterfall Entry

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(calm music) - Hey, everyone. Welcome to Malibu. Today, we're touring this newly constructed contemporary estate with beautiful organic finishes, board-formed concrete walls, vast spaces, and even more importantly, this home is situated little over two acres with some of the most breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. And we can't wait to show you around. (bright music) All right, let's start our tour on the exterior.

We have these massive gates opening up to this long driveway that takes you all the way to the entry. House is nicely set back from the street level, super private, beautifully landscaped, and the weather is fantastic today. Now the first detail I wanna cover is the grass paver blocks that we have on this driveway.

These are essentially concrete pavers where grass can grow through them. That way, you get this nice lush look, but at the same time, it stabilizes your driveway and makes it really easy to drive on. Now the same driveway takes you all the way to the other side where we have the three-car garage. You have a very spacious garage there, and I appreciate the fact that the garage doors are paneled with the same exterior clad. That way, you get this minimalist look and this driveway is super spacious where you can park up to 20 cars. Now, speaking of cars, we have this beautiful 1993, 230 GE convertible G-Wagon here that fits this house so perfectly.

Banyan Motors which is the company that builds them as well as Wires Only, they were kind enough to lend us this car today for this shoot, and I think it looks phenomenal on this driveway. - [Cody] I completely agree. I'm a big fan of that beige color. I'm curious, how much do one of these go for? - Around $160 to $170,000. - Whew. - They're not cheap.

They actually built these cars in Stuttgart, Germany. Love these 33-inch tires, and this is such a fun car to drive. This morning, I drove it from Santa Monica to here and everybody was looking at me, waving at me. I love the fact that it's convertible. It's built like a tank. It drives so well, and I think it matches this house perfectly.

I mean, just a beautiful car. - [Cody] I agree. I could have a lot of fun with that car, throwing the surfboard on top, getting a bunch of friends in the back, and really just living that like quintessential Malibu lifestyle. - Absolutely.

And again, big thanks to Banyan Motors and Wires Only for lending us this car for this incredible shoot. Now, let's bring everybody to the entry of this property, which is this beautiful frame. We have board formed concrete walls on each side with these fountains, and you can see the water running on these textured walls into the reflection pools. And the same pools overflow to the lower section where we have the floating step taking us to the front door and all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This view is absolutely insane.

- [Cody] It's so picturesque. Seeing the ocean through the entire living room is so cool. - It's jaw-dropping. And to our right, we have this beautiful fire feature bringing in the fire element. And then on the other side, we have the sliding glass doors pocketing into the wall and opening up the screening room to this section, which is another beautiful architectural frame. Now coming back to the entry, you can see this 8 by 10 massive copper pivot door with all these gorgeous details opening up to the entry of this property.

And come on in. This is your living room. The entire first floor opens up to your incredible backyard, and then you have the cozy seating area on this side. I like how they brought color to the space with these pillows. Then we have this solid wood coffee table in the center with all these accessories, your gas fireplace, leathered marble wall with built-ins on each side. And if you look closely, you'll realize that behind the built-ins, we have the mirror walls.

That way, you can take advantage of these amazing views straight from your cozy and comfortable living room. And on top of that, you can just flow to the exterior very, very easily. Now I wanna go back to the center of this floor and talk about the specs of this property for a second. We have six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, approximately 8,500 square feet of interior space, built on a 2.15 acre lot on the market for $28,500,000. And I wanna congratulate the developer, Charles Kotliar and the architect, Douge Burdge for doing a phenomenal job with this house.

And of course, I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Branden Williams, Rayni Williams and Chris Cortazzo for making this tour possible. And as always, we'll have more information about this home in the description of this video as well. Make sure to check it out.

And now, welcome to the dining area. Love this live edge solid wood table. You have seating for 10, modern light fixture, and this space is very open. And on top of that, you get to flow to the backyard as well because we have the sliding glass doors pocketing into these board formed concrete walls. And on top of that, right next to your dining area, we have the temperature-controlled wine cellar. Now Cody, let's go this way for a second because I want everyone to get the scale of this section here.

They took advantage of the corner and glass enclosed the wine cellar. And on top of that, the same board-formed concrete wall actually runs on the back. And I love how they mounted these racks onto the concrete wall. And if you look closely, you'll realize that glass runs from the floor all the way to the ceiling, and they don't have any attachment hardware.

Meaning the glass is inserted into the finished floor as well as the ceiling. And they just have these little hardwares for the door as well. Nice minimalist touch and it wraps all the way to the other side. Now follow me this way.

Welcome to the family room. It's another cozy seating area. We have the TV on the other side with some floating shelves, cabinetry down below. Two floor-to-ceiling picture windows. That way, you get more natural light this way. And I also appreciate the fact that all the cable and power connections for the TV is behind the TV.

So you get this nice clean minimalist look. And of course this corner also opens up to the outdoors. Now, welcome to the kitchen. Just like the rest of the property, it is very minimalist and modern.

We have the bar seating on the other side, massive island, and we have solid stone countertops here. And Cody, let's go this way for a second. We actually have two different types of finish when it comes to the fronts of the kitchen cabinetry here. We have the wood paneling on this side, and this section here is actually metal. I don't see metal cabinetry fronts that often, but you can see how thin the profile is and it closes very nicely and it has a nice sturdy feel. This is all Italian cabinetry, by the way.

They have this minimalist aesthetic throughout the entire kitchen cabinetry assembly. In fact, even the sink here is super flush to the countertop. Very minimalist. You have the titanium fixtures here, pendant lights above.

And then on the other side, you have the rest of your base cabinets with a Miele gas cooktop, beautiful marble backsplash, upper cabinets. And continuing this way, we have a door that gives you easy access to the exterior. Also, this is a nice easy walkway to your outdoor kitchen as well, which can come in handy.

And let's see, this I believe is the Miele freezer. And then we have the fridge, which should be a pushed door. There you go, on this side as well. More built-in appliances.

Again, it's all Miele with your espresso maker. And Cody, I actually need you to come to this section one more time because from this angle, this kitchen looks so cool. I love the fact that they didn't run the uppers all the way to the ceiling so you have the room breathing really nicely. Beautiful oak panel ceiling runs all the way to the other side.

You have a lot of different organic tones and colors blending in with each other, but at the same time, you have a nice minimalist, modern aesthetic. Looks good, right? - [Cody] It looks really good. I'm a big fan of the tones and we just got into the property. I know this is gonna be a really cool house. - Absolutely. We got a lot of unique details that I'm gonna try to cover as much as I can.

Now behind this pocket door, we have a butler's pantry. There's also washer and dryer there. And this is the hallway that also leads to your three-car garage. That way from your garage, you walk straight to the first floor of this home as well.

And then you come over here to the floating staircase that takes you up to the second floor. All the treads are bolted to the concrete wall that way this section can be all glass railing again, going with that minimalist theme. And we have massive picture windows on the second floor landing and a skylight. So even this section floods the first floor with natural light.

And I like the lighter tones here with the wood finish. Even the staircase is so architectural. - [Cody] Even the planter right behind you too.

- Correct, correct. It's actually not even a planter like it's built into the floors. So this was a thought out detail and this is a real tree.

- [Cody] Wow. - Beautiful. Good catch on that one, Cody. All right, follow me this way.

Oak paneling on the walls. And this door right here is actually a discrete door because it blends in with the paneling and it takes you to the first guest suite that we have on this level. You have an easy access to your motor court, which means this room can be just closed off for your staff or it could be an office since it has an easy exterior access, queen-sized bed, beautiful mirror and wood paneled back wall. And then around the corner, we have a full bathroom with a walk-in closet, floating vanity and a walk-in shower as well.

Good sized room. Now going back to this hallway around the corner, we have the powder bathroom and we're gonna talk about the details here. This entire vanity is marble fabricated all the way to the drawer fronts. And I just think they really embraced the stones throughout the property and they try to use it as much as they can. Making these marble vanities is not easy, but they spend the resources and I think the execution looks beautiful. Same oak paneling is also on the wall.

We have a black toilet here, good sized powder bathroom for the first floor of this property. Now we're done with the right wing. I wanna take everybody to the left so we can check out the rooms on that side.

Again, massive copper pivot door, long hallway. And actually, Cody, let's talk about this detail for a second. You get to enjoy this reflection pool straight from your living room. And on top of that, throughout the property we're gonna see the exterior board formed concrete walls wrapping into the interior.

Now I've talked about how they make these walls in the past, but I wanna quickly repeat myself one more time. Essentially, you build these wooden forms and instead of using plywood or some sort of a smooth surface on the interior, you actually use planks. And that way, when you pour the concrete in between each planks you have these little gaps where you form this really unique texture.

So you get the character, at the same time, you get the strength of a concrete wall and it's just a timeless look. A lot of architects, a lot of designers love this finish. Personally, it's also one of my favorites, so I wanted to point that out. What do you think about that, Cody? - [Cody] I agree. It's really cool how they make it. Super creative and I agree. It looks great. - It costs a lot of money.

It's not easy. Well worth the investment. It'll be there for years to come. - Definitely. - All right. Follow me this way. Welcome to the office.

I want everyone to recognize the fact that we have great breeze coming through the property. So every once in a while when I step into certain rooms, you can actually probably pick that up from my microphone. But to me, I love that. - [Cody] I do too. - I love the fact that nature and life just flows into your home. And this is your office.

You got a beautiful desk, warm tones on the back, sliding glass doors, open up to the backyard. That way, you're only few steps away from taking a phone call outside, which is just fun. And of course, let's not forget the built-ins here. Beautiful marble wall right in the center with a TV, gas fireplace. And now let's go back to that hallway. Actually, Cody, can you turn to the right for a second? I forgot to mention this.

I saw the concrete wall, I got excited. We have a glass door here opening up to the side of the property. There's an outdoor shower there and if you take the steps, it actually takes you to the other side where we have a really nice gym. You can only access the gym from the exterior.

And I'll talk about it later as well. But yeah, this property also comes with a gym. Now follow me this way, we have the pocket doors closing off this section. And this is where we have the screening room and the bar.

This is a really fun space. Same limestone floors are also here. We have a seating area on this side, but let's focus on the screening area for a second. This is 131-inch TV wall. Looks super cool.

You got a cozy seating section here. This is a fun space, - [Cody] Definitely. Great for any sporting event or big game.

F1 especially. - It walks that fine line between a small screening room and a movie theater. And then on the other side, or towards the back of this room, you got this very, very elegant bar with the same cabinetry like the kitchen, island on this side.

Your base cabinets are here with a wine fridge. Uppers, mirror back wall, beautiful floating shelf for your spirits. And then on top of that, this entire room opens up to the entry of this property. Now I love architectural details like this and I appreciate the fact that how the architect took advantage of this beautiful walkway and made it part of this screening room. That way, you have this indoor outdoor flow, your reflection pool.

This property is gorgeous. I love how it interacts with the outdoors and wait till you see the backyard. (upbeat music) This backyard is something else. This home is situated on little over two acres, 2.15 acres to be exact.

And the property gets phenomenal views from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Santa Monica mountain range that's on our back. And I appreciate the fact that the home is only 8,500 square feet. That way, we have so much outdoor space all to ourselves. Property is also extremely private and lush.

And you can see the main home that is pushed to the back. Again, beautiful board-formed concrete walls, sliding glass doors are all opened up. And then we have a detached guest home here and a detached outdoor kitchen on the other side. And these two structures basically complete the edges of the U-shape that this house represents. Now the focal point of this backyard is this 70-foot pool and you have this really nice lounging area on this side and we're gonna cover those spaces in a second.

But first, I wanna take everybody to the detached guest home. You can see the indoor outdoor flow. We have a small seating area off of its entry. Again, cozy finishes, lot of warmth. We have the bedroom on this side. But first, I wanna show everyone the small kitchenette that we have here.

We have the sink oven down below, some uppers, fridge on the corner. And then we have a pocket door here opening up to the full bathroom where we have a floating vanity, spacious walk-in shower. Love the fact that the stone there is bookmatched and the toilet is tucked to this side. And now, Cody, let's go to the other side.

This is where we have the bedroom, nice and open. Lot of natural light coming in. King-sized bed, cozy furnishings. We have the built-in cabinetry on this side and this guest home would also make a phenomenal office as well. Now let's open up the sliding glass door here because I wanna check out this part of the home for a second. This is the gym that I've been mentioning.

It is technically attached to the main property, but you only have an exterior access. And once you're in the gym you realize that it also faces the motor court as well. And around the corner, we have the first outdoor shower and this is where we have the second outdoor shower.

Now, I wanna take everybody this way so we can continue our tour with the rest of the backyard. Office opens up, This is your great room. again, sliding glass doors, fully pocket into the walls.

And now let's talk about this 70-foot pool with this simple white plaster. Isn't this insane? - [Cody] This is so amazing from the color of the pool and the plaster and the fact that it is perfectly aligned with the ocean through the canyon really just shows the attention to detail from the architect and the design team. - Absolutely. I mean, this pool is the focal point of this backyard or this property matter of fact.

And I just love the vibrance and the energy that it brings to the property. And like you said, it is perfectly aligned with the Pacific Ocean and that's not a coincidence. In fact, if you look at the street that this house is located on, all the properties are perfectly parallel to the street. But this home is at a slight angle because they wanted to frame the Pacific Ocean head on.

That's why they adjusted the way this house was situated a little bit and it was the perfect call. I mean look at this 70-foot pool, the experience here where you can just wake up every single morning, walk out from your living room straight to these views and enjoy this pool. I love this.

- [Cody] I love it too. - This backdrop is insane. All right, let's continue this way. We have another outdoor seating area here. I wanna apologize to our viewers. It is really windy today, which feels great here to us.

But you might be picking that up on our microphones. Again, another outdoor seating area, fire pit right in the center. This section has deck floors. And going to the other side, we have the outdoor dining area that sits 10. This detached structure has a cantilevering roof assembly as well.

So you get a nice shaded area here. That's your family room opening up. And now, let's check out the bar set up here. We have a stone island with all waterfall edges, space heaters, and lot of cabinetry.

Sink, ice maker, dishwasher, gas cooktop, gas grill. And the same marble wall continues on the back with a TV right in the center. And what a place for you to cook some amazing meals. Share it with your friends and family and enjoy this amazing outdoor bar/kitchen.

And on top of that, you have a picture window here so you can still enjoy the ocean views. - [Cody] I thought it was another great call by the development team, especially having the grill right next to you, you don't want the ocean breeze just blowing right over everything you're cooking. So that window is a perfect call. - Well said.

Now, this is one of my favorite moments within the property. Look at my backdrop. The hedging, all these palm trees, this light blue pool, beautiful architectural home.

What an amazing property. And I just love the fact that you have two plus acres of land all to yourself and you get to enjoy these views every single day here in Point Dume. (bright music) It's hard to come to this place and not talk about Malibu. Its coastline, its water, its dramatic mountains. And the lifestyle this area provides is what makes this place so unique. - Well, when you think of Southern California, you think of living on the water, you know, that's the first.

The second is this point, the big Dume Point is one of the furthest west points on the West Coast - Really? - And there's incredible surfing on these points right here. (upbeat music) - Well Point Dume specifically is like the ultimate neighborhood. Everyone flocks here, they're craving something different, more organic, more natural. Malibu is not fancy. We're very understated here.

And you could fit into any group as long as you're nice. Like, people don't care how much you have. And that's the essence of Malibu. You cannot find a better place.

You know, half the streets get keys to Little Dume Beach. This one fortunately does. - [Enes] And let's talk about this key for a second. Point Dume has this specific beach where only the homeowners in this area can access and this home comes with that access. And to some, this key can be valued at upwards of $3 million.

- For the owners in this neighborhood, you know, there's a little walkway down there with a gate and you come and you see the most beautiful bay and then you see the most five perfect surf breaks lined up. (upbeat music) Not only that, you'll go out in this bay and you'll see Laird Hamilton ripping around on his e-foil or on his paddle. But everybody stays to themselves and it's super low key, super grounded and down to the earth. But you have everything here. It's a melting pot of business, artists and they have all lived here from back in the day. (upbeat music) - Between the beach, this home's location in Malibu.

And the area itself is what drew our team to make the trip out here to showcase this beautiful property. How do you think this home sits within this neighborhood and also in Malibu? - I think it sits perfectly. It's very unique in its setting because it's dropped a little bit from the street. So you feel more secluded and you feel the privacy that it has and it's you walk through those doors and boom, you're looking right through the ocean.

This is west-facing, so you get sun all day long. - And that's pretty obvious. The way this property sits and the view corridor is such a cool and immersive experience to walk from your living room to these views every single day. Now when we go to a location, we always take the time to talk to the local agents to understand and learn the unique aspects of the areas we visit. And what makes Branden and Chris special is not only are they respected agents of the area, but they also happen to own homes in Malibu, which only shows their commitment and belief in the area.

- As soon as I hit the PCH highway, 70% of my stress level just goes instantly down. And it's always been my dream to live in Malibu. And now I have a home in Malibu and I absolutely love it.

- And I bought homes. I own eight or nine homes in Malibu now. So I believe in this market and I love Malibu. I just think long-term investment in Malibu is such a strategic and smart move.

- And there you have it, that's Malibu for you. No matter how you look at it, every city, every area has its unique qualities and we take pride in taking the time to understand, appreciate, and showcase these qualities. But with that, that's enough of Malibu for now.

We still have the second floor to see. (upbeat music) Let's go check out the second floor of this property. Love the picture window behind me and the landing is really spacious.

They brought a lot of the wood elements to this floor as well. Really cool burnt orange, two chairs. And on this level we have few guest suites and the primary bedroom. Now the first room that we're gonna tour is the laundry room. We have some cabinetry, sink, stacked washer and dryer, conveniently located off of the landing of the second floor. And looking at this long hallway, we can see these three ceiling mount light fixtures and this section is all open.

That way, light can transfer from the first floor to the second floor and vice versa as well. And this wall is all glass, but because of those wood screens, you get a lot of privacy. Now to my left we have the door opening up to the primary bedroom, but we're gonna tour that last and now, we're in the center of the second floor. And I'm just gonna open up the sliding glass doors here.

You have a spacious balcony and you get to enjoy these phenomenal views straight from the second floor as well. And this outdoor seating area also comes with a fire pit that's right there. Now, follow me this way. Lot of board-formed concrete walls and this is the first guest suite that we're gonna tour on this level. To my right, let's quickly show it.

Built-in cabinetry and the hallway takes you to the bedroom itself. Queen-sized bed, a lot of natural light coming in. It's actually a good sized room.

And we have another sliding glass door here, opening up to a shared balcony with the guest room that we're gonna tour next. And you get to see the Pacific Ocean from this bedroom as well. Now before we exit, of course, this room also comes with its own bathroom. Again, very spacious. Toilet, floating vanity, mirror wall.

And then we have the walk-in shower here. I wanna say, I think all the showers are also book matched, which is really nice. You have GRAFF fixtures, rainhead, and the same exterior screens. You can actually see them on this side and you even get a little peek of the mountains as well from your shower. Now, bedroom suite number two, which is next door, Cody, let's show the walk-in closet here.

Again, modern cabinetry. And then we go right in. We have oak hardwood floors, queen-sized bed. And the board formed concrete wall actually wraps to the interior here, TV. And in case you're wandering, what this opening is, it's actually an access panel. But instead of putting a regular drawer front here, they actually custom designed a board-formed front.

That way, it blends in with the wall, which is a nice touch. And again, your queen-sized bed sliding glass door open up to the balcony that we just talked about. A lot of outdoor spaces. - [Cody] I really like that about this house. - Throughout the entire property. Exactly.

I mean you live in Malibu, that's all you wanna do. You want to enjoy the outdoors, you wanna see the ocean if you can from every single room. And that's what they accomplished in this house. And of course, we're not gonna leave this guest suite without touring the bathroom. Same hardwood floors, continue again, your floating vanity.

Stone is all book matched. I was looking for the handle. That's your walk-in shower. And straight from your shower, Cody, we gotta show the views. - [Cody] This is what you get to enjoy. - It's pretty amazing. It's incredible.

All right, now, the primary bedroom suite, that's where we're going next. What do you think of the second floor so far, Cody? - [Cody] The second floor is a really good design. I do think it's a great use of space and I like that it has like a common area in the center of it as well. - Common area in the center. And the primary bedroom is the entire right wing.

And it starts right here. It has a spacious landing with this massive picture window. Of course you have your automatic shades throughout and you go into the room and ton of warmth. Massive picture window, two fireplaces. And then on the other side, we have this beautiful king-sized bed. Love the headboard design.

Room has so much warmth and they brought the same vertical oak paneling to this room as well. And it really ties the interior and exterior elements together. It's like mimicking the screens that we saw in the exterior, but in a more cozy form. And I like that you have black reveals between each plank so you have this beautiful color contrast.

And we also have a ceiling mount TV here. That way, if you don't wanna watch TV and you want to just enjoy the views, you can simply do that. Now throughout the tour, I talked about these board-formed concrete walls all the time. I think concrete is such a strong industrial element, but it gives so much character to homes. In fact, you can really see the textures of each one of the planks that they use and it is such a beautiful detail. - [Cody] I agree.

The fact that the way that it was made, no two boards are ever gonna be the same. So it's a completely unique design throughout the entire house. - Absolutely. And even though you're building this strong structural element, you can still design your forms in a way to incorporate amenities like this gas fire place to even bring more coziness to this section.

And Cody, actually, go backwards for a second. Look at the views you get straight from your bed. This is incredible.

- [Cody] It's so beautiful. - All right, now let's continue to the other side where we have the open bathroom and the walk-in closet. First, we're gonna check out the closet. Again, we have modern cabinetry throughout. Some of the sections have glass fronts so you can position your suits, jackets or your shoes.

Let's not forget the center island with all these compartments. We also have a skylight here to bring additional natural light. And this is definitely a good size closet for this primary bedroom. Now follow me this way to the bathroom.

It is all open. We get the enjoy the views. First, let's talk about this vanity. All marble fabricated.

Same oak paneling is also here. It's nicely recessed in. And actually, Cody, lower the camera just a little bit.

The same mirror runs all the way to the floor. - [Cody] Ooh. - I wanted to point that out.

That's why, and also the way this marble vanity is fabricated, they don't have enough space to put the faucet here. That's why it is mounted to the wall. And let's talk about these marble vanities for a second. The entire drawer front is actually not marble. That would be too heavy. It's not because they don't wanna spend the money.

That would make it really hard on the hardware that they use. That's why if you look at the back and if you can get a closeup, they recess in the wood cabinetry and put a marble front and you can still align it beautifully with these cuts. It's a really nice design. Then in the center, we have the freestanding tub with this gravel finish.

Does this remind you a section that we saw earlier? - [Cody] Yeah, it does. With the planter that we saw right next to the staircase - Bingo. This means that they thought about these sections and planned them ahead of time because you can see how the hardwood floors are ending here. Then you have the gravel finish. And then on the other side, we have the second vanity, water closet.

And let's not forget the glass enclosed walk-in shower. Now some people don't like having all glass enclosed showers because glass can get dirty and all that. But when you're in Malibu and when you have a view like this, you wanna make sure you can enjoy it even from your shower. That's exactly what they did. They also have these beautiful modern fixtures.

Your shower head, rain head above, all marble clad. And let's not forget the steam feature. And then lastly, we gotta take everybody outside one more time so we can enjoy this ocean breeze and enjoy these views. I think it was a great call by the developer that almost every single room in this house opens up to the outdoors.

You have balconies, you have decks, and you get to benefit from a backyard like this with this 70-foot pool. And let's not forget the Pacific Ocean. I'm just really appreciative that we got a chance to tour this incredible home and share it with all of you. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour and I hope you'll enjoy this episode. It was a lot of fun spending the day here in Malibu and I'm really impressed with this property and how it's so connected to the outdoors. Big congrats to the developer, Charles Kotliar for doing a phenomenal job with the build.

And I also wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Branden Williams, Rayni Williams, and Chris Cortazzo for making this tour possible. More information about this incredible listing will be in the description of this video. And lastly, if you enjoyed our tour, give us a like, subscribe and we'll see you guys on the next one.

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