Touring an $18,500,000 Modern Mansion in the Canyons of Hollywood Hills

Touring an $18,500,000 Modern Mansion in the Canyons of Hollywood Hills

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- What's up, everybody? It's Enes here, and welcome to another episode from Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. Today, we're checking out this gorgeous, modern home right behind me facing the breathtaking views of the city. And the house itself has stunning finishes, so I'm really excited for today's tour. Now, the property features four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, 8,339 square feet of interior space built on a 0.53 acre lot with an asking price of $18,500,000. As always, you can find more information about this estate in the description of this video.

And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the listing agents, James Harris, David Parnes, and Jaime Cuevas for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And now, let's begin. (light upbeat music) (air whooshing) (fire crackling) (air whooshing) (air whooshing) (fire crackling) - So this to me is the opposite of the glass box, right? You do have this black glass gate as you approach and enter the property, and then you come in and it's just so warm and has these gorgeous, darker textures and tones. But the landscape design here is what has tied this whole property together. The Hollywood Hills is truly the enclave of what people think when they think Los Angeles real estate. And I think this house truly resembles that, but with an unbelievable warmth, incredible views, and just a great feel.

- We're gonna start our tour on the exterior entry. We have the walkway taking you to the front door. Property is nicely hedged, super set back from the street level.

And coming here, on our right-hand side, we have the gate opening up to the driveway that leads you to your two-car garage. And around the corner, we actually have a walkway that takes you directly to the kitchen, which we'll show to you guys in a bit. Now, coming back to the entry, everything is beautifully landscaped. We have this olive tree on our left and you can see the entry portion of this gorgeous property with a marble-clad wall, nicely bookmatched, overhang details, smooth stucco. And on this side, we have this massive glass pivot door taking you to the entry foyer.

It's a very spacious room that welcomes you to this gorgeous property. Oak hardwood floors goes all the way into the seating areas. We have the table right in the center, and you have all this wall space. Perfect for you to feature your art.

And that's why we have this track lighting system above us, so you can position the lighting however you want. Now, I wanna close the entry door so we can continue our tour. And we have this door opening up to a powder room on this side of the home.

Beautiful floating vanity setup with the darker tones. We have the marble-clad as a countertop and a fabricated sink as well as the back splash. Brushed nickel finishes. And around the corner, you have your water closet with walnut wood paneling and a linear window bringing natural light. Now, coming back to the entry, the house is all open. We have this seating area in front of us.

In fact, I wanna bring everybody right here to cover the first seating section. I love the furniture setup complemented with the skylight above bringing natural light. It's a very cozy space, and I love this massive carpet on the floor as well. Now, right next door, we have the first dining area or the table setup. Gorgeous marble fabrication. I mean, this table looks stunning.

You have your chairs, open shelving. Everything is nicely staged, and sliding glass doors open up to an amazing backyard that we're gonna check out in a bit. Now, I wanna bring everybody here. Right in front of us, we have the kitchen. Dark marble island.

Beautiful fabrication with the bar seating. You have all your cooktops, gas stove, your grill, everything here including the induction. You have two popup vents. That way, this section is all open. Right above us, we have the skylight, again, bringing a ton of natural light to this home.

And we're gonna see a lot of skylight applications in this house. Between the skylights and all the sliding glass doors, house just gets ton of natural light. Now, coming here on the wall section, we have beautiful wood cabinetry with built-ins on each side where you have your ovens, microwave, espresso maker, including the warming drawer right here.

And I just love that they carried out the same darker stone also here as a back splash, and they added a layer to it, which we can see the LED under-lighting. Fabricated sink. Your dishwasher is here. You have some upper cabinets. Beautiful design. I also wanna mention, we have this hallway that takes you all the way to your garage complemented with a water feature on the left, and I love those steel planters that they have in the water feature.

It's just a unique approach. Property is nicely hedged, and we have the sliding glass doors opening up from a bedroom that is located behind the kitchen, which we're gonna see in a bit. Now, lastly, I wanna mention, actually, Mikey, stay right there, please.

We have a beautiful wine wall here, temperature controlled. Great place to showcase your spirits, and it's right next to your dining area, which we're gonna cover in a bit. Now, that's it for the kitchen.

Island, base cabinets, and coming here, we actually have the service hallway where you have your secondary kitchen, pretty much the same finishes. You have some upper cabinets for extra storage, faucet. This door at the end opens up to your two-car garage that leads you to your driveway, and the garage has beautiful epoxy floors, so I wanted to mention that.

These cabinets house your washer and dryer. You have another microwave here, everything you need. Now, right next door, we have this door opening up to the first bedroom on this section. Nice and cozy. Furnishings look great including the carpet. You have the TV on this side, reveal details on the ceiling with the built-in speakers, recessed lights.

And these are the sliding glass doors. In fact, let's show it to everyone. (door latch clicks) (door rasping) Opening up to that walkway, and you just have a nice, tranquil view here. Super private. This is awesome. Now, we have this door opening up to the bathroom for this room, and you have the same natural stone application also here, going all the way into your walk-in shower. LED-lit shampoo niche, hidden drains, stunning fixtures, they're all brushed nickel.

Your toilet setup and you have your vanity here, and I just love that countertop wraps on the other side with the waterfall detail. Now, instead of going back to the hallway, I actually wanna take everybody this way so we can go straight to the kitchen and the seating area. Again, the whole house is open.

Sliding glass doors leads you to your backyard, and we are looking at some beautiful views that we're gonna see once we get to the backyard. Now, coming here, I wanna take everybody to the formal dining room area. I love this table setup here that sits 12 people. Again, furnishings, chairs, details, everything looks gorgeous. You also have a wood panel wall that really warms up this corner.

Another skylight above bringing natural light. It's just a nice, cozy, intimate space. And you can see this marble wall going all the way to the seating area, which is right next door. And Mikey, we need to get a closeup. I love this exposed I-beam detail that we have above us.

I always like to see structural elements exposed on the interior, which brings a lot of textures and just really warms up the space. Now, coming here, we have the main seating area. Multiple seating sections. Furniture looks great. We have three coffee tables, another carpet that really, again, warms up this particular section.

And coming here, the bookmatching with the marble just looks so elegant, so gorgeous. And we have a gas fireplace here that's actually tucked all the way to the back, which is something we're not really used to seeing, but it just creates a lot of depth and, again, with the marble, looks great. And I just love that this wall continues all the way to the formal dining room. Now, coming here, right in front of us, we're looking at the amazing views of the city and this canyon. I mean, you have your pool right there.

Backyard looks amazing. We're gonna check that out in a bit. Now, right behind this fireplace assembly, we have an additional seating area. Again, super cozy. Love the carpet. Same wood paneling actually wraps on the back where we have the TV recessed in.

Sliding glass doors open up to the outdoors, and coming to this section, we actually have a really unique bar application. Darker tones with the cabinetry. In fact, it's the same wood paneling that we're gonna see throughout the home, so there's a nice blend there. Gorgeous marble countertops, also as a back splash. And these racks and the back splash within the racks are all stainless steel, which creates a nice reflection.

It just looks very sleek. Now, let's go all the way back to the entry because we actually have a hallway there that takes us to the two other bedrooms that we have on this level. Again, beautiful indoor-outdoor flow. House gets ton of natural light. It's very spacious.

And coming here, we have this opening going towards two bedrooms, including the primary bedroom suite. I'm gonna start with this one. We have this door opening up to another beautiful bedroom. King size bed on the left, built-in closets on this section, nice and spacious. And I just love that each one of these bedrooms open up to a unique view corridor. In this case, we have another sliding glass doors opening up to the side of the property, but it looks very zen and very private.

Now, around the corner, of course, this room has its own bathroom. We have the water closet on our right, vanity right in the center with the same modern lines. Brushed nickel fixtures, and around the corner, we have an open walk-in shower.

Again, the same stone continues all the way up to the ceiling. Shampoo niche, brushed nickel finishes, and a massive window looking towards the view. This house is just so tasteful. Every single bedroom with the furnishings and details, I really like it. Now, coming back here to the main hallway for the bedrooms, we have this door opening up to the primary bedroom suite. These are all built-in closets off of the entry with the same wood paneling, and we have an additional closet around the corner.

We have the bedroom on the left, but first, I wanna take everybody here. This is the secondary open closet, and the owner is currently occupying the home, so we're gonna respect their privacy. And coming here, this is where we have the primary bedroom bathroom.

It is so spacious. We have the same oak hardwood floors also here complemented with a dark wood paneling. We have the long vanity design here with two fabricated sinks, more on the lighter tones.

And we have these Lefroy Brooks hardware and fixtures throughout. They're all brushed nickel, and they just look very timeless and elegant. Above the vanity, we have this big mirror application with LED lighting on the back, reveal details on the ceiling.

Every corner has so many subtle details and just finishes. Now, right in the center of this bathroom, we have the freestanding tub. And this one has a marble wall, which is located between the window and the tub where you have all your fixtures, including the handheld. Another picture window looking at a zen view, and around the corner, you can actually see the city, and you even have a TV on this side. And the both sides of this freestanding tub is clad with marble walls that goes all the way to the ceiling. And lastly, we have a skylight above.

Again, gorgeous bathroom. Mikey, you've been awfully quiet by the way today. - [Mikey] It's a really soothing house. I'm just kinda vibin', you know? - Just relaxing, enjoying the tour? - [Mikey] That's right.

- I mean- - You seem to be flowing today so I'm not trying to throw it off. - Thank you. Look at this walk-in shower.

Look at the marble-clad throughout. You have the hidden drain below. You have the steam feature, brushed nickel finishes, rain head above. Another massive picture window looking at that side view, just so tasteful, so elegant, so timeless.

Without a doubt, one of my favorite walk-in showers. And of course, you have the water closet here. Now, coming back out, let's go check out the bedroom itself. Same oak hardwood floors are also here. Bed is situated on the left with a built-in headboard. And in this room, the textures, finishes, carpet on the floors, wallpaper, it's so warm, so inviting.

And right across from the bed, we have the linear fireplace with a recessed-in TV, and this entire wall is clad with this just stunning marble that we're gonna keep seeing throughout the property. Mikey, let's go this way. This bedroom has a seating section, and this entire corner here is almost all glass facing the amazing views of the city. I mean, it's just a great corner, great moment in this estate.

And it's complemented with these curtains. That way, you can really get the full blackout effect if needed. Now, I'm trying to see what else we need to cover in this room.

It's pretty straightforward, just a gorgeous space. And around the corner, we have these sliding glass doors opening up to your backyard. Now, I really like this backyard because it's just the right size. You have your pool section, grass section in the middle, and you have your view deck facing the breathtaking views.

I wanna first focus on the pool. Darker plaster. It's actually 80-foot lap pool, and right at the end, we have the raised spa.

And what I love about this backyard is the fact that it gets sunlight throughout most of the day. Sliding glass doors open up from your seating areas, and the kitchen flows straight right here. And this is the family room that we toured earlier. Now, coming where we are right now, you have your outdoor shower with this really sleek built-in drain, and we have the rain head right above us. And we have this door opening up to a bathroom for your pool area.

You have your water closet, modern pedestal sink, and the same natural tone finishes are also here. Now, wrapping back around, again, your pool looks so inviting, and this is what the Hollywood Hills lifestyle is all about. Look at these views.

And this is where we have the raised spa. It's just the right size. And it is complemented with this water feature that runs on this retaining wall, and it's just beautiful to look at, and it brings this soothing vibe to the backyard. Now, coming right here, this is where we have the view deck.

You have your first outdoor dining area. And I just love how they positioned the seating where we have the lower bench design there, and the single chairs here. Again, all focused towards the views. You have your lounging chairs on this side. And lastly, we have this section extending out towards the views.

You have your outdoor umbrellas. Seating area complemented with a fire pit right in the center. Two space heaters.

Glass railing throughout, and it is all focused towards these incredible views where we have the city down below us, canyon views on the right, everything looks great. And in fact, we also got a chance to talk to our good friend, James Harris, who's one of the co-listing agents of this home and learn his thoughts on this amazing property. (laid-back music) James, how are you? - I'm fantastic. How you doing?

- I'm doing well. What a beautiful day, huh? - I mean, if living in California gets better than this, I've not seen it. But this is unreal.

- It's amazing. It's beginning of March and it's just weather, everything looks great. Property, view is amazing. It's on a unique street, but I want you to tell everybody a little bit about the location. So we are relatively set back from Sunset.

- [James] Yep. - But we're right there, we're close. But once you come up here, it feels so secluded from the whole madness of the city. - Which is nice, right? You're close enough where it's a two-minute drive. You're far enough where you don't hear everything, right? And that's the luxury of being in the Hollywood Hills. - Amazing.

What are some of the other things you're working on right now? I know you guys are moving. I just see your name with all these incredible listings, left and right, both as listed and sold. So tell me what's happening? - Dude, it's crazy. You know it. You're traveling the world. I mean, post-COVID and the pandemic, the real estate market's gone insane globally. I think people wanna be here.

Tech money's moving to Southern California, and we're seeing so much evolve. David and I are working on so many different projects. One of which I am passionate about, The Blueprint, which is a new real estate newsletter. We put that out every Tuesday, every Friday, it's free. And the idea behind that for us was as two guys coming into this business with nothing 10 years ago, we wanna share that knowledge and insight with new agents, people in sales and kinda share and give back that information. So it's definitely a passion project.

- Amazing. And what people should expect from that newsletter because it's a unique, kind of a new approach, especially in real estate. - So for us, the newsletter was about just being a wealth of information, right? We wanted to set up a newsletter where every Tuesday and Friday, if you're an agent, a new agent, in the business, you can open up your phone and read it for five minutes, and the whole idea of the newsletter is that you are gonna hear something in that newsletter, not just about the market, the economy, et cetera, but about how you can improve your skillset in that day.

So just a wealth of information, and we've had an unbelievable response so far. - Amazing. We'll make sure to leave the link in the description. - Awesome. - Everybody check it out. I'm so inspired sitting here, just looking at this view.

Any final thoughts you wanna leave us with? Because it's just I do feel the same way, I think we're super lucky to live in LA and get to work around these amazing properties. - Dude, I've been here 17 years and I sit here right now and I look at this view and I have the same level of excitement as the day I landed. We live in the best city in the world. We got blue skies, we got the best weather, the best lifestyle, but this house's specific to be in this location of the Hollywood Hills and have this expansive pool, but then the grass area, and the deck, and the landscape, and the view, and the canyon, and the way the whole house is laid out and put together, it's an unbelievable property.

And for $18,500,000, it's very hard to get into this area without spending 30 million. So I think all over, it's just a really great compound in an amazing location. (chill music) - So one thing we forgot to mention as we were up on the backyard, you actually have an outdoor staircase bringing you down straight to your guest quarters or the lower level. Beautiful steel frame complemented with the olive tree right next door. And we have this door opening up to your gym. You have your rubber floors, gym equipment, treadmill, mirror wall with a small wet bar.

I mean everything you need, and it is nicely detached from the rest of the home. Also, right around the corner, we have an outdoor staircase coming down from the entry to this level. And the same staircase continues going down to the garden area that we're gonna check out in a bit.

That's one of my favorite parts or the features of this home. Now, guest quarters starts right here, glass door. Mikey, can we pan up to the ceiling? Look at that gorgeous flashing detail that they have above the door. I live for details like this.

It just keeps the door nice and waterproof. I had to point that out. All right, let's go inside. Door opens up. It is a little windy today, so I'm just gonna quickly close this door.

And as soon as you walk in, you go straight into the seating area for the guest quarters. Again, a lot of warm tones, oak hardwood floors, beautiful furniture. We have a TV on this side, but more importantly, sliding glass doors open up to a deck for this level and your views are great.

You're a little bit lower, closer to the hillside, and it just gives great utility to the guest quarters. That way, you can enjoy the outdoors here just as much. Now, coming back in, one more detail I wanna mention. Automatic curtains throughout, motorized. (remote controller clatters) Your TV, and around the corner, let's have a quick look.

We have a full-sized bathroom. Same finishes are also in this bathroom. I love this bench design that starts right here and goes all the way into your walk-in shower. Nice linear drain.

Brushed nickel finishes. Your toilet setup, your vanity, everything looks beautiful. Now, coming back out, we're gonna take everybody to this hallway. We have this door leading us to the bedroom for the guest quarters, same warm tones, built-in closets, oak floors, king size bed. Again, furnishing looks great. Sliding glass doors open up to the deck space that we showed to everyone earlier.

And this house just has such a relaxing and soothing energy. I mean, you have your views right there. You're five to six minutes away from Sunset Boulevard where you have the shops and restaurants. It's a great location, but yet, once you come up here, it feels very relaxing and soothing. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really nice.

Enes and I have been walking around all day, talking about how much we like this house. It's not too big. It's not too small. It's just perfect. - Right amount, very tasteful. Absolutely.

All right, this pocket door opens up to the bathroom for this bedroom. I just love that they took advantage of this corner here, placed a massive picture window. It's tinted, so no one from the outside can see you, but yet, you can enjoy these views straight from your shower. We have the vanity design right here.

Same stone floors are also used on the walls, and as a back splash here. LED-lit mirror. Vanity design. Water closet around the corner.

Another great bathroom. Now, coming back to the hallway, let's go check out the last section. And by the way, Mikey, I know you're gonna love this. Look at the old photos of some of the iconic streets in Los Angeles. That's the Sunset Strip. You have Doheny here, let's see- - [Mikey] Oh, I get it.

So it's basically like driving down the Sunset Strip, so it's like, you see every building, like you're just driving by it. That's really cool. - Absolutely. What a cool art installation here. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, coming back here, We have these steps taking us to another beautiful bar. Stone-clad throughout.

Bookmatched with LED lighting. You have your bar stools, pendant lights. You have the sink on the back, and of course you have your fridge and all the details here. And you may wonder why we have a bar here because around the corner, we have this door opening up to your movie theater. Considering the size of this home, this is a very spacious movie theater.

I love the elevation difference. They don't have those single movie theater seats. They have more of these oversized sofas. LED lighting throughout. Plush carpet on the floors.

You have the cove lighting above, and your projector's right in the center. And this is where you have your screen. But more importantly, you can use it as day-lit room like this one right now, because you have two massive picture windows looking at the hillside, or you have your blackout curtain, which will black out this entire space, and that way, you can really get that movie theater effect. Now, that's it for the guest quarters, and what's left is the garden down below us. In fact, let's go check that out. (relaxing music) Now, let's go check out this vegetable garden.

A lot of times on properties like this one where it's located on a hillside, people tend to leave most of their property line untouched or even un-landscaped. But in this case, they took the landscaping approach to a next level. They terraced it, created all these planter boxes where you have these vegetables, kale, lettuce, you have fruits, lemon, orange trees, banana trees.

It's just amazing. This might be my favorite part of this home. The retaining walls, everything about it, you have sprinkler lines, and even this section is nicely hedged. It's like coming down here is an experience. You just sit down, relax, maintain your garden. You have a small countertop here with a concrete sink right in the center, your faucet.

I guess it was established in 2018, so it's been four years. And it looks gorgeous. - [Mikey] Yeah. - I admire this so much. This is awesome. - [Mikey] Yeah, it seems great. You come down here, you can prep your vegetables, you have a sink, everything.

Have a little picnic down here and read a book, it's great. - Absolutely. What a great use of space, what an amazing property. (soothing music) (fire crackling) (fire crackling) All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoyed this video. Stunning home, amazing finishes, sensational views.

And as always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. Lastly, I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, James, David, and Jaime, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. And as always, if you enjoyed the video, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and we'll see you guys next week.

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