Overnight in the World's WEIRDEST Airbnbs!

Overnight in the World's WEIRDEST Airbnbs!

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Hello, Anazala family! So, today's video is different. Basically, we'll be experiencing the most insane Airbnbs. Whether they're on land, in the sea, and even in the air. With the final one being the most expensive one on the site. And dude, one of them is an actual YouTuber's house.

So, this is our first Airbnb, which happens to be the most abandoned, since it's so isolated, with a hundred miles in any direction of no civilization. Do you understand something? There's no internet a hundred miles from here. And on the website, it looks so old. I actually think it might be haunted. Okay, let's take a tour.

Oh my God, look at this. Oh my goodness, look at this. And this Airbnb was so dusty and scary that it felt like something might actually jump scare us at any moment. Oh my God, this is the bathroom.

This is so old. Very vintage. but it was getting dark very very quickly and being stranded was starting to creep me out not gonna lie, It's giving me freaky scary voodoo vibes Honey come on. We're just gonna watch a movie together. sit down. Noah, sit.

Come on, I'm getting bad vibes. for some reason I'm actually enjoying it. I hate this. Why? I don't know. I'm just,

this isn't what I thought it would be. And it was so creepy, like I actually wouldn't even trust this place. So, I give it a two out of five stars. So, you wanna stay? I'm getting out of here. And with the world's smallest Airbnb, one that literally needs to be banned, and the most expensive one on the entire site waiting for us, it was time for our $15 ,000 Airbnb on the world's biggest cruise ship ever made.

Okay, so here's the bus that's gonna take us to the boat. Who's excited? Me, because I love swimming and we're about to swim. Guys, looke at the boat. so guys, look at this.

look at this. This is not even it. Can you believe that? it's bigger than that? I'm wonder we're going on is like times three the size. That's scary. This is it.

dude, how crazy is this! look, the terminal is like an airport. Mimi, do you see this? Yeah. And then we started to make our way to the inside of the ship. This used to be the world's biggest ship, and now that's the one we're on and that's the actual new biggest. Look at the difference in size. It's like double this.

Okay, so we just made it. Oh my god. Look at the entrance here.

Oh my god. And now it was time to see the inside of the ship. Oh, this okay. This is not a ship. What is this? It's like a full-on city. And before we show you the coolest part of the ship, we wanted to see what the rooms look like.

Okay, so this is the room. The hallway is so narrow, because they have to fit a lot of rooms in there. So these are the two rooms, both are for us. Okay, so you ready? Yes, you take this.

As soon as you walk in, you're presented with the biggest living room ever built on a ship. And it actually has two different floors with a 12-foot slide that's connecting them. with the addition of a private lounge, a private game room, and the largest master bedroom with its own private balcony.

Guys, I can't even explain how that feels or look like. Oh my God. And the kids also get their own 300 square foot room.

And there's a storage, look I'm surprised they thought of everything. This is nice, dude. We didn't even think about the bathroom. What? Okay. Okay, it's pretty tiny, but that's really cool.

It's so boujee. Yeah, like you, because you are looking boujee. There's so many things. There's water parks, shopping malls. I can't wait to see everything. After a quick outfit change, and before checking out the craziest thing on the ship, we wanted to see everything else that it has to offer.

Guys, can you imagine a real park in the middle of a ship? They call it the Central Park. Watch this. Oh, my. Look at this! This is insane.

There are like plants all over the place here. And guys, this is, we're still on floor eight. Wait till we get to the top. It's crazy. So behind me is something called the Aqua Dome. Let me show you, come.

It's basically a big glass dome that's at the front of the ship. Look at this. Oh my goodness, and look, you see all the other ships in the water. You see? This is like a mall. This is insane guys.

It's actually incredible. Oh my goodness. So they had a show here and this is all water and it goes up and down and people literally come dropping from the ceiling. They go jumping into the water which is crazy. On the middle floors are some of the craziest activities that have never been seen on a ship before.

From a full scale theater, an indoor ice rink, and a family night karaoke room. Which finally leads us to the top of the ship. and now we're here on the upper deck. look at this oh my god. With seven different pools and nine hot tubs spread across the top there's plenty of room for everyone this is just crazy so before we show you the craziest thing on this ship we want to show you guys the second craziest thing on the ship let me show you guys this this is probably the best thing on the ship for me At least for me. Oh my goodness.

Guys, there's a full basketball court. So we play volleyball, soccer with the best view on earth. This is insane. And the water park is right here. This ship doesn't only break the record with the world's longest water slide, But it has six of the longest ever made on a ship has top-of- the-line surf simulator and anything you could think of in a real Life water park, but as time went by we had a big problem Oh my god, what's happening there? There's a storm! So we will get into a squall.

We're going into a squall? Watch for your footsteps and your surroundings at all times. So even though this ship was amazing and above expectations, the weather seemed to ruin a bit of that experience, so I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. But we still had some of the most insane Airbnbs including one of them that's owned by an actual YouTuber and now it's time to try the world's smallest Airbnb.

This is one of the most futuristically designed RVs you'll ever find in the world and it's so compact. It's insane. Look at this guys. Welcome to the poly drop. This is us now for the next couple hours. I'm getting in, I'm getting in, I'm getting in.

Guys, this is getting smaller and smaller. The closer we are together the more we hate each other speak for yourself! Honey, there's literally everything here you need. What do you mean everything? Actually, there's a cooker in the back. I swear to God Come check this out. Oh my goodness! Look at this! It has everything. this is like in the back.

There's a fridge and biodegradable. So definitely an investment right? Is Noah turning into a pilot? Inside there's a surround system. There's heaters, AC's Look at this. Lights, fans. And dawn was upon us.

It's currently 8 p.m. We're on the side of the road. We're starving and we decided to make this a challenge and call many pizza places to see if they'll deliver to this location. Where are we? There's no address. What are you gonna tell them? Hello, please may I take your order? We're just gonna order two margarita pizzas We're kind of via beach in a trailer That'd be about 40 minutes 40 minutes. okay thank you so much and after some time Anas started to realize what happens when kids are bored.

Noah! what's happening? why are you crying? and nothing seemed to be working and this is when we realized that this Airbnb was way too small so we give it one out of five stars but at the end of the day we'll see if the most expensive Airbnb ever listed, we'll end up getting a five star rating. Next, we have the pinkest Airbnb ever made. Are you excited, Mila? Are you ready? Yeah! Let's go! Look at this view! I am very speechless. And the only word to describe this house is, it's pink! Oh my God! Are you ready, Mimi? Yeah, let's go inside! Oh my God! We literally found the pinkest house in the world. Daddy, daddy, they have cupcakes and donuts and drinks. Oh my gosh.

They also have a pink horse. And a pink hat. And all that, I didn't even show you the bedroom. I have a pink bed.

What are you doing? A pink fan. Why do they have a pink telephone booth there? Dad, look at this. What? look, I'm a cowboy.

And with a fully pink bathroom, garage, and backyard, this place is insane. So now, we have to live here. Okay, so we stay here forever. This Airbnb was overwhelmingly pink that it actually felt claustrophobic.

But because Mila loved it, I'll actually give it a rating of 3.8 out of 5. But later on, we'll see if the most expensive one ends up getting a 5-star rating. Our next booking is the most lavish camping Airbnb costing $10 ,000 a night. So then, we headed to our camping site. Is that it? Oh my, look, Mimi! Is this it? Mimi, this is it! Wait, wait, wait! We're giving away a lot of cool stuff. All you have to do is subscribe to the channel and comment done, and we will send you the gift wherever you are around the world.

Oh my god, Mimi, do you see this? Wow! Oh, this is so nice. let me give you guys a tour. Oh my god, come on.

Are you ready for this? Oh my goodness. This is insane. Oh my god, I'm going to sleep in this bed, whee! We literally have everything we need here. There's a bed, there's a couch, there's a fan. And there's also this thing over here. it looks so clean, there's also this one.

Do you like it, Noah? I'm the best, right? Yeah! With the addition of a fully working outdoor kitchen and a 12-foot dining room protected by this sphere. The best part isn't even this. Wait till it gets dark because there's built-in lights. Okay, so now that it's getting dark, I'm about to turn on the lights. Are you ready, Mila? Yeah. Ready? Countdown.

One, two, three, go! Oh my gosh, do you see this? Wow! Do you see that? Look, our food's already inside and ready. Noah, do you like it? Yeah This Airbnb was truly one of a kind. And because it brought the family closer together, I give this a rating of 4.3 out of five stars. And we'll see if the other Airbnbs, including the most expensive one, will end up getting my five-star rating. Our next Airbnb is the most VIP family resort experience at Disneyland. And now it's time to show you what $5 ,900 gets you at Disneyland! I'm gonna do the tour.

Okay, Mila's gonna do the tour. So this is the kitchen. Okay, so this is the kitchen. And this is the door.

And this is the Mickey Mouse phone. Hello? Hello? Where is he? You better answer for $5 , 900 That's all I'm saying Plus a 400 square foot living room Look at the Mickey Mouse logo up there. This is a huge suite. And it also comes with a fully decked out Mickey Mouse bedroom. Dude look how nice this room is And the craziest thing is the bathroom Check this out Oh wow This whole room is Mickey Mouse inspired Look at this You even have the Mickey Mouse walls in the shower.

And daddy, look, there's a Mickey Mouse holder. Yes, to hold the towel. Dude, there's a Mickey Mouse sink. This is crazy. With the addition of a Mickey Mouse-themed master bedroom and access to a private pool.

Finally, the real reason why people get VIP exclusive tickets to Disneyland is to get the best viewing spots for the fireworks. Dude, we're literally right in front of the castle. That's crazy. Look where we are.

And then the castle is right here. We're gonna cry. We're so excited. Why are we going to cry? Because Mila, it's so emotional. Yeah, these are like memories.

We will never forget them. Kids don't cry from emotional things and I don't. Yeah. What Noah? I cry. And it was time to see if this Airbnb is actually worth it.

Oh my god. Oh, Wow! What do you think? That was amazing. This is the best day in my life! This exclusive Airbnb was like none other because it came with some of the best experiences But with a crazy $ 5 ,900 price tag for a single night I give it 4.3 out of 5 stars So let's hope that the most expensive Airbnb listing will get my 5 star rating The next Airbnb is the craziest because not only does it have the most amount of secret rooms than any other house but it's actually owned by the YouTuber Ben Azelart. Now we're here at Ben Azelart's house. And I'm gonna have to go through his entire house and try to find all five of his secret rooms.

Show me. Let's go. Are you able to find room number one? Oh, okay.

You're standing very close to it. Here. No. No, okay. It's a lever.

This. No. What if I told you it was right here? Under the stairs. Under the stairs. Watch this.

Three, two, one. That's so cool, oh my god. Okay, next secret room, can you find it? The closet. No, right here. You see this latch right here. No, okay, that's okay.

This one is very good, it's behind the closet, it has a secret latch. 3, 2, 1. Is that dirt down there? Look you just kind of, you get inside like this. Yeah right, you're not, you're wearing white shoes. Just get inside. Oh, there's a spider, there's a spider! Okay, are you hungry? Are you thirsty? A little bit, yeah.

Open the fridge. Do you have prime actually? Yeah, open the fridge. All right.

Oh my god, there's a hole in the fridge! That's actually sick! I'll show you. You're actually going in. Oh my goodness. Don't break your ankle. I'm inside.

Pretty much there's a pantry in here. A lot of space. And after Mila found the second to last secret room. Come here. There's one here. Oh! Yeah.

No, wait, what is that? And Ben literally had an entire 7-Eleven store built inside of his house. The final room. We're going back upstairs. I have this next one for you, and I'm honestly gonna say it's the best one. This house is huge, where is it? I think you should try to find this one.

What? Where could it be? Here, of course, duh. In the fireplace? There's like a hole, probably somewhere open sesame. No.

It's one of these bricks. I push it in, like those movies. No, the bricks are not gonna do it. This plant? Maybe.

Yeah? One of them, you pull, no? No. I'm giving you a hint. It's over here.

Oh, it's over here. Oh, OK. It's over here. No.

It's this tree. No, you're getting closer, but no. Everybody knows, Ben, like it's behind the painting. Look, look, take it out.

Look. Ready? Nothing. It's here. Oh, the, what is it? I don't know. Are you sure it's here? Oh, behind you.

Not behind me. Is there like open sesame? Is it like a You can't clap for it. There's no pasword. You just actually have to lift open. Is it this couch? You can check.

No, this doesn't look like innovative Oh my god. I think she found it. She found it. Woah, it's a hole, this is crazy.

So there's a secret room inside of my couch and I think it's so far the best one I mean, we should go in there and check it out. Maybe you go first I go first? Yeah, because, you know, you made the hole. Okay, fine. I'll go inside and then you follow me after, okay? Okay, yeah, you go first and then if you make it out, yeah.

See you guys in there. Okay. Come on, Asala, come on.

Okay. All right, Ben, I'm coming down. You're right here. Come on, so close. All right.

And since Ben's house was so unique, I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. And now it's time for the most expensive Airbnb ever listed and after going through the entire place with our friend Enes We'll see if it gets my five-star rating. Okay guys, so we just arrived to this Airbnb and this place is insane What is this? Come on, come on, let's see this This place cost 65 million dollars Located at the top of Beverly Hills And taken up up to 10 ,000 square feet You guys wait, I just want to clean the lens for you guys to see what I'm seeing. And it has not one, not two, but four individual living rooms with the most expensive furniture in all of L.A. It's probably like an $80 ,000 couch.

$80 ,000 couch. If I touch something, I think the house will be a million dollars less. This house also has the best view in L.A.

with three Olympic-sized swimming pools and with the biggest TV ever, you can enjoy it at any time. Look at this view. Oh my God.

Right in front of you, look down. Oh my, do you see this? That's the lower level and you can walk on the glass. What if it breaks? There's also 15 different bedrooms all over the house. With the master being the absolute nicest. They want you to watch the TV but they don't want to take it away from the view.

That's why it comes down from the ceiling. This right here, this is like I'm walking into like Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. A Gucci store at this point. Oh my god.

It is Gucci. Oh wow. Does this come with the house? And this is the craziest part of this Airbnb, a full-size 50-person cinema. Look how cute this is. Guys, this is like the Blue Oak Cinema.

This room is all cased and concrete, so you can blast the movie here. And not a single person from the street will hear you. I rate this a... Drumroll. 4.5 out of 5 stars. What do you mean? This is $65 million.

Yeah, it's nice, but it's just unrealistic. I know I'm never gonna get that. Anyways guys, that was it. We hope you enjoyed this video. Let us know if you like these kind of videos I really give my true and honest opinions. Too honest sometimes.

Yeah, that's what you want, You don't want fake people giving you fake ratings. This is it guys for today We love you so much. Make sure to subscribe and join the journey and we'll see you in the next video Peace out Anazala family!

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