Touring a Waterfront Home with 330' Boat Dock in Florida and Schaefer V33 Yacht Tour

Touring a Waterfront Home with 330' Boat Dock in Florida and Schaefer V33 Yacht Tour

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- As you guys can tell, I am not wearing stripes. That's because we're back with our Waterfront Properties with a Dock series. (upbeat music) - [Rico] Hey. - What?

(upbeat music continues) - $150,000 contraption. (upbeat music continues) Yes, this home does have an elevator. Welcome to my dream closet. (upbeat music continues) This series gives us a chance to arrive to a property by boat, and this week, we partner up with Shaefer Yachts to bring us to this beautiful property.

We onboard of Shaefer V33. Say hello to our hosts, Amber and Saul, and we're gonna give you a quick tour of this yacht. - [Rico] As always, we start at the stern. - So, right next to me, I have a swim ladder. It would feel so good to go for a swim right now, 'cause it's like 97, with, I don't know, 90% humidity, but at least it's not raining. - [Rico] So, we have two swim platforms outside of the outboards.

Two 400 Mercurys in the back, so that gets us going pretty fast, actually, and then, we have this amazing tow bar already, right here. Also, a little bit of a safety, because you stand behind, you can hold onto it, but for the water toys, it's already pre-equipped for it. - So, you can tow like a fun banana or something behind it. - [Rico] Any inflatable, like a donut, whatever it is, yeah.

- Fun, all right, well I'm sure you've seen some of our tours of Schaefer Yachts, they have lots of bells and whistles, so we'll quickly run through and show you some of the fun stuff. - [Rico] You just walked by the transom shower. Right there, perfect.

- This little transom door can close. You have 'em on both sides. - [Rico] That's right.

- It's nice and protected, if you have kids, dogs, pretty awesome. So, the sitting area for four here. There's the storage underneath here that opens up this way, and then we also have a bit of a storage here that opens up this way. This table is convertible, we can open it up.

How cool is that? - [Rico] And there's a hi-lo table. - Exactly, because we have a really cool cushion that goes right in here. There's like a couple little, - [Rico] Support. - Support things that go on each side, and then this opens up, and then you can have a really nice, big layout cushion here.

This is a convertible backrest, pretty cool. (upbeat music) Check that out, and come and sit forward. - [Rico] You can fold this down as well. - And this whole space becomes one giant layout cushion. We have a shade that goes right here, so completely shaded, this area, a really nice napping spot. - [Rico] That's right, so, actually, here are the receptacles, we have a shade for the aft, and we have a shade for the bow, which we're gonna show in a second.

- Then, we have a outdoor little galley here. We've got a sink, we've got deep top-loading fridge freezer, you can switch it up how you want. We have a fridge here, and then, a little bit of a stemware storage here, and, in a typical Brazilian fashion, built-in trash can.

Okay, close this up and see what we can find there. This is a really cool feature on the shape of V33. It's a little boarding step, so it makes it really easy to get in and off the boat. We have our pop-up cleats, nice, built-in storage for our shades, and then, as we go forward, you guys can see a receptacle here and there, so this whole area becomes shaded.

It's super nice, especially in this Floridian weather. We have a big layout cushion here for two with cup holders. These are very cute. - [Rico] Exactly.

- How cute are these? Check it out. - [Rico] Yep. - Love it. - [Rico] So, then, all the way forward, the anchor is nicely tucked away, actually.

It pops out like this, folds over, and then, you can use your anchor, and on the way back, you just do it the other way around, secure it with the chain, and it's not rumbling around, actually very nicely secured. This is just storage for fenders, and also the breaker switch for the windless. Foot remote switches for the windless. - Ready to check out the interior? - [Rico] Yes. - Okay, let's do it.

- [Rico] Hang on, hang on. We also have this hatch here. - Oh, that's right. So, this is a really cool feature. You can open up this hatch, it's pretty large, - [Rico] Yep. - And you can see right into our cabin down there, so if you open it up, it creates a really nice cross breeze.

- [Rico] Especially at anchor. - But, you can also have an air conditioning down there. - [Rico] Correct.

- Speaking of air conditioning, shall we? (upbeat music) All right, let's check out the interior. (upbeat music continues) We only have a few minutes before we arrive at the house, but this is gonna be a quick tour anyway. It's not a huge space, but you do have a proper cabin that you could easily spend a weekend. So, this can turn into a, looks like almost a queen-size bed. - [Rico] Mm-hmm. - They have this nice storage out here, pretty cute.

We have all of the storage here, tons behind you, if you turn around and show all that. - [Rico] Tons of storage here, we have the battery switches here, electronic monitor here, and then, this one's actually equipped with a battery-powered air condition system, it beats my batteries, so you can run the air condition through the night, without having any generator or engines on. - Check.

Really nice feature. - [Rico] Pretty cool. - All right. - [Rico] This is the hatch we just saw from the exterior.

You open that out, you get the breeze through, it's amazing. - And we have a head, which is also really nice to have. - [Rico] We have the head here, have the shower right there, so it is a wet head. Sink, a porthole to open, and the mirror here on the forward wall, pretty good size for the size of the vessel. (upbeat music) - All right, we are here.

This is our beautiful multimillion-dollar megamansion that we're about to tour. We're about to dock, we're coming in from the water. You guys know how we do it. - [Rico] And I wanted to point out, this is the Intracoastal, so it's all deep water ocean access, and then we have lots of dock space on the property, but we get into the details once we are on the property, so right now, we're just docking. - It's directly on the Intracoastal, which is a pretty fantastic feature, so you come in with a pretty big boat here.

- [Rico] There's a 52-foot boat sitting there right now, and the boat's kind of small. - And there's a lot of dock left. (Rico laughs) Well, huge thank you to Schaefer Yachts for bringing us to this beautiful property, and we're gonna dock now. Amber's on the bow line. Look at this dock, and it's got glass all around. Check it out.

- [Rico] So, you come from lunch, and you just go back home by boat. That's Florida living. (upbeat music) - Ready? - [Rico] Yeah, that's how you arrive in style. (upbeat music continues) - Bye, guys. - [Rico] Perfect.

- Bye! - [Rico] Thanks for the ride! - Thanks for the ride. (Rico laughs) - You got it, enjoy. (upbeat music continues) - I am so excited. This is such a beautiful property, and let's start with why we're here. The most important feature for us boaters is the dock, so this is a corner lot with 190-feet just on the canal side.

By ordinance, we gotta keep five feet on each side when docking, so, in reality, we have 180-feet of usable dock right here. We have a 24-foot beam allowance, by ordinance, which also allows us to easily put here like a 95, 100-footer, - [Rico] Easy. - Depending on the boat. So, we've got a six-foot draft, again, we just recently toured some 90-footers which had a really a small draft, so there are definitely some opportunities here, or you just do what these guys do, you have a couple of smaller boats that you can put here. Come with me, there's more. So, this is a 52-footer, like Rico said, and it looks like nothing here. It looks tiny.

- [Rico] So, you guys can see, everything is glass fenced-in here, because the current owner has kids, and just wanted to prove it that nothing can happen. - This is a very expensive feature, right? Of course, you can remove it, and get rid of it if you don't want it, but it is really expensive to put it in, and it's pretty amazing that it already has that. - [Rico] So, we have currently shore power installed here, two 50 amp outlets. - Then, we also have a floating dock. How cool is that? So, if you wanna go paddleboarding, kayaking, if you wanna put anything in the water here, I mean, in reality, you can also attach a couple of cleats to it, right, and just come up with a jet ski, or with a smaller boat, just to dock for a little bit. - [Rico] And then, we do have the jet ski docks here, which are just roll-on docks, so that's pretty convenient as well, keep them out of the water, just on float.

- And that's only one side of this incredible property. Then, there's this whole other side there. First, let's go meet Cameron, our realtor. (upbeat music) Cameron.

- Victoria. - We're here. - We are. - Did you see how fashionably we arrived? - Incredible.

- It's only way to arrive at this kind of property. - Absolutely. (chuckles) - So, Cameron, as a realtor, real estate agent, what's the preferred thing right now in the industry? - You know what, we always call ourselves realtors, or, you know, - Realtor. - Real estate agents, - [Rico] There you go.

- It's all the same, in my opinion. - Okay, so tell us about the house. - Yeah, so Sky's Estate actually boasts just over 14,000 square feet total, featuring six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, not to mention, it's actually controlled wirelessly anywhere throughout the world via a Savant, smart home system. Surveillance cameras all around the exterior, as well as the interior. So, at any given moment, whether you're in town or outta town, you can be watching your entire property.

Even when you're not here, you can light up the entire home from anywhere in the world. - I love that, just to mess with your neighbors. (Cameron laughs) Like, wait, they're home. - [Rico] Oh, you know, - Spotlight. - [Rico] You see something something on the camera, and you're like, "Okay, you know what?" - Whoa, whoa. (Cameron chuckles) - [Rico] Let's turn the lights on.

- Exactly, exactly. - How big is this lot? - Yeah, so it's just over half an acre, it's .57, actually. - It feels so much bigger. - It's a corner lot, and that definitely makes it feel significantly larger, you know, and, as you can see, you have tons of water frontage here, which is gonna be very important to most of the owners. - Speaking of that, we still have yet to go check out that 140-foot dock on the other side? - Oh, yeah.

You gotta go check that out, and don't forget the putting green on the side. - Awesome, so we'll see you at the end of the tour to check out the front yard together with us. - Beautiful, enjoy. I'll see you all in a few. - Thanks, Cameron. - [Rico] Thank you.

- Thank you. - Okay, let's go check out the 140-foot dock. How long does it take me to walk that? - [Rico] Yeah, so you don't really need to go to the gym on the stair master, you can just jog around your property. - I mean, (Rico laughs) did we talk about the pool and all of this? - [Rico] No, we have not. - When did we do that? - [Rico] We have not.

- Check this out. - [Rico] So, we have a resort-style pool, really beautiful, actually, the way it's curving around. I love the setup. You have the shallow area here, you got a hot tub built in right there. What's that? - Like a swim-up bar. - [Rico] It's a swim-up bar. - Love it.

I like how the owners painted these palm trees. I don't know what they did to it, but it looks pretty cool. Okay, let's go look at that dock. - [Rico] Oh, there's this camera, which I saw earlier.

So, it follows you when you walk. Keep, look, look, look, (Victoria gasps) Look, look. - Oh, weird! - So, we don't just have the safety glass here for the Intracoastal and the canal side, we also have it for the pool, and here, they kept it actually nicely low, to not interfere too much. It actually blends in really well.

- It's also really nice, if you have a really windy day, you have a lot of wind protection when you're in the pool. Cool hanging chairs right here. Oh, there's our little golfing spot he's talking about.

How cool is that? - [Rico] You want to check out how good you are, if you can do it or not? - I know almost nothing about golf. - [Rico] All right, give it a shot. Way too fast. - Oh. - [Rico] Oh, eeh, ay, yai, yai, yai.

- That was close. One more, one more. - [Rico] Okay, one more. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Oh! So close. - [Rico] Oh, almost.

- All right, let's go, we have a huge house to tour. - [Rico] Huge house to tour. So, one thing I wanted to point out, as you guys can see, all these little contraptions here on the floor, all over the place, are speakers, so the entire exterior is decked out with speakers and sound system. You can play some of your favorite music when you lounge at the pool or when you do some putting here at the putting green.

- So, we have al fresco dining right here. There's access to a really nice, ah, I'm not gonna give it away. - [Rico] Yeah, no. - No. - [Rico] Don't give it away. - You have to wait until we get to the interior. So, then we have our exterior living room.

- [Rico] Or, should we just call it the cockpit? (Rico laughs) - Yeah, I think this is our cockpit, or sundeck. - [Rico] This is our cockpit. - This chair keeps like pointing to you for you to sit down. - [Rico] I know, I should. - See, I'm going like this, and it just keeps coming back. - [Rico] And you know what? Okay, it's not just turning, it's also rocking.

- [Victoria] (gasps) No! - [Rico] Yes. - Oh, that's just wrong. - [Rico] I know, right? Outdoor TV. - Yeah. - [Rico] Extremely bright, you can watch your favorite sports during the day, bright sunlight, no problem. - Cameron said it's 85-inch. - [Rico] 85-inch, damn.

- And it is a really expensive piece of equipment, and it is staying with the house. - [Rico] Cool outdoor fireplace. - Speaking of the fireplace, check out those fireballs that are on right now. (upbeat music) - [Rico] We have two fans overhead, and then we have, what's that in the center there? You know. - [Victoria] Is it an AC unit? - [Rico] That's an air condition unit. - [Victoria] No! - [Rico] Exactly.

So, we have an air condition unit here, and, this entire space, we can... - The suspense is killing me, what? Oh. You are like in cahoots with Cameron, you already found out all the cool features while I was (Rico laughs) trying to figure the stuff out. - [Rico] So, you can screen in this space here. - Wow. - [Rico] Which still allows the wind to come through a little bit, but, once you turn the AC on, you put the screens down, it helps it keep the cool air in here, and you can actually sit outside, and it's very comfortable.

- I think it's time to go check out the interior. (soft upbeat music) 14,000-square-feet. Ready? - [Rico] Yes. - Let's do it. (soft upbeat music continues) Welcome to this super grand space. I mean, it's called the, what, the great room? - [Rico] The great room.

- I call it, "The super grand room." - [Rico] The super grand room? - 25-foot ceilings. - [Rico] Wow. - It is absolutely gorgeous. A little birdie told me there's some crazy chandelier that's actually coming into here. I like how they did it, it's very minimal here, but you can go as big as you want, there's so much space, so much room. - [Rico] Got a fireplace.

- Which way do we go? - [Rico] Um, this way. - This way. So, well, first of all, let's walk in into this office.

How about this editing space? - [Rico] I love the color choices. - It is beautiful. It is huge, as well. This is a massive desk. It doesn't even feel that big. You have an amazing view.

- [Rico] Right to the Intracoastal, the pool. - Wouldn't you like to work in here? - [Rico] I would. - Amazing. Where am I gonna leave my glasses, so I remember later? You guys, I'm leaving them - [Rico] In the office.

in the office, look, right here, just remind me when I'm trying to figure out where I left my glasses, because this house is giant. All right, let's keep going. Ta-da! (Rico chuckles) Double entrance, there's pocket doors right here. - [Rico] Yeah. - So, we have

a bit of storage right here. I am gonna really contain myself, and not open up everything, because it is huge. - [Rico] Let's go. (laughs) - Okay, fine. Starting with a really fun room, first. - [Rico] Oh, wow. Look at, - Don't look there first! - [Rico] That, I, okay, okay.

- Don't look there, I gotta show. - [Rico] Okay, okay, okay. - Check it out. There's another family room, so this is really a game room, so this is your entertainment space.

You've got a giant bar, this really nice sofa here with a huge, like, I don't know, what is this, 85-inch, probably? - [Rico] Looks like it, yeah. - You guys put it in the comments, I think it's 85-inch. I love the lighting. So, you can change all these lights to be a different color. - [Rico] That's right, so the whole house is a smart home.

We have two systems installed here with the touch pads in all the major rooms, so you can control your blinds, you can control your lights, you can control your air condition, your entertainment system. Should I keep going or? (laughs) - No, I think we're good. We got that.

So, we have a pool table here. We have a really nice bar. How cool is that? Again, with a huge TV. I don't think it's as big as that one, but also massive. We've got a wine fridge and a fridge right here. So, you kind of have everything for entertaining. - [Rico] And then, we do have

the accessibility to the deck. - You do have the al fresco dining space and you can just easily service it from here as well, and then, (chuckles) - [Rico] Wow. - An elephant in the room. - [Rico] Wow, wow. - Can we talk about this? I don't know, $150,000 contraption does not come with this house. The owner loves it so much. He's definitely taking it with him, but, come on, isn't that everyone's dream? - [Rico] I would love to try this out.

Really would love to. - I've seen it in action on, like, the conference. - [Rico] I think, - What do you call these? Like, tech shows? - [Rico] I think, actually, Supercar Blonde did an episode - Oh, really? - [Rico] About this as well. Yes. - Okay, maybe that's where

I've seen it. It looks insane, but yeah, to have this at your house, it is pretty amazing. - [Rico] Look it, look, look at this setup. Are you kidding me? - All right, focus on the house. - [Rico] All right, focus on the, - Back to the house. - [Rico] Back to the house.

- We've got something really, really cool coming up as well, which the whole family will enjoy. All right. - [Rico] Ah, ah, ah, ah. - Oh, wait, wait, wait, that's not it. What's this? (gasps) The gym, also a really important space. - [Rico] Proper gym with a rubberized floor.

- Yeah, so, of course, you can fill it in with any equipment you like. An amazing view from the gym, check this out. - [Rico] Big sliding doors. - That 140-foot dock comes handy here, and you can just stare at boats going by while you're working out, how amazing. - [Rico] And then, this is a big sliding door, I don't know if you, - (gasps) Oh, my God, you can open this up. - [Rico] Saw that.

You can open this completely up here. - So, in the winter, you can just nicely open it up, have a beautiful breeze while you're working out. Love it.

Meditation, whatever you wanna do. All right, let's go see that second fun room. (soft upbeat music) Well, first of all, kind of important, closet. (door thuds shut) We have a little powder room here. I like saying powder room, I never get a chance to say powder room.

A daybed, a powder room right here, really beautiful, love this countertop. That services, obviously, our fun room here, our game room, and then, check out this space here. - [Rico] Oh, wow. - Maybe that gives you an idea of what's to come. - Look at this, the whole room for servers, amplifiers, controls, all the brains for the surveillance system. - [Victoria] This is what makes Rico excited.

- And the smart home setup, pretty cool. I wanna have a server room - [Victoria] Okay, are ready - When I grow up. For this? - Yes, what have we got? - Come on in. - [Rico] No way. - What? - [Rico] Look at that - We have a theater room. - [Rico] So, we have sitting for 13, for the people who fall asleep watching a movie, this is very convenient, and very comfortable. (laughs)

- It's just so bright in here. Can we make it a little less bright? - [Rico] Sure. So, we have this whole control system here, where we can completely change the color to red, - Ooh. - [Rico] For example. - Wow, that looks cool. Like, go blue, go blue.

- [Rico] There we go, I went blue. (Victoria sighs) That is pretty cool. What do you think? - Do we really have to see the rest of the house? Can you just go, - [Rico] Do you wanna watch a movie? - Go do it, and I'll meet you in the owner's suite, because that's definitely really worth seeing, but, for now, I can just watch whatever this is.

- [Rico] All right, let me make it a little brighter again, so we can see something. Also, the headrests are adjustable as well. I don't know if you noticed that. - Oh, my God, this is Heaven. All right, well, I guess we should go. - [Rico] Let's check out the rest of the house.

- Okay, let's do it. Put it in the comments, would you guys want to have a whole movie theater at your house? Is this a dream item or is it like, "Hmm, who needs that? "I'd rather go to the movies." - [Rico] Did we mention this extremely high-end projector? - So, this could go with the house, for the right price, or if not, I think the owner loves it a lot, so (Rico laughs) he might take it with him, but it is a really expensive item.

I think I would pay the money to keep it. Okay, let's go. (soft upbeat music) We are back to our center of the house. Can we talk about this? Perfectly positioned, right at center, to where both of these docks come together, right? Right on that corner (clicks tongue) point. - [Rico] Yep. - So, the house was built with that in mind, so it has this beautiful vantage point.

- [Rico] Yeah, it's actually perfectly aligned. - So, we have informal dining here, set for eight. Everything is just nice and open.

- [Rico] 10. - (gasps) I said for, (laughs) I can't count today, apparently. And then, we have our little foyer here and our family room, because, you know, in case you wanna hang out closer to the kitchen, I think this is when you're entertaining, you spend a lot of time with your friends and stuff. I don't know how big this TV is, but it's also gotta be like 85-inches or something, right? - [Rico] Easy, yeah, yeah.

- You just walked by something super important. - [Rico] Oh, what do we got there? - It's an elevator. Yes, this home does have an elevator, which I know, for a lot of you, is a must have when you have such a beautiful, huge house.

- [Rico] So, when you're done with the movie marathon you did in the movie theater, - Yeah. - [Rico] And you can't walk up the stairs anymore, (Victoria laughs) you got an elevator. Fantastic. - All right, I'm gonna go check out the galley. - [Rico] Okay, let me go and check out the galley, too, - Oh, where did you go? - [Rico] But I'm gonna take a different approach to it. We have this saloon door here.

- So, this is like a butler's pantry here. - [Rico] It's actually a walkthrough pantry. - Ah. - [Rico] Where you have direct access from the kitchen to the dining table. - Well, this is really cool. I mean, this is like a stew's pantry that you'll have on the super yacht.

- [Rico] Exactly. - Which is, you definitely wanna have here, as well, great for service. There is a little drink fridge here, very nice, you can set this up any way you want. Not gonna open anything, you guys, there is just so much storage, it is crazy, it would take us all day. Okay, then we're coming into our galley, I mean, kitchen.

It feels almost naughty saying kitchen. (Rico laughs) Okay, we have a huge, huge fridge, freezer. Woo. - [Rico] Both Sub-Zero. - Wow. All of that is storage, I would definitely need a little step stool to get up there.

We have tons of drawers here, open one up just to see how deep it is. Oh, look, a nice professional oven. Every chef would be very happy with this, and then, we have our microwave oven, the sink, all of that is storage. Oh, wow. - [Rico] Six. - Six burner cooked-up gas,

and a grill in the middle. Look what they have here. - [Rico] A Pot filler, yeah, - I know, you love these. - [Rico] Love these pot fillers. - Proper hood. - [Rico] And then,

you still have your ovens underneath the range. - I was just gonna say, this is kind of a small sink for the size of the kitchen, and I realized that you have this huge one right here. - [Rico] That's correct, and then, - Wow. - [Rico] Can we talk about the size of this island, please? - Talk about it? (laughs) What's there to say, it's huge. - [Rico] I think it's the largest island I've seen so far. - Yeah, like, if you make a drink, you're gonna go (whistles).

- [Rico] Yep. - Right? There's no way to pass it. Really nicely done, and I like how it's completely open.

I mean, anywhere in the house you are, you have this incredible view everywhere. There's not a single room so far that we've seen that you don't have these incredible water views, which is what you want from a waterfront home. - [Rico] So, for me, like, I personally like to cook, for example, I would have my prep space right here, next to the sink. You know you have the water views at all times. - Why wouldn't you say, "We like to cook"? I like to cook, too.

- [Rico] We like to cook, I cook. - Because you push me out of the kitchen. (Rico laughs) - All right, let's keep going. - [Rico] So, from all this cooking, if you kinda get tired, and wanna read a book, there's a perfect nook for this here, with a little lounger. - [Victoria] Wow. - [Rico] All right.

- Then, what's this? (gasps) This is a pantry. - [Rico] If you haven't been pantried out yet, there is more storage space. - Oh, my God. - [Rico] Right here.

(soft upbeat music) Stop, stop, stop, okay, keep moving. We have a lot more to see. - Fine. (soft upbeat music continues) - [Rico] We're walking by our second staircase, which we're gonna check out in a moment. - I want to keep saying starboard, but...

- [Rico] Okay. - What is this? Which way are we walking? - [Rico] The port wing, I mean, depending on which way you came into the house. - Yeah, that's true. - [Rico] So, if you come through the front entrance, this is the starboard side of the house. - That's true. This is confusing. All right, so, we've got another powder room here, have a toilet here, how, - [Rico] Beautifully.

- Yeah, I love this add, it's really, really nice. - [Rico] Back-lit. - How cute is that? - [Rico] Bedazzled. - What's this, Storage? Probably. - [Rico] We're not opening storages.

- Okay, fine. (door thuds shut) And then, we keep going, okay, I might get lost, eventually. Is this all really storage? This is insane. Yes, all storage. (Rico chuckles) So, this is our first bedroom. This is the only bedroom on the main deck.

- [Rico] The main deck. - Yes, on the main deck, on the main floor, and it has a beautiful view, and it comes with its own dedicated exterior terrace. - [Rico] And it has an outdoor shower. - (gasps) No! - [Rico] Yes. - We gotta go see. - [Rico] What? - (gasps) No way! Oh, this would be my guest room, if I was a guest here.

- Do you think it's working? - No! (Rico laughs) Actually, it would feel really, really good right now, like, really, really cold water, but how cool is this space? - [Rico] Beautiful, really. - Take your cup of coffee, come out here in the morning, love it. Okay. Of course, we have a walk-in closet, I'm not gonna expect anything but a walk-in out of this incredible house. So, big walk-in closet. I mean, in my book, it's big, I don't know in the grand scheme of these kind of houses, not sure, but wow, look how tall the ceilings are, and we have three-person shower? - [Rico] Yeah. - Okay, and, I guess,

for a megamansion, it's just a proper-sized shower. Ready? - [Rico] Yes. - Keep going. - [Rico] And then, of course, all blinds are electric, again. - This seems like there should be a piece of art hanging right here.

- [Rico] That's right. - Set for it. - [Rico] All sitting. - Storage. - [Rico] Storage. (door closes softly) One of the garages. - Okay, so that's one garage, two car garage. It could be easily turned into a four car garage.

- [Rico] That's right. - We will demonstrate that in the second. That's our front yard. - [Rico] Correct. Access to the front yard, which we're gonna cover in the end of the tour.

- Who needs the front yard? The front yard shouldn't be that, that should be the backyard. When you live a boating lifestyle, that should be the front yard. (door beeps) Check this out. - [Rico] Garage number two, and here are the lifts installed, actually, so this makes this a four car garage. - Every time I see these, I know they use every day, it just freaks me out.

- I feel like- - [Rico] You just drive on it, it stops you automatically when you get into this rail. - But when it goes up is what freaks me out. - [Rico] Well, you get out of the car, you just put it up. - Well, obviously you get out of the car. (Rico laughs) Okay, so, this is our first laundry. This is our main back laundry.

This is basically what we're gonna have, just the other way around. - [Rico] That's right. - Right? So, you have your laundry here, that's servicing this floor, and then, we're gonna go all the way back to our grand staircase. I'm gonna go up.

- [Rico] And then, look at the steps as you go up, (Victoria gasps) they start lighting up. - No way! - [Rico] Yes. - Look, it knows that I'm here. - [Rico] How cool is that? - Oh, that's beautiful. - [Rico] Okay. - Okay.

- [Rico] Let's go up. (soft upbeat music) - Welcome to the second floor. - [Rico] So, we have a secondary family area here. - Which is, on a super yacht, it would be below deck. Would be your guest deck. - [Rico] Yeah. - It's kind of reversed in the house, right? - [Rico] Okay, let's go and check out the starboard side of the house.

Hey, hang on, look at this. This is kind of cool. - I love the chandelier.

So, we have another bedroom on this side, also with a beautiful view. We have windows here, and look at this. Oh, we gotta go check this out. - [Rico] You have your own private balcony. - Wow.

Well, I mean, it's private-ish. because you also share it with, I don't know, like a... - [Rico] Family room area, the upper salon. - The upper, (laughs) - [Rico] I'm gonna call it - The upper salon. - [Rico] The upper salon. Hey, it matches.

- [Rico] Yes. - Gorgeous space, wow. - [Rico] The view is incredible. This will never get old. - [Rico] No. - I absolutely love it. - [Rico] You know, Intracoastal is really wide here, - Yeah. - [Rico] So, you have

really nice water views, not just a small channel, like, you know, from the side, you actually can see way further. - Just wait until you see the owner's suite, the primary is off the chart. We have a walk-in closet here, as well, a little bit smaller than the other room, and then, here is a really nice bathroom, wow. So, we have a separate toilet, really big countertop space here, four-person shower. (Rico laughs) Wow.

- [Rico] It is a very large shower, for sure. - I just can't believe how tall everything is. It just feels so big.

- [Rico] Nice and airy, and then, - Yes. - [Rico] What about the soaker top here? Look. - Soaker? - [Rico] Soaker. - No. Soaking. - [Rico] Soaking. - Not a soaker.

- [Rico] Are you sure? - I'm pretty... (laughs) - [Rico] I think you can call it soaker tub. - You can't call it soaker. - [Rico] Yes. Yeah, I think Enes always says soaker tub. - Like, soccer? - [Rico] No, no. - Like, to play soccer?

- [Rico] Soaker. - He does not, stop it. - [Rico] People, please comment on this. Is this soaker tub or a soaking tub? - We gotta speed it up.

- [Rico] All right, let's speed it. - There's a lot more to see. Okay, so back to our upper salon, we're gonna call it that, because I think it's the most appropriate. Check this out, you even have a nice little Juliet balcony here.

- [Rico] To the front yard. - So, in case you wanna spy on your neighbors, that would be the spot. - [Rico] Yep. - Right?

So, here, we also have a drink fridge and a sink. - [Rico] Mm-hmm. - So, if you wanna entertain here, you have a little bar, and that's our doors that we saw, and then, we're coming into our princess room. Wow. - [Rico] Oh, no way. I would call it the unicorn room. - Look at this! Wow. - [Rico] Is this all painted?

- Yes, this definitely looks like it was commissioned by an artist, - [Rico] Wow. - And it beautiful. This is probably one of the coolest ceiling fans I've ever seen. - [Rico] I 100% agree, this looks so cool. Never seen this before.

- If we ever ended up on land, I wanna have one of these fans. - [Rico] Ceiling fan like this? - Yes. - [Rico] Oh, there's a second one like this right here. - I love it. - [Rico] Look at this room.

- This room is amazing. Okay, wait, so, - [Rico] Really cool. - Gotta do some lights. Walk-in closet for the princess, princess in training, right? Or, queen in training, shall I say? And then, oh, it's all automatic lights. Nice touch.

You know what? Automatic lights for kids' room is a smart idea, - [Rico] Mm-hmm. - Because kids always forget to turn it off. Wow, it's even a bigger shower.

I don't even know, it's a huge shower. (Rico laughs) I mean, of course, if you don't have kids, you can turn this into a very, very nice guest room. - [Rico] Mm-hmm. - Which, actually, could have

almost its own, like, office attached to it, or some kind of extra space. Almost like an in-law suite. - [Rico] Yeah. - It's really, really nice. - [Rico] Check this out, there's a slide on the bed. - I was gonna say, you wanna try it, and then I realized that's not gonna end well.

- [Rico] It's probably not rated for my weight. - (laughs) Not rated for your weight. - [Rico] Look at this balcony here. - So, like I said, right, like a cool in-law suite, it's almost like a separate wing, 'cause right there, if you just do a little sneak peek, you've got the primary, the owner suite has its own separate balcony.

- [Rico] I love this one has a fireplace built-in. - So, you can come out here and be like, "Hello!" (laughs) - [Rico] But also, oh, there's a secondary door there. - Secondary door, yeah. It's a really beautiful, beautiful terrace. - [Rico] So, it's not really a balcony, it's a terrace, right? - Terrace. - [Rico] It's a covered terrace.

- Yeah, with a fan, as well. - [Rico] With the fan, exactly. It is gorgeous. I mean look, the resort-style pool, it's obviously beautiful.

The views are amazing, the palm trees just fantastic. - How many more bedrooms do we have? - [Rico] I am not sure, but let's keep going. - I have lost count. So, we saw one, two, three.

- [Rico] This is number four, here? - I think so. - [Rico] I lost count. - So, then, this must be a closet. - [Rico] And you can always sleep in the movie theater. - So, this is our elevator, where it drops us off, and then you have that secondary access there to the terrace. Then, we have another bedroom here, another room, however you wanna use this.

Maybe, this is a secondary office for someone, you know, like Rico, who loves offices, but it's never in the offices. - [Rico] What? - He just likes the idea of having an office, but is never in it, but it also could be like a crafts room or kids' playroom, even though there was a huge kids playroom, but I'm just saying, like, any idea you wanna put in here, this is your space. - [Rico] Comes with an en suite. - Yes, you have a walk-in closet here.

Wow, super nice, an easy three, four-person shower. Shower out. (Rico laughs) (Victoria laughs) - [Rico] It's like an echo in here.

(soft upbeat music) - And we are on our, what, we learned this word, what is it called? - [Rico] Catwalk. - Catwalk. - [Rico] We are back in the great room/entrance area. - And you could see from here how tall this is, unbelievable.

- [Rico] And this view, I mean, I would not get tired of that view, to be honest. - Which side would you stand to greet your guests? I know you already have this weird idea of how you wanna greet people. Like, right here, or the other side? - [Rico] No, no, I would have a door buzzer. - Mm-hmm. - [Rico] You know? - Yeah. - So, when somebody comes, I would just be up here, very casually, leisurely, like, leaning against this here, - [Victoria] And then, - And, just be like.

- [Victoria] Oh, I thought you were just gonna wait until they walk in, and they don't know where you are, and you go, "Hey!" (laughs) - [Rico] Get, like, a super soaker, and just (mimics water splashing) - Yeah. (laughs) - [Rico] All right. - Stop. - [Rico] Keep going. - Okay, you guys ready to see the owner's suite? It is really sweet, but before we do, make sure you hit that like button, subscribe, write us a couple of comments. You guys know we don't charge anything for any of our yacht tours, so we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd take a second and do that. That is the biggest help you can give our channel to keep going, and, of course, you can join us in the Patreon. - [Rico] Cool. - Let's do it.

Did you hit the like button? Okay, good. Now, we can do it. Have nice double doors here. - [Rico] It's a teaser to the owner's suite. - Yes, so we have our own little living room, that if you're just totally tired, sick and tired of your family, - [Rico] Another, - You just close your doors. - [Rico] Another flat-screen, another fireplace.

- Yes, and you can just have really nice relaxing wine, you put your kids to bed, and you just wanna have a glass of wine with your husband or with your wife. - [Rico] Watch NautiStyles on the YouTube channel. - This is a NautiStyles room. (Rico laughs) Okay, then, oh, wait, this opens up to this terrace. - [Rico] So, actually, there is a door right there, which opens up to right here, and also in the primary. - Do we do it now? Let's do it now. - [Rico] Okay.

- Okay, come on out. As I mentioned, you can just go wave at your friends that are staying on the other side, and then, we have this balcony that almost, like, wraps around right here, so you have three different ways to enter it, which is pretty cool. - [Rico] Correct. Got a drop down TV from the ceiling right there. - Oh, wow. - [Rico] So, if you wanna sit

out here and watch NautiStyles, you can do that, too. - This house is perfect for watching NautiStyles in every room. - [Rico] How about the water views? Isn't that a cool spot to just literally hang out and watch the boats go by? Like I said, it's the Intracoastal, so you have a lot of boats going by. - A lot of action. This area is, you can go faster, so it's pretty cool to see, it's just boats speeding by. - [Rico] Back into the owner's suite.

- Air-conditioned. Really nice air condition. I love the shape of this ceiling, it is so cool. They really played with shapes, you know, like, the bookshelves are matching - [Rico] Yeah. - The ceiling. Okay, ready? - [Rico] Ready.

- Ta-da! - [Rico] Wow. That is a proper owner suite. - What about these windows? Okay, look. - [Rico] I'm not at the windows, yet. - Pretend that you're waking up there.

- [Rico] Yep. - And check out your view, sunrises should be just right there. - [Rico] Sunrise should be somewhere over there, or there, depending on the time of the year. - Somewhere here. So, this is pretty beautiful when you wake up, you just wake up with the sun, and then you still have an opportunity to watch the sunset. On the other side, - [Rico] Yep.

- See you in a moment. - [Rico] Speaking of being right on the Intracoastal, how cool is this? We just actually have a pretty good sized boat going by. This is what your everyday will look like, you just look at super yachts going by. - You don't even need binoculars. - [Rico] Nope. - It's just incredible.

- [Rico] This is actually an Ocean Alexander 112. - Front row. Okay. - [Rico] Yeah, really cool. Oh, we have another balcony here. - Come on out. - [Rico] Completely separate balcony, actually.

- So, you actually can see all the way there. You really have options, you know? Sunset's gonna be somewhere there, so all this beautiful pink sky is gonna be lit up. - [Rico] Amazing. - Love it. Okay. (soft upbeat music) The second best part, the chandelier is pretty cool, as well, the second best part is gonna be on this side. Rico, this is gonna be your space.

- [Rico] That's my side? - All of this is your space. - [Rico] Oh, okay. - So, we have a gigantic walk-in closet. Oh, the lights just came on, hello.

- [Rico] Just automatically. - You would not be able to fill this, ever. - [Rico] Is that a fridge? - Where? - [Rico] There.

- What? No, it's an ironing system. (Victoria gasps) - [Rico] Oh! - Wow, this is so cool. I've never seen one in person, only in, like, YouTube videos. This is amazing.

- [Rico] I've not seen one yet. - So cool. Little Juliet balcony here, a dual vanity, I don't know why you would need a dual vanity all by yourself.

A urinal. - [Rico] Mm-hmm. - That's unique, we've never seen that before in a private house.

And then, we go in through our Jack and Jill. - [Rico] So, we got a rain shower head overhead, - Yes. - [Rico] And then, each has their own side. - I love it. - [Rico] To shower parallel.

- Probably a six-person shower, if not eight, size-wise. - [Rico] Big bench. - Yes, and then, of course, we have our bidet, here, toilet, and welcome to my space. We have a soaking tub. I only have a one vanity for some reason.

I don't know why you have two. And then, - [Rico] 'Cause you have more storage space for makeup, - Huge countertop. - [Rico] And perfumes, and... - Really nice, and then, ready? - [Rico] Ready. (Victoria squeals quietly) - Welcome to my dream closet. - [Rico] Wow. - Okay, there's some

really cool things here. What do you think this is for? - [Rico] Handbags? - Jewelry. It's definitely jewelry. - [Rico] I think it's handbags. - Jewelry. - [Rico] Handbags.

(Rico laughs) - Jewelry. Wait, ready? - [Rico] Yep. - Oh! - [Rico] Oh, check that, oh, wow, it's the whole back wall that's actually lighting up. - This is for your shoes and handbags. - [Rico] This is really cool.

- And then, we have all of this space. Oh, ladies, I know you want me to open things. - [Rico] Wow. - I mean, come on, and then wait, wait, wait, right here, here, look, look, look, look. - [Rico] Hampers. - Laundry hamper.

All of this is jewelry. - [Rico] Look at this, so all the jewelry, wow. - Why are you getting so excited> You don't wear jewelry, except for a couple of watches. - I wanna walk-in closet like this, I would have a- - Oh, really? - [Rico] A humidor in there, and cigars, and you even have your own balcony off the walk-in closet, who has that? - You have a little balcony, you can have your own cigar thing there. - [Rico] Amazing.

- Let me turn this off. - [Rico] Yep. - Let's go find Cameron, and go check out the front yard, because as much as, you know, we would probably have a ride by car, if we lived in this house, you still need to have an option. - [Rico] Another thing, which I forgot to mention, because I was so excited walking through the house, this house is equipped with speakers everywhere, and the cool thing is, most of them you don't see at all, because they're hidden in ceiling panels, but that well that you cannot tell where the speakers are, unless you look at the diagram which the integrator actually created for the house.

- Coming down our grand staircase, going down. - [Rico] Which also lights up as you're going down, as you guys can see. (soft upbeat music) - Okay, he must be outside already.

Cameron, I'm sorry it took us so long. It's a giant house. - [Rico] It's a big house. - It takes a little while, but it's worth it. - We said like, "Cameron, we'll be, like, 20 minutes, "we'll see you outside." (Cameron laughs) How long you be standing out here? - You know, it feels like a couple hours later.

- I'm sorry! (all laughing) So, this is our front yard. - This is the front yard, so... - To us, as boaters, it's kind of a little bit of an interest. - Oh, yeah.

- [Rico] Let me get the other perspective, - Yes, yes. - [Rico] So we actually have the house behind. - Yeah, you gotta get the whole perspective.

- [Rico] Yeah. - Yes, but I understand that you will come by car quite a bit. - Absolutely. - So, tell us, what's going on here? You said there's a little project coming out? - Yeah, so we actually have a little project that we're working on, so right behind you, we're actually going to have a wall installed.

So, there's gonna be a wall going from end-to-end, and then two gates. - Nice. - So, it gives you just a little bit more, you know, privacy. - [Rico] Makes sense, you can keep the cars here.

Nobody really needs to see the cars. - Yeah, yeah, sometimes, you gotta hide the exotics. - [Rico] Yeah. - So, we have a front entrance, and, oh, there's like a little side gate there. - Yeah, so there's a gate on the side, we actually have a gate on each side.

- Okay. - And then, also, there's two, two door garages. - [Victoria] Which we saw already on the interior, - [Rico] That's right. - Which could be an eight car garage.

- Absolutely, and, once again, tons of surveillance on the front. - Well, there you guys have it. I hope you enjoyed this tour.

Cameron, thank you for having us. - Absolutely, appreciate you coming. - Please have us again. - Thank you so much.

Rico, thank you. - [Rico] Appreciate it. - You guys, make sure you hit that Like button, subscribe, and do the share, and, you know, all the good stuff. - All of that good stuff. - Yes. - [Rico] And, if you guys are interested in this property, it is for sale, all the information will be in the description below. - Absolutely, give us a call.

- See you in the next one. Ciao! (Cameron laughs) (Rico laughs) (tone beeps) (clapperboard claps) - Yeah, and over on the side, we actually have a four-door garage. (Cameron laughing) (Victoria laughs) - [Rico] And that's it. We got two, two door garage, actually, no?

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