Touring a Dubai PRESIDENTIAL Penthouse with Insane Views of PALM JUMEIRAH!

Touring a Dubai PRESIDENTIAL Penthouse with Insane Views of PALM JUMEIRAH!

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(mellow music) - Welcome to the presidential penthouse here at Serenia Residences on Palm Jumeirah. We spent the last 12 days enjoying this place, and our time here has been nothing short of spectacular. The views, level of luxury and comfort this unit provides is unparalleled and I can't wait to show you around. (upbeat music) Okay, this is really good. Off to a great start.

(upbeat music) - [Sandra] Honestly, it's kind of crazy how it looks in the daytime versus the night. (upbeat music) - This is one of the best views I've seen in Dubai, period. (upbeat music) Welcome to the Presidential Penthouse West. We spent the last 12 days in this unit and it has been incredible. We have used every single room, every single area of this penthouse. You get some of the most breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah.

It has been great. What do you think, Cody? - It has been great. And after the past 12 days living here, essentially it feels like we're doing a tour of our own place now. - Without a doubt.

It's gonna be more of a review because I wanna talk about our experience using some of these spaces. Now first, let's go check out the formal living room area. Beautiful U-shaped couch, furnished so nicely with all the accessories, details, the console. But again, every single room gets these breathtaking views. We have marble on the floors, the entire penthouse is designed and furnished in a really minimalist way. Some built-in shelving here, small informal dining area, but I can't contain myself.

I wanna take everybody this way so we can take a look at these breathtaking views. So the Serenia Residences consists of three buildings. We are on the west building. We get the views of the entire palm from the ninth floor.

You can see Royal Atlantis, The Atlantis Resort, Crest of the Palm, these fronds, blue water. It's so peaceful, it's so relaxing. I can't believe that these are the views that we get to enjoy every single day, almost from every corner of this penthouse.

- [Cody] It's crazy that all of this is completely manmade and the water is so clear, it's a dream. - Cody, you've been traveling with us a lot now, and this is your first time in Dubai. How has it been so far for you? - [Cody] It's been really amazing.

I mean, Alpago is a fantastic group to work with and they have set us up. When it comes to the places that we've shot and the dinners that we've had, everything combined, this is just like a perfect trip. - Dream come true. Dream come true. - I pinch myself every single day. The moment you walk out to this balcony, which we're about to take you guys in a second, it's hard to take it in. The views, the people that we get to work with, the properties that we get to tour, it's been amazing, and I feel so fortunate, myself and our team, that this is what we get to do for a living and it's been just incredible.

All right, now behind me is the family room and this is where we spent a lot of our time. But before I talk about this space, I wanna cover the specs of this penthouse. So we have 15,127 square feet of built up area, 7,800 square feet of outdoor terrace, four bedroom suites including the primary bedroom listed by our dear friend Babak Jafari, with B1 Properties. And this unit is actually one of Alpago Properties' assets. They did not develop or build this penthouse, but they actually own it and now they're listing it with B1 Properties.

And they were so kind enough to give us this penthouse during our stay here in Dubai while we're shooting these other properties, and it has been incredible. This is our living room. We have two sectional couches, coffee tables, chairs, light fixtures above, and I also really like how the ceiling is a single flat plane. That way the space or this great room feels very minimalist and all you wanna do is to enjoy these views. In fact, lemme take everybody outside because this front facing balcony is my favorite outdoor space. Cody, you know exactly where I'm taking everyone.

I want all of our viewers to feel what we feel every single morning as we grab our espresso and come right here. Look at this view. Our elevation, Dubai skyline to our left, Crest of the Palm to our right. Isn't this incredible? All this is manmade.

- [Cody] It's absolutely incredible. I remember the first time we came out here, the night that we first arrived. - Oh, wow. - Crazy. - This is one of the best views I've seen in Dubai, period. - [Cody] It's one thing seeing it in photos, but seeing it in person is another.

- It's a totally different experience, right? - Totally different. - And the scale of the developments here, I mean, look at Royal Atlantis. We drive by it every single day, and I feel like every time you see it, Cody, you're like, you still cannot fathom. - [Cody] It's like seeing it for the first time. It's huge. - It is huge. And something about the way Palm feels, it's actually very quiet, very peaceful, having the water, the sound of the water so close to you every single day.

I get why people like to live on the Palm and this penthouse represents the lifestyle Palm offers in the best way possible. We've been loving it. That's all I got. - [Cody] A hundred percent. - Now down below you can actually see the amenities of this complex, which I'll talk about later, but for now, let's go right back in so we can continue our tour.

Now another thing I wanna mention, I wanna be really honest and straightforward with our viewers. I've been suffering some back pain over the last few days, that's why my walk might be a little bit funny. So I wanna give everybody a heads up.

I am too excited and too pumped to not do this tour. That's why I'm just pushing it through, but I'm really, really excited. All right, follow me this way. Next space we're gonna cover is the formal dining room. Beautiful marble table, seating for 12, pendant lights above.

And this is where we spent the most amount of time in this penthouse. Our breakfast, lunches, dinners, this is where we all get together and we have so many good memories here. On top of that, we have two lovely maids. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ - And they made our experienced that much more special. On top of that, we have Ozan with us who is a representative from Alpago Properties. He's helping us with the logistics of our shoot.

You guys gotta understand it's seven of us, we're shooting expensive assets that are cars, people involved, so it takes a lot to coordinate all that, and Ozan made that experience so seamless for us. And just sitting down here enjoying the meals with our team, it has been great, I'm gonna miss these memories. - [Cody] I'm gonna miss it too. Just every morning at 8:15 we're sitting down, we're having a great breakfast, we come home after a shoot and we have the food ready for us. It's just made life so simple and just like little things go a really long way.

- Without a doubt. And I think this is why I was really excited for this tour because we got a chance to live in it, and experience it, and it's a beautiful penthouse. So I wanted everybody to get a glimpse of that experience or get a chance to spend time with us.

Now welcome to the show kitchen. I say that because we actually have a chef's kitchen behind this wall. Beautiful marble work throughout, all book-matched, bar seating, and we have some cabinetry here, wine fridge.

And I really appreciate the fact that they book-matched this marble slab here. It's just a really nice backdrop for your dining area. And going around, we have a fridge and a freezer here just so you can service the great room very easily.

Now before we cover the chef's kitchen, I actually wanna bring everybody to this side. This is where we have the powder bathroom. Marble on the floors, marble on the walls.

We have a back lit mirror here that runs all the way to the ceiling and a really cool modern pedestal sink. Now on the other side we have the separate water closet. Same stone is also brought in here, you have an additional vanity. Really, really nice powder bathroom for the great room area. Now let's leave this bathroom so we can check out the chef's kitchen, and come on in.

We have our team here enjoying this space. We actually didn't tell them that we're gonna walk in, so now they're part of the tour. Obviously during our shoots, all of our teams stays with us, so they just end up hiding in some of these rooms. In this case, we were using the chef's kitchen as our headquarters, that's why Luis is organizing the footage and Sandra's sitting down there contemplating on some ideas. - That is very true.

- [Luis] Hi vlog. - There you go, you heard it from them. But getting inside, this is a great chef's kitchen. We have an island right in the center, ton of cabinetry space, uppers. Even from the chef's kitchen, you get phenomenal views, and yeah, this is your main kitchen. Now follow me this way. Back to the hallway.

We covered the powder bathroom. There's a secondary entry right here. And look at the length of this hallway. This is where we have all four guest suites, including the primary bedroom, which is at the end, skylights above bringing natural light. We have the laundry room here, staff quarters on this side, and now let's go check out the first guest suite.

All these bedrooms are actually very, very spacious. They all have king size beds, they all have different design patterns. I actually really like the stone backdrop here, bedside tables, all these tall windows facing the back of this property. This is fantastic. And lemme show everyone the bathroom. Now it starts here.

Off of this entry we have the closet space, which is actually very spacious. And then going in just, as expected, we have marble throughout this entire bathroom. Beautiful fabricated vanity, hidden drain, medicine cabinets, and of course, walk-in shower where you can seamlessly walk in. Rain head above, handheld, beautiful toiletries, really nice bathroom. Now let's go back to the hallway so we can check out the guest suite number two.

And again, I'm gonna miss these memories. - [Cody] I am too. - Yeah, it has been so great staying here. And the guest suite number two is where actually Cody stays, so I'm sure he will talk about it in a second.

Same long hallway. Another king size bed. This one actually has a little desk area. In fact, Cody, I'm just gonna grab the camera from you. - Oh yeah? Oh yeah. - All right. We are doing this.

All right, I'm gonna bring out my inner Enes. This is the bedroom that me, Luis and Diego... Diego's a videographer we brought in from Dubai to help us. This is where we stayed.

We actually had a single bed on this wall and we pushed this whole bed over. But even with three people in this room, we were pretty comfortable. I mean the sun rises from this window. Beautiful. We had a desk here. We have some outlets. So this was charging, this was offloading. We did a lot in this bedroom too.

All right, I'm gonna take this back. We gotta go to the bathroom. - [Enes] Okay, but you guys really enjoyed this space.

- [Cody] It was great. - And I know there was a little bit of a a discussion on the temperature of the room because... - [Cody] That is true. - I think you like it really cold, right? - [Cody] I do like it cold. - Well, I'm glad you guys enjoyed your time.

Let's check out the bathroom. Pretty much the same finishes. Marble throughout, vanity, again, you have your medicine cabinet. Really nice bathrooms, right? - [Cody] They are.

And I will say we got lucky 'cause this is the biggest of the three. - Oh, I did not know that. - [Cody] Uh-huh. - But I actually really like the material selection here.

The marble and these rose gold fixtures complement each other really well and definitely good sized walk-in showers too. - [Cody] The showers were amazing. - All right, let's continue. Now before we check out the third guest suite, I actually wanna take everybody to this lounge area. They call this space the pajama lounge.

Essentially it's a small seating area right before your bedroom, and since we have all the bedroom suites here, it's a nice convenient space. Definitely great size, furnished beautifully. We have the TV here, fireplace, some built-ins, but we gotta walk outside one more time because the outdoor spaces of this penthouse is something else. Look at this. That's where we have the formal living room. This entire terrace connects all the way to the other side of the penthouse.

So the length here is absolutely insane. We have another outdoor seating area here, outdoor dining area. This is why this penthouse is so special. The fact that you can enjoy the outdoors pretty much throughout the entire unit, it's crazy.

- [Cody] It's really amazing and we spent a lot of time out here. - Without a doubt. All right, Cody, let's go back in so we can show this space to everyone one more time. There's actually a really, really nice coffee station that's on the back.

And let me tell you, this coffee machine has been working. In case you're wondering how we pull off these long hours and shoots back to back, lot of coffee. - [Cody] Lot of coffee. - And they have a beautiful station here. All right, now next, guest suite number three. I'm actually gonna keep this one short because the layout is pretty much the same as the other guest suites.

Sandra and Natalia have been staying here and it's another spacious bedroom suite. Warm textures, tall windows. That's pretty much it. You know these guest suites have been great. Now, to our right we have the closet space, full bathroom on this side, same finishes, another walk-in shower.

And that's pretty much it for the guest suite number three. Now let's go back to the hallway so we can check out the primary bedroom suite, which is behind these doors. Now welcome to the primary bedroom suite. Off of this entry entry we have this lobby area that connects to the bedroom, walk-in closet, and to my right, we have the primary bathroom, and this is the space that we're gonna check out first. It's all marble throughout, beautifully book-matched.

We have the long vanity here with two sinks, bronze fixtures, your elongated mirror, beautiful toiletries. So a really nice frame. And this is the vanity that I've been using the last 12 days. Now in the center of this bathroom we have a massive free-standing tub. Cody ask me how many times I've used it... - [Cody] How many times you used it? - Never. Damn.

- One day we'll get there. But it has been great spending time here in Dubai. Now get close. The walk-in shower though has been great.

Massive rain head above, beautiful fixtures. I even have some AXOR body sprays and I really like the fact that this bathroom is really minimalist. They brought in the same marble into the walk-in shower, beautiful toiletries. And on the other side we have a separate water closet, so this section is all glass enclosed.

- [Cody] Now how has it been for you actually over the past 12 days using this bathroom? - It has been great. I mean it's a lovely space. You can't beat the natural stone.

Maids clean it up every single day. How do I complain about a space like this? And gets better. It actually has its own terrace as well.

We have the deck space here, hot tub, and this spacious balcony where you can enjoy these views. Now, it is nice that primary bedroom gets a little hot tub area here. Well, let's not forget, we're in a really, really nice complex and they have some incredible amenities and it's only few steps away. Stunning architecture is a pillar of Dubai, and the Serenia Residences are no exception. Designed by WSW Architects with striking cantilevered balconies and walls of glass, the three buildings are strategically positioned so every unit takes the advantage of the incredible views over Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Gulf. The development also features the largest private outdoor infinity pool on the Palm, which is over 50 meters long, and it includes an additional lap pool off the gym, a private beach with free paddle boards and kayaks, a recreation center with a game room, and kitchen, a zen garden, sports court, and a full-time security and staff.

The amenities within the Serenia Residences put a cherry on top of our entire trip and coupled with the incredible views, this is a stay we will never forget. (mellow music) Now that's pretty much it for the primary bathroom. Next space we're gonna see is the primary closet. This room is very spacious, ton of cabinetry, and normally on these tours or at the properties that we stay, we always pack our outfits and clothes, that way when we are touring it is all pristine and safe. But on this tour, Cody insisted that I keep my clothes in the closets that way, I guess, we can talk about some of the stuff that I wear or some of the stuff I travel with.

- [Cody] Yeah, it'd be good to give everybody some context, just the amount of clothes that you bring for a 12 day shoot like this. - Well, you gotta keep in mind I go through so many shoots, so many meetings, so many dinners. We pack our schedule as you know, there's never a waste of time. And because of that, and let's just say because of the level of business that we conduct, I just have to look the part. That's why I bring a lot of clothes with me.

So this is where I keep, I guess, my jackets and sweatshirts. These things come in really handy, right? And when you're done, there you go. It goes up nicely. I have some T-shirts here, my watches, and then on the other side, this is all staged. I'm keeping some of my clothes here as well. Maids are kind enough to wash some of our T-shirts as well so it's nice and ready to go.

And this is where I keep all my suits and button shirts, and obviously I bring a lot of 'em. - [Cody] Let's go through 'em all. - So in total, I brought five suits. Four suits were the shoots that we did, and one extra just in case if one of the suits didn't match the property or I didn't feel comfortable in it, that I had a spare. On top of that, I bring a lot of dress pants, a lot of buttoned shirts, and I try to have as much color combination or variation as possible. Almost too much. What do you think Cody?

- [Cody] I mean, if I could, I would wear suits every single day. I'm a little jealous. - Yeah? Oh yeah.

- Maybe one day we can get you to that level. Can you imagine start shooting these tours in a suit full blown? - [Cody] If I didn't have a thing called sweat then yes, I would. - That would be cool. Now, next or the last closet that we're gonna check out is where we have my shoes. I have some of them here, believe it or not, I actually ended up bringing a couple more than what you guys are seeing here. And obviously we are ready for every occasion.

Casual shoes, in fact, these are the shoes Dominic, the shoe surgeon made for me. All crocodile leather. And then I have some Nikes, some loafers.

These are like my casual loafers. And then we have some Loro Pianas of course, case study here. And then some dress shoes for the suits that I'm wearing.

Is it a little excessive? It probably is. Being dressed well is really important. That's why on these trips I try to bring as much clothes as possible. Now that's pretty much it for the primary closet.

Now we're gonna check out the bedroom itself. Cody, stay right there. This is the seating area for the primary bedroom and it's obviously great size.

We have the TV here, chairs, nice TV console, and on the other side we have the king size bed. I can't believe how small the king size bed looks in this room and it has been fantastic sleeping here. I have my blackouts.

It's nice, it's quiet and our trips can get very stressful, so it's nice that I can just close those double doors and have a moment to myself in this primary bedroom. It has been great. I have no complaints. - [Cody] I bet. I mean, this is a pretty cool room to spend 12 days in.

- Now let me show you the outdoor space, gets even better. Every morning I just open up these doors and walk outside. This is the same terrace that we talked about earlier. It runs the entire length of the penthouse. We have another outdoor seating area here. There's even a little grass section at the back for you to work out or just simply enjoy this corner of this penthouse.

It's a Saturday here in Dubai and the weather is fantastic. People are on their boats, jet skis, yachts. In fact, Cody, I don't know if you can see it, but that's Motoryacht Yas right there. One of the most iconic yachts ever built. I can't believe it's in Dubai right now and we get to see it on our backdrop.

Now, the last 12 days that we spent here have been incredible. We got a chance to tour Alpago Properties' newest development here on Palm Jumeirah. Then we got a chance to tour an incredible property on the Bulgari island. After that, we shot a video for First Motors, got a chance to check in with Ali, who is the CEO of First Motors.

They have some of the most insane cars in the world, and obviously we're touring this penthouse, so we got a lot of episodes coming up. In fact, Cody also vlogged our entire Dubai experience, so a lot of videos are coming you guys' way. I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for joining us on this penthouse tour.

(dramatic music) All right everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you all enjoy this video. I wanna give big thanks to the listing agent Babak Jafari with B1 Properties, and of course, our friends at Alpago Properties for making this tour possible. Spending the last 12 days here has been incredible.

I'm so grateful. It's a phenomenal penthouse. And as always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video. Now, if you enjoyed our tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys on the next one.

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