Touring a $64,000,000 LAKE GENEVA Mansion With a Private Marina!

Touring a $64,000,000 LAKE GENEVA Mansion With a Private Marina!

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Lake Geneva, a place known for its scenic beauty. Crystal clear waters and majestic mountains surrounding its borders. Nestled between the countries of France and Switzerland. Lake Geneva's breathtaking landscape is admired worldwide. But today, it's our turn to take it all in.

Driving along the lakeside roads, we find ourselves in Excenevex. A small but picturesque town on the French side of the lake. It's there along the shores, of this gorgeous village that we arrived at Villa Bellevue. An estate that is so dreamy.

Elegant driveways cutting through the perfectly manicured grounds. Lush landscape falling towards an expensive lake frontage, access to two marinas and amazing views of Switzerland across the water. A luxurious mansion with a distinct design. The arrival experience alone, simply takes your breath away.

Hey, everyone, welcome to Lake Geneva. Today, we're touring this incredible estate that not only exudes character, taste, and history, but it also combines all these elements in a way that creates a truly one of a kind experience. This is an estate to be admired. And what we're about to see on this tour is nothing short of spectacular. So, it is my great privilege to welcome you to Villa Bellevue. Let's go have a look inside.

All right, everyone, let's start our tour on the exterior. We have the gates opening up to a long driveway. Lush grounds and gardens, amazing views. And that long driveway brings you to the motor court. I just really appreciate the arrival experience and how you get to see the lake as you're pulling up to this spacious motorcourt. Obviously, we have some amazing cars here, which I'm going to talk about in a second.

And looking this way, we have a massive water feature. Arch walkway covered with vines, again, beautiful, lush grounds, flower beds, guest house on the other side with a massive infinity edge pool. We got a lot to cover today.

Now, coming back to this motor court, we have an incredible lineup. Four classic Rolls-Royces, Ghost, Cullinan, and two Maybachs on this side. And you really get this true estate feel as you arrive to this gorgeous home, which is on this side. Now, Erman is behind the camera today. And Erman, out of all the cars you could pick here, which one would you pick? - [Erman] I think I'm going to pick the Rolls-Royce Cullinan because, I like the two-tone color.

That's a really nice car. If I were to pick one, I'd probably pick the Maybach S650 here because I also like the two-tone color as well. Yeah, this is your motor court. Now let's turn to the other side so we can talk about this incredible home. It was built in the early 1900s.

It has an Anglo-Norman style architecture. Steep roof lines with cornered turrets. Tile roof, grid windows, covered entry. And don't let this historic, well-preserved facade to fool you because once you walk inside, it is all remodeled to perfection.

But I really appreciate the fact that they preserved this historic facade and maintained it so well. Look how good the stucco looks. Flower beds, flagstone entry. And now let's go inside. Front door opens up to this elegant foyer.

Beautiful marble floors with inlays and motifs, wallpaper, plaster details, chandelier right in the center. I just love how this room is decorated with all the accessories and furniture. And lastly, we have these stained glass windows bringing more natural light and adding up to the warmth of this entry.

Now, going through this section, we arrive to the reception, which is the center of the first floor. Same marble floors continue, really nice seating area on each side. Then we have all these grid windows and this glass door right in the center bringing natural light and opening this property straight to these views. Right in front of us is Lake Geneva, and it looks stunning. I love how this room is designed and decorated. It's very minimalist.

They left it all open and right in the center, we have this elegant table, fresh flowers, and Erman, let's get a close-up. So this is the book of this house, and they have these beautiful pictures of this main estate, and it's in this gorgeous leather case. There we go. Now, next, I want to take everybody to the formal dining room.

In fact, let's actually cover the specs first. This estate is located on the French side of Lake Geneva in a small town called Excenevex. This estate also features multiple structures. We're currently in the main house, which has five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms. Then we have the guest house on the other side, which features additional two guest suites and four full bathrooms. Then you have the marina, another property on the other side of the estate, so we got a lot to cover.

It is also situated on two plots, which total up to 30,134 square meters. You get 195 meters of lake frontage, which is incredible. And the entire estate is valued around €60 million. And as always, you can find more information about this estate in the description of this video. And lastly, I want to give big thanks to the owner for making this tour possible. We are beyond excited to be in Lake Geneva.

Now let's continue our tour with the formal dining room, gorgeous table, seating for 10. Look at all the accessories, details, fresh flowers, chandelier above. This space is so elegant.

You have all these grid windows bringing natural light. Gorgeous bar cart around the corner. Same marble floors continue to this side. It's just a really nice formal space for you to have your meals. Now, on my left, there's a commercial elevator that goes down to the lower level.

On that floor, we have the commercial kitchen. Walk-in fridges, spa area with its own bathroom. And it's very nice that staff gets their own service elevator so they can go up and down the property very easily. Now, before we leave this section, I forgot to mention this mirror here that is recessed into the wall is actually a TV. So I want to point that out.

And door next to us opens up to a gorgeous powder bathroom. I like that vanity section is separate from the water closet. We have beautiful marble floors with these intricate inlays, solid wood cabinetry, marble countertops, timeless fixtures. At the end, we have a water closet with marble walls, wall-mount toilet bidet, and a towel heater.

Just a stunning bathroom. Now let's go back to the reception so we can check out the other side. We have this opening with these gorgeous columns.

Taking us to the formal living room. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful spaces within this property. I love the scale here. Multiple couches, these brass coffee tables with marble tops. Accessories, pillows, chandelier that's right above me.

And, then we have all these sliding glass windows. Opening up to these jaw-dropping views. I mean, Lake Geneva is so beautiful and lush. The landscape here is phenomenal.

Then you have this opulent space for you to sit down, relax, enjoy it with your friends or family. Now, before I leave this section, I want to point out one more thing. This home actually consists of four levels.

We're currently on the first floor. We also have the lower level for the service staff, and the second floor houses the owner suite, which is incredible. The top floor features three guest suites that we're going to tour later in the episode. Now, follow me this way. We have one more space to check out on this level, which is the family room. This section faces the side of the property, gets great natural light.

We have two couches, two chairs here, custom carpet, gorgeous chandelier above, some art pieces, warm textures. On the other side, we have a gas fireplace, and above that is a recessed in mirror, which also happens to be a TV. Nice contemporary touch.

Open shelving on each side, fresh flowers, just another elegant space. Now, I want to actually bring everybody back to formal living room because we have a couple more sections to see. Number one, there's an elevator landing here and the staircase that takes you up to the second and third floor. There's another powder bathroom there as well. So in total, we have two bathrooms for this level. Now let's talk about the history of this property.

So it was built in the early 1900s for a very famous French general. Then it stayed in their family for a very long time. In 2002, the previous owner bought this estate and did a major remodel. After that, the current owner bought this estate in 2018, and he did a three-year major remodel. They kept the exterior all original, really protected the historic facade, but really revamped it. On the interior, they kept some of the original details like the marble floors or the hardwood floors that we're going to see on the second floor, but they modernized it beautifully.

They brought in contemporary furniture, light fixtures, really lightened up the palette here, and it looks stunning. For that, I also want to give big credit to the design team. I think they did a fantastic job. Without a doubt, one of my favorite homes we've ever toured. I love this place.

With that, I think we're done on the first floor. Now let's go outside so we can check out the terrace and the amazing pool area. This property is all about the outdoors and these incredible views. So it's perfect that you have so many different terraces, outdoor seating areas, grounds for you to take it all in. We're currently on the terrace that opens up to the main floor of this home, two outdoor seating areas, incredible views, natural stone floors.

We have the staircase here taking you down to the road that pretty much takes you around the entire property. You can see that we have glass doors opening up from the main level. And look at how the space is landscaped. Beautiful flower beds, planters. The entire estate is nicely hedged, so it's super private.

And on the other side, we have this massive outdoor dining area, more umbrellas more flower beds. And on the other side, we have the amazing infinity edge pool. What a place to entertain. Invite your friends over and appreciate this property.

Look at the scale of this pool. I love the minimalist design. Infinity edge facing these breathtaking views. And surrounding the pool, we have this amazing patio with lounging beds, umbrellas, and it's just a phenomenal space. By the way, this pool is heated and looking around, we have this beautiful French garden down below, rolling grounds, views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

This is fantastic and what a great spot for you to wake up in the morning, drink your espresso, go for a lap. And continue the rest of your day. Now, next we're going to check out this brand new structure, which is the guest house. Let's go in. Entertainment continues.

Even though they call this the guest house, I'm going to call it the pool house because this is a phenomenal space that is right next to your pool. You have all these sliding glass panels opening this space to the outdoors. And even the roof here is motorized and it opens up the entire space.

Nice seating area, deck floors pretty much throughout. We have the TV on the other side. Erman, let's go this way. I'm going to take this route. We have a commercial kitchen.

But first, I want to bring everybody to the dining area here. Look at the setup. You have seating for 12, again sliding glass doors opening up. We have this massive skylight assembly around the perimeter, which we will see on the lower level. You have LED lighting.

Then on the other side, this incredible commercial kitchen setup. Massive stove assembly with grilles, gas cooktop, fryer on the other side, commercial vent above, sink, dishwasher, fridges, ice makers. You have everything you need here.

What a great spot for you to bring your chef over, cook some meals for your friends, serve them at the dining area or bring it to the other side. Erman, let's show to everyone. Look at the views you get from the guest house.

Those are sliding glass panels opening up to your pool area. This is fantastic, and this guest house gets better. Follow me this way.

We have a sliding glass door opening up to a landing, staircase on our left, and we have the elevator here going down to the lower level. I'll see you guys there. So I took the elevator, Erman took the steps. You can see that we have stacked stone on each side, white travertine steps bringing you to the lower level. Now, before we check out the living room, which is on this side, I actually want to bring everybody here so we can cover the pool bathrooms. We have two spacious, full bathrooms here.

One side is for males, one side is for females. You have gorgeous vanities. Water closets, spacious walk-in showers with rainheads, all travertine clad, just a beautiful space. Now, on the other side, we have the living room.

Now, I was really impressed with this space when I saw it for the first time. The ceiling height, scale of this room. Right in the center, we have this massive sectional couch with coffee tables, gorgeous light fixture above, cove lighting, built-in speakers, timeless oak paneling, and we have the TV on this side. The amount of natural light that this level gets is phenomenal. Keep in mind, we're on the subterranean level right now, and we mentioned it upstairs. We have the first set of skylights here bringing natural light.

On the other side, we have another set of skylights filling this level with so much light and life. I also really appreciate how they have a small seating area here. With that, we're done with this section. Now let's go to the other side so we can check out this amazing kitchen.

Right in the center, solid wood table, seating for eight. Chandelier above with a ceiling medallion, which I really like. And then you have the cabinetry on this side, all oak paneling with brass inlays. Your Miele cooktop, sink, coffee maker, wine fridge.

You have everything you need here. This is a bit of a contrast comparing it to the main home. Main home is historic, nicely remodeled. This is a brand new structure. Erman, which one would you prefer? The older home or this one? It's very hard to make a decision, but I think older home is very pretty for me.

I agree. I like the pedigree over there, but the way they designed the space, it makes you feel like you're in a very, very exquisite hotel room. They have all the new stuff here, Crestron system throughout. It's pretty fantastic. Now, let's check out the two guest suites. So, check this out.

They have these sections closing off the guest suites because we have these massive picture window assemblies benefiting from the natural light that comes from the ceiling because these are very, very spacious guest suites, and you want to make sure they get natural light. In order to accomplish that, they place these massive glass panes, but you also have shutters there if you want some additional privacy. This room comes with two single beds, beautiful warm wood tones, hardwood floors, seating area, TVs on the other side. Erman, let's show this section to everyone. Look how elegant it is.

Accessories, details. This is phenomenal, and check this out. This guest suite has its own dressing room and around the corner, we have the full bathroom.

Let's go in. Travertine floors, spacious walk-in shower with Axor fixtures. You have the water closet on this side. Really nice vanity, oak cabinetry, stunning bathroom, and next door is the second guest suite. Another beautiful space, king-size bed, small seating area. Built-ins on this side with mood lighting, TV right in the center.

Because this section is brand new, it has more modern and new furnishings, but it still matches the rest of the property extremely well. Now on this side, we have the dressing room. We have some open cabinetry, nice makeup area, and around the corner, of course, you have a full bathroom with travertine floors, spacious walk-in shower, vanity right in the center with LED lit mirror, separate water closet, everything you need.

The guest house is really, really special, extremely well executed. But for me, what's so special about this property is the grounds and the beautiful gardens. Welcome to the French Garden. What an opulent, elegant outdoor space. Beautifully manicured.

Olive tree right at the center, estate to my left, lush grounds, incredible views. I mean, this is phenomenal. The grounds of this property are so special and I can't get enough of it. I've been walking this property over the last few days and it's amazing.

So relaxing, so calming. In fact, let's go down there and continue our tour. The sheer scale of this estate is incredible. Look how far we are from the main home and we're still within the property. They have this long driveway that takes you throughout the entire estate. This road is actually really wide, which is perfect for regular cars, service vehicles, or you can simply grab your golf cart and enjoy this home.

We can see the main house to our left, outdoor terrace area, beautiful historic architecture, and look at the rest of the grounds. I mean, this property is amazing. And on our right-hand side, we have the marina, which I'm going to cover later in this tour. Now here's something fun about this property. You can arrive to this home by land, by air, or by sea.

Your driver can drop you off by the motor court, or your driver can bring you all the way to this point, which is fantastic. You can come here by helicopter. Or get on a boat, enjoy the lake, and come to your marina. It's incredible. I got to say, walking around this property is a therapeutic experience.

We've been here for the last few days, and something about the grounds, the surrounding landscape, and how the air in this place feels, it is so special. I've been spending so many hours just walking around and enjoying the beauty of this property, and I can't get enough of it. Now, if you look all the way to the entry of this property, you'll see a detached structure that houses some of the staff quarters and the security quarters for this property. And across the street from that. There's an additional structure for even more staff housing because they have full-time staff on the premises. And next to that, we have these two LumiPods, which we're going to check out next.

This property keeps giving. Now we have these two modular structures. They all open up to the outdoors. You can turn them into guest bedrooms or lounging areas like the way they have them here.

I'm going to step inside of this one. Again, you have sliding glass doors opening up, couch, few chairs, coffee tables, and what a spot for you to read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee. These pods also have their own full bathrooms, which is nicely tucked behind.

It's just another moment for you to enjoy within this property. It gets better. We have another one on the other side. This one comes with more colorful furniture. Small kitchenette with an induction top, and your TV right in the center.

Erman, can you step inside? I want everybody to see the views straight from the interior. You're rolling lush grounds. Main estate is on our right-hand side, that amazing motor court and the rest of the property. Now, this is where this tour gets really interesting. I think I mentioned this earlier.

This estate comes with two plots. We have the main house situated on the main plot, and then second plot starts right here features a house, outdoor tennis court, and a ten-car garage. And the inside of this home has been demolished, so it's ready for remodel. And what a phenomenal opportunity for someone to come in and capitalize. The second estate called Villa Bellevue Two, is an elegant 500-square-meter lakeside home. Surrounded by terraces.

That offer panoramic views of Lake Geneva. It sits on 10,251 square meters of land. It's been fully gutted and stands ready to be remodeled. Provided rendering show how amazing this villa can be once it's restored. Also, a permit has been already pulled for an additional building, so you can really maximize.

What this plot has to offer. And of course, Villa Bellevue 2 has a 10-car garage, tennis court. Pool area, Lake Geneva frontage, and a marina with an underground garage. It's everything you would need, but it's also a great starting place for further expansion. The owner's estimation is this can be a €6 million remodel, and as it currently stands, it is offered for €20 million.

So whether you keep it as part of the main estate, separate it as a standalone home, or expand to the neighboring property, Villa Bellevue 2 offers endless possibilities to someone who can catch the vision for this gorgeous lakeside French estate. This isn't something that we get to see everyday, but being on these grounds and getting a chance to understand this property in-depth was just a really cool experience. Erman, overall thoughts? What do you think of the property? - [Erman] The property is amazing. I can see the mountains, sailing yachts, boats, birds.

We have an amazing lake view. I'm in heaven. I couldn't agree more. This place is so special. Lake Geneva is so beautiful. Like you said, look at the mountains that are in front of us right now.

This estate, lush grounds, they have outdoor speakers throughout the property, so you can literally listen to music as you're walking around. This home also lights up incredible at night, which I cannot to wait to show to all of you. And then down below, you have the lake.

You can see all the way to City of Lausanne, which is on the other side, and that's technically Switzerland since we were on the French side. What can I say? I'm out of words. Spending time here, enjoying this property has been such an amazing journey. Now, let's check out the lake level.

Now, this is where this tour gets really fun. We have these steps taking us to the top floor of this structure, right next to the marina, built onto the hillside, and the top floor has this amazing terrace with an outdoor seating area. But before I talk about the details here, I want to bring everybody to this side because this property has a funicular. Yes, you heard me correctly. It takes you from the driveway, which is above us, and brings you down all the way to the lake level.

This is the only property in Lake Geneva that has a funicular, which is fantastic. And then, you have this incredible outdoor seating area where you can really enjoy the views, have coffee, and appreciate this property. Now, level below us is a bar. This property is all about maximizing the outdoors.

So the fact that you have a bar this close to the water with these kinds of views is amazing. And this bar has it all, sink, ice maker, fridges, dual elevation. You have your bar seating on the other side, TV, half bathroom behind this door. Check this out. Your funicular also comes to this level.

And if you want to close off this bar, you can because they also have motorized shutters here. Now on the other side, massive table set up that can accommodate 12 people, umbrellas, and what a phenomenal outdoor space for you to have some meals and enjoy your cocktails or coffee and just taking these views. They have glass railing throughout, and down below is your marina.

It's one thing to own a lakefront property, but it's another thing to have a marina like this. This section has the capacity to moor boats up to 55 feet long, and you can have multiple of them. You have electrical and water hookups, and this deck continues all the way to the structure that we've been touring. In fact, you can see the bar and the staircase coming down to this section.

To me, having a marina like this is priceless. You get to keep all of your sea toys within the property, and you get to interact with the lake. I mean, look at our surroundings. This is phenomenal. Now, on the other side, we open up to the first floor of the hillside structure.

This is technically the captain's quarters or another staff quarters. It's a nice interior space that opens up to the deck. And continuing our tour, more outdoor seating areas with umbrellas, your lake access, and this property has an amazing security system with cameras and sensors. On top of that, they have security staff on the premises, and we have one over here by the marina. Now, Erman, let's continue our tour.

Look at this deck. Look at our views. Lake Geneva is beautiful.

What do you think of the marina, Erman? Marina is incredible. I always love being this close to the lake. I couldn't agree more. I got to say, walking around this property all day, it makes me feel emotional.

I hope one day I can afford to buy a property like this. This would be my dream. And on top of that, you're here in Lake Geneva.

The significance of this region is truly unparalleled. Just across the lake lies Geneva, Switzerland. A worldwide center for diplomacy and the finest capital of the world. Organizations like the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and many more are either hosted or headquartered in Geneva.

To say that the city has a rich history in watchmaking would be a major understate. Geneva is, in fact, the cradle. And the capital of luxury watchmaking in the world. If you know anything about me, you know that this is a subject very, very.

Close to my heart. Visiting Geneva, gave us a glimpse into a culture rich in character. Luxury, and elegance.

A beautiful city and a class of its own. Back on the french side of the lake, just a 45-minute drive from Geneva, the village of Excenevex exists in a more calm and tranquil setting. Its local amenities and church all within walking distance of each other.

And just around the corner, we return to Villa Bellevue. Its charming embrace welcoming us back from the big city. The way this property evolved and developed over the years gives it such a unique character.

From the historic original home to the newer guest house, the grounds, the marina, all of these rich and diverse elements coming together to create an experience you can only feel when you're here surrounded by the beauty of this place. I asked myself, what have I done that led me to this point in life that I find myself in such peace and awe. That's the feeling Villa Bellevue and Lake Geneva left me with, and we're not even done with this property. So let's get back and literally take this tour to the next level. So the third floor, which is the top level of the main home, features three guest suites.

We're going to continue our tour with this room first, off of the entry, small seating area, hardwood floors, TV on the other side. Because we're on the top level, you can actually see some of the roof lines here. Then on this side, full-size bed, two small windows where you can enjoy the views of the lake, and the room is very, very charming.

Now, I want to take everybody to the other side because we have the bathroom here, some additional closet space, and the door here opens up to the full bathroom, marble floors with beautiful inlays, bidet, toilet, walk-in shower, and the vanities on this side. Really cool bathroom. Now let's go back to the landing because we have two more guest suites to see. Follow me this way. Elevator landing to my right. This door here opens up to the guest suite that is located in the center of this floor.

This is the biggest one on this level. First, we're going to check out the bathroom. And look at the timeless details here. Marble floors with all these color variations, inlays, details.

It looks stunning. Then you have your solid wood cabinetry on this side, again, with all the marble details, toiletries, accessories. Then in the center, you have this massive window facing these views. Because we're quite high up, our views are even better and straight from your bathroom. This is fantastic. There you go.

Your walk-in shower here with more chrome fixtures another tasteful bathroom. Now, next, we're checking out the junior primary bedroom. This one comes with two single beds. Love the headboard design, how it's incorporated. Then we have the wall sconces.

Room is very spacious. Original hardwood floors from the early 1900s. Obviously, over the years, these floors have been refinished and restained, but these floors still look phenomenal. Now, I want to bring everybody back to the bedroom because we have to check out this great balcony that we have for this room. Look at the views you get from this space.

Lake Geneva, right in front of you, you have this calm scenery coming straight to your bedroom. Phenomenal. Now, let's jump back to the landing so we can continue our tour. Plaster walls throughout, same hardwood floors. Windows are bringing natural light.

This section faces the motor court, and at the end, we have this door opening up to the third guest suite. It comes with two full beds. I love the warm tones here with the plaster walls, all these unique fabrics. Two custom chairs, dresser on this side, and we have two windows bringing great natural light to the space. This window faces the pool, and this window faces the amazing lake.

Now, at the end of the hallway, we have the walk-in closet, and next to that is a full bathroom, so you have everything you need here. With that, we're done with the third floor. Now, let's go down to the second floor so we can check out that amazing owner suite. Welcome to the owner's suite, which takes up the entire second floor of the main home.

The first space we're going to check out is the reception, table in the center, gorgeous chandelier above. And off of the entry, we have this small scale of a Riva Boat, and they also have an art piece to complement this section. Looks really nice. And then going to the other side, same hardwood floors continue, TV to my left, this really elegant seating area with multiple couches and chairs, coffee tables in the center. I just love the textures, colors, and details used in this room.

It looks so timeless, chandelier above, and on the other side, we have these glass doors opening up to a really nice balcony that we're going to check out in a second. Next, we're going to cover the bedroom area. We have a pocket door on that side. That way, you can seal off this section.

Over here, we have the king-size bed, custom headboard designed with LED lighting. All these grid windows are bringing so much natural light. Small desk area here facing these views. I just love the timelessness of this property, how they enhance all these historic details and they really embrace the pedigree of this home.

But they have also elevated it. I think some of the finishes and details here are going to age beautifully. Now, let's continue. We have this opening taking us to a small walk-in closet, and the same walk-in closet then leads us to the main bathroom. We have marble throughout the entire space, and I just love the color selection here.

We have this pink marble contrasting nicely with brown and white marble sections, all these inlays. The same marble goes halfway through the walls, right in the center. We have the spacious walk-in shower with brass fixtures, separate water closet on this side with a bidet and toilet, and even the bathroom accessories, soap holders, paper towel holders, these towel heaters.

Everything looks phenomenal. Now, follow me this way. This is where we have the vanity, two brass sinks, timeless fixtures, marble wall continues to this side. Your jetted tub is nicely incorporated to the floors, and then we have all these windows bringing natural light. Beautiful bathroom.

Now let's jump back to the reception so we can continue our tour with the other wing. Now, there's a door here that opens up to another bedroom suite. This room can be dedicated to your in-laws, your kids, or even for your security guard. It is technically a bedroom that is attached to the owner suite. It comes with a king-size bed, love the headboard design, and there's even a small desk here. You can also use this space as your office.

But it is nice that you have an additional bedroom attached to your owner suite. Now on this side, we have another dressing room. This plush padding that's on each side and on top, you can see the drawer where you can hold your watches, built-in closets, and even the inside of these closets have the same plush detail, hangers. Really, really nice space. Gets better.

There's also another bathroom on this wing. Come on in with me. Beautiful marble floors, and I have to say, I have never seen this kind of inlays ever. They have these rounded edges, and I can only imagine the amount of hours that it took to install these floors and make sure all these cuts are perfectly placed and all the grout lines are perfectly lined up. This is incredible. This is so timeless and beautiful.

Then you have your bidet, toilet, vanity on this side, walk-in shower around the corner. This is fantastic. Now, one more time. Let's jump back to the reception so I can finalize my thoughts on this amazing owner suite.

Love the minimalist approach here. You have a reception, seating area, bed area, beautiful textures and details. I also really appreciate the fact that you have the entire second floor all to yourself. And to top it all off, you have these glass doors opening up to a good size balcony where you can really enjoy these views and bring in the outdoors straight to your bedroom.

This is Lake Geneva, and I got to say, the last few days have been incredible. Being here, walking these grounds, understanding the pedigree of this home has been nothing short of spectacular. As dusk falls over Excenevex, we can see this amazing estate with lights glowing against the evening sky.

This is when the city really calms down, when peace settles in and the magical views give us a chance to reflect and really appreciate the power and presence of Villa Bellevue. But for those times when you need to get away. For business. For pleasure. Or for anything requiring the benefits that a big city provides.

That's when being so close to Geneva is a real advantage. I'm so inspired by its beauty. I'm in awe of its relationship to power and peace. And its ability to help the rest of the world navigate between both forces. The character of this city is a shining example, and being here has helped us disconnect from the distractions of our fast-paced lives and encouraged us to simply live in the moment. Needless to say, we are definitely coming back.

And as for Villa Bellevue, it surprised us with its beauty and elegance. In the daytime as we admire this timeless design and now at night as it sits powerful at the lake's edge. I'm sad to leave this place. We felt so welcome here.

But we are grateful for this experience. It taught us something and made us different individuals. And for the team and myself. These moments will live forever in our hearts.

The last few days have been remarkable. Being here in person and experiencing this property, has been an unforgettable journey. And I hope our video made you feel like you were part of it as well. Now, I'm deeply honored that we got the opportunity to explore this extraordinary estate.

For that, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the owner who made this tour possible. As always, you can find more information about this incredible estate in the description of this video. And lastly, if you enjoyed our tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and we'll see you guys on the next one. Thank you.

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