Touring a $38,500,000 Modern Mansion with a Floating Pool Above a Canyon

Touring a $38,500,000 Modern Mansion with a Floating Pool Above a Canyon

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Bel Air, a neighborhood that we find ourselves in quite often. It may just seem like another community in Los Angeles, but its grounds are home to some of the most incredible estates in the world. From its entry gates on Sunset Boulevard to its higher elevation peaks, canyons, and valleys, Bel Air captures the diversity of nature in an urban city landscape like nowhere else in the world.

Featuring stunning estates with lush grounds and unparalleled privacy, hillside promontories with jaw dropping views and mega mansion after mega mansion celebrating a diversity in architecture and design. It brings us back time and time again because there's always more to be discovered in Bel Air. Today we arrive at another beautiful estate.

Three floors of modern architecture, contemporary lines framing its design, an incredible pool deck, walls of glass and terrace gardens that flow into the canyons below. And we cannot wait to show it to you. I'm pretty sure no one in a black suit has ever been down here. (upbeat music) All right, everyone, once again, welcome to Bel Air.

We're gonna start our tour on the exterior gates open up to this long private driveway that brings you to the motor court. Since this driveway is located on the hillside and it hugs the hillside, you get phenomenal views as you're pulling up to your house. It's been raining a lot in Los Angeles lately. That's why our surroundings are so green. But at the same time, last few days have been amazing. Today is beautiful, sunny, and I'm really excited for our tour.

Now, behind me or in front of me now, we have the three car garage. And inside of the garage, you can see that we have massive picture windows facing those same unobstructed views. Then looking at this side house looks very deceiving because we can only see the top floor from this angle. It's actually four levels, and we're going to cover those levels later. Now, lastly, we have this walkway taking us to a bedroom.

You can actually see the back patio for that bedroom here, and we're going to see that bedroom in a second. Now, before we leave the motor court, I want to talk about this beautiful car. This is a 2023 Tiffany Blue Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge. When I saw the photos of this property, I wanted to pair up a car for this shoot. So I called our dear friend RD, Wires Only, and he was kind enough to give us this car.

When I called him, I just told him that we need an SUV. He ended up giving us a brand new Rolls-Royce Cullinan. And this car only has 50 miles on it, and the color of it is absolutely gorgeous.

- [Mikey] I've never seen a color like that. It's really nice. How far did you drive it getting here? - [Enes] It's like 10 miles. So, like, I added up some miles on it, but it looks beautiful, complements this amazing contemporary home. Now follow me this way. On the exterior, we can see these beautiful marble slabs, front entries all covered, nicely cantilevered.

And coming to this side, we have this beautiful pivot door opening up to the foyer. This home is all about natural light and these views. And that's why throughout the property, we have sliding glass doors, massive picture windows facing the outside.

In fact, my favorite window is this one right here. It's a massive picture window without any seams, so you can really enjoy the views off of the entry. Now, this foyer is very spacious. Oak hardwood floors. We have a seating area there.

And above us, six skylights to bring even more natural light. Now, I haven't talked about this yet, but this front door is insane. Look how many latches it has. One here, one down below, one up. Top and bottom also. I'm pretty sure. That's right.

It's like a volt door. There you go. It seals off the entry. Now, on the left hand side, let's actually go there for a second.

Small seating area here. Sliding glass doors open up to a really nice balcony. That way you can enjoy the views a little bit more. And that balcony connects to the other side. In fact, we have a hallway here. At the end, you can see the three car garage that we mentioned off of the entry.

Even from your garage, you can see the views. Then there's a full bedroom here with its own bathroom right next to the garage. And lastly, staircase going down to the lower level.

Now, that's not the main staircase because the main staircase is right here. And we're going to check out this section in a bit. Now let's go to the right wing. Again, skylights above, ton of natural light coming in. Elevator landing on the top floor.

And this door opens up to the office. Same oak hardwood floors are also here. More of the darker tones. Desk, chairs, TV.

On the other side, sliding glass doors open up to another balcony where you can enjoy these views. And I want to give everybody a heads up. We're going to talk about views all the time on this tour because almost every single room gets these views, which is incredible.

- [Mikey] Yeah, and you don't only get city views, you get some pretty awesome canyon views from the other side of the house as well. - [Enes] 100%. It's such a beautiful day out there. We're going to talk about it a lot. All right, follow me this way. This office can qualify as a bedroom because it has a closet, and it also has a full bathroom, textured back stone, floating vanity with a towel rack on the bottom.

LED lit mirror. Then you come on this side and you have your beautiful walk-in shower clad with natural stone. You have your rain head above. And I just realized there are no valves or adjustment for your water temperature. It's on a screen. - [Mikey] Really? Do we not see that very often.

- [Enes] You don't see that often. It's a cool detail. Then you have a casement window looking at these views so you can get some ventilation here.

Just a really nice bathroom, and I really appreciate that. They also put a skylight here. Now let's go back to the entry again so we can continue our tour. On the other side, we have a long hallway here. Picture windows bring in natural light.

And the door on my left opens up to a powder bathroom. I really like the vanity design here. We have the cabinet down below with LED lighting also serving as your towel rack. Then we have the sink here.

All fabricated stone, wall mount fixtures, LED lit mirror, skylight above. Really nice powder bathroom. Back to the hallway. This door opens up to the second bedroom on this level.

Super spacious. Gets great natural light. King size bed right in the center with some built-ins and LED lighting.

Seating area on each side. Sliding glass doors open up to a patio here that faces the back of the home. And you can actually access the motor court, directly from here, which is really nice.

That way you have your own private entry for this bedroom. You don't have to go through the front door to get to this bedroom as well. Now, going to the other side, sliding glass doors open up, another balcony. More of these views. Really nice. - [Mikey] Yeah, we're going to talk about them a lot, as an asset.

- [Enes] Our elevation is incredible. All right, follow me this way. This door opens up to a full bathroom. Freestanding tub on the left with a chrome fixture, stone back wall. We have the vanity right in the center with a textured back tile.

Then on the other side, we have the walk-in shower. All natural stone slabs. Look at the picture window right there facing the views. I mean, it's incredible. Rain head above, body sprays. Everything you need.

Beautiful bathroom for this bedroom. Now let's go back to the foyer so we can continue our tour and cover the specs of this home. We have six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, 14,301 square feet of interior space, 5.58 acre lot, on the market for $38,500,000. And I want to give big thanks to the listing agent, Drew Fenton, and his brokerage, Carolwood Estates, for making this tour possible. And as always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video.

Now, we talked about it earlier. We have the main staircase here, going down to the floor below, which is the main floor. On this level, we have the entertainment lounge, massive patio, formal dining room, kitchen, family room.

So we got a lot to cover on this level. Now turning back and looking at the staircase, steel frame, open riser, glass railing. I love how the bottom section opens up a little bit. You have massive views, and it's a pretty impressive landing.

Now follow me this way. We have the elevator here, and this hallway takes us to two powder bathrooms. This one is more on the darker side.

Again, beautiful vanity from Antonio Lupe. Textured tile on the back with a chevron pattern. Then you have your LED lit mirror. And right on the other side, we have another one that's almost identical with more of the lighter finishes. These are really nice powder bathrooms that serve the main floor. Now, coming back to the landing, I want to take everybody this way so we can check out the entertainment lounge.

This is a phenomenal space. We have a bar on the left hand side, seating section right in the center. But first I want to talk about this TV wall. It's 15ft wide, 6ft tall, costs $250,000. - [Mikey] Really? - [Enes] Yeah. - [Mikey] I have been wanting to ask you about this since we got to this house, but I thought I'd save it for the tour.

I thought it was like a projector, like a backlit projector, almost. It's huge. - [Enes] It's a TV wall, and it's definitely a bold take on a screen, but it looks great.

Then you have the seating here. I don't know what they call these couches without backs, but if you guys know, let us know in the comments below. It looks really nice. It kind of allows you to face either direction, either the views or the TV. We have the same oak hardwood floors here.

Actually, Mikey, can we go this way? This hallway takes you to the wine cellar. So it's a really nice space that's tucked away, from your seating area, but you have an easy access here. Now, let's talk about this corner for a second.

We have a beautiful double sided fireplace. I love that it's floating. And on top it's open, so it's allowing natural light to come into the space. Or more natural light to come into the space.

It's a nice contemporary architectural detail. Now follow me here. Motorized sliding glass doors, open up.

and we're going to talk about the patio in a second. But first, let's cover the island. Fabricated out of marble with LED lighting. Bar stools. Looks beautiful.

Then you go to the other side and you have your wine fridges, ice maker, sink. More cabinetry here, open shelving on the back, where we have this beautiful bookmatch marble. And I just recognized a detail. Mikey, can we get a close up? Talking about attention to detail, they painted the outlet covers and they bookmatched it with the stone.

They probably had an artist paint it. - [Mikey] We've seen this before, but we rarely see it. - [Enes] Not this extent.

We saw it on a wall where they matched the color of the wall. They matched the bookmatching in the veins. That's pretty cool. That's amazing.

And this is your dual elevation bar. Again, Mikey, let's pan out this way one more time. Entertainment lounge. Amazing space. Then we have these motorized Fleetwood sliding glass doors, opening up to the outdoors. Seamless transition.

And look at this main floor balcony. I mean, it is phenomenal. I love the fact that this entire main floor opens up to this patio, so you have a great connection to the outdoors.

It's 120ft long, 16ft wide, and it faces these breathtaking views. That's downtown Los Angeles right there. Canyon views down below.

We have the Wilshire Corridor, right in front of us all the way to the Pacific Ocean. These views are fantastic. And this property doesn't have a lot of neighbors, but you have one impressive one right there.

In fact, that's a property we toured. La Fin, $139,000,000. And it doesn't hurt to have $139,000,000 neighboring your $38 million property. - [Mikey] Yeah. Has to keep the property values up. But I got to say, that house was insane at night. Not only the views you get, but the way it lights up.

And I can tell that this one's going to be the same because it's just two houses alone on a hill. I can already imagine what this house looks like. - [Enes] Ton of outdoor lighting, sliding glass doors. I couldn't agree more. All right, let's continue our tour. We have the second outdoor seating area here.

Again, these Fleetwood sliding glass doors are all motorized. Outdoor seating area, outdoor dining area is on the other side, space heaters, recess lights. But now I want to bring everybody back inside.

We have the staircase here going down to the floor below. And now let's talk about the formal dining room seating for eight. Really unique table here with stone legs, chandelier above. It's nice and open. Connects to your kitchen on this side as well as right here, because this is the main hallway. There's actually a secondary staircase here.

And going right here, we have the kitchen and the family room. I really like the space. It's all open, seating areas here. Then we have the kitchen on this side with two islands. This is your first island with a bar seating and a glass leg here.

And following this island, wine fridge, your first sink. And on the other side, we have the main island. Now you have your gas cooktop here with the vent above.

Stone countertops, main sink. Let's see. Dishwasher drawer.

We always love these. And then can you see the detail right here? - [Mikey] That's one of the first things I noticed when I walked in here. - [Enes] Beautiful stone inlay, and I had to point it out. Now, we have the rest of the base cabinets here, I guess wall cabinets, freezer, fridge, Gaggenau built-in appliances. But I want to talk about a detail here. So this kitchen comes with a remote.

Now, you may be wondering why you need a remote in a kitchen. Well. - [Mikey] Whoa. That's a first. - [Enes] Yes.

I wanted to make sure I capture your reaction to it. Pretty cool. These are motorized doors. Yeah. So the top one lifts up just enough so you get clearance.

And this one moves to the side. Interesting. That's pretty cool. So we close it, right? I mean, it's cool if you have that as, like, a coffee bar or something.

Have your machines in there. Don't speak too soon. Okay, you press the next button.

Okay, that seemed scripted. Now, well, they have an oven here, but obviously you can put an espresso machine here. Look at the cabinetry, how sleek it is. Put some spices in there or something. Very cool. Pretty amazing. And then press it again.

I'm shocked how well it operates. Yeah, I honestly did not expect that. Okay, cool. There you go. All right, let's continue. Again, you have your Gaggenau appliances here. Warming drawer down below. Who opens up a warming drawer as part of the tour? We do it.

And that's it for the kitchen, but gets better. Follow me this way. This glass door here opens up to your chef's kitchen. That's right. This house comes with two kitchens, and this chef's kitchen has everything.

You have your Gaggenau gas cooktops, pot filler, vent above, ton of cabinetry. You come here, more built-ins. Again, all Gaggenau. Your dish or second dishwasher is here. Main sink, glass backsplash. So you get a nice reflection here.

Some cabinetry. Let's see. Fridge, freezer. Then you go this way. You have more cabinets here. That door opens up to the outdoor staircase. That way your caterers, your chef, can access to this level without having to go through the house.

And then you have a walk in freezer here, a massive one. And check this out. I'm going to pull up a little stunt here. I'm going to lock myself in. It's cold in here, but you have an emergency release button here.

That way, if you get stuck, you don't have to worry. You can exit yourself out. Now let's go back to the seating area so we can check out this space. Really like the sectional couch here. Few chairs, ottoman in the center. Then you have your TV wall with a fireplace.

Again, bookmatch stone. TV is nicely recessed in. Then we have two massive picture windows facing the side of the property. Mikey, you know what we got to do? We got to bring everybody here.

You can actually see your outdoor staircase, but are you seeing these views? So nice. This might be the most undeveloped part of the hills, whether it's Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, or Bel Air. It's so beautiful.

It's so green right now. You can see all the way to the mountains on the back. And it's so nice. It kind of feels like it's part of your property.

It actually reminds me of that one property we toured in Trusdale about a year ago. In Beverly Hills. In Beverly Hills, one side of the house is just looking out of these undeveloped canyons. It's very similar view, but it's really nice. Yeah, I can see the similarities with this property, actually. And this is what you look at from your family room.

Pretty amazing. Now, let's take everybody outside one more time. We got a couple more details to talk about. Again, you have your outdoor dining area here, outdoor seating area, phenomenal views.

And I want to talk about two things. Number one, this property is almost six acres, and down below us, we have 800 trees. It comes with its own orchard, which is amazing.

And later in the tour, we're going to take a little walk down there. What do you think? Looks good. Juicy. Again, it's such a contrast to have

that much land in the hills in Bel Air, but this property comes with it. Now, the second detail I want to talk about, is the structural aspect of this home. So if you look at this house from the outside, you can see that it consists of four to five levels, depending on how you count the levels.

And this house sits on massive concrete caissons. Now, the reason this property ended up having so many different levels is you want to maximize each level, and you want to make sure that on every single floor, you get to enjoy these views. If you built this house on just two levels, some of your back rooms won't get these views because your floor plate would be so big.

But if you divide the square footage over four levels, you'll end up exposing every single room to these views, which is really nice. And they did a fantastic job with this property by placing these strategic staircases on multiple places as well as the outdoors. So the levels feel very, very connected. But at the same time, you maximize your view corridors and interior square footage on each level. And, yeah, my hats off to the development team building this amazing house. And again, I'm sure it's going to look really good at night.

Without a doubt. And with that, we're done on the main floor. Let's go downstairs so we can check out the bedrooms. (upbeat music) So on this level, we have few bedrooms, amenities, utility areas, and we're going to continue our tour with the left wing. Follow me this way. This glass door opens up to your sauna. And then right on the other side, we have the gym, nicely staged, few yoga mats, bike, glass back wall, TV on this side.

And in case you're wondering what that is, that's actually a structural column. They had to leave it exposed. But I'm really glad that they clad with this chrome finish so it looks very architectural and really nice.

- [Mikey] Add a little style to it. - [Enes] That's right. All right, back to the hallway. Now, we have the powder bathroom here. Let me turn on the light for a second. Boom.

You have limestone floors, this really unique stone pedestal sink, chrome fixtures, really nice powder bathroom. Back to the hallway. Now, on my right hand side, we have one of the bedroom suites. Really spacious sliding glass doors open up to a balcony. Comes with a full bathroom and a walk-in closet.

And coming back here, I want to show everybody this space. It's a little different. It's one of the utility rooms. First detail, I want to point out it's air conditioned.

Really nice because these systems do get very, very hot. So it's nice to have its own aircon. And, I love how everything is labeled. These are some of your home automation system. Lutrons, music systems, outdoor speakers, all that good stuff. Check the brains of the song. In one of the episodes,

we'll go into deep dive on Lutrons and how these home automations work. Now back to the hallway. Again, another closet.

Then we go straight into the junior primary bedroom off of the entry. We have the closet here and the bathroom on this side. Nicely done. Two sinks here. Floating cabinetry on the bottom, casement window, freestanding tub.

And I love how they put the shower and the freestanding tub on this raised section. And it contrasts nicely with the floors. Then you have a textured tile on the back, all the way into your walk-in shower. Rain head above, shower head, body sprays, handheld, everything you need. It's another beautiful bathroom.

Now follow me this way back to the bedroom. Let's cover the details here. Seating area on my left hand side with some built-ins, marble countertops. More built-in here where we have the TV. Fireplace below. Another walk-in closet right there.

And then you have the sleeping area here. King size bed. This entire corner opens up. Sliding glass doors. This balcony also wraps around.

It's a really nice bedroom. - [Mikey] Yeah, I really like this. I can't imagine better views to wake up or go to sleep to. - [Enes] Without a doubt. And again, you're facing this side. Mountains on the back.

This is really relaxing. And with that, we're done on this wing. Let's go back to the landing again so we can continue with the seating area here.

Two couches, walls are perfect for you to feature your art. Then we have a sliding glass door opening up to a landing, where we have the outdoor staircase, that leads you to the lower patios. All right, let's go back to this side.

Now, this is the right wing. Door at the end opens up to a laundry room. Very spacious, ton of cabinetry, multiple washers and dryers.

And then this door here opens up to the primary bedroom suite. Now, I really like the design and the layout of this bedroom. We have the seating area here. Nice divider wall that's open with LED lighting.

So it creates some separation between the seating area and where we have the bed. There's a nice corner fireplace, stones around, TV. It looks beautiful.

And before we continue this wing, I actually want to go right here. So this door opens up to your first closet. More on the darker side. Cabinetry looks beautiful.

And then it leads us to the first bathroom. Now the dark theme continues. Also in this bathroom, look at that stone wall right there, that's bookmatched.

You have your walk-in shower in here. Same stone continues on this side. Then you have your freestanding tub and the structural column that we saw in the gym, they have it also here. But again, it makes it look kind of contemporary. You know what this detail reminds me? The penthouse that we toured at 53 West 53rd. - [Mikey] Oh, yeah, for sure.

Just on a smaller scale. - [Enes] On a smaller scale, correct. Yeah. Now, vanities, here you have your fabricated sink with a countertop stone back wall, LED lit mirror. Just a beautiful bathroom.

All right, let's go back out back to the seating area. This is a very, very spacious primary bedroom suite. So many different areas.

You even have the cabinetry here with a fridge, I believe. Then you come to this side. We saw this double sided fireplace detail at the entertainment lounge. They brought it here as well.

Then your king size bed, room gets ton of natural light. You have access to your second bathroom here. But first we got to go this way, because we have a panic room here. We're going to talk about the door later, but come on in. Yeah so cabinetry, you can actually bring plumbing lines.

See, if you want to have a sink, water. You have your own separate air conditioning unit for this room. And check this out, Mikey. This door weighs 3,200 lbs. That's a full blown safe. I don't know if that's a panic room. Then let me see if I can open this.

You have fingerprint access or passcode access? This is insane. Look at this door. There you go. - [Mikey] Enes closing it doesn't really do justice to the weight of it either. - [Enes] It shows how amazing these hinges are. Can you imagine me moving 3,200 lbs Just fingers.

That's awesome. It's awesome. All right, let's continue your second walk-in closet is here. It feels like a boutique. You have your island in the center with a bookmatch stone, shoe racks, hangers.

I love this reflective finish with LED lighting. It's just really pretty in here. And then you go this way to go into your second bathroom. This one is a little bit bigger.

Right in the center of it, you have your massive freestanding tub. I love the floor transition here where underneath the tub we have a beautiful slab. Then you have your vanity on this side, LED lit mirror, casement windows above, separate water closet. And, of course, right around the corner, your walk-in shower. Multiple shower heads, body spray. Great natural light coming in.

Motorized sliding glass doors open up, and follow me this way. You go back to your bedroom, and with that, we're done on this level. Now let's go outside so we can check out the backyard (upbeat music) So off of the staircase landing, we have sliding glass doors opening up to the wraparound balcony. Right in the center of it, we have this outdoor staircase, taking us down to the lower patio and then to the pool deck. Just walk-in down on this staircase and looking out to these views is an experience on its own.

Then you come to this level. You have a fire pit on my left hand side with a recessed in TV, nice outdoor seating. And right across we have the island.

Now, this island serves as your outdoor kitchen. I love the stone fabrication here. It almost matches the architectural lines of this property. Then on the other side, we have the sink, refrigerator, gas stove, gas grill, everything you need.

And on this level, we also have an outdoor shower. Now, I want to come to this side because down below us is the pool deck, which is an amazing space. Now, I agree with them. The views of the property you get from this level are incredible, house has multiple levels, sliding glass doors, cantilevers. It just looks insane. And another detail I like about this level is the fact that it's super spacious.

You can walk around the pool very easily. And right in the center, we have the pool with a jacuzzi Pebble Tec plaster. It looks so inviting. And around us, we have all these lounging areas.

Water feature to complement the pool deck. That's your outdoor staircase right there. And around the corner, we have a retaining wall that holds a generator for this property.

Now let's lookup for a second. House looks incredible from this angle. And at night, I'm sure it looks even better, with all the outdoor lighting, cove lighting throughout the home. And since we have so many sliding glass doors and massive picture windows, I can't wait to see how this property shows at night. Now, Mikey, let's turn this way so we can check out these views.

Glass railing throughout. And like I said earlier, pool deck is cantilevered over this hillside. And you get to interact with your views so well.

It's so nice to be here. You get the breeze and, I mean, look at our surroundings. City is down below us. This is amazing. And it doesn't end here, because down below us, this property comes with an orchard with over 800 trees. Let's go take a look.

(upbeat music) We're what, like 50ft away from the house. Can we show it? That's the pool deck right there. And we are on a journey.

800 plus trees, right? You have lemon trees, tangerines, blood orange, regular orange, avocado trees. I mean, the list goes on and on and on. And Mikey, guess what they also have? Kumquat.

- [Mikey] Oh, really? They have kumquats? - [Enes] Yep. On our Newport episode, Mikey made me try a kumquat. Give it a shot. You're not supposed to peel this. So sour. I'm pretty sure it had a seed, too. Did you eat that?

Well, too late now. Turns out you need to peel them. Yeah, and Enes just popped the whole little thing in his mouth. It wasn't. The right move.

Let's go this way. Mikey. This is incredible. And I'm pretty sure that is a kumquat, actually.

Oh, these ones are good. Yeah, these ones are really good. Just take one. Don't chew the peel, but just bite it so you can taste the juice. Oh, it's very sweet. Come on, follow me this way.

He flicked this tree in my face. I'm a little bit lost right now. Mikey, where are we? I am not really sure. I'm following your lead. The oranges are up there.

House looks insane from this level. I didn't realize we're so far out. I want an orange. I think I found one. Stay right there.

What do you think? Looks good. Juicy. I'm pretty sure no one in a black suit has ever been down here. This is like the juiciest orange ever. Look at that.

It's like a clementine, but an orange. It doesn't have seeds. Owning a property like this would be my dream. I would literally feed myself and my family and my friends, out of these grounds, and I would just have full time garden this year.

You'd have great cocktail parties with all the fruit and fruit around here, too. Yoga parties, healthy juice parties, you name it. But yeah. I don't know how good of a job we did

covering five and a half acres, but we tried our best. There is so much space to walk around, and with that, we're done with the gardens. Now let's go back to the house so we can see it at dusk. (upbeat music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you all enjoy this video and let us know in the comments below. What do you think of this amazing property? Now, I want to give big thanks to the listing agent, Drew Fenton, and his brokerage, Carolwood Estates, for making this tour possible.

And as always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video. Now, lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music) What are you doing over there? I'm collecting some for our team. How many did you get? I get as much as I could. Where we go up. Oh, wow. My suit's a little bit in trouble.

Yeah, take that to to the cleaners.

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