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That's right in front, it's scary, it's really prone to landslides here, because I'm warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Sampurasun first of all, don't forget to like Comment and subscribe. Today is in Trenggalek, Trenggalek Tourist City, so do you want to go back to your hometown now, do you want to go back to Cianjur, OK? Star from Trenggalek at 4 o'clock 16.00 in the afternoon OK friends, let's continue the journey Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh that's the Trenggalek tourist attraction. Enter the cellphone first, you have to be orderly because the distance is far, so that's the color of Trenggalek tourism, so Trenggalek is probably a tourist city, a tourist city in Java East, yes, there are so many tourist attractions.

We continue our journey, so later on this trip we will reach the Trenggalek Ponorogo border. In the afternoon, the traffic is really busy because the children also have to go back to school. and also have to go back from the office, right? Ouch, while on this route the road is quite bumpy, friends , so on the Trenggalek route heading to Ponorogo, we have to be careful, be alert because the road is bumpy and also what is it called this afternoon? in the afternoon like that, yes, in the afternoon the vehicles are quite busy, especially school children coming home from school, isn't that right now, it's the era like that, the school uses motorbikes, even though they don't have a driver's license, right ? That's the era, right? What's more, it can't be avoided, right? The important thing is that we have to be careful, have to be careful, have to be careful Oh, sir. Okay, so heading west, so what's it called? It's quite dazzling. This sun in the afternoon is quite dazzling, so

You have to be careful, because visibility is limited, looking straight ahead is a bit difficult because it 's limited by sunlight, so if you want to slip, you have to be alert, so are you still taking it easy in the afternoon? This afternoon is limited to 60 km. per hour because it's so bright that the sun is looking at coffee friends, it's very limited to see ahead, even the eyes of these little fireflies, let's just take the left, friends, look for safety, want to take the right lane, I'm also afraid, I'm afraid because I can't anticipate the vehicle in front is because of the sun's glare, right? OK, friends, from now on, a little explanation of why this journey will take you through the route, what is the name of the Bendungan route? Yes, Tugu Dam with the Trenggalek and Ponorogo border monument. Wow, there is a sedan parked, guys. OK, thank you for the sunshine. Hey Ouch, we should be at the front.

Wow, silat, the sun is really special, we're going a little bit forward, that's why the car wants to turn left, ouch, the sun hurts my eyes, the sun's rays, I'm not wearing glasses anymore. OK, the light is green [Music] the sun is hot [Music] but thank God Yes, if you ride, what is it called, given it is bright, given sunny weather, so what is it called, it's fun, that's how you can trade, the weather is cool, if you give it sunny weather, yes, even if it rains, actually, it doesn't matter if it rains, but if it rains, you have to be extra careful. It could rain, I'm afraid I'll get 1000 jeglongan. I'm afraid I'm afraid of that when we walk, because there's a hole in front, you can't see it's submerged in water, right? If the weather is sunny like this, it's fun to ride like that, but yes, in the current months the weather is really cold, even though This dry season, the weather is actually cold, yes, even in some areas there are fires, in fact there are fires in the gardens, in the rice fields , even in Bromo, the information is that there is a fire, I saw the video, Mas Diko, on that channel. there was a fire [Music] he said it was also in Bromo. It was closed and he said the glasses were temporary. Oh my friends, it's really a relaxing trip because visibility is a bit limited because the sun's rays are quite dazzling because the weather is really what you call sunny, it's really suitable That's for riding. That's for riding

it's suitable for long distance touring, it's very suitable if the weather is sunny like this. OK, friends, a little information, so what is the Kowi trip from Tulungagung, leaving at 15 or 3 in the afternoon, heading to Cianjur, so what is this coffee going through 3 provinces from East Java from East Java Central Java and West Java, especially Central Java, Central Java, from the start of Central Java to the end of Central Java, that's the end. Well, East Java is just Tulungagung, Trenggalek, Ponorogo, that's only East Java, that means the distance between them is only 3 districts. So it's different later with Central Java. Wow, if Central Java is full from the start when you enter Wonogiri until the end of the border to Banjar, that's how this car just queued, the car part was taken again, right, finally got stuck, right ? Wow, queued guys, I took the wrong route, I should have taken the route right, but if we want to slip to the right, do we just go to the left first, bro, what is this situation and conditions, it's not possible, if we slip on the right, this is the glare of the sun, okay? Barakallah, it's dry season. That's it. Yes, this dry season has been going on for several months.

OK, we Just take the right, yeah, it's a bit complicated if you're on the left. Okay, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, let's take the right, but in the left position, it's a bit complicated, it's really cool, the weather is very bright, Punten Punten [Music] yes, bring a load of durian, bring 10 durians, put them in a cardboard box, it's easy -Hopefully when you get home it won't crack or maybe it won't taste too ripe or something like that, it won't get muddy, there won't be any motorbike taxis like that, right ? That's what I ordered , he said. Yes, I've finally made a souvenir [Music] even though it's a bit complicated. Here, riding while carrying quite a lot of stuff, it's a bit complicated, the weight isn't that much, actually it's at least 20 kilos, 10 durians don't think it's up to 20 kilos, the durians are also small, aren't they not in season? If it's not in season right now, right? It's different from 3 months ago. 3 months ago, the durian harvest

at Batu Limo Trenggalek was getting a bit cheap, it's scary, the price is now as big as a basket, it could be around 45,000, because it's starting to become rare, right? It's no longer a big harvest, but yes, even so, for the sake of my beloved wife, for the sake of my beloved wife in our hometown. Finally bought Indah durian, 10 seeds, 10 pieces, right? Yes, I hope it will be useful for the children as well, maybe for those of you who have I like durian, that's pretty good, isn't it? [Music] Well, this is going to Ponorogo, friends, so later on the video I'll stop at the Trenggalek border, Ponorogo, then connect again from the Trenggalek Ponorogo truck border, connect again to the Ponorogo Wonogiri border and so on, but Maybe Jokowi didn't record for his night trip because that's what he wanted to see, but let's try the situation, if the situation is indeed good to watch, if the situation at night is suitable for recording, yes, then record it. Thank God, it's been a trip. How many minutes has it been? This

is good if you use it. Yes, that's a Byson motorbike. So, is that a Byson motorbike user? Yes, he was fascinated from the start. From the start when he bought a Byson motorbike, he was amazed when he saw the ad. That's why the motorbike failed. Yes, I tried it on touring. That's really fun. Can you think about

motorbike power issues or what? Yes, that's important. It's comfortable, what's important is that it's comfortable and it also saves fuel and it's also economical and the fuel is pretty good, especially when you're still using the original carburetor, right? When you use the original carburetor from Tulungagung to Cianjur, that's a distance of 700 KM, that's around 200,000 a full tank from full tank to full tank, that's the carburetor, it's already in the wasteful setting, that's not the term for the touring setting, because it's a long journey, right? If the settings are just standard, it's a pity, so in the end, when the touring setting is set, it's a little wasteful, and it starts to glare again. Hey, the sun is very hot , but even so, the spirit of touring remains enthusiastic It's called going home, right? That's why if someone dies, you must be happy, you have to be happy, right? Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Asem Red Plate Red Plate Anjir Selap Slip Slip Just relax like that [Music] The glare of the sun makes Abah's eyes a bit sick of this coffee. from Glare to Teduh it feels very comfortable , the road is very smooth, but even though the road is rough because of the heavy load on the back, the motorbike is a bit wobbly if you use a light corne, eh, yellow-yellow banana peel, yellow clothes, only 10 durian fruit even though the courier [Music] great trip, very special, sometimes Ponorogo, the road is really smooth, turning left, turning right and the road is also quite smooth.

Duh, Brother, you know, I'm not feeling well, actually from the throat. It's itchy like that, maybe I want to cough like that, or influenza, right? right now the music is winter, because it's winter, so yes, it's natural that the turn to the right is immediately greeted by the sun. [Music] great, bro, this is long-distance touring. Thank God, this can be done while being cool, so hopefully, as time goes by, that's the content. -What is your content? The more useful it is, the more viewers there are and the more rupiahs and dollars you have on YouTube. Is that so

for friends, don't forget to subscribe to Abah Kowi's channel, OK? Thank God the sun is a bit covered. The hills are pretty good for the view ahead. It's getting a bit clearer in full HD, the sun is covered by Bukit Cuy, which means maybe it's more than 4 o'clock now [Music] Thank God, the shade isn't too hot, the sun isn't too hot, OK, soon we will pass the Tugu Dam, friends, the Tugu Dam, the Trenggalek Ponorogo border , OK? Here The situation on the road from Trenggalek to Ponorogo is that the road is cool on the right side of the road for today on the 4th of September 2023. There are road improvements

which are worrying. If you ride at night, it's dangerous. If you ride at night, it's usually dangerous. It's usually like that, it's dazzling. It's starting to get dazzling again, the sun is starting to open again, wow, it's dazzling. Anjay, relax, relax, crazy, I can't get out of the light because of the heavy load behind me, right ? This durian fruit is for Bebeb at home, for Bebeb at home, even though my riding is a bit tormented, this is because there's this durian fruit.

Wow, it's dazzling again, right? There are road repairs on the left and right, oh, it turns out there were traces of landslides, when was this and that, in front of there, the Tugu Dam a little far away? Wait, can I record this with my camera or not, because it's against the light of the sun too [Music] against the light of the sun too, I hope the recording results are good, the lens has been replaced with a GoPro lens, hopefully it can reduce the UltraViolet light from the sun's rays. This border , oh, it's scary, it's prone to landslides here, guys, because it's a cliff. So If there's a direction to go there, that's a cliff on the left, that's a cliff, right. Well, it's prone to landslides. One day, if it rains, it's prone to landslides. It's very dangerous.

This is the dam gate. The body is here. Well, in front of it, that's the dam gate. the monument. Well, that's the Tugu Dam. Well, here it is. The gate of the dam. The body is here. Well, that's it. What is the brand

? ] Oh boy, this is really great [Music] the ground is dry, the land on the cliffs is dry, you know, I can't imagine what it will be like during the rainy season, Masha Allah, I hope everyone is safe, O Allah, Rahman, O Allah, Rohim, OK? here it is guys, so have you arrived at the border? Good luck, okay, let's cross here, let's stop first, do you want to explain a little, it's fun, let's explain a little, okay, let's turn it off first , here comes the border Trenggalek Ponorogo border , so here is the border, friends, now at 16.20, OK? So al-baqawi wants to make a video first, what is it called, so that's the border. Welcome to the city of Trenggalek, so there, Trenggalek, here it is, Ponorogo, friends , here is the situation and the condition of the land is already dry, so I'm afraid of the rain, I'm afraid of the rain, it's prone to landslides, right? The condition of the road is like this and in front of there is the monument dam, friends. The body of the dam is down here, so it's a bit far, yes, it's a bit blocked by this, it's also blocked by trees too. OK friends, I have arrived here at the Trenggalek Ponorogo border. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Sampurasun Dulur

2023-09-17 13:30

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