TOPSPEED of the New Royal Enfield Himalayan 452

TOPSPEED of the New Royal Enfield Himalayan 452

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Anyway, let's do a little speed test Here we go Totally lost Deshnoke, Rajasthan India Good morning Internet, it is 7:50 in  the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here in Deshnoke, where I visited the famous rat temple in the previous episode Now today, I am going further into Rajasthan While I'm still waiting for my breakfast and I asked for some aloo paratha Which is my favorite Indian breakfast  and a chai but I already finished the chai In the meantime, let me actually show you on the map what the plan is for today So I'm now right over here, and today I want to make it to Jaisalmer Which is pretty much in the far corner of Rajasthan So it's not as far as the previous two episodes, I think it's 340 kilometers So I feel a little bit more relaxed, that I don't have to rush so much And that I'll easily make it today Alright, breakfast has arrived Here is my aloo paratha with some I think, chutney or something So I am hiding the bike all the time  under the cover But in this case, the cover had another purpose because there's a lot of doves here I also want to protect the bike from dove poop I should really have her washed, hey.. Bye-bye! Bye Off I go You know, I already did 2,600 kilometers on the bike Today might probably be the first day that I can really test out The.. maybe this way That I can go and test out the speed a little bit on the bike Because so far, where I've been riding, it's just.. you can't go very fast

Because of the roads or I mean, it's just too dangerous, there's.. ..Dogs running on the road, there's cows, there's you know.. There can be suddenly potholes or whatever But the stretch of road I'm going now, the first bit, it's a brand new highway And there is nothing there I can actually push the bike a little bit to see how fast I can go This way Because I did a tiny little bit on that road, in the last video Before I arrived here and it's crazy,  you must look at the map There is this highway that literally runs in a straight line through the country Um.. how do I ? Wait. Let me see, how do I, get..I need to get up this blue thing They just drew a straight line like, brup Um.. And, so it doesn't pass through villages, nothing So it's super fast but it's a toll road And well, I think motorcycles are.. you don't have to pay for the toll road on a motorbike

I think because it's toll road, it's not very popular and it's just empty It's just empty which is a kind of a bizarre feeling No Now what? English? No motorcycles? Or? English? Hindi - Hindi Your country name? - Netherlands Nederlande - Netherlands Netherlands I go this way It's fast bike Fast fast I go around here? Okay Motorbikes are not allowed or something I'm really confused because I rode on this road yesterday Maybe that also wasn't allowed, I  don't know I just did it I didn't see a sign, no motorbikes Anyway, they allowed me, so that's good There's some sand Quite a bit of sand Anyway, let's do a little speed test Alright, so I'm in sixth gear 140! Alright, so that's uh.. 140 kilometers an hour easily But uh.. you should try it on like a German highway Another railway crossing Ha ha ha Let me go and have a little tea break Hello! You have chai? Huh? - Chai Chai? - Yeah Thank you So my face looks a bit weird because my goggles are in my face But anyway, rule number one, when in India always drink plenty chai every day I miss this chai so much, and for some reason only in India they can make it.. the way it is And it is the best. For the chai alone  I would come to India every year I think That was one good cup of chai Ready to continue Left Now I have to be a little careful With the prickly bushes because.. because this pre-production bike it actually has tubes

Where as the bike when it comes out Uh, it will be tubeless Which is pretty cool because it has spoked wheels But then it will be tubeless But because this is a pre-production I actually have tubes now So.. .. Try not to get a flat tire out here That's the plan Still kind of looking for.. .. The main track Ah, I think it's here It's very sandy Phap phap I should actually uh.. put the ABS off There.. .. I've just been lazy, too be honest If you want to change those modes, you have to stop ABS on Okay, so I'm in rear ABS off Rider mode performance So that means I have full power There's also a mode, Eco Then uh.. Well, it's more fuel efficient But uh.. I want full performance!

It's interesting how green it is here right ? So you get like a very sandy desert But with a ton of bushes and grass and trees So I actually wonder if there was like some recent rainfall here It's gone to single trail Is this right? Feels more like I am on a cow track So far for avoiding prickly bushes Ah I think the track is here Ah ha Back on the main track. Oh, it's getting pretty sandy now Turn right This way Oh, where am I going? There was a bike coming out So I assumed Wow look at these houses That's cool right? Uh.. Where am I though? This way It's a bit of a maze up here Really cool houses Oh cows This way Just follow wherever everybody else is going Left here Just got to plug in my phone 'Cause the battery is almost dead Really like these buildings They're really like desert style aren't they? This is the bazaar One of them probably Clothing bazaar Still going the right way Wow, look at this Amazing It's like a palace The Moti Mahal Okay See if I can visit it later Now I go up here I think It's a bit narrow Um.. I'm not sure Where I'm going This way Ah, I've reached the fort This must be the outer fort walls, wow Ha, ha ha. Okay, I'm going to explore all of it later

Look at this Jaisalmer is a really cool place right? Oh, some delicious fruits Get some of those later too This way then I'm all over the place Oh well, get a little tour of Jaisalmer in the meantime While I'm looking for the place I'm going to going to stay Buildings are incredible right? I mean.. is this a house? Or is this that temple again? I mean, look at it, the carvings It's unreal Uh oh Is this still.. I have a feeling I was already here.. I don't know Ah, I was already here I think So it turns out they've given me a free upgrade for a room I got to show you this It's such a.. I feel like I am staying in a palace Look at this Look how cool this room is And then probably the best bit Is that I have a view on the fort It's just there at the top It's time for a little wash And this guy from the hotel I asked him, where can I have my bike washed? And he says uh, I'll show you. So I'm just following him now

To a.. a bike washing place I should look after the bike as if it were my own I feel like No Ah, here it Let's see How clean.. .. She is. Look at that Okay Let's go Very clean! Good huh? Better Namaste I'm just going to freshen up a little bit uh.. and then I'm going to head into the city Bravo Very good What is the name of the instrument? *Inaudible* It's very good I make this - Ah ha I'm making this  - You make the instrument yourself Ah, what's your name? My name, Ari - Ari And yours? - Noraly Noraly - Yes - Nice meet you - Nice to meet you Namaste See what this leads to So I am now in the Jaisalmer Palace And this is where the Maharaja used to live And the Maharaja still lives here in Jaisalmer, but outside the fort He lives in a new brand new palace But this is the old one, built in 12th century And then over time of course, it has been extended and renovated and rebuilt And changed here and there Not quite sure, where I'm supposed to go now Up here Oh no, there is a door Through here, maybe? There's so many rooms everywhere. Look, I can go in here There Or up here Wow, this palace is enormous Let's check this out I wonder what this room was used for Amazing how the fort literally  towers over the city right? Very dark. Maybe this was a closet

And that was a closet And then there's a cute window here So here Where do we go? I'm totally lost You're supposed to follow a route but .. .. Somehow I lost it Oh look, now I'm on the inside of the fort again Outside Some more stairs How anyone could ever find their way in here, is a mystery to me Oh wow I'm on the roof Yoi What a city So this is the coronation throne,  which is only used for the coronation of the king And so the last time this was used was for the coronation of the current king which was in 1982 And he was only 14 years old at the  time This more feels like a jail There is no fresh light And.. It is kind of.. actually looks like  a jail, ah ha I have a feeling there's bats here as well Oof Yeah, this is not the best place of the palace Oh, this is much better Namaste - Namaste Good morning How are you? - How are you? What is your name? - Noraly - Noraly What's your name? - Godari - Godari Nice to meet you Hey sweetie.. What are you doing here? Hi cutie Oh Aren't you the sweetest  thing? So that was the Jaisalmer fort What an amazing place, I absolutely loved it Um, it was super nice to just stroll around through the alleys And people are really friendly and  yeah, just really enjoyed it So I'm going to end this video now That was it for today, I really hope you like this video If you did, please give a big thumbs up. Subscribe down below and then I will see you in the next video

2023-11-16 12:30

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