Toddler sees the WORLD by SAIL - Desert Island Family Adventure SV Delos Ep 394

Toddler sees the WORLD by SAIL - Desert Island Family Adventure SV Delos Ep 394

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(upbeat music) (waves crashing) - [Narrator] Over the course of the last 13 years I've sailed enough miles to circle the entire world nearly three times. Visiting the shores of 46 different countries and six continents in the process. I've looked out the windows of Delos and seen pristine tropical paradises, remote mountainous forests, bustling cityscapes, and just about everything in between. But I've never ever encountered a place like this before.

We just arrived to some of the southernmost islands in the Sea of Cortez, but it felt like we had landed on an entirely different planet. Surrounded by some of the most delicious turquoise water we've ever seen, and under the shadow of towering Mars-like sea cliffs dotted with cacti, we woke up in our backyard of the day ready to pull the hook and set sail to our next out of this world destination, Isla Partida. (upbeat safari music) ♪ Ramukanji ramu liki ramu qole ramu so so ♪ ♪ Gam tu ram si male ♪ ♪ Gam tu ram si male male ra ♪ ♪ Ramukanji ramu liki ramu qole ramu so so ♪ ♪ Gam tu ram si male ♪ ♪ Gam tu ram si male male ra ♪ ♪ Onetox represent Solomon Island people see ♪ (waves crashing) (water pouring) (water slashing) - I'm happy to say that today's video is sponsored by AG1 from Athletic Greens. It's been like over a year since I started drinking AG1 regularly and I have to say it's become a crucial part of my morning routine. One scoop. One minute.

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(waves crashing) (midtempo guitar music) - I think we decided to head to a different spot tonight. - We're gonna try our second anchorage. It's up at the next island up. Isla... Is it Isla or Ila? - I don't know. - I don't know, whatever. I'm gonna say Isla Partida.

- Yeah. - And it's a little bit of wind. Five knots? (laughs) - Four knots. (laughs) - We're gonna try and sail-- - Whoop whoop four knots. - You ready to sail Nugs? Yeah? Okay. (Sierra jabbering) - Yeah. Cali's coming too.

- It's like seven miles. Short sail. - Yeah. Short sail today. Okay, let's do this.

(midtempo guitar music) (anchorage recovering) - Okay, hook is up. (midtempo guitar music) Oh. (midtempo guitar music) (wind blowing) (bell dinging) (midtempo guitar music) (Brian whistles) - Smooth sailing. Just enough wind to keep us moving. Look at this view though. It's just so spectacular.

Everywhere you look, I love the desert. Just feels so open. Maybe it's cuz I grew up in the desert in Tucson and Arizona is a special place in my heart. This rate, it'll only take us two hours to go five miles. How cool is it to be able to take your sailboat from the jungle to the desert? It's pretty amazing, right? - It's pretty insane.

The contrast. (midtempo guitar music) - Okay, we've got a jive. We've got a jive before we hit that cliff. Sierra we have to jive before we hit the cliff.

Stop yelling into the fan. (Sierra yelling) (wheel squeaking) Jiving. (line reeling) (Sierra yelling) (midtempo guitar music) - Looks like a pretty sweet spot. (anchor dropping) (midtempo guitar music) (waves sloshing) - Ah, ah, ah. - [Kazza] What do you wanna do today, Sierra? Stop being such a daredevil.

- Oh. - [Kazza] Whoa. - [Brian] Let's get some energy out. - [Kazza] What! - [Brian] Whoa! - [Kazza] What a jump. - What's going on? - It's supposed to be a walk, we heard, at the end of this bay there's a valley and in between the valley there's mangroves and you can apparently walk along the mangroves to the other side of the island where there's a nice bay where we can hang out on the beach and swim. And our friends are gonna come with us.

- [Kazza] Yay! We have friends. - We have friends. So we have One Life anchored right over there and Calico Skies anchored right over there and we're just gonna go hang out. - [Kazza] Okay. - Mhm. (midtempo guitar music) (water sloshing) - [Narrator] Delos was anchored in this bay here on the east side of the east Isla Partida. And today's mission was to traverse across the island through the valley where we would be rewarded with breathtaking views of this UNESCO biosphere reserve.

♪ Yard stick ball than order ♪ ♪ Never did rush to set me free ♪ - [Brian] Are you hiking in the desert in your butterfly dress? - Hmm? No. - [Brian] I can see you. ♪ I got a new canon ♪ ♪ I met a world's companion ♪ - [Brian] There's just something special about the desert, huh Kaz? - I know, look at this cacti. - [Brian] It's got like a beauty all to its own. - Like that. When you pull the needles, it's like this long. - [Brian] Yeah.

- [Kazza] Holy. - I love how we always choose the very hottest part of the day to go walking. - [Bill] It doesn't honestly matter that much. - Yeah, it's hot or a little bit hotter.

Or not quite as hot, but still hot. - There's so many different kinds of spiky plants like cacti. (midtempo guitar music) Everything is spiky. It's pretty amazing.

- [Camera Person] Man you really do get the perspective better when you see a person next to it. - This is like thicker than me. - [Camera Person] I don't even have the whole thing in my frame. (Kazza laughing) Geez. - It's wild. They're so massive.

This tower of a cactus that Brian was standing next to is a Mexican giant cardon and it's the largest species of cactus in the world. It's a slow growing plant who's lifespan is measured in hundreds of years. Once mature, they average a height of about 30 feet but individuals up to 60 feet tall has been recorded and they can weigh up to a whooping 25 tons. - [Brian] What is it? - Crabs.

- [Brian] Crabs? They're everywhere, Sierra look at them. ♪ Knife blade I got a new canon ♪ (midtempo guitar music) - Sierra, look at this. We made it, we made it to the other side. (midtempo guitar music) (drone buzzing) There's goes the drone. Whoa. Look at this place, Sierra.

Wow. ♪ I know myself ♪ ♪ God you know me better than I know myself ♪ ♪ Are you gonna give me that miss cleaner ♪ - [Brian] Hey you ready love? - Ah that's so refreshing. That is amazingly refreshing. Wee! Ah. ♪ I got a new canon ♪ (water splashing) - [Brian] This is pretty cool, Sierra. Do you wanna look under the water at the fishies? - Okay put your head in. - [Brian] Okay, ready?

1, 2, 3. - 1, 2, 3. (water bubbling) - Fish! - [Brian] What did you see? - Fishy. (water bubbling) - [Brian] Wow. This is amazing, huh? - She's loving looking at the fish. It's so different.

- [Brian] She's holding her breath a long time now. Pretty good consider-- (Sierra jabbering) I think we have a new fish addict here. She's like, "Mom, look down there!" There's fish.

- [Kazza] Okay. - [Brian] There's a whole world down there, Nugs. It's a whole, it's like most of our planet actually. That was amazing. - [Kazza] Time to hike back. - What a refreshing swim huh? - [Kazza] I love Sierra's sun shade.

- Sierra got such a good little setup. - [Kazza] I know. - She reminds me of one of those desert dwellers that has a little situation on top of camel. Except I'm the camel. (midtempo island music) - [Narrator] We've racked up quite a few engine hours this season as we battled less than ideal sailing conditions up the coast of Central America and southern Mexico. - I calculated the miles we've gone since leaving Shelter Bay in Panama.

It's like 2,092 miles. - [Kazza] Ooo. - Yeah, and most of that's been motoring.

(Kazza laughs) Sucks. Sucks! It's the most I've ever motored my entire life. - [Narrator] We'd run the engine for 257 hours since the last time I did an oil change in Panama. And since I was already covered from head to toe in sweat from our hike that morning, I figured there was no time like the present. Our trusted diesel has about 8,000 hours on it.

If you were to drive a car for 8,000 hours at an average of 50 miles per hour, this would be the equivalent of 400,000 miles. Since I change the oil and filter every 250 hours, I'm no stranger to the process. It's one of the things that I do religiously for preventive maintenance and I think one of the main reasons why it still has good compression, burns no oil and has plenty of life left.

I always carry enough spare filters and oil to do a minimum of two full oil changes for both the main diesel and generator on board. - Before I change the oil I always like to run it for just a minute, minute and a half, not very long, just to warm it up. It makes the oil easier to pull out although it's pretty freaking hot here so I don't even know if I need to do it, but it's sort of a habit. (engine running) Yep, it's working. All right. I'm gonna have to use both hands. So I'm gonna put this camera down and pump the rest of this oil out.

It's not really that exciting, but having a pump like this really can make the difference between it being an absolute disaster and working pretty good. One of the things I also like to do when I'm changing the filter is fill the filter up with oil, pre-fill it, so that during the first few seconds the engine is started it can have a better chance of maintaining oil pressure. Cuz I think a lot of wear can happen before the filter fills up. So, something I've always done. So I just take a little funnel, and then I basically pour the oil right into there.

Then another thing I do is I take a few drops of oil and I just put it on the seal like that and then lubricates that a little bit. Now without spilling this now we gotta get the old filter off. Put the new one on. This is always the messy part too.

Filter wrench right here. Okay. Okay, the rest will go by hand.

(upbeat drum music) Okay. That's it. That's it. Got it. Okay.

All right, last step. Fill her up with clean oil. Start it up. Check the level. Good to go. So far we haven't had any disasters. I shouldn't speak too soon though.

It takes about five liters of oil, this one, plus the oil that I filled the filter with so I think it's six in total. Okay, so it's just at the min mark now. So add one more liter to bring it up to max.

We'll call it good. Don't want to overfill it 'cause if you overfill it, I heard that it can be fairly bad for the engine because if the oil level is too high it can create air bubbles and that it doesn't properly lubricate and produce oil pressure. I don't know whether that's true or not, but I figure why take a chance so I just fill it up to max and that's good. All right, now for the most important part so that I know when to do the maintenance again is I always log the engine hours when I change stuff. So here's the Volvo.

You can see this list is going all the way back to 244 hours, the previous owner, and then all the oil changes over the years. All right, now it's logged and now I know when the next time I should do it is. (waves crashing) - [Narrator] After a sweaty day of hiking in the sun and toiling away in the engine room, we were pretty happy to treat ourselves to some frosty margaritas and a bite to eat with cruising friends. - We're looking good already. Popping up. - [Brian] What are you popping up? - Pizza night.

- [Brian] Ooo. - [Friend] Let's get wild. - Let's get woo! (group laughing) - [Friend 2] Sunday Funday. - [Kazza] This is how we do.

- [Brian] We had our nice hike today. - This is how we do it. - [Brian] We got our toppings set up.

- [Kazza] This is how we do it Nugs? - Gary's on the dough. The dough man. Dough boy. - [Friend 2] Dough boy. - Dough boy. [Brian] Dough boy. This is what we do. We drink and we make pizza.

We pretend like-- - Margaritas and pizzas. - [Brian] Yeah, and civilization. - It's about air conditioning, that's most important part. - [Brian] And air conditioning. - [Gary] The air conditioning is blasting.

- [Friend 2] Don't tell anyone that. We're roughing it off here so we don't talk. - I've modified the ratio. - [Kazza] What are we at now? - [Gary] What is the ratio? - It's just double whatever they say. Double tequila. Oh my god, that looks so good.

(cutter cutting) - [Kazza] Oh yeah. That's such a good sound. - [Brian] All right, tasters.

Tasters needed. - That's some bomb dough right there. - [Brian] Isn't it pretty good? - Mm. - [Brian] Dough boy's done good.

Come on dough boy. - It's really good, wow. I'm surprised. - [Brian] Surprising we can make such good pizza out in the middle of nowhere, huh? - I know. In our little-- - [Brian] That's a good team effort. - Toaster oven.

- [Brian] All right, now we just drink margaritas and goodnight. (midtempo island music) - [Narrator] Up next on "Delos"-- - [Brian] Boom. - [Narrator] We set sail under amazing spinnaker conditions. - [Brian] How good does this feel? - I know we're sailing. Yay!

- [Narrator] And blow Sierra's mind by getting up close and personal with a sea lion rookery. (sea lions barking) - [Sierra] Wow! - She's like, not ready to go right now. (group laughing) (Sierra yelling) - [Kazza] Woo! (group laughing) (sea lions barking) (upbeat music) - All right, so this is a YouTube comment by Top Dog Josh. I love that name. "First of all, let me say I love this video." I don't know which video it's on, but.

"Second, I wonder if Brian misses sailing with his brother "as much as I miss Brian sailing with his brother? "Comeback Brady?" - Aw. - Yeah. I miss sailing with Brady. It's so funny, he was supposed to come cross the Pacific Ocean and then he ended up staying 10 years.

(pair laughing) A little over 10 years. And I love sailing with my brother. We had so many good, amazing memories together and we're family and we still chat. But I think it was time for us to go on our separate ways. We're starting a family with Sierra and Brady is starting his own business with Alex in Lake Tahoe and he's doing extremely well. So if you wanna know what Brady's up to, you can follow him on either YouTube or Instagram or Patreon.

Just search on Cruisers Academy, Cruisers and then A-C-A-D-E-M-Y. And he's running a sailing school and I'm very proud of him. He has a couple of sailboats in Lake Tahoe and they have a bigger blue water boat that they're gonna sail from San Francisco down to Mexico and they're gonna be doing offshore training.

- So we hope to meet them too. - Yeah, we're hoping to buddy boat them with them but I do miss him. Hopefully we'll get to sail again together at some point. - We will. - Yeah.

I feel it. That's it. - Sweet. - I got it. I got it. (Sierra babbling) (upbeat string music) (parents laughing) - Woohoo! (upbeat string music)

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