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so everybody happy New Year welcome back to  sran day two today we are at Central world and   we want to see what we can do here we already  saw this some water slides and some other sort   of cool looking attractions but yeah let's go  and Jump Right In as you can see guys it's as   busy as always yesterday we did hit up the CM  area and also k Road Wooh and today we decided   to come to Central world because this is a very  very big sort of get together wow guys welcome   to the streets of Bangkok once again it's day two  Sr 2024 and yes we are just as excited as we were   yesterday look at these Legends oh my God it's  freezing cold oh freezing cold water and that was   a proper super soer as well oh my God oh my  God yeah he is absolutely packed here oh my god oh I got covered I got covered in freezing  cold water oh hello wow wow wow okay I don't   know this is overwhelming oh no oh no oh no in  all fairness to today I didn't even bring a gun   because I didn't feel like spraying so much but  uh Luke brought a gun today I brought guys I am   fully strapped and ready to go strapped and  ready to go well I'm not ready to go I need water refill okay I think you can just dip  it now I can dip Okay C on cup W cold oh my God it's so cold ice water oh my God my hand is going to  fall off no hands after cupcorn cup guys they're selling absolute tons  of water guns never going to run out   never run out of choice either a lot  of these look very nice actually some   of them are pretty powerful and just  have a look at how crowded it is right now I feel like we're at a really bad  point though because this is sort of   the entrance to the Skywalk here so this  is where everybody is we're at the the   intersection the intersection of chaos right  now I want to go this way you want to go over   there to the left yeah it's even possible  with the amount of people I don't oh it's crazy my oh oh they're having a fun I needed an ear cleaning anyway  oh yeah nice little ear canal oh I just got some chalk on me oh what's a  full-blown water War over there oh I got to pump   I got to pump my gun up ready are you going to  be part of it pumped it up now we're ready to go you look very dry oh my God what was that wow guys welcome to Central world  it is absolute Jammers in here so many   people so much going on it's a  good time it's a good vibe this   is Thailand this is it the two boys  are having their own little fight oh water wars I love it this is that  I've been talking about this is the   back side of the slide sorry  it's a massive massive massive [Laughter] [Music] stage oh my god oh no want my [Laughter]   nice I want to go up there to the water  slide oh my God this is madness this is madness let's go let's go let's go  so I feel like I have no voice from   yesterday because screaming and laughing so much oh my God oh my God hold on I need to recharge it's  difficult yeah it is in general in general   it's difficult to survive yeah you're  not going anywhere without getting wet here your B your water is extra cold yeah I have ice  water I have ice water that's true I just   forgot that I had to dump my hand in  well worth it though cuz I feel like   people are afraid of me now especially with  my mustache sorry I didn't fill you guys in   I sh my have a mustache so this is just adding  a whole different level of danger to my to my   equipment do you think they can smell that  you have cold water or why do you think were   scared of you they just take one look at  me I got the leopard shirt they know it's danger wow so many [Music] people oh my god oh the cheeks already hurt from laughing yeah I have like a tore face from yesterday  because I was like laughing screaming the entire day oh my oh my God I need maybe a small gun or  something yeah true Naomi is defenseless her hand   is a little bit hurt from yesterday because with  the guns that we had the water guns that we had   they were very very large too big very heavy so  unfortunately it weighs down on your hand and then   you can get bruised so yeah today I'm the only one  that is fully strapped and Ready for War look at   how many people there are and surprisingly  still not staying dry though yeah true I   thought people would like stay off me because I  don't have a gun but no nope people do not care wow this is it look at that look at that  beautiful big screen there wow oh yeah it   doesn't get any bigger than that this year  they went with a really fun sort of theme   for sun cran which is like a little bit like  alien esque or something like it all of the   little figers have like 15 KN or something  it's really cute yeah this is like uh you   can get like street food here um all different  types of food you can eat pretty much anything   you want really and it's amazing plenty of  different stuff obviously I don't know how   well you're going to avoid being sprayed but  yeah it's a very very good time that's for sure   and there is again overwhelming amount of people  here and yeah it's a good time it's a real good time welcome back to spray cam TV it's really cold TV with SL I'm going to get out of the way so you oh my god somebody's break  him VI oh yeah so cold oh my God okay this one here [Music] W this year the exact same way as every  year sran is not for the socially anxious people   as you can see there's people literally  everywhere and you're like elbow to Elbow   basically there's no there's no running from this  it's everywhere it's literally like you want to   go shopping or something like you don't even  want to be part of sran sometimes but you will   still be wet like you will never Escape sran  you'll never es once you're in you're in for good I I hope that this gives  you a bit of a perspective as   to how many people there are up  there and I'm spraying them all currently you think the escalator is  turned on with this amount of water ah   yeah true there oh no they're  all walking okay's escalator wow this is uh pretty overwhelming P crao if you want to get yourself  a cheeky pad crap out you can get   it here I don't know how safe I'd feel  eating the pad crap out in the middle of Sr oh my God what you m directly in the wow wow wow oh my God check out that escalator oh my god wow ice water  here W or maybe everybody I don't   know we're going to try it that was  cold we're going to try try and go up oh my God you're getting you're getting  sprayed from other side sometimes the swe   it's just like on on the on the stomach level you  just get sprayed like oh my God cold water oh my God it cannot run I know I want you [Music] pe I don't know I feel like we're uh we're  traffic jammed in we're stuck in a traffic jam yeah oh oh [Music] man you got to just shoot straight up oh [Music] no oh my God oh my God [Music] Luke always tries  to shoot and then take me as cover yeah exactly oh no like four lanes down but one lane  up yep the best organization yeah ah [Music] D guys if you're someone that doesn't  like small spaces this is not it this   is not it but it is fun that's for  sure I feel like Asia has cured my   anxiousness of small space Oh  yeah yeah yeah yeah for sure [Music] you can find a l yeah take a l wow how sa occupy  your land no this is crazy oh my God standing   on an escalator it runs on electricity in wet  rubber shoes in wet rubber shoes here's this one oh my God C Cab oh wow I got chocked again the things   that you don't see behind the  scenes getting chopped in the face just look at what's going on behind me people   are taking over the streets now yeah  the streets are streets are oh sorry   streets are quite literally packed out  they they gave up on the skywalks I think oh oh my God there's not a single part of my  body that is dry not a single part I'm just letting the camera roll  guys try and give you exactly what   the experience is you had a little pink  gun and this is one of the best one of w Madness try and see if we can give  you guys a nice view of this road here sometimes it literally just spray directly  on your tummy it's so cold yeah true true and everything here smells  like baby powder as well it all   smells like uh yeah like talum  powder like talcum powder like   baby powder because that's the stuff that  the chalk is like made out of look at this guys there's nowhere else in the  world that this happens on this   scale it's crazy oh my God you guys there uhoh [Music] or choc that's why it smell like baby powder  oh W but yeah today it's just us today it's   Naomi and I we're rolling solo through the  streets I at a look of powder and I think   it's the burning one oh no you ate burning  powder my face is burning oh it's not it   doesn't it's not actually burning powder it's  just like a cooling powder or something but my   skin reacts really weird to that oh God  and actually there's so many people this   time around that the entire Skywalk is moving  when you're standing still you can feel the   Skywalk doing this it's crazy that's very very  true unfortunately the Skywalk is literally shaking she has a really powerful gun I nearly  broke my rib cage when the when the water hit   me it's really funny to see people people are  just out shopping literally people are just out   shopping uh casually going in and out of the  malls buying clothes and then acting kind of   annoyed when they get sprayed if someone acts  annoyed when you get sprayed I think that's   when people everybody just sort of turns on  that one person and starts properly spraying   them like properly starts attacking them it's  really funny to see huh it was the lady just   now she was even carrying a little Chanel bag  I think like she was not prepared for this at   all yeah poor lady it's like do you not know  what time it is it's my new year don't call   un prepared do not be here in Bangkok if you are  not prepared I don't know they're screaming but   I think it's just a normal fight oh yeah no it's  oh there's a truck there's a truck full of people   there there's a boy sitting in a in a cake in the  water oh wow he's hiding he's hiding in the cave   he's hiding inside the water you must have very  good lungs very big lungs yeah literally just   hiding in the cake full of ice water that's  a different level of child to what we have   in the west I'll tell you that be hiding behind  their phone more like not in a keg of freezing water oh my God no no no no and this is one of the best views  actually one of the views that we love   so much in Bangkok is this one here  and the one that you can get over   there sort of towards pram so beautiful  we love this city and this country so great you guys oh my God there's so many people  and as you can see people are slowly starting to   really take over um sort of half of the street I  kind of feel like because the the Skywalk walks   are so full maybe you can see it here the skywalks  are insanely full and it's already just after 6:00   p.m. and um I was actually a little bit worried  that we were going to miss out on some of the fun   because we sort of only went out at like 2:00 p.m.  or something like that but I feel like this the   fun only really started are you okay what happened  to your nose oh good all good it's just the powder   the powder is literally has that burning effect  on it so it's like it's a little bit itchy   ah okay okay I understand I thought something  happened he looked real concerned all of a sudden   but now all good and I actually thought that  there might be a lot of stuff going on in this   park which're is directly beside PL the mall but  it seems to be more somebody's spraying it seems   to be more of like a place where people are sort  of taking a rest right now so yeah maybe a good   place to remember for next year if you do need  a break so P my he was he was spraying me and   as soon as I put the camera on him he was like no  no it wasn't me too shy for the camera oh now he's   continuing you see he's up again cheeky booger  cheeky booger oh my God this is so much fun you   guys I feel like I have a button where every time  I feel cold water spraying me I just say Sati P   my automatically and it's going to stay like this  for at least like another four days or something   like that uh a lot of fun so much fun oh my God  made it all the way over to platinum mall and   and and uh somewh here as well pruna Market I  just wanted to point it out but I lost complete   orientation every time somebody sprays me I feel  like my brain just completely blanks but yeah it   does not get any less busy I feel like this city  uh I don't know quadruples in size as soon as hran   comes around at least we're currently looking for  a refill for the gun yeah we're on the hunt for   some water you wouldn't think it would be hard to  find but we're on the hunt to find some water so   I can refill this and have a couple more bubbles  you're shooting out of the cafe shooting have have   shooting out of the cafe that was uh really  something we didn't expect we walked past the   cafe and the guy was shooting out the window see  how long it takes to be spray yeah the water gun   is empty right now so we'll see if someone starts  spraying us we just have a an empty one you cannot   shoot back yep I think it doesn't people are  not shooting I think we're safe I think we're okay oh yeah come on yeah oh my God oh my God okay it happen okay it  did happen that's all I want it takes   a while for people to see the camera and  as soon as they see the camera it's over   look at this guy the gun is bigger  than him oh that's heavy big heavy gun yes wasn't much happening over  on Platinum Mall oh he just sprayed   me this what I yesterday with a big  gun yeah true he's a little Legend   yeah not much happen in a platinum mall so  need to go get a refill elsewhere see uh refill C how much wow it is unbelievable busy here people are a little bit  excited as well so there's a   lot of elbows flying it's not fun let's try moves it was only 10 okay guys we're fully  refilled we're refilled up now and it is the final   battle of the evening the final battle of day two  and uh wow it's crowded it's very crowded it's actually very overwhelming tensions are  high people are obviously drinking as   well so yeah it's pretty crazy W yeah  oh yeah nice oh oh I got water for no   reason oh oh my God yeah yeah yeah  I went down my ear yeah some them   still have their like Bluetooth device  yeah in the year like how did they do that oh my oh hello nice she got chocked up I'm going to do one final spray c one last one  bring you guys on a little bit of a spray journey   and then I think it's time to say it's time to go  home to bed I think it's been an exhausting couple   days and Incredibly fun couple days so and we will  be back every year we have PL plenty more videos   plenty more videos coming as well from Bangkok  so stay tuned for that here we go spray mop yeah yellow shirt yeah yeah yeah hello so nice oh I don't know how much more chalk we  can take no I'm going to get wrinkles   because of the amount of like I'm doing  I'm trying to not get it in the M very very true here you go again cun CB C CB  I'm running from that one [Applause] yeah oh yeah has a microphone I know [Music] yeah some has gone down my god oh has gone down guys  now you get to see what it's really like oh I think they have some sort of a  music thing going on over there oh yeah   it looks like there is some sort of  like band standand or something nice   oh I think that's like the fifth  time he got us you mean the same [Music] guy oh beautiful very specific about it you're so beautiful I love typing people  it's so fun so much fun my [Music] [Music] God he's hiding behind me I don't  know what can do with friendly fire oh my [Music] God I have no weapons just camera oh  I see you I see you now take you go unnoticed oh the kid is fully she's  fully aiming at you oh my God he's   taking it very serious he's very serious about it oh my God just a normal afternoon in  Thailand casual very casual serious oh my God I have nothing to do with  this I don't even have a gun why   is everybody shooting me oh my God that what you

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