This is What I Hate about Kenya vA 93

This is What I Hate about Kenya  vA 93

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Eldoret, Kenya - Morning, my friends, from Eldoret. Actually, I'm with Ezron who just gave me some money to buy some mursik. It's a special Kalenjin drink actually - mursik. - Yeah, sure. - Okay. So, thank you very much, Ezron... - Thank you. Welcome.

- ...for inviting me for mursik. This is much more than for mursik, actually. But thank you very much! - You are very welcome. - Kenyan hospitality. - Always. - Thank you very much! - Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Bye.

- So let's go to Uganda, guys. Bye-bye. - See you. - Thank you. Bye-bye. - Thank you so much. - My last full day in Kenya, actually. I'm riding to the border today.

Ah, yes. Thank you. Oh, I took the... I took the wrong way. Bye-bye. I took the entrance instead of the exit.

That's my last day in Kenya, so I will put you the map of my journey in Kenya, and all my journey, because some people asked for it, and you can also find... There is a link on the page of my channel. You can find the map. I try to update it, and it's always there. So, that's why I don't put it in the videos usually, because the map is always accessible on my channel, in the links of my channel. So let's go to Uganda, guys. So today it's 110 kilometers with an 800-meter elevation gain.

So quite a long day. And I'm riding almost all the way to the border. So the last full day in Kenya, in this wonderful country. Hello. - Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. Bye. - Hi. - Hello. - Can I ride with you? - Hello. - Cool.

- Hello. - Hello. - Welcome! - You enjoy, enjoy. - Enjoy, enjoy. Yes. - You enjoy it a lot. - Yes, I enjoy it a lot. - Nice. - Yes. - Hey, white man. How are you? Welcome! - Good, good. - If I join you...

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Hey. - Hey. - They are running. Hello.

- Hi, hi. - Hey, hey, hey. Hello. - Heading to? - Uganda. - Uganda? - Oh putain. Freaking rainbow bumps.

So I have to talk about that. Like in every country... I mean, Kenya is awesome. I really love Kenya, and I'll definitely come back.

- Hello. - Good, good, how are you? But there are two things. There are two things I really don't like in Kenya. One I hate very much, it's the speed bumps.

The roads are awesome, but these bumps broke my bike basically. And they are so annoying, because I have to stop every time, which is super annoying. So one thing I hate - the speed bumps. The worst speed bumps in the world, I would say. And the laundry. Oh, man.

I mean... Until Nairobi, it was fine, but in Nakuru and Eldoret, oh my god, it was completely mental: the laundry... It was so complicated to get your laundry done, because basically in a hotel, they would charge you $2 to wash one underwear, $2 for one underwear. So it's kind of the most expensive laundry in the world, I guess. It doesn't make any sense to me. And in both cities, Nakuru and Eldoret, I had to go around so much to find just a place with the washing machines, where they would wash your clothes for a reasonable price, and not for $2 per underwear.

So that's it. But I love Kenya. It's awesome. But I just don't get why the laundry is so complicated in Western Kenya. Let's go to Uganda.

So I wanted to do a clickbait title for my last video in Kenya. Hello, hello. But I could only find two things I hate in Kenya. Kenya is so awesome. It's a bit complicated to find things you don't like here.

Don't... Yes. Hello. - Very cool. - Hey, hey, hey. - Wait, wait. - Hello, hello. - How are you? - Good, how are you? - How fast can you go? - Eh, it depends. Downhill - fast, but uphill - slow. - Uphill, it's slow. - On a flat, I go at 20-25 kilometers per hour. - ...kilometers per hour. - Yes. - But uphill? - Uphill... - That goes slow. - Slow. Yeah. It depends how steep it is. - Yes.

- If it's... - Going to where? - I'm going to Uganda. I'm going to Kitale. - Just like this? - Yes. - When it's raining, take cover. - I have a jacket. Yeah. - You have a jacket. - Yes.

- Why are you using this? - Because I like it. - You like it. - Yes. - Where are you from? - France. - France. - Yes. - That's your country of origin. - Yes. - Yes. So you started from Nairobi.

- I started from France. - With this? - With this. Yes. - All the way from France? - Yes. - Just doing like this? - Yes. Egypt. - What is your mission? - I go to Cape Town. - What is the mission that you have in Cape Town? - It's just because I like it. I want to do it. - You just enjoy yourself. - Exactly. - That is good. - I wish you all the best. - Thank you very much! - Yeah, arrive safely. - Thank you very much! - Welcome! - Okay. - Bye.

- Have a good day. - Okay. - Hi. I think it's gonna be a very wet day today. - Hey. - Yes. Okay, so I need to make a U-turn now, which is complicated. - Go, go, go. - Okay, I made it. Yes. - Just this one. - No, no, it's okay, it's okay. Thank you.

- These are soft, man. - Thank you. - So this bike is cool. - It's nice, yeah? - Stop, stop, stop, man. - No, it's okay. It's... Hello, hello. - Hi. - How are you? - Good. - Good, good, good.

Suam, 101. Hello. - Hey. - Hello. - Hello, hello. Where are you going? - Hello, hello. - Yes. - No, no, I need to continue. - Where are you going? - I go far today. - Where to? - Uganda. - Uganda is that way. - Stop a bit.

Yes. - Yes, yes, yes, yes. - How are you? - I'm fine. - Good, good. Yes, it's... I'm doing well. Yes. And you? Very good. - Fine, fine. - Have a good day, man. - Thank you. - And I think some people are wondering why I am criticizing often. Not always though, but often, as I leave a country, I criticize more the country. There is one main reason for that. Oh putain.

Crazy. You have to understand that it's just extremely scary for a cyclist, when someone passes by near you, very close to you, and fast. Hi. - How are you? - Good. How are you? What about you my friend? - Good, good. - Come, come, come. Where are you going? - Uganda. - Where are you from? - France.

- France? - Yes. - Proceed. - Proceed? - Safe journey. - Okay, thank you. They were some police guys in a non-police car. So yeah, the main reason why I tend to criticize, not always, but sometimes, the country I'm exiting. - Yeah. - It's a psychological thing: when you do a long journey like this, and you move to another country, if you are so sad to leave the country you are in, you're gonna be sad to enter the new country. So you have to see... When you leave, it makes more sense to see the negative part of the country you're leaving, so that you're happy to go to a new country and see the positive side of the country you're arriving at.

So it's just a psychological thing to, yeah, make myself happy to continue the journey. But if you're very sad to leave a country, then you're not gonna be motivated in the next country, and you're not gonna like the next country. So I want to like the next country, so for that, I have to see the negative side of the country I was in before. That's just the way it is for long journey traveling, for long overland traveling. - Hey. - It's a natural thing that happens in the head. I don't do it consciously. It's just it happens. - Hey.

(It happens if you seek happiness) - Hello, hello. - Hey. - Oh, yes. I have a friend. - Where? - Where? Uganda. - Uganda? - Uganda. Yes. Oh, you go with me. - Yeah, I'm going with you. - Oh, you're going with me. Okay, good. - Yeah. - Let's go to Uganda together.

- Let me leave you. - How are you, how are you? - How are you? - Good, good. Good. How are you? - Fine. - Good, good, good. And the rain finally caught me. Hello, hello. It's cold.

Hello. Hello. - Hey. - Hello. Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hey, my friend.

- Hello. - Hola. - Stop a bit. - A bit. No, I need to go. Hello. - Hello. - Oh wow. Look at that. Some lovely pigs. Not that common.

Some lovely pink delicious pigs. Yes, yes, yes. - How are you, my friend? Hi, friend. - Bye-bye. - Hello. - Hello. How are you? - How are you? - Good, good.

- I like your bike. - You like my bike. - Yeah. - Good. - Hey. - Hello. - Cool, cool. - My friend, go fast. Go fast, my friend. - No, I need to go. - Yeah. - Hello. - Hi. - How are you? - Very good. - Very good? - Yes. - Very good.

- Hello. - Can I drive it a bit? - Ah? - Can I drive it a bit? - Ah? - Can I drive it a bit? - I don't understand. I go to Uganda. - Uganda? - Uganda. Yes. - Okay. - Have a good day. - Bye-bye.

- Good. Hello. - How are you, mzungu? - Good. How are you? - You are fine. - Yeah, I'm fine. Yes.

- Hey. - Hello. - Hello. - Hi, hi. - Good, good, good. Hello. So apparently, with the vibrations, I lost my shoes. Oh, the road is like an earthquake. It's been quite some time since I'm in a constant earthquake.

And the rack starts to make squeaky noises again. Bicycle. Yes. - Okay, very good. - Very good. Yes. Yes. - Very cool. - Very good. Yes, yes. Yes, yes. - Very cool, speedy. - Yes. - From... - Where are you going? - Okay, now. - Hi there.

- Hello. And I think that I am arriving in Kitale, and I'll probably do my lunch break here. And there's the market. - Hi. - So many markets on the way. Look. Hello, hello. - Wait, wait.

- So I have someone who knows me from TikTok. - How are you? - I always saw you in TikTok. - Good, good, good. - Yes. - Good. - How are you? - Very good, and you? - I'm good. My name is Salim. - Salim? - Yes. - Nice to meet you. - So you don't get tired. - I get tired. Yeah.

- Yeah, this is some of your video. - Yeah, nice. Yeah, yeah. - So you are just alone. - Yeah, I'm alone. Yeah, yeah, yeah. - You don't have company. - No, no, no. I like to travel alone. - Yeah, nice to meet you, my friend. - Nice to meet you. Yeah, okay.

Okay, thank you. - Safe journey. - Yes, thank you. Have a good day. - Goodbye. - Goodbye. - Bye. - Safe journey. - Very nice. - Very nice. So here I am in Kitale. Let's find a place to have food, guys. I think I've seen a Choma place at the petrol station.

Maybe, I'm gonna stay here, so it's gonna be not too crowded. Let's see if they have Choma. No, no, I don't need petrol. - Ah, give me petrol. - Give you petrol? - Yeah, give me petrol.

- How are you? How are you? How are you? - Good. - Let's see if they have food here. Hello. Do you have food? - Yes. - Do you have Choma?

- Grilled mutton. - Ah? - Grilled. - Grilled mutton. - Yes. - Oh, that sounds good. Yeah. - Okay. - Okay. So do you have a menu or you're...? - Oh, let me bring a menu. - Okay. Thank you. Look how green it is. These beautiful big trees. Lovely place. Okay, thank you. - Okay. - And a perfect place because I can watch my bike.

So Choma. What do you have? - I don't have any. I have grilled mutton. - Oh, you have grilled. - Yes. - Where is the...? What's the grilled? - Grilled mutton. - How much is it? - 500 ($3.3). - 500. Okay, I'll get the grilled mutton. Is it wet or dry? - Dry. - It's dry. Okay. It comes with something or...

- We have ugali, rice, chapati rice. - I'll have ugali. - Ugali and mutton? - Ugali. Yes. And do you have something to make the ugali a bit wet or...? - Yeah, we have some stew on the side. - Some stew on the side? - Yes. - Okay, great. Do you have salads? - Yeah. - Or some kind of kachumbari or something like that? - Kachumbari. Yeah, it's available. It will be on the side.

- It will be on the side. - Yes. - Okay, great. Thank you. - Okay. - It could be my last filmed meal in Kenya. I need to have ugali, of course.

Thank you. Oh wow. Nice. - You can wash your hands over there. - Thank you. Oh, I can wash my hands there. Okay, wow.

That's fancy, guys. Look at this beautiful... Wow, mutton, some vegetables, a bit of kachumbari, ugali, some sauce to make the ugali less dry; fantastic. Very good. Let's try the salad. Awesome. And let's try the mutton, guys. This... Oh, it looks very tender.

This is really, really good. Wow. So tender. What's awesome, I think, in Africa in general I would say, at least in Kenya: the meat really comes from the bush. When you eat meat like this, it's animals that usually live outside, not in big factories like in the West. So the meat is much tastier basically. Oh wow. It's been a while since I had mutton in... It's so good.

And what is good with the ugali is actually, it's very healthy, very dense, a lot of calories. So it's actually perfect for sports. That's one of the reasons the Kenyans are so good at running, because their food diet is extremely healthy, and extremely good for sports, basically.

A bit of meat with some fat. Unbelievable. I know I like everything, but it's just true. I do... I just love eating. That's why it's great to travel by bicycle, because I can eat as much as I want then. And I don't get fat. The flavor is so intense. It's really, really good.

It's been a while since I had mutton, I think. I forgot how good it is. That's definitely a mutton that was running around in the wild, that had a very nice natural life. They are tastier. Okay. Ah, nice. So that was Sarini Bistro. Very good food. Thank you. Bye-bye. - Bye. - Let's go. And I don't know if you see, but I lost my flag.

This one. I lost the flag. Another issue to solve. I'll do that later. You want the fuel. No, it's okay. I don't need it. So let's go. 40 kilometers left, guys, to a guesthouse a bit before the border.

- Hello. - In lovely, lovely Kenya. - Hey. - Hello. - Hello. Oh, man. There is a big rain there again. So this is Kitale, and a big, big shower is waiting for me just after the town.

- How are you? - Hello, hello, hello. - What's up? - Hello. - Hello. - Oh, there is the rain. - You're okay? - I'm okay, I'm okay. - You're okay? - I'm okay. You, you, you. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Where are you going? - How are you, man? - I'm good.

How are you? - I'm fine. - Good. You like that. Yes. - I like that. - Good, it's expensive. - Expensive? - Yes. - Okay, it's expensive. Okay. Who cares? - Exactly. - But... Okay. But I like it.

- Okay, good. - Yeah. - Very good. - Diesel or petrol? - No, I pedal and... It's electric. Electric. (Got hit by stones in the dust of the truck) Oh f***. - ...and diesel. You make that for... - I don't understand. I don't understand. - Yeah. I get it. See you. - See you. Good.

Let's catch this bike. - But I like it. - You like it? - Yeah. - Good. - I like it. - Yeah, I like it. - Look at that. - You like it. - I like it. - I'm not a fool. - You're not a fool. - Yeah.

- Okay. - I like that place. There's also... - Oh, it's a nice one. - It's a nice one. Yes. I also like it very much. I have everything. Okay. Battery changed... - Hey. - Look at that, what's coming there. Oh my god.

I am gonna be wet. - Yeah. - Okay, let's go. Bye-bye. - Yeah, bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Hey, hi. - Everyone stops to see me. It's so funny. Hello. - Cool, how are you?

- Oh f***. Ah putain. Ah, that's something I will not miss. How many times do I have to brake as strong as I can at the last minute, because there are these freaking rainbow bumps? (That are super hard to spot) And in terms of riding time, I lose so much time with these bumps as well, because I have to stop every single time. Hello. How are you? - Good.

- Hello. - Where are you going? - Hi. - I need to go. Hello. - I told you it was raining. - I know it's raining. - You know it's raining. - Yes.

I put on my rain pants for the first time. Let's see if they are efficient. Look at that. I think it's hunting gear. The hunting stuff is really good actually, very good quality often. My black pants are hunting gear as well. Suam, 32. That's the border with Uganda.

- Hey, don't give up. - Hello. It's hard to open the eyes. There's so much rain. And the pants are awesome, but my jacket is leaking a little bit. - Hey, safe journey. - Can you give me supper? - How are you? - Good. - Stop, stop right there. Stop, stop, you.

- Hello. - Hello. Ah, I am finally out of the rain. Hey, hey. Good, good, good. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you?

The rainbow bumps. They deserve an entire video. It's so bad. Honestly, I don't know how much time I lose because of them, but I think quite a lot because, I don't know, I passed, I had to stop. Maybe one... Hello, hello.

I had to stop maybe 100 times today because of them, so... You lose quite a lot of time when you stop. How are you? - Good. - And you also lose momentum, because cycling is a lot about momentum. Your brain is in it, you're riding fast, and you can keep going for kilometers and kilometers, if you don't have the rainbow bumps on the way. Yeah, I'm quite wet. My jacket is not very efficient.

But I did not feel the cold. I was peeing, and some people stopped to watch me pee. My shoes are still here. Good. Oh putain. Oh f***. Okay, 20 kilometers left. I'm starting to be tired. It's a long day. I left...

It's been six hours since I'm riding. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Hello. - Hello. - No, no, no. - How are you? - Hello, hello. - Yeah.

- Hello. Oh my god. And it's raining again. Oh f***. - Hey, young man, how are you? - Hey, good, good. How are you? - Hey, how are you? - So where are you going? - There's a big party here.

Hello. - How are you? - Cool, cool. And stop again. - Hey, how are you? - Good, how are you? - Yes, where are you going? - Good. Uganda.

It's quite remote around here actually. The houses are much smaller, much... Most of the houses are made of mud. We are on the slopes of Mount Elgon, a volcano in Uganda, which is 4,300 meters high. - Hi, hi. - Hi, hi. How are you? - I'm okay.

- Hello. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? So that's the beautiful highlands, and this way actually is Mount Elgon, somewhere under the clouds. Hello.

Oh my god, just five kilometers left, and I am... I am at the end of my life. I'm completely dead. No more legs.

- You are very tired. - Yes, I'm tired. - Eh? - Yes, I'm very tired. - Yeah? - Yes, I'm very tired. -Sorry, sorry, sorry. - It's okay. I'm dead. - Hello. - Hello, hello. I'm barely moving. - Safe journey. - Bye-bye.

Hello. Apparently, this way, there's a guesthouse, hopefully. Hopefully, Google Maps will not mislead me once again. - Can I try it? - No. Do you know where the guesthouse is? - Ah? - Guesthouse. Eh? - I just want to have a look. - You want to have a look. - Yeah. - Ah, okay. - Are you good?

- Yeah, I'm good. Yeah. - Yeah, hi. - Are you good? - Yes. - Yes. How are you? Do you know where the guesthouse is? Do I turn left here? - Yes. - Yes? No, you don't know where the guesthouse is. - I don't know. Maybe, you tell us. - There is a guesthouse around here. - The guesthouse is there. There. Let's go, let's go. - Oh, just there. Okay. - Yes.

Bye-bye. Have a good time. Yeah. Hello, hello, hello. - That's a good exercise. - Good, good. Yes. - Yeah.

- Hi, how are you? - I'm fine. - Good, good, good. - I just saw you on TikTok. Ah, you saw me on TikTok. - Yes. - Good. Mount Elgon Guesthouse. Bookings only. What the hell? - You got smart. - I got smart. - Hello. - The guesthouse is here. - Yes. - Okay. - Yeah. - Okay. Hello. - Can I escort you? - No, it's okay. It's okay. - Okay.

- It is not here. This is a school. And that looks like a guesthouse. Let's see how it is. Do I ride inside it? Let's go inside. Hi. - Hi. - This is the guesthouse, no? - Yes. Welcome! - Thank you.

It's open. - Yeah, it's open. - Okay. - Lady? - Good. Ah? Ah. - There is a guest here. - Hi. - Hi. - Welcome! - Thank you. - Very welcome! - Thank you.

How are you? - We are fine. Thank you. - Good. How much is it to stay here? - We don't have any information. You are from? - France. - From France? - Today I came from Eldoret. - Did you book? - No, I didn't book. No. It's not possible to stay here directly? - Because it's a private facility. - Yes? - Yeah. It's a private facility. - But it's a guesthouse, no?

- It's a guesthouse, but a private one. - So, it's not for any guests. - No. - Oh. - Yeah. - Well, that's annoying, very annoying. Yeah. So you have rooms though. - We have rooms. - But you cannot rent them.

I don't understand the... - Yeah, we can't. We just don't rent them to... - Really? - Yeah, we only rent them to visitors, specifically from the farm. - Oh. - Yeah. - I know. Because it's... Okay. - But it's for bookings only. - Okay.

- So is there another guesthouse around here because I need...? - No, we don't have any. - Okay, so where do I stay then? - But you're from France. - Yes. - But I don't think it's possible. - You don't think it's possible. Well, it's surprising for a guesthouse. - No, it's a guesthouse but private. - Okay. - Yeah. - I don't really get...

Sorry, I don't get the concept because... So if I call because... I don't know. In the information I have, they say, "Call and you can book." So if I call and I book by calling, it's possible to stay then or...? I don't know. - Unless you have an appointment here at the farm.

- An appointment here at the farm. - Hello. - Hello. Is it impossible to stay here or...? I don't know. I came because I saw it's a guesthouse on Google Maps basically, and I thought, "Okay, I'm gonna stay in the guesthouse," but apparently, it's not really a guesthouse, so... - It's a private facility now. - Okay. - Yeah. - So it changed. - Yeah. It changed. - Ah, because you have reviews on Google Maps. Okay.

I can find it now. So it changed recently. - Yeah, on Tuesday, we are going to remove it from the... - Ah, okay. - From the Internet. - So I cannot stay here. - No.

- So can you indicate to me a place to stay around here? Because I don't have any place to stay. - Around here, it's impossible. Unless you go back to Kitale. - I mean, I cannot. You see it's a bicycle. So it's too far for me. I'm gonna arrive after dark.

And I'm not going back to Kitale. So around here is the only place. - You come from Kitale. You've come from... - I've come from Eldoret today. I mean, Kitale is gonna take me three hours to go there.

So in three hours, it's just... - How many hours did it take you from Eldoret to here? - The whole day. - You left then in the morning. - Yes. - Let's ask the manager... - Okay. - ...and see if he... (The manager agreed to host me!) - So thank you very much then! - Any special diet for you? - Any special what? - Diet. You are a vegetarian or... - Ah, no. I eat anything. - You eat anything. - So it includes the meal in the price? - Yeah, it's a full board. - Okay, great. - So you are going to Uganda or what?

- I'm going to Uganda. Yeah. - Oh. - Yeah. - Which place in Uganda exactly are you going to: Kampala or...? - I'm going to South Africa. - You are going to South Africa via Uganda. - Via Uganda. Yes.

- To where? Now from Uganda to which...? Using this bicycle? - Yes. Yeah, slowly, slowly. Yeah. - Okay. - But my bike is electric actually. So I have assistance.

- What? - So I have to pedal, but there is an engine that helps me. But still, I have to pedal. I'm tired today. - Can I take a photo? - Yeah, yeah. No problem. Yeah.

- This is enjoyable. - Yes. - Maybe, can I ride it? - Yeah, you can try it if you want. But after I remove all the bags and all this. - Let me, let me...

- I can't ride it with the bags. - Because with the bags, it goes upside down quite easily. So it's selfie time now. - I want to ride the bicycle. - Yeah, yeah, after I remove the bags, you can try it. Yeah. So...

Nice. - Turn, turn. Turn. - And I do like this. - And these are the brakes. - Here? - Yes.

If you want to stop. - So if I want to turn? - You turn like this. - Ah, okay. - So actually, it's 4,000 ($26) for me to stay here. 4,000 is full-board, but actually, the guesthouse is private. I was not happy when I saw that. I don't get the concept still.

It's a private guesthouse, but I managed to stay. People are nice here. What a beautiful place! It's a pity it's a private guesthouse because it's awesome. I was lucky the door was open. The gate was open just there. I could just go inside. Otherwise, they might never have opened. Yes, what a beautiful last day in Kenya.

And that's my beautiful room, guys. Look at this awesome bed. I love it. It looks fantastic. Awesome. A beautiful painting. Love it. Nice shower. Wow. Nice bathroom. Beautiful. This place is beautiful. It's really a pity it's not open to the public. It's beautiful.

These plants are beautiful. Look at these flowers. What an awesome place! Anyway, guys, this is my last video in Kenya. So I want to say... I never do this. Maybe I should do this, but thank you.

Thank you to all the Kenyan people. Your country is awesome. It's just so, so nice to visit Kenya. It was just fantastic.

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