THIS IS TOKYO JAPAN Surprised by What it's Like in 2023

THIS IS TOKYO JAPAN  Surprised by What it's Like in 2023

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last time on delightful travellers we ate our way  through Osaka and hopped on a bullet train and   headed for Tokyo we've heard so much about this  train and let's just say it didn't disappoint in   this video we're exploring Tokyo for the very  first time from busy Crossings to Serene Parks   cute cats and of course delicious food we can't  wait to show you what we get up to I'm Trevor   and this is Anna in this series we're checking  a bucket list item off our Travel list visiting   Japan make sure to hit subscribe and click the  like button so you don't miss a single video   a huge thanks to our channel members and patrons  for making these videos possible Welcome to Tokyo   [Music] oh my Welcome to Tokyo everybody there's uh well a  lot of people here yeah we are currently Crossing   Shibuya Shibuya Crossing it is the busiest  intersection in the entire world yeah there's   a ton of people like multiple intersections  crisscross and you have to watch where you're   going massive buildings around us I think Tokyo is  going to be a lot of fun so believe it or not up   to 3000 people are crossing at one time this place  is nuts it kind of feels like the Times Square of   Tokyo but it's really just a Crossing it's hard  to even imagine the sheer amount of people at this   Crossing just take a look at this and let it soak  in I've never seen so many people in one single   place I'm definitely surprised given the sheer  number of people here that there's not a little   bit more vehicle traffic it's actually not that  bad I thought being in the center of Tokyo there'd   be a whole lot of like traffic jams also I'm very  curious how many people are here like us just to   like half sure and experience walking across the  busiest intersection and having people actually   walking with purpose and like maybe work around  here and going somewhere that they need to be for   a country that we found to be quite quiet so far  honestly even in Osaka it was a little more quiet   uh here like right where we're at right now it's  a little bit of sensory overload there's so much   to look at around us guys we're so excited to be  in Tokyo you can probably tell if you're excited   do us a favor hit the like button because it helps  us out so for those of you that are just tuning in   for the very first time we actually started our  Japan trip in Osaka we've done a couple videos   there and then in the last episode we were taking  a little train here to Tokyo and for those of you   that are not new around here thanks again for  tuning in and you might be wondering well you   know I should say we've been traveling around the  world looking for different places to live and you   know we like big cities and we're kind of here on  a scouting Mission just to see when we eventually   will come back to Asia in the future is Tokyo a  spot where we want to like set up shop so far I   think it could be but we'll see see how we make  out over the course of the video so when the two   of us actually talk about living somewhere we  probably don't need it in the same sense that   a lot of you guys would we don't intend really  ever to live in one spot permanently and not   really move around but we'd ideally like to do is  maybe be in three or four places each year so like   three or four months at a time maybe returning  to the same place every year we're not really   sure of that yet so what we've been doing in the  past few months is living a month or two in one   place and then we'll kind of jump around a little  bit that's what this here is in Japan we're only   here for like not even two weeks so we're just  kind of doing a scoping Mission if there are any   Japanese watching this video and I hope there  are we do need some suggestions if we come back   here to let's say live for a while let's say a few  months what neighborhood in Tokyo would you stay   in where would you tell it's fine yeah we'd love  to know things we like well we definitely like   trendy neighborhoods but we like neighborhoods  with lots of uh you know shopping restaurants   cafes obviously craft beer maybe Mexican food  yes Japanese food of course and and easy access   to the Metro System Subway is a must before we  get any further exploring Tokyo we wanted to   say a huge thanks to my Heritage for partnering  with us for this week's video this is going to be   a fun one myheritage is a global family history  and DNA service that makes exploring your family   history easier than ever my Heritage helps you  discover your Origins and potentially find new   family members and they also cover more regions  than any other test a few weeks ago they mailed   us our DNA test to start this very easy process  it literally takes two minutes to complete the   DNA test you open the box swab each cheek for 30  seconds then you place both files in the plastic   bag and put it in the enclosed envelope it takes  three to four weeks to get your results so in the   meantime you can start building your family tree  by inputting family members while you're waiting   they also have a fun photo feature where you can  enhance colorize and animate old family photos   myheritage is also committed in its privacy  policy to never sell or license genetic data   meaning you will be the sole owner of your own  DNA data well this is a very exciting day our   DNA results are in we have them right here on the  computer we haven't looked at them yet no I've   got my results open and so 75 Irish Scottish and  Welsh 19.3 Scandinavian uh 3.9 Balkan maybe I'm   like Croatian it's all very interesting to me but  what about me what about me yeah so I got his open   so you uh also says Irish Scottish Welch uh 61.7  but it breaks it down a little bit more you got a   lot of Newfoundland in there not a surprise 26.9  Scandinavian do I see Italy highlighted down here  

it looks like Italy you've got two points there  it is 2.4 Italian so that 2.4 clearly comes out   in my complexion in my skin now I believe so let's  take a look at my DNA matches it doesn't look like   I have any close family but lots of extended  family there are some parents first cousins   parents second cousins third cousins are from the  USA from Canada oh this is so cool well that was a   lot of fun and kind of unexpected results uh hello  Italian I'm gonna have to practice my Italian now   maybe we need to go back to Italy too but  that's a good idea well here's the question   are you ready to find out about your heritage  so to get your very own DNA kit use the link in   the description box below and also use  our coupon code DT for free shipping a   huge thanks to myheritage for sponsoring this  week's video and supporting creators like us well it doesn't take long to get out of the chaos  and into a beautiful park now I have to point this   out before we even get into this park there's  a bunch of bicycles next to us and they are not   locked I mean there's no locks at all I could  just grab one now if I wanted to of course I'm   not going to do that but this is one thing about  Japan we keep noticing everywhere in Osaka and   everywhere in Tokyo whenever we see bicycles  they are not locked can you guys see how many   bikes are here and you know how many people are in  their city but we're going to talk about that the   population of Tokyo is actually almost 14 million  in the city proper and about 37 million in the   entire city is actually the most populated city in  the entire world is that not crazy like 37 million   people is the actual population of Canada I know  I think we mentioned this in the last video but   I'm still shocked at the sheer amount of people in  this city it's creepy but we didn't say the name   of the park it's called Yoji Park uh it looks  pretty big and pretty big I think there's some   so we're here actually during Sakura season that  actually means cherry blossoms here in Japan in   Tokyo they seem to be coming to an end it's the  first week of April so we thought they might be   a little bit more In Bloom in Osaka they were  just full on out it was perfect here we seem to   be a little bit past due because right here  we are absolutely like surrounded by cherry   trees and you can see the blossoms are pretty  much at the end yeah they're turning uh turning   colors I don't know I'm falling yeah you guys it's  probably hard to tell on the camera but it's still   what everybody is here look at that blue tarps as  well that's interesting I know everybody seems to   have a blue tarp that they're having a picnic  on yeah why is why don't they have blankets   like why do they have blue tarps I don't know how  pretty is this park huh I know I love this park   after being out there in the chaos you guys just  thought you can come in here and it's like quiet   and Serene it's hard to believe that that crazy  intersection was only like a 15 minute walk away   yeah it's really really close when you come here  you have this beautiful Pond of water features   all these people relaxing and look at the trees  behind Anna like it looks so cool it's like a   little groomed forest or something like that so  we already mentioned living in this city living   in Tokyo and I'll tell you it's green spaces just  like this that really makes us want to be in a   city it does especially when you're in a city  this Bakery even if the city it's so important game too you can go have a fully picture a  beautiful sunny summer day coming here with   my yeah blanket or blue tarp as it might be and  having a picnic and just hanging out here all day   so far like our time here in Japan has mainly  been in Osaka and here in Tokyo and they can   do Parks I mean you guys you Japanese people  know how to do amazing green spaces and when   we find a city that has everything like this  and spaces outdoor spaces like yeah I don't   think I knew that really about about Tokyo I  mean the stuff that you normally see is like   is the crossing you know you see pictures of  that and the crazy lights and just the chaos   but there is this other side to it which is  yeah and we travel quite a bit and it's not   too often you come across big cities like this  that do green spaces really really well when   we do it always attracts us to the city another  place that was Bangkok Bangkok is really great   at that great part again like massive city  right so so far Tokyo we're loving it foreign Cafe yeah that's right it's a cafe and there  are cats we bought a little tree and you can   see they're very excited I got a cat ice cream  so you can actually purchase this look they're   coming over oh my God this is so adorable maybe  hold a little lower because they can all get it wow popular there we go so we actually tried  to go to a different Cafe and there was a   lineup to get in and I'm kind of glad we didn't  go anyway because I would have felt kind of bad   like just too many people and I didn't see what  it looks like inside but I'm sure it's a little   overwhelming for the cats and that many people  here it's just us and one other person at the   moment it's nice and quiet there's places for  the capital Lounge I don't feel like bad about   it basically it's a really neat space as well  as soon as you come in these little guys hear   the door and they come running over like look at  this guy how cute are you hey buddy apparently   this one does not like ice cream and is making  lots of friends still really it's this one huh look they're all being very nice oh my God they  like the ice cream they really like the ice cream   this one must not like ice cream either look  at this just lounging in the window watching   the world go by you're the Cat Whisperer over  here it's not me I wish it was pretty sure it's   the ice cream I wonder what kind of ice cream  it is it doesn't smell that great so these cat   cafes are all over Japan especially here in  Tokyo and we were just saying like I wonder   if they originated here of course there's lots  all around the world now but in this city there   seems to be an abundance of them in the cats  Anna hasn't moved since we got in here she's   been sitting in the same spot and these cats have  really taken to her well they've taken to the ice   cream that was so much fun honestly you can't  hang out with cats unless you're not a cat fan   and not have a really really great time they were  so cute not not almost cuddly but that's totally   fine around people all the time but they were they  were fun to hang out with but we're back in our   neighborhood that we are staying at we're really  happy that we picked this area it's called akasaka   yeah it's really quiet that's the main thing  it is really quiet there's not a whole lot of   traffic or in the evening time it seems to get  a little bit busier with lots of pedestrians   and there's lots of restaurants and stuff around  too yeah that's the thing about this place is it   has all the restaurants cafes you find all the  7-Elevens and family markets cats craft beer   places there's even pizza if you want that tons  of Japanese restaurants of course so yeah we're   kind of shocked how like chill it is it's  super chill and we did show you our hotel yeah if I were you guys and you you're watching  this video to maybe plan your future trip to come   to Tokyo I consider this area it's just really  easy to get to other areas in the city like we   just were at you guys all this walking around  just got us hungry and I see some sushi I mean   this is plastic sushi but that's how cool is that  like it's classic sushi on display I assume you   you're gonna get the real stuff inside and they  just replicated it in plastic anyway I'm talking   too much we're hungry that's the point let's  go before we try this glorious looking Sushi   we did get some drinks so we should tell you  about those first so I just got a beer it is   a Kirin and it's basic beer here I don't think  it's anything too special but I'll try it quickly   yeah easy drinking paleo pretty common in  other countries as well nothing to write   home about wish it was a craft beer yours  is more colorful yeah mine's a little bit   more fun something I have not tried yet it's  a Japanese Spirit called really really red   look at how red that is you guys yeah so  we got it with strawberries inside of it   now I'm curious how sweet this is [Music] that  is so good you would actually never know that   there's alcohol in there it just tastes  straight up like strawberries it's good   so the sushi we got we are very excited to try  it out I got a spicy tuna roll this thing looks   great although it's covered in those um what are  these colors Benito which I know is very common   here in Japan I'm just never a fan of it because  it always smells super super fishy I have some   Wasabi and soy sauce down here that you can see  at the moment but the only thing is this is big   I don't know how I'm gonna they're huge rolls  like I can't eat that in one bite and I don't   have a plate so we're about to make a mess here  see if I can get to the fish hopefully it's good   hmm oh it's delicious look at that fish it's so  so fresh you guys and there's little bits I think   of cucumber in there there's just tons and tons  of rice I don't really taste the Benito which I'm   not a fan of but maybe that's because of all the  Wasabi but this is delicious it's everything I   hope sushi would be in Japan so they do actually  have some vegetarian sushi options on their menu   which is great I went for an avocado and veggie  roll it's also wrapped in rice rather than having   the seaweed on the outside not a huge seaweed  fan so we're gonna see how this goes at home   in Canada you can often get it wrapped in like  rice paper soy paper which I always enjoy more   but we'll see how this goes so we have avocado  on the top and in the middle I think I see like   a cucumber and a whole bunch of other things  again like Trevor's roll it's massive I have   no idea how to do this without making a giant  mess I'm just staring at all this sushi in awe I can't hold it up because it's literally falling  apart I don't know how people take one bit one big   bite of these and manage to eat it all one because  I could never do that my mouth is just not big   enough for that but it was really really delicious  such fresh flavors I did not notice the seaweed   at all which is always a winner when it comes to  Sushi for me anyway there's all these wonderful   wonderful flavors mixed together next up I thought  I'd be a little bit adventurous I got some Nigeria   but this is red uh red snapper Nigerian never  had this before you can actually see some of   the scales there I hope you guys can see that  it's like a white fish it never smells fishy   why would it in Japan so I'm gonna dip it back in  some of this Wasabi and I guess go for one bite soy sauce oh man it's also so so fresh I have  to say I'm really into Nigeria lately usually   I kind of stick to what I know and it's usually  like a Macky uh sushi roll but lately I've been   kind of getting into that a little bit now I'm  trying new fish I don't eat a lot of shellfish   but that does make me go like maybe I should try  some Nigeria with you know shrimp or something   eel at some point maybe I'll do it it's not  gonna be today but so glad we popped in here   I know we haven't eaten nearly enough Sushi  here no we have been in Japan and all this   walking around today already has made us  really hungry and this was worth it from   delicious food to one of our favorite drinks we  have come over to a craft beer place here in the   same neighborhood we've been in same neighborhood  we're staying in place is called Carvin Brews it   was a little bit hard to find you have to kind  of go down an alley and like down some stairs   but we did find it got here just as they were  opening at 5 30 p.m there's no one here at the   moment I bet you it'll get quite a bit busier  a little later on but you can find some craft   beer there seems to be a lot of crappier here  in Japan but one thing I will warn you about   it's very very expensive the beer we got here is  a dry hot lager so let's just try it out quickly it's very good but you can probably see the price  on the screen here yeah it's that expensive you   guys it's wildly expensive to us so we won't be  having too many of these but someone has to tell   us why is craft beer so so expensive in Japan oh  Anna's saying taxes so is that the only reason   that's crazy this is probably the most expensive  craft beer we've come across it's more expensive   than Canada and that's that's saying something but  to put it into perspective for a second these two   beer that we're drinking right now cost about the  same price as our accommodation for one night in   Vietnam yeah let that sink in I'm drinking my  accommodation right now so going back to like   could we or would we want to live here in Tokyo  because it is such an appealing City it has a lot   of draws for us but one of the huge drawbacks  is definitely the price we would have to be so   so careful about eating out drinking we've been  definitely couldn't do this every day we have to   be really really careful about that the thing  is we could come here and spend 90 days Visa   free but it's not like we as being digital Nomads  we wouldn't make more money being here in Japan   so we just have to be really conscious about what  we're spending our money on so part of the appeal   about Tokyo is if you come to the city as a  Japanese person let's say you can make more   money the potential is there but for us is digital  Nomads the potentials not there because we're not   about to get a full-time job here get hired by a  company here let's say in Tokyo so for us when a   city is really expensive it's it's a bit of a  negative when we can go let's say Bangkok for   a lot cheaper or even Ho Chi Minh City Saigon for  well God like a quarter of the price and have all   the same amenities so it's all stuff we have to  think about when we're kind of traveling around   the world trying to figure out places where we  want to set up shop but if we take the price out   of it for a second if there's anything that we  do know it's that we love this city and we love   Japan one of the huge positives about a city  like this is the airports they actually have   two major international airports like right here  in the city which is great because it means they   have flights that go probably literally almost  anywhere you'd want to go it means getting home   to Canada well it's still pretty far especially  because we're from the East Coast not the closer   West Coast but just it's not that far from Japan  fair enough but you have to get to the other side   but in general it just means that we can get lots  of different places we were here for a few months   and wanted to take some vacations we could do  that I like I like what you're saying yeah but   I didn't ask you do you like this beer yeah dry  hopped lager I said it but uh what I like is this   is like a different little like kind of goblet  style I love these little lamps they're always   fun to drink out of all right you can see it's a  little later now it's uh night time and it's all   lit up this area is beautiful still pretty chill  not a lot of people around no it's not I'd be like   last night because you're maybe just the street  we're on right now but like again not very much   traffic just like a little pedestrian traffic it's  nice ah we love it there's lots of places to eat   as well that's what we're about to go do but now  we're gonna kind of wrap up the video and honestly   Tokyo like First Impressions this has been awesome  it had a really great day did a lot of walking I   think we got a lot of steps I think close to 20  000 round to cover obviously yeah it's a huge up   but you know biggest city by population so a huge  huge City so there are a million things you could   do here yeah that's the thing if you're coming  over for a week vacation uh don't try to do it   all you're never gonna do everything in the city  it you could just come to Tokyo alone for like a   year honestly so but stop up you're going to stop  here no matter what it's such a great place could   we live here I think we could but I don't know  because of the price yeah we'd have to be super   budget conscious if we were here and probably  have to cook at home a lot cook at home a lot   but that's the hard part because all the good  foods outside all the rum and all the sushi   yeah like everything we love in life yeah so I do  have to say that every day that goes by here in   Japan I like it a little bit more the first is a  little overwhelming and there's so much stuff to   take in yeah not that I didn't enjoy it at first  but like every day I settle in a little bit more   I'm like oh yeah yeah it's a little harder to step  into if you're coming to Asia for the first time   it's harder to step into than you think but it  doesn't take long to really kind of adjust and   get your groove but we will have a couple more  videos at least one maybe two videos coming up   here we leave in a few days so we're trying to  cram in a bunch of filming uh so much filming to   do and so little time if you got this far it's  Trevor Anna delightful Travelers hit subscribe   leave us a comment hit the like button because  that's what helps us out the most and now we'll   go eat and see you guys in the next video where  we'll probably be eating some more yeah I think   we'll be eating more next week oh we're just  gonna keep eating and eating and eating and   eating all right guys that's it from Tokyo  wishing you delightful travel see you soon [Music]

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