This is How Muslims Live in China (Urumqi, Xinjiang)

This is How Muslims Live in China  (Urumqi, Xinjiang)

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this is the Muslim area of urui the soldiers with the rifles and the Bonet on the end just 25 M away from traditional girls dancing on Tik Tok the O was his some local weer food here in the neighborhood inside the apartments of uhi here are you giving that girl number oh there's the horse meet arriving here good afternoon from Uchi China the capital of the sang province in the northwest of the country bordering Kazakhstan and kasakhstan and other countries like Mongolia there's such an influence from all over the Central Asian world now here is home to the weers there's a huge weager population in the sang area and specifically in this city of uruchi population here is around 4 million people it's a very well-developed City and full of traditional weer Heritage but we're going to explore deeply into this city and get to know some of the people living here the foods that they're eating things that they're selling and things that they do in their daily life so join us as we explore deeply into uruchi China one thing that I have noticed here in urui which is different to Beijing or chongu or Chongqing is the lack of bikes there's no public bikes as we uh the Y Pay bike go yeah the yellow bikes and the green bikes you know the ones that we enjoyed in in Beijing there's no bikes for anyone to cycle around on so looks like a very uh like a walking City by the looks of it I'm not sure how easy it is to get around how big the city really is look at this convenience store very uh Kawaii type isn't it very um Japanese esque look at that it's a bright pink convenience store here in the heart of urui you see some of the skyline here we've got these dorms we' got some all Red Roof buildings you know different shapes and not really conforming to to Modern and typical glass facade buildings yeah it's very very different here very uh very Central Asian over there you can see here is Hong Shan or Red Mountain you can just see along the top there there's a 25 M pagod and that is absolutely centuries old really really old they say that it's called Red Mountain because the rocks and all that are supposed to be red but it looks looks pretty brown I'm not sure if over time it's kind of decolored or whatever but uh yeah this is uh this is a scene here in downtown urui you still got these guys headling about on the electric scooters the yis the the uberit of China but um yeah it's got whole keep of Office Buildings and uh technology shops we got the haawi shop there and yeah various different things look these are hailing down a cab in the old school way not using DD or all them things you would use in the in East uh East China yeah look at that just the old school car paling haven't seen that in a while looks like we're entering some sort of uh I don't know little shopping area people just selling various different household goods on the floor hair brushes and Combs and stuff for your sink well Ender in a Subway here you here some of the weer language being spoke yeah look at this just like a market under theath the subway that's interesting yeah got hats and jewelry wow get your socks so you just crossing under the road you know you can uh just come get yourself new pair of socks back into the nice glorious sunny weather muchi but enough of these Grandy alsoo off buildings and malls let's go and see some of the real urui culture and go and meet the wiers in their grand bazaars see the Moses and explore what there really is to see here in this very interesting City in Northwest China to the mosque please sir all right and here we are in the south of the city this is where the most amount of Muslims live this is the Muslim area of urui just see already over there the uh the dorm of the mosque Hi how are you how are you you are from from urui yes yes ah nice nice and you we're from England England yeah how do I say that I'm from England and Wega how do I how do I say England how do I say how do I say how do I say how to say how to say I am English what's that speak Chinese yeah okay also English what what what are you guys doing what do you spend your time doing here what what what do you do today what do you do today yeah uh meeting a friend meeting a friend ah nice okay well I hope you have a nice day yes have a good day okay byee goodbye it's a nice friendly weer population nice girl so shy what can I say glad from Newcastle starts cutting about urui well there's some nice friendly weager people the first we've met so that was a nice first impression let's try and get crossed over this road and we can go and see that great mosque over there in more detail well quickly cross over the road here don't want to be caught j walking around here with uh these big uh armed police about like but uh that gives you a little Countdown look 3 2 1 that's it I've committed a crime I'm done for Lads stop jwalk and get off the road now look over here there's some uh public toets over there which are very very common around China it's very convenient um you know there's always a public toilet somewhere which is uh which is quite nice you don't have to sort of worry about sneaking into a shop or having to buy a buy a drink or something like that in a in a cafe just to go to the to the toilet yeah it's uh that's pretty that's one good thing I really do like about China you're M actually a nice friendly police offic are here with go look we can see in here look so this mosque absolutely uh lovely design you know it's not um too uh traditional we should say it's got a few alterations being made to it it's in green uh green color but you can see at the very top there the big uh the big cerlic uh weer transcript written across there you've got the beautiful um DS along the top but uh yeah and also looks like there's some sort of shop there's like a shop there um yeah pretty interesting it looks very closed though I wonder I wonder if it tells you when it's uh when it's open or anything yeah I guess well ideally I wanted to to see a bit more I wanted to see inside you know some some of these mosques that we've been in before they're absolutely wonderful inside really just amazing architecture all sorts of mosaics and paintings and things like that but uh so I was hoping to build to to get inside there nice uh residential neighborhood down here that's interesting isn't it let's see can get maybe some more traditional Apartments wow they come out of nowhere these uh electric bikes don't they silent as well they like just like sneak up in this one's all right just as silent this oh look it's a bit electric and uh and something else as well oh look at this right thead oh this is the r how do you get in Cy I just wanted to see what uh what it's like to Olivia and get a bit closer get a bit closer to the m yeah there is some sort of convenience store here I tell you what we'll let these fellas go first I can they can show me oh look it knows who she is on the camera and all that oh I think it says I'm not allowed I don't know oh the door's closing on us I guess cuz we're not I don't know maybe the hello Hi how are you English oh going this way oh he's letting us in he's welcoming us to his uh to his community here oh oh there we go very nice oh let's get into a nice local neighborhood here nice to meet you nice to meet you um well he's let us in to his community we've got a locals um referral into the Gated Community here but uh quiet yeah quiet birds are tweeting in the trees but now we're like right beside the mosque we're even closer than we we could be from out on the street so that's interesting isn't it just quiet life isn't it small like everywhere's closed yeah it's all wonder why that is it's all closed guys it's 400 p.m. I'm not sure about that oh look at this wow that looks good doesn't it wow looks like a NAA theim is oh this looks uh very very nice look there's a few nice little bread bits and all that some sort of seed is it a nan nan yeah it looks a bit like Nan let's see if we can get ourselves some uh a piece of Nan and try some uh some local Wier food here in the neighborhood should we get a sesame one yeah one of them um Yaki don't know how to get his attention he came out and then he sort of went straight back in he's looks like he's also selling cakes this man is a a baker a local weer Baker here neighborhood Bakery but uh yeah hopefully he's got a spare minute I can see he's needing some door back there these smell amazing um man Al there we go that work it just one and um who is three wow only three you oh that's amazing wow look at this she's even thrown us in a couple of um looks like door balls I'm sure but uh I'm not sure exactly what they are it's like a weer d ball with just paying 3an guys which is only 30 okay what nice uh look I know that can married couple who own a bakery in the neighborhood that's lovely that it lovely my dream I tell you what I'm a bit packish as well oh it's in here is this a little shop cuzz uh with some bread you want to get uh you want to get yourself a drink as well don't you y y y um oh the can I have a drink um uh uh do you want something oh yeah right there we go scan on the QR code as you do everywhere here what nice nice to meet you friendly Smiley people love this okay I'm trying I think they feel pity for me my terrible weer language okay look they've got like it's like homemade noodles or something yeah yeah that you boil yourself or baked it's like the door ready to make your own sort of pasta or noodles or something I'm glad we came in here we a nice neighborhood oh look there's a little table here what's in there another Bakery must be the man who sells the cake ah so the cakes belong to this person here and then they've got the nice baked Breads and things like that I'm going in for the lemon it's a juice carbonated drink oh there you go nice and refreshing on this lovely warm urushi day oh that's really nice yeah and a cold drink as well that's a rare in China isn't it they're like warm drinks warm water all the rest of it right okay well there's a little seat over here sit beside this nice gentleman in the neighborhood tell what I love coming into the nice uh nice neighborhoods of uh of China in Beijing you know went into the hutong and loved it here Uchi we're in to the neighborhoods in the south of the city as well and uh so far been welcomed and uh I'm enjoying it a lot but uh I'm interested to try some of this traditional bread this is pretty hard by the looks of it see that wow maybe you going to go in for a bite yeah I'm going take a take a chunk it's very light yeah so hard it's like a it looks like a mini crusty roll oh I must say I'm glad we bought drinks to go with this is it a bit Dr dry mhm pretty dry but I get the impression that I don't know is it supposed to be like that maybe I meant to have it with like a like a like a soupy dish yeah like some broth or some soup well guys it also me go she thinks we're American well C I can't even break off there you go piece of the Sesame Nan it's basically like uh like crisps at this point I don't think it is a n if it's this texture but it looks like a n and he was cooking it in a n oven did you see so the um Sesame are really strong very flavorful I love sesame yeah just everything's very well you don't eat n itself do you you dipping it in a lovely Curry or something yeah so I wonder what uh what we should be eating this with like people are probably like what are you eating what are you eating it like that yeah you tell us guys if uh if we should be eating this uh with with some special dish I tell you what though guys when you if you do come to a place like this you know just over here there's a massive brand that uh that eight bar that convenience store there that's all over China absolutely massive but we went into this uh small business here run by them two two ladies there and uh yeah if you can just uh go into the smaller shops if you're just buying a drink or whatever and uh and get it from them cuz um yeah on appreciate it a lot more than the CEO yeah bar convenience store it is so quiet around here like deadly quiet just eating this bread is like causing little RI R of noise well just buildings and buildings and build buildings of these highrise maybe eight or nine stories high apartment blocks look at this little Central Pagoda here you know sitting out on a nice uh warm day like today and just come there's a few uh few tables there to play maang yeah I wonder I wonder if people play maang here that's uh something very popular that we've noticed around China but uh wonder if they do it here looks like it's a kind of like a dead end look at that one up there there's like a seat on there but I don't think there's anywhere you could fit in that you seen that sort of balcony there there's not actually a door it's just a window but they put a little red chair there no idea how you would manage maybe for a child or something maybe maybe I don't know if I trust my child to yeah the bars don't look all that uh all that stable but uh that's interesting isn't it that um all these uh all the doors to these uh apartment buildings they're all just all left over open I guess because uh you know you need to you need to scan your face to get into here but you can see inside the apartments of uh of urui here you know maybe it's not looking as modern there uh some of the other places that we've seen but it's real culture is it it's it's where real people are living there you know you every day people this is where they are this is the this is what we said about in in the hutong of Beijing you know it's not all fancy fancy big glass facades and and you know luxury watch shops and all the rest of it this is just everyday life here this is this is where you know thousands of people have got you know their own life stories their families their you know go to school around here the whole lives just uh look at this so guys as I'm speaking here just completely towered over by this ginormous Corporation um I mean what is that ICBC it's a big big Bank and there's another huge Bank as you can see up there it's always interesting to to uh to see that and I always sort of take a nice take interest into it it's quite uh you know meaningful isn't it when you have interesting drugs Just J a position yeah exactly yeah you get these old Heritage buildings and then you have these giant Skys scrippers that Overlook it in Chongqing it was uh particularly prevalent as well CU Chongqing even know it's the the the Cyber Punk City you know they're still yii nice people aren everyone's smiling everyone's friendly friendly yeah love it yeah it's well nice yeah in in Chongqing you know they have the super modern buildings they also have all the old traditional ones and they kind of just sit at the feet of these massive ginormous skyscrapers but um but yeah let uh have a little Wonder mall and finally make our way to the Grand Bazar of urumi a market that was built in 2003 and uh supposed to uh give a feeling of the old Silk Road ancient bazaars so we'll see you know how does it feel there what's it like see if it's uh any similar to some bazaars are being to in turkey and things like that the O is laughing at is AR they laughing I'm sure they just didn't expect us to come out with that that's the that's what it is that's a the beauty of languages guys even if you learn just a few phrases or something like that you know just speak to it Yi Yaki not like him though he just he does want tired of us see a calent of like you're just like walking through Newcastle and Chinese comes up goes why har lad how you doing excuse me this fell here he's putting the police to shame isn't he look at this lovely bike here a k a a QJ mortar beside these uh little femin fine like electric mopeds and you got this guy with a sports bike I'm sure you'll have no problems getting away from them lot just walking to the Grand Bazaar here see some uh some shoes here if you want you can get the Nik Air Force with a Leo Leos Leos Von night all going some all force all forces one out a l for one yeah look there all the classics yeah actuallyy yeah everyone's still smiling get your Vans there oh look so NY W what's that Naf atar oh Naf oh I love NF Naf atar look at that over here we got the north F and that's uh that's a nice jump yeah got North Face which is spell right look there it says uh jingu your title and then it's got his email address and his phone number and his phone number wow wonder how much how much for a northest jum see uh 85 85 85 for this more inside even more inside Ginger white in Cary and in Black yeah does it still have a his more Bal number on the bottom that's what I need I want to make sure I've got his more Bal number it looks like you can peel it off this is a nice quality t-shirt this actually hey that's actually anything on the back quite nice no just a nice plain white what that's 60 9 oh oh yeah okay oh great okay what about um any sort of deal um how about the juger juger um T Chen for for both full outfit a discount any good good price 85 or plus W oh okay okay uh how about uh discount friendly price two oh she's she's playing a hard bargain she's playing a hard bargain okay I don't I don't know if this one's worth £750 though is it but together are they worth £16 oh I think I think i' I don't know it's a bit it's a bit High bit high I would can get this down £16 for these two it's got it phone number on it no chance how about what0 one one I think 100 I think that's a good deal for for that's good for both you don't want come on okay okay uh um one AR 120 okay give a good price give a good good final price okay okay uh what about uh and finish yeah okay how how [Music] 15 okay hard harder harder okay five harder okay now I need to um make sure it that fits me what do you think about that one's going to fit you I can try I'll try it's a nice material that's why I quite like it it looks like it's like a dry fit style I guess that works doesn't it does you have got a t-shot underneath though yeah I think maybe do you have a one smaller yeah H you don't have the EXT the extra large okay what about this one yeah I think uh too big H this one's an extra large exhale oh she's working for she's working for you discount discount I'll try I'll try this uh special North F where you get the GU uh number and email address on your top oh this is awesome I like that it's a bit uh small on the arms me long English arms are a little bit uh bit short but I guess I could kind of do that and that's a bit bit hip isn't that bit cool she lost attention in me oh look at that there you go you never seen North fist with the email address in mobile number have you that's the real right there right £15 for this northeast top and this northeast jumper let uh let's finalize our deal oh look at that bag a good quality bag there vacuum sealed it's just a real deal this lady yeah youve got a new packing Cube yeah these are great for your backpack you fill your put all your underwear something in there and keep some all in one place okay byee yeah there we are kitted up and had a nice bit of shopping as you saw there guys that lady she wasn't a weer she was a hand Chinese which is uh the most uh populous ethnicity in all of China so there's a lot of an Chinese people living here also so that's why it's a very diverse City what's this oh what are you showing me oh this is a guy he show me a video from some called Abdullah Abdullah oh oh um I don't understand um um Jack Jack and uh and you I you just wanted to show you his favorite Tik tocker yeah he's showing me a video of uh I'm not sure if it was um um an IM Imam or something like that he was show me some um preacher or something on his Tik Tok um I don't know some sort of Islamic preacher he was sh me uh yeah nice said he was uh he saw me and he's like I'll show him I'll show him what I'm watching this nice uh nice interaction with the elderly gentleman there but uh we're getting right into um I'd say Like a downtown South urumi this is uh where most of the wer population is living as far as I know and uh yeah this is uh way different isn't it entirely entirely different feels like we're in you know real Central Asia we really you know it feels like really on the Silk Road and yeah abely loving this really really cool I'd absolutely love to travel along the pamama highway along the Silk Road and uh this has giv us a little taster of that keep watching guys cuz later on we're going to be going to one of the most famous restaurants in urui for its speciality which is lamb they love lamb here but uh talk about that a bit later for now let's get into to this Grand Bazaar everybody just selling clothing items T stuff everything you it's out on the streets here wow just like music blasting out of these adverts over here looks absolutely amazing I want to go and see this uh Chinese building that you can see just over here looks uh looks really nice but um you know when you come to this area you're going to get a complete mix of Chinese architecture of the old traditional style things and uh yeah it's just a a complete blend of cultures and I'm sure that leads to an absolutely beautiful blend of food and everything like that we got some uh weager live streamers over here the live streamers here in China guys we've seen them in a few different cities as well but they've got such a professional setup you wouldn't believe it you know there's like a guy with a with a whole desk a portable desk set up they connected to the mains you know some guys orchestrating all thing they got a professional camera yeah these guys are just uh reading they got the TV with a live chat and uh look even over there there's some girls over there who are ready to do some sort of dance or something yeah with listen to Spanish music for for whatever reason yeah live streaming culture here is uh absolutely massive people over there and another one over there yeah you think it's like designated live stream areas or something like you know like in England you've got to like apply for a basking p you think it's the same this yeah this is a this is what busing is in China weer people are famous historically for the traditional dancers and music they've uh they've exported a whole heap of Music across Central Asia and the uh the Silk Road yeah we people this say super famous for the dancing and the music and we can see bit of an example here beautiful isn't it nice full of energy absolutely lovely okay wow and a nice smile nice nice people here yeah right let's go and get our way into this Grand Bazaar yeah it's interesting isn't it guys the uh the soldiers with the rifles and the Bonet on the end just 25 M away from traditional girls dancing on Tik Tok it's quite a strange uh strange talk about Jer positions and here we are inside the Grand Bazaar of urumi look at this incredible Tower absolutely ginormous isn't it it's amazing so there's a big uh Gathering here and there's a whole load of uh WEA people dancing to traditional music see if I can uh have a little see of [Music] that it's crazy you've got like people in like traditional your clothing just like it's everyone like some laddin and adid Das tracks too like anyone can turn off and have a little little jiggle it's one a nice nice dance Express themselves celebrate who they are their Heritage everything [Music] nice is it lovely nice beautiful sunny afternoon let going to have a big dance with all your mates what more could you want that this is life here in Northwest China in the Muslim areas beautiful sunny day let's get ourselves an ice cream the is Mani albar Mani albar one how to say one and wi one and wi how to say okay sounds sounds um I don't know maybe Chinese I'm not sure but uh there we go he's just uh carving us up in ice cream from that big mountain of delicious uh delicious cream looks like you can get it in take away tubs as well yeah oh yogurt is this that's got a cow on the front of it oh there you go and he's going to scan that there all right who Ki pool oh do it okay 10 10 youan 1 for this beautiful ice cream on this sunny day here in the grand Bazar of uruchi China okay rman rman okay there you go there's your ice cream thank you very much what a lovely Smiley guy yeah look at this music Good Vibes here danc in the sunshine totally different music to what we've been hearing you know in China uh just brilliant loveing this here feels quite icy yeah you look oh yeah different texture how's the flavor very is it like vanilla or is it it's like sweet but it's not vanilla would you like to try some yeah let's have a little [Music] M yeah I know what you mean that's uh it's quite icy as well yeah it's just like a very sweet cream very sweet Dairy taste quite refreshing oh B A Gathering going on over here whole keep of police and whatnot so oh it looks like they're shooting a movie or something there's a big uh big camera flying about the place what on Earth's going on here this is interesting isn't it what uh what could be about to happen here feel like I'm at the theater got my little ice cream got my show over Shadow you can see here see there's the people in the traditional dress and then over here you've got the swap team in their traditional dress in their traditional dress yeah yeah excited to see what's going to happen and everyone's building up an anticipation hopefully see some something to do with the horse I guess cuz there's a couple of horses over there and I'm very excited let the show commence [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] yeah you can see guys it's uh it's definitely a mix of traditional Chinese and traditional weer culture been short cased together I'm sure the idea is of a Harmony and blender of the two cultures quite obvious the theme Here [Music] think you do a good [Music] [Applause] job wow that's been absolutely brilant display shown the local cultures Chinese culture the WEA culture the traditional music the dresses the dances yeah real nice uh display of this area just in a small snippet of what celebrating the two traditional cultures [Music] okay that was lovely enjoy that little bit dancing good man enjoy the music as well the music was brilliant the uh the weer music you know the the sort of traditional music I love that propa nice well here's our Horseman over here dance as well it's a good time yeah get yourself uh you come to Grand Bazar it's uh happened at started at 6:00 so I don't know if it's every day you know it's not a special day today um just a Thursday just an everyday Thursday a regular Thursday so I'd like to buy something just to sort of have us a memory of our of our time here you know and of the dancing and the music that we've enjoyed wonder if there's any sort of small little trinket or something that we can buy that just kind of shows that culture that just thoroughly enjoyed you know and you know the culture here the WEA culture it's not just about this big display of colors and dance and music which is very important but it's also the everyday life that we saw in the neighborhood that we went into you know with um two ladies who owned the shop or or the guy that's all the ice cream these are these are everyday weer people and they met they've Tre us and they've met us with nothing but a nice smile friendly people have enjoyed it when I spoke my terrible uh attempt of weager language but yeah just just really really lovely people that's uh that's what I've noticed and and and the Hand Chinese as well that we've uh that we've met here have also been very friendly it's also worth not enough that the um you know the the non- weer people have been very very kind and very friendly here as well it's been uh as far as the everyday people that's uh put away uh you know everything on the highest scale of governmental things and political things but uh just The Everyday People which is what we travel the world to see we travel the world to meet new and interesting everyday people and tell their stories not the country stories of the government stories but just the people of that place and uh yeah what a what a brilliant set of people with meti and Udi all right let's go into this Bazaar this is what we came here to see the Grand Bazaar let's see if we can uh buy a nice little uh nice little gift I think you made a nice little rug a rug yeah I'm not sure what you said have that there's a little tea shop here I was just having a little uh sit down there and uh these girls invited me over to the nice uh nice St here and uh gave me some uh free tea and uh and some some dance how's your tea oh it's nice isn't it yeah oh oh wait do you have a bin we come to ch ah thank you you live here oh uh don't sh uh how how long uh have you lived here uh 10 years 10 years 10 years Oh and before that uh before 10 years ago uh you live which city um n uh uh or I see she giving us these lovely uh lovely sort of dried fruits here and they're very nice very very lovely these delicious sweet fruit nice Hospitality here in the market it's been uh invited over for a cup of tea and uh and uh some fruit and have nice sit down nice uh is a sh before very beautiful city oh nice so so y before and then now is Umi you live here uh you live Udi uh work okay from y ah okay so you're from Y and then you work here I see okay nice very very very nice ah good that's nice it's uh a first time day day one for us yeah so yeah and it's very nice this is uh the shop name if you want to come here but uh sorry oh you want to connect on We Wish okay how how we can be friends you can oh oh that's so kind thank you very much she said we can contact her if we need anything okay uh I do here my QR code uh hold yes I just give her my QR code and then she'll scan it and then we'll be best friends on We Chat are you giving that girl your number I'm giving them a QR code different H okay okay byebye byebye bye bye W nice yeah so while Jack's gone to the bathroom I thought I'd have a look in the bizaar and I was I just think you'd look great in one of these cat I think he's he's far he's far too modest for something something so big flashy but I think I have found the perfect thing for Jack's head and it is an itty bitty hat so you just presume you just clip these on to your hair I think they're wonderful so think I'll have a look and see if I can find who selling them and see if I can get for Jack I like this I I like I like these I like uh this Oneal sensal oh just going to show me on my calculator here 35 I do like it 35 sounds like a lot though doesn't it maybe we can do okay okay 25 I've got I've got myself B off perfect thank you I will scan the the alipay thank you I like this I like this one this one here yes please perfect thank you very much byebye byebye bye so I've got it I've got Jack a little gift I'll have to see his reaction cuz this is this is I'm sure what he thinks that I'm going to buy something like this but I I think this is perfect for his little Ed I think maybe hello hello hi how are you [Laughter] H I don't I don't understand I he's come back he's come back before I've had a chance I've made some friends and I bought you a present really what was a present here it is I think you're far too modest for a big hat yeah and I think just a what is is it oh it's a hair clip oh there we go perfect good okay okay yeah thanks very much how much was this it was I bargained did you oh it was St was she a good good bargainer not for me oh where'd you get it from oh all the way over there oh just meeting some friends s UA h s UA USA USA USA sorry uh I don't know I don't know my Chinese is terrible okay so everyone want to see so I'm just telling you right I've just been at the toilet I come back I've got a hair CL clip with a traditional hat on me head it's not a hair clip it's a hat let me put it on nicely it's a hat yeah surely not it is traditional is it I thought it was like a no no you're too modest for a big hat I see you already got a small head anyway oh right okay so I that's the first tell you what I would love I'd love a little uh a little fridge magnet from your grandma this is a very interesting place I like to send that interest in fridge magnets the actually mes actually yeah actually W I think they're all laughing at us from me hat are you having my life I thought you look lovely at it I'll take it off I'll keep it though nice nice trer cuz all them dancers this look these are the big versions all right yeah this this is okay for me Ah that's what he tell you it's for you how does she do it how does she wear it oh what's going on here I think I think I think he might think that you've took that from here you know no oh this one oh good good wow you like it what oh go does it feel secure it looks like your head feels very uh very firm very uh very firm what's your favorite color very nice I don't know this this I can't let's have a little look at myself here oh Craig look at that now I've got a real one I feel you said I need a small one this actually this is actually very nice bu cani pool but bu cani P you know when they pull out the calcul divide it by two we're we're in for a good old bargain he's come up with £750 to start off with 75 is an B oh he's only taking off five what about um what um 50 uh 50 oh okay okay we can uh okay okay we can do it we made a deal at 55 £550 for this traditional uh weer weer oh great ah I need p on that sorry sorry well there we go we'll pay on uh on here on the app as always 55 or £550 for this traditional weer hat it feels very nice and secure on my head it he's the one with a [Laughter] gun he's got a gun and he's running away from me okay okay we both got a traditional hair yeah look we're absolutely I feel like I should take the flowers out of my hair I should only have one hair accessory on it oh yeah yeah she's got one yeah got one very good okay okay thank you okay goodbye bye-bye oh there we go now I feel like the real deal now no is going to laugh at us on me hair clip hey you know we've been in the neighborhoods we've uh experienced a big uh dance party and Festival we've tried some traditional ice cream we bought some Trinkets and some traditional clothing but now guys it's time for the big ending guys this area sing Jang in China is super super super famous for its lamb they absolutely love lamb here and they giving it a big mountain range you know it's uh an absolutely amazing place to Farmers to uh to raise sheep and yeah everybody in China absolutely loves the lamb from the sang region and uh yeah some people even say it's the best lamb in the world so we're going to go to one of the highest rated restaurants that we can find on the is a Badu b or something the app that he use or something I'm not sure oh maybe yeah some Chinese like a Chinese uh map app a bit like Google cuz you can't use Google Maps here but um yeah they they have it they have it is the highest rated lamb restaurant so let's go and get some lamb barbecue and uh top off our amazing day here in the weer capital of China UD muchi oh here we go Silk Roads promise that's us isn't it I think so I love that name Silk Roads promise famous barbecue house right okay look at this wow look at this uh nice meet you we two oh okay look at this look how cool this is you can see these like private dining areas inside like a similar to like a year very cool Yi okay okay sorry for I was getting distracted feel good it well we've been sat at the table got traditional music playing so these are the top 12 dishes oh okay these are most most most popular ones yeah yeah so this is horse meat horse meat that's very very popular in the Silk Road in Kazakhstan and kasakhstan Tajikistan they eat horse meat and uh and you can get it here on the barbecue we might give that a go have try that I don't know we never never eaten a before bit of a shame cuz we saw them nice horses earlier didn't we but uh we got to embrace the culture we got to get into it try things out of our comfort zone I think maybe we should order how many of those do you think we should how many l bath do you think you can eat maybe it's like we could do like three each yeah and then one portion of one bit of horse and then the lamb lamb lag I think this is the chop oh okay well that'll do us all right two big amounts of lamb and then the horse so we've got the famous Shin Jang lamb and then we've got the traditional Silk Road cuz we're in a Silk Road Restaurant it's not just an urami restaurant this is a Silk Road Restaurant which is one of the the ancient trade routes that connected east to west you know many many many centuries ago so this is a real you know historical Cuisine this is food that would have been eaten by nomadic people and Tradesmen All Along The Great Pia Highway that we know today for the Silk Road and uh yeah so we're going to have a real Silk Road experience here okay cuz we just want the pure lamb flavor that uh that this region is known for uh uh chopa or leg I think the leg will be better this one leg see see Neo hongo they have oh brilliant they have wine from sang which is this area here maybe we can uh do that let's have a little look jug Arad there we go we've got our lamb skewers our lamb leg our horse meat and a bottle of red wine from the sing Jang Province this is a huge wine making area in China along with many other things but uh yeah it's going to be first time trying a sing Jang a local wine here in Northwest China right we're all ordered this man here has helped us out massively what a great guy he's been that's why it's always nice to have the waiter service but um yeah let's uh get this uh get this meal on the go and uh try after a long day of exploring I'm so hungry and uh pretty tired feel like deserve feel like I deserve a nice glass of red wine some tender broccoli oh yes tender broccoli oh woman out yeah got some broccoli in there Lam and broccoli broccoli in so long we're having a Sunday dinner Salon broccoli right excellent look at these lovely plates and everything I'm very impressed performance I'll do it for you he says you can't eat all what you've ordered oh he say it's too much don't sh too much oh what should we take away then maybe the leg of lamb was too big telling us that water too much instead of you know charging us for it all and well maybe we should get rid of two of four of the skewers so we can try each skewer yeah okay so just two skewers uh uh R what's he saying what's up oh no he was just saying it's going to be a little expensive oh oh hold on hold on no problem okay it was like 300 y yeah £30 for a nice dinner with with a bottle of wine is uh that's good where where we come from and England you can't even get a bottle of wine for3 in England you can't even go to Five Guys for for the 30 so right fresh off the barbecue it's arrived already look at that wow oh they're warm sticks yeah looks like they come fresh off the barbecue here wow that's what it's all about here look at this look at the color it's a very um light color it's not sort of overly dark or anything like that beautiful warm sticks on these like they're like knives aren't they a let's have a taste of this first time trying the famous sing Jang lamb it oh it just it just smells amazing guys just put it that coose of my nose I'm going to smell this deep lamb flavor I'm have a bite of this oh my goodness me wo it is like it's it's a mixture of like a type of flavor I've never tasted for me life type of lamb taste I've never ever ever experienced before and then also like just a really deep juicy lamb flavor a little bit salt in there you can just taste the crispy CH skin on the outside just look at this guys that was absolutely amazing I need some more of that l per it's too good ehh so nice we should have just got 10 of these I think got God knows how good that lamb leg's going to be this how good the little skewers are it's a 70p of skewer 70p so soft and it just explodes with flavor just such tender salty juicy lamb and you know how big of a flavor lamb is normally you can put that on steroids just absolutely delicious wow oh he's going to put it in a decanter as well for us this is a real deal here guys oh man he is uh doing a real good job so Credit Credit him in uh in this in this restaurant they've hired a real good guy with this fell he's uh being brilliant very patient with us even though you know we don't know what we're saying or what we want and all that and he's been nothing look polite and patient with us so I appreciate that a lot Andy's pouring Pages first appreciate that ladies first he's a man of good value this guy is he let's have a bit swir of that give it a bit of oxygen in there right oh it's got a bit of spice to it very deep red fruits almost like a much darker fruit actually like cherries oh and a complex Tannon and then oh the aftertaste straight after is just again with the fruit normally on some of the fruity wines you get this beautiful fruit on the pallet and then as it goes down it tends to savor up a little bit but that was like double fruit fruity on the nose fruity on the pette and then afterwards it's uh it's abely gone down smoothly not too acidic either I'm not salad as much you know as as like a maybe a a newer cabinet sovon but uh yeah that's uh that's absolutely lovely house is it oh there's the horse meat aring here and there's the leg of lamb I'm going to be brave I'm going to try the horse meat wow you going straight for the horse meat first time eating horse meat it's not very common it's not common for British people to eat uh horse meat oh there we go there's our broccoli to keep healthy and in the background you can hear some weer regon see it there we go tendis and broccoli one of my favorite if not my favorite vegetable in the entire world there there we go have some horse meat you don't like my brain is confused tastes like a combination of pork and fish pork and fish that's interesting I guess I'll it doesn't taste like a Testo lasagna that's for sure guess I'll have a little go as well yeah it's quite dry yeah maybe the S it's got this lovely sauce I know what you mean about the fish but the fish part is very subtle yeah it's definely a little bit more like pork I mean obviously horses are very muscular animals and uh you don't normally sort of uh rate how good your meat is and how muscular the animal is normally how fat the animal is don't you so that's obviously going to make the meat an entirely different uh texture yeah it's not too bad it's not half bad yeah it's it's it just tastes like a sausage to be honest like a like almost like a jerky like a chewy meaty sausage yeah that is what we've came for the horse is something there is a juicy lamb oh getting a bit of uh dried Sichuan pepper on there got a B did you no no sounded crunchy that's a skin yeah it's really good there you go guys there's some crispy skin and on that side you got the fatty lamb going to put that side and the powder lovely chili [Music] powder the chili and the lamb go together so well but to be honest to be honest with you the lamb doesn't need any salt any seasoning just on its own is absolutely f fantastic I mean just wow just look at this fatty piece of lamb just there that's so juicy with a crispy skin on the outside that is absolutely fantastic look at these just giant pieces of Juicy lamb you see the oil just seeping out of it some of the best lamb I've ever eaten in my entire life right I'm going to enjoy the rest of this meal enjoy this little glass of wine soak in Silk Roads promise well we've made quite the dent in that an absolute sing Jang lamb and horse Silk Road Feast that was absolutely tremendous really really really nice beautiful soft delicate lamb interesting horse obviously it's not our favorite meat in the world the horse but it was just nice to try something new and uh yeah how was that how was that for you it was really really nice and it was so good to have the trender St broccoli we were just discussing we've not had it since we left home which was months ago now so it was just nice to have I'd eat this almost every day in England tender s broccoli so that was lovely lamb and broccoli feels a bit healthy but uh I'm sure we over done it with a leg alarm and all them skewers and the horse meat and everything but uh it's really been a really really nice meal we still got uh plenty of our wine left so just going to have a little bit relax enjoy the uh the music here and uh finish this bottle of wine yeah just enjoy life in Udi oh we a friend here we we're just enjoying a glass of wine it's just brought us this nice cake looks like chocolate cake there's some bits on the top there some fruit strawberry I think that isn't a single Blueberry Blueberry I love blueberries absolutely love them half a blueberry I don't think so you can have that strawberry and I'll have the blueberry um a more distinctive Desy there we go it just said a more distinctive dessert wow that's very nice I just brought us a I'm guessing a free dessert cuz it's not on our bill or anything look very kind of them yeah nice Hospitality here in urami China have a little that it looks like chocolate to me look that lovely flower on the top there you can eat that yeah I I I'll not now there we go see here all cheers it's chocolatey it's cold which I quite like nice cold chocolatey it's a bit crunchy got some texture in there maybe some nuts or something like that yeah that's very nice I'm going to have this uh this little blueberry here very nice hey m H bloody love blue boo that's nice I tell you what bit of wine bit of chocolate cake more do you want than that just trying to figure out how it to pay here since we didn't use our app so it's not going to connect to our card or anything but uh there we go looks like it's going to use alip P connector Pages QR code and we here the £34 what an absolutely unbelievable meal with a lovely lovely bottle of wine perfectly presented the beautiful KP and everything for just £34 for two people s and what a great guy he was absolutely brilliant service and a lovely restaurant with a great you know lovely setting and everything what an absolutely lovely meal and a real proper Shin Jang meal with some Shin Jang red wine the classic lamb that this place is so famous for and then trying something new some silk food with horse meat but yeah that was absolutely lovely we've realized these go on your head they go on your shoulder yeah all the uh you can see here the waitresses and the waight one of my favorite waiters we've ever had in any country in the world know the you see the kitchen service over here and now we're back into the mall and there we go it's night falls on urumi that brings an end to this video what an amazing day exploring this amazing City urumi meeting the weaker people meeting some of the hand Chinese people and seeing how they live together you know amongst all of the issues that there is in this area today we got to meet the real everyday people try some amazing lamb food have a nice dinner in that restaurant see the traditional dance and the music bter with some people speak some weager language we've just had an absolutely amazing day so I really really uh appreciate you coming along on the journey with us and enjoying it leave a comment below on what your favorite part was or any interesting things that you might want to let us know that we might have missed out in this video the next video we're going to be filming a street food video trying all of the famous sang Foods today we only had some Nan and some lamb barbecue but we're going to getting deep into that amazing food from this area really unique flavorful food that we're going to be trying from all the street vendors around the city of urui yeah what an amazing day thank you so much for watching we'll see you in the comments and see you in the next video goodbye

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