This is how BEDOUINS treat you in Jordan mE 28

This is how BEDOUINS treat you in Jordan  mE 28

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morning my friends, from amman once again, in  this video we're gonna take the king's highway   on the way to aqaba, but the first stage is gonna  be probably two days to go to karak, so join me for   the adventure across jordan from amman to karak,  you can see the bike is ready, ah nice let's go oh it's so good to be back on the road   it's like being the president going  around the country and everybody says hi hello thank you okay it looks like i have to stop here hello you are welcome, thank you you speak arabic, just a bit where are you from, france where are you going, uh today i go to karak, so malik  is offering me a watermelon   but i don't know where to put it on the bike okay so we found a solution  for the watermelon okay nice to meet you, okay so we found the solution   for the watermelon, we're gonna  cut it, and i'm gonna eat it now sit here eat half now, and half for later one minute this bigg... okay no problem, not a big, yeah  yeah, big yeah big, you're welcome shukran he's the best good let's have this delicious watermelon wow good, very good yeah oh my god oh it's so sweet, so juicy unbelievable arabic, just a little 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, just the numbers you are you welcome see you later okay let's go, it's time to resume the adventure  after this watermelon feast, i still have half of   watermelon, which i managed to put here,  hopefully it doesn't fall on the way   and uh let's continue our way to karak, so  i was invited by... they were palestinians   from... they were born here, but their  family was from gaza originally

hello, how are you i go to karak, okay from France with this how much time, one year do you have an opener from where ? From Jordan Yves, come here selfie, selfie yeah bye look at that guys, look at this  landscape of the king's highway no, it's okay, thank you, yeah  it's okay no problem, slowly slowly ah no it's okay it's okay no problem he wanted to put the car, the bike  in the back of the pickup people are very very friendly in jordan, it's  really uh, it impresses me especially because   there is a lot of tourism, usually in  countries where there is a lot of tourism   people are less friendly, but here they  are still very friendly, oh my god sorry ah dhiban, i arrive in the city called dhiban okay i need a restaurant to  take a break to recharge a   bit the battery to be sure to reach karak tomorrow oh beautiful minaret okay maybe i need to get a shawarma  here, and see if i can recharge also good, oh my god i'm dead you have shawarma shawarma yes can i have one shawarma shawarma chicken, kebab, barbecue ? Oh, maybe kebab one or two uh just one, yes and can i... i have a battery, can  i recharge, can i recharge my battery, can i use   this, yes, for telephone... no for electric bicycle,  battery bicycle, this is battery okay one minute it's like this yeah okay okay oh my god, oh my my butt, it's so painful so i paid 1.5 Dinars about two dollars it looks very good, look you have a very  nice red sauce inside, it looks really good oh my god fantastic wow the meat is spicy as well, with the tomato sauce  with herbs and the spicy meat, oh awesome really very good well it's really amazing, i'm surprised, i did not  expect something that uh that wonderful so actually i had the neighbor uh,  the neighbor he's selling sweets,   he came to me, he's called ahmed he's from syria   maybe let's go buy some sweets for tomorrow's  breakfast, from him here he is okay okay let's see what can we get, i remember that from  lebanon, that's very good, can i have... huh good i am Ahmed, from Syria from Syria, but 10 years in Jordan from Damascus um can i get maybe a bit of these ah okay oh that's good yeah, a little bit of this, like...

2 so two let's try the jamberi, it looks very good this for 0.5 dinars so it's just this, ah, 0.5 your name... rayan his name, rasheed let's go, let's continue camera coffee no it's okay water, i have water picture, oh okay your name, boutros nice to meet you new friends in dhiban how are you, very good and you where are you from, france which city in france, near paris very small i went to paris, oh you went to paris security training for special forces oh okay for training for the... yeah oh okay 1982   1982 yeah, so like 40 years ago,  you like it, pretty... very nice Champs Elysees Eiffel tower let's go, let's start again, i am just gonna go...  because basically just after dhiban now i have  

a big canyon to cross, so it's a long way downhill  and then a very long way uphill, almost uh   like 850 meters to climb, so i'm gonna keep that  for tomorrow, i'm only 50 kilometers from karak   so i'm just gonna look for a place to  stay now here, for a place to camp, for stealth   camping here in jordan, just next to the canyon,  so hopefully we have a nice view, hello hello okay guys, i think i found my spot, i'm  gonna stay here under the pine trees and later on we're just gonna go to see  the canyon, what's waiting for me tomorrow and my big watermelon there is so much broken glass okay after this very pleasant nap, let's go to  see what's waiting for us tomorrow, let's go   to see with our own eyes how wadi  mujib looks like, look at that guys wow okay guys, let's finish the  day with a bit of watermelon   and maybe i'll have some... a bit of the  expensive makdus i bought in amman look at that, oh there's so many inside  nice, well for 10 euros you expect so many   let's have a bit of makdous oh it's so oily wow let's get one out, maybe with the fork wow wow look at that guys, hop, let's put it on the bread and let's cut it well sadly there is... oh there are some nuts   a bit of nuts, a bit of chili but there is not  much inside, i mean i had makdous in a restaurant   in amman at some point it was many  more things, let's be french and let's complain um oh it's... oh it's really good, very very good it's fantastic okay now it's the watermelon, i  don't know if my knife is gonna be   good enough, maybe i'll try  with the ethiopian knife it's not very clean though, but let's try very nice fantastic yes i made it wow really good okay so actually i met some guys on the road, they  wanted to invite me to their house, i said no because   well it's complicated with  my bike, you see how it is   i would have to re-pack everything,  it's annoying, but then they wanted to give me   food, i said no again because i already had dinner,  but i guess it's bedouin rule, it's like um   then they said bedouin something, so i  guessed okay, so in one hour basically there is...  

a guy is gonna come, and he's gonna bring me some food,  so let's see, let's see what happens in one hour   so now i have another bedouin  on the way, it's the shepherd arabic, no french welcome in jordan what are you doing here, camping camping  camping, sleep sleep here, yeah yeah tonight   yeah, why, because it's nice no, oh no problem,  i have a tent so.... journey or trip, yeah   journey, i go to karak but tomorrow, tomorrow  because from amman because uh too far for one day from amman to karak, after, aqaba from amman to here, one day, from here to karak, one day karak to aqaba i think maybe three days, three days yes yes  far away, yeah far away yeah, one minute okay alone tonight, alone, yeah   uh you don't have friends, no but there is... i meet  someone, some friend he's gonna bring me food oh   food, yeah friend from the car, yeah yeah if  you want anything i... uh oh it's okay i'm fine  

thank you, welcome to my house, no it's okay  i'm... because you see bicycle, bags many bags   many bags, so now all bags are... bag here, bag  here, uh open, many bags if go to your house, complicated i studied english language at university, and i graduated from the university in 2011. oh okay yes, nice but i  don't uh speak a native speaker, no no but   you speak you speak good, we can communicate, good  yeah it's good yeah yeah, okay nice meeting you so you see everybody, basically anyone you  meet here, invites you to their house yeah oh i love mansaf, oh very good, you'll  bring mansaf, but just a little bit, not too   much, because i'm not too hungry,  i already had some food okay, so just not too much   okay thank you very much, 45 minutes  okay okay okay sure yeah okay okay that's absolutely... ai oh my god how are you you changed car oh his car so there is even the cushions, let's  check what's in the trunk, oh my god   you bring everything here where in france, near paris   uh yeah the countryside near uh between  paris and the north, between paris and belgium wow fantastic that's incredible so how do you call this arguile, okay so the water pipe is getting ready, so  this is from the battery from the car, yeah okay   and now gaith and ammar are gone again, and uh  they're gonna come back, i'm still with the carpets   and all the juices and the  carpets, but uh they're gonna come back   with the mansaf, and the team is back,  and the light is gonna come back very soon oh nice very nice oh wow, so that's still hidden,  the mansef, oh my god oh wow oh wow oh my god, wow that looks very beautiful this is what oh wow oh my god i love mansef, but mansaf is big,  but it's so good, oh this is vegetables also oh wow laban (yogurt) oh oh so this is a yogurt from sheep milk okay, let's go evle, let's go for food let's eat some... we eat by hand, oh you eat by hand, oh okay i can eat with this you drink it, yes yes oh really, really  wow, so it's a sauce and you drink it   oh okay so, so this is sharap laban, then okay  and it's the sauce but you also drink it oh my god this is amazing, oh yeah  yeah yeah yeah unbelievable yeah wow oh it's insane, wow eat meat unbelievable you like it, oh yeah it's very very very very good i think mansaf is one of my favorite meals in  the world, i think it's really it's really uh   so different from everything else, it's  really one of the best... i think it's one of the  

best meals in the world, and me and yeah yeah i'm  sure for you also it's the best one yeah, but because   for me i'm not from jordan, but still  i find it unbelievable, eat, okay okay and away they go, it's just unbelievable, i  said i wanted to stay here, so basically   they just brought the living room here, they  brought the food, they brought the drinks   i don't know what to say, i guess  that's the end of the video it's just incredible, i can't... i really  can't believe what just happened, see you   see you in the next video guys

2022-07-17 07:54

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