This Amusement Park Has AMAZING Classic Carnival Games!

This Amusement Park Has AMAZING Classic Carnival Games!

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- We're so excited to be at a new theme park for us. We've never visited DelGrosso's before, and we're in Pennsylvania. It is a free admission park, free parking. You do have to pay for the rides or pay for the waterpark, but I'm really excited, 'cause we didn't have to pay anything to come in here and play games, which you know we love. They have a lot of really unique games.

I'm gonna give you two heads up. They have our favorite game, and a game we've never seen before 'cause I didn't even know it was still in the States. I'm pretty excited here. So this is gonna be a really, really fun video to show you some unique games here at DelGrosso's. (coins clinking) - [Spencer] The first games you're gonna see when you enter DelGrosso's are a Ring A Bottle.

Very, very cute. We already have the theme prizes, the Buddy Bears. Some really big Halloween prizes. It's end of August while we're filming this, so it's really cool to see that they have some seasonal prizes that they're already kind of changing out to as we get to the spooky season. We have already seen somebody walking around with one of these big Buddy Bears that we think they got from this ring toss. So while it is a fair-looking ring toss, I don't think we're gonna play it today because we have not been having good luck.

Right next door, we also have a Fishy Fishy, which looks like a little Bob's Fishin' Hole type deal. I'm assuming on the bottom of these fish in this kitty pool, there is a number or something equating to what prize you would win. Very fun, but there is another Lucky Duck game, so I think we're gonna pass on this right now. - [Katie] Okay, we're gonna start with potentially the hardest game in the park. It just was like over here. It was in a good location.

So we have our long shot basketball right next to our speed pitch. And the prizes here are good. - Oh my gosh. - [Katie] We got three shots for $2. Under a dollar a ball.

- Yeah, I went ahead and paid for two times, though, a whopping $4. - [Katie] I'm getting spoiled. I'm not going anywhere else. Okay, and they've got these cute little Yummies for the small prize, but they actually do have a small Buddy Bear for the medium prize. - Ooh. - [Katie] So like, let's see how it goes.

So you have six tries here? - Yes, I'm a little nervous. The hoop is really small, it's a regular sized basketball, and it's really inflated. - [Katie] Yeah.

- So I'm a little nervous about how this is gonna go, but we're gonna give it a shot. We're gonna go overhand, obviously. It's a far one. - Okay.

- Okay. - Really close, really close. - Really close. - Great arch, great power, just a little bit to the left. We can work with that.

- We can do this. - Yeah. - I'm feeling good. - [Katie] We can work with that. Made a good a adjustment- - A little bit to the left again.

- A little bit to the left again, so now he's gotta say- - I gotta go to the right. - [Katie] Does he step to the right, does he throw more to the right? - I'm gonna step a little bit to the right. Oh! - Oh! - Oh man. - Okay. So we know that the skill is there. Spencer can absolutely do this. - Yeah, that was my first set of three.

- [Katie] That was a really good one. - Ah, to the left again, yeah. I'm trying to get that right angle though, and I think it's going okay. - [Katie] Yeah, you're doing a great job. And I'm not that worried. There's other Buddy Bears.

So I think playing this one twice is a good time. - Nah, a little bit to the left, sorry, a little bit, not far enough. - [Katie] What are we doing to the left today? - You get a small prize. - Thank you. ♪ To the left, to the left ♪ - I know, right? I feel like I don't wanna step too far to the right, though. - [Katie] Yeah, 'cause then it always goes way to the right.

- Yeah, see? - Ooh. - Ah, that was so close. I can't believe we almost had it on that one. - [Katie] Yeah, that third one was so, so close. - That was nuts. - [Katie] Okay, so I could come back and play this one 'cause it's really cheap. - That's right.

- [Katie] But I don't think I need to play it again right now. Okay, I'm really excited. This is not the rarest game in the world, but I wanna say this is only the third-ish time that we've seen it, potentially. So there's this Speed Pitch.

It is a pretty popular game. It used to be more popular. You throw the ball twice to check your speed, and then you make your guess before the third pitch. If you're correct on the speed on the third pitch, you win a prize, and we did just see someone win, so it is very possible, very doable.

- It is, okay. The little screen's up here. - [Katie] Okay. - I'm gonna throw it though.

- [Employee 1] I can tell you the screen every time. - She's gonna tell us what it's too. Okay? - Okay. - All right, so I got a little rubber ball here.

34, okay. - 34 is the first one. - Not very good, but it's okay. I'm trying to go for consistency, okay? - Yeah, speed doesn't actually matter on this game. Consistency is what matters. I should have mentioned that. 35. - 35.

Let's go, let's go 34. - [Employee 1] 34? - [Katie] Okay, so you threw 34, 35. He's guessing 34.

- Yes! - Oh my gosh! - So you can choose over here if you want- - [Katie] This is your first time ever winning this game. - This is my first time ever winning it. And we got a little bat. I actually won a little baseball bat. It's inflatable. - [Katie] Oh my gosh, I'm so proud of you.

- Okay, we paid for it twice, so we're gonna go one more time. - [Katie] Okay, 'cause it was only $2. - It was only $2, we paid, I was like, I'm not even gonna get it once, but let's try it again. Wow, she said the most you'll pay here is $5 for a game, either Goblet Pitch or Ring A Bottle. That's crazy. - [Katie] Okay, well I'm already coming back next year, guys, it's already decided.

- All right, you ready? (Katie laughing) - [Katie] Okay, here's the first pitch, 36. - 36, whoa, a smoker. - Whoa! He's getting faster. (laughs) 36. - 36.

- All right, so we're, 35. - 35. - [Katie] Okay, he thinks he's gonna tire out a little. 36, 36, his guess is 35. What the heck? - Whoa! Oh, that was a heater.

Oh man. Oh, it's okay. I have my one inflatable bat here. I'm gonna use this for something, I don't know what.

- [Katie] I was just like, for what? Like what are you gonna do with this? - Inflatable baseball. - Okay. - Thanks so much. - [Katie] I rank this very high on my Speed Pitch. I thought it was very fair watching Spencer win it and someone right before him. That's a 10 for me.

- Love it. Well, Katie said it. There's a game we have never, ever seen before in person. This is Clowning Around. And if you don't like clowns, this is not gonna be the game for you. 'cause this is mildly terrifying.

But the way it works is you get eight ping pong balls. The clown's mouth is what you're gonna put the ping pong balls in. Yes, you're gonna feed the clown. The tube right here, you can see there's seven different chutes.

You have to get one ball in each slot. So it gives you one extra one that you can mess up. - [Katie] Okay. - [Spencer] But if you get more than two balls on one of the slots, then it's an automatic loss. - Okay, and now, I have seen this on TikTok, and I was aware that it's popular still, I think in New Zealand and Australia, potentially.

Drop a comment, tell me if I'm making stuff up. It's okay, I don't know that for a fact. But I'm actually really excited, 'cause I saw this game online and I was like, I've always wanted to play this, and now I don't have to take a very expensive flight.

- [Spencer] Yes, and if you win, you get any of these prizes in the back. It's an automatic large prize. - [Katie] Okay, I'm gonna- - [Spencer] Okay, so this is number, I'm gonna... Okay, so that was a second slot in. - [Katie] Okay. - [Spencer] It's tricky, you gotta like figure out your timing here.

- [Spencer] Whoa, huh. - [Katie] Okay. Okay. - It's okay. It's all good, it's all good. - [Katie] Still doing good. - [Spencer] You gotta figure out how to get those edge ones, though.

- [Katie] Yeah, okay, this one goes really far to the edge. I don't think it goes as far left. Oh. - Oh, okay, it's fine. You still got one and one. - [Katie] I think I gotta get it on its way over. Yeah, okay.

- [Spencer] Okay. So now she has one in almost every single middle one. She's still trying to hit that right edge. - [Katie] You have to get it on its way over. - [Spencer] Oh, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - [Katie] Okay, did you see how I did that? - [Spencer] Yes.

- [Katie] Okay, you learn games very quickly. - [Spencer] Okay, so now she has one slot left. Did you get it? (Katie laughing) You got it on your first try. You didn't even need your extra ball.

You literally got one ball in every single slot. That's crazy. I cannot believe you already won. What are you gonna choose? - Choose anything. - [Spencer] Anything. - [Katie] Oh my gosh, this is so exciting.

- [Spencer] That's so cool. - [Katie] I'll do that pink cat right on top there. - [Spencer] The pink cat right on top. - [Katie] Thank you. - [Spencer] Look at that, your first try. - I'm flabbergasted.

I've never won a game like that on the first try. - [Spencer] That was crazy. I really can't believe you literally figured out how to win that game immediately, and you won it on your first try ever.

- [Katie] Okay, I'm so excited for Spencer to try this. He does really well watching other people play and learning the games, which was kinda the whole inspiration for the channel, 'cause that's now what we do. - That's true. - [Katie] So I think he'll do well after watching me. - [Spencer] Yeah, oh, I only have seven balls, can I just take the one extra one from this side? - Yeah, that's fine. - Okay, now I have eight balls.

I was like, wait a second. Okay. So you said on the way over. - [Katie] Yeah. Yeah, see, he understands. - Oh! - Uh-oh.

- [Spencer] Oh no. Okay, I'm gonna abandon that side for now. - [Katie] Okay, that's a good idea. I kind of went crazy in the beginning.

Okay, good job, both sides are done. - [Spencer] Oh no. - Oh no. - And I'm out. I'm already out. Well, let me just use my little practice here.

I'll do it quickly. Wow. - [Katie] That was good.

Wait, that was really good. Oh, you almost had it. - I was one away.

- [Katie] One away - Man, you were still the big winner here. That was so much fun though. - [Katie] Okay, we're gonna circle back and play this for a short form later because I'm now newly obsessed with this game.

Spencer did really well and I can't believe I won first time ever playing this. - [Spencer] Right next to Clowning Around, we have Balloon Bust. And this is a winner every time game. You can see over here, they have different levels. Like the pizzas are level one and the pigs are level two. The other animals are level three, and these really cute seagulls with french fries are level four.

Essentially you pay $2 per level. So we're gonna do level four, which is $8. Math, right? - Yeah. - [Spencer] And all she has to do is pop one balloon. It's a winner every time game.

It's essentially just a pay for your prize. But we haven't really ever seen the Belly Buddy with the seagull with the fries before in that size. We won a big one before, but we really want a small one for our shelf. 'cause we really like those.

So Katie, you just need top one balloon. - Okay. - [Spencer] It's an easy game, but I think we can do it. And that was it, you did it. (bell ringing) - Oh, like right with the bell, that was pretty good. - [Spencer] Yeah. (laughs)

- Okay, so we would like, oh, did you want a seagull or a unicorn? - [Spencer] Oh, seagull or the unicorn. That's up to you. This is your choice. You're the winner here.

- [Katie] Oh, this is too hard of a choice. I guess I can get the seagull. - [Spencer] It's up to you. They only have one unicorn. They have a lot of seagulls. - [Katie] Oh, I don't know, what do you think? - [Spencer] I'm telling you, it's your choice.

I'm delegating. - Okay, I'll take the unicorn. - [Spencer] She's gonna take the unicorn. - Oh yeah, yeah. Okay, we went with the unicorn 'cause it was the last one. - [Spencer] Look at that. You got the last unicorn.

Oh, it's really fuzzy. I don't think I expected it to be that fuzzy. Very, very cute. - Yeah, super cute. - [Spencer] And yeah, I agree. With the last one, you had to go with that. - [Katie] This is a pretty unique spin on ping pong toss, 'cause there's no water.

- [Spencer] Yeah. - [Katie] Usually we see these things, like, floating around. They're just on these little, like, retail shelves. Like I've seen them in like stores. These little like clear shelves. I dunno what they call 'em.

And they look like little dog bowls. - [Spencer] Yeah, I actually don't. You know what, no, you know what they actually are? - [Katie] What? - [Spencer] They are nut and bolt holders for mechanics.

- [Katie] Oh. - [Spencer] Those are magnetic bases. They actually want magnet onto surfaces like a car. - [Katie] We have one of those at home, yeah.

- [Spencer] Yep, so that's what those are. - [Katie] Okay. - [Spencer] But I feel like they're gonna be very bouncy. You're gonna have to bounce it into 'em. I already have a dented ball.

But it was 25 balls for $3. - [Katie] That's such a good deal. - [Spencer] I don't know, we have to get into one of these two green ones.

I dunno what the post-it notes are. - [Katie] Okay, so this is green, that one's green, to get the large prize, which is Buddy Bear that we want. - [Spencer] Yes, we want the Buddy Bear. - [Katie] Okay. Oh my. Okay. - [Spencer] That went, oh, okay.

- [Katie] (laughs) Went completely over the back. Oh no. This game is so hard.

- [Spencer] That one came right back at me. - [Katie] Oh, this is impossible. (laughs) Oh, wait, you got it in there. So that means you're doing something right. - [Spencer] I'm putting a heavy backspin on it, come on.

- [Katie] Oh, wow. Spencer has some sort of a skill going on here that's really good. - Oh, oh, oh! - [Katie] Oh, was so close. - [Spencer] Oh, that was crazy. - [Katie] How did you bounce it on the thinnest little ledge there? - [Spencer] You know, I don't know. I don't know how I also bounced it and came back to me earlier.

- [Katie] Okay, you're doing a good job. Oh, that was so close. Wow, I really thought this was gonna be impossible, and then Spencer taught himself this game in, like, five seconds.

- [Spencer] You can very clearly see there's like a lean to the front here. - [Katie] Oh yeah. - Oh! - That was so close.

- [Spencer] We got about 10 balls left. - [Katie] Okay. - Oh! - Oh my gosh. I'm really pleased with how well you're doing at games today.

This is crazy. - [Spencer] Oh, oh! Yes, yes! - Stop. - [Spencer] Yes, we did it. - [Katie] Stop. I am mind blown. - Yes! - Oh my gosh. - Mind blown.

Okay. - Okay. - [Spencer] We're gonna wait for them to come back. They're taking care of the Lucky Duck game right now.

But yeah, this is gonna be really exciting. - Ahh! - Yes! This is what we won, and look at, it literally says DelGrosso's Buddy Bear. This is our mascot. Has his BB on the hat. I cannot believe that we got this for literally $3 at this game.

Katie's gonna take that. I still have seven balls, so we might as well play it out. - [Katie] Okay, I'll hold him for you. He's gonna watch. Are you gonna go for the same color? - [Spencer] Same one, yes.

Oh... - [Katie] He's got some sort of a theory here now. I don't know that I would've figured this out- - [Spencer] Oh my gosh.

- [Katie] Like completely by myself, honestly. - [Spencer] Come on. - [Katie] And I hope you guys are able to watch and learn from some of these games.

These might move around as the year goes on. But Spencer is throwing it with a royal heavy backspin so that he gets that bounce, so it bounces a lot- - [Spencer] Come on. - [Katie] Then bounces into the cup. - [Spencer] Oh my gosh.

- [Katie] Just like that, that almost stayed. But you can see that's where the skill is there. And well, we don't see this version in game that often, but if this is your home park- - [Spencer] I can't believe it. I can't believe we already figured out how to get that in, that we had the skill and the luck to be able to win that.

We already got our Buddy Bear. That was awesome. - [Katie] Okay, so we've only ever seen this game at Knoebels. - [Spencer] Yeah. - [Katie] And it didn't, I'm not gonna lie to you guys, it didn't go well. - Didn't go well.

- [Katie] But it's Chuck-A-Luck Darts. And we gone ahead and paid for it twice to get three darts for $2. And then these are the score you need to get different points. And it works like real darts, right? Like the scoring, or- - Yes. - Okay. - Yeah, yeah. The doubles are double, the triples are triple.

The bullseye is 50 points. - [Katie] I say it like I know how to play darts. I don't. - Right, yeah. And I've only played 'em on, like, video games. - [Katie] So you've got this.

- All right, I'm gonna throw my three darts here. - [Katie] You got one and it stuck. - [Spencer] I did get one, I think it's an 18. Yeah, look at that, it tells you up top.

- [Katie] Oh. Oh wow, it tells you up top. Oh great, 'cause I don't know how to do that math. - Oh, was that a triple 13? - 57. Are you in it, you're in the money. - I'm in the money, look at that - [Katie] (gasps) 71.

- Whoa. - Oh, you were so close. - [Spencer] Oh my gosh, 76 was level two. (laughs) - You can pick one of these little prizes here. - [Spencer] I'll take one of the little purple birds, please. - Okay.

- [Katie] But you got, you get to play again. - I do get to play again. Wow, I can't believe I, I didn't stick a single one of those darts at Knoebels, but I stuck all three here. It makes me wonder about the quality of those boards, because I'm not, I didn't get better at darts between like then and now. - Yeah.

I feel like the games here are really well-maintained. - Yeah. - [Katie] Because like, things are going well in the right ways. - I love that this is just, like, a thing that, like, you can buy, and it has the thing up top. - [Katie] Uh-oh, Spencer's gonna try to buy this.

I know this is gonna be a safe search now. Oh, that was like- - Oh, 15. - Almost a bullseye. - I would, yeah, that was close, I'm getting better.

Oh, is that a double 15? Yep. - Okay. So you have to get five more points to be in the money this time. Oh, you did it! - I did it, yeah.

- Another level one prize. - Another level one prize. I'll take a little cheetah, then. Why not? Thank you, okay. Well, I can't be mad at that, 'cause I still won a prize both times that I played this game. - [Katie] First time winning this game.

- First time winning this game. Oh my gosh. Today is the day of firsts. - Crazy. - This is awesome. - [Katie] Okay, we are at Whack-A-Cat. Three balls for $2 again, I'm seeing a theme.

I like it. Knock two down for a small prize. Note that it's not one for a small. Knock three down for a medium, and then you need to trade two mediums for a large.

- Cool. - Okay. So, but it's pretty close. They're small. The clowns are smaller than normal, right? - [Spencer] Yeah, but look how massive these beanbags are. - [Katie] Whoa. - [Spencer] We have the full size.

These are like blockbuster-style beanbags. I've never seen this at a game like this. - [Katie] Okay. - So I'm a little nervous, but I'm hoping that we can get it. This is our first game.

We have two. I went straight through. Straight through the clowns.

- [Katie] (laughs) Straight through there. He has to go for the same clown because it becomes personal at that point. You guys know this. - It's very true. (Katie laughing) Okay, so we got two. - [Katie] So you got small.

- We got a small. - You can pick one of these. - Oh, can I get a little guitar please? - What color? - [Spencer] We'll take the dark blue please. - [Katie] Okay, cute. - By the way, what are you guys doing? - Thank you. We're making a YouTube video of the carnival games here.

- Oh, okay. - Yeah. - [Katie] And we did see someone win three right before us. - [Spencer] We did win, someone, yeah, somebody did win three right before us. - [Katie] So people keep winning. - What's your YouTube channel? - It's called Winner Every Time.

- Winner Every Time, all right. - Should be easy to remember. All right, you ready? - [Katie] Yeah. - Okay.

- [Katie] Oh, it's that clown that you don't like. (laughs) - Two. Three, yes! - Wow. - We got a medium. - What color unicorn? - I'll take a pink one, please. - [Katie] Okay. - [Spencer] How exciting.

- [Katie] So now you could trade up for a large. - Yeah, I'd have to get one more three win to trade up for a large. - It's up to you. We can talk about it. - Oh, okay.

- [Katie] Okay, we went ahead and paid for two more games. Guys, this is so affordable. - Was it a surprise? - [Katie] Okay, so if Spencer can get three again, we can trade up for a large.

There's that clown he does not like. (laughs) The other clown he does not like. Maybe he likes that one, I don't know. - Oh yeah, that one's better than the other one.

Oh no, I missed it. Okay, we got another guitar. - That's a small. - It's a small. - It's okay. - It's another guitar. Get a different color this time, though. - Okay, all right. - Something different.

- Or you can get one of the hammers, too. - Oh I like the guitars. Let's do a pink one. - I like the guitar.

I do, I do. - Yeah, I'll do a pink one. So we can have matching, you know? - [Katie] We can play together. We can start a rock band.

- That's true, and we have one- - [Katie] We have a recorder and a cowbell in the car right now. - That's true. We have one more game. This is, it all depends on this, okay? - [Katie] Okay. Don't worry too much, no stress.

- [Katie] Oh my gosh, that clown again. - You see, you said it, oh, you should have put the stress on. - [Katie] Yeah, get 'im though, get 'im.

- You should have put the stress on. - [Katie] Yeah, get that one too. - See, now we're gonna have a whole guitar band over here. - [Katie] Okay, three-person rock band. - Three-person rock band. - Which one are you picking? - [Spencer] I'll take the orange one, please.

- [Katie] Oh, good choice, good choice. - All right, now we have a million guitars. Again, Katie called it. She said our favorite carnival game is here, and it is.

Bowler Roller here. Amazing, amazing, that they have six lanes of Bowler Roller still. It is three tokens for $1.

This is a cashless park, so you still have to use a credit card, cash to card machine. And you get three tokens. Oh my gosh, they're DelGrosso's tokens. - [Katie] I'm keeping one. - [Spencer] Yeah, she's gonna keep one. We knew that was gonna happen.

Three tokens for $1. So not quite 25 cents a play and not quite 50 cents a play. Three for a dollar. You're playing 33.30 cents per play, Katie. - [Katie] Okay. - [Spencer] And she just inserts that just like she would a normal quarter.

And it comes down. This is the attendantless version. You can see a little arm down there. - [Katie] Oh, way too light.

- [Spencer] Little light, it's okay. - [Katie] I gotta get used to it. - [Spencer] Did you put a token in and it didn't do anything? - [Katie] Oh, I've already broken it this fast? - [Spencer] Yeah, you already broke it this fast.

That's okay, we'll get it back at the end. He's busy now. - [Katie] Okay. - [Spencer] That's gonna be the one that you said that you wanted. (laughs)

Oh wow, still light. Yeah, whenever you start playing Bowler Roller. - [Katie] That's how I do, though. - [Spencer] She does, yeah.

- [Katie] It may look like worse, I feel like, but that's just how I play. - [Spencer] That's how she gets her bearings. Yeah, see, that was even closer.

She's making micro adjustments, a little bit more, a little bit more every time until she gets to that perfect amount. 'Cause if she goes way too hard right now, you know, of course not a winner, right? That was close, I think it's gonna be- - A little too much. - A little bit too hard. Barely, barely, barely. - [Katie] And people keep telling us that this game is really challenging online. It's not.

This is a great, affordable game. I mean, 33 cents a play. - [Spencer] Right? I know, I know. - [Katie] Okay, I think I'm gonna just do it one more and then I might sub you in. Different ones we do better on. - [Spencer] Yeah, I actually noticed there's two different versions of this.

We're on the attendantless version on the left. Oh, that was very, very close. Keep going, keep going. - [Katie] Okay, I'm not doing very good.

- [Spencer] It's okay. But the ones on the right don't have that little arm to bring it back, so the attendant does have to come over and push your ball back. That's interesting to see that mix.

It's the same as Knoebels. Pretty close. - [Katie] No, that was way too much. - [Spencer] I wouldn't say way too hard. Oh, that's the second one. - [Katie] That's two tokens eaten.

I'm gonna just keep track. - [Spencer] Yeah, no, just might as well keep track. You can hear the air compressor in the back there, probably. That's really close.

It's gonna be really close. - Oh! - Oh my gosh. You're having the Spencer luck on this one.

- [Katie] You know, different parks, different ones of us do better. - [Spencer] Oh, come on, come on, come on, please. Yes, that's a win. - Okay, thank goodness.

- [Spencer] Look at that. - [Katie] Okay, so there's five different levels of prizes. This puts me at a tiny weird dog.

Goes up to cute animals, and then this back wall is five wins. - [Spencer] Amazing. - [Katie] Okay, Spencer's gonna actually play over here. - [Spencer] All right.

- [Katie] We started filming a clip. I'm gonna be honest with you guys, and it, we broke the left one, I think. So we just, we're redoing this.

- Oh, that's your dog, though. That's what you got for your one win. - [Katie] (laughs) That's my dog. Okay, he's weird, I don't like him. I'm sorry.

- [Spencer] Okay, too heavy, yep. - [Katie] Okay, but this is pretty exciting. So something else that's really cool is this one is using the Brunswick Black Beauties. And they did tell us we can smack it. Please don't think we're breaking things.

- [Spencer] No, no. - [Katie] Well, we are breaking things, but you know us. Brunswick Black Beauty is the ball that we have at home, actually. - [Spencer] It did. Just one, yeah. - Okay.

Try it again, see if it works, at the very least. - [Spencer] Thank you. - [Employee 2] I recommend moving down another one. - [Spencer] Moving down another one, okay. - [Katie] Okay. We're just gonna take up every single game they have here.

- [Spencer] Yeah, I'm sure these coin makes work better than the other one. - [Katie] That probably makes sense. - [Spencer] This one, the hill is way smaller though. - [Katie] Yeah, this is a different game. - Okay.

Well, it's a better game. - Maybe that works. I don't know. Maybe that was good.

- [Katie] That worked really well. - [Spencer] Oh, our little light's out. It's okay, you can- - [Katie] Yeah, woo-woo-woo! - Woo-woo-woo! - I'll edit that in though, the light there. - [Spencer] Okay. (laughs)

- [Katie] Okay, so our number two prize is over here. - [Spencer] Okay, just to save time. - [Katie] And we are gonna keep going, I think - [Employee 2] You can pick one of those rainbow stuffed animals. - [Spencer] You can just grab whatever you want. We're gonna trade it up anyways. - [Katie] Yeah, we're gonna keep going.

Our goal is to try to get one of these bowling pins, actually. - [Spencer] You want the bowling pin? Oh my gosh. - I do. I do really badly. Okay, so we're gonna keep playing, actually, for YouTube shorts here. That's usually how we have to split it up just 'cause we can't win too many choice prizes at each game. But we'll come back to you when we win a bowling pin.

- Look at that. So within $10, we got five wins. That was really, really fun. I really enjoyed this game. I like that they, like Knoebels, had the two different styles here, with the attendant one with a higher hill and the black bars with a lower hill.

Good for all skill levels. Got a kid over here killing it as well. It's a popular game here. All the games are actually really popular. I think it has to do with that awesome price point. But I'm really glad that we got this bowling pin here.

How funny is this? Wheel of Fortune, usually a Jersey staple, but we got it here in PA. - Like, they're branded. - [Spencer] No way, they have branded tokens here for this. You guys know how these fun wheels work? This one's really unique.

It has a bunch of months and holidays. I actually kinda like that. Three tokens for $2, are you sensing a theme again? You gotta place your token on your favorite month or holiday. If the wheel lands it, you win a medium prize, which are these over here? If you get two mediums, you can trade up for a choice.

- Oh, so you want me to do mine first and then do you wanna do it? - [Spencer] Yes. - Okay, so I'll do mine first. I'm going to pick August, because that's what month it is right now, and that's both of our birthday months. I am going to pick Easter, because that's my favorite holiday.

- [Spencer] Okay, and it goes all the way down here. Like, it's like, it's not repeating. - Yeah. - Some of these repeat, like, you know, the the spaces or whatever, but it's a full spread here. - [Katie] And, oh, I'm trying to think of what else I'll pick.

I'll pick October, 'cause we have a lot of fun things coming up in October. - [Spencer] Okay, so we have the wheel over here. - Yes, we're ready. - Give it a spin. Let's see.

- [Katie] October, Easter and August. - [Spencer] I didn't see how far apart those were on the wheel. We'll see as it slows down. - [Katie] It should be pretty far apart.

- [Spencer] I don't think it's, like, sequential. - [Katie] It's not like a calendar? (laughs) - [Spencer] I'm getting dizzy trying to watch it. - [Katie] I know, I'm like, what is happening? - Oh, my- - Okay, is it ever gonna stop? - [Spencer] Okay, August just passed. Easter just passed, and October's coming up, and it's passed. Easter's coming up, August just passed. Easter? Oh no, it looks like it's gonna be in March.

- Okay. - Yep, it's in March. Okay, good to know, good to know. So no winner on the first round. - [Katie] And then why don't you pick the next three? I'll put 'em down for you. - Are you gonna help me? - Yeah. - [Spencer] Wow, Halloween is not an option.

How is Halloween not an option here? - [Katie] I know, that's why I picked October. - [Spencer] Okay, gimme a Mother's Day. - [Katie] Okay. - [Spencer] Let's do a St. Patrick's Day. - [Katie] Okay, and one more. - [Spencer] Let's do Father's Day, why not? - Okay. - Let's go both parents here.

- [Katie] Okay, that's cute. - [Spencer] St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. I'm going for all the days. - [Katie] Okay, that's cute, I like that idea. - Let's see. - Come on, big winner.

Big winner. - Come on. Oh my gosh, it takes so long. I love it, 'cause it's so suspenseful.

- [Katie] I'm a little jealous I don't get to spin the wheel. - [Spencer] Mm, yes, yes. - [Katie] I do like to spin wheels. - [Spencer] I do like a manual wheel. Okay, Mother's Day right there.

St. Patrick's Day. Oh, and Father's Day. Oh my gosh, they're all in the same kind of- - [Katie] It's coming around, it's coming around.

There goes Mother's Day. - [Spencer] Okay, but it would have to stop on Father's Day. No, we're out of the money now entirely.

Where's it gonna stop? - On New Year's? - New Year's. Oh, man. - Very fun, thank you. - [Spencer] Very fun game nonetheless. Goblet Pitch. I love all these games, they're like right in a row.

It's like hit after hit after hit here. So this is the board style. You can see all the different colored spots there. Your ball lanes and any of them, you get something. The green ones just get your ball back. And they have red, blue, and I believe purple.

Purple is one spot over here, and those all get you different prize levels. Katie's got a bucket, basket of balls, I should say, for $5. 20 balls. - I'm gonna save this one. I got one blue one. - [Spencer] Oh, you got one blue and you're gonna save it, okay.

- Yeah. - You're gonna, she likes going at like an angle is kind of like her new thing here. - [Katie] It's like the only game I'm allowed to. - [Spencer] That was one away from that green and purple. Okay.

Yeah, I know, yeah, cross-throwing usually is not something that's allowed on most of these games. In between the red and the blue. - [Katie] There's a lot of winning spaces on this board. - [Spencer] Wow, oh, is it gonna, oh, she didn't even wait. She was like, "All right, I'm going for it." At least it's going in the same area.

(Katie laughing) That was consistency. I can see what she's going for. Oh, in and outta that blue. Oh...

- [Katie] Oh, that was close. - [Spencer] Oh, that one was extremely close, Katie. (horn whistling) Oh, the train's coming through, I can hear it.

- [Katie] Oh, that went way too far. - [Spencer] That went way too far down. She's trying to give it like a, it looks like a hefty back spin.

Oh, you got a green so you got your ball back. - [Katie] Ooh, okay, but I'm gonna count that as a win. - [Spencer] We're gonna count it as a win still.

- Count as a win. - You get a free ball, okay. - [Katie] Yay. Yeah.

Thank you. - [Spencer] Nice. Least you got plenty of balls left too. Oh, oh, and oh, I thought you had another green one, I was about to call it. (Katie laughing) I was like, that slowed down just enough.

- [Katie] No, it was really close. But it's kind of like the ping pong game you played earlier where it kind of like is really close, 'cause the holes aren't that deep. - [Spencer] Right. - Uh-oh. - Oh, that was a spinner. Okay, all right. All right, we do have somebody playing on the left now.

Just nobody get confused. - [Katie] Yeah, and I'll try to alternate with them so I don't- - Yeah, no. So we don't, like, smack balls.

- [Katie] Although I helped someone one time. I accidentally threw it the same time, right? And then they won. It was really cool. - They did win, yes.

- [Katie] I was like, ha, ha, I don't feed bad. - [Spencer] I think your ball actually got launched outta the game, but they gave us the ball back so. - [Katie] Yeah, 'cause they saw what happened.

- [Spencer] All right, so you have five balls left. Oh my gosh, you had it, like, bounce in and outta that green again, almost to the red. - [Katie] Okay, but I still count that as a win, so. Oh, someone else got a green.

How awesome. - Nice. Oh, I didn't- - [Katie] I don't really know what just happened there. - [Spencer] That was unexpected, I'll be honest. - [Katie] That's just gonna live there. - [Spencer] That's gonna live in the corner. Oh wow, yeah, yeah.

Do that, but on the purple. - [Katie] Yeah, right. - [Spencer] That's your last, oh no, you got one more ball.

- [Katie] I have the lucky one left. - [Spencer] Oh, oh my gosh, it was one away from that blue. - [Katie] This one was blue. - [Spencer] This is the blue one.

You know what that means? - [Katie] It's lucky. - [Spencer] That's it. Oh, oh wow, it just went straight in, okay.

- Okay, so I still won 'cause I got a green. So I mean, I don't won a prize, but I feel like a winner. - [Spencer] You are a winner.

- Okay, well, it's always a little nerve-wracking to go to a park for the first time, especially one that's a little smaller and that maybe there isn't a ton of information about on the internet. So to say we were pleasantly surprised would be the understatement of a century. This actually ranks as one of our top theme park locations for games. We had the absolute best time.

Really unexpected. Huge, like, selection of games, games that we've never played before, games that we've never won before. All of those things wrapped up in one video is mind-blowing to us. You have to remember, we travel the entire United States.

We see everything game-wise, and this blew us away. I hope that they keep this quality of games for a long time because it's really working for them. They're right behind Spencer filming me, and there's a line at every single game, so something is working very well. Prizes were great. Little Buddy Bear is definitely my favorite.

We're gonna keep that and keep the bowling pin from Bowler Roller, 'cause I think those will go on our memory shelf. The rest of these are great to donate. Super cute. Even the small prizes were great. So yeah, do I recommend? Yeah, DelGrosso's is beyond a 10 out of 10.

So if you're in the Pennsylvania area, make it a must stop, for sure. (ethereal music)

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